July 16, 1979 XIV




The following have been accepted and registered by this office and will appear in the SCA Ordinary and Armorial:

NAMES OF BRANCHES <No Kingdom Name Listed>

Bjorndal, Shire of.

Iron Forest, Canton of the.

King's Heights, College of.

Stormshadow, Shire of.

Treharne, Shire of.

Twin Suns, College of the.

Vierhaven, Canton of.



Ansteorra, Queen of. Or, a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable within and interlaced by a chaplet vert of five roses argent, seeded Or, within a tressure sable, overall issuant from base a demi-sun gules.

Originally submitted as Princess, but Ansteorra is now a kingdom.

Daemon of Woadwood. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a tree blasted azure and an estoille Or.

Nice canting arms, although woad comes from a bush.

Eldern Hills, Shire of the.

Emerald Keep, Shire of the.

Graywood, Shire of.



Ariadne of Alyson-tara. Sable, a blasted tree voided argent.

Cader Mohr an Bogleleys, Shire of.

Citadel of the Southern Pass, Shire of the.

Diane of Beechwood. Vert, on a pile argent a tomato worm rearing proper (Protoparce quincuemaculata), on the lines of the pile two quills crossed at the nibs Or.

The front third of the worm is raised up. The quills are placed upon both the argent and the vert and so do not need to be fimbriated.

Leafolke Shire.

Otherhill, Shire of.

Principality of the Outlands. Azure, issuant from chief a demi-sun, on a oile inverted couped in chief Or a laurel wreath vert.

Appeal on name change from Utanwayard is granted. Outlands is a descriptive tern appropriate for the principality. This name is not to be used as a kingdom name, as it would then no longer be appropriate.

Utsanna Nandana. Gyronny Or and vert, on a torteau a ram's horn Or.

Elegant and simple.



Alewaulfe the Red. Badge. Two unicorn's heads addorsed conjoined at the neck Or, at the point of conjunction two leaves vert.

Viviane Aurore de la Mer. Argent, on a bend vert, between two crescents azure, three lilies palewise argent.

Very nice.



Dark Canton, The.

Hawkwood, Canton of.

Hidden Mountain, Canton of the.

Silver Meadows, Shire of the.

Tesui Takeda. Sable, a bear's head couped affrontee within an annulet Or.

This is different from cabossed because the neck shows below the head and is cut off in a straight line.

Yarvid, College of.



Darkwater, Shire of.

Eagle, Shire of the.

Hammerhold, Barony of.

Mathom Trove, Canton of.

Osprey, Shire of the.

Wandering Minstrels, Shire of the.



Caer Anterth-Mor, Barony of.

Carraig Ban, Shire of.

Defiant Shophar, Shire of the.

Forgotten Sea, Shire of the.

Grey Gargoyles, Canton of the.

Jessica of the Willows. Or, a weeping willow tree eradicated proper (Salix babylonica) and in chief an escallop purpure.

Lonely Tower, Shire of the.

Nordskogen, Barony of.

Rokkehealdan, Shire of.

Scraeling Althing, Shire of the.

Spinning Winds, Shire of the.

Standing Stones, Shire of the.

Sternveldt, Shire of.

V'tavia, Shire of.

Vanished Wood, Shire of.



Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland. Or, in cross a Kendal flower proper between four lizards turgiant displayed vert.

A Kendal flower is defined to be a rose of six petals gyronny of six argent and gules, barbed vert, seeded Or. The result is a six petaled rose with alternately colored petals. You can have a rose of other than five petals as a rose petal is a well-defined shape, and a rose of N-petals is clear.

Andre Lessard. Or, a dragon segreant vert, orbed and langued gules, within on a a bordure vert six Kendal flowers proper.

Anne of Caerdydd. Or, a fess sable, overall a butterfly ermine.

Appeal granted. This does not conflict with Gunnar Mulcha of Odin's Seat.

Cadwalladyr Stone of Stonecroft.

(Addition of first name.) Device and badge unchanged.

Damian of Silvertere. Bendy, paly, barry, bendy sinister argent and azure, a fess azure, goutte de eau.

Appeal accepted. Any combination of standard divisions of the field that can be blazoned and recognized from a distance is acceptable. This looks like a common quilting pattern.

Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland. Or, a lizard turgiant displayed vert between in fess two Kendal flowers proper.

Kathleen Cuileann. Per bend azure and argent, in bend sinister a dove volant fesswise argent and a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper within a chaplet graminy of cornflowers and marigolds proper.

Change of name from Maleen of Gamaliel. A chaplet graminy is made of grass, the cornflowers are (Centaurea cyanus) and the marigolds are (Calendula officini).

Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland. Or, a quill bendwise sinister sable, ribbed gules, in canton a Kendal flower proper.

Appeal granted.

Rodrigo de Cerdana. Household Badge. Per pale argent and azure, a bend doubly cotised counterchanged.

Sean a' Claidheamh. Sable, on a plate a hound crouching to sinister upon a pile inverted sable.

Very striking.

Strider of Duramen, the Persistent. Argent, a bend sinister argent, fimbriated sable, overall a winged unicorn salient sable, armed, unguled, and collared of a label trailing a broken chain Or, on a chief sable a label throughout argent.

Appeal accepted. This is the son of William of Duramen, the Unfettered and may register his father's device with a label added as one point of difference.

William of Duramen, the Unfettered. Argent, a bend sinister argent, fimbriated sable, overall a winged unicorn salient sable, armed, unguled, and collared and trailing a broken chain Or, a chief sable.

Aurelia de la Licorne has no objections.

Winter's Gate, Shire of.


The following are rejected or held for further information:



Stronghold of Elfsea, Shire of the.

This implies too much that it is an elven land. Drop the word stronghold and it will be acceptable.



Ebenfeur, Shire of.

If this is suppose to be a flat fire in german, it should Ebenfeuer. Otherwise what do you mean?



Caudor, College of.

Conflicts with Cawdor in Scotland.

Falcon Cree, Canton of.

Conflicts with the Cree Indians in Canada.

Fennbrycg, Canton of. Or, a bridge gules between in sinister chief a laurel wreath vert and in base a fencock close gules; on a canton vert, an oak eradicated argent.

This is too complicated a device. It has an augmentation of the main part of the Barony Beyond the Mountain, which I would rather not see. Think what would happen if all of the cantons of the Barony of the Angels wanted to put that angel on a canton on their arms. If the fencock is a real heron-like bird I would like the genus and species. If it is a heraldic invention I would like a reference showing it's in period.

FnaedHom, Canoton of.

What does the name mean?

Nordvald, Canton of.

Conflict with Barony of the North Woods.



An Croshaire, Barony of.

What does the name mean?

Glaedenfeld, Shire of.

This conflicts with the Gladden Fields in Middle Earth, scene of the battle that ended the second age. Submit documentation proving it means Shire of the Iris.

Oktibbeha, Canton of.

What does the name mean?

Vulpine's Reach, Shire of.

Vulpine is an adjective. The Shire of Vulpine Reach would be acceptable.



Dal Gweledigaeth, Canton of.

If this is Welsh it should be Dall.

Dearne Ansilet, Shire of.

What does the name mean?

Raven's Wood, Shire of.

Conflicts with Ravenswood in England.



Borealis, Shire of.

Borealis is an adjective. Borealisshire would be acceptable.

Jotunheim, Shire of.

This conflicts with the land of Giants from Norse mythology.



In the new corpora the Board of Directors sets out as a condition for the advancement of a branch to the status of barony, province, principality or kingdom the submission of arms to the College of Arms. Whenever a branch wishes to petition the Board of Directors for elevation to any status, from shire on up, the proper procedure is for the officials of that branch to submit the name and arms to the Kingdom Seneschal. The Kingdom Principal Herald will then check the name and arms for rule violations or conflicts, and make sure that the translation of the name appears on the Information Sheet. This name and arms is then included in the next Letter of Intent and in the next batch of submissions sent to Laurel. If a device is not included the name should still be sent on. This name and arms will then be considered in the usual way and the Board of Directors and the Steward will be informed of the College of Arms decision on them. Each Principal Herald is hereby responsible for obtaining a submission of name and arms from new or advancing branches. There is no fee for the registration of names and arms of SCA branches.

On any submission that comes to a Principal Herald, the Principal Herald is charged to make sure that the Information Sheet is fully and properly filled out before passing it on to Laurel. If the society name is in a language other than English, the language and translation must be written down. If an unusual or rare charge is used that has not been used in SCA heraldry before, then the proper documentation or references proving it to be in period must be included. If a living thing is blazoned proper then the genus and species, and sometimes the breed, cross or color must be included. If any of these are omitted so that I would have to go to considerable research to find them, I will instead reject them until the information is included. I do not intend to become bogged down with endless research that should have been done at the kingdom level, as was my predecessor. Please make sure that the blazon and emblazon agree. Please make sure that names are spelled correctly. I will correct grammar errors if I catch them, but I am by no means a trained linguist. If you all do your job properly I will be able to do mine and the turnaround time will remain under three months, to the joy of both the populace and the heralds. Until next time pray believe, My Lords and Ladies, that I remain

Your Servant,

Wilhelm von Schlussel, OL, OP, OLM

Laurel King of Arms