ACCEPTANCES February 26, 1982 XVI


Maelen of Catcott. Reblazon. Purpure, on a lozenge argent a forget-me-not blossom proper. (Myosotis scorpioide).

Robert MacFlandry of Dundee. Name change from Raibert the Berserker.

Yolanda of Thymbra. Reblazon. Azure, a cameleopard counter-statant Or within a border compony sable and Or.


Agelos Evienece. Sable, in pale a wolf's head cabossed and two swords in saltire, within an orle argent.

Agelos Evienece. Badge for Company of the Lance Per saltire argent and azure, a cresset sable, enflamed proper.

Aladric of Litchfield. Azure, upon a chevron sable fimbriated between two garbs and a cross crosslet Or, two lions combattant argent.

NOTE: Make the fimbriation wider.

Alina of Breldwyn. Vert, on a bend argent two oak leaves inverted vert, overall an otter statant to sinister guardant proper (Lutra canadensis)

Arwyn Althea. Per chevron azure and vert, a chevron and on a chief embattled argent a label vert.

NOTE: Arwyn is masculine and Arwen is feminine.

Blaine de Navarri. Purpure, two trees conjoined in fess argent.

Branwyn of Corran. Name correction.

NOTE: Branwyn is the masculine form; Branwen is the feminine form. I have changed "fer" to "of" so the form will be correct. I quote from a letter from Lady Eriod of fire (our consultant on Celtic names): "As I recall, I said nothing about [fer'] at all. What I objected to was her use of fer' (daughter of) with Corran (which she said was a place). I repeat: you can be daughter of someone, you can be of or from a place, you cannot be daughter of a place. Period. It is poetic and wrong. The problem can be solved in one of two ways. She can do a small mental adjustment and simply say that Corran was the name of her father or her mother, for that matter. This is the easiest solution, as it leaves the form of her name intact in the manner she wishes it. The other is to correct the usage form to the place-name usage form, which is Branwyn o Gorran. This she does not want, obviously. To answer a point in her objections, for the general information of the College, the form Ó' (with accent and apostrophe) is indeed the form in Irish that means 'grandson of.' It is the abbreviation or condensation over the years of the form Ui or Ua. Thus the old form Ui Neill (grandson(s) of Niall) became O'Neill over the centuries. So far, so good.

However, in place-name usage the preposition meaning 'of/from' in both Irish and Welsh--including Old Irish and Middle Welsh--is 'o'--small, no accent, no apostrophe In Irish it takes the dative, as I recall, and I think it aspirates the following consonant. At the moment that does not matter, as in the name we are considering, being Welsh, it changes the following word by eclipsing the initial consonant. Thus, Branwyn o Gorran (something I had pointed out in my original comments that was not passed on to the lady in question). My judgment in the matter remains: either Corran is the name of one of her parents and she is Branwyn fer'Corran, or Corran is the name of a place and she is Branwyn o Gorran. Her citation of the Norman forms of Welsh names only strengthens the case against her, unfortunately, since of course she can call herself Branwyn of Corran, which of course would be de Corran in Norman usage, and happens to be o Gorran in Welsh (and ó Chorran in Irish). 'Daughter o is of course fitz in Norman, ferch in Welsh and ni in Irish (or nic)." You may choose any other correct form and resubmit it.

Clarice deLay of Rowanholt. Argent, on a pale endorsed vert, a swan naiant to sinister overall argent between two fleurs-de-lys Or.

NOTE: Make the swan larger so it extends to the outer edges of the endorses, or else shrink it so it is completely on the pale. The period form is deLay, not Delay.

Clarice deLay of Rowanholt. Badge. Vert, a cross argent between in chief two fleurs-de-lys Or, overall in base a swan naiant to sinister, all within a bordure argent.

Claryce Lostlove of Castle Rising. Name change from Claryce of Castle Lostlove.

Corwin du Mont de Maine. Name only.

Douglas the Tall. Name only.

Edwyn de Forbes. Sable, two claymores in saltire proper, on a chief pointed gules, fimbriated, a mullet Or.

NOTE: Draw the fimbriation wider.

Elred of Canterbury. Or, a bend between a sword bendwise inverted and a fauchard bendwise gules, overall a bull's head cabossed sable.

