13 August 79

The following are accepted:


Agnes de Saint Michel. Per bend sinister sable and argent, a decrescent and a half-face mask in profile and stringed, counterchanged.

Alexandra Tatiana Feodorovna of Novgorod. Sable, a fess rayonny between three estoiles or.

Anebairn Athelson. Per pale indented gules and Or, in fess a sun Or and a pheon inverted sable.

Anebairn Athelson. Badge. Gules, a cross potent gyronny Or and sable

Angelina Jessica Dourelle. Pean, a swan argent, gorged with a chain gules, resting upon a base barry-wavy azure and argent.

Aren of Rivenhorn. Azure, a stag's attire argent, within a bordure ermine.

Barbara-Katherine of Kenilworth. Badge. Gules, in dexter chief a tower argent masoned sable, in sinister base a hind trippant or.

Bjornsborg, Barony of. Or, a dancing bear affrontee, gardant to dexter, sable, arrayed and vested of a cap and bells gules, belled Or, upon a base gules charged with a laurel wreath Or.

Bjornsborg, Barony of. Badge. A cap and bells gules, doubled and belled Or

Bjorn Magnusson Esping. Sable, a sledgehammer inverted within a serpent embowed widdershins biting its tail argent.

Bryan Dragonsword. Per bend azure and vert, a bendlet between a dragon passant Or clutching a claymore and a thorn branch flexed-reflexed argent.

Conarc of Eyre. Erminois, a Danish war axe and morningstar flail in saltire proper, overall a quatrefoil slipped gules.

Constance Greyhall the Insatiable. Gules, two hearts conjoined at the points palewise and a pale to sinister argent.

Corwin de Starte. Per pale azure and sable, a pale or, in dexter a chess knight facing sinister argent.

Doyel Mor-Ser. Vert, in bend three mullets of four points palewise or within a square knot bendwise throughout argent.

The knot is squared to all right angles.

Dragomyr of Morkynwald. Purpure, on a chevron or another sable, thereon a Maltese cross between two goblets or.

Be advised that "House of the Petaled Thrones" is in conflict with the Empire of that ilk, copyright 1975 by Tactical Studies Rules.

Edward MacGraeme. Per pale sable and argent, to sinister a sword sable, on a chief counterchanged to dexter a sinister fist, thumb extended to chief, sable.

Ewan Adyssyn op Cenbri o Glyn Criafol. Vert, three rowan flowers proper, a bordure ermine. (Sorbus aucuparia)

Also know as Adyssyn of Rowenglen.

Frank the Illiterate Scribe. Sable, a fret of six quill pens argent.

Frank the Illiterate Scribe. Badge. Argent, a sun in glory gules within a bordure or.

Hjalmar of Skiringsal. Azure, a trident or, surmounted by a nautilus shell argent, issuing from a base engrailed argent, thereon a bar engrailed and invected azure. (Nautilus pompilius)

In appearance the shell does not have the chamber-lines as drawn here, bur rather has tiger-like orange stripes, faintest at the mouth of the shell.

Ivivis of Cornwall. Per saltire, I and IV argent, II gules, a salamander counterrampant, enflamed or, III, vert.

Janet of House Morningstar. Tierced per chevron throughout azure, gules, and vert, an Egyptian hawk crowned of a bezant and maintaining two bezants or.

John the Plain of Shearn. Argent, on a pellet a sagebrush eradicated argent, on a chief dancetty sable a nine-banded armadillo statant sinister proper. (Artemisia tridentata, Dasypus novemcinctus)

Note: Dancetty has three points.

Joi du Lac. Argent, a horned pegasus springing sable and in base a decrescent or fimbriated sable.

Jonathan Macebearer. Azure, a saltire sable rayonnee argent, overall a mace inverted argent.

Name "DeLaufyson", meant to be a French version of Laufevarson (the patronymic of Loki), rejected.

John Elynn. Azure, on the blade of a dagger proper a candle sable.

Katharina von Alyssyn. Per pale sable and gules ermined argent, a chevron rompu per pale gules ermined argent, and Or; in base a lute palewise or.

Leissa Melyrn. Per pale vert and argent, two horned pegasi combattant, that to dexter argent, to sinister sable.

"Evereve" is Valinor.

Llewellyn ap Meriadudd of Gwynedd. Azure, a horned pegasus displayed argent rising from a base of flames proper.

Melissande Dragonstar of Clan Silverthorne. Vert, a dragon passant reguardant argent, in sinister chief a mullet of four greater and twelve lesser points or.

Nerak la Tisserande. Argent, ten bendlets and ten bendlets sinister debased, fretty double interlaced, alternately gules and sable, in chief a mullet inverted vert.

Patricia of Blackmoor. Sable, a dexter hand couped argent maintaining a gillyflower proper. (Dianthus carylphyllus

Ranyart O'Coigligh of Wexford. Ermine, in dexter chief a saltire throughout azure.

Raymond the Quiet. Argent, a bendlet between a compass star of eight vert and in bend two hawks volant affrontee fesswise sable.

Robert of Peebles. Per bend rayonnee inflamed azure and Or, in chief a battleaxe bendwise argent, and in base a heart gules.

Seanna Catriona de Fraser. Sable, on a lozenge or, a cat's claw couped and curved to dexter gules, all within a bordure engrailed or.

"Melusine" is apparently a corruption of melisande, but it also means a two-tailed mermaid. Please document it as a proper name.

Sesha ma Tamer-t. Argent, issuant from base a Bird of Paradise plant proper, overall in base a pheon inverted or within an annulet azure. (Strelitzia reginae)

Sharallele of the Curly Locks. Argent, on a pale indented between two trefoils vert two vines entwined argent.

S-Utcha ta Nuit. Ermine, a blue lotus erect eradicated proper addorsed of two wings or. (Mymphaea lotus)

Telbyrne Morningstar. Badge for House Morningstar. Or, a compass star alternately wavy and straight, between in sinister chief a crescent and a base, all azure.

Vargskol Halfblood. Or, on a pile throughout gules a wolf's skull argent.

Vargskol Halfblood. Badge. Sable, a wolf's skull argent.

Note: Vaargskalle is correct modern Norwegian for Wolfskull.

Willow Herbert. Badge for Clan Cadal. Vert, a bull passant argent, pied gules, armed and unguled sable, horns tipped argent.

This is fairly close to Garrison of Borden device, but the conclave decided that since this is a badge the difference in gender and markings of the animals is sufficient.



Alison von Markheim. New device. Sable, on a pall engrailed vert, fimbriated argent, seven mullets argent.

Her old device becomes a badge.

Alwyne the Sinistral. Vert, a lion rampant affrontee or orbed and armored gules, grasping in its forepaws and devouring the sinister canton of an escutcheon sable, a bordure argent.

Alys Carvelsdatter. Formerly Matsya Candra

No change in device.

Ambre Aimee de Roux. Purpure, in saltire a lute proper crossed by a pen argent, veined sable, in chief a sun in his splendor or.

The lute must be shown either full-face or in profile, not in three-quarter view. A sun in splendor has a face.

Anne Gaverel d'Avesor. Sable, a peregrine falcon close belled and jessed or, orbed gules, maintaining in dexter foot a fountain.

Anne Saorise. Quarterly argent and azure, a wingless dragon sejant queue-fourchee forming a Luckenbooth Heart, chased counterchanged.


Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Augmentation of Arms. On a canton azure, a sun in his glory issuant from base or, within a bordure argent.

Branwen MacRae. Argent, a handmirror bendsinisterwise sable, issuant from the glass argent tongues of flame proper.

The artist must show that this is a glass, not voided.

Carl of Carmarthin. Gules, three chevronelles and overall a ram's head cabossed or.

Daffyd of Emmett. Badge. A mullet of six points gyronny of twelve Or and sable.

Darthula Catriona MacMhurich. Formerly Ketra of Nordmanni. Full name Darthula Catriona Suibhan Stilbhard MacMhurich an-ta Rannocha, ann Sionnach-Liadh. Gules, a Scots claidheamh mor inverted proper debruised by a rose argent barbed and seeded proper.

Eowyn Nightsong of Tharsis. Sable, a bend sinister azure fimbriated argent, debruised by a sword proper; and in canton a mullet argent.

Fiona Seonad Lachlan. Vert, a sword bendwise sinister surmounted by a bend wavy argent charged with a fox's head couped gules.

Frank Wuetendwolf. Badge for House Wuetendwolf. Sable, a wolf rampant gules, fimbriated argent.

Gabriel Rene Antoine du Renard. Azure, a fox passant argent grasping in its dexter forepaw a hunting horn, bell to sinister, and a chief embattled or

Hillary Stormrider. Or, in saltire issuant from base a dexter cubit arm debruising a sinister cubit arm sable.

Iain Alisdair MacMhurich. Full name Iain Alisdair Padruig Seamus Andrea Stilbhard MacMhurich de Rannocha. Badge. Gyronny of eight or and gules, a rose argent barbed and seeded proper.

Irving de Rosamonde MacChlurain. Change of device. Ermine, a swan elevated and displayed, dismembered sable, collared or, holding in its beak a thistle proper.

James Qui Connait. Per bend sinister or, a flame gules; and vert, three chevronels in pale couped palewise or.

"Qui Connais" is "whom thou knowest." We’ve put the name in the appropriate third person. "The knowledgeable, the expert," would be "le Connaisseur."

Jerimia von Braun. Azure, two domestic cats sejant coward respectant, tails crossed in saltire or.

Johann von Hohen Staffen. Gules, a bend sinister sable fimbriated of its upper edge or and its lower edge argent, between in chief a dagger inverted argent and in base a dagger inverted or.

Kathryn of Iveragh. Sable, three barrulets wavy or, overall a pellet fimbriated or, surmounted by a torteau, tthereon a Norse suncross or.

Kerensa of Willow Mire. Or, springing from a stump proper, a field daisy stalked and leaved proper.

See that the artists gets a picture of a real daisy; the one you show only has five petals.

Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm. Gules, a cat-a-mountain couchant gardant or orbed vert, a bordure vair.

Note: this is the European wildcat, similar to the house cat.

Leonore Aid-an. Azure, issuant from an iron cooking pot a yellow garden rose, all proper.

Lysander Keisalovitch. Argent, a vegetable lamb vert.


Malinda Angelanne von Hohen Staffen. Per fess embattled azure and argent, a heart gules.

Mark Lasie of Westminster. Badge for Meiklemere. Sable, a saltire argent, on a torteau a Norse sun cross or.

Marta as-tu Mika-Mysliwy. Per chevron vert and or, in base a satyr dancing and piping proper.

Martelle von Baecker. Per bend vert and argent, a martlet and a cluster of grapes counterchanged.

Martin Saenger. Sable, on a bend between two dragon's heads issuant from sinister argent, a recorder between two crosses formy palewise, gules.

We have modified the name from "Drachensaenger," "Dragonsinger," to avoid conflicts with the works of Anne McCaffrey. You may change it (to some other acceptable name) free of charge if desired.

Michael the Literate. Per pale gules and ermine, on a chevron or five quatrefoils voided, each within an annulet, sable.

Morgan ap Llewellan Peregrine. Sable, a Tai-ch'i, the line of division forming a hawk's head erect, voided, orbed argent.

The Tai-ch’i is the familiar yin-yang symbol. (picture)

Orm Skjoldbidig. Sable, an orm gules, orbed, armed, and langued, nape knotted and delineated or, debruised by a bezant.

Outlands, Principality. Vert, a stag argent, attired and unguled or, leaping from between the boughs of a laurel wreath within a bordure em,battled or.

Philip of Pennskeep. Sable, a fess embattled argent between a billet fesswise and a saltire couped or.

Note to the artist: You must emblazon as a billet, not a delf, and the embattlement should be more defined.

Rhonwen y Llysieuydd. Vert, a pale or, overall a domestic cat passant gardant sable, grasping in its dexter forepaw a nosegay of scarlet pimpernels slipped and leaved proper. (Anagallis arvensis)

Rumil Kehalovi. Argent, a gore sinister gules, a torteau charged by a bat displayed argent.

Sikhijvale Gehe Candrasya. Badge. An ankhus.

Steffan the Well-Learned. Badge. Quartered arrondi gules and argent, in sinister chief an ivy leaf proper. (Hedera helix)

Theo of Mightrinwood. Purpure, a sun of eight rays sable, fimbriated or.

Tsivia ben Tamara of Amberview. Azure, a camel passant sinister or, carrying in its mouth three white trilliums proper and chained by the neck to a doe camel couchant or; on a chief embattled argent, a sun wavy gules.

Note: the doe must be less in perspective, an animal couchant is straight side view.

Viryavan ca Tusnim. Per chevron azure and sable, in chief three whelks one and two argent, in base an escallop or

Waldt von Markheim. Badge for House Markheim. Sable, a saltire patee throughout vert, fimbriated argent, overall a chain in orle argent



Æthelred the Jute. Gules, in sinister chief a tawny eagle displayed proper, grasping in its talons a warhammer fesswise sable, and a dexter gore or, gouttee de sang. (Aquila rapax)

Alacya Daveraugh. Argent, a bend azure between a ruby-throated hummingbird countervolant and a sprig of three red cherries proper. (Archilocus colubris)

Alan Silverbear. Sable, in base a polar bear statant proper. (Thalarctos maritimus)

Andrea of Clear Mount. Per chevron azure and argent, in chief a compass star between two mullets of four points, all within a bordure argent.

Angelique of Glen Laurie. Argent, a winged unicornate hippocampus, wings addorsed, vert, winged, armed, and orbed or.

Angels, Barony of the. Change of arms. Gules, a standing Seraph affrontee proper, winged or, haloed of a laurel wreath proper.

Anne Trier of Upper Lorraine. Per bend sinister enhanced azure and vert, a butterfly gules fimbriated Or.

Arian Rhyindelas of Aldalome. Argent, a six-headed, double-tailed, wingless hydra counterstatant sable.

Aurelia Vipsania Gallio. Gules, semee of flames argent, a salamander couchant Or, enflamed argent.

Balin of Tor. Argent, two wings in lure azure, overall a sword erect azure.

Bernard ben Barra. Argent, on a triangle throughout gules a cross crosslet above a chevronel inverted argent.

Boneth of Glenarvon. Per saltire counter-ermine and azure, a sea-lion rampant regardant argent.

Boris Groznye Dimietrivich of Kiev. Per pale rayonee Or and vert, a birch tree proper and a patriarchial cross pommee graded or.

Note: the patriarchal cross does not imply he has that rank. The only such cross we ever forbade for that reason is the Papal.

Brandr Kjollsigssen. Per pale embattled, azure and argent, two rabbits combattant counterchanged.

Brigit Olesdottir of Loch Ree. Argent, a hippocampus azure within eight water-lilies in orle vert, petaled gules.

Brynhildr Kormaksdottir. Gules, a Norse serpent nowed Or.

Caid, Queen of. Azure, a rose or between three crescents within a bordure embattled argent.

Caid, Queen of. Badge. Argent, on a pale azure a rose or.

Caid, Troubadour’s Guild. Badge. Azure, in saltire a quill and a lute argent, stringed sable

Caid, War Banner. Azure, four crescents conjoined in saltire, horns outward, argent

Calafia, Barony of. Change of Arms. Azure, a sea serpent ondoyant-emergent sable, fimbriated or, overall a trident with a laurel wreath entwined in its tines or.

Cameron of Caldoon. Badge for House Rising Star. Sable, the upper half of a mullet of four greater and twelve lesser points or.

Carandra of Mithyre. Azure, on a bend between a tower and unicorn's head couped at the shoulder argent three mullets palewise azure.

Carlotta the Lost. Sable, a cross couped voided ending in four two-towered castles argent, overall a mullet of eight points or.

Charles Vergilson. Azure, goutee d'eau, a gore sinister sable, fimbriated argent.

Cifran o Ir Glyn. Azure, on a bend sinister cotised argent two ivy leaves conjoined at the stems proper between two estoiles of four straight greater and four wavy lesser points sable.

Note to applicant: Our resident Welshman tells us that "raven" is Cigfran’ Cifran means "share, portion". "Of the Green Valley" could properly be o Glyn Ir, since adjectives generally follow nouns.

Conrad von Regensburg. Badge. A musimon's head cabossed argent, armed or, orbed and charged upon the forehead with a decrescent gules.

Dana of Coleraine. Sable, a greyhound couchant regardant or, orbed sable, within eight primroses in annulo gules, leaved and seeded proper, fimbriated or.

Dana of Coleraine. Badge. A primrose gules, slipped and leaved and seeded proper.

Denisa de las Mariposas. Vert, a bendlet sinister or, between two female Holly Blue butterflies proper, within a bordure or. (Celastrina argiolus)

Note: BUTTERFLIES OF THE WORLD, M. L. Lewis gives a somewhat different photograph, but there are many subspecies. Can you identify yours?

Diana of Meadowbrook. Per fess wavy azure and vert, in base on a bar wavy argent a barrulet wavy azure, and overall a bow palewise reversed or.

Duncan Graham. Tierced per pall azure, or, and argent, overall a grizzly bear's head erased proper. (Ursus horribilis)

Durvyn Wildermuth von Wiesbaden. Vairy or and azure, in saltire a sword inverted wavy argent, hilted gules, and a quill argent.

Eadric Shadowguard of Mansfield. Sable, two chevronelles inverted and in chief a crescent, all argent.

Eileen O'Kitspa. Argent, a cat's pawprint sable, on a chief embattled purpure a lion couchant or.

Eileen O'Kitspa. Badge for Kitspa Manor. In the doorway of a tower argent, masoned sable, a lion couchant gardant or; above the keystone a cat's pawprint sable

Elaine the Merciful. Argent, a dexter hand couped at the wrist vert within a bordure sable guttee d'or.

Note: since the College of Heralds of Caid choose name and device for her, she may change either or both without charge.

Elgil Mardil of Dor-Mallos. Per fess azure and vert, a barrulet argent, overall upon a plate voided sable a compass-star argent.

Elite de la Loire. Sable, issuant from a maunch or, semee-de-lis gules, lined gules, a hand supporting a goblet or, in canton an increscent gules, fimbriated or.

Eloise of Lancaster. Argent, a wingless dragon gules involved around a landsknecht's great sword sable, on a chief gules three fleurs-de-lis or.

Emory MacMichael. Tierced per chevron throughout, azure a sun or, sable an increscent argent, argent a pile inverted vert.

A "sun in his splendor" has a face; this does not.

Eric of Telemark. Azure, a ram's head cabossed between six axes in annulo argent.

Ethan ben Elezar. Per bend wavy pean and or, a caravelle reversed and seven scarpes wavy counterchanged.

Francois Quibahr d'Avignon. Formerly Andreant Vauzges d’Alsace. Barry or and azure, three leopards' faces cabossed gules.

Frederick of Woodlyn. Argent, a heart gules debruised of an olive branch proper; a chief urdy vert.

George of Glen Laurie. Azure, a St. Bernard dog's head couped at the neck bearing a cask at its neck, all proper. (Canis familiaris extrariis St. Bernardi)

Greywinds, Canton of. Gules, in fess three lightning flashes palewise or, and upon a chief invected argent, a laurel wreath vert.

Gwydiaan am y'Gorlwyn. Per pale Or and azure, a smith's hammer sable a sword proper, and a boar passant per pale sable and argent.

Gorlan of the Red Lands. Azure, in saltire a spiked mace and a double-bitted axe, in chief five mullets and on a base embattled or two mullets sable.

Hans von Hammer. Per fess embattled azure and sable, in pale a decrescent and a double-bitted axe or.

Heather Rose of Glen Laurie. Argent, three bouquets of three garden roses purpure, slipped and leaved vert.

Helene of Glen Laurie. Argent, a bend sinister between a garden rose gules slipped and leaved vert, and a squirrel counter-sejant erect gules.

Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood. Azure, two spears in saltire and in chief a mullet or.

Huette von und zu Aehrens und Mechthildberg. Formerly of Schloss Drachenhaus). Purpure, a monster with the foreparts of an eagle and the hindparts of a dragon or.

Huette von und zu Aehrens und Mechthildberg. Badge. Azure, a rabbit counter-salient guardant argent, orbed sable, armed gules.

Huette von und zu Aehrens und Mechthildberg. Badge. Vert, a tree blasted throughout or.

Hugh the Undecided. Badge for Archery Arm, Brotherhood of the Blade. Gules, a base or, overall a sword inverted counterchanged and in chief two arrows in saltire or.

Isles, Barony of the. Resubmission. Barry wavy argent and azure, a tower within a laurel wreath gules.

Ivan Dragonstone. Formerly Igor von Dreschenhaus.

James du Mer. Azure, a bicorporate sea-lion rampant upon one tail curled to sinister, argent.

Note: the sea-lion is the monster, not the pinniped.

Jason Griffiths of Shadowhyrst. Sable, a male griffin couchant or upon a sword fesswise proper.

Jayme O'Darcy. Badge for House of Glen Laurie. Argent, in pall four cat's paw prints, overall a winged annulet, all sable.

Jeosigh Padraig MacCruimein. Vert, a bagpipe sable, fimbriated or, and on a chief or a thistle fesswise slipped and leaved proper.

Note: Name has been shortened to eliminate several mistakes in grammar.

Jon Trimara, Per chevron vert and gules, in saltire an arrow and a sword Or and in chief a dovetailed keystone gules, fimbriated or.

Joscelyn Elspeth Fitzharry of Gillyflower. Badge. A gillyflower proper within a bordure potenty or. (Dianthus caryophylla)

Kalven the Deranged. Sable, issuant from sinister chief a lightning bolt bendwise sinister argent conjoining in dexter base an estoile of four greater and four lesser rays or.

Kamal Mishwa Ag Javid. Argent, in pale a dexter arm armed, grasping a scimitar, and a tower couped bendsinsterwise at the top sable.

Note: "Khan" is a royal title and you may not use it. And as for the "Abbot of Leng," forget it. The Abbey of Leng is a typically ghastly purlieu of the universe of H. P. Lovecraft, at the same time fictional, nonhuman, magical, AND offensive.

Karen of the Silver Dragonfly, the Sweet. Azure, eight male tiger-swallowtail butterflies in annulo proper, debruised of a gore sinister sable fimbriated argent charged with a dragonfly displayed bendwise argent. (Papillo glaucus)

Called Sweet Karen.

The female is brown with some bluish markings on lower hindwing.

Kate of the Silver Dragonfly, the Fair. Purpure, semee of angelfish or banded sable, on a gore sinister sable fimbriated argent, a dragonfly bendwise to sinister argent. (Petrophyllum scalare, angelfish))

Called Fair Kate.

Katherine Graybard of Sillenglen. Or, a hedgehog statant proper; a chief wavy sable.

Kathryn du Griffin. Formerly Katwen, change of name and device. Per pale gules and sable, a talbot argent spotted counterchanged, collared and leashed or, orbed gules.

Kennyth of Rosewood. Azure, six harpstrings in bend throughout, and in sinister chief a harp argent.

Konrad der Bildhauer. Per bend azure and gules, a shinbone bendwise between two mallets argent.

Kristin-Alfhildir of Trondheim. Or, semee-de-lis sable, a unicorn counterforcenee and on a chief azure three Norse sepents nowed or.

(picture; cf. Brynhildr Kormaksdottir)

Krysandra Morgan of the Heathers. Sable, a chevronel argent and a chevronel inverted Or interlaced.

Lasarian of Twrynyswr. Argent, semee of flames proper, a bend quarterly sable and azure.

Lavendar of Lorne. Per bend sinister argent and azure, six sprigs of lavender in annulo counterchanged.

Note: the flower clusters in the emblazon are shaped more like genus Salvia (sage) than like the flower spikes of Lavandula.

Leanne de Bayeux. Ermines, a doe's head couped at the shoulder argent, gorged of a collar engrailed azure, holding in its mouth a lily, slipped and stalked or.

Leonora Dragonsrun. Azure, six lozenges invected in annulo within three dragons conjoined in annulo widdershins or.

Lorna of Leeds. Correction of blazon. Or, an escarbuncle of six flory azure.

Lyndia of Woodlyn. Vert, issuant from a maunch reversed or a hand holding two zils proper and in dexter chief a heart gules, fimbriated or.

Malcolm Rudolf MacGregor. Formerly Gustav-Rudolf von Brauchitsch. Device unaltered.

Margare of the Silver Dragonfly. Formerly Graciela de Lagos y Santara. Vert, a gore sable, fimbriated argent, in pale two dragonflies volant bendwise, the lowermost reversed, argent.

Meghan Catriona McInnes of Kinlochaline. Argent, a castle sable masoned argent issuant from a base vert, on a chief embattled vert a plate.

Michael of Brighthall. Or, three double-bitted halberds, two in saltire and one in pale, proper, and on a chief sable a sword fesswise reversed flammant proper.

Miranda de la Shalamar. Pean, a maiden displayed proper, vested argent, crined or, holding in dexter hand a sword bendwise proper, between three crescents, horns to center, argent.

Mouice Negra. Gules, two rams' heads erased combattant sable, fimbriated argent.

"Khan" is a royal title and you cannot have it.

Neptha of Thebes. Or, a hawk displayed sable, grasping in sinister talon three carnations gules, stemmed vert, a chief urdy gules.

Orm the Defiant. Per pale gules and argent, a unicorn-headed lion salient, grasping in both forepaws the blade of a sword inverted, counterchanged.

Peterzolledin de Arroyo. Sable, fretty argent, a caucasian old man's head cabossed proper, crined and bearded argent, and in chief two compass stars or.

Phalaea an Caer Eirdalyn. Erminois, a hippogriff rampant contournee, the aquiline half sable and the equine half argent, armed and orbed argent, unguled sable, grasping in its talons a decrescent argent, and on a chief sable a crescent argent.

Note: Our resident Welshman says that this name is not Welsh at all, so we hope you didn’t intend it to be.

