List of Arms Approved by King Altin Mac Gregor and Submitted to the College of Heralds on May 14, 1971

Maragorn, Steward of the East Kingdom from 21 July to 27 October 1968. Azure, a plate embattled.

Sir Bruce of Clove, King of the East from 27 October, 1968 to 24 August 1969. Or, two lions combattant azure.

Walter of Greenwalls, Seneschal from 19 May 1968 to 9 November 1969. Purpure, a cross potent between four crosslets (a cross of Jerusalem) argent.

Elfrida of Greenwalls, Wife and co-seneschal to Walter of Greenwalls. Vert, three starflowers argent.

El (of the Two Knives), Seneschal from 9 February 1971, Chancellor of the Exchequer from 10 February 1969. Sable, two swords cortana conjoined in quillon paleways per fess and a bordure Or.

Brian of Green Hills, earl Marshal from 29 June 1969 to 12 July 1970, Chamberlain from 12 July 1970. Per chevron rayonee azure and vert, a fusil and in chief two estoiles argent.

Vardak, Count of Iloi, (all title are given by the Crown in the East Kingdom), Earl Marshal from 12 July 1970. Gules, a sea lion rampant Or, bearing a sword proper. (These arms were submitted before the issues of Tournaments Illuminated stating that arms incorporating the stainard colors would not be accept by the College, but as there has been no response to any arms sent, I am keeping them on the record.)

Adrienne of Toledo, Guildmistress of Artizans from 23 February 1969 to 1 February 1971, (moved to San Francisco, W.K.). Sable, in pale a cinquefoil, a crescent, and a dagger paleways hilt in base all argent.

Sir Eiolf Eiriksson, Piper Royal. Sable, a wolf's head entire contourne issuant from dexter base and in dexter chief a scarpe (bendlet sinister) and in sinister chief a bendlet argent.

Theodore the Emerald, Guildmaster of Artists and Calligraphers from 14 March 1970. Vert, on a chevron Or, three brilliant cut emeralds proper.

Danielle de Gian, Guildmistress to Craftsmen from. Sable, an estoile Or.

Ettare de Toictesme, Wife to Vardak, Count of Iloi. Azure, a unicorn rampant argent, balanced on the alicorn a crescent Or.

Guild of Equerries. Sable, on a cup argent, a cross patee gules.

Stuart of Somerset, Assistant (to avoid Mistuh Dillon jokes) Earl Marshall from 29 June 1969 to 12 July 1970. Azure, on a mullet of six points argent, the tablets of the law supported by two lions of the field.

Herein are appended the Arms submitted after the above date.

Ghazi (Sir) Akbar ibn Murad al nasl-Mohammed, Shah (King) of the East from 7 June 1970 to 29 August 1970. Ermines, a torteau engrailed pierced saltirewise by four arrowheads Or, a label argent.

Ghazi (Sir) Murad al nasl-Mohammed, Shah (King) of the East from 29 August 1970. Ermines, a torteau engrailed pierced saltirewise by four arrowheads Or.

Sir Koppel funem Lachsfalk, Herald from 1 February 1970. Vert, a falcon close and in chief a salmon naiant argent.

John of Brook Lynn, Herald from 19 January 1969 to 1 February 1970. Argent, seme of frets of three annulets in perspective gules, a bear rampant contourne sable, murally crowned of the second.

Crispin von Dusar, Scribe from 19 January 1969. Or, on a pale rayonee gules a unicorn rampant contourne of the field.

Frederic the Silent, Earl Marshall from 19 January 1969 to 29 June 1969. Or, on a turtle passant vert, a fret of the field.

Robin Fitz-Osbert, editor from 24 August 1970. Gules, a sword fessways hilt to the sinister between three mullets Or.

Gil-firiel bint-Murad nasl-Mohammed of Donegal, Guildmistress of Equerries from 10 February 1969 to 9 January 1971. Ermines, a torteau engrailed pierced saltirewise by four arrowheads Or, a canton argent.

Aravis Del Clare, Guildmistress of Diviners from 22 February 1970 to 2 February 1971. Vert, a cat sejant reguardant contourne coward tail extended and reflexed proper, charged on the sternum with a triangle reversed argent, respecting a white coney sejant also proper, in chief an annulet of the second voided of the field pierced in sinister base by a triangle bendways of the second surmounted by another of the field, and in base a spur rowel downward of the second.

Alfgar the Sententious, Pursuivant from 1 February 1970. Sable, a pegasus rampant argent, on a chief of the second, a stag's attires of the field.

Zuralia Yasmin del Kebir Hassan, Foreign Minister from 9 January 1970. Per bend purpure and vert, a gryphon segreant argent, armed Or.

Karina, Lady-in-waiting to Her Majesty from 27 October 1968. Azure, a nag's head couped argent, crined sable, bridled gules, between three maltese crosses fitchy Or, a bordure vair.

John Lance of Nottingham, Guildmaster of Equerries from 9 January 1970. Ermines, on a dexter hand couped apaume azure, a sword palewise proper.

Chancellery of the Exchequer. Purpure, an open treasure chest in perspective Or, filled with coins of the second and argent, a bordure of the third.

Guild of Diviners. Sable, in a cup between three pentagrams a crescent argent, in base a plate fimbriated Or, a bordure azure.

Emelyè Octavya of St. Ogilvy in the Meadow, wife to Frederic the Silent. Vert, a draaken and in base within a crescent argent, a quatrefoil Or.

Thomas the Wrestler (a device). Per chevron rayoné azure and vert, on a dexter hand couped argent a blue eye proper.