Audun the Red. Name change from Audun Ulfsson the Red.

Bartholomew Didymus. Argent, a cross pointed raguly surmounted by an annulet Sable between in bend a standing balance and a goblet gules.

NOTE: The combination of Emmanuel and the Christian symbols of the cross and the chalice [c.f. Holy Grail) is too much. Emmanuel ("God-with-us") was the predicted name of the Messiah (Isaiah 7:14). I have therefore omitted the patronymic, as it is too much like claiming to be the son of Jesus.

Cainnech MacGregare. Argent, three piles palewise azure, overall a Caucasian bay centaur statant, maintaining in both hands a spear bendwise sinister, proper.

NOTE: Period piles converged to base point by default Parallel piles must be blazoned as palewise.

Carroll Eamon. Argent, semy of shamrocks vert, a rose gules within a bordure sable.

Ceri of Glanymorniwl. Potent en pointe, on a bend Or in chief a garden rose slipped and leaved azure.

NOTE: The Heralds' Roll of Arms, ca. 1280, has Philip Basset having Vairy en pointe, argent and gules. It is therefore reasonable to assume that potent en pointe is also in Period (Heraldry in England) by Anthony Wagner, Plate III, Penguin Books, 1949).

Ceridwen of Gwynedd. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Coeur du Val, Shire of. Or, a heart gules within a laurel wreath vert, on a chief wavy azure a cloud distilling three gouttes argent.

Duncan MacMuir. Sable, a standing balance Or between three swords proper.

NOTE: Sobriquets are not part of the registered name. (Söldner von der Nacht means "mercenary," not "soldier.") Therefore I have deleted Söldner von der Nacht.

Eisenmarch, Shire. Name approval only.

Hamish Kornilov. Azure, in fess a unicorn rampant to sinister argent, armed, crined, unguled, collared and chained to an anchor, within a bordure Or.

Leo David Falcon. Azure, a bend sinister engrailed argent between a lion rampant to sinister Or, maintaining in dexter arm a heater and in sinister arm a sword argent, and a falcon close Or, belled argent.

Logan of Glanymorniwl. Potenty en points argent and sable, on a bend Or a quill distilling a goutte and an inkwell palewise sable.

Morag Campbell of Glenbourne. Gyronny of six from base sable and Or, issuant from base a demi-roundel gules.

NOTE: Her old arms becomes a badge.

Niall Kilkierny. Name change from Naill Kilkierny.

Padraic ui Faolin. Name change from Padraic ui Niel.

Rhonwen of Glanymorniwl. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Steingrim Wulfharesson Stallari. Name change from Steingrim Wulfharesson.

Stevanna of Houghton. Name change from Stevanna Nadia.

Stromgard, Shire of. Name approval only.

Thomas Lackland of Appledore. Sable, a domestic cat sejant to sinister Or.

NOTE: The character in A. A. Milne's "Now We Are Six" is Sir Thomas Tom of Appledore. The removal of Tom and the addition of Lackland is sufficient difference.

Ulfheðinn inn Vegfarandi. Name change.

NOTE: The last word was not previously capitalized. Ulfheðinn uses "inn," not "hinn," in his publications.

Vulcanfeldt, Shire. Name approval only.


Ansteorra, Kingdom of. Reblazon of badge for Order of the Iris. Or, a mullet of five greater and five lesser points voided sable surmounted by a natural rainbow proper.


Kelly the Reaver. Reblazon. Sable, a cloudless natural rainbow in the shape of a crescent inverted, overall a phoenix of flames rising, all proper.


Adrian Buchanon. Badge. Gules, a siege tower proper within a bordure wavy argent.

NOTE: The siege tower, like all wooden objects, is brown.

Aliskye MacKyven Raizel. Badge for Clan Kyven. Sable, a sinister gauntlet clenched affronté argent, enflamed proper, within a bordure argent.

Alaric Bear-Stalker. Argent, ermined gules, a bear rampant maintaining a double-bitted axe, and a chief sable.

