3 Las Palomas

Orinda CA 94563

30 June XIII (1979)

Karina of the Far West, Laurel Queen of Arms,

to the Heralds of the Kingdoms and Principalities,

and to other Members of the Heraldic Convocation,


The Heraldic Convocation was a great success, and I thank all those who made it possible, especially Wilhelm von Schlussel, who succeeds me as Laurel. Even more important than clearing up the backlog was the discussion and clarification of matters that were in dispute. I believe that various members of the College of Arms will be able to work together more smoothly in future as a result of this.

Herewith is a listing of the devices handled at the Convocation. As you already realize, this letter is being written much later than its nominal date of June 30. It has taken the Laurel staff all of July to copy out and proofread the listing. I had hoped to give it a final proofreading myself, and to check over the drawings of the new or unusual charges, but it reaches me with no time left. Sir Bela and I and his lady mother Astrid of the Two Towers depart August 1 for a two-month journey in Thairis.

As my last official act I appoint Hal Raven to the office of Morsulus Herald*, retroactive to 1 May X (1976), when he first began compiling the Computerized Ordinary. He and my Privy Clerk, Dorothea of Caer Myrddin, have been my left and right hands and three-quarters of my memory. I could not have done my work without them.

I entrust to you the responsibilities and the pixilated pleasures of the College of Arms. May the work of your hands prosper.

I remain at your service,

Karina of the Far West Laurel Emerita


*Latin, Morsulus, a small byte.