28 February, 1975 CE

The new mailing address for the College is PO Box 26404, Tempe, AZ 85282, c/o W.J. Bethancourt III. ALL correspondence is to be sent there, as the Lord Laurel has re­located his residence, following a separation from him Lady Wife.

We must repeat an earlier directive, to wit, that ALL cheques, M.O.'s, &c be made out to the Lord Laurel's mundane name "W.J. Bethancourt III", as the local bank gets very uptight nowadays about aught else.

A circular is in preparation altering the designs of the Herald's Regalia to more period practice. The old designs will remain in effect, however. Suggestions are solicited.

In the matter of Patents of Arms for Countesses (Order of the Rose) submitted by Brigantia: Let it be know that (1) a man rises to the Throne by virtue of his fighting prowess AND the presences of his Lady. No Lady, no Throne. Further, at least in Atenveldt, there is precedent for an unbelted fighter reigning as King, i.e. King Joseph I, though his Lady was granted her Patent.

And Joseph the Good was created a Count, but without a Scroll of Arms.

The matter is referred to the Board.

Vesper is herewith credited with $24.00.

On the matter of Duke Cariadoc: He is a Duke. This honour is universal, but since he has won the Crowns of both Middle and East, and both twice, a second Duking in the East would be apropos. Also nice. Thus, he may be styled as "Duke of the Middle and East Kingdoms".

On the matter of Liosliath of Donnelly's blazon: Why does she find her blazon objectionable? Is it because it was called a Cross or is it because it was called a Donnelly Cross? The Lord Laurel mentioned this to her on her recent visit to Atenveldt and she made no objections then.

Monies received:

Atenveldt (no submissions)

West: $80.00

Middle: $ 7.00

East: $ 9.00 (plus sundry cheques to be rewritten to Laurel's mundane name and credited later)

An application was received directly from Tjukka Kirkland of Union Penny....and asking to register his "Family Arms". The matter is referred to Brigantia. Sigh.

This format will be followed in the future, in order to streamline and simplify the operations of the Office of the Lord Laurel. The Lord Laurel extends his heartfelt thanks for the patience and politeness of the College during the hiatus of this last year....personal problems intervened to such an extent that, combining with his work schedule, very little time and opportunity could be taken for the College's business. Things are, however, settling out, and the time is there.....hallelujah!

ALL Corporate Arms, that is, all Arms relating to Offices of the Inc., will henceforth be submitted directly to the Lord Laurel, with no fee, who will write the letter of intent, &c.

Are any devices, Arms and badges still outstanding from any Kingdom?

An appeal concerning Beltran of the Mount is denied. If those fountains are put on a roundel we will pass the damn thing, but not until.

The new Arms for the Barony of the Angles have no Laurel Wreath, but as they were passed originally without, then the alteration may stand without them.

We received no forms for Gray Colin for the Axe (West).

Attached is an article approved for publication in TI by Dawyd Aspara Suomainen: "A Bibliography for Heraldry".

Attached is a letter of comment on Herald's Regalia from Sarkanyi Gero. It is un­official, and is included solely to give you a basis for comment on alteration of the current Herald's Regalia to more Period practice. Thoughts on Ladie's Regalia would also be appreciated.

On the matter of the Court(s) of Chivalry convened in all Kingdoms concerning the proposals advanced by H.G. Arthur of Lokehaven and Sir William of the Shire: No reports have been received from East, Middle, or West, and a fragmentary report has been received from Atenveldt, being generally unfavorable (as near as the report could be deciphered) The matter is dropped.

On the matter of the Query issued by the Lord Laurel to all Kingdom Newsletters asking for opinions and evidence of Women engaging in Society combat: The letters were 90% favourable, but no evidence was given for women engaging in Tournaments, though much evidence was advance proving women fought in warfare of the Middle Ages. The Correspondence on the matter has been referred to the Marshal of the SCA, who shall forward it to the Imperial Tribune, for action.

A suggestion has been advanced that the appointment of a Clarion King (Queen) of Arms would be advisable. Nominations for the Office are herewith solicited.





Lindanlorien the White Flame. Purpure, within an annulet argent a crescent Or, with flames at midpoint argent.

Andrew of Seldom Rest. Badge. Gules, on a bend Or a saddle sable, a dome vert, and a rest azure.

(­5 bp).

Duncan MacGregor. Gules a cross debruised by two claymores in saltire, all voided Or.

Alair of the Bloody Fountain. aka Sunka Winkokotka. Badge. Sable, a roundel barry wavy argent, gules and azure.

Earl of Dumonia. Or, an oak tree eradicated between five mullets, two, two and one all, azure.

