August 15, 1979 AS XIV

To: All Members of the College of Arms

From: Wilhelm von Schlussel, O.L., O.P., O.L.M., Laurel King of Arms


Enclosed with this letter is a massive computer generated Letter of Acceptances and Rejections from the June Conclave. With this letter the College of Arms is now caught up as of May, 1979. When I return from my trip to England in Sept. I will need to receive comments on the letters of intent within the expected 30 days so that I can have time to read them and research the claims in time to act on them during the following month. I am experimenting with holding CoA meetings on a monthly basis with the local heralds attending to lend their assistance and pool their linguistic, historical and heraldic knowledge. This month there are no new acceptances or rejections because I was busy with the batch from the June meeting. It takes awhile to file 1100 file folders.


There are some corrections to the College of Arms roster I sent out last month. The new Brigantia Principal Herald is Wladyslaw Poleski (Walter P. Soloniewicz, Jr., 80 Willow St., Meriden, Ct. 06450). Letters to Atenveldt should go to Alison von Markheim (Alison Lowe, P.O. Box F, Denver, Colorado 80209). Her title is Deputy Herald for now, although that will change when they come up with a better title. (Lord Aten, how about Escutcheon Herald, as she deals with what goes on the escutcheon. (She also shields you from the slings and arrows from other Principal Heralds in their letters of comment)) The Solar Herald for the Principality of the Sun is Tearlach the Down (Chuck Berridge, 914 West Wedwick, Tucson, Az. 85706, (602) 294-0919). The title for the Herald from the Principality of the Outlands is the White Stag Herald (hereby approved). The current holder is Rhomwen y Llysieuydd, as I stated last time. The correct title for Ansteorra's Principal Herald is Sable Star Principal Herald, currently Aurelian Rigel. The new Beacon Principal Herald for Meridies is Dylan ab Aneirin y Benddwyndiwr (Tom Deitz, P.O. Box 173, Young Harris, Ga 30582).


The letter I sent to Emeric Wendall the Diversified came back. Until such time as he contacts us and tells us his new address, everybody should send all correspondence directly to the Dragon Principal Herald, Daemon de Folo.


When I get back from my trip I will write up the final Rules of Heraldry and send them out to everybody, and to all of the newsletters. You have until September 10 to send in comments on these rules. It will be much harder to get a rule changed after they are published. I want every Principal Herald to send me a roster of the heralds in their kingdom, and a list of all awards given out in their kingdoms, principalities, baronies, provinces and shires, with abbreviations used, titles bestowed, and emblems or badges or augmentations if any. I do not need copies of ten page Charters or Constitutions, just a brief list and explanation of each. Taht's all for this month. Please tell the populace that the only thing preventing them from getting a device acted on now is their own delay in submitting it. Until next time, my Lords and Ladies, I remain


Your Servant,


Wilhelm von Schlussel

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