ACCEPTANCES October 26, 1981 XVI

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Aleta Ara of Helsgard, the Cruel. Name change from Aleta of Helsgard.

Alraun of Brownmoor. Surname added for use by the College.

Astrid Ragnarsdottir av Arvika. Badge for House Thrymheim. A compass star dismembered of eight passion nails, points outward, within an annulet sable.

Astrin Wyvill. Name approval only.

Aurien Chimerstone. Change of spelling to Chimerstone.

Bevin of a Thousand Songs. Per bend argent and azure, a moth displayed within a tressure counterchanged.

Donella Chameleon. Per pale argent and azure, two anoles tergiant palewise respectant vert and argent and an annulet counterchanged.

NOTE: The anole is the American chameleon.

Dovanna of Atenveldt. Surname added for use by the College.

Frances la Rouge. Argent, a meadow-beauty, blossom pendant, gules, slipped and leaved, within a bordure sable.

Gabriel René Antoine du Renard. Azure, a fox passant argent grasping in its sinister forepaw a hunting horn, bell to sinister, and a chief embattled Or.

Leofva of Thornridge. Surname added for use by the College.

Liane de Lisieux. Per pale wavy argent and vert, a falcon rising to sinister, wings displayed and inverted sable, and in pale three hawk's bells argent.

Louis-Philippe Mitouard. Change of device. Per bend sinister gules and azure, a striped silver tabby cat sejant guardant proper.

Miranda the Seamstress. Name approval only.

Otherhill, Shire of. Gules, five plates in chevron, in base a laurel wreath, and on a chief argent a Celtic cross flory sable.

NOTE: Draw the laurel wreath larger.

Padraighcine Ó hUrthile. Name correction.

Sherilyn Brighid von Markheim. Per chevron argent and sable, a cat's head cabossed between three mullets pierced, all counterchanged.

Shiloah Adamina Clellan. Per bend sinister azure and Or, a cat rampant, a cinquefoil argent, and a cat rampant to sinister sable.

Sonja of Atenveldt. Surname added for use by the College.

Widsith Devona of Exmoor. Per bend sinister and vert, a scarpe argent, in chief a Celtic triquetrum brooch Or.

Ynhared Dewines y Glyndu. Name change on badge.


Kingdom of Atlantia

Allanda de Warwick. Or, a butterfly within six roses in annulo azure.

Anthony Ishmael Achmid ibn Abdollah. Name approval only.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Albatross Pursuivant and Sea Castle Purs. Name approval for titles.

Bertrand de Flammepoing. Sable, a pall Or enflamed proper between a mullet of eight points Or and two others argent.

Beyeta Robakovna. Sable, a flowering apple sprig proper.

Carlota Maria de Granada. Bendy azure and argent, a decrescent Or surmounted by a Latin cross bottony gules.

Christina Michelle Marchant. Name approval only.

Eldrid Tremayne of Rainbow Tower. Name change from Eldrid Tremayne.

Stierbach, Shire of. Name approval only.

Tristan ap Howell. Per pale sable and argent, in base two hearts counterchanged.

Kingdom of Caid

Amberlyn of Angels. Surname added for use by the College.

Ambrose Celidonius. Vert, in bend sinister a double-sail-backed salamander statant bendwise embowed argent, orbed gules, and a bowl fesswise Or flammant proper.

NOTE: I have changed Celidonis to Celidonius for the following reasons: The Latin genitive is often translated of in English, but all phrases using of in English are not therefore translated by the genitive. Of as in from is de plus ablative: Ambrosius de Celidōne. Or, taking an adjectival form of the forest ("Celidonian Ambrose"): Ambrosius Celidonius. Thank you for the information on the forest Celidon, which did not occur to us. Since you want the Latin form instead of the Greek form, you must either use the Latin form Ambrosius or the English form Ambrose. I have assumed that you wish the latter. If you can document Ambros as a variant of Ambrose, you can have it. (It is not a minor change of spelling, as the o is pronounced differently in the two forms.)