Philip of Meadhe. Gules, a bladed and spiked mace and on a chief argent a dragonship with four shields displayed sable.

Phillip Sprague. Purpure, a fess argent, six trefoils counterchanged.

Note: The trefoils are three, two, and one. This is the default position for six of any reasonably compact shape on a heater.

Rainneach na Straithnairn. Sable, on a pile inverted rayonee or a sword argent, hilted purpure, enfoliated about the blade vert.

Robear du Bois. Per bend sinister azure, a bear's head erased argent, and argent, in bend sinister three fir trees palewise vert.

Note: We would much rather see the correct spelling of Robert. Society members are not devoid of brains and can learn to pronounce a word or two of French.

Robear du Bois. Badge. Between the horns of a crescent a fleur-de-lis azure.

Roger Fitzlyon. Tierced in point, azure, vert, and sable, a tricorporate lion argent.

Rowena de Segovia. Or, an orange tree fructed and eradicated proper within a bordure invected sable.

Rowen Lynn of Woodvine. Argent, upon a point pointed azure, a sprig of rowan argent. (Sorbus aucuparia)

Sarah Sedgemoor of Dunstanburgh. Per bend sinister argent and azure, a scarpe between a Latin cross sable and a whelk shell palewise argent.

Sarah Telyn. Sable, on a bend sinister argent, between an Irish harp or and an owl statant gardant argent, beaked orbed, and armed or, three dragonlets counterpassant gules.

Sean de Gourdon. Per pale indented or, a lion rampant gules, armed, orbed, and langued sable, and vert, in pale three apples argent.

Simonetta de Galicia. Argent, a sagittary trippant proper and a lion counterrampant gules, on a chief azure three crescents argent.

Stefan von Halleck. Argent, a peregrine falcon, wings addorsed and inverted, sinister talon upraised, proper, debruised on the dexter talon by a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper, and in dexter chief a cross pattee gules.

Taliba bint Ihsan. Argent, an Arabian horse's head couped at the neck affrontee azure and blazed of a crescent argent, between three mullets sable.

Tatiana Moryn Canu. Sable, a winged blonde melusine proper, wings displayed and winged at the temples argent, bearing a sword fesswise reversed proper and a decrescent-shaped shield and above her head a mullet argent.

Note: A melusine is a two-tailed mermaid.

Theodric Pendar of Faulconwood. Sable, upon a saltire cotised Or two seaxes in saltire sable.

Thomas Shackle. Azure, a broken shackle, dependent therefrom a broken chain of four links, Or.

Note: The emblazon must be redrawn to avoid the three-dimensional rendering which is out of period.

Tomascz the Hammerhand. Per bend, sable, an African elephant's head argent, couped close, and argent, guttee de sang, a dexter forearm palewise clenched and mailed sable.

Trey of Woodlyn. Per bend embattled, or and azure, a heart gules and in bend three candles in flat candlesticks palewise enflamed or.

Trista der Cordoba. Argent, three roses conjoined one and two azure, barbed vert, seeded argent, in dexter base a gout de larme.

Tristan de Montesporre. Sable, mullety of four points or, in chief a decrescent argent, a base embattled or.

Tristram of Ravensgate. Vert, a bay caucasian centaur salient proper, holding in his dexter hand a goblet flammant and in canton a decrescent argent.

Volstagg Helmcleaver. Per bend or and sable, an axe bendwise and a plumed helmet counterchanged.

Walter of St. Jacobs. Per bend embattled azure and or, a Cross of Jerusalem and a bull's head cabossed counterchanged.

Note: A Cross of Jerusalem in the S.C.A. is a cross potent between four crosslets.

William the Wanderer. Change. Gules, a pale argent, overall on a fess counterchanged a goblet or.

Yaroslav the Persistent. Or, a phoenix displayed gules armed argent, head to sinister, rising from flames gules engulfing a twisted ram's horn argent, all within a serpent embowed, biting its tail, horned, and crested sable.



Abelard Kif de Marseilles. Per bend debased Or and gules, a cup and a fleur-de-lis counterchanged, on a chief sable a bugle-horn reversed argent.

Abelard Kif de Marseilles. Badge. Sable, a crenelated castle tower and wall issuing from the sinister, in chief a cloud, all Or.

Aithine nic Merril. Badge. Azure, upon a fess argent, a mole's paw print sable.

You can use mottoes, but we don’t register them, and incidentally "The School of the Mole and Serpent" is Schola Talpae et Serpentis.

Alatiel of Reading-wood. Vert, on a chevron purpure fimbriated argent, a rose sable fimbriated argent barbed and seeded proper.

Alayner Alexandra Nyvern, Nightwatcher. Argent, a branch couped to dexter, broken in chevron sable, and in base un gout de sang; all within a tressure gules.

Allyson of Tintinnabula. Badge for House Tintinnabula. Or, a pale azure, overall five churchbells in cross counterchanged, all swinging to sinister.

Amalthea Farstar. Per bend sinister sable and erminois, a unicorn's head conotourne erased gules, crined, bearded, and armed Or, in dexter chief a mullet Or.

Annelise Dagfinsdottir. Per fess Or and azure, two lozenges inarched counterchanged; a bordure wavy argent.

Ann Etheridge of Somerset. Argent, a harp proper, stringed sable, entwined about the pillar three thistles slipped and leaved proper.

Aquel of Darksted Wood. Per bend sinister gules and sable, the trunk and three branches of a blasted oak tree all couped counterchanged and fimbriated argent; overall a bend sinister argent.

Aquel of Darksted Wood. Badge. Argent, a satyr countercourant sable.

Arastorm the Golden. Gules, semee of serpents embowed biting their tails Or.

Arianell merch Iestin of Carmarthen. Ermine, a pallet sable, overall a dexter hand apaumee erased Or, charged with an estoile of eight points sable.

Arinbjorn Niallson Langtaler a' Chnuic Guirm. Per bend azure and vert, a bendlet Or; overall a sword fracted in two places argent.

Armand de Schlockenburg. Vert, in sinister chief a roundel ermine.

Arwen Evaine merch Gwynedd. Gules, a dragon passant Or orbed gules, maintaining in its dexter forepaw an oak branch proper; a base barry dancetty azure and argent; overall a bordure Or.

Note: general usability of "Arwen."

Arwen Evaine merch Gwynedd. Badge for Soothsayers’ Guild. Quarterly argent, azure, vert, and gules, a filletcross Or, overall an hourglass proper.

Arwen Evaine merch Gwynedd. Badge for House Nightingale. Azure, a nightingale perched on an oak branch, in sinister chief a mullet, all argent.

Atlantia, Principality. Per pale argent and azure, on a fess wavy, cotised and counterchanged, a crown vallery Or, environed of a laurel wreath proper.

Crowns are at the disposal of Kingdoms and Principalities.

Atlantia, Princess. Per pale azure and argent, on a fess wavy cotised and counterchanged a scallop shell erminois.

Aultain Moire O'Linnala. Azure, a bar wavy Or surmounted by an arum lily argent.

Atlantia, Triton Herald Office of. A triton-shell trumpet bell in chief.

Note: Please specify which genus of triton shell.

Austin Chadyoyck of Normandy. Azure, in pale a pegasus volant and a compass star of four points argent.

Ann Percival. Vert, a stork counterstatant closed, the dexter leg elevated, in chief three annnulets interlaced fesswise, the central enlarged, argent.

Badouin MacKenzie of Balfour. Gyronny argent and vert, a panther rampant regardant sable, armed, orbed gorged, and incensed gules.

Baelric from Bernica. Argent, on a pomme, a crescent inverted Or above a rolled bookroll fesswise proper; on a fillet sable five plates.

Balsathagar ibn Huraen. Counter-ermine, a skull reversed Or involved of a crested serpent gules.

Benedict Alorak d'Elcar. Badge for the Household of Elcar.. Azure, on a fess between two swords in saltire and two staves in saltire argent, a hurt.

Berengaria of Hythe. Or, on a cross gules, a dexter hand appaume grasping another dexter hand addorsed, between in chief three annulets interlaced and in base the same inverted, all Or; overall a bordure invected ermine.

Bertram David Duncan Douglas of Summerhill, called Friar Bertram. Argent, a brown bear's head couped affrontee proper within a bordure sable.

Bizek the Tyne. Or, a bull's head couped gules, armed, orbed, and ringed in the nose sable, and on a chief enarched three sets of as many annulets interlaced inverted Or.

The rendering on this emblazon is poor—the chief is overlarge, and the bull’s head should not be turned so far forward; it’s almost three-quarters. It should be a straight side view.

Brian Maolcoin. Badge for Domus Hibernicus. Azure, on a pile inverted argent a shilleilegh entwined of a rowan branch, all proper.

Brian Maolcaoin. Badge for the Guild for the Appreciation of the Opposite Sex, Windmaster’s Hill. Per chevron azure and vert, in dexter a claymore proper, and in sinister a scabbard argent mounted Or.

Badges should be placed on a roundel.

Bridge, Barony of the. Badge for Archers' and Bowyers' Guild. Per pale vert and argent, a bow and arrow in saltire counterchanged.

Brigid of Bethanie. Per bend sinister Or, a dogwood flower tipped gules fimbriated sable, and argent, a mourning dove counterclose argent.

Bryetor Aison of Devon. Sable, upon a bezant charged with a torteau, three swords in pall, points to center, between as many axeheads reversed, all argent.

Buckston-upon-Eno, Canton. Per bend wavy vert and azure, a hart counterspringing argent, environed of a laurel wreath Or.

Caitlin nicCoinnich. Sable, a saltire argent, interlaced with a holly wreath proper. (Ilex aquifolium)

Remember that holly berries are scarlet (they were uncolored in the emblazon).

Carillon, Shire of. Or, a chevron sable between a scroll sable debruised by a quill bendwise argent, a tankard and a bell sable, environed of a laurel wreath vert.

Carissa of Burgundy. Azure, a garb of six red garden roses stalked and leaved proper, banded azure, and irradiated Or.

Carolingia, Barony of. Badge for the Order of the Moon. Azure, a pall wavy or between three moons in their complement argent.

Carolingia, Barony of. Badge for the Order of the Daystar. Azure, a pall wavy or between three suns in their splendor Or.

Catherine Ariel de la Cru. Per chevron azure and argent, in chief two roses argent, barbed and seeded proper, and in base a tower azure.

Catherine de Bellefleur. Azure, semy of Silver-Bell flowers, a Large-Flowered Trillium flower, all proper. (Halesia carolina, Trillium grandiflorium)

Celeborn of Losinach. Per chevron purpure and ermine, in chief two cruces ansatae Or.

Surprisingly, the name is acceptable; our Elvish experts tell us that Sindarin names were used by mortals, and the place name distinguishes him from Celeborn of Lorien.

Concordia of the Snows, Shire. Azure, a snowflake argent environed of a snake embowed biting its tail, all within a laurel wreath Or.

Cresseid Kif. Per chevron vert and argent, in chief a pigeon argent impaled by a dagger proper and shedding gouttes de sang which change to gouttes d'huile falling upon in base an ape sejant affrontee vert.

Crispin Chrysippus von Dusar. Or, on a pale rayonny gules, a unicorn rampant Or.

Daedra McBeth a Gryphon. Sable, a griffin counter-segreant gules, fimbriated and maintaining an Irish harp Or.

Damaris Marguerite Woodruffe. Per bend sinister vert and Or, in pale a carnation argent and a starling sable, between in fess a daisy and a sprig of sweet woodruff proper. (Dienthus carophyllus, Sturnus vulgaris vulgaris, Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, and Asperula adorata, respectively.)

David of Gury. Per fess, azure and argent, a mullet of eight points throughout in fess Or, in base three chevronels braced vert.

Dinas Moryn, Shire. Called City-State of Dinas Moryn. Per bend sinister vert and azure, a pile inverted throughout enarched issuant from dexter base and in canton a laurel wreath Or.

Note: Dinas Moryn is a shire and Marinus and Tyr-y-don (q.v.) are its two co-equal components. The resemblances are intentional and registered with permission from each entity.

Dragonship Haven, Canton. Per pale azure and argent, a dragon and a yale combattant counterchanged, maintaining between them a laurel wreath proper.

They have provided pages of documentation for the yale, which otherwise we would be inclined to consider out of period.

Dubhghlas the Scavenger. Vert, a sword inverted argent, inflamed and issuant from an oak stock proper.

Durlome Rakesh d'Mithnan. Per fess argent and sable, a pale per fess wavy gules and rayonee Or.

East, Kingdom of the. Badge for the Order of the Burdened Tyger. Or, a tyger sejant erect, forepaws clasped over its head, azure.

East, Kingdom of the. Badge for the Order of the Maunch. Per pale or and purpure, a maunch counterchanged.

East, Kingdom, Queen’s Guard. Per bend azure and argent, a maunch vert charged in base with a harp and in canton an Eastern crown Or

East, Kingdom of the. Badge for the Tyger Clerk of the Signet Office. Or, a tyger's head erased azure, engorged with an Eastern Crown argent; on a chief azure a quill pen fesswise Or.