Tul Cyrdkatte. Per pale azure and sable, between to dexter a sun in glory and in sinister a decrescent argent, a katana, hilt in chief, edge to sinister Or piercing a jawless skull, facing dexter, argent.

Finnvarr de Taahe. Badge. Azure, a mullet of six points environed by six mullets of six points, all Or.

Elisane Gilraedd. Azure, three piles argent and in base a tower sable.

Sengeli von Zauberberg. Or, a Marmot rampant proper.

(+15 bp). (note: please advice us of the Latin name of this Beastie.)

Einar of Ironhold. Sable, on a pale Or between two swords inverted hilted Or and bladed argent, a staff sable.


Her Majesty of the East. Azure, a wreath of rose leaves proper debruised by three roses Or, slipped and leaved and enfiled of a jeweled circlet proper.

Her Highness of the East. Azure, a rose or slipped and leaved and enfiled of a jeweled circlet proper between two flaunches ermine.

Sean Ruabarua MacGilaphaidraic. Vert, an axe Or, bearded gules.

(+15 bp).

Aelfwine of Clan Creacainn. Quarterly vert and sable, a four pointed star throughout argent.

Nicholas Bleumert. Vert, two tau crosses in pale, that in chief inverted, Or.

Jaimes the Fair. Per fess argent and azure, a sea­boar sejant per fess gules and argent.

Dana Steward, the witless. Azure, a bend sinister sable fimbriated Or between two cranes volant­counter­volant respectant argent.

Eudaimon of Alexandros. Azure, a roundel argent within two vires rayonnant argent.

Kate Wood. Sable, six mullets in bend, three and three, Or.

(+10 bp).

Peridot of the Quaking Hand. Azure, a snail guardant argent.

(+15 bp).

Signagroulph of Kenmore. Per chevron enhanced: argent, two Irish harps azure; and sable, a white Irish wolfehound counter­statant coward proper.

Tamera Fitz­Gloucestre of the White Boar. Azure, a sword or entwined of a rose argent, slipped and leaved proper, between two boars combattant argent.

Lief of the Blue Mountains. Ermine, a sea­horse sejant sable, finned, scaled, and unguled Or.

(+10 bp).

Albrecht von Swabia, the Clumsy. Or, a pair of angles, interlaced fesswise sable.

(+10 bp).

Balin the Fairhaired. Badge. Sable, a whale hauriant argent.

Balin the Fairhaired. Badge. Sable, an oar Or.

(+10 bp).

Osric of Pripyat and Zhjest. Azure, on a sun issuant Or, a drakkar in sail to sinister proper, sailed gules.

Kathryn Fitzroy. Badge. Sable, a unicorn's head couped countourne argent, entwined about the aliconre a serpent, head to sinister, gules.

Franque Cruthnye. Ermine, a pale engrailed sable between a sword and syrnix vert, on a chief engrailed sable, seven estoiles argent.

Canth of Thescorre. Argent, on a bend sable cotised gules between two fleurs­de­lis sable, a dragon passant Or.

Rachel of Israel. Azure, a triangle inverted, interlaced with three quills in triangle, argent, the whole forming a Star of David.

Gorge Mau of the Damned Alani Race. Gules, two chains in saltire Or debruised by a human eye proper.

Alia bink Ulek ibn el Kharish. Per saltire erminois and sable, a saltire counterchanged surmounted by a roundel gules charged with an oriental griffin counterpassant; fimbriated and environed of two delfs voided and interlaced Or.

(+25 bp).

Grimnis ban Tymparum. Gules, a dexter arm, armoured and gauntleted and issuant from sinister argent, maintaining a chalice Or, from which issues a dragon's tail dejected vert fimbriated argent.


Abdul Qasim ibn al Muquaffa. Gules, two scimitars in saltire, within an orle Or charged with eight crescents gules.

Aelwig aeoelfwigsson. Or, a griffin rampant Or fimbriated vert above a chevronel vert.

Aileen of Hesper. Azure, an amphora argent beneath an arch of grape leaves proper.

Alane of Montmaris. Azure, a pheon within a Quatern of crescents argent.

Allysen of Dunrobin. Per saltire Or and purpure, in chief a thistle (Onopordon Acanthium) proper and in base a robin (Erithacus rubecula) close proper, grasping in its claws a trumpet gules.

Alyanora of Vinca. Argent, a periwinkle (Vinca minor) proper.

(+10 bp).

Amanda of Cawdor. Argent, four barrulets wavy and overall a dolphin uriant azure.

Barony of the Angels. Alteration. Gules, a seraph proper, winged Or.

Arthur of Glendower. Or, a flame gules above an altar sable between two lions combatant azure.

