Kingdom of Ansteorra

Alacidar of the Towers of the Morning. Sable, a Maltese cross within an annulet within and conjoined to a compass starvoided, all within a bordurelet argent.

Alanna of Caer du Pard. Chaussé vert and Or, on the embattlements of a tower Or a snow leopard (Felisuncia) couchant reguardant proper.

NOTE: Chaussé is a division of the field formed by two lines from dexter chief and sinister chief meeting at the base point. As it is not an even division of the field, it may not be of two metals or two colors.

Aureliane Rioghail. Resubmission. Argent, a bagwyn counter-lodged pean, attired and unguled Or, gorged of a chaplet of gladiolus flowers Or, slipped and leaved vert, and in base a pair of breys, all within a bordure azure.

Clare of Woodsend. Badge. Argent, a cross avellane sable, the center roundel gules.

Drstha Maida of the Lowara. Argent, on a chevron gules a hand couped appaumy argent within overall a serpent in annulo biting its tail, head in base, counterchanged vert and argent.

Eldric de Charbonneau. Sable, a pomegranate stalked and leaved, the dexter slip broken, within a bordurelet Or.

NOTE: Charbonneau is the correct spelling, not Charbonneux.

Gwilym y Fferill o Caer Lleuad. Sable, mullety, a cross patty sarcelled within and conjoined to an annulet, all within a bordure argent.

NOTE: A cross sarcelled means its ends are split back towards the center (see Copinger's Heraldry Simplified, plate 69, #183, p. 66).

Katherine Marie Yvonne Jette. Badge for House Etana. Argent, an eagle counter-volant bearing upon its back a woman counter-sejant, sinister arm upraised maintaining a flaming torch, all sable, within a bordure azure.

Leo Exiter the Wanderer. Appeal accepted. Place names can be used as surnames without the word "of."

Margaret Kathryn Cameron. Ermine, in saltire a short sword and a cittern proper, overall a rosebud Or, stalked and leaved vert.

NOTE: The cittern must be turned to face forwards. It cannot be in perspective. The rose should be larger.

Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay. Name change from Sasaki Yoshikazu noh Osaka.

Michael Myrialogos. Badge for House Myrialogos. Argent, a scroll unrolled palewise sable.

Namron, Barony of. Badge for the Protector of Namron. Gyronny wavy of six Or and sable, a bordure sable.

Richard of the Isle. Gyronny azure and argent, on a pomme an anchor Or.

Richenda de la Selva. Argent, a chevron gules, overall two bluebottles (Centaurea cyanus) slipped and leaved and conjoined at their bases proper within a bordure sable.

Robert the Archer's Son. Vert, a bend sinister vairy of one trait bendwise Or and sable between a longbow with arrow fully drawn and in pale two swords bendwise sinister, the upper inverted, proper.

NOTE: Bass is a surname, and may not be used as a given name. I have therefore replaced it with Robert, as allowed on the form.

Sarah Beth Nic Duairc O'Neill. Badge. Sable, a tower argent charged with an ivy vine palewise vert, overall a white-tailed fawn (Odocoileus virginianus) statant proper.

NOTE: While O'Neill was the surname of many Irish kings, like Stuart it is also an extremely large clan name, and it has already been registered to Sarah's mother.

Tanasan Dimrithil. Badge. Argent, a bowen knot in cross sable.

Victoria Faline Dubonnet. Tierced per pall azure, gules and Or, a lion's head cabossed argent.


Kingdom of Atenveldt

Aurien Chimerstome. Change of spelling from Chimerstone.

Balldrich Ballbarian. Name change and reblazon. Per chevron sable and gules, a chevronel rayonny Or, overall a death's head argent, orbed of the field.

Bartholomew of Wolfetwain. Change of spelling from Wolftwain.

Deaton Claymore. Name change and reblazon). Vert, two claymores in saltire surmounted by a third inverted proper.

Diana the Dreamweaver. Per bend argent and purpure, a black Diana filigree butterfly (Argynnis diana) and a hump-backed orb weaver spider (Areana gemmoides) proper.

NOTE: Spiders, turtles, crabs, etc., are all tergiant displayed by default.

Dosia of Glendalough. Gules, ermined argent, a unicorn bicorporate rampant addorsed argent.

NOTE: The submission passed in January was a badge, not a device.

Johann von Hohen Staffen. Azure, in saltire a dagger inverted argent and another Or, overall a heart gules.

NOTE: Drop hyphen from name.

John the Animal of Glencoe. Per bend sinister Or and sable, a panther rampant guardant sable, incensed proper, and a hooded cobra counter-coiled and poised to strike Or.

NOTE: The hood is drawn incorrectly.

Katherine Holford. Name change from Katherine of the Abbey.

Kathleen Caslean an Bharraigh. Name change and reblazon. Vert, a tower Or and in chief an Irish harp argent.

Kaththea of the Citadel, the Daft. Name change from Kathea of the Citadel, the Daft.

Katrine de Baillie du Chat. Name change from Katrine de Chateau des Chats.

Marya of Zagamar, the Mad. Name change from Marya of Zagomar, the Mad.

Mirhaxa av Morktorn. Badge for House Morktorn. Or, a tower sable with seven mullets in annulo vert.

Peregrine Mellyrn of the Last Mountain. Reblazon. Azure, a mascle within an annulet argent.

Sequora of Zagamar. Name change from Sequora of Zagomar.

Sharna K'Lynn. Or, a pall inverted engrailed between three rustres gules, and a chief checky argent and azure.

Takaguma Ishiyama no Sadomoni Bashi. Badge for Clan Ishiyama. A mountain of three peaks issuant from base, the peaks in bend, and in chief a barrulet beviled arrondi, all within an annulet.

NOTE: This is light on dark. Japanese mōn are consistently shown as either light on dark or dark on light.

Rass Tramerlain Drakon. Name change from Trammerlaine the Lesser.

Vassillissa Koshkovna Nakhodchivaya. Name change from Vasilissa Koshkovna Nokhodchivaya)

Ynhared o'r Glyndu. Badge. Sable, a vixen (Vulpes vulpes) rampant proper.


Kingdom of Atlantia

Fevronia Murometsa. Badge for House Tarakan. Gules, a cockroach (Periplaneta americana) tergiant erect sable, fimbriated argent.

NOTE: The correct Russian translation of cockroach is "tarakan" (Cyrillic letters deleted). I have therefore changed the name to conform. Now that it is not Tarkan and is now canting, I will grudgingly allow it. (Translation from O'Brien's New Russian-English Dictionary, p. 60.)

Learen von Meissen. Badge; change of name from Learen of Nepenthe. Per fess wavy gules and argent, a recorded palewise in profile Or.

Phillip of Ghent. Change of spelling from Philip.

Vorkul Bedwyr Xenoforst. Or, a stag's head couped close gules and in base three Scottish thistles slipped and leaved proper, within a bordure sable.


Kingdom of Caid

Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg. Name change from Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg.

Brian Ramsey of Rosewood. Per bend azure and sable, a bendlet between a unicorn passant argent and three roses, one and two, Or.

Fia Naheed. Vert, on a sun within a lizard biting its own tail in annulo Or in fess a mullet enhanced and an increscent azure.

Goldwin of Britain. Sable, upon a bezant irradiating eight points in saltire two spiked maces with thrusting spikes at both ends sable, all within a bordure Or.

Goldwin of Britain. Badge. Sable, bezanty, a castle Or.

Hagar Hagarson. Bendy sinister sable and gules, a bear statant erect affronté, grasping in its forepaws a halberd bendwise argent, the bear's jaws embrued gules.

NOTE: Change back to Hagar Hagarson the Bear. To quote Master Baldwin, "The Old English and Norse patronymic was formed by combining the genitive case of the [father's] given name with the suffix -son. Although this frequently resulted in doubling the 's,' this was by no means the rule."


Kingdom of the East

Anne of Porcellus. Tierce en pointe, counter-ermine, azure, and vert, a moon in her complement argent, a sun in splendour Or, and a guinea pig (Cavia porcellus) couchant argent.

Arnwülf Frimündt. Per bend sinister gules and sable, overall a monster rampant bendwise with the head, addorsed wings, and talons of an eagle and the hind parts of a wolf argent, beaked and armed Or, maintaining in each talon a sword argent, in canton a label Or.

Barak Elandris Hanno. Sable, two swords crossed in chevron enhanced and in base a rose argent, surmounting the swords three Roman helmets, one and two, Or, crested gules.

Christoph Lowentürm von Mark. Argent, on a bend sinister gules between a tower and a cross pattonce sable two lions counter-passant guardant argent.

Crimson Shore, Shire of. Per pale azure and gules, a dexter arm armored palewise embowed grasping a dagger bendwise sinister argent within a laurel wreath and in canton a sun Or.

David ap Llewellyn. Or, two bars gules between six billets azure.

Dirk Edward of Frijia. Badge for House Riversong. Azure, a bend sinister wavy between a cat counter-sejant guardant voided argent and a sugar maple tree (Acer saccharum) couped in fall colors proper.

Elysendé Leville. Per fess argent and sable, a sapling blasted bendwise sinister throughout counterchanged.

Jahn of Outman. Per pale embowed counter-embowed vert and argent, a winged unicorn salient, wings addorsed, argent and an arrow inverted sable.

Ruth Baraskaya. Per fess sable and azure, a swan naiant argent, beaked, in chief an increscent, decrescent, and increscent, one and two, Or.

Settmour Swamp, Shire of. Per fess argent and vert, a tower bendwise counterchanged sable and argent, in sinister chief a laurel wreath vert.

Ursula of North Woods. Vert, a bear rampant Or between in cross four pine trees argent.


Kingdom of the West

Andrew Robertson. Azure, on a pile inverted throughout between two abalone shells argent, a sea otter (Enhydra lutris) statant erect proper.

Arias the Innkeeper's Daughter. Badge. Purpure, on a sun eclipsed proper a straight trumpet fesswise reversed Or.

Colleen Elizabeth du Cassis. Vert, three orchids (Phalaenopsis sp.) argent.

NOTE: The correct translation for "of the blackberry" is "du Cassis," not "de Cassis."

Duncan the Physicker. Per pale azure and vert, a pale argent between a dexter hand couped apaumé Or charged with an oak leaf vert and a sinister hand couped apaumé argent charged with a compass star vert.

Garan Darkwolf of Blackhelm. Azure, in pale a sword inverted and a goblet Or between a pair of flaunches enhanced sable, fimbriated argent.

Kelwyn Darkstar. Badge. Argent, a garden rosebud fesswise slipped and leaved sable.

Kelwyn Darkstar. Badge, for household. Per pale sable and gules, a gryphon's head erased Or.

Pasgen ap Rhys. Name change from Richard of Blue Dragons.

Ragnar Blackspruce. Name approval only.

Robert McFlandry of Dundee. Name approval only.

Rhwth nic Ranald of Eldatir. Argent, an estoile and on a chief double-arched azure a bow inverted argent.

NOTE: Name change (from Ruth of Eldatir) OK. I have dropped the Rhys because you cannot use two given names in a patronymic. You can be "nic Ranald" or "nic Rhys," but not "nic Ranald Rhys." If you would rather be "nic Rhys," I will accept the change without fee.

Sebastian von Baden. Badge. A bear statant erect vert grasping in its dexter paw a sword and in its sinister paw a spear, both proper.

NOTE: Badge passed in November, but was left off of letter.

Shaylan Issac. Sable, a bend azure fimbriated argent between a mullet of seven points and an annulet Or.

Shittimwoode, Shire of. Ermine, a demi-rabbit erect guardant sable grasping in its sinister forepaw a shepherd's crook proper and in its dexter forepaw a laurel wreath, issuant from a base engrailed Or.

Stuart of Lindley. Azure, a sun Or eclipsed gules between in bend two plates, and a chief embattled Or.

Wastekeepshire. Per pall Or, argent and azure, a laurel wreath vert, a tree blasted and eradicated sable, and a grey granite tower proper.

NOTE: Device passed in November but left off of letter.



Kingdom of Ansteorra

Are Askedallen Vidharr. Per chevron argent and sable, a pithon involved widdershins enhanced Or, fimbriated, within a bordurelet sable.

NOTE: Name rejected. Do you have documentation for the use of Are as a given name? Even assuming Are and Vidharr are given names, Askedallen is a surname. You do not put a surname between two given names. Either drop the Vidharr or place it between Are and Askedallen.

Balthazar of Endor. Purpure, a chimera rampant Or, armed and langued gules, within a canton voided a trefoil moline argent.

NOTE: The chimera is drawn incorrectly. The canton looks like an augmentation. A chimera has the goat's head emerging from the back of the lion's head. The canton is impossible to blazon correctly.

Balthazar of Endor. Badge. Argent, three crescents in triskelion triangularly pierced purpure.

NOTE: The badge is impossible to blazon correctly.

Dail y Eiliwriad o Cwm Cwymp Dŵr. Vert, a scarpe argent between an oak leaf and a castle of three stepped towers Or.

NOTE: Dail is a Welsh surname. You cannot use a surname as a given name. Document Eiliwriad. There is no given name. The device is too close to Tau-Alandil: Vert, a bend sinister argent between a hawk close and a lightning bolt Or. This has two differences of charge. Two differences from the same category are only 11/2 points. There is very little difference between a bend sinister and a single scarpe, as either is variable in size.

Edmound Löwengard d'Escoville. Sable, a unicorn rampant argent, armed and crined, within a bordure Or.

NOTE: Conflicts with Rumple: Sable, a unicorn rampant argent within a bordure Or (Rietstaap). Use "d'" instead of "de" in the name; German for "lion" is "Löwe," with the umlaut.

Erin Emeraldstar. Or, a pallet between a shamrock and a mullet inverted vert.

NOTE: Name rejected. Device OK. Erin (Erinn) ("from Ireland") could be used as a surname, but its use as a given name is out of period.

Gangr Stormraven. Gules, on a bend sinister sable fimbriated between an axe bendwise sinister and an arrowhead inverted a bear-talon of three argent.

NOTE: This was held for documentation of the bear-talon. The documentation not having been sent, the device is rejected.

Gukoy. Argent, between two billets of bamboo vert an Oriental willow eradicated, proper.

NOTE: The submission was held because of the need for a surname and for the genus and species of the willow. Neither having been sent, the name and device are rejected.

Lucas the Grey. Sable, a dogwood blossom proper (Cornus flordia) within a bordurelet argent.

NOTE: Conflicts with Thrale: Sable, a rose within a bordure argent (Papworth, p. 860). You get no difference between a bordure and a bordurelet. We allow the term to aid the artists. The difference between a rose and a dogwood blossom is basically five instead of four petals, plus barbs. There is thus not enough difference.

Riccardo di Pisa. Per bend sinister rayonny palewise gules and argent, a cross clechy pommetty argent and a lion's head erased sable.

NOTE: Note that this cross is not voided, as some crosses clechy are. The use of lines of division shifted to other directions like this is out of period. Resubmit it with a normal rayonny.

Richard of the Isle. Badge for House Nightfall Recherché. Tierced per pall sable, Or, and argent, in chief a comet argent, bearded Or.

NOTE: The badge itself is OK, but the household name is not. Baldly placing two words from two different languages together like this is non-period usage. Use English or French, but not both.

William Haldane. Or, a chevron gules, overall a gryphon segreant within a bordure sable.

NOTE: Conflicts with DeKymbe: Or, a chevron gules within a bordure sable (Papworth, p. 403).

Xylon Xerxes. Per bend sinister azure and argent, in fess a roundel conjoined to and between two demi-roundels counterchanged.

NOTE: Xerxes is a title, meaning ruler. A similar example is the Biblical account of Moses and Pharaoh, where Pharaoh is given as if it were the ruler's name. The device is a modern style, not a period style. Change it to three full roundels in fess.


Kingdom of Atlantia

Bertrand de Flammepoing. Appeal denied.

The flames are color on color because flames proper, when placed upon a colored field, are Or on the outside and gules on the inside. Therefore, placing a gules hand within the flames is placing gules on gules. Change the hand to Or or argent, or else change the field to Or or argent, which would reverse the colors of the flames. The flames must encircle the entire hand. The wrist was not encircled. The mullet is too small a charge to show up. It acts as a form of white flame that finishes the illusion of a Hand of Glory. To better reflect your former squire status to Sir Alaric, how about argent, a hand couped gules enflamed proper between three mullets of eight points gules?


Kingdom of Caid

Branwyn ferch Corran. Azure, on a sun of wavy rays between three mullets of four points Or, a unicorn's head couped sable.

NOTE: Too close to Stefan of Seawood: Azure, on a sun Or an eagle displayed sable. The mullets are too small to be a full point. The proper word for "daughter of" in Welsh is "ferch."

Dreiburgen, Barony. Badge. Per fess azure and argent, in chief a tower argent.

NOTE: This badge was rejected by Karina because it conflicted with a number of family arms in Papworth, but the rejection doesn't seem to have made it into print.

Fionna Ramsay of Bronwyn Vale. Per fess wavy of two sable and argent, a unicorn passant argent, armed and unglued Or, and two sprigs of variegated English holly (Ilex aquifolium albo-morginata) in saltire fructed proper.

NOTE: This looks too much like a branch device, as the two sprigs are too close to a laurel wreath. You cannot have wavy of two. The minimum is three, and the numbers should not be specified.

Iradur Hallderill of Huntington. Azure, semé of mullets of eight, a tree eradicated argent, within a bordure counter-compony azure and Or.

NOTE: This would seem to be the arms of a bastard son (hence the bordure counter-compony) of the Royal House of Gondor. The addition of the Elvish name is just too much.

Kevin of the Masked Cat. Vert, a bearded she-cat's head caboshed argent, raccoon-masked sable, within nine estoiles in orle argent.

NOTE: Rejected at Conclave, but left off of the printout. Conflicts with Rebecca the Demanding: Vert, a domestic cat's head affronté argent, collared and maintaining a dagger argent, hilted sable.

Samantha of Longhill. Purpure, a dragon-headed bat displayed grasping in its talons a roundel and an arrow inverted and in chief an estoile of eight points Or charged with another gules.

NOTE: Samantha dates from the 18th century and is therefore out of period (Withycombe, p. 262).

Susan of the Golden Heart. Ermine, a heart Or within a chaplet of six roses purpure, slipped and thorned vert.

NOTE: Wreaths or chaplets of roses are restricted to royalty. This conflicts with Boncueur: Ermine, on a sun gules a heart Or.


Kingdom of the East

Aramé Caer Emrys. Azure, three piles wavy in point argent, overall a morse erect guardant Or, scaled vert, maintaining a wand sable charged at the tip with an estoile of five points gules.

NOTE: Document this use of morse. It is another name for a walrus. Document the name Aramé.

Austin Chadyoyck of Normandy. Badge for House Ringed Star. Azure, a compass star of four points with an annulet argent.

NOTE: The badge conflicts with Perigrine Mellryn of the Last Mountain: Azure, a mascle within an annulet argent.

Frieden von Modoc. Sable, issuant from a sword inverted argent two lightning flashes throughout in pale and two more in chevron Or.

NOTE: This is not a period style. It is a modern art style more suitable for comic books. May I suggest: Sable, a sword inverted argent between in saltire four lightning flashes Or.

Hamlin Isaiah de Sheel Elandris. Sable, on a fess Or a thistle purpure, slipped and leaved vert, overall in pile two arrows inverted argent.

NOTE: Hamlin is a town, not a given name. Use "de Sheel," not "d'Sheel." Isaiah de Sheel Elandris would be better.

Randal Arthalion Duvac of Scheelhome. Sable, a wolf's head couped reversed between three carnations argent.

NOTE: This name uses four langues. Randal is English, Arthalion is Sindarin, Duvac is French, and Scheelhome is Dutch or German. The limit is three languages per name. The device seems OK.

Tamera FitzGloucestre of the White Boar. Badge. Azure, two cats combattant tails coward argent, both maintaining a roundel barry wavy azure and purpure fimbriated argent.

NOTE: Badge conflicts with Katzeler: Azure, two cats combattant argent maintaining a branch Or. The positions of the tails and the difference of the central minor charge together do not equal 1 full point.


Kingdom of Meridies

Alys-Marie du Faucon. Sable, a decrescent Or, overall a falcon volant to sinister azure, armed and fimbriated Or, grasping in its talons two lilies proper.

NOTE: This was held for the genus and species of the lilies, as they looked more like tulips. The information was never sent and so the device is rejected.

Saher Faux. Or, a staff bendwise with a lantern dependent from the dexter end sable.

NOTE: Never acted on. Document the name. The device looks OK, but it should be run through again for comments.


Pray believe, my lords and ladies, that I remain

Your servant,


Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel,

Laurel King of Arms