East, Kingdom of the. Badge for the Order of the Silver Crescent. Or, an Eastern Crown surmounted by a crescent inverted argent.

East, Kingdom of the. Badge for the Order of the Tygers Combattant. Per pale Or and azure, two tygers combattant counterchanged.

Edmond de l'Isle Allees. Per chevron embattled: sable, five cross crosslets three and two argent; and gules, four cross crosslets one, two, and one, Or.

Edmund Pethlton. Gyronny, argent and azure, each argent gyron charged with a cross crosslet fitchy vert, and a bordure counterchanged.

Ehrengard von Verlorenblum. Argent, a lily issuant from base, stalked and leaved, and in chief two mullets, all sable.

Elspeth Keyf de Marseilles. Azure, on a bend sinister gules, fimbriated argent, between a daisy proper and a cooking pot Or, a needle bendwise sinister inverted argent. (Chrysanthemum leueanthemum)

Elvegast, Canton. Per chevron azure and vert; in chief two aeoli with breaths conjoined at fess point argent; in base a laurel wreath Or.

Elvegast, Canton. Badge. Two Aeoli with breaths conjoined, argent.

Enola of Ensconce. Sable, a white garden rose bendsinsterwise slipped and leaved proper, distilling un gout de sang between a mullet and a sun cross argent.

Erich Tierenabrichter. Azure, on a pile inverted throughout enarched between two horse's heads erased respectant Or, a two-headed eagle displayed wings inverted sable.

Eric Loren Elcara. Per bend sinister gules and sable, in pile a mullet of eight points pierced, the second point elongated, between two staves in saltire and a lightning flash argent.

Ernst Skaptisson. Sable, a chevron rompu or between two caltraps argent and a snail counterpassant Or.

Etienne Gerard Laudonniere. Badge for Chateau de Larmes. Per chevron invected, sable a human eye shedding a tear argent, and gules a castle Or.

Note: a badge should be on a roundel not a heater.

Ewan the Mad Wanderer. Sable, a bend sinister between a Celtic cross and a unicorn's head couped reversed all argent.

Fedelm ni Uidhir. Barry of eight per pale counterchanged argent and azure, a sea serpent counternaiant vert, vorant a caravelle proper.

Feirefiz ag Zygmund. Ermine, a scarab tergiant vert beneath a fillet embattled sable. (Scarabaeus sacer)

Fionaghal nan Eilean. Azure, a blackhaired mermaid counter-embowed, drawing a bow and arrow, all proper.

Friederich vander Delft. Argent, a delf azure charged in the sinister chief with a sun; overall a bend Or.

Friederich vander Delft. Badge. Pean, a gryphon counter-segreant argent gorged and chained cowardly gules; on a chief argent, three estoiles azure.

Friederich vander Delft. Badge Or, upon a delf expanded barry of ten, argent and azure, a sun Or.

Gabriel Pharzuph. Lozengy Or and argent, on a pale counter-ermine a dexter gauntlet apaumee Or, and in chief a rainbow of three bands, gules, or and azure.

Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus. Badge. Per bend sinister gules and sable, an African lion dormant, and in dexter chief a sun Or.

Gavain Black Hound of the Horn. Argent, an Irish Wolf Hound counterrampant sable, and on a chief vert a Huntinghorn reversed argent.

Geoffrei de Courville. Per bend sinister, sable and vert, a sword inverted bendwise sinister argent between a friendly white marble two-towered castle proper and a wyvern erect, tail involved Or.

Geoffrye Thomas du Chateau Versoix. Resubmission. Azure, on a mountain of three peaks Or, a Cross of Jerusalem gules; in base three bars engrailed to chief and invected to base argent.

Note: He MUST show some azure at the bottom of the shield.

Gershom ibn Zabar. Per bend embattled azure and gules, a Mogan David argent, and an armillary sphere Or.

Grimir Bogmodr. Change of device. Per bend argent and azure, a bendlet vair between a hurt and a sun Or.

Guardians of the Sacred Stones, Canton of the. Argent, a bat-winged man displayed maintaining above his head a spear fesswise to sinister environed of a laurel wreath vert.

Guillaume au Serpent d'Or. Argent, on a pile sable, a serpent Or, orbed gules.

Gunther von Hiller the Short. Vert, a bezant charged with a cross patee quadrate azure.

Gwenth de Galigare. Sable, a fess indented argent between in chief three red apples leaved and stemmed proper, and in base a bombshell argent. (Pyrus malus)

Gyrth Oldcastle of Ravenspur. Badge for House Deartharacha de Trithi. Argent, a pair of hosen inverted and addorsed palewise vert.

Hagar the Black. Argent, a turtle passant, on a chief sable three mullets of eight points argent.

Hagar Bodygaurd. Change of name from Ragar Bodyguard, blazon remains the same.

Henry of Coldharbour. Argent, a Cross of Coldharbour gules.

Note: this is a cross throughout, conjoined with an annulet centered thereon.

Hollyndale, Shire of. Argent, a maple tree eradicated and in base a laurel wreath within a bordure all sable.

Ian of Clan Mitchell. Azure, climbing a bendlet indented Or, a cat passant bendwise argent orbed Or.

Iain mac Niell Dunceann a' Chnuic Ghiurm. Badge for Cnoc Gorm. A boar statant per fess undy argent and azure.

Irene von Schmetterling. Azure, a papillion argent, bodied sable, within a bordure argent.

Irina Vassillissa Gregorovna. Per fess indented argent and azure, in chief three mullets of eight points and in base a mouse statant counterchanged.

Isenfir, Shire of. Or, a sword inverted sable above a mountain of three peaks gules, the whole environed of a laurel wreath proper.

Ivan Brasonic. Sable, a vair-bell inverted argent, environed of eight plates in annulo.

Jacqueline des Champs Verts. Vert, upon an open book argent, bound and edged Or, a watchtower vert; on a chief Or, a cat couchant guardant sable, orbed vert.

Jacques Martel de Normande, called the Jovial. Argent, an Asian ladyslipper orchid slipped and leaved sable between three double-bitted battleaxes azure. (Paphiopedulum sp.)

Note: which species doesn’t matter as the tincture is sable. Draw it full face, not half turned. Trian aspect is not allowed in Society heraldry.

Jervaise de Guienne. Azure, on a lozenge throughout Or, a mascle azure.

Joffre Beauchamp de Tournoir. Resubmission. Per fess or and gules, a pale counterchanged, overall three hind's heads gules, two and one.

Note: Re-emblazon, drawing does not look like deer.

Johann von Traubenberg. Argent, a bunch of grapes proper environed of a annulet vert, between three swords fracted sable.

Johanna Dudley. Vert, on a fess argent two saltorels throughout, each surmounted with a Celtic cross, all sable.

See also the device rejected under this name, which is very similar. Both applications were processed by the Heralds at the same time, and neither was dated. This one was passed as marginally preferable. If Johanna would much rather have the other one, we will exchange them.

John of Coillitorr. Argent, a ruined tower gules, in chief two oak trees proper. (Quercus lobata)

Karina Haakonsdottir. Per bend sinister wavy, argent, a rowan branch proper, and azure, a celtic cross argent. (Sorbus aucuparia)

Kay Delafleur. Azure, a single Easter Lily flower leaved and slipped proper, fimbriated or. (Lilium longiflorum)

Kelly the Reaver. Sable, a rainbow enarched debruised by a phoenix rising all proper.

Note: "Proper for a phoenix is the same as for flames of fire.

Khadijah. Change of device. Argent, a strawberry flower slipped of four fruit in cross and four leaves in saltire proper. (Fragilia virginiana)

KirkRobyn of the Forest Webb. Or, a robin counterclose proper, perched upon a mullet, the chiefmost point elongated, sable. (Turdus migratorius)

Laeghaire O Laverty. On a glove fesswise, a falcon displayed, wings elevated, all dismembered argent.

Note: Inform him that there is not an extensive and multiple dismemberment as is shown on the emblazon

Landon of Wolfkeep. Per bend sinister or and vert, a bendlet sinister between a trefoil and a sword, all counterchanged.

Laura de Segovia. Sable, in saltire two quill pens ermine, thereon a triple-domed castle, doors open, or.

Learen of Nepenthe. Azure, a nightingale counterclose regardant or perched on a branch in bend proper; a bordure nebuly ermine.

Leiftameon Karlsefnason. Or, an oak leaf and on a chief embattled azure seven bezants in arch.

Leovigild of Aralia. Sable, three mountain peaks gules, fimbriated argent; issuant from the center peak a trident argent.

Lisa Golden Star. Azure, a pall inverted between two mullets and a tower, all or.

Lithari of the Lin. Sable, a Chi-ling (Chinese unicorn) statant or.

Maeve of the Lone Isles. Sable, in bend three estoiles of eight points within two gemel bendlets wavy between a crescent and a lymphad reversed, all argent.

Mairi Rhianna nam Beanntan. Per fess argent and vert, a catamount couchant sinister proper. (Felis concolor)

Manfred Gustsson. Badge. Gules, a raven displayed fesswise sable, orbed gules, all fimbriated or.

Marinus, Canton. Azure, two barrulets wavy argent, in chief a bezant environed of a laurel wreath and a base or.

Marinus, Parish of. Per bend sinister vert and azure, on a pile inverted throughout enarched issuant from dexter base argent a trident sable and in canton a laurel wreath or.

Marius Phillipus Barbarus. Or, a chevron wavy azure between in chief a stallion countersalient sable and a bear (brown) statant erect proper, and in base, an eagle displayed gules.

Martin Alorak d'Elcar. Vert, an eye irradiated in base or between in chief two swords in saltire argent and in base a horse statant or.

Martin de Montriere sur Mer. Azure, on a gyron argent a heart, sable.

Megitha of the Green Meadows. Vert, a daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum) slipped and leaved, a spray of buttercups (Paannunculus acris) slipped and leaved, a singing meadowlark (Sturnella magna) close all proper, overall a chevron Or charged with three strawberry plants (Fragaria virginiana) flowered and fructed proper.

Michael Yang. Badge for the House of the Sunken Longship. Per fess argent and azure, a drakkar hulk, bendwise counterchanged.

Migel Gneuyle de Normandie. Per fess or and azure, in chief a bicorporate lion gules, and in base a gurges argent.

Misty Windsprite. Change of device. Vert, on a bend sinister wavy argent a bend sinister wavy azure overall an aeoleus in bend argent.

Moira Maureen ua Seamus of the Green Hills. Badge for House Longriding. A stalk of wheat or.

Morgan Argante Elandris of Cantref Gwaelon. Sable, a ram's skull cabossed environed of an annulet rayonnee argent.

Morgan Argante Elandris of Cantref Gwaelon. Badge. Sable, a ram's skull cabossed argent.

Muirean nic Ruaidhri. Azure, on a fess between two harps argent, three marigolds slipped and leaved proper.

Murad nasl Muhammed ibn Hakim. Counter-ermine, a roundel engrailed gules.

Nicolai Davidovich Brownesvienski. Argent, a bend counter-ermine, overall a double-bladed axe azure, distilling from the lower points six gouttes de sang.

Ommadan an Luch. Argent, semy of shamrocks vert, a mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) rampant proper playing an Irish harp Or, stringed vert

Ostgard, Province of. Per bend sinister purpure and or, a seahorse rampant azure, crined, unguled and finned or, orbed sable, gorged of a laurel wreath vert, grasping in its hooves a laurel wreath or.

Paul of Cambridge. Per pale sable and argent, a pile issuing from dexter to fess point argent, in fess two grey goose quills bendwise, that to dexter inverted proper, a chief azure.

Piedro Vega y Garcia de Barcelona. Sable, an infant's dexter arm couped at the shoulder Or, holding an apple proper.

Note: It has puggy fingers, hence the infant designation.

Ragnarr Thorwaldsson. Per chevron inverted and enhanced azure and vert, in chief a cross of fire rayonny proper, debruised by two lightning-flashes in saltire argent, in base a winged war-hammer Or.

Ragnarr Two-Axe of the Swamp. Azure, two battle-axes in saltire proper, surmounted by a cartouche Or charged with a roof rat (Rattus rattus alexandrinus) sejant erect proper, all environed of a Norse four-legged serpent embowed chasing its own tail argent.

Raim y Hynnddyl. Argent, on a pile inverted azure, a lyre argent.

Raimund of the Strait. Quarterly azure and vert, a crescent inverted bendwise sinister and in dexter base a tower argent.

Rhydderich Hael. Badge for the Silent Knives. Argent, a sinister gauntlet sable grasping a dagger gules, and in base a goutte de sangue.

Richaldo of Tintinnabula. Azure, on a fess wavy argent, a sea serpent ondoyant-emergent vert, in base a church bell swinging to sinister argent.

Robert Gladwin of Atholl. Per pale sable and vert, a cup argent and in chief two crosses hummetty Or.

Robbyan Torr d'Elandris. Quarterly gules and Or, three roundels, one and two, counterchanged and two piles ending one each in the basemost roundels pean.