Audun Ulfsson. Gules, a bear's head erased argent, armed and langued Or, orbed sable.

Prince of Caid. Azure, a coronet Or within a laurel wreath or between three crescents argent, within a bordure embattled argent.

Caitleen na Darac. Per fess wavy Or and vert, in chief two sprigs of oak leaves vert, fructed Or; in base four barrulets wavy vert.

Celeste Lamuray de Provence. Argent, a chevronel rompu azure between four estoiles of four greater and four lesser points, set three and one, that in base pierced of the field, gules.

Consuelo Torrez de Plata. Argent, a castle triple towered sable, overall a harpie displayed Or.

Corwynn of Thornwood. Azure, on a bend sinister argent a thorned slip embowed throughout sable.

Craig of Hunter. Per chevron Or and vert, three hunting horns counterchanged, stringed gules.

Shire of Darach. Argent, a melusine proper, encircled by a laurel wreath vert.

David the Ironlivered. Azure, a sprig of three poison oak leaves sable, veined and fimbriated argent.

David Ravn. Argent, a giant dung beetle (Heliocopris gigas) proper.

David von Schwarzvogel. Ermine, in chief a falcon's head sable issuant of a cross patonce sable fimbriated argent.

Denis an Seodoir. Sable, an eagle­winged longship displayed argent.

Diana of Kent. Azure, an African cheetah courant per bend sinister between two fleur­de­lis in pale, all Or.

Donna of Rollingwood. Or, a bend sinister wavy vert, between two weeping willows (salix babylonica) proper.

Edward of South­Haven. Sable, in sinister chief a mullet of four points and issuant bendwise from dexter a lightning flash argent.

Elrond of Gornoth. Sable, four patriarchal crosses in cross argent; a chief ermine.

Guild of Embroiderers, Madrone. Azure, dexter an embroiderer's broach palewise argent, sinister a garb of cotton argent, in chief an empty quill argent, all joined by bowen's knot open at base Or.

Geoffray of Northhaven. Azure, above a kid's head erased argent, on a chief undy argent three robins (Erithacus rubecula) volant proper.

Guy of the Silver Horses. Per bend gules and azure, a bend Or, in sinister chief two horse's heads addorsed and conjoined at the neck argent.

Gwyneth Fitz­Rolf. Argent, between three mullets azure a rampion stalk (Campanula rapunculus) proper.

Hugo Maundeville, the Improvident. Quarterly Or and sable, in the first quarter a boar's head couped sable, tusked and langued proper.

Rieslingshire. Vert, two recorders in saltire proper; overall a goblet Or charged upon the bowl with a laurel wreath vert.

Robert of the Isles. Sable, a bend cotised argent, overall a wolf rampant ermine, langued gules.

Roger the Goliard. Azure, seated in a moon increscent Or a nude maiden holding a veil proper, in dexter chief a dove volant argent.

Valgar Dracomnus (badge for Clan Shomi). A crescent debruised in pale with a Ken blade.

Order of the Silver Molet. Alteration. Argent, on a pile gules an antique crown voided.

Stevanna Nadja. Vert, an arm embowed with hand to sinister argent, holding zils, with four armbands and entwined by a double­headed serpent, all Or.

Stone of Stonecroft. Argent, a bend chequy barry­paly azure and argent.

Styrbjorn Hrolfsson. Argent, three fir trees proper couped; in chief a battleaxe fesswise, head to sinister, edge in chief, gules.

Terrence of Halliday. Per bend sinister azure and counter­ermine, a sword bendwise sinister argent; overall a helmet facing dexter argent, plumed or; a bordure Or.

Theodolf of Borogrove. Alteration. Argent, an ampysian cockatrice gules within a bordure nebuly sable.

Thomes of Waverly. Per bend potenty vert and ermine.

(+25 bp).

Thorgeirr Eikinskjold. Or, a drinking horn inverted proper, dependant there from un gout de sang.

Ulfhedinn hinn vegfarandi. Argent, a gingko (Ginko biloba) leaf inverted bendsinisterwise proper.

Valgar Dracomnus. Sable, three chevronels vert fimbriated argent.

(+15 bp).

Voice of the Turtle. Azure, issuant from base a sun Or debruised of a mandolin, a recorder and a tambourine, all proper; in chief three doves volant argent.

Wilhelm von Schlüssel. Badge. A key, the bow shaped as a two­leave thistle.


Exchequer of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Azure, a pale checky gules and argent between six bezants in pale three and three.



Chronicler of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Argent, three codices closed gules, edged and sealed Or.

This infringes on Paynter (Papworth pg. 341) also Buchholt and Libri.

Signed with the seal of the Laurel Office, but no signature.

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