30 June, 1975 CE, 10 A.S.

(Received 7 November)

Next month's proceedings will be the final issue disseminated by Lord Locksley. As of 31 August, his duties as Lord Laurel will be taken by Boncour, subject to the confirmation by the Board. The files of the college will be delivered to Boncour be Denis Crus. of the Titans between August 1 and August 15, during Denis' visit to the West.

The College of Arms does herewith recognize the re-establishment of the "Crusadens", who are sworn to "stand under Arms at the Sepulcher of Jesus of Nazareth, in Jerusalem, for a period not less than 24 hours continuous", and finds no objection to their bearing "Argent, a Latin Cross throughout gules" as a badge. This is sufficiently differenced from extant Orders of Knighthood to warrant it's use.

Attached is the new regulation on Heralds Regalia.

Attached is a letter pertaining to intra-personal disputes having their origins in the 20th Century, within the Barony of Tir Ysgithr. Take note.

Attached to the Kingdom Heralds is a copy of Atenveldt's Kingdom Law. We call your attention to the sections on Heraldry and the Court of Chivalry. WE ARE NOT SAYING THAT THIS LAW APPLIES TO ALL FOUR KINGDOMS RATHER OFFER IT AS AN EXAMPLE OF HOW IT CAN BE DONE.

Subject to confirmation by the BoD, the Lord Laurel herewith creates the Office of Headmaster of the College of Squires, to provide a universally accepted level of training to those of the younger folk wishing to acculturate and train themselves. We appoint unto this post one Johnathan Crus. of Whitewolf, KSCA, whose address follows, and unto whom all inquiries should be sent.

John Scott

College of Squires

1809 N. 10th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85006

This Post, is for the most part, experimental, but We ask the other Kingdoms to co-operate as much as possible.

We have received a request for a copy of the Ysgithrian Heraldic Symposium Document from Fredric the Silent. The monies have been forwarded to Ysgithr, and he will be sent a copy of Vol. 2 on publication.

Attached is a copy of Lord Locksley's Letter of Resignation.



None Received


None Received


Province of Ostgadr. Badge. A sea-horse (hippocampus) proper.

This to mark an award of honor: with a purple ribbon, for arts; with a gold ribbon, for outstanding service.

Algernon Hartesmond. Ermine, a stag lodged and in chief an eye irradiated azure; on a chief azure, two triangles braced between two crescents argent.

Elfrida Peregrine. Purpure, a falcon rising argent from seven flames sable fimbriated argent.

Ellimir Corengil Rilluin Colincalion Perelda. House of Feolildwyn. Per chevron rayonny, azure, seven Shields of David in chevron argent, and argent an emerald-cut sapphire proper.

Antony of the Light. Gules, on a sun Or, a cross of St. Antony gules, a chief embattled Or.

Walter de Montagne. Sable, in chief a lion passant dismembered and in base a mount argent.

Seamus MacCuraidh of Glenerochnaidh. Alteration of name for Baranach MacCuraidh.

The device remains: Or, a lion rampant guardant sable maintaining a claymore proper.


Alexandra of Elentil. Sable, an estoile of eight points argent, a bordure gules, fimbriated argent.

Alysse of Graedon. Azure, a Moorish hair-brooch bendwise throughout argent.

See drawing attached.

Ane-Marie Varre of Helsingor. Azure, a mermaid and a merman affrontee proper, their adjacent arms elevated and crossed.

Beagle de la Souris Folle. Vert, a mule's head erased Or, on a chief embattled Or, three Celtic hounds statant coward proper.

Bern Bellower. Sable, a sea-unicorn Or, tailed vert, fimbriated argent, armed and unguled argent, involved to sinister.

Cedric the Dark. Or, a swan naiant sable, within a bordure sable charged with bezants.

Clarissa of Red Crab Manor on the James. Argent, a crab gules thereover a bar wavy enhanced, compony of seven of gules and of azure a scallop Or.

Eilis ni Reibeard O'Boirne. Change of name. Formerly Elspeth O'Byrne.

Her device, Or within a quatrefoil knot azure a rose purpure barbed and seeded proper, remains unchanged.

Eugen of Ostmark. Gules, a fess argent, overall, issuant from flames of fire proper a phoenix sable orbed and beaked Or.

Genevra of Estolat. Azure, estiolee argent, overall a sun argent.

Gwynedd mab Cynddylan. Azure, a saltire cotised with eight demifleurs-de-lis, the bases to the fess point, Or.

Ivar of Glen-Orr. Change of name and device. Formerly Ronald Talbot. Per pale Or and azure, a sword reversed from base counter-changed.

James the Dancer. Per chevron azure and argent, six roundels in chevron counter-changed, overall a torch sable flamed proper.

Janelitis Karaine, Stargazer. Azure, a winged unicorn volant to sinister argent, armed, crined and unguled Or, between five mullets of eight points argent.

Karl Blitsdeger. Sable, over a delf Or voided gules, a Maltese cross Or.

Kerry RanAurora. Per fess Or and azure, a frog gules orbed argent pupilled sable, on a thimble argent.

Matriana du Cameliard. Change of Device. Argent, a red camellia proper within a bordure of red camellias slipped and leaved proper.

Please note the difference between a red camellia proper, which is drawn realistically, and a camellia gules, which is stylized.

Patrice d'Cilla. Sable, in base a pegasus rampant argent, in dexter chief a dove descending gules fimbriated argent.

Randall, Friar. Sable, a caltrop argent, on a chief argent three caltrops gules.

Sewing Guild of Madrone. Gules, within a tressure Or a pair of shears open in saltire Or.

Tyre Stuart of Moray. Azure, a python (winged serpent) reversed erect argent, winged, gorged, and chained of three links Or.

William of Portsmouth. Azure, a cross Or, overall a mountain argent.





30 June, 1975 CE

In order to bring the regalia of the College of Arms (Heralds) more into line with proper period practice, the following is herewith instituted:

Cornettes; Pursuivants Extraordinary:

May wear a green sash over the left shoulder, charged with the crossed trumps of the College of Arms, or a green surcoat, charged front and back with the crossed trumps (Or).

Chief Heraldic Officers of Baronies or other Branches:

May wear a Tabard bearing the Arms of the College on the back and right sleeve, and the Arms of their Branch on the front and right sleeve; or the sash, or the simple surcoat; or a surcoat bearing the Arms of the College on the back and the Arms of their Branch on the front.

Titled Pursuivants and Heralds:

May wear all of the above; or change the left sleeve of the Tabard to bear a badge they may register for their title (see: badge for Dragon Herald); or they wear the Cloak, which will be green, and bear the Arms of the College on the back and right breast and a Shield of the Arms of their Branch on the left breast.

Kings (Queens) of Arms:

May wear all of the above.

All regalia may be lined as the wearer sees fit, and may be bordured in alternate sections of the principal colours of the Arms displayed.

All heralds should be possessed of a staff, just over their own height, painted green and bearing ribbons of green and gold. It may be decorated at the top at the herald's discretion.

Titled Pursuivants, titled Heralds and Kings (Queens) of Arms may carry a Baton, decorated with alternating stripes of green and gold, and decorated at the end at the bearer's discretion.

Lady heralds may, rather than the Tabard and Surcoat, base their regalia on the Cote-Hardie (Gates of Hell). When sleeved as a Tabard, it falls under Tabard regulations, and when unsleeved, it falls under Surcoat regulations.

See attached illustration sheet for details. NOTE the difference between a Tabard and a Surcoat.

We remain:





Ladies regalia:

With sleeves, as shown, this comes under Tabard regulations. Without sleeves, it is classed as a Surcoat.

The upper half of the costume bears the heraldry. The lower skirt may e plain green; or of the principal colour or metal of the Arms of the Bearers Branch; or green and bearing the crossed trumps of the College.

Signed and sealed by Locksley, Laurel