23 May, 1973 CD

8 AS

Imperial College of Arms

Tempe, AZ 85282


This office has finally received the rest, apparently, of the files of the Imperial College of Arms. Thus, therewith is the rest of the files of Arms and devices that we have.

Kingdom Heralds, and the members of the College of Arms who are not Kingdom Heralds, are asked to go over the Armorial and list those Arms and devices that are not included. Be sure to check the list of "devices outstanding: not on file" that is attached.


Adrienne of Toledo. Sable, in pale a cinquefoil, a crescent, and a dagger inverted, all argent.

Alilianora Lysharet. Sable, three narcissi one and two slipped and leaved proper.

Atenveldt, King of. Azure, within a laurel wreath argent, a sun in glory and in chief a crown of three greater and two lesser points Or.

Bergen von Rauch. Gules, on a gore sinister vert fimbriated Or, a chess knight Or orbed gules.

Note: the medieval chess-knight has two heads on the horse.

Cija of the Roses. Purpure, a fess embattled Or within a bordure ermine.

Gerard of the Roses. Quarterly per saltire vert and argent, in the first quarter a rose argent barbed and seeded Or.

Grane of Hippogriff Tower. Sable, three stalks of wheat as in a garb, Or.

Guinever of Arran. Azure, a unicorn's head couped argent, on a chief nebuly argent a thistle proper.

Jacques du Cote Reve. Argent, the dexter tierce nebuly gules, a goose migrant to dexter sable.

Note: the term "migrant" denotes a bird in flight as seen from above. This is a Society heraldic convention that has been adopted by the British College...makes one proud to be a herald.

Myles of the Shamrock. Argent, a shamrock vert.

Note: can this be changed? This is the trademark of Shamrock Dairies, Inc. Passed January, 1971.

Ranulf of the North Country. Checky of twenty sable and gules, a boar's head cabossed argent.

Rima of Rockridge. Gules, an ermine statant guardant proper.

Roy des Cascades. Four gyrons gules and argent issuant from dexter chief.

Sylvanus Andere. Argent, a saltire between in pale two oak trees eradicated, all sable.

Wilhelm von Schlüssel. Azure, a fess argent, three keys fesswise in pale counterchanged.

Note: the wards are towards the base as Society convention specifies.

William of Hoghton. Per bend sinister sable and Or, in bend two towers palewise counterchanged.

+5 bp.