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January 1973

31 January, 1973 CE ;

From the Kingdom of the EAST:

Matthew of Brierwood. Purpure, two swords in saltire proper, in chief a dexter hand couped argent charged with a mullet purpure.

Mitchell Greycloak. Or, an Orm's tail couped sable, flukes vert.

(+3 bp)

Graffico de Drell. Vert, entwined about a Chalice Or, a Serpent, head to sinister, sable.
(Note: we trust that she isn't related to a certain Medici lady. . . . .)

Katherine Fitzwalter. Vert, an Escarbuncle argent, a chief ermine.
(+5 bp)

Jehan de la Marche. Gules, a Crow rising, pierced by an arrow, both argent.
(note: this is to be considered a Good Example. +10 bp)

William of Jutland. Vair, on a bend Or, a label of seven points sable.

(also Good Example & +10 bp)

From the Middle Kingdom:

No submissions have been received.


The following devices, arms, and badges have been rejected by the Imperial College of Arms for the reasons given:


East, College of Heralds. Purpure, two straight trumpets in saltire, bells in chief between four millrinds, all Or.

All Kingdom Colleges of Heralds use the Arms of the Imperial College of Arms, just as all Earl Marshalls use the Arms of the Imperial Marshalate, and all Seneschals, Mistresses of Arts, Masters of Sciences and Medics use the appropriate Imperial Arms.

Beyond the Mountain, Barony. Per bend Or, a Laurel wreath vert and vert, an Oak wreath Or.
This looks too much like a marshalling of the Arms of the Society with the Arms of the Imperial Electors. We suggest that in base you put either a single Oak leaf or a sprig (i.e. 3 leaves) of Oak.

Coll Ordha, Shire of. Vert, on a roundel azure fimbriated argent, an estoile argent.
Arms of branches of the Society are henceforth required to bear a wreath of Laurel. We suggest that you place an argent or Or wreath upon the roundel around the estoile.


Hewline. Azure, three wolves couchant reguardant Or.

These arms are too similar to real arms. We suggest that you place the wolves one and two rather two and one, and or/divide the field per pale of two colors.

Edwin of Sthogaenam. Quarterly per saltire purpure and counter ermine, on the breast of an eagle displayed argent, a Latin Cross gules; in chief a roundel Or.
As emblazoned, these are too close to the Holy Roman Empire. Omit the Cross and the roundel.

John of the Mountain. Azure, a mullet of six major and six minor points argent.
These arms are too similar to both real arms and arms registered in the Society, therefore we recommend re-designing.

Brownmoor, March of. Per fess dancetty enhanced forming two peaks of the field, Azure, a Sun within a Laurel wreath, all Or; and purpure, a pale between two scorpions erect, tails to sinister, all argent.
These arms are too complex. Please simplify by removing the chief in its entirety and placing the laurel wreath around all three charges on the field.

Ronald of Bywater. Azure, two flaunches Or, overall two Brown Bears sejant rampant addorsed proper.
We must have the Latin name of Bears that are only coloured brown.

Dominic the Stargazer. Sable, a comet in bend sinister, beard in chief, Or.
This is the counterchange of Irja Laulaa, of the West Kingdom. Change the field to some other tincture, or, better, part the field in some way. You could also use three comets instead of just one.


Michela de Neuville. Azure, a triple towered castle argent, illumined purpure, in chief a crescent Or.

This is too close to real arms. We suggest dividing the field, or putting the Tower between three of four crescents.

Calafia, Barony of. Azure, a Sea-serpent ondoyant-emergent sable fimbriated Or, overall a Trident Or.
We must have a laurel wreath.

Gerold Bright Angel. Gules, within two wings conjoined in lure, a double cameo bust, all Or.
1) We are not sure that cameos are in period.
2) We feel that the cameo would be difficult to distinguish from a distance. Use a single head, please. . . . or prove that cameos are in period.

Paul of Blackchurch. Gules, a fret argent, eight mullets argent (sic).
No sketch accompanied this submissions, and the blazon is none too clear, therefore, we are holding a final decision on this until an emblazon is received.

Samuel de Basset. (badge). Argent, a Bugle Horn sable.
This infringes on Downes: Argent, a Bugles Horn sable, stringed gules.

Erzebet Tycodi. Sable, a Stag in full course argent.
This is too close to real arms, notably that of Downes as listed in Papworth. Modify the field, perhaps quarterly. (A different "Downs" from that referred to in de Basset's rejection, of course. . . .) (Also reg. trademark of John Deere Co.)

Issac de la Decarpole d'Alsace. Per pale sable and argent, a pair of scales counterchanged.
This is exactly that borne by the California Bar Association.

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