Assorted Lessons in SCA Heraldry

Edited By Jaelle of Armida. (mka Judy Gerjuoy)

Devices vs. badges

Answers to the exercises


1. Maybe; if the Baron (ess) is present and staying in that pavilion, there is not a problem; otherwise, not OK.

2. No. The proposed device is not acceptable Fieldless style because the charges are not connected.

3. No. Since there is no badge, there is no registered armory for the populace to use; since the badge is not registered it ought not be used. The group should formally register a badge that could be the one the people have been using.

4. No. Only Sir Rudolph may bear his personal arms. He should register a badge for his squires to bear.

5. It will be returned. This is, at best, poor style for a fieldless badge. It is not appropriate for a device that MUST have a field.

6. If the Baron(ess) is in camp, the arms should be flying; if not, taken down. A standard bearing a badge if the barony could be left flying at all times.

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