Alaric Erskin. Per chevron inverted ermine and sable, in chief a flame gules, and in base three crescents argent.

Angels, Barony of the. Badge for Angels fighters Gules, three swords in fess Or, enflamed proper.

Anne-Marie du Moineau Chantant. Vert, a unicorn rampant Or charged upon the shoulder with a fleur-de-lys vert, and on a dexter tierce sable fimbriated three fleurs-de-lys in pale Or.

Applegate, Shire of. Or, a bendlet sinister wavy azure between a laurel wreath proper and in pale an apple gules, stemmed and leaved, and a corral gate proper.

NOTE: A gate proper is brown, as is any other wooden object A corral gate is the type you see in a corral, consisting of three horizontal and one or two diagonal bars.

Astra Christiana Benedict. Badge. On a mullet a cross crosslet.

Basil Dragonstrike. Badge. A Norwegian lemming sejant erect per bend doubly arched sable and argent, mullety of four points counterchanged. (Lemus lemus]

NOTE: Yes, this really is a cloved lemming.

Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme. Reblazon of device Azure, two trefoil knots braced Or and argent, on a chief argent a dragon couchant azure, winged sable.

Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme. Badge. Two trefoil knots interlaced.

Caedmon Gordon. Per bend sable and barry bendy argent and azure, a bendlet gules fimbriated between a wolf passant argent and an Irish harp sable.

Caid, Kingdom of. Badge for Waterbearers Guild Argent, a goutte de larme within another voided within a bordure azure.

Catriona MacEth. Vert, an eel-tailed mermaid erect affronty, head to sinister, between in fess two bottlenosed dolphins embowed palewise addorsed Or.

Constance, the Mad Hatter of Milan. Argent, a bend azure between a jester's hat per pale gules and purpure, and a brimmed beret bendwise sinister sable, plumed purpure.

Darach, Shire of. Badge. Argent, an acorn slipped and leaved, the leaf embowed to sinister, sable within a bordure nebuly azure.

Darach, Shire of. Name for Order of the Sable Oak of Darach Shire (see REJECTIONS for badge).

Darrbrann of Oxará. Per pale vert and azure, a pallet Or between a tower and a double-bitted axe argent and on a base Or a drakkar, sail furled, proper.

Estrild Lece Vivana Vicentia. Argent, a dexter tierce gules and an escallop sable, a chief indented counterchanged.

Everard Meade of High Valley. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

John of Pentagast. Per fess embattled Or and gules, in chief a longbow fesswise and arrow inverted nocked and issuant from base a battle axe reversed counterchanged.

Karl Blauzahn von Simmern. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Katerina of Enchanted Lakes. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Kyrsten MacAmhlaidh. Sable, on a pile inverted throughout argent in base a crescent and overall in chief two chevronels inverted enhanced counterchanged.

Lance von Deresting. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

NOTE: Lance is his mundane given name.

Malcolm Rudolf mac Gregor. Badge. Vair, a falcon's head erased to sinister Or.

Megan Nimblefingers. Gules, a scarpe invected Or between a snail pacing to sinister and a snail argent, each above three forget-me-nets leaved proper. (Myosotis palustris)

Michael O'Beare. Per pale sable and argent, in pale a sword fracted chevronwise inverted and a chalice counterchanged.

NOTE: A sword fracted is both halves A broken sword is the hilt and stub only.

Michel d'Artois. Per saltire argent and vert, an open book Or, bound, and on a chief sable a sword fesswise reversed Or.

Philip of Meadhe. Badge. Per bend sinister Or and sable, a lion rampant guardant and a swan naiant to sinister counterchanged.

NOTE: The name House Buchanan is rejected, as it conflicts with the actual Clan Buchanan in Scotland. One may not use a real clan's name for a household name, as that would imply that you were the chief of that clan. In fact no real family surname should be used as a household name. I am registering the badge as a personal badge.

Richard of Black Iron. Argent, a bend sinister vert between an inescutcheon and an anvil bendwise sinister sable, within a bordure vert.

Richard of Castle North. Azure, a pithon displayed, head to sinister, wings inverted, in chief a mullet of four points, within a bordure argent.

Robert du Chateau du Dragon. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Rosemary Petsley. Badge. Argent, a sprig of parsley vert.

NOTE: Redraw this so it doesn't look like a shamrock, which would conflict.

Roslynn McLarren of Scot's-Eyre. Gules, on a pale embattled between in chief an Irish harp and a Scottish thistle argent, in base a horse's head couped gules.

Ryan of Rickford. Or, a nine-man-morris board chased within an orle azure.

NOTE: Our 1 1/2 point rule for difference between SCA devices and mundane arms is based upon the concept of avoiding the appearance of cadency with those mundane arms. Most of the 1-point differences were used as marks of cadency, so we adopted 1 1/2 points of difference as the rule, to ensure that the SCA didn't conflict by cadency with mundane arms. Two forms of differencing were generally not used for cadency. One was removing or replacing the major charge, while leaving the secondary charge in place The second was adding a new primary charge so the original primary charge(s) became secondary charge(s). In the case of Ryan's arms, the addition of the nine-man-morris board demotes the orle from primary to secondary charge, and thus does not conflict, as this would not have been a form of cadency in period.

Takaoka Midori. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

NOTE: The descriptive should not be part of the formal Japanese name. I have therefore omitted Nakunatta Hana-Bira.

Taliba bint 'Ihsan. Badge. An opinicus passant gules, wings displayed vert.

Techubah of Green Lake. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Thin Robert of Lawrence. Name change from Robert of Lawrence, the Thin and badge. Purpure, a swan volant and in dexter chief seven mullets of seven points in annulo argent.

NOTE: It is acceptable to have an adjective precede the given name, so long as you do not try to use an adjective as the given name.

Tymothy of Tallowcross. Name change from Tymothy Crahamson of Tallowcross.


Batsheva Slonimska. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Doran MacCollom. Sable, a pile inverted bendwise sinister pile Inverted bendwise sinister throughout argent, overall a compass star Or.

Drachenwald, Principality of. Badge for the Orden des Lindquistringes. A ring formed of a wingless dragon in annulo widdershins Or, maintaining in chief with all four legs and mouth a gem gules.

Drachenwald, Principality of. Badge for Order of the Panache. Issuant to chief from a torteau charged with a bezant pierced sable three feathers Gules, Or, and sable.

Drachenwald, Principality of. Badge for Order of the Silver Guard. A silver wristguard engraved with a dragon passant coward, wings addorsed, maintaining in dexter forepaw a sword erect.

Heinrich Armbrüster. Gyronny of eight, Or, gules, Or and azure, a crossbow proper.

NOTE: A crossbow is palewise by default.

Ivan Boychenko. Per pale gules and Or, a bend sinister between two mascles counterchanged.

Janos a Sovány Barcsi. Vert, a horse paly of seven Or and gules within a bordure embattled compony Or and gules.

NOTE: Inasmuch as the horse really is not Or, charged with three pallets gules, paly of seven is the only way to describe it. This is a special exception to the ban on odd-numbered divisions. Those charges that can be described as being charged with pallets should be so described.

Janos a Sovány Barcsi. Badge. Gyronny gules and pean, a bordure counterchanged.

Joanna of the Singing Threads. Per saltire azure and Or, a candle argent, flamed proper, between in cross four escallops inverted counterchanged.

Raven of Black Tower. Argent, a raven displayed between three towers sable, all within an orle vert.

NOTE: For your information, Rauen, Rafn, Hrafn, or Rafen are the attested forms of the name in our period. The spelling raven came into being late in our period.

Vergil William de Comyn. Name change from Vergil William the Lost.


Solondra Carryl. Blazon correction. Or, three bendlets enhanced azure and in dexter base in bend three fountains.


Dubhrás, Canton of. Blazon correction. Per chevron wavy azure and argent, surmounting a chevron counterchanged wavy between two towers argent and a tree blasted eradicated sable, a laurel wreath vert.

