19 December, 1972 CE 7 AS;



As we are all painfully aware, in the past the speed of registration of device and arms has been literally at a standstill. Therefore, to remedy this matter, the following procedures are to be put into effect immediately:

1.All device registrations forms, accompanied by the requisite fees and with an emblazon of the device, will be sent to the new address of the Imperial College: c/o 418 W. Hermosa Dr. Tempe, AZ 85282

2.The "Letters-of-intent" will be sent to all Kingdom Heralds and to the herald advisor:

Huldah von Jöl, O.L. O.L.A.
Lady Aten Principal Herald (Atenveldt)
c/o 5911 W. Seldon Ln.
Glendale, AZ 85302
(Jamie Griffis)

Lady Karina of Eastmarch
Vesper Principal Herald (West)
c/o 3 Las Palomas
Orinde, Calif. 94563
(Karen Anderson)

Alfgar the Sententious
Brigantia Herald (east)
5-33 Austin St, 4-s
Kew Gardens, New York 11415
(William Linden)

Bran of Cornwall
Dragon Herald (Middle)
c/o 1350 W. Estes
Chicago, IL 60626
(??? Tredray)

Sarkanyi Gero Gulya
Banner Herald (West)
Herald Advisor to the Imperial College
c/o The Barony of the Angels
PO Box 1726
Sana Monica, CA 90403

If you are attempting to register an unusual heraldic design, and by that I mean something not commonly used or found in Society Heraldry, then I must ask you to state your source in the letter of intent.

Each of the five heralds listed above should comment on the submissions within 30 days after the postmark. If you have an objection to a device, PLEASE don't just list a bunch of names that you say bear conflicting devices. Give your source: the name of the book, the page number, and the edition.

Letters of comment will be sent to all five heralds, in addition to the usual practice of sending copies to the Laurel King and to the Herald who is attempting to register the device in question. This way, everybody will know what everybody else is doing.

I should add that a copy of the original letter-of-intent should accompany the packet of device forms, that I may see your final blazon. . . and also have a record of who send in what.

3.After each Society event, the herald of every Branch of the Society, be it Barony, Principality, March, Shire, or Kingdom, shall prepare an Honours List, which will list all armourial and titular honours given at that particular event. Baronies and such will send in one copy to the Kingdom Herald, who shall prepare a copy for him or herself, and then forward it to:

The Imperial College of Arms
418 W. Hermose Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85282

Gwendolyn of the Thistle
Recorder to the Imperial College
c/i 22590 Neston Way
Los Altos, CA 94022

Editor, Tournaments Illuminated
PO box 1162
Berkeley, CA 94701

and one copy to the Editor of your local Kingdom Newsletter.

4.On or about 1 January of each year, and on or about 30 June of each year, every Kingdom Herald will prepare a full and complete Order of Precedence for his Kingdom. Copies of this will be sent to all those above listed in #3, plus to all Kingdom Heralds, and to:

Gerald of Galloway
Editor, Pursuivant's & Marshall's Handbook
(Jarold McCaruney)
2133 N. Skidmore Ct.
Portland, Oregon 97217

Edwin Bersark, MSCA, OL
Imperial Marshall of the SCA, Inc.
c/o PO Box 1162
Berkeley, CA 94701

5.The Imperial College is getting out of the business of writing up all the individual devices acceptance/rejection forms. We shall publish, every 30 days God willing, a list of all those that have passed, and a second list of all those that have been rejected, with the reasons for the rejection. It shall be up to the Kingdom Heralds, and their staffs, to write the individual letters.

6.To help clear up the incredible backlog, each Kingdom Herald is requested to send to the Laurel King a list of those devices of his or her Kingdom that have not been acted upon by the Imperial College to date. . . . giving the full name and the blazon of the device.

7.This Office declares itself open to any suggestions on how to improve the operations of the Imperial college. We have a lovely one from the Registrar, Boncour, O.P., O.L.M., and shall be publishing it for the consideration of the College at a later date. . . . as our first worry now is to get certain other procedures, as outlined in this letter, working. . . . and to get those backlogged devices acted on.

8.We wish to continue the practice of keeping separate subjects in separate letters. This makes for easier filing.

9.There has been some confusion in the Arms of Office of the Chronicler and of the Exchequer of all four Kingdoms. This will be cleared up at a later date. . . . in a listing of Arms of Office for all Great Lords of State, which will be bourne by all Officers holding those positions in all Kingdoms.

10.Those Colleges that publish minutes of their meetings are asked to send copies thereof to all those listed in #2 and #4, and to the Recorder of the Imperial College, and to
The Imperial Council of Electors (3 copies)
c/o PO box 1162
Berkeley, CA 94701

Harold, Ld. Breakstone, OL
Imperial Tribune
c/o 206 Virginia
San Francisco, CA 94110

These people may receive the Irreverent Footnotes, if any.

Copies without the Irreverent Footnotes should be send to your Kingdom Seneschal and your King.

11.All heralds are reminded that their job in non-political. By this, we mean that your personal likes and dislikes should into enter in to the job. You may think that a person, or a group is nothing but a bunch of good for nothing perverts. . . . but this shall not become a part of your considerations as a herald. You will register devices solely on their heraldic acceptability and on no other consideration.

This Office, in the past, has seemed to reject some devices on the grounds that they weren't artistically beautiful. No more. Kingdom Heralds may do this, should they so choose, but the Imperial College shall not.

All the above amy seem like a good deal of worthless paperwork. . . well, the major problem in the Society to date has been the lack of communication. This will serve, I feel, to alleviate some of it.

I remain,


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