Robert of Basing. Azure, a fess gules fimbriated Or; in canton a cross-crosslet Or.

Roderick Macarlane of Glenfiddich. Azure, a grey goose volant bendwise proper. (Anser anser)

Rosays Ashmund. Vair, a chestnut horse statant to sinister, in base three red roses entwined, leaved, barbed and seeded, all proper.

Note: the artist may be instructed to show the foot raised, but it would not be a point of difference and is omitted from the blazon. Besides, an animate charge should be "in the noblest attitude," not limping!

Roser Aloranth. Azure, in sinister chief a bezant, overall a sparrowhawk countervolant proper maintaining in its beak a rose gules slipped and leaved proper. (Falco sparaverius)

Samuel ben-Isaach of Sarkel. Azure, a pile wavy bendwise between two owls affrontee argent, overall a scarpe azure charged with a ribbon or. (Bubo virginianus)

Seagate, Canton of. Formerly Caer Cladach. Per fess invected argent and azure, a portcullis sable fimbriated in base argent, in chief a laurel wreath vert.

Seamus a' Chnuic Ghuirm. Argent, a stinking benjamin's (Wake robin) bloom proper.

Sita of Oudh. Badge. Vert, a great horned owl (Bufo virginianus) rising proper maintaining in its dexter claw a quill argent and in its sinister claw a ladle Or, in base a tree bough fesswise proper.

Smoking Rocks, Shire. Argent, a sperm whale naiant sable, in chief a laurel wreath vert/

Sorcha ar Menez. Vert, a triskelion of spirals argent between in cross four mullets pierced Or.

von Sosse, Shire. Per fess invected gules and argent, two rams salient combattant sable, orbed and armed argent, and in base a laurel wreath sable.

Stephen Alexeivitch Adashev. Gules, upon a bend sinister between a staff entwined of two snakes addorsed and a Russian Orthodox cross argent, three pine cones proper.

Stephan of Blueknoll. Sable, an African rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) passant to sinister Or.

Strykar Langhjor Geirhaldsson. Gules, goutty d'Or, a seax bendwise inverted argent, overall a lion's head cabossed Or.

Sunny of Somerset. Vert, on a sun Or a rabbit and a guinea pig combattant sable orbed Or.

Svidrir Einarrsson. Per fess ermine and purpure, a griffin sejant erect, in canton a decrescent Or.

Note: Please document the name "Svidrir."

Tamara FitzGloucestre of the White Boar. Badge for House of the Open Door. Sable, a tower argent, portaled or, between a boar argent and a Chinese lion gardant gules, fimbriated or, combattant.

Thescorre, Barony of. Badge for the Armorers' Guild. Argent, a frog sejant affrontee vert upon a base, in chief a cross peen hammer fesswise sable, hafted proper.

Thescorre, Barony of. Badge for Cauldron Blue Cooks' Guild. Argent, two wooden cooking spoons in saltire proper and in chief a cauldron azure.

Thomas of Linlithgow. Azure, in pale a lynx's head affronty erased argent, collared azure and an open book proper, within a bordure argent charged with eight roses azure, seeded proper.

Tir-y-Don, Parish of. Per bend sinister vert and azure, on a pile inverted throughout enarched issuant from dexter base argent a dolphin hauriant in chief gules and in canton a laurel wreath or.

Torhvasser, Shire of. Or, a chevron wavy azure between, in chief, a water wheel proper between two towers gules and in base a laurel wreath proper.

Towers, Canton of the. Argent, a tyger dormant azure within a laurel wreath proper, on a canton azure, two towers in bend sinister argent.

To be drawn with proper heraldic towers.

Trollhaven, Canton of. Sable, a ram's head cabossed argent armed or, in chief a laurel wreath proper above a twin towered, three-arched bridge or.

Tuiren de Lisle. Resubmission. Vert, ermined Or, a unicorn salient reguardant, and in dexter base a mullet argent.

Turlough MacArt the Red Wolf. Counter-ermine, a wolf statant gules, holding in his dexter paw a cloyshacke (Irish hap) or; on a chief argent a lymphad sable.

Vanessa Silverstar. Sable, a compass-star argent, overall a polecat statant guardant proper maintaining in its mouth a rose gules slipped proper, a bordure argent.

Note: A polecat-ferret is brown in color.

Vardak Mirceavitch Basarabov. Badge. Or, three pine cones proper (Pinus strobus).

Vielburgen, Shire. Per chevron vert and argent, in chief two towers argent, in base a bifurcated eagle sable environed of a laurel wreath vert.

Vinland, Shire. Argent, a rock maple leaf (Acer saccharum) in fall phase within a laurel wreath proper.

Warren of Bellford. Argent, a chevron gules between a fox passant and a crescent sable.

Wilhelm von der Goldkuste. Or, a pile issuant fesswise from dexter gules, overall a horse's head erased reversed sable.

Wilhelm von Sussberg. Gules, a mullet couped Or charged with a mullet, between five swords, tips to center, sable hilted gules.

William Widefarer. Azure, in pale an albatross countervolant and a caravel proper. (Diomedea exulans)

Windmasters' Hill, Barony of. Per chevron azure and vert, in chief twin aeoli addorsed and conjoined at the nape, and in base a winged cat passant extended with wings elevated and addorsed, all argent, the whole environed of a laurel wreath Or.

Note: the wings are drawn on profile, NOT in trian aspect.

Windmasters' Hill, Barony of. Badge for the Order of Don Quixote. Per chevron azure and vert, a windmill argent.

Windmasters' Hill, Barony of. Badge for the Order of the Kitty Hawk. A winged cat sejant affronty facing to sinister, wings displayed, argent.

Windmasters' Hill, Barony of. Badge for the Needlework Guild. Argent, fretty azure, a pair of scissors opened in saltire, points to base, Or.

Windmasters' Hill, Barony of. Badge for the Order of St. Nicholas. Per chevron azure and vert, a wooden shoe proper fimbriated Or between three bezants.

Wolfram Brokenfinger. Vert, a dexter human hand appaumy couped at the wrist and with its little finger broken, argent, on a chief Or a wolf passant between two raven's feathers bendwise sable.

Yesungai ibn Akbar ibn Murad nsal Muhammed ibn Hakim. Counter ermine, on a roundel engrailed gules surmounted by four spear-points ser saltirewise, points to fess point, a torque or.

Note: To qualify as counter-ermine, the emblazon should have more than the six tails shown.

Ysar de la Nuit Blanche. Sable, an African lion couchant affronty, forepaws crossed proper, orbed vert.



Andrew Castlebuilder. Per chevron purpure and Or, overall an elephant (Elephas sp.) trumpeting passant proper, on its back a carpet purpure, fimbriated Or, supporting a tower argent, masoned sable.

Andrew Castlebuilder. Badge for Clan Alexander. Gules, an elephant (Elephas sp.) trumpeting passant sable, orbed gules, a chief embattled sable.

Catherine Morgan Dudley. Per fess embattled argent, a domestic cat passant sable, and azure, three mullets in pale argent.

Di Ana, called the Devoted. Argent, a brown wooden cross patonce proper, between in bend sinister a martlet rising gules, and an Irish harp reversed vert.

Gentiane la Gente. Per saltire erminois and azure, a swan statant wings elevated argent.

Gilrae of the Burnt Moors. Badge for the Household of Moorburn. Per pale argent and azure, a fox’s head couped at the neck counterchanged.

Helene of Florrisshen. Azure, a papillion Or, charged on each wing with three ermine spots fesswise in pale, points to the body azure, between three cinquefoils Or.

Kassandra NicKraken. Azure, in fess a carrot palewise between two coneys combattant argent.

Meridies, Kingdom of. Argent, on a pale sable a crown of three points, above each point a mullet argent, overall a laurel wreath counterchanged.

Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge. Sable, the Lombardic uppercase letter M, and in base a comet fesswise argent.

Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge. Chirurgeon Seal. Per pale sable and argent, a fleam counterchanged.

Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge. Chirurgeon’s Office. Argent, a fleam gules.

Meridies, Kingdom of. National flag. Argent, on a fess sable, between two mullets, a crown of three points argent.

Meridies, Queen of. Argent, on a pale sable, a crown of three points, above each point a mullet argent, overall a chaplet of roses counterchanged.

Oldenfeld, Shire of. Vert, a lion couchant gardant or, langued and clawed gules, mouthed sable, fanged argent, orbed vert, in base a laurel wreath or.

Orlando Cavalcanti. Resubmission. Argent, in dexter chief a cross throughout gules, in sinister base a greyhound sejant reguardant, dexter forepaw raised vert.

Philip the Freeborn. Argent, on a fusil azure, a wolf's head erased argent, langued gules, and in chief two decrescents azure.

Regin Bran Haraldssonn. Azure, three piles inverted conjoined in point and in chief three mullets of four points one and two, argent.

There were some mutterings about "close encounters of the heraldic kind," but there is sufficient difference.

Richard Ericksson, the Burgundian Norseman, Sable, on a bed cotised or, a caste of two towers, and a hurst of three pines sable.

Rikk Starhurler. Vert, in bend sinister, a sinister hand couped inverted grasping a sling proper, therein a mullet of four points Or.

Rosemounde of Mercia. Badge. Per chevron azure and Or, in base a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper.

Rosemounde of Mercia. Badge for the Legion of Athene's Sword. Per pale argent and gules, a sword counterchanged.

Salina of the Dale. Name change from Catherine of Vandelalven. Resubmission. Gules, two merlin feathers in pile points crossed in nombril point argent.

Wyvernwoode, Barony of. Badge. Vert, in pale the letter W argent and another Or.



Adrian Thomas of Wolfshead. Per pale sable and argent, three mullets in pale counterchanged.

Aileen du Saule. Quarterly argent and Or, a weeping willow tree proper, barked sable, between two branches of the same proper.

Alexander Rothdraca. Argent, a dragon sejant gules holding in dexter a pen sable, in dexter chief a tower azure masoned sable, in sinister chief a stag's head cabossed proper and in base a cross patty sable.

Alexandru von Talmetz. Or, an eagle displayed gules, in chief a sword fesswise reversed sable.

Alfhild the Mad. Sable, a dragon rampant argent, armed Or, in chief two lymphads sailing to sinister, sails furled, flags flying and oars in motion, all Or.

Note: She cannot use "of Epsilon" as this is a letter of the Greek alphabet and NOT a place name.

Arthelenda Halden. Per pale or and azure, two unicorns combattant counterchanged.

Astrid Lund. Azure, a demi-ram argent holding an oak leaf proper, in chief a mullet argent all within a bordure Or.

Buadhach the Houndmaster. Or, a black brindle Irish wolfhound's head erased reversed proper between three shamrocks vert.

Castel Rouge, Barony of. Gules, a tower within a laurel wreath, and on a chief argent three maple leaves vert.

Caterina da Monticello. Checky of eight, argent and sable, on a bend gules three increscents argent.

Catherine of Meirionnydd. Azure, on a saltire invected Or, a catherine wheel azure.

Catriona Fionnaghal. Argent, two thistles slipped and leaved vert, flowered gules, and a hedgehog passant sable between a chief and a point gules (Erinaceus europaeus).

The patronymic "nic Elphinstone" is not acceptable; see the badge rejected for this name.

Christina of Castleglen. Azure, on a chevronel Or, between an owl displayed argent and a lymphad Or, three roses gules.

Cleft Lands, March of the. Per bend sinister nebuly argent and azure, issuant from each projection of the line of division a flame proper, in canton a laurel wreath vert.

Conrad of Northfield. Sable, a wolf's head erased within a bordure argent.

Corin du Soleil. Sable, a sun gules fimbriated Or, surmounted by a panther's head erased reversed Or.

"Catamount" in heraldry generally means the Scottish wild cat, which resembles a large alley cat. Yours seems to be a cougar-like animal, from the large size of the jaws.

Dierdre Breffsdottir. Per bend azure and argent, an increscent counterchanged.

Dierdre Breffsdottir. Badge. Argent, a "dag" rune azure between in pale two red roses barbed and seeded proper.


Donalblain MacTague. Per pale vert and sable, a horned owl displayed, talons extended, proper, in sinister chief overall a triskele of flames Or.

Dubadeasa Kilkerry. Ermine, on a bend gules a hedgehog passant fesswise Or.

Ealasaid nic Phearsoinn. Per pale argent and vert, a mortar and pestle, the mortar charged with a unicorn, all counterchanged.

Edlyn Deva. Azure, a griffin passant between in chief three cinquefoils argent and in base a hedgehog passant proper.

Eilonwy Andereth. Azure, a sea unicorn rampant reguardant argent.

Emeric Wendel. Per pale argent and gules, a Maltese cross counterchanged.


Eoforwic, Shire. Argent, a sword sable debruised by a chevron cotised gules bearing three trilliums proper, in dexter chief a laurel wreath proper.

Fionn MacGoilla Padraig. Argent, a sprig of three oak leaves fructed proper, upon the center leaf a Celtic harp Or.

The acorns should be drawn in natural size relative to the leaves. They have long stalks, and the leaves have short stalks.