Fionna Ramsay of Bronwyn Vale. Vert, upon a pile raguly sable fimbriated, between in base three triquetras, a griffin segreant Or.

NOTE: See margin for sketch of a triquetra.

Fionna Ramsay of Bronwyn Vale. Badge for Theodore Little Bear. Argent, in fess a patriarchal cross gules distilling a goutte de poix between two pine trees proper.

NOTE: We are deleting the separate name approval of Theodore Little Bear. You can register a badge under your name for your teddy bear, but do not submit a device for your teddy bear.

Francis Burnell of Selkirk. Vert, in saltire a hammer and a quill and on a chief argent three mullets of six points gules.

Glynn Llan-y-Rhyllwyn. Potenty gules and argent, a sun sable eclipsed argent charged with a mullet throughout sable.

Goldwin of Britain . Badge for House Aurium. Sable, a castle and in chief a compass-star, all within a bordure embattled Or.

Griffith ap Griffith ap Griffith. Vert, a tun argent between in fess two male griffins combattant and in chief another statant guardant Or.

Guillena Oriana. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a unicorn rampant to sinister gules and a Samoyed sejant to sinister argent.

Hogge Gulestaf an Lintun. Name only.

Isabell Turpin. Per fess vert and argent, a hand bell and a terrapin statant to sinister counterchanged.

Islyle le Gannoker de Gavain. Badge for House Estoc Azure, an open book argent, overall an estoc inverted Or.

NOTE: An estoc is a sword with a long, narrow, quadrangular blade intended solely for thrusting; earlier ones hung from the saddle or passed through rings on the belt.

Jayme O'Darcy of Glern Laurie. Badge. Sable, on a mullet throughout argent a cat's paw print sable, within a bordure argent.

Jean Louis de la Bête. Name change from Jean Lois de la Bête.

Kevin of Aberwyvern. Name change from Kevin Aberwyvern and badge. Or, on a pale gules a lion's head erased Or, within a bordure embattled sable.

Malcolm Alberic. Azure, on a bend sinister engrailed sable fimbriated between two spiral hunting horns Or, a sword inverted proper.

Manfred von Falkenmond. Quarterly gules and vert, perched atop a crescent Or a merlin proper, hooded and jessed argent. (Falco columbarius)

Marina Ariadne ni Chlurain. Name change from Marina nic Chlurain of the Silver Sword. Azure, an estoile of eight rays Or within three bottlenosed dolphins naiant clockwise in annulo ail within a bordure engrailed argent.

NOTE: Her previous device becomes a badge.

Marina Ariadne ni Chlurain. Badge. Vert, in pale a dolphin naiant to sinister and a dolphin naiant inverted argent.

Patrick O'Malley of Ulidia. Per bend sinister azure and vert, a lion's head erased Or and in dexter chief a compass-star argent.

Patrick O'Malley of Ulidia. Badge for House of the Distant Star. Sable, a compass-star argent, on a chief embattled azure, fimbriated Or, a decrescent and an increscent argent.

Peter of the Golden Isles. Per pale azure and gules, a smith's hammer argent within an annulet Or.

Sieglinde von der Hohenwüste. Per chevron gules and sable, a battle-axe bendwise sinister, a warhammer bendwise Or, and a winged helmet argent.

Sigurd Greywulfe. Sable, a bend sinister between a wolf rampant to sinister argent and an axe bendwise sinister embrued proper.

Sophia de Leon. Per saltire azure and argent, in cross two crosses formy voided annuletted, and two lions combattant counterchanged.

NOTE: Annuletted means each arm of the cross ends in an annulet. When two pairs of charges are in cross, one first blazons the pair in pale and then the pair in fess. If the two pairs had been in saltire, you would first blazon the pair in bend and then the pair in bend sinister.

Stephen Westbourg of Flanders. Or, three towers sable, on a chief azure a dove displayed guardant argent.

Susana of Dunstan. Or, on a fess azure an arrow reversed Or, overall a Madonna lily stalked and leaved proper. (Lilium candidum)

NOTE: Arrows fesswise point to sinister, just like arrows palewise point to base. Arrows and arrowheads thus point in the opposite direction from most other charges.

