3 Las Palomas

Orinda, CA 94563

30 January A.S. X

AD 1976

Karina of the Far West, Laurel Queen of Arms,

to the Heralds of the several Kingdoms,


First, some corrections and additions to the acceptance list of 12 December.

Page 2:

Dumonia, Barony.

"on a chief wavy azure..."

Nikoali of Everworry.

"on a bend nebuly..."

Page 3:

Sarah at Ehezshkal.

"panda sejant guardant proper..."

Page 5:

Eric of Sheffeald.

Note that the sea-lion is a monster, in the shape of a fish-tailed lion, not a Pacific eared seal.

Page 6:

Terryl of Talavera.

"a treskelion arrondi". The change from arrondee to arondi returns the verb to its proper declension. I have used the masculine form on the assumption that the original Greek word (not in my Lexicon) is neuter.




Achrena Rowyn of Caer Dathyl. Per fess azure and vert, in saltire a sword inverted argent and a galley oar inverted proper.

Alaric von Rotstern. Argent, on an eight-pointed star gules, a griffin's head, a lions head cabossed, and a wyvern's head contourne, all erased and conjoined at the nape Or.

Handsome and unusual.

Alura/Alured the Twinn. Per pale argent and sable, a rose purpure, barbed and seeded proper, en soliel counterchanged.

Astrach. Barry wavy azure and argent, a phoenix displayed sinister facing gules and in chief an eight-pointed star argent.

The application was blazoned "recursant", which describes a different position.

Beltran of the Mount. Vair, a wyvern countervolant Or, maintaining a roundel vert charged with three fountains.

"Pomme", "bezant", et cetera should be reserved for symbolic or canting use.

Brian Maolcaoin. Vert, on a roundel Or, a unicorn salient sable.

"Pomme", "bezant", et cetera should be reserved for symbolic or canting use.

Clifford of York. Or, a yak (Bos grunniens) statant guardant proper.

Blazoned "proper" rather than "sable" to allow for white horns.

Dunhere Twostar. Per pale argent and azure, a tower between two mullets in bend counterchanged.

East Kingdom, Tanist or Crown Prince. Purpure, a tanist's circlet Or between two flaunches erminois.

This is a tanist's circlet. PICTURE HERE

Eoghan macCionna BaileArd. Or, a brown goat (Captra hyrcus) proper erect playing a Spanish bagpipe proper bagged gules.

Goats (wild) range from dirty white to black so we have to specify a "brown goat proper". The color of the bag must be specified because the bags are usually goatskin.

Galleron de la Chenille. Argent, on a roundel azure a wyvern counter-volant argent.

I hoped there'd be a caterpillar.

Geoffery of Ayr-Montalban. (alteration) Vert a pall inverted between two crosses of Cleves Or and a sword proper.

The division had previously been nebuly.

Gregor ban Tymparum. Change of name from Grimmis ban Tymparum. The device remains the same.

Grimnir Bogmodr. Per bend wavy, argent, the moon in her plenitude azure, and azure, a sun Or.

What, if anything, is this name supposed to mean? My resident Norse expert says it's nonsense.

Gwynedd vedd Griffith. Azure, a winged unicorn rampant and in chief a four-pointed star dismembered Or.

This is a four-pointed star dismembered PICTURE HERE

Henry Forrester the Hawk. Per chevron inverted Or and vert, in chief a hawk displayed and in base two swords in saltire counterchanged.


Lewis MacGregor. Gules, a hookah Or, on a chief wavy argent a winged cat couchant guardant proper.

What's this about Rob Roy?

Rhianna ferch Gwynedd. Azure, a lightning flash bendwise Or debruised by a quill pen bendsinisterwise vert, fimbriated argent, and in chief a spur inverted and winged Or.

Tannis of Tir-y-don. Azure, three bars dancetty and in chief a sun Or.

We'd like a surname in addition to the name of her local branch of the Society--especially since the name is so close to Tanist.

Valtaire Cromis. Change of name from Pod de Blue. The device remains the same.

Windmasters' Hill, Shire. (Badge) A winged cat passant extended purpure.

Ysabeau Cameron. Per pale Or and gules, two hippogriffs combattant counterchanged.


Craig of the Chambers. Argent, on a cross nowy patee throughout sable, a roundel argent, thereon a corbie displayed sable.

Dorothy of Mossy Dell Fief. Argent, upon a chevron enhanced azure, three goats' heads erased argent, and in base a shovel and hoe in saltire sable.

Maelgwyn de Lyonesse. Tierced per fess, azure, three roses argent barbed and seeded Or; gules, a lion passant guardant argent; and azure, a rose argent barbed and seeded Or.

Merewyn de Lyonesse. Tierced per fess dancetty, azure, three estoiles argent; vert; and Or, a dragon dormant gules.

Mychalene de Topo. Erminois, a mouse supplicant affrontee sable.

Reyna de San Diego. Azure, a roadrunner counter-courant Or, on a chief Or, between two saguaro cacti vert, a roundel gules.

Richard of Havn. Vert, upon a roundel argent, two urns azure, and a base indented Or.

Sammuel of Mossy Dell Fief. Argent, upon a chevron enhanced azure, three goats' head erased argent, and in base a garb of wheat and a scythe proper.


Daemon of Woadwood. Per bend sinister, argent, a tree blasted azure, and sable, an estoile of six points Or.

Elisabeth Arborea. Lozengy azure and argent, a pine branch bendwise sinister, proper; in dexter chief a bird migrant sinisterward in fess; in sinister base an owl's head caboshed, both argent.

Hereward of Vinland. Sable, a straight horn pale wise, bell in chief, debruised by an escallop, a bordure, all argent.

He should drop the title Jarl, since it is used in the East Kingdom as the equivalent of Count.

Julie of Blackwater. (Correction). Per fess wavy-crested argent and sable, in chief a human heart gules.

Not rayonee.

Louise of Woodsholme. Badge. Per fess embattled gules and erminois, in base two thistles in saltire proper.

Nisa Vani. Badge for House Cehe Candra. Argent, within a domed minaret balcony an increscent double-arched, all sable.

Patrick of Isstarr. (Alteration). Azure, surrounding a roundel wavy Or, six demi piles wavy Or, three issuant from chief and three from base.

Roberta Lynn of the Golden Heart. Sable, a heart Or, within a Bowen knot in cross argent.

This is a Bowen knot in cross (that is, rotated 45 degrees). PICTURE HERE

Office of Silver Quill Pursuivant. Badge to be used as a seal. Within a roundel, a quill bendwise sinister.

William the Recorder of the Blackwater. Per bend: sable, a lightning bolt bendwise argent; and argent delphy azure.



Gwyneth Merch Macsen.

It's some kind of landscape; we try to avoid landscapes unless there's a very good reason for them.

Hagar, no surname, epithet "Bodyguard".

The name Hagar is feminine except in one twentieth-century comic strip.

Perdita of Brook Lynn.

Too complex, and the woman is too small to be seen. If the intent is to convey the idea that she is lost, why not have a woman standing between fingerposts pointing in contrary directions?

Robin of Mannefeld.

Parker stated that the term "mossu" is not attested by any recorded blazon. What is the shape intended to represent? If it's intended for a milestone, why not call it that.

Sigismund Vasa Care.

Sigismund Vasa, son of John III, King of Sweden, was elected King of Poland after the death of Stephen Bathory.

Windmasters' Hill.

Device and one of the badges probably conflict with an early Curtiss-Wright patent. If they want a flying machine, they might be able to find a suitable Da Vinci design.

I remain at your service,

Karina of the Far West

O.L., O.P., Baroness

Laurel Queen of Arms