ACCEPTANCES November 25, 1982 A.S. XVII

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Aerhynne FitzLewis of Glin. Per chevron argent and azure, a garden rose and a rosebud both gules, slipped and leaved vert, in base a cup argent.

Arian Rowan of Featherfin. Azure, a winged trout naiant to sinister, wings elevated and addorsed argent, on a chief Or three frets throughout vert.

Astrith Ulfsdottir. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

NOTE: You cannot mix languages in a single word. The proper Norse for "daughter of Wolf" is Ulfsdottir, not Wolfsdottir.

Beornulf Erland of Westbrook. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

NOTE: Per the submittor's request (On Aten's 9/30/82 LoI), I have switched the two given names. Proper Norse for Wolf is Ulf, not Alf (which means elf). Thus I have changed Beornalf to Beornulf.

Bryn Eamonn. Per bend, bendy Or and gules, and sable, in base between the tips of two wings conjoined in lure inverted argent a mullet of six points pierced Or.

Caerthe, Barony of. Reblazon for badge for Order of the Aspen of Caerthe. Sable, on a sun throughout Or an aspen leaf vert.

Elenfea of Starwood. Vert, a sword palewise reversed proper, debruised by a chevron sable fimbriated and charged with six mullets of six points, elongated to chief, argent.

NOTE: Elongating mullets to chief is poor style, although not illegal. This is the sort of non-period style we should try to discourage, but it isn't sufficiently wrong to reject it.

Ethelane the Saxon. Argent, in pale two robins close to sinister proper and on a chief embattled gules a thorn branch argent. (Turdus migratorius)

Evan Mawr. Ermine, a dragon passant gules within a bordure company sable and argent.

Evan Mawr. Badge. Argent, a vulture close affronty proper, head to dexter, perched on a branch couped sable. (Vultur gryphus)

Freehold of the Great River, Barony of. Name approval only.

NOTE Freehold is a general term for land held freely. It has already been used in the SCA for a household. It cannot be used as an alternate form for "Barony," but it can be used with the word "Barony," and I have passed it in this form.

Gerald FitzGerald. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Gustav von Hausenstadt. Argent, on a pile gules a hippogriff passant argent between three Latin crosses Or.

NOTE: "Hausenstadt" means Sturgeon City. This is fine, but if you want House City, you should use Hausstadt.

James of Penmore. Vair ancient, a sinister arm embowed, armored and gauntletted of chainmail sable, grasping a closed book gules.

Katherine Linnet deKane. Name change; formerly Katherine Holford. Badge for Caerthen Cooks' Guild. Or, a wingless dragon couchant reguardant, tail elevated and reflexed, vert, breathing flames of fire gules, suspended from the tail a cooking pot sable.

NOTE: If this is an independent Caerthen Guild, it may be registered under its own name.

Eatrina de La Rochelle. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

NOTE: The city is "La Rochelle," not just "Rochelle."

Kyra Kai ferch Madoc. Per pale vert and azure, on a lozenge argent a flame per pale azure and vert.

NOTE: I have dropped the hyphen between Kyra and Kai, since hyphenated names are apparently out of period.

Lancelin of Raven's Nest. Argent, on a bend azure, between a raven close and a goblet sable, a sword argent.

NOTE: Lancelin, although a diminutive of Lance, existed in period as an independent name, according to Withycombe, and therefore is acceptable.

Lancelin of Raven's Nest. Badge. Argent, in bend sinister a raven close sable and a demi-tower issuant from dexter base azure, masoned argent.

Leiannka Zorya Zelolev. Reblazon. Argent, a lion rampant guardant, tail nowed, vert grasping in its dexter forepaw an ankh gules, on a chief sable a rainbow proper.

Leiannka Zorya Zelolev. Badge for Star Tower. Sable, on a sun argent a lion's head cabossed vert between three compass stars one and two gules.