Theodora van Igelheim. Badge for Freehold of the Wayward Huskie. Name change from Household of the Wayward Huskie.

NOTE: I was incorrect in believing Freehold to be a barony equivalent. A freehold is a general term for land held freely, of any size.

Fuiltigherne ni Fionn Ruadh. Vert, a chevron engrailed vair and in base an estoile Or.

NOTE: Delete the little spikes around the estoile.

Septentria, The Barony of. Blazon correction. Gules, three chevronels braced argent surmounted by a laurel wreath proper, and in chief a bear passant Or.

Tsivia ben Tamara of Amberview. Blazon correction Azure, a camel passant sinister Or, carrying in its mouth three white trilliums proper and chained by the neck to a doe couchant Or, on a chief embattled argent a sun wavy gules.


S.C.A. Badge for Counts, Earls and Countesses. A coronet embattled.

S.C.A. Badge for Dukes and Duchesses. A coronet with strawberry leaves.

S.C.A. Badges for the Order of Knighthood. A white belt. A circular chain.

S.C.A. Badge for the Order of the Laurel. A Laurel wreath.

S.C.A. Badge for the Order of Mastery of Arms. A white baldric.

S.C.A. Badges for the Order of the Pelican. A pelican in its piety. A pelican vulning itself. A chapeau.

S.C.A. Badge for the Order of the Rose. A wreath of Roses.

S.C.A. Badge for Royal Peers. A crown.


Ambrose Barudin. Badge. Purpure, a pale dancetty within a bordure argent.

Garth the Lost. Argent, a boar’s head caboshed vert, armed gules, langued purpure. For badge, see REJECTIONS.

Janette of the Square Circle. Badge. Quarterly sable and azure, a delf pierced Or.

Liesel von Blauen Donau. Azure, a winged stag springing argent, winged, attired and unguled Or, within a bordure argent.

Michael MacPherson. Gules, a sword argent between in fess two wings displayed and in chief two escallops inverted Or between two more argent.

Raymond of Ramsgate. Reblazon. Or, a unicorn statant sable, armed argent, environed of a rainbow banded vert, Or, argent and gules.

Seitse. Reblazon. Sable, a mullet pierced argent between the clouds of a natural rainbow proper.

Silver Desert, Province of. Azure, a pall inverted cotised argent, overall a laurel wreath counterchanged surmounted by three Bighorn ram's heads caboshed argent.

Sine ni Marbhen. Per pale argent and azure, a lion couchant counterchanged and a chief embattled Or.

NOTE: The proper form for "daughter or' before a consonant is "ni," not "nic." ("Nic" is used before a vowel sound.)



Appledore, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Conflicts with Appledore, listed in A. A. Milne's "Now We Are Six." This is an exact conflict. Appledore is a town in Cornwall.

Ceridwen of Gwynedd. Lozengy argent and sable, on a chief argent issuant from the line of division a dragon's head between two demi-wings addorsed gules.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is like a chief dimidiated Because the chief argent merges with the argent lozenges of the field, the head and demi-wings float in space. Either change to a field per fess and a full demi-dragon or else change the chief to Or so it is clear that there is a line of division for the head and wings to issue from.

Rhonwen of Glanymorniwl. Potenty en pointe argent and vert, on a bend Or three trillium blossoms argent, barbed vert.

NOTE: Device ejected. There are several colors of trillium, so these must be blazoned as argent. Argent on Or violates the Rule of Tincture.

Seagirt, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Conflicts with the Province of Tree-girt-sea If you get Tree-girt-sea's permission, you can have Seagirt. The seneschal is Helene Gabrielle Du Lac, c/o Ellen Hubbard, 4437 N. Paulina, Chicago, IL 60640.

Uther Bearpaw. Argent, a bear's pawprint sable within a bordure ermine.

NOTE: Name and device rejected. 1) Name: Uther Pendragon was the Pa of King Arthur. Arthur comes from "Artos," meaning Bear, so Uther was Uther Bear's Pa. 2) Device: This is also close to Igor Medved: Argent, a bear's pawprint azure. As Medved is Russian for Bear, this is too close Placing an ermine bordure on an argent field produces floating spots. This is not allowed. Ermine may not be placed on argent or vice versa. While it may be possible to tell that it is a bear's pawprint, it is not possible for most people to distinguish between different kinds of bears' pawprints.


Renarde la Cavaliere.

NOTE: Name rejected. I was previously mistaken. The French translation for knight is Chevalier. Cavalier (in Fr.) means horseman. However, Cavaliere is the Italian translation for knight. Therefore, the name is still unacceptable. Try Renarde la Ecuyere.


Alaric Erskin. Badge. A crescent Or and in chief three ermine spots, one and two, gules.

NOTE: The Rule of Tincture applies to fieldless badges While the field is not specified, the understanding is that the badge will only be borne on contrasting backgrounds. This means that, if the badge consists of separated charges, they must be all metals or all colors. This badge cannot be placed upon any simple field without violating the Rule of Tincture.

Anna Pembroke of Hevershire. Gules, a hart salient reguardant, on a chief argent four holly berry clusters proper.

NOTE: Name rejected. Queen Anne Boleyn, sometimes called Anna, was Marchioness of Pembroke and came from Hevershire. This name therefore conflicts. The device seems acceptable.

Arghor of Tarmak. Per bend sinister sable and vert, a lightning flash palewise Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. Tarmac is a type of road surfacing that is both trademarked and out of period. Arghor doesn't sound medieval The device seems legal, although rather like a superhero emblem.

Darach, Shire of. Badge for Order of the Sable Oak of Darach Shire. Argent, an acorn between a wreath of two oak leaves all within a bordure sable.

NOTE: Badge rejected. The two oak leaves look too much like a laurel wreath.

Dubhessa NicLochlainn. Vert, on a pheon issuant from chief Or, a unicorn passant to sinister vert.

NOTE: Name rejected. NicLochlainn is wrong. The actual Gaelic surname is MacLochlainn, or MacLoughlin, which is not a patronymic but instead means "son of the Norseman." If you want to be "daughter of the Norseman" (Northman), it would be "ni Lochlannach." If you mean you are from Scandinavia, then it would be "ó Lochlann." If you want it as a surname, use MacLochlainn. Dragon's tails are drawn differently by different artists and so cannot be used as a charge. Use a pheon, which is an arrowhead.

Evangeline de Blenkinsopp. Azure, a bend lozengy argent between a heart gules fimbriated and an annulet argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. "Evangeline" was coined by Longfellow in 1847 and is therefore out of period. It came from the word "evangelist." The device seems acceptable.

Everard Meade of High Valley. Per chevron azure and ermine a pall inverted between two axes respectant, all sable, fimbriated argent, and a foaming stein Or, headed argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is excessive use of fimbriation The argent foaming head on the stein doesn't show up against the ermine background You should not fimbriate more than one charge.

Guillaume le Vainqueur. Argent, a gore sinister and in dexter chief a wyvern statant, wings displayed, purpure.

NOTE: Name rejected. The name means William the Conquerer and thus is a clear conflict. The device seems acceptable.

Islyle le Gannoker de Gavain. Badge for Misty des Blaireaux. Vert, a sea-talbot statant, with the front half of a red smooth-coated dachshund and the tail of a ribbon seal, proper. (Histriophoca fasciata)

NOTE: Badge rejected. A sea-dog is a special monster, and not one of the sea-animals. A sea-talbot is the front half of a dog and the tail of a fish. Dachshunds are first attested in the O.E.D. in the 19th century, and thus seem to be out of period. Either use a sea-talbot gules on an argent or Or field or else document dachshunds as being in period (pre-1601).

Karl Blauzahn von Simmern. Per pale embattled sable and argent, a wolf rampant argent and issuant from sinister in pale three wolf's teeth azure, a chief embattled enhanced counter changed.

NOTE: Device rejected. You cannot have a chief enhanced Teeth are teeth, and only by having the roots showing can one tell that they are teeth. These blue charges are not identifiable. If you can document them as in-period German charges, then you can have them. (You still have to have a normal chief.)

Katerina of Enchanted Lakes. Argent, a fret gules between in cross a mount vert, two cats salient respectant guardant sable, and a cinquefoil gules.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is too busy. There are four kinds of charges, all of which are complex shapes. Period arms were simple arms.

Lance von Deresting. Paly of four argent and azure, on a bend gules three cinquefoils palewise argent.

NOTE: The device has been withdrawn. It conflicts exactly with Easterling (Papworth).

Robert du Chateau du Dragon. Vert, a tower argent within a dragon dormant in annulo Or.

NOTE: Device rejected. Conflicts with Lesval: Vert, a tower argent (Rietstaap).

Takaoka Midori. Sable, on a pellet fimbriated in pale a feather fesswise embowed, a chrysanthemum blossom sans sinister chief petal, and a base, distilling from the tip of the feather in pale three gouttes, all argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. The mon is far too complex for a proper mon. Try the blossom within an annulet, or between two feathers.

Techubah of Green Lake. Vert, a cross Or between in 1st and 4th quarters a peregrine falcon descending bendwise proper and in 2nd and 3rd quarters in saltire a fang argent surmounting a quill Or.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is too busy. It has seven charges, with four kinds of charge. These fangs are not recognizable as such. They look more like talons to me. Omit the fangs.


Batsheva SlonimskaGules, on a heart argent a rose slipped and leaved vert.

NOTE: Device rejected. Conflicts with Jean Theresa Violante of Heather and Am: Purpure, on a heart Or a violet slipped and leaved proper. The outlines are essentially identical. Try a simple non-slipped rose.

Haneyari Nagare noh Shin noh Minakani. In pale two Japanese streams, overall a feather bendwise and in sinister chief an octagon voided.

NOTE: Name and device rejected. 1) Name: The name is incorrect usage. Haneyari is a type of weapon, not a family name. Nagare is not a proper given name. The descriptive at the end is unnecessary and unclear. Try looking in Japanese Names and How to Read Them, by A. J. Koop and H. Inada (Routledge E. Kegan Paul, Ltd.: London, 1960), Chapters V, X, and Index of Names. 2) Device: The mon is unbalanced and too complex. Replace the octagon with a moon or else use an octagon for the bordure.

Jovette d'Argonne. Argent, fretty wavy vert, semé of cinquefoils purpure.

NOTE: Name rejected. The name would appear to be a French feminine diminutive of the Roman chief god, Jove. If this is the case, it is unacceptable. Please document the name. The device looks acceptable, although it is close to Sheen of Ire: Argent, fretty vert, a mascle sable. It also looks heraldically odd.

Porfirevich it tyem Krasnay Phoenix. Per bend sinister argent and vert, a phoenix gules issuant from flames Or.

NOTE: Name rejected. The Society name has no given name, and violates Russian nomenclature. Russian names always had a given name, a patronymic, and then a surname. The device is close to Harald Haakonson: Per chevron argent and vert, in base a phoenix Or.

Pryderi mab Aurddolen. Vert, in pale an arrow fesswise and another reversed, both Or, barbed and fletched gules.

NOTE: Name rejected. No matter how much you difference it, you may not use a god's name unless it was actually used as a given name in period. While the modern Welsh do seem to be using the old gods' names, we do not believe this was done in period. If you can show that Pryderi was used in period, you can have it.


Garth the Lost. Badge. Argent, a chief arched gules, overall two piles counterchanged, each charged in chief with an eye sable, irised Or, pupiled gules.

NOTE: Badge rejected. This is not heraldic in style. Those little eyes are too complex. The badge looks like a monster's face, complete with fangs.


Pray believe, my Lords and Ladies, that I remain your servant,

Wilhelm von Schüssel

Laurel King of Arms

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