Forgotten Sea, Shire. Argent, from a trident head inverted sable a tree, and in chief two laurel wreaths, all proper.

Francois Lagrosseteste de Lamorlaye. Checky vert and argent, a hedgehog statant sable.

Take a look at a few pictures of hedgehogs; the quills should show on the back but not on the head.

Genevieve l'Etoile Brilliante. Azure, a chevronel enhanced above a compass-star, one ray extended to nombril point, all argent.

Gillian Olafsdottir d'Uriel. Azure, three staves crossed at the nombril point argent.

Greya Ankayrlyn. Per pale vert and sable, in pale a pegasus salient between two mullets of eight points all argent.

Guinevere of the Garloch. Per pale vert and Or, two lions combattant guardant and in chief three fleurs-de-lis one and two, all counterchanged.

Gwydion Cinhil Kirontin. Gyronny vert and argent, a griffin segreant within a bordure counterchanged.

Gyongyver a Vitezaszszony. Or, a bend sinister vert, overall a hawk close sable, beaked and legged gules.

Hywel ap Riccerch. Per saltire vert and gules, a barrel helm affronty argent, within the ocularium a cyclopean eye proper, irised sable.

Ion Merefara of Wannome. Per fess engrailed azure and vert, a sea-unicorn with bat's wings erect to sinister Or.

Irina Karandasha. Or, a base engrailed azure, overall a sun in his splendour gules and in chief two pens in saltire sable.

Ironhawk Hawkcrest. Per pale vert and Or, an iron hawk's head erased proper.

Note that a hawk doesn’t have any external ears. If you want what you have in the emblazon, with external ears, then it’s a griffin; let us know and we’ll change it.

Jacques Dirlonde of Outremer. Per bend argent and vert, a hazel sprig and a round tower counterchanged.

Jaromir Mikhailovich. Azure, on a pile Or in chief a sun gules.

Jehanne l'Enragee. Per fess engrailed Or and azure, an orca embowed proper and a griffin sejant within an annulet argent. (Orcinus orca)

Justine of the Marsh. Sable, a snow leopard statant to sinister guardant proper, in chief three mullets of eight points, one and two, argent.

Katherine of Kells. Vert, a goose passant displayed, wings inverted, argent plumed vert, grasping a pen in its beak argent.

"Counter compony" is "compony of two rows," usually used of bordures. There is no need to detail the Kells-style treatment of the goose’s back.

Konrad von Drachenruh. Sable, on a lozenge Or a dragon couchant sable.

Lindanloren Droxeen. Azure, a pale endorsed to dexter, to sinister a crescent, all argent.

Madeleine de la Neige. Azure, three snowflakes Or and a base nebuly argent.

Mairin of the East Isles. Purpure, a bend cotised Or, overall a cross patonce counterchanged.

Middle Kingdom. Kingdom and King. Change of arms. Argent, a pale gules, overall a dragon passant vert, in chief an ancient crown Or within a laurel wreath proper.

Middle Kingdom. Badge for the Order of the Dragon's Heart. Argent, a heart vert scaly argent.

Middle Kingdom. Badge for the Order of the Dragon's Tooth. Or, on a pale vert three fangs palewise Or.

Middle Kingdom. Queen. Argent, a pale gules, overall a dragon passant vert, in chief an ancient crown Or within a chaplet of roses proper.

Middle Kingdom. Badge for the Award of the Purple Fret. Or, a fret purpure.

Middle Kingdom. Badge for the Order of the Willow. Purpure, a willow tree eradicated Or.

Nige of the Cleft Lands. Sable, a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper, fimbriated, within a bordure invected Or.

Olwen of Buckland. Azure, a trefoil stalked argent.

Phillip der Linden. Sable, a tree vert fimbriated Or, a bordure compony of eight, gules and Or.

Reiner von Radewormwald. Per bend sable and argent, a demi-sun issuant sinister from the line of division Or.

Rivenstar, Barony. Azure, a riven star between in bend sinister two laurel wreaths, all argent.

(picture) We hereby define the riven star as that which you will find in the accompanying picture. To define it is one Niflheim of a lot simpler than to blazon it.

Rivenstar, Barony. Badge. Azure, a riven star argent.

Rivenstar, Barony. Badge for the Alchemy Guild. Quarterly gules, azure, vert and sable, a retort reversed purpure fimbriated Or.

Robert Sartor des Pays-Bas. Quarterly sable and vert, a pair of cloth snips bendwise Or, a pen passing between the blades bendwise sinister argent.

Sengeli von Zauberberg. Or, a woodchuck rampant proper. (Marmota monax)

Stephen Ironhand. Per pale argent and azure, an eagle displayed counterchanged.

Stevyn of Mossmoor. Vairy gules and argent, a cross azure, overall a rose Or, the center thereof charged with a crescent sable.

Takya Mereleone. Per fess sable, mullety argent, and vert, a fountain and in base a lion couchant guardant Or.

Tibbar der Straefer. Pean, a hare sejant erect to sinister Or.

Tuania Catsclaw. Badge. Argent, goutty de sang, a panther couchant to sinister guardant sable, armed gules, orbed vert.

Valydon Saliforth. Gules, a bend debruised by a sword bendwise sinister inverted Or, on the point of intersection a heart gules.

Vandrad of Bothldun. Vert, on a bend sinister Or, another azure charged with three peregrines, in chief an escallop Or.

Var of the Ivory Dungeon. Sable, a dragon dormant head emergent from the dexter wing, argent, armed and spined gules.

Winifred Yseult of Hall's Isle. Azure, in pale a peacock passant close between two roses, all argent.

Wulf of the Two-Fisted Drinking Horn. Badge for the House of the Two-Fisted Drinking Horn. Per pale sable and gules, in fess two drinking horns palewise addorsed Or.



Aarond the Grey. Sable, in pale an arrow bendwise sinister between the two pieces of a broken goblet, a fillet engrailed in chief, invected in base, and in chief a label dovetailed, all argent.

Aduial of Kensington. Sable, in bend a sword bendwise sinister between a mullet of four points and a crescent bendwise argent.

Surname needed. (We have used the street name here.)

Aelfwynn Gyrthesdohtor. Formerly Elwyn Greystar. Azure, a chevron wavy and in chief a mullet of nine points argent.

Aelfwynn Gyrthesdohtor. Badge. Azure, a mullet of nine points throughout pierced argent.

Alene Athdara. Per bend azure and Or, a fleam and a chessrook counterchanged.

Alexandra of Armageddon. Or, a cat statant herissonee sable, langued gules, orbed Or, within a bordure gules.

Alexa of Krasnadar. Or, on a pile throughout azure, involved about three stalks of wheat, a serpent Or, orbed, armed, and langued gules.

Alexei Miramovich. Gules, in saltire a scimitar inverted argent and an arrow sable, fimbriated argent.

Please make the charges, particularly the arrow, thicker than they are shown on the submission.

Alice of Briarbrook. Per bend sinister vert and azure, in dexter chief a fiddler crab tergiant proper. (Gelasimus).

Alisoun Varena. Argent, in chief a decrescent and an increscent and in base a fleur-de-lis, within a bordure embattled gules.

Alisoun Varena. Badge for Pied Piper’s Place. Checky or and argent, a piping beast rampant purpure.

Allene Wendell Montgomery. Gyronny of four from dexter chief, argent, and vert, a cucumber leaf bendsinisterwise counterchanged.

Allisandra Olympia Martiessa de Constantine. Badge for Harpyhold. Sable, a two-headed harpy displayed, langued of flame, proper, crined sable, plumed gules, membered and fimbriated Or.

Allyn Samildanach. Badge. A cross of Samildanach.

(picture) The blazon submitted was incomprehensible to anyone who had not seen the emblazon, so when we could not describe it we named it.

Allyshia, Barony . Azure, a sea-lion Or, scaled vert, armed and orbed argent, and on a chief wavy argent three laurel wreaths vert, bound Or.

Alma Tea av de Telemark. Lozengy sable and ermine, a Gendy flower gules.

(see picture)

Althea de la Rose Jaune. Sable, a stalk of four Roses of Sharon Or, slipped and leaved proper.

Amaryllis of Stillwater. Per bend sinister wavy Or and azure, in dexter chief a tree eradicated vert and in sinister base in bend sinister three cattails stalked and leaved palewise Or.

Amber of Dragonhyrst. Per chevron, azure, a dragon volant to sinister Or, and argent, three oak trees couped vert.

Amsha al Sirhan. Argent, mullety of four points sable, a black-maned lion's head erased proper, unicorn-horned, langued, and crined sable.

Note: Artistic license allows delineation of the mane in or and face in sable.

An Tir. Badge for Order of the Silver Rose. A rose argent, barbed and seeded, slipped and leaved, proper.)

An Tir. Badge for Privateers. Tierced per bend sinister Or, gules, and argent, a lion rampant queue-fourchee sable, beneath the dexter hind paw a skull argent.()

Ana Moonstar. Azure, a wolf rampant reguardant Or, maintaining in its teeth a mullet of eight points argent, standing upon a moon in her plentitude per pale argent and sable.

Anna nic Colin of Eagles. Or, issuant from base a demi-eagle closed sable, orbed Or, on a chief sable a lute fesswise reversed Or.

Anne of Caerdydd. Badge. A crimson tip butterfly proper. (Colotis eupompe)

Annette of Faire Monte. Badge. Three flames conjoined in pall inverted gules, thereon a thistle proper.

Annette of Faire Monte. Badge. A flame slipped and leaved with thistle leaves, all proper.

Anthony the Sinister. Sable, a stag's head cabossed Or, interlaced by its attire a staff and an axe in saltire proper, on a chief wavy argent three pheons azure.

An Tir. Badge for Honour of the Belated Rose. On a heart checky Or and argent, a rose slipped and leaved sable.

Aodh of Cloghgriffin. Pean, a wingless griffin statant upon a rock issuant from base argent.

Arms, College of, Morsulus Herald, Privy Clerk to. Badge for use as a seal. A secretary-bird sejant regardant. (Sagittarius sepentarius)

Arrigan of Kerry. Vert, ermined argent, a portcullis argent within a bordure counterchanged.

Arthur of Burgundy. Vert, an African lion dormant Or, and on a chief argent three goblets gules.

Aster of Caer-Myrddin. Sable, a fess wavy azure, fimbriated argent, between three compass-stars argent and a Merlin falcon's head reversed erased proper. (Falco columbarius)

Aubrey von Stuffle. Azure, on a bend sinister cotissed Or an increscent sable, and in canton a passion cross, ends formee, Or.

Audrey MacAlise of Roslindale. Argent, a bend sinister compony azure and Or between a sprig of white ash bendwise sinister vert and a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper.

Avril de l'Arbre Nebuleux. Sable, a weeping willow tree eradicated within a bordure nebuly argent.

Axel de Orh. Azure, in chief two eagle's legs conjoined in chevron at the thighs proper, on a point pointed sable, fimbriated argent, a bald eagle's head erased proper.

Berek von Langental. Azure, ermined argent, on a cross argent a walnut wood mug proper, headed argent.

Bernard the Brown. Or, a bend embattled between in sinister chief a cross botonny and in dexter base three of the same, one and two, all sable.

Beathach mu Saoileachdainn. Azure, a winged manticore salient guardant within a tressure wreathed Or.

Name change to Cunneddyn sa Brecon rejected until he can prove that Cunneddyh was used as a common name; he was the first king of Wales of whom there is distinct evidence.

Brian MacColin. Change name from Brian the Reticent.

Bryan Hay. Badge for House Feversham. Sable, on a bend sinister gules, fimbriated Or, three sea gulls close to sinister palewise argent, orbed and winged sable, beaked Or.

Caitlyn de Wyndmere. Sable, a sea-lion rampant argent, in dexter an estoile Or, and a chief nebuly argent.

Catarenya Adkoshka. Formerly Ariadne Catarenya. Sable, a double-rose gules, fimbriated Or, between in pall three griffins segreant, heads to the center, Or.

Catherine Winifred of Tor Bitterroot. Badge. On a cross formy convex argent a cat herisonnee azure, armed and orbed Or.

Ceantyre, Province. Per chevron or and azure, overall a knorr affrontee under sail azure, fimbriated or, the sail charged with a unicorn rampant argent within a laurel wreath or.

Cerf Agile. Argent, an elk springing to sinister proper, on a point pointed vert cotised azure a tree Or.

Charlene Chakaydia. Vert, on a bar between a horse salient and three decrescents argent five almonds proper.

Until the 19th century, "Chartreuse" meant "Carthusian monastery."

Charles of the Purple Martlet. Argent, a martin's head purpure, beaked and orbed Or, and on a chief azure three goblets Or.

Charles Smokeater. Gules, a phoenix argent issuant from flames proper, on a chief embattled azure, fimbriated Or, a battle-axe reversed Or.

Christopher of Hoghton. Change of arms. Or, upon a saltire sable a tower argent within an orle of eight mullets counterchanged.

Colin of Duntamknackan. Badge. A merman, bow in dexter and arrow in sinister hand, tail raised to sinister.