Letitia des Montagnes Bleus. Argent, a stemless Gentian blossom proper, in chevron enhanced five mullets azure. (Gentiana acaulis)

NOTE: The names of particular breeds or varieties of animals or plants should be capitalized. The word "stemless" here means that, while the blossom is not slipped, it does have the blue petals emerging from green sepals that grow together to cover the tube-shaped bottom of the blossom.

Marisela de Broyde. Per pale indented azure and Or, two fish naiant in pale argent and a thorn branch palewise azure.

Martel Slugslayer. Gyronny of six sable and gules, a bicorporate lion Or.

NOTE: I personally don't like "Slugslayer," but it seems legal. The documentation plus the fact that Martel is his mundane middle name seem to be enough to allow him the benefit of the doubt and pass the name. Drawn correctly, his device is very good heraldry.

Mirendil Fearand of Alardas. Name change; formerly Mirendil of Alardas. Per chevron vert, semé-de-lys argent and azure, a chevron and in base a compass star argent.

NOTE: Do not use a single diminutive of an ordinary in that ordinary's normal place. This should just be a chevron drawn thinner because there are charges on either side of it.

Olaf Bjarnarson. Name change; formerly Olaf Bjorgssen.

NOTE: According to Geirr Bassi's Old Norse Names, the proper patronymic for "son of Bjorn" is Bjarnarson, not Bjornssen.

Outlands, Principality of. Badge for Office of Hospitaller. Gyronny from dexter chief Or and vert, a mug argent.

NOTE: Given that there is no Atenveldt Kingdom Hospitaller to complain, that the Aten Principal Herald has no objection, and that the Outlands is on its way to Kingdom status, I will accept this appeal as a special exception to the rule that subordinate offices use the same badge as the main office.


Kingdom of Atlantia

Corwyn Wodewarde. Reblazon. Or, a bend sinister between a legless corbie close to sinister sable and a wildman statant affronty proper, within a bordure sable.


Kingdom of Caid

Alexantre le Bonhomae. Badge. A musimon's head cabossed argent, armed Or, orbed and charged upon the forehead with a fleur-de-lys inverted vert.

Carolus von Eulenhorst. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Eadwynne of Runedun. Reblazon and name correction; formerly Edvin of Runeden. Or, a chevron inverted cotised gules, in chief a dragon passant sable.

Elgil Mirdil of Dor-Mallos. Badge. Per bend sinister azure and vert, a bend sinister nebuly, within a bordure nebuly argent.

NOTE: Do not use a single diminutive of an ordinary.

Everard Meade of High Valley. Azure, a pall inverted argent between two axes respectant sable, fimbriated, and a foaming stein argent.

Gwendolyn du Faucon. Gules, four bendlets enhanced and a jess and bell bendwise argent.

NOTE: The correct French for "of the Falcon" is "du Faucon."

Harbert de Guilbert. Badge. Quarterly sable and gules, in fess a sword inverted proper and a lyre Or.

Katerina of Enchanted Lakes. Argent, a fret gules between two cats salient respectant guardant sable.

NOTE: Adding two cats respectant was unlikely to be used as a mark of difference. We asked her to simplify previously, so I feel, in fairness, this should be accepted.

Katherine Lynten of CaerLeon. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Lyondemere, Barony of. Badge for Lyon & Unicorn Dancers. Vert, a demi-lion passant reguardant Or conjoined at the waist with a demi-unicorn passant to sinister reguardant argent, armed and unguled Or.

Mansur al-Su'uban ibn Mudarris. Sable, on a fess azure, fimbriated, between a sheathed shamshir fesswise inverted and a crescent argent, a Saracenic pen-box Or.

NOTE: I believe that your name follows Islamic female name order. This is allowed, but if you want proper male form, you should use al-Sutuban Mansur ibn Aludarris. You should also add a religious name (such as "rock of the faith" in Arabic) between the title al-Su'uban and the given name Mansur.

Rhyance ap Llewellyn. Sable, a bat-winged lion sejant affronté, wings displayed, on a chief triangular argent a Celtic cross sable.

Tetchubah of Green Lake. Name change; formerly Techubah of Green Lake. Per chevron vert and Or, two quills chevronwise Or and a Peregine falcon descending bendwise proper. (Falco peregrinus)

NOTE: Are you aware of Tituba (pronounced the same as your name), who was the only black woman tried for witchcraft in the Salem Witch Trials? Your name is spelled differently and you have a place name, but those who know American Colonial history may think you are taking her name. Draw the charges on the device larger.

Valeran do Pico. Badge. Gules, on a cross formy or a cross pointed gules, a bordure embattled Or.

Western Seas, Barony of. Or, a Polynesian outrigger canoe with sail sable within a laurel wreath vert, a bordure engrailed azure.

NOTE: The canoe is a wa'a, but for the benefit of the heralds, we choose to use the full description.


Kingdom of the East

Adriana Ramstar. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Alizaunde de Breguef. Purpure, on a bezant four fleurs-de-lys palewise in cross purpure.

Anastasia Knutovna. Name only.

Andrew MacRobb. Per pale Or and purpure, a keyhole counterchanged.

Andrew MacRobb. Badge. Per chevron purpure and Or, in chief a salmon embowed Or.

Catriona Danica MacRae. Sable, an eagle-winged dragon rampant to sinister coward argent, maintaining in dexter forepaw a sword enflamed Or.

Charles Silverstar. Quarterly gules and azure, a compass star throughout argent between in bend two suns Or.

Daria Joan de Courtenay. Argent, a praying mantis rising vert.

David Alexander MacGregor of Glenstrae. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Ephraim Ya'acov ben Shlomo. Per fess azure and vert, a fess argent, overall a lion statant erect Or maintaining a wooden ladder palewise proper, in dexter chief a sun in splendor bendwise Or.

NOTE: Do not use a single diminutive of an ordinary. This should be a fess, not a bar. The bendwise sun in splendor is not good heraldry, but it is legal.

Francesca Cecilia Benincasa. Sable, chapé, a long cross barby nowy Or and in chief two pairs of quill pens crossed in saltire sable.

Héléna du Brouillard de Matin. Argent, a sun in splendor azure within a bordure engrailed sable.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry.

Jacques de Telaron. Per chevron Or and vert, in chief a morningstar fesswise and in base a sword counterchanged.

Karl Haraldsson. Per chevron azure and sable, a chevron Or surmounted by a unicorn's head erased to sinister argent.


Kingdom of Meridies

Ardenroe, Shire of. Name approval only.

Blackthorn, Shire of. Name approval only.

Castlemere, Shire of. Name approval only.

Dragoun's Weal, Shire of. Name approval only.

Glen Re, Shire of. Name approval only.

NOTE: Proper Gaelic for Moon Glen is Glen Re, Which also means "glen of level ground." "Rhe" doesn't seem to mean anything, so I have used Glen Re.

Greenwood Forest, Shire of. Name approval only.

NOTE: Rome, Georgia, has lots of forest, so this name is descriptive. Robin Hood dwelt in Sherwood Forest. Greenwood Forest does not conflict with Greenwood Herald, as it adds the word "forest."

Iron Mountain, Barony of. Name approval only.

Lachlan Sinclair Dumas. Or, a griffin rampant to sinister purpure, beaked and forelegged gules, within a bordure nebuly sable.

NOTE: Draw the bordure wider and the nebulies fewer and bigger.

Maritsa Dmitrievna. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Mathom Trove, Shire of. Badge reblazon. Per chevron inverted argent and azure, overall a dragon's gamb erased sable grasping a sun Or.

NOTE: The arms passed on February 10, 1980.

Megan of the Shore. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Midden Moor, Shire of. Name approval only.

NOTE: The American Heritage Dictionary cites "ridden" as "1. a dunghill or refuse heap, especially of a primitive habitation. 2. a kitchen midden.ft This is a rather unsavory names but it is legal. Did you really want this? Or was "Middle Moor" your intent?

Misty Mere, Shire of. Name approval only.

Nant y Derwytdon, Shire of. Name approval only.