Sylvia des Silences Argentins du Bois. Gules, a winged unicorn rampant argent within a bordure rayonny Or.

NOTE: Argent is French for silver, and silence is masculine, so it becomes Argentins.

Thea Gabrielle Northernridge. Azure, a dexter hand appaumé proper between three mullets of six points within a bordure Or.

Thomasina MacGregor of Tay. Badge. Azure, on a mullet of six points throughout argent a Scottish thistle proper.

NOTE: Draw the mullet correctly.

Tola Fredasdotter. Argent, in fess a goat climant to sinister sable and a gore sinister vert.

NOTE: The correct Old Norse metronymic form of Freda would be Fredudóttir, since -a becomes -u in the genitive. What you have is a reasonable Anglicized variation, but if you want to be correct for Old Norse, you should use the other form. (We will accept such a change without extra fee.)

William Blacksnake. Purpure, on a pale argent between two battle-axes respectant Or, a serpent undulant tergiant sable.


Æthelinda Longa. Azure, in pale a seax fesswise inverted reversed and an escallop, within an orle Or.

NOTE: I have deleted Thaine because Thaine is a title, not a name. Longa is the feminine form, while Longus is the masculine form The first two device choices both conflicted.

Alaric Blaec Sweord. Name only.

NOTE: In our period, it would have been more common to combine the two words into Blaecsweord.

Alexander Shanasie. Pean, on a cross flory azure a chalice Or.

NOTE: What you have is a phonetic rendition of Shaughnessy, but that requires an e at the end. The Gaelic form of Alexander is Alasdair The Gaelic form of the whole name would thus be Alasdair O Seachnasaigh. The fimbriation is unnecessary and as drawn is just an outline, so I dropped it from the blazon. If you want the fimbriation mentioned, it must be drawn much wider.

Alfred of Durham. Paly sans nombre azure and argent, on a bend sinister engrailed between a hemispheric astrolabe and an equatorium Or three estoiles gules.

Alycanna Morgaine. Name only.

Amellia Bachert. Azure, on a chevron argent three golpes and on a chief argent three crosses crosslet sable.

Angelica de Boullounger. Name only.

Anne Wyecliffe. Name only.

Arienhwyfar Pell. Gules, an owl close guardant beneath a chevronel throughout argent between three rue flowers Or.

NOTE: As Pell is a family name, o was deleted, as it is used only with place names.

Arval Benicoeur. Name only.

Caobha’n O’ Suilleabhain. Or, three Irish setters rampant proper and on a chief vert issuant from base a dexter hand argent, vested Or, grasping a sword reversed proper.

Carolingia, Barony of. Badge. Azure, a pale wavy couped Or.

NOTE: Draw the wavy with larger curves,

Catriona Danica MacRae. Name only.

Chadris d'Argent. Per pale argent and vert, in saltire two lances counterchanged and in base an anvil sable.

NOTE: Period anvils are symmetric, with two horns.

Charles of the Dark Forest. Name only.

Claude the Tall. Name only.

Cordelie du Fleuve. Spelling correction from Cordelie du Fleure)

Dawnfield, Shire of. Per fess azure and vert, in pale a demi-sun issuant from fess Or and a laurel wreath argent.

Denis de Courcey of the Kells. Or, a sea-horse erect to sinister vert.

Diego Mundoz. Quarterly gules and Or, in pale a brown bear statant reguardant proper between two hunting horns unstrung sable.

Dorthea Riblotta. Azure, four buttercups, one, two, and one, inverted, slipped and leaved, Or.

East, Kingdom of. Badge for the Order of Fatima Pean, a garb Or, banded gules.

East, Kingdom of. Badge for the Order of Fatima Counter-ermine, a garb Or, banded gules.

East, Kingdom of. Badge for the Queen's Order of Courtesy. On a dexter glove aversant argent, a rose azure charged with another Or.

Edwin of Folkestone. Name only.

Eirik Rødbjørn. Name only.

Emrys Cador. Name only.

Eomer of the Lion's Head. Name only.

Ergard Joelson. Azure, a lute bendwise sinister Or beneath five bezants in fess arched and on a chief pean a sinister hand couped reversed and a dexter hand couped argent.

NOTE: Draw the lute correctly, with the oval part facing straight outwards, not tilted in perspective as you have it now.

Fennbrycg, Canton of. Argent, a heron statant close upon a bridge gules, within a laurel wreath and in canton an oak tree eradicated vert.

NOTE: It would be much better to have two oak trees in chief, so the arms would be balanced.

Fennbrycg, Canton of. Badge. Argent, semé of batons sinister vert, a loon gules.

Geoffrey Geometer. Name change from Geoffrey Geometer.

Glennon Fabyan. Per saltire sable and gules, a Latin cross bendwise sinister argent.

Heinrich von Kreiner. Per saltire Or and azure, a hurst of oak trees proper.

Ivyeinrust, Bailiwick of. Argent, an ivy leaf within a laurel wreath vert and a chief embattled sable.

Jeilica Cassor de Larc. Sable, an arrow argent, barbed and fletched, between in fess a sun in splendor Or and a moon in its complement argent.

NOTE: For the benefit of the scribes, we will henceforth give the tinctures of default charges. This means that if we hadn't specified the sun's tincture as Or, then it would have been argent, as that would be the next tincture in the blazon. (This is a reversal of my statement last month.)

Karl Haraldsson. Per chevron azure and sable, a chevron Or between two axes in saltire and a sword inverted argent.

NOTE: The correct Norse form has a double s.

Knights Crossing, Shire of. Gules, two wheels yoked in bend, the yoke fracted, within a laurel wreath Or.

Magnus Blödax. Sable, a dragon passant coward dismembered, overall on a bend sinister argent, fimbriated, an axe reversed sable, embrued gules.

Meghan MacIan of Loch Awe. Name only.

Merlynia of Rivenoak. Name only.

Mountain Freehold, Barony of. Per chevron Or and azure in base a sea-horse erect within a laurel wreath argent.

Mountain Freehold, Barony of. Name only for Order of the Corbie.

Mountain Freehold, Barony of. Name only for Order of the Kelpie.

Mountain Freehold, Barony of. Name only for Order of the Mountain Ash.

Myrkewoode, Barony of. Badge. Ermine, a tree blasted and eradicated and a chief wavy within a bordure sable.

Olwen of Dinas Trereen. Ermine, a wolf courant gules.

NOTE: The proper order puts Dinas before Trereen. Congratulations on registering a truly simple device!

Patrice Rhiannon of Dragon Keep. Per fess embattled argent and azure, a heron close contourné and a wyvern erect counterchanged.

NOTE: A Book of Welsh Names, by Trefor Rendell Davies (London: Sheppard Press, 1952), lists Rhiannon as a common Welsh given name, Therefore, even though it is the name of a goddess, it may be used so long as the name and the device sufficiently differentiate the person from the goddess. Anyone who had her name rejected before for using Rhiannon may now resubmit, providing the name is so differenced.

Patrick Mulcada. Vert, an escallop inverted within an orle argent.

Regina Romsey. Per pale purpure and Or, semy of swords counterchanged; a snowy owl close guardant argent.

NOTE: The College is opposed to the use of titles in names We have received documentation that Regina specifically was a common given name in our period. Therefore, we will allow the use of Regina as a given name so long as there is no indication in the name that a claim to royalty exists. This means that Regina must be the first word of the Society name and that the Society name may not be in Latin, and that the word Regina may not be followed by any translation of "of X," where X is a place name, as that could indicate that the person was queen of that place. Therefore, in this case I have omitted "de," as Regina Romsey is a perfectly period form meaning Regina of Romsey. This use of Regina does not imply permission to use any other titles as names (e.g., you still can't have Earl or Rex).

Richenda de Cameron. Name only.

Rosalba Vespucci. Vert, on a chevron argent three hearts, the center heart inverted, gules, and a bordure argent.

NOTE: We do not use bordurelets anymore.

Rudth of Ruthin. Argent, a serpent coiled vert and in chief a scimitar fesswise inverted reversed sable.

Salaamallah the Corpulent. Badge for House Rukh Tierced in pall sable, gules and vert, a chess rook argent.

Sigmundr Ulvr. Or, in pale three harts springing within a bordure sable.

Talonayre of the Two Swords. Per pale gules and argent, on a chief enarched-counter-enarched sable, in sinister chief a mullet of four points argent.

Tamera FitzGloucestre of the White Boar. Badge for Harrogate Hall. Azure, two cats combattant, tails sufflexed, argent, both maintaining a fountain fimbriated argent.

NOTE: Make the fimbriation wider. Barry wavy azure and purpure has very little contrast, and even less when placed on an azure field, so I have changed it to a fountain, as was allowed on the form.

Ulrich Vikingsjäger. Ermine, a sword surmounted by a lion sejant erect Or, within a bordure invected azure.

NOTE: Vikingsjäger is the correct German form. The lion Or on the sword Or on the field ermine, while technically OK, has very poor contrast.

Vergil William the Lost. Name only.

Vissevald Selkirksson. Argent, on a bend sinister gules, six annulets Or, overall a halberd bendwise sable, within a bordure compony sable and argent.

NOTE: To use a surname to form a patronymic can indicate bastardy. Capt. Jamie Selkirk is an alternate persona for Duke Aonghais, namely, his illegitimate nephew. Earl Vissevald claims to be the illegitimate son of Capt. Jamie Selkirk. I hereby grant a specific case approval to this name

Wolfe Thoraldsson. Azure, on a bend sinister argent between two pairs of swords inverted in saltire proper a wolf's paw print gules.

NOTE: Thorald takes a double s for the patronymic.

Signy Bjarnarsdottir. Name only.

NOTE: The proper form for the patronymic is Bjarnarsdottir.


Biserko Broznik. Per bend sinister azure and sable, a double-bitted axe bendwise argent, hafted Or, embrued gules.

NOTE: Appeal OK. Biserko is an actual Polish name.


Vladimir Bohdan Blahuciak. Name only.


REJECTIONS February 26, 1982 XVI


Corwin du Mont de Maine. Sable, a garden rose slipped and leaved between two flaunches argent.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Corwin of Amber: Sable, a rose, slipped and leaved, argent. It also conflicts with Buiran, who has the same arms as Corwin of Amber (Rietstap).

Darkwolf Dreewyrd. Or, a wolf's head erased, on a chief sable, a stag's attire Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. Darkwolf is not a correct Anglo-Saxon name, as deorc is not one of the name roots. Their names do not translate You could get acceptable names that could translate as Darkwolf by using any one of the following: Blaecwulf, Blacwulf, Dunwulf, Dunnwulf. The device seems acceptable.

Douglas the Tall. Sable, a chalice within four arrows interlaced in mascle argent.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Malaguyn: Sable, a chalice covered argent.

Hogge Gulestaf an Lintun. Azure, a pale argent, overall a boar's head erased Or, surmounted by a walking staff palewise gules.

NOTE: Device rejected, Placing charges on top of overall charges is contrary to period practice. Put the staff on the pale and the head on top.

Roncor Woodclaver. Or, in saltire a lightning flash and a sword inverted, in chief a double-bitted axe sable; overall upon a mount vert an oak tree proper.

NOTE: Neither the name nor the device is acceptable. Woodclaver has no meaning. Do you mean Woodcleaver? From which heroic names did you derive Roncor? Putting charges behind a tree like this is not period style. (Do you realize that you will be called Rancor?)

Tymothy of Tallowcross. Argent, three arrows crossed in estoile sable, overall surmounting an annulet three roundels gules voided argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is not period style; it is too complicated. Creating charges consisting of thin lines like this is not proper style. Try using the three arrows and overall an annulet gules.


Alaric Blaec Sweord. Azure, on a pale between two mullets of eight points argent a sword inverted sable.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Michael the Lucky of Lancaster: Sable, on a pale between two mullets of eight points elongated to base argent a sword inverted gules.

Alycanna Morgaine. Gyronny argent and sable, three quatrefoils gules.

NOTE: Conflicts with Crupelant: Argent, three quatrefoils gules (Rietstap). Please draw the quatrefoils properly, not like crosses.

Angelica de Boullounger. Vert, a unicorn's horn couped bendwise argent.

NOTE: The use of a unicorn's horn without other charges is mundanely reserved for apothecaries. It is also hard to tell what the charge is. Put it on a bend overall or add other charges.

Aquel of Darkstead Wood. Badge for House Skold. Vert, a brideskold argent, attired and belled Or.

NOTE: Badge rejected. Lord Aquel's own documentation lists the brideskold as an instrument of punishment that was intended to be degrading In the SCA we are trying to re-create the Middle Ages as they should have been, without such evils as endemic disease, illiteracy, religious persecution, and sexual discrimination. Through SCA decisions to allow women to fight, to hold office, and to otherwise have an equal role in the SCA, we have affirmed our intention to avoid the subjugation of women practiced in the Middle Ages Heraldic arms are supposed to be serious, honorable emblems. Therefore, in the SCA we shall not use as charges such offensive items as the brideskold, the chastity belt, the dunking stool, the burning stake, or any other symbol of female degradation. These charges are forbidden under the offensive clause.

Arval Benicoeur. Gyronny of twelve from the center of the dexter chief quarter sable and azure, an Arabian camel couchant argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. This sort of division is not heraldic Try Quarterly sable and azure, an Arabian camel couchant argent. You can't have gyronny of two colors.

Balloghllan, Shire of. Per bend azure and purpure, a lightning flash bendwise throughout between a laurel wreath and a clamshell argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. Ball does mean member or part. Logh means to remit or forgive, so you need to use loch. Llan does not mean perfect in either Gaelic or Welsh (the double "L" is not Gaelic in any case). The word for perfect in Irish is foirfe. Thus, one correct translation would be Ballochfoirfe. Please document your version. The arms seem acceptable, and Silver Clam Pursuivant is OK.

Catriona Danica MacRae. Azure, on a pellet fimbriated a dragon passant to sinister, tail curled into a lemniscate, holding a plate, dexter forearm and head upraised, argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. The device is too complex, and the dragon is not in a standard heraldic position. It looks like a piece of jewelry.

Catriona Danica MacRae. Badge for Householding Rotella, Or, a cross moline grasped by and environed of a dragon orobouros, dexter wing spread above and to dexter vert.

NOTE: Badge rejected. The badge is not period heraldry The dragon is not in a heraldic position.

Charles of the Dark Forest. Azure, on a bend, between two sets of two pairs of decrescents and increscents conjunct in fess argent, a bendlet vert.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is too complex and is not period style. Try annulets conjunct in fess.

Claude the Tall. Per pale vert and gules, a pale between and conjoined to two bendlets argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. This looks like impaled arms, and is not period style.

Edwin of Folkestone. Gules, a fess between two stags salient Or.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Simpson: Gules, a fess Or between two lions Or (Papworth). It also conflicts with all of the families with Gules, a fess Or.

Eirik Rødbjørn. Gules, a grizzly bear rampant gules, fimbriated and maintaining in its paws a mullet Or.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is excessive use o£ fimbriation, used solely to get around the Rule of Tincture. Make the field Or and the mullet azure.

Emrys Cador. Azure, a cross ermine, overall a unicorn salient to sinister argent, armed and unguled Or,

NOTE: Device conflicts with Staulton: Azure, a cross ermine. The unicorn vanishes into the cross.

Eomer of the Lion's Head. Sable, two lions combattant and a lion rampant guardant Or.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Coombe: Sable, three lions rampant Or (Papworth).

Geoffrey Geometer. Badge. Argent, a triangle inverted sable.

NOTE: Badge conflicts with Taras of Helsgard: Argent, a triangle inverted sable within a wreath of wild fox-grapes proper.

Katya the Halfhanded. Badge. Vert, a coral snake nowed so as to form a treble clef, head in base, proper, maintaining in its mouth a fracted key reversed Or.

NOTE: Badge rejected. The modern treble clef is out of period. Try a period clef (see Gardner Read's Music Notation: A Manual of A Manual of Modern Practice (Taplinger Publishing Co., 2nd ed., 1979, p. 52).

Mara Tudora Kolarova. Azure, a sprig of three morning glories palewise Or, leaved of flames proper.

NOTE: Name rejected. The name is too close to Mary Tudor Change Tudora to Theodora. The device seems acceptable.

Martelana au' Lairkin. Vert, an escallop inverted within a bordure Or.

NOTE: Rejected. Ó Lorcáin is the proper Irish form of your last name. You could also use O Larkin. Please choose. The device conflicts with Patrick Mulcada: Vert, an escallop inverted within an orle argent.

Merlynia of Rivenoak. Vert, a gurges wavy Or, ending in the center in a dragon's head affronty Or, orbed and langued gules.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is op art, not period heraldic style.

Moonshadow Ironbearer. Sable, on a pile inverted bendwise argent in sinister base a morningstar annulo-wise proper, in canton a decrescent Or,

NOTE: Rejected. The name has no given name, only two sobriquets (This would not even have been acceptable in 1979.) The device doesn't conflict but really isn't in period style, as it is all slanted. Try a per chevron division, with two decrescents in chief and the morningstar in chief and the morningstar in base.

Mountain Freehold, Barony of. Badge for Order of the Corbie. A corbie close maintaining in dexter talon a spear bendwise sable, barbed gules.

NOTE: Badge conflicts with Susanne of Ravenhill: Or, a raven statant to sinister proper grasping a broken tilting-spear sable and gules, and with Corbet: Argent, a raven sable.

Mountain Freehold, Barony of. Badge for Order of the Kelpie. Azure, a kelpie argent.

NOTE: Badge rejected. There is no heraldic rendition of a kelpie. If you want a seahorse, watch out for Diana of the Isles: Azure, a seahorse argent between three crescents Or.

Mountain Freehold, Barony of. Badge for Order of the Mountain Ash. Argent, a sprig of mountain ash bendwise sinister fructed proper. (Sorbus aucuparia)

NOTE: Badge conflicts with Berry: Argent, a barberry branch fructed proper. (It has red fruit.)

Muhammed Othman al-Koreish. Sable, a lotus of three blossoms Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. The prophet Mohammed was of the tribe o£ the Koreish. The five ruling Mohammeds (Mohammed II-Vi) were all Ottoman sultans, and Othman is just a variant of Ottoman. The device seems Ok.

Richenda de Cameron. A unicornate sea-pegasus erect to sinister argent within an orle of Japanese honeysuckle proper. (Lonicera japonica)

NOTE: The device has insufficient contrast between the honeysuckle vine and the azure field. Put the vine on an argent bordure or change the vine to argent.

Rufus Thorhall Skygar. Argent, a bear statant erect affronty sable, maintaining in each forepaw a doublebitted axe argent, hafted proper.

NOTE: Rejected. Document Thorhall and Skygar. Device: the axes and claws are both argent on an argent field, which is forbidden. What do you mean by "delineated"?

Rufus Thorhall Skygar. Badge. Argent, a bear statant erect sable, maintaining behind its back a doublebitted battle-axe argent, hafted proper.

NOTE: Badge rejected. This is cute, but it isn't heraldic.

Signy Bjarnarsdottir. Azure, upon a crescent argent a dragon dormant, wings displayed, gules, fimbriated argent.

NOTE: The device is not heraldic. The dragon is not in a heraldic position, and this is a case of excessive fimbriation. Please NOTE that even local pursuivants can reject devices for improper style. Certainly Principal Heralds can do so. All creatures must be in a standard heraldic position!!

Thomas Spence-Colby. Gyronny sable and Or, a phoenix rising reguardant gules.

NOTE: Rejected. I do not think compound names like this are in period in English. I suggest you drop the hyphen or else document the use of compound names in period. The device conflicts with Jessica Llyrand of Northmarch: Gyronny sable and gules, a phoenix Or issuant from flames proper.

Vergil William the Lost. Per pale and per chevron vert and Or, a cross crosslet fitchy sable.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Scott: Argent, a cross crosslet fitchy sable. Also conflicts with Lorraine Marcus: Quarterly vert and Or, a cross of Lorraine sable.

Viktor Ghadhwers. Or, a bend sinister argent, fimbriated, overall a double-bitted axe sable.

NOTE: Document Ghadhwers. Where did you get it? The device is very close to the arms of Yrjö Kirjiwiisas: Ermine; a bend sinister Or, overall an axe sable.


Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain

Your servant,

Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms

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