17 January A.S. VI;

Harold, Lord Breakstone, O.L.
Laurel Principal King of Arms of the S.C.A., Inc.
Sends greetings to:

Lady Karina of the Far West, Sequoia Herald
Principal Herald of the West

Sir Koppel funem Lachsfalk, K.S.C.A., Mural Herald
Principal Herald of the East

Bran of Cornwall
Acting Herald of the Middle Kingdom

Ioseph, Lord Locksley, O.L., Aten Herald
Principal Herald of the Kingdom of Atenveldt

My Lady and Lords,

On 15 September A.S. VI (1971 A.D.), Randall, Lord Hightower, O.L., Clarion King of Arms of the S.C.A., Inc., sent you the enclosed,

After much reflection and consultation We have changed instruction #3 to read as follows:

3.It may also be referred to by the abbreviation "A.D.", as long as the abbreviation's religious connotation is in no way endorsed by the rest of the document or the manner in which the document is read.

Further, paragraph #2 shall read:

"Since the Society is a non-sectarian group and should give no indication of favoring anyone's or any group of people's god or gods above any other, we prefer that the term "anno domini" or any such phrase as "in the year of the salvation of mankind" be avoided."

Pray believe me to be &c.


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