This is his previous badge with all reference to tincture deleted.

Colin de Wyndmere. Badge for House Shadowmere. Sable, estoilly Or, on a bend azure fimbriated Or, three sea-lions rampant palewise argent.

Colleen Elizabeth du Cassis. Badge for the House of the Anonymous Bosh. Vert, three plates, each charged with the Roman numeral XXX gules.

Note: Remember that a badge must be on a roundel, not a heater.

Constance von Messer. Argent, a Dyson’s Metal Mark butterfly proper. (Rhetus dysonii)

Core de Hingst. Gules, a horse forcene to sinister argent, on a chief Or two escallops azure between three bear's paw prints sable.

The Crier (An Tir). Sable, fretty Or, on a pale embattled argent, gouttee de sang, a fish uriant gules.

Dafydd Lyn O'Seachnasaigh. Reblazon. Argent, a maunch azure, on a chief sable a sword argent.

Dafydd Lyn O'Seachnasaigh. Badge for House Takini. Per fess azure and sable, issuant from the line of division a triangle erect throughout argent, overall a sword inverted counterchanged.

Daniel the Defender of Silvertere. Bendy paly barry bendy sinister argent and azure, on a fess azure goutty d'eau a sword reversed argent.

Daniel of Glenmor. Per pale argent and azure, a pine tree counterchanged.

David of Chancellorbridge. Per fess azure and vert, a barrulet between in bend sinister a tower and a two-towered bridge argent.

David Westerville. Per pale sable and argent, a crane displayed legless Or.

Deborah the Dextrous. Argent, three artichokes vert. (Cynara scolymus)

Denis an Seodoir. Badge. A skull Or.

Deporodh of Rannoch. Badge for House Beltane. A bezant engrailed pierced sable, therein a birch leaf proper. (Betula alba)

Note spelling change.

Dianne of the Golden Chalice. Sable, on a saltire argent a chalice Or enflamed sable.

This is a one-point change from her Lord, Edwin of Swart Eldar.

Dierdriana of the Misty Isles. Azure, a lotus goblet argent and on a chief argent three lotus blossoms inverted throughout gules.


Dietrich von Kriegsheldenburg. Sable, a monster with the front half and wings of a dragon and the rear half of a lion couchant argent.

Domric the Sober. Per bend Or, a morningstar sable, and vert, in bend two bog beasts rampant argent.


Doniphan non Sequitur. Barry argent and sable, a moon in her plenitude azure.

Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin. The cross-monogram DOROTHEA.


Dulcinea de Yerba Buena. Per fess indented argent, goutty purpure, and vert, overall two short-stemmed Saracen smoking pipes in saltire argent.

Duncan of Bannockburn. Azure, three lutes bendwise sinister Or.

Duncan Bog Cameron. Argent, between four piles conjoined in saltire azure as many thistles proper.

Duncan O’Dougherty Greencastle. Change from Duncan Greencastle. Badge. Azure, above a tower vert a mullet of nine points voided argent.

Ealasaid nic Chlurian. Azure, two swords in saltire, overall a swan naiant proper, on a chief argent a thistle proper.

Edvin of Runedin. Or, a chevron inverted cotised gules, overall a dragon passant volant sable.

Eichling von Amrum. Argent, an oak sapling eradicated sable, on a chief azure a mullet argent.

Einar Isdrakon. Azure, a chevron and in base, beneath a snowflake, a dragon passant, a chief indented, all argent.

Elenya Adkoshka. Counter-ermine, in bend four ribands gules issuant from the claws of a cat's paw argent, itself issuant from sinister base.

Elheran MacElheran. Vert, a Latin cross pointed between three trefoil knots Or.

Elizabeth of the Rising Sun. Sable, five plates in saltire between in cross four gouttes d'eau elongated, points outward.

Elric of Wolfshead. Formerly Michael l’Aigle of the Mystic Moor. Per saltire vert and argent, an eagle displayed grasping a double-bitted axe counterchanged.

Elsbeth the White. Per pale argent and gules, a ram rampant counterchanged between in cross four thistles proper.

Elspeth MacClure. Azure, in pale an increscent and a lizard tergiant embowed argent.

Elwyn of Snow Hill. Per chevron azure, ermined argent, and argent, in base a fleur-de-lis azure.

Eric Foxworthy. Or, mullety sable voided argent, a rabbit rampant sable.

Erinn of Lemati. Per fess wavy Or and azure, issuant from the line of division a trefoil azure within a demi-annulet flammant gules.

Eskalya, Shire. Sable, in fess a mountain range argent, in chief a sun Or between two mullets argent and in base a sword fesswise reversed Or above a laurel wreath argent.

Esteban Castore. Vert, a beaver sejant erect gnawing on a silver birch tree proper. (Castor fiber, Betula alba)

Eriod of Eire. Badge. Azure, a woman proper, vested vert, holding erect in her sinister hand a wooden spear proper, emerging from a wave azure, fimbriated argent.

Fett Burg, Canton. Per bend vert and Or, a two-towered castle counterchanged, illumined gules, between in chief a laurel wreath Or and in base a barrulet wavy azure.

Galin Flamebeard. Paly sable and or, on a heart gules a dexter fist affrontee sable flammant or.

Geneviéve de la Mer Bleue. Per fess engrailed argent and azure, two bottle-nosed dolphins hauriant and urinant proper within a bordure per fess azure and argent, charged with in chief three mullets and in base three escallops counterchanged.

Genevra of Estolat. Badge. An estoile of five points argent within an annulet azure.

George of Gilgaur. Vert, on a bend argent a wolf salient gules, in sinister canton an estoile Or.

Gerek the Far-Seeking. Per chevron argent and gules, an eye voided argent, issuan from the line of division a demi-sun azure, and a base rayonee or.

Gervaise du Fortin. Azure, to dexter a palet and to sinister a tower argent, with three arrow slots in bend azure, in sinister chief a shooting star Or.

Geoffry of Northhaven. Azure, a kid's head erased and on a chief nebuly argent three English robins volant proper. (Erithacus rubecula)

Gillian of Duncanswood. Azure, a pale endorsed ermine, overall a unicorn's head couped Or.

Giovanna del Delfino. Per pale argent and azure, a dolphin naiant and in chief two mullets, counterchanged.

Giraldus Dragonsclaw. Per bend sinister gules and sable, a dragon counter-segreant or.

Golden Rivers, Barony of. Badge for the Order of the Golden Salmon. Vert, a salmon naiant bendwise sinister Or.

Gordon Blackwolf the Disrespectful. Argent, a chevron gules voided pean between three wolves passant reguardant sable.

Guinevere de Bremble. Name change from Cathryn Bramble. Originally Guinevere Elspeth Malyn. Device remains unchanged. Gyronny argent and azure, upon a round shield argent, enflamed proper, a dolmen sable.

Gunther der Degentoter. Sable, a bend gules fimbriated, overall three swords crossed above the hilts argent.

Gustav-Rudolf von Brauchitsch. Gules, a pall inverted vair between three eagle’s heads erased reversed and orbed or.

Gwenfrewi yr Arabus. Azure, within a pale voided, a plate and a wolf passant, all between in chief two estoiles of four straight and four wavy points, all argent.

Gwydion of Lochlann. Per fess wavy argent and azure, a raven volant affronty proper and a bar gemel wavy argent.

Hal Ravn. Badge for the Royal Press Corps. Purpure, a screw-press Or.

Harald de Sort Ulv of Danelaw. Sable, semy of wolf's paw prints argent, on a chevron Or a howling wolf's head erased reversed sable.

Harrold of Warrington. Or, a boar's head reversed erased gules within a bordure sable charged with eight spur-rowels argent.

Helyne Brownberry. Sable, a bend between three pitchers, two and one, and an acorn Or.

Herbert Cocker. Gules, within a heart voided a palet and a chevronel enhanced argent.

Hilary of Serendip. Sable, a pile inverted per chevron abased gules and Or, fimbriated Or, and in base a salamander dormant sable.

Hroar Bjarnarson. Formerly Roger Bras-de-Fer. Sable, four piles conjoined in cross arrondee gules, fimbriated or.

Igor von Dreschenhaus. Purpure, on a chief erminois a rod fesswise argent.

Ilkka the Crazed. Argent, a whirlpool rayonny vert.

Note: this is a concentric form of whirlpool.

Iosef of Novgorod. Sable, on a bend sinister embattled-counter-embattled argent, between in chief three estoiles and in base a quadrant Or, a scarpe gules.

Ivan Stilanovich. Or, a chevronel inverted and a palet gules between four Celtic crosses each charged with a saltire couped sable.

James Elvenwood. Vert, issuant from sinister a demi-unicorn salient argent, armed, crined, and unguled Or, in canton a sun Or, within a bordure potenty vert and argent.

James the Fisher. Vert, a fish salient, holding in dexter forefin a sword bendwise sinister, and in sinister forefin a round shield, argent.

If a lion can do it, we suppose a fish could….

James Martel. Change of name from James Drakeslayer.

James the Vintner. Azure, issuant from dexter and sinister chief two piles throughout conjoined at the base point Or, overall three mullets gules.

Jana Seasgair. Per fess wavy Or and sable, a sea-horse hauriant counterchanged.

Jean le Renard. Or, a strawberry pierced by a viol bow bendwise proper. (Fragaria virginianus)

Jon Fitz-Rolf. Name change from Jon the Lean. . Sable, a dragon dormant to sinister and in chief two arrowheads inverted, all gules, fimbriated Or.

Jon Fitz-Rolf. Badge (old arms). Sable, a bend gules fimbriated Or between a Saracen smoking-pipe and a war mace, both bendwise, Or.

Juliana nicColin. Formerly Juliana du Corwyn. Sable, a bend cotised argent between two wolf's heads erased ermine, langued gules.

Kallun of Tybermonde. Argent, coiled once around a sword bendwise inverted Or, hilted and fimbriated sable, a serpent facing sinister sable, orbed argent, issuant from the coil a flame gules, all within a bordure sable.

Karl of Clan Colin. Formerly Karl Blitzdegen. Sable, over a delf or voided gules, a Maltese cross or.

Kahina Dhahabiya. Azure, on a chevron enhanced sable, fimbriated argent, three sexfoils gules, fimbriated argent, and in base a hand of apaumee couped at the wrist argent.

Karlyn of the Flaming Castle. Argent, a trip-towered casts, the sinister tower fracted and lying fesswise to sinister argent, enflamed in chief proper; issuant from chief and base flames proper.

Kathleen of Kittens. Azure, in annulo four pairs of kittens sejant respectant, tails arched, argent orbed azure.

Kate the Curious. Per saltire Or and sable, in pale two roses between in fess two cats' faces jessant-de-lys counterchanged.

Kathryn Blackhart. Or, a hart's head erased sable and in canton a decrescent argent, fimbriated, all within a bordure sable.

Katur Christensdatter. Azure, an elm leaf bendwise sinister, debruised by a sword proper, and in chief a mullet of four greater and twelve lesser points argent.

Kelwyn Darkstar. Tierced per pall argent, sable, and gules, an American wolverine statant proper and in chief a garden rose fesswise in profile slipped and leaved sable. (Gulo luscus)

Kevin of Lancaster. Gules, a bend counter-compony azure and argent, between a boar's head couped Or, armed and langued argent, and a cross crosslet fitchy Or.

Kevin Peregrynne. Badge for House Anatum. Gules, upon a heart Or a falcon descending azure.

Kevin an Saelgeier. Per pale ermine and Or, two hawk's wings conjoined azure, thereon two falchions argent.

Kieron Hawkblood. Gules, a chevron sable fimbriated, overall an eagle displayed argent, a chief embattled sable, fimbriated argent.

Ld. Virgule may have fourteen days to tell us how this name figures in the work of Edmund Cooper; otherwise it is acceptable.

Knud Kaudinene. Reblazon. Sable, three annulets interlaced purpure, vert, and gules, fimbriated or.

Koressa Thokubjalla. Argent, upon a pall endorsed azure a sewing needle palewise, point to base, argent.

Kyna Analisa Dunmore of Galloway. Azure, a unicorn and a winged unicorn forcene respectant, horns crossed in saltire, argent.

Kynewulf Gairloch. Azure, a falcon displayed Or perched upon the hilt of a sword inverted argent, hilted sable, issuant from base, in chief a chain fesswise throughout, broken in the center, and in the falcon's sinister talon the missing link, argent.

Lawrence of Warenne. Azure, upon a mullet of four points Or four rustres conjoined in cross gules, within a tressure argent.

Leanna fran Laga Sable Klinga. Sable, between two wings conjoined two arrows in saltire, overall a sword wavy inverted, all argent.

Leonessa des Belles Fleures. Azure, a winged lion sejant Or, beneath the forepaws two garden roses argent, stalked and leaved

Leon von Schreckenblitz. Azure, a lion rampant to sinister gules, fimbriated and orbed, a chief indented Or.

Liam of the Barque. Badge for the Compaions of St. Bunstable of Lechbury. Per saltire argent and purpure.

Library of the Sciences (West Kingdom). Badge. Per pale sable and or, a vair-bell throughout counterchanged.

Lions’ Gate, Barony. Badge. Per pale sable and argent, a portcullis counterchanged.

Linnea of Arnemediae. Argent, a wheel of eight spokes gules, overall a roundel per fess enarched azure and vert.

Llerrett de Granada. Argent, a pilgrim couped at the waist, facing sinister, holding in sinister hand a staff, proper, vested azure, wearing a full shoulder quiver sable.

Ludwig von Lemminghaus. Or, on a bend sable five lozenges palewise or, within a bordure sable.

Maelen of Catcott. Argent, within a mascle purpure a forget-me-not blossom proper. (Myosotis scorpiodes)

Madrone, Barony. Badge. A madrone tree eradicated proper (as in the arms).

Manfred Kriegstreiber. Formerly Manfred Eiffenblau. Per saltire sable and argent, a falcon displayed counterchanged, beaked and taloned, within a bordure gules.

Mariposa de los Montoyas. Per chevron sable and gules, a chevron between three butterflies Or, wings voided.

Note: correction of surname. Even with the plural article the Spanish surname is not pluralized.

Margery Starseeker. Vert, an estoile within a Bowen knot in cross Or.

Matthew Highwater. Or, a bend azure, overall a brown-haired caucasian man proper, vested of a loincloth argent, grasping in sinister hand a trident bendwise sinister sable, riding a sea-horse salient argent.

Maythen of Elfhaven. Azure, a nine-branched chamomile plant radiant from center proper. (Anthemis nobilis).

Megan Silverstar. Formerly Megan of Starforge. Argent, issuant from base an oak tree vert, on a chief sable a mullet of eight points argent.

Melacha of the Blue Mountain. Or, a chestnut foal with four white stockings and a blaze statant regarding a Blue Mountain butterfly (Papilli ulysses) perched on his rump, all proper.

Merewyn the Meke. Argent, a dragon dormant to sinister within a bordure azure semy of daisies proper. (Chrysanthemim leucanthamum)

Meriwether of the Four Winds. Azure, a griffin couchant above on a base Or three mullets vert, on a chief Or a mullet vert.

Michael the Black. Augmentation of Arms. Or, two pairs of wings displayed and addorsed per pale sable overall on an inescutcheon sable, fimbriated, an Arabic oil lamp Or.

Note: the inescutcheon and the lamp form the augmentation.

Michaele Voyageur. Azure, a chevronel inverted argent, overall a beaver couchant to sinister sable, fimbriated argent.

Mists, Principality of the. Argent, a coronet of four points within a laurel wreath vert, all within a bordure engrailed azure.

Morgan of Aberystwyth. Badge. Gules, a caltrap Or.

Morgan of Aberystwyth. Badge. Gules, a baby sea-loat proper.


Muhrenah Vasilanovna Romanovich. Per pale ermine and counter-ermine, a barn owl (Tyto alba) striking affronty proper.

Myra MacColin of the Isles. Sable, a sea-wolf rampant argent, armed and langued gules, between three quatrefoil knots Or.

Myra is the daughter of Diana of the Isles. This should be obvious from the names and devices.

Niall Kilkierny. Formerly Nhille von Hakenkreuz. Vert, a winged sea-lion rampant Or.

Nikolai Andreeov. Formerly Bombor of Bombardia. Per fess gules and counter-ermine, a bog beast rampant argent.


Nikolaj Zrogowacialy. Barry argent and azure, a spiral horn of three spirals Or.

Note: this is a musical instrument.

Orisin na Oir Claiomh. Vairy Or and vert, a griffin's head erased, facing sinister, argent, gorged of a collar azure, studded Or.

Owain Apeceon. Per chevron abased sable and vert, a hippogriff volant between in pale three compass-stars, one and two, and a chevronel abased argent.

Padraic ui Niel. Quarterly gules and azure, a piping beast rampant Or, holding in its sinister forepaw an arrow bendwise inverted and in the tail paw a trefoil argent.

(picture) Note: The exact position of the arrow is up to the heraldic artist, who is advices to change it slightly; as it is it’s a little too blatant.

Paul of the Griffin. Purpure, a pall between an eagle's head erased Or, orbed azure, and two lion's hind paws Or, armed gules.

Paul of Hameldone. Purpure, a heart gules fimbriated, overall two rapiers inverted in saltire argent.

Paul yn Darragh. Potent gules and Or, a triskelion reversed of three armoured legs argent.

Phillip MacCailean Cruitire an Chuillennaich. Argent, upon a pale endorsed sable a chalice Or.

Ardaigh Chalice with the tinctures simplified. (picture)

Raedwald of Boarhunt. Or, on a fess azure between three roses gules a boar's head erased Or, orbed and langued gules.

Raibeardh Micheil O’Donnell of Tirconnel. Name change from Hans Wolfgang Manfried von Gutreich.

Raibeart the Berserker. Ermine, on a fess wavy azure a dolphin naiant argent.

Ram the Reticent. Per chevron sable and gules, a chevron between two ram's heads erased respectant and a ram's head cabossed argent.

Raymond of Ramsgate. Or, a unicorn statant sable, armed argent, environed of a rainbow proper.

Renfield of the Inland March. Badge. Argent, semy of house wrens close to sinister proper, a cap of Mercury azure, winged argent, overall a quill pen palewise Or. (Troglodytes aedon)

Reynaud de Burgundy. Argent, a fox rampant proper grasping in dexter paw three arrows inverted Or within a bordure embattled gules.

Reynaud de Burgundy. Badge. Sable, on a mullet of ten points Or two goblets in saltire within a bordure embattled gules.

Note: he cannot use the name House Burgundy.

Rhiannon of the Lost Star. Azure, a cross patonce between in saltire four hearts, within a bordure or.

Richard of Blue Dragons. Azure, on a bend argent a dragon passant azure, armed and scaled or, and in canton an emerald proper.

Richard of Seahaven. Badge. Azure, two puma's heads conjoined at the neck per pale wavy ermine and counter-ermine below a fillet argent.

Richard of Whitehill. Vert, in canton a mullet gules, fimbriated Or.

Rima of Rockridge. Badge. A stoat statant guardant proper.

Robert Kinslayer. Change. Vert, a stag's head cabossed within a double tressure Or.

Robert of Lawrence, the Thin. Called Thin Robert. Sable, two bends gules fimbriated or, and three doves in pale proper volant bendwise.

Robert Milne Stebbings. Sable, a cross gules, fimbriated argent, between in first and fourth quarters two wolves passant reguardant argent and in second and third quarters two fleurs-de-lys Or.

Robin the Red Dragon. Gules, a mullet of four points, and on a chief Or a dragon passant gules.

Rodrigo de Cerdaña. Badge. Or, semy of Crosses of Cerdana conjoined at the points gules.

Rolf the Relentless. Pean, a compass-star fitchy of eight Or.

Rowenna de Manning. Azure, a flowering rowan branch in bend sinister proper, issuant from canton a quarter sun Or.

Rowenna de Roncesvalles de Navarre. Argent, a pale doubly endorsed azure, overall a dove migrant argent.

Russell Balgair. Or, a sword inverted azure, hilted sable, between two red foxes combattant proper (Vulpus vulgaris).

Sabrina the Insouciant. Argent, within a bend sinister voided azure, between two forget-me-nots proper three hearts bendwise gules.

Sarah NicColin. Purpure, a unicorn rampant to sinister argent and in sinister chief a mullet Or.

Scellanus of Skye. Azure, a sea dog rampant to sinister and issuant from canton a quarter-sun Or.

Scellanus of Skye. Badge. Azure, a caltrap Or.

Seamus MacCraidh of Glenerochaidh. Badge. A puffin’s head erased proper. (Fratercula arctica)

Seamus MacCraidh of Glenerochaidh. Badge for House Peaceful. Gules, an annulet and overall a unicorn dormant argent, armed, crined and unguled or.

Sigelgaita the Silvertongued. Per fess embattled azure and sable, in chief a sea mew volant argent, and issuant from base a portcullis Or, voided gules.

A seamew is a gull.

Simon de Spaldyng. Badge. Azure, a boar rampant argent, orbed vert, playing a two-droned bagpipe sable, fimbriated argent.

Sten Halvorsen. Checky sable and argent, in chief two chessrooks gules.

Stefan de Lorraine. Augmentation. Argent, a fleur-de-lys gules, a canton of the Order of the Silver Molet.

Now Sir Stefan no longer conflicts with the City of Florence.

Stephanos Markos. Sable, in fess three lozenges conjoined, each surmounted by a saltorel couped gules, in canton a unicorn passant Or.

His previous device is released to public domain.

Stephen of the Yews. Quarterly Or and gules, a yew tree eradicated proper.

Sterling of Toad Hall. Vert, a chevronel Or between in chief two bulldogs statant respectant argent, each gorged of a collar sable, studded argent, and in base a squirrel sejant erect Or holding in its forepaws an acorn argent, capped Or.

Strider of Duramen, the Persistent. Badge for House Persistent. Sable, in bend sinister a broken chain Or.

Susan the Specific. Purpure, a cross of Jerusalem Or, and on a chief vert, fimbriated, a rose slipped and leaved Or.

Tamara du Moyer. Purpure, on a chevron argent a chevronel sable and in base a fleur-de-lis argent.

Thalassa Ilon of Soilka. Purpure, a chevronelle or between in chief two scimitars fesswise conjoined at the point proper and in base a flamed tulip proper. (Tulipa clusiana (Sweerts), var "Cloth of Gold")

Background changed per authorization to eliminate conflict noted by Virgule. If she wants another color, she may change it free of charge.

Thomas Buttesthorn of Ayle. Argent, in bend three apothecary roses proper (Rosa gallica officinalis rubra).

Thomas the Incomplete. Or, issuant from sinister three bendlets couped in pale azure.

Thorgeirr Eikinskjold. Argent, two swords in saltire between four stags courant within a bordure potenty pointed sable.

Thorgunna denn Haskasamligr. Argent, an Angora goat's head cabossed and in base two arrows inverted in saltire, within a bordure sable.

Trelon of the Woods. Or, a lion salient queue-forchee gules, armed sable, within an orle of nine pine trees proper.

Ulfred Drommefjell. Per chevron abased sable and Or, on a plate a dragon segreant, wings voided, sable within a bordure Or.

Urien Pen-an-vre. Badge for the Confraternity of Engineers. A bearded sapper passant holding in both hands a pick, a chief masoned.

Ursuline de Grennan-Barrett. Barry vert and azure, issuant from base two demi-bears erect respectant and in chief a crescent argent.

Ursuline ("little she-bear") is the correct spelling. "Grennan-barret" is a funny-once.

Vahan Cynrhonyn. Or, on a chevron gules, between a sun azure and an inescutcheon gules three double-bitted axe-heads argent.

Vereska Zhidka. Ermine, three dragonflies displayed purpure.

Vesper Principal Herald. Seal. A quarter-sun saltirewise illuminated in chief surmounted by a crowned scepter palewise between two bats displayed grasping a scroll folded nebulywise to base inscribed "SEMPER LITTERIS MANDATE", overall two straight trumpets in saltire.

This is the description of the seal designed for Vesper by Sarkanyi Gero. . . .

Victoria Starwing. Purpure, two flaunches argent, three estoiles, one and two, counterchanged.

Vincenzo di Calabria. Per pale gules and vert, a rattlesnake coiled to sinister, tail erect, argent.

Vladimir ap Gwynne. Formerly V. Demetrius Vladislav Argent, a compass-star of sixteen points sable, on a chief gules a demi-lion rampant issuant argent.

Westermark. Tierced per pall sable, purpure and gules, delineated Or, in chief a laurel wreath argent, issuant from dexter a demi-rising sun with rays couped Or and in sinister base five plates in annulo.

West Kingdom Lists, Office of. Badge for Lists Pages. Or, a gopher courant erect sable, wearing on its hind paws winged sandals and carrying in its dexter forepaw a billet argent.

Wilhelm von Schwartzwald. Azure, three hearts argent flammant proper.

Wilhelm of Greyland. Name change from Wilhelm von Schatten

William Bogg Gordon. Gules, semy of skulls, a saltire argent, overall a bogbeast rampant Or.


Wolfgang von Valkonberg. Per pale vert and argent, a blasted tree atop a mount counterchanged.

Yolanda del Campo de Cerdana. Or, a cross of Cerdana gules within a saltire voided and interlaced azure.

Her old arms become a badge.

Yolanda del Campo de Cerdana. Badge for Lyceum of the Ivory Tower. Counter-ermine, a minaret and dome argent, illumined Or.

Yseulte merch Saer of Caer Pren-Rhosyn. Vert, on a bend sinister azure fimbriated argent, between two roses or seeded gules, seven estoiles argent.

Yukio no Yamaguchi. Correction. Counter-ermine, in chief a fountain, issuant from base a sun in splendor.

Yukio no Yamaguchi. Badge. A katana fesswise inverted reversed proper.

Note: a katana is by default edge up, but a yachi (sword worn at court with armor) is by default edge down.