Owain ap Alban. Argent, a two-headed demi-dragon displayed, its necks involved, gules, issuant from a base wavy azure.

Peregrineshire. Name approval only.

NOTE: Peregrine (as in peregrine falcon) is an adjective, so I have used the English form and placed it before and conjoined to "shire." You cannot use the form "Shire of X" if X is an adjective.

Sandalwood, Shire of. Name approval only.

NOTE: I have corrected the spelling. It's Sandalwood, not Sandelwood.

Seamarch, Shire of. Name approval only.

Shadowmere, Shire of. Name approval only.

Simon Thorndyke. Quarterly vert and Or, a falcon stooping to sinister and a chief counterchanged.

NOTE: Draw the chief twice as large. It should take up a quarter of the height of the shield when there are charges beneath it.

Small Grey Bear, Shire of the. Name approval only.

Thomas White Wolf of the White Wolf Clan. Name approval only; see REJECTICNS for device.

NOTE: You should be aware of Count Jonathon Whitewolf, head of House Whitewolf in Atenveldt. Count Jonathon did not register House Whitewolf, so you can have your name, but be warned of the conflict.

Trimaris, Principality of. Reblazon. Argent, on a fess wavy between two triskeles azure a crown of five points, each point tipped with a mullet, argent, between overall a laurel wreath counterchanged.

Vanora of Kintyre. Argent, two pallets wavy sable between in bend three violets purpure, slipped and leaved vert.


Kingdom of the Middle

Adela of the Fiery Woods. Or, a blasted tree eradicated sable enfiled of a ring of flames proper.

Alasdair of Raasay. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Alfred of Chester. Badge for Clan Daingneacha. Per chevron argent and azure, three oak leaves counterchanged.

NOTE: Proper Gaelic for "castles" is "Oaingneacha" and for "castle" is "Dainghe." I chose the former, is it is closest to your submitted form for the clan name.

Alice of Kent. Vert, a sprig of linden fructed bendwise sinister argent.

NOTE: The linden tree was of old called a lime tree, but it is not the citrus tree modernly known as a lime tree. To avoid this confusion, we will use linden instead of lime. A sprig is automatically slipped and leaved.

Anne Kent. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Aodhnait Ross. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Bertram of Bearington. Gules, a printer's ball argent inked sable.

Bertram of Bearington. Badge. Argent, a bear's head cabossed sable, enflamed proper, within in annulo four lozenges in cross and four mascles in saltire sable.

Cormac O'Sullivan. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Dugall Ailean Lathurna. Badge for Clan Lathurna. See REJECTIONS for device. Argent, a fleur-de-lys azure surmounted by a sea-lion erect reguardant Or maintaining in dexter paw a thistle proper and in sinister paw a sword gules.

NOTE: The correct Gaelic is Dubhgall or Dugall. The latter is closer to what you submitted, so I used that. Ailean and Lathurna are OK. I will need to see a photocopy of p. 28 of Scottish Clans and Their Tartans in order to accept Mactic. In any event, the chief's name and the clan's name should agree. If it is Clan Lathurna, then the chief's surname is Lathurna. If his surname is MacLathurna, then the clan name is MacLathurna. For now, I have omitted Mac'ic.

Egil Erlendsson. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Eislinn the Patient. Sable, a doe at gaze guardant argent atop a sun Or.

Eleanor of Alnwick. Sable, on a fountain a swan naiant argent.

Elendur ni'Rhilhilt. Sable, a sword inverted and, on a chief argent, a compass star sable.

NOTE: The particle ni' aspirates the following consonant, so the last name is properly ni'Rhilhilt. There were two Elendurs in Middle Earth> both human, so the name is not unique and is thus acceptable. Tolkien seems to have drawn upon all of the United Kingdom's languages, so Sindarin and Quenya may be combined with English, Anglo-Saxon, Welsh, Scots Gaelic and Irish Gaelic.

Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Feilimidh Dearforghail. Per saltire vert and azure, a dexter hand inverted couped appaumé between three mullets one