Anna MacFarlane of Loch Lomane. Per chevron azure and argent, a chevron gules between a lion passant reguardant queue-fourchée Or and a rose gules, barbed vert.

Astriel of Smael Nest. Name change from Astriel of Small Nest. Badge. Azure, a compass star voided argent.

Branwyn o Corran. Gyronny azure and argent, on a sun rayonné Or between in pall three mullets of four points counterchanged in pale a mullet of four points and a unicorn's head sable.

NOTE: The proper Celtic word for being of a place is o.

Branwyn o Corran. Badge. Gyronny azure and argent, on a sun Or in cross four mullets of four points sable.

Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme. Azure, two trefoil knots braced Or and argent, on a chief argent a dragon couchant azure, winged sable.

NOTE: Draconarii is the genitive form. The correct form here is nominative. Bruce is normally a surname, but it is also his mundane given name.

Caid, Kingdom of. Badge for Order of the Harp Argent. Azure, a harp between three crescents within a bordure embattled argent.

Caid, Kingdom of. Badge for College of Scribes. A quill pen embattled argent.

Cameron of Caldoon. Badge for Order of St. Gunther. Per pale sable and Or, a trident counterchanged.

NOTE: The Order of St. Gunther passed at the Conclave, but was left off of the letter.

Cassandra of Khiva. Or, on a saltire nebuly azure a swan naiant argent.

NOTE: Appeal accepted.

Chenon of Grey Oaks. Gules, a pall counter-ermine between in annulo five oak trees couped proper.

Christopher of Deauville. Badge for the House of the Pilgrim and the Star. Argent, in fess a female pilgrim passant to sinister azure and a sinister gore sable, in sinister chief a compass star azure, all within a bordure gules.

Darach, Shire of. Azure, a pall argent between a laurel wreath Or and two Black Oak trees eradicated in autumn phase proper. (Quercus Velutina Lam.)

Denysa de las Mariposas. Change of Device. Vert, a bend sinister argent between two female Holly Blue butterflies proper within a bordure argent.

Edric the Forester. Per bend gules and sable, two spears in saltire and a sword argent, hilted of leather proper.

Elinore Windemere of the Moors. Per fess engrailed argent and azure, a lymphad proper, sailed Or, pennanted vert, and a sea-lion erect proper.

Emory MacMichael. Badge for House Fairmont. Per chevron azure and vert, a chevron and a chief embattled argent.

Enyd Draenegles. Or, a unicorn rising to sinister, head lowered, and on a mount sable a point pointed embowed trefoilly vert, fimbriated and charged with a gout Or.

NOTE: A beast rising means it is rising to its feet, going from sejant to statant. The hind legs are vertical and the front are bent.

Felinah Memo Hazara. Gules, a chevron argent between in chief two warhammers bendwise sable fimbriated argent, and in base a wolf's head caboshed sable, orbed and fimbriated argent.

NOTE: This was passed at the Conclave and left off the letter. The word khan was omitted, as it is a title and may not be used in a name.

Fiona Ramsay of Bronwyn Vale. Badge. Sable, two needles inverted in saltire between a full spindle and three compass stars, all within a bordure Or.

NOTE: Bordurelets shall no longer be used. Just use a bordure. The width of the bordure is a matter for the artist.

Francesca of Bright Angel. Surname added for use by the College.

Godffrey ap Del. Per pale azure and argent, a dragon passant within a bordure counterchanged.

Goldwin of Britain. Sable, a sword between four compass stars, two and two, all within a bordure Or.

NOTE: His previous device becomes a badge.

Grimaud d'Asterisque Noir. Argent, on the haft of a warhammer reversed proper, the head fimbriated, between in chief two natural salamanders statant, a mullet of eight points, overall a fess urdy-counter-urdy sable.

