18 January A.S. VI;

Harold, Lord Breakstone, O.L.
Laurel Principal King of Arms of the S.C.A., Inc.
Sends greetings to:

Lady Karina of the Far West, Sequoia Herald
Principal Herald of the West

Sir Koppel funem Lachsfalk, K.S.C.A., Mural Herald
Principal Herald of the East

Bran of Cornwall
Acting Herald of the Middle Kingdom

Ioseph, Lord Locksley, O.L., Aten Herald
Principal Herald of the Kingdom of Atenveldt

My Lady and Lords,

Certain illegal scrolls of arms have been brought to my attention. These scrolls were prepared in the name of a king and signed, apparently in good faith, by a heraldic officer.

This must be avoided in the future.

To quote Sir Stefan de Lorraine, Seneschal of the West, who recently addressed Western Kingdom Officers on the subject:

1.Arms may only be granted by the King of a Kingdom.
2.Arms to be granted by the King must be passed as far as correctness and non-duplication go by the Kingdom College of Heralds and the Imperial College of Arms.
3.Note that these are two different functions. The King has no business passing on the correctness of arms and the College of Heralds has no business awarding arms."

To insure that the proper functions of both parties remain separate and inviolate, I do order that no Heraldic officer shall sign any scroll of arms unless she has 1) a written request from the King, and 2) the letter from the Imperial College verifying the proposed arms.

Note: A scroll of arms, preparing in the approved and customary manner of the Kingdom, and signed by the King, may be considered as a written request from the King.

Pray believe me to be &c.


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