3 Las Palomas

Orinda, CA 94563

12 December 1975 (A.S. 10)

Karina of the Far West, Laurel Queen of Arms,

to the Principal Heralds of the several Kingdoms,


With the great help of my privy clerk, Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin, I have finally put the files into such order that I can begin issuing acceptances.

The present list is devices submitted sometime in the near to distant past, I have accepted some that ordinarily I would prefer to send back for more work, as they are probably in use already. A number of notes on these follows the list of devices accepted.

The practice of awarding Brownie Points is discontinued. It was originally a merely oral expression of approval (or the reverse), but a too-literal member of the West College assumed that they were recorded. This idea spread to some of his correspondents, including Lord Locksley. Don't worry -- I will note strong reactions to devices!



Alphia Bonadea. Sable, a leopard's head couped Or, fimbriated ermine.

I would not have accepted the name Bona Dea (Good Goddess), considering it a sacrilegious use of a title belonging to a Divinity worshipped by many SCA members. However, the damage was already done when Beryl Bonadea was accepted. As for the device: Why is the leopard's head fimbriated? This is not necessary for differing from Cletherow, Morely, etc.

Asdis Stefansdottir. Per fess azure and vert, a garb Or, embrued.

This is lawful but UGLY.

Benson of Stannington. Per pale azure and argent, a sword proper, embrued.

Brusten de Bearsul. Per fess embattled azure and vert, a tower Or.

This is closer than I like to Headless House.

Cyprian of the Wheel. Argent, a wooden cart-wheel of twelve spokes, proper.

Nice and simple! I have altered the blazon to "cart-wheel" because the Catherine wheel is so much more common.

Dumnonia, Barony of. Vert, semee of fusils Or; on a chief wavy azure a laurel wreath Or.

The blazon has been altered from "fusily" which signifies a tesseltaion, analogous to "checky".

Hal of the Mask. Sable, a tragic mask Or, featured sable.

Very nice.

Hrafn Egilsson Tolftungr. Gules, two ravens rising addorsed sable fimbriated argent.

Lars Vilhjalmsson Per pale sable and vert, a snowy owl (Nyctea scandiace) affrontee proper perched on a sword fesswise reversed.

No genus & species was given for the "Arctic" owl and I was unable to find it in the 11th Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica (EB 11). I judged by the drawing that the Snowy Owl was intended.

Nicolai of Everworry. Azure, on a bend nebuly Or a rose sable, barbed and seeded proper.


Penelope of Barataria. Per fess vert and azure, in chief a unicorn couchant upon the line of division argent; in base a crack-willow (Salix fragilis) upon a mount proper.

Again, genus & species were omitted. The drawing clearly showed a pollard willow, and consulting EB 11 I found the crack-willow was the species most commonly so treated.

Philippe de Souraine. Sable, a pale argent, overall a chevron gules.


Ragnar Norstrom. Gules, a giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) countersejant guardant proper maintaining a Bowen knot Or.

The word Giant is added to distinguish them from the Lesser Panda or Cat-bear, also called Common Panda, Ailurus fulgens. The term "sejant", in the case of bears and pandas, means sitting erect with the forepaws raised.

Ragnar Norstrom. Badge. Azure, within a Bowen knot expanded a lightning bolt bendwise Or.

Sarah bat-Ehezshkal. Azure, a giant panda sejant guardant proper, maintaining a seal of Solomon Or.

Richard of Alsace. Vair, a Latin cross fleury Or.

Very pretty.

Tarot Guild. Argent between a bezant inscribed of a pentacle sable and a cup azure, in saltire a wand slipped proper and a sword gules quillioned sable; in chief an eye argent fimbriated irised pupilled and radiant sable.

If I were giving brownie points, this would rate -25 for Ugly.

Thorbjorn the Greysides. Argent, within a bordure sable, in saltire a single-bitted axe and a hammer inverted hafted of a lightning bolt, gules.

And this one I'd like to reject for infringing on the prerogatives of Thor -- who also has worshippers in the SCA.

The above format is intended to be clipped and pasted, or copied in pica type, onto 3x5 file cards with equal simplicity. I recommend typing rather than pasting, personally.


Bartolomeo della Rocca. Argent, on a rock issuant from base a long cross potent gules.

Correct from earlier mistake.

College of Heralds. Seal. Two trumpets in saltire between four mill-rinds.

Since the delay has been so long, I am granting this, but only to be used as is the badge of the College in the Middle Kingdom: to wit, as a seal. Most titled pursuivants and heralds in the West have individual seals. The sole emblem of his particular office worn by a herald in the West is a disc-shaped pendant with crossed trumpets and the name of his office (e.g. Vesper, Green Cloak).

Debatable Lands, March of. Sable, a comet argent and in base a laurel wreath Or; a bordure embattled Or.

Frederic of Feoliddwyn. Or, a tortoise tergiant in fess proper, charged upon the shell with a fret Or.

This tortoise is correctly blazoned tergiant, signifying that the entire back (L. tergum) is visible. Passant is said to mean the same position; however we have in the SCA the example of Kathleen the Forgetful's "Argent a turtle statant vert" which is shown in profile, like any passant or statant lion or griffin. Passant, therefore, ought not be considered synonymous with tergiant in Society heraldry.

Michael of York. Gules, a sheaf of three arrows bound by a serpent counterguardant, all Or.

Myrkfaelinn, Dominion of. Sable, a candle enflamed and environed of a laurel wreath proper.


Lothar (no surname). Or, between two flaunches azure a sword fracted erect sable, hilted gules.

See that he gets a surname.

Eric of Sheffeald. Per chappe Or and vert, a sea-lion counterrampant enhanced Or.

Note that this is a Monster, not a Pacific-eared seal.

Terryl of Talavera. Argent, a triskelion arrondi azure, between in pale two roundels gules.




Blackhawk, House. Or, a hawk volant sable.

Conflicts with Williams: Or, a hawk volant sable. (Papworth, p. 304).


Temudai al-Temnij &c.

Conflicts with Pwyll pen Tyrhon, Sable, on a pale argent a crescent gules. Explain the name when he resubmits.

Zaragoza San Solomon Puertolano de Belacazar.

This is a very interesting travelogue but there is no personal name in it. "Zaragoza" is a city and province in Spain, formerly Caesarea Augusta. He might as well call himself Pittsburgh.

This, to the best of my knowledge, takes care of those folders that were sent to me without ever having been acted on. (There is a small group from the Middle Kingdom not reported on here, concerning which we are sending some queries to the Lord Dragon.)

I know this isn't all, though. There are a great many missing submissions from the West. Of these I already have a list. I would like duplicate submissions from the other Kingdoms, giving if possible the date of the original submission.

The Computer Ordinary is programmed and we have begun the input. This will take longer than we had hoped because we have access to the computer for only a few hours a week. However, we have now completed the card-file Ordinary (courtesy of Vesper, to whom it belongs). To the best of our knowledge this covers everything listed by Lord Locksley in his armorial of 31 January 1973 or accepted by him later. If you know of any earlier arms please notify me, with whatever documentation you can find.

Department of Vital Statistics: Born to Hal Ravn and Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin on 27 November, Margaret Astrid, eight pounds ten ounces. Everybody is doing nicely and Dorothea has lost twenty-six pounds (envy).

I remain, etc.,

Karina of the Far West

Laurel Queen of Arms