Gytha Raecliffe of Dalenworth Keep. Per bend embattled purpure and Or, a mullet and in bent two fleurs-de-lys palewise counterchanged.

Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood. Badge for Fairhaven. Azure, a fret within a double tressure Or.

Huette Aliza von und zu Ährens und Mechthildberg. Name change. We'll put the Huette back in.

James of the Hidden Valley. Name approval only.

Jayme O'Darcy of Glen Laurie. Name change from Jayme O'Darcy.

Keradawc an Cai. Badge. Sable, a pheon voided argent.

Lan Tallinnesk. Or, a saltire quarter-pierced surmounted by a chief sable.

Maren of Kilbride. Name approval only.

Olaf Olafsson. Name approval only.

NOTE: Olafsson is the correct spelling.

Roger de Bremble. Per pale sable and gules, issuant from a torse argent and sable a demi-lion erect argent, grasping in its dexter paw a sprig of bramble vert, fimbriated argent.

Roxane of Barnby Moor. Reblazon. Argent, on a fess sable between a Bengal tiger passant proper and a bell Or, fimbriated sable, an arrow reversed Or.

Siegfried von Höllenstein. Per pale Or and gules, a sword inverted counterchanged, and a chief per fess embattled azure and argent.

Starkhafn, Shire. Badge. Per bend azure and sable, on a bend argent three flames proper.

Stephanie of Oultre-Mer. Name approval only.

Su of the Silver Horn. Reblazon. Azure, in fess a drinking horn bendwise argent and a flower of four heart-shaped petals saltirewise Or, barbed vert, seeded argent, within a bordure Or surmounted by another sable.

NOTE: When one border surmounts another, the second is one-half the width of the first, effectively producing a bordure divided into two equal-width pieces.

Thomasina MacGregor of Thy. Azure, on a bend between a mullet of six points argent and a sun Or, a thistle palewise proper.

Tymothy Grahamson of Tallowcross. Name approval only.

William of Tintagel. Per bend azure and gules, a double-bitted thrusting axe and in sinister chief a mullet Or.

Xena Baxter Wynthorpe. Vert, in chief three garbs of wheat, one and two, Or and in base issuant from and between the attire of a stag's head caboshed proper a Latin cross, all within a bordure Or.

Kingdom of the East

Elizabeth Ruthven Carmichael. Addition of surname.

Knarlic Wolfherson. Per pale wavy argent and gules, in dexter a leopard's face gules.

Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane. Badge for Company of Watermen.

NOTE: This was formerly registered under the Company's name and is now transferred to her.

Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane. Badge for Companions of the Beaten Ass.

NOTE: This was formerly registered under Bess the Obscure and is now transferred to Alisoun.

Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane. Blazon correction. Or, a black-figure neck-amphora, cracked in chief, proper.

Kingdom of Meridies

Edward of Effingham. Or, in saltire two swords inverted between four fleurs-de-lys sable, overall a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper.

NOTE: I have omitted the tiny cross. It is too small a charge.

Edward of Effingham. Badge. A sword inverted proper surmounted by a winged lion passant guardant gules, haloed, maintaining in dexter forepaw a long cross moline Or.

Rebecca of Twywn the Demanding. Blazon correction. Vert, a domestic cat's head affronty argent, collared and grasping in his mouth a dagger Łesswise, hilt to sinister, argent hilted sable.

Kingdom of the West

Alric of Castleburg. Bendy sable and argent, a cross pattée gules within a bordure sable.

Anthony of Hollymount. Vert, a stalk of wheat inverted surmounted by two stalks of wheat in saltire Or.

Arthur of Ross-shire. Gules, in bend a lion and a unicorn rampant palewise addorsed within a bordure Or.

Blatha an Oir, Shire. Azure, in saltire two daffodils slipped and on a mount Or a laurel wreath vert.

Brian Saunders. Name approval only.

Childeric des Vosges. Azure, a cross gules fimbriated, in canton a fleur-de-lys, within a bordure Or.

Cynagua, Principality of. Badge for Office of the Gold Key. Quarterly Or and argent, on a pale sable a key Or.

Douglas de Huyn of Glenn Ammon. Per fess engrailed azure and sable, a sea-lion erect guardant to sinister argent.

Duncan MacFlandry. Name approval only.

Edward the Merchant. Sable, a sword fesswise proper and in chief a bezant.

Esther of Darkhaven. Surname added for use by the College.

Felina of Laireyrie. Name approval only.

Gwili of Fallingtower. Surname added for use by the College.

Henrik of Havn. Badge. Per fess gyronny of sixteen in cross, azure and Or, and vert, on a roundel sable fimbriated in pale a horse's head couped and a coronet showing three Latin crosses Or.

NOTE: Gyronny in cross means the gyronny is rotated one-half notch so the gyrons are in cross.

James Addison the Lame. Badge. Per fess embowed-counter-embowed azure and argent, in sinister chief a dove's head erased argent.

Julia des Grenades. Badge. Purpure, a hand bell and in chief a cooking spoon fesswise Or.

Kafyre bint Assad. Argent, two peacocks pavanated respectant proper, a point pointed vert.

NOTE: Pavanated means the tail feathers are closed and lowered in a smooth curve.

Lin the Baker. Surname added for use by the College.

Lisa of Toad Hall. Surname added for use by the College.

Mari d'Arbre. Name approval only.

Meredith Clough. Surname added for use by the College.

Michael Alanson. Gules, on a chevron cotised Or four estoiles gules.

Micheil MacGhillebrath of Dunmaglas. Gules, a thistle slipped and leaved proper and a chief argent.

Minette of Falldeer Hall. Surname added for use by the College.

Narissa of Hart's Wood. Vert, a pale wavy argent, overall a stag springing proper.

Rebekah of Madrone. Surname added for use by the College.

Regina Masquer. Counter-ermine, a bend sinister vert, overall a bull's head cabossed Or.

NOTE: Appeal accepted on the grounds that Regina is her mundane given name. This name is not available for general use, as it is a title.

Rhwth Rhys of Eldatir. Name change from Rhwth nic Ronald of Eldatir.

Ronald of Flaming Hall. Blazon change. Surname added for use by the College. Lozengy barry ermine and gules.

Stephen of Westmarch. Badge for House Powys of Machynleth. Or, on a saltire sable between four lions rampant gules two swords inverted in saltire enflamed at the blades proper.

Teufelberg, Shire of. Per saltire azure and argent, on a fess argent a trident gules within a laurel wreath sable.

West, Kingdom of the. Badge for Order of the Knights of the Silver Molet. Argent, on a pile gules a mullet pierced argent.

West, Kingdom of the. Badge for Order of the Knights of the Silver Molet. Gules, on a pile argent a mullet pierced gules.

West, Kingdom of the. Title for Brachet Herald.

Wilhelm aus Westfalen. Azure, a mullet of six (seven) points Or within six swords conjoined in annulo proper, all within a bordure argent mullety of seven points azure.

NOTE: One may not use von before a German place name, as that was the form for the noble of that place. In these cases, one uses aus to indicate being from that place.

William of Woodland. Vert, on a tankard Or a cross crosslet fitchy vert.

NOTE: Fitchy is like a dagger blade. Please draw it properly. As drawn, it is a cross crosslet pointed in base.

Wolk of Three Mountains. Blazon change. Surname added for use by the College. Vert, in sinister issuant from sinister four piles fesswise counter-embowed and a chief indented argent.


Kingdom of Ansteorra

Erin Emeraldstar. Appeal on name denied.

The majority of authorities on Celtic culture agree that Eriu was the eponymous goddess of Ireland. From the Larousse World Mythology, p. 352: ". . . the De Danann Iriu (eponymous goddess of Ireland)." See also Proinsias MacCana, Celtic Mythology, pp. 64, 85, 121; Thomas Kinsella, The Tain, note on p. 278; Robert Graves, The White Goddess, pp. 291, 301. Squire, while a good introduction to the subject, is not always a reliable source. You may not use the name of a deity unless it passed into common use as a given name in period.

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Astrin Wyvill. Per chevron azure and argent, a tower between in dexter and sinister chief two mullets of four greater and four lesser points elongated to base counterchanged.

NOTE: Conflicts with Deporodh of Rannoch: Per chevron abased azure and argent, two mullets argent and a birch leaf proper. Close to Catherine Ariel de la Cru.

Kendall Clellan. Azure, a scroll unrolled palewise argent charged with a quill pen bendwise sinister, point in an inkwell sable, all within a bordure Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. Clellan is a given name. Kendall is a place name. (By your own documentation.) Hence you could be Clellan Kendall, but not Kendall Clellan. The device seems acceptable.

Miranda the Seamstress. Sable, in the first quarter three needles inverted conjoined in pile bendwise argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is not a period arrangement. Please re-arrange the needles into a standard arrangement. You could have eight of them in gyronny or four in cross, or three in pall, etc.

Thorne Christopher of Keystone. Gules, on a keystone issuant from chief azure, fimbriated ermine, above in base an estoile of eight points Or, a griffin segreant argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. Thorne is a surname, and not a given name. Try Thorarin, Thorarinn, Thorer, or some other period variant of Thor. If you change the fimbriation on the device to argent, it would seem acceptable. Fimbriation of a fur is a bad idea; you can't see the ermine spots.

Kingdom of Atlantia

Caer Mear, Barony of. Badge. Per fess gules and azure, on a lozenge argent a tower sable.

NOTE: This is too much like an inescutcheon of pretense of the arms of Lambesdorf: Argent, a tower sable. Try a billet.

Stierbach, Shire of. Per fess embattled argent and gules, in pale three bulls courant counterchanged between in base a laurel wreath proper.

NOTE: Device rejected. The arms have insufficient contrast. Proper is mostly used for charges with non-heraldic tinctures. A laurel wreath is vert and should be treated as such. The center bull is hard to distinguish. I suggest: Argent, in pale three bulls courant gules within a laurel wreath vert, or: Per fess embattled gules and argent, in pale two bulls courant counterchanged and in base a laurel wreath vert.

Kingdom of Caid

Abdhur Rahman Curom memo Hazara Khan. Argent, a gore and a gore sinister conjoined at point azure, overall a tower sable masoned argent upon a pedestal of two degrees sable, and in base a torteau charged with a warhammer bendwise sable fimbriated argent.

NOTE: Name and device rejected at the 1979 Conclave but left off the printout. Khan may not be used as part of a name. One may not place the badge of one's household as an augmentation on one's device.

Astra Christiana Benedict. Per fess azure and purpure, a bar argent between a mullet and a cross crosslet Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. Astra is not a period given name. You can have Asta (venerable) or Astrid. You could also use just Christiana Benedict. The device seems OK.

Caid, Kingdom of. Badge for Order of the Dolphin of Caid. Azure, a dolphin haurient inverted, head twisted to chief, between three crescents within a bordure embattled argent.

NOTE: The dolphin's position is not heraldic. Try a dolphin haurient inverted or a dolphin haurient. Your dolphin here is breaking his back.

Daerbran of Oxará. Per fess embattled vert and azure, a tower, a double-bitted axe, and a base argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. In Norse, brann is fire, and daer doesn't exist. Document the name. The device seems acceptable, although the vert and azure portions lack contrast.

Fionna Ramsay of Bronwyn Vale. Argent, on a winged roundel sable fimbriated issuant from base two hands Or, vested sable, fimbriated Or, grasping a plate, and on a chief wavy sable, fimbriated a compass star between the horns of a decrescent Or.

NOTE: Device rejected. The Or fimbriation against argent is metal on metal. The device is entirely too cluttered. I suggest you use Argent, on a chief wavy sable a compass star within a decrescent Or. You could add the winged roundel sable, but anything else in addition would be too much.

Goldwin of Britain. Badge. Sable, a twin-towered castle between in fess two swords enhanced and in chief a compass star, all within a bordure embattled.

NOTE: Badge rejected. This is too complicated for a badge. Try removing the swords.

Islyle le Gannoker de Gavain. Per chevron enhanced concave argent and vert, an axe bendwise sinister vert, charged on the blade with a mullet Or, a chalice vert, banded Or, and a unicorn passant argent, armed and gorged of a collar Or.

NOTE: Appeal on name denied. I still need documentation for the use of Islyle as a given name. Where did you find the citation for Beatrix le Gannoker?

Islyle le Gannoker de Gavain. Badge for House Estoc. Azure, an open book argent surmounted by an estoc inverted Or.

NOTE: The badge seems acceptable, as does the name for the house. An estoc is a type of thrusting sword. This badge must wait until the problem with Islyle is resolved.

James of the Hidden Valley. Azure, between the peaks of a twin-peaked mountain sable, fimbriated, an increscent and in chief two compass stars of sixteen points argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is a landscape. There is insufficient contrast. Sixteen points are too many. Draw the stars larger. I suggest making the mountain argent and putting the increscent in chief.

Jayme O'Darcy of Glen Laurie. Argent, a horned pegasus rampant sable, armed, unguled, crined and winged argent, fimbriated sable, and on a chief sable four cat's paw prints argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. Conflicts with Aurelia de la Licorne: Argent, a winged unicorn rampant sable, armed, crimed, orbed and unguled Or. Also conflicts with Phelan of Duramen: Argent, a bend sinister argent, fimbriated, overall a winged unicorn rampant sable, armed, unguled, collared and trailing a broken chain Or, and on a chief sable a paw print argent.

Maren of Kilbride. Azure, a bend and in base a quatrefoil argent.

NOTE: Device rejected at Conclave but left off of the printout. Conflicts with Benton: Axure, a bend argent. Also Thomas of the Oaks: Azure, above a bend argent an oak leaf Or.

Miscell of Lyonesse. Badge for Drakeshalle. Argent, a duck volant sable, collared gules, billed and orbed Or.

NOTE: Conflicts with Andeflycht: Argent, a duck volant proper. A duck proper is sable.

Olaf Olafsson. Sable, a Great Horned Owl displayed proper, and in sinister canton a torteau fimbriated argent and charged with a warhammer bendwise sable fimbriated argent.*

NOTE: Device rejected at Conclave, but left off of the printout. You cannot place a household badge on a shield like an augmentation. Change the field to gules; then you can have a hammer sable, fimbriated argent. *(Bubo virginianus)

Randall of Skorch. Gules, on a pile argent between two lightning bolts Or, a mushroom gules.

NOTE: Name rejected at Conclave, but left off of the printout. Skorch is the land of Blackwolf the Wizard in the film "Wizards," and being technological, it is out of period. The device appears OK.

Rhiannon de l'Etoile. Azure, a leopard sejant, sinister paw upraised, and in base three compass stars argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. Rhiannon is the name of a goddess and does not seem to have been used as a given name in period. Therefore, it may not be used under the new rules. The leopard is not in a standard position, and the use of compass stars of dissimilar size is out of period.

Stephanie of Oultre-Mer. Or, two bay horses' heads couped addorsed conjoined proper and a base argent, fimbriated gules.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is an exact conflict with Limousain's arms in Pierre Patheling (amazing coincidence).

Tymothy Grahamson of Tallowcross. Argent, an annulet surmounted by three roundels gules voided argent.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Hirton: Argent, three annulets gules.

Kingdom of the East

Stephen den Falk. Azure, in bend a black gyrfalcon striking proper and a lightning bolt bendwise sinister Or.

NOTE: Rejected on June 16, 1976, for lack of genus and species, but left off of the letter.

Kingdom of Meridies

Labran Gudransdatter. Purpure, on a pale pean a pair of popinjays proper.

NOTE: Appeal denied. There is insufficient contrast. I suggest: Purpure, on a pale potent a pair of popinjays proper. I will accept a heraldic popinjay proper.

Tetsuo Sakura. Azure, five Japanese axe heads conjoined at the spikes voided argent.

NOTE: Appeal rejected. The College tries to follow period naming practices. In our period, Japanese names were never inverted this way. That didn't happen until the late 19th century. He will have to register Sakura Tetsuo. He can call himself Tetsuo Sakura but it must officially be Sakura Tetsuo. His mon still conflicts with the mon of the Masakari family in Japan, which has the same thing, except the axes are not voided.

Kingdom of the West

Bejvulf von Ramshaffen. Sable, two rains salient combattant, the dexter Or, armed argent, the sinister argent, armed or.

NOTE: Appeal rejected. I will accept Ramshaffen, but Bejvulf, to our knowledge, is not a period variant of Beowulf. The device still seems acceptable.

Bahram the Resplendent. Sable, a senmurv erect proper environed of bezants in annulo.

NOTE: Name rejected. Bahram is acceptable so long as it is sufficiently differenced from the Sassanian dynasty of Iran. Unfortunately, the Resplendent was a sobriquet of Bahram I of Iran, and so the name conflicts. Please choose a different sobriquet. The device seems acceptable.

Brendan Shimmering Star. Argent, estoilly, a chevron sable surmounted by a mullet of six-points elongated palewise Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. This is not a period construction. You cannot be a Shimmering Star. I suggest Brendan of the Shimmering Star. The device seems acceptable.

Brian Saunders. Fusily bendwise sinister argent and gules, on a bend sinister sable in chief a cock close Or.

NOTE: Device rejected. This division of the field doesn't exist. Try Paly bendy sinister.

Duncan MacFlandry. Argent, a cross quarter-pierced sable between five thistles proper.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Ayesha de Warwick: Argent, a cross quarter-pierced purpure between five blue violets slipped and leaved proper.

Felina of Laireyrie. Azure, a winged lioness sejant, sinister forepaw upraised, within on a bordure Or, a tressure vert charged with three clematis blossoms Or.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Leonessa des Belles Fleurs (West): Azure, a winged lion sejant Or, beneath the forepaws two garden roses argent, stalked and leaved proper. I suggest you ask Leonessa for permission.

Fyodor Feather Fluffer. Azure, an owl displayed between three marten's heads caboshed, one and two, argent.

NOTE: Appeal rejected. Feather Fluffer is not a period form. The word fluff is out of period. One would use Breakstone, not Stone Breaker. Why not use Fyodor the Peasant or Fyodor the Hunter? The device still seems acceptable.

Iseult nic-Elam. Vert, a bend sinister argent surmounted by a horse's head couped sable, fimbriated argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. Elam is an ancient country, and therefore cannot be used as a patronymic. Try MacEllin or MacAilin, or of Elam. The device seems acceptable.

Karolyn Johnston of Lindley. Per pale vert and azure, a ram's head caboshed argent, armed, and a chief urdy Or.

NOTE: Appeal denied. Karolyn is not a female form of Karolus, which is the Latin form of Charles. I will accept Carola, as that is the only period female form of Charles. The device' still seems acceptable.

Mari d'Arbre. Azure, three groups of three mullets conjoined one and two argent.

NOTE: Conflicts with Douglas: Azure, three mullets argent. Also close to Widmerpool: Azure, three mullets of six points pierced argent.


Pray believe, my Lords and Ladies, that I remain your servant,


Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms