ACCEPTANCES September 15, 1981 XVI

Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Stock Clerk. Badge for the Office of the Stock Clerk. Per pale gules and argent, an open book between four roundels in cross, all counterchanged

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Alaña of Atenveldt. Name added.

NOTE: I have added "(of Atenveldt)" to distinguish her in our files. This is for our purposes only and does not constitute an actual name change.

Caerthan Heraldic Symposium. Badge.

Vert, issuant from a can two wyrm's heads addorsed Or. NOTE: A can is a type of drinking cup. Another word for dragon is wyrm.

Kingdom of Atlantia

Maeve Guenhemara Bronwyn merch Celynen. Name change. Formerly Maeve Celynen Bronwyn.

NOTE: Merch is the proper term for "daughter of," rather than ach.

Kingdom of Caid

Colin Wynthorpe. Azure, on a fess wavy between a compass and a sheaf of three arrows Or three shamrocks vert.

Daniel the Bard. Name change. Formerly Donnell the Bard.

Elgil Mirdil of Dor-Mallos. Per fess azure and vert, a barrulet argent, overall on a plate voided sable a mullet of seven points argent.

Megwyn of Glendwry. Badge for Megwyn's Marauders. An arrow bendwise sinister between two uncialesque "M's" sable.

Éowyn Amberdrake. Badge for House Drachengau. Vert, semy of dragons segreant, wings displayed, Or.

Gunnar Iverson of Hangarstad. Name change. Formerly Gunther Garrison of Hangarstad.

Herrel of Small Nest. Vert, a chess rook ermine surmounted by a sword inverted Or.

Herrel of Small Nest. Badge. Per pale azure and vert, a chess rook Or.

Jacques-Yves Rene Claude du Plat. Argent, on a chevron azure between two escallops inverted and a cross humetty gules, a bezant.

Kevin Aberwyvern. Per chevron Or and gules, a chevron sable between two fleurs-de-lys and a lion rampant guardant counterchanged.

Loren Leonie. Sable, a unicornate lion's head erased Or between in fess two pink camellias, stalked and leaved, slips entwined in base, proper. (Camellia reticulata)

Lyondemere, Barony of. Badge. Barry wavy vert and argent, a lion's paw escallop Or.

Miscel of Lyonesse. Vair en pointe, a roundel argent goutté de larmes.

NOTE: I have changed Myscel to Miscel, as that is an acceptable variant of Michelle. Please draw the roundel smaller and the gouttés larger.

Selene of the Sable Fox. Per fess rayonny sable and Or, in pale three bezants one and two and a fox statant guardant to sinister sable, marked argent.

NOTE: Draw the rayonny much bigger, with fewer rays. Marked means it has white markings, in this case on the tip of the tail and the chest under the chin.

Steven Westbourg of Flanders. Name approval only.

Susana of Dunstan. Name approval only.

Theodore Little Bear. Name approval only.

Rosalinde Toline of Arundel. Gules, in saltire a sword inverted Or and a garden rose argent, slipped proper, within a bordure gyronny sable and argent.

NOTE: A person may use her mundane given name, but is not guaranteed use of her middle name. Toline does not seem to be a period given name, but could be used as a surname, so I have switched the order of names.

Kingdom of the Middle

Arlin of the Crystal Key. Name added.

NOTE: I have added "(of the Crystal Key)" to differentiate her in our files.

Astalla of Three Hills. Name added.

NOTE: I have added "(of Three Hills)" to differentiate her in our files.

Guttorm Arnessen. Name approval only.

Ithriliel of Silver Lake. Name approval only.

Kairys Karovadas. Sable, a moon in her complement argent within a serpent wavy involved vert, fimbriated Or, all within plates in orle.

NOTE: Draw the serpent in a normal heraldic wavy manner.

Margaret Swynford of Bristow. Vert, three shears or interlaced in triquetra Or within a tressure sable, fimbriated argent.

NOTE: Make the fimbriation much wider.

Wilhelm Rotbart aus Bayern. Or, a five-headed hydra sejant affronté gules.

NOTE: Von should not be used before a Germanic place name, as it implies one is the Lord of that place. Therefore, I have changed von to aus.


Kingdom of the West

Ancilla the Packrat. Badge. Per pale argent and vert, a fess and overall a frog sejant affronty counterchanged.

Chesley of Headless House. Name added.

NOTE: I have added "(of Headless House)" to differentiate him in our records.

Danielle of Headless House. Name added.

NOTE: I have added "(of Headless House)" to differentiate her in our records.

Elandir the Quiet. Name change and correction. Formerly Elandir of Greenwood. Vert, a dragon passant Or, incensed of flames proper, in chief on a chevron enhanced throughout argent a compass star azure between two mullets gules.

Glanwyn Tŷ Meillionen. Name correction.

Reynaud de Burgundy. Name change. Formerly Reynard de Burgundy.


Kingdom of Caid

Atar Ptemudjin. Azure, in cross rebated a decrescent between four scorpions tergiant displayed argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. Ptemudjin is still the equivalent of Temujin, the real name of Genghis Khan. Document Atar, so we will know if it removes the conflict. Send us the Farsi version and we will transliterate it. The device now seems acceptable, since Diana de Savigny has given permission for its use.

Corvus Kyven. Argent, goutté de poix, a raven volant and a chief invected sable.

NOTE: Name rejected. Document the use of Corvus as a given name. Draw the gouts in a period fashion. Draw the raven as properly volant and much bigger. It should not touch the chief. Otherwise, the device seems acceptable.

Gleann mac an Iasgair. Badge. Argent, a saltire couped voided and interlaced gules between four torteaux.

NOTE: Conflicts with Lotho: Argent, a saltire gules between four torteaux. Change the field to Or.

Hogge aet Lintun. Azure, a bend argent, surmounted by a baton sinister gules fimbriated argent, in chief a boar's head erased Or.

NOTE: The correct Old English form of of is aet, not an. The baton sinister is reserved to the English royal house. Try a scarpe gules.

Islyle le Gannoker de Gavain. Per chevron enhanced concave argent and vert, an axe bendwise sinister vert, charged on the blade with a mullet Or, a chalice vert, banded Or, and a unicorn passant argent armed and gorged of a collar Or.

NOTE: Document Islyle. Lower the point to make it per chevron concave. I suggest you drop the mullet, bands and collar, so it can be done as three charges counterchanged.

Oen Trevelyan ap Gwyndarr. Argent, on a bend gules three griffins sejant, dexter paws upraised, Or, feathered argent, in sinister chief a torteau charged with a double rose Or.

NOTE: Document the names as given names. You should put ap before Trevelyan if you are the son of Trevelyan. Turn the griffins to the proper orientation. Make them passant or statant. Add another roundel and rose to balance. This whole thing is non-period style. It would be better to make the griffins all Or or all argent.

Steven Westbourg of Flanders. Or, three towers within a bordurelet sable, overall a chief azure.

NOTE: Device rejected. Placing a chief over a bordure is a non- period practice. Bordurelets themselves are not good style. Please drop the bordurelet.

Susana of Dunstan. Or, involved about an arrow sable a madonna lily of two blossoms, stalked and leaved, proper, between two flaunches voided and cotised azure. (Lilium candidum)

NOTE: Device rejected. Flaunches voided and flaunches cotised are both non-period. Try plain flaunches. You will have to change the tincture of either the flaunches or field to avoid conflict with Lothar, who has Or, a sword fracted erect sable, hilted gules, between two flaunches azure.

Taliba bint 'Ihsan. Badge. Argent, a griffin segreant gules, winged vert.

NOTE: Conflicts with Botreux: Argent, a griffin segreant gules (Papworth, p. 980). The Opinicus is out of period. What you drew is a winged griffin.

Theodore Little Bear. Argent, in pale a patriarchal cross gules and a gout sable between in fess two pine trees proper, and a base barry of eight sable and Or.

NOTE: The device is too busy. Drop either the base and move the gout down, or delete the cross and the gout.

Kingdom of the Middle

Dughall Ailean mac'ic Lathurna. Badge for Clan Lathurna. Argent, a fleur-de-lys azure surmounted by a sea lion erect reguardant Or, maintaining in its dexter claw a thistle proper and in its sinister claw a sword argent. (Cirsium pumlilum)

NOTE: Rejected. The sword is metal on metal. The thistle is too small. Document "mac'ic Lathurna."

Easham Hirudan of Tweed. Gules, a hart lodged Or, and a chief double-arched ermine.

NOTE: Name rejected. Easham is a surname in Northamptonshire. Document its use as a given name. The proper adjectival form is Hirudine, not Hirudan. The device seems acceptable.

Guttorm Arnessen. Badge for An Tigh Lachiannaigh. Vert, an open pennanular broach argent.

NOTE: The badge conflicts with Morimoto

Koryu: Sable, a crescent debruised of a Ken blade argent. The default position here is the ring part crescentwise with the pin palewise. A closed broach has the pin fesswise.

Ithriliel of Silver Lake. Gules, in fess a compass star between and conjoined to the horns of a crescent argent.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Turkey: Gules, in fess a mullet and a decrescent argent.

Laurelen Darksbane. Sable, on a lozenge concave azure, fimbriated, a compass star Or charged with an annulet azure.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Kriemhild of Stormcroft: Azure, on a lozenge throughout Or a fusil throughout azure charged with a mullet of nine points Or. Laurelin is the name of one of the two Trees of Valinor whose light banished the dark. This is not acceptable under current rules. If he can show that this submission was submitted several years ago and was lost by the Middle College of Heralds, then I will accept the name under a grandfather clause.

Lorini de Champignon. Ermine, in pall inverted three mushrooms Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. Lorini is the name of the Goddess in Circle of Light and does not exist otherwise as an English name. Try Lorena. If you want to be "of the mushrooms," it would be better as "des Champignons." The device seems acceptable. If you want it as an occupation name (mushroom grower), drop the de.

Reif Edelstein. Gyronny of six argent and azure, a bordure gules.

NOTE: Name rejected. Document Reif as a given name. It does not mean ring, but instead means hoarfrost. Try Rafe. The device conflicts with Bramson: Gyronny argent and azure (Papworth, p. 899).

Steven Blackmoon. Gules, on a bend argent a decrescent sable.

NOTE: Name approved. The device conflicts with Robin of Mania: Gules, on a bend argent a raven displayed palewise, wings inverted, sable grasping in its beak a rose gules.

Steven Blackmoon. Badge for House of the White Oak. Vert, in pale an oak leaf argent and a sickle fesswise reversed Or.

NOTE: The badge is too Druidical in nature. The household name conflicts with the Order of the White Oak in the Kingdom of the East.

Tonk Atoi O'Tuathail. Azure, on a bend sinister between a trefoil and a fleur-de-lys argent a turtle's head couped vert.

NOTE: Name rejected. Document the entire name. The device seems acceptable.

Kingdom of the West

Kiera ap Gwilym of Caer Prydydd. Argent, mullety sable, an owl azure.

NOTE: This was rejected previously by Mistress Karina in June 1976 on the grounds that it conflicted with Gravelle: Argent, an owl azure. The name was rejected because ap means son of. It should be ferch or merch, not ap.


Pray believe, my Lords and Ladies, that I remain

Your servant,


Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms