30 April, 1975 CE

Let Loislinth of Donnelly indulge her sentiments, and call her charge a "Donnelly Knot", tho it is, by rights, a Cross.

The Lord Brigantia is reminded that the Order of Precedence is established by the Lord Laurel. ... While the local order of March (the traditional order, within that Kingdom, or Barony, or whatever, that Armigeres are present before the Throne) is up to the local authorities.

A classic case in point is the custom, in Atenveldt, of placing the "Warlord" at the head of the Procession, tho he appears in the capacity nowhere in the Order of Precedence. Is this point finally clear?

Further, We have no intention of "imposing" Sarkanyi's ideas in toto upon the College. The Lord Brigantia is known for his insistence on proper heraldic practice....and so We asked for comments on improving the Regalia to bring it more in line with correct period usage. Sarkany did research for us sometime back on this matter, and rather than take the time to excerpt and re­write...which should be appreciated...We simply Xeroxed the whole of his letter, trusting that the irrelevant parts, such as that god­awful revision of the Society's Arms, would pass as being, in fact, irrelevant. Clear?



None Received


None Received


None Received


The Order of Mt. Caradhris. Per chevron sable and argent, a pale ermine.

Province of Ostgardr. Badge. A sea­horse sejant azure, crined, finned, unguled and gorged of a laurel wreath Or.

Guild of Wenches. Per bend Or, two cherries proper; and argent two hurts.

(­50 bp).

Vardak Mirceavitch Basarabov of Iloi. Argent, a fox's head erased sable, and in chief three pine cones proper.

Kathryn of Brookshyre. Per bend Or and vert, a bend wavy azure fimbriated argent, overall three daisies slipped and leaved proper.

Taliesin Didpaeus Aurelius of Nordovest. Or, a dragon counterrampant vert.

Embla Willsdottir. Vert, on a cartouche argent, an elm leaf in bend sinister of the field.

Gyrth Oldcastle of Ravenspur. Azure, a castle tripletowered Or, environed of an annulet issuant of eight arrows argent.

Ruiseart McEth na Strathnaver. Vert, a pile inverted vair.

Ruiseart McEth na Strathnaver. Badge. On a compass rose of eight gyronny of sixteen gules and Or, a terrestrial sphere azure and argent.

Edward of Crofton. Per pale argent and azure, a fret cotised counterchanged.


Laeghaire macMurrough of the Silver Merlin. Vert, an enfield rampant Or.

The Enfield, to the best of the Lord Laurel's information, is out of period.

The Financial Report for 1974 is herewith attached.

We remain: