Some Historical Information on KWHSS

As collected by Freiherrin Gisela vom Kreuzbach

This is historical data from past Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposia. It is incomplete and ever-growing. Information has been gathered from published event information and directly from event stewards over several years. Authoritative corrections and additional information are encouraged and welcomed.

The author and Laurel request event stewards for future KWHSSs to send the appropriate information to Freiherrin Gisela ( and Clarion Herald (

YearDateKingdomLocation/Sponsoring GroupHotel/SchoolGate FeeAttendancePre-reg / GateProceedingsSleep CostHotel NightsEvent Steward Web Site
2015Jun 26-28EaldormereToronto, Ont. (Canton of Eoforwic)Sheraton Four Points Toronto Airport$60 (CAD) or $55 (US)Included / Extra Copies $5 CD$125 CADMistress Cainder ingen hui Chatharnaig
2014Jun 13-14CaidLas Vegas, NVGold Coast Hotel and Casino$35/$40210161/48published free online$74 F&St/$34 all other + $11 resort fee per nightNAMaster Cormac Mor
2013Jun 28-30AnsteorraSan Antonio, TXSan Antonio Hilton Airport$35/$40179131/39NA$94Lady Ines Alfón & Mistress Adelaide de Beaumont
2012June 22-24EastProvidence, RI (Barony of the Bridge)Radisson Hotel$35142Included$89Countess Elspeth Keyfe of Neddingham
2011June 24-26 AtlantiaHigh Point, NC (Atlantian College of Heralds) Best Western Hotel (former Radisson)$20/$25155125/30Included / Extra Copies $5 CD only$74/night60/101Freiherrin Gisela vom Kreuzbach
2010June 11-13AnTirOregonPacific University$20$35Lady Teceangl Bach
2009Sept 4-6CalontirOmaha, NBCourtyard Marriott$5095$5$119 - $139115Lady Suzanne de la Ferté
2008Sept 5-7DrachenwaldLondonUniversity College of London$90$57Lady Genevieve la flechiere
2007June 14-17CaidLos AngelesCrowne Plaza Hotel, LAX$30/$40115Included with Pre-Reg$94Eowyn Amberdrake
2006June 16-18Gleann AbhannNew OrleansFour Points Sheraton$20/$22$15$82Lady Katryne MacIntosh the Strange
2005July 22-24OutlandsLongmont, ColoradoRadisson Hotel and Conference Center $17/$22 wknd $15 Sat, $13 Sun$5 CD only$79Mistress Rossilin Katrin von Hohenzollern
2004June 25-27EastNew Cumberland, PA (Shire of Owlsherste) Holiday Inn & Conference Center$15/$18158123/35$15 Heraldry & $9 Scribal Paper Only$7460/118Herrin Gisela vom Kreuzbach
2003June 6-8CalontirSt. Louis, MOSt. Louis Airport Marriott$15/$18$75
2002June 21-23TrimarisOrlando, FL
2001June 1-3MiddleMinneapolis, MN
2000June 23-25AnsteorraHouston, TX
1999June 11-13DrachenwaldUppsala, Sweden
1998June 19-21Atenveldt Tucson, AZ (TirYsgithr)
1997June 20-22EastRochester, NY
1996June 22-23MeridiesMontgomery, AL
1995June 24-25OutlandsDenver, CO

Gate: if different pre-registration and at-gate fees are separated by a / with the pre-reg price first
Attendance: the number of adults who attended the event
Pre-reg/Gate: the number of people who pre-registered and the number who paid at-gate
Proceedings: the price for the Proceedings, if any; in some cases there were separate prices for paper vs. CD
Sleep Cost: the price for rooms (the on-site rooms, which in some cases was a school)
Hotel Nights: the number of booked nights (total) that the hotel required in order to give a discounted price / the number of booked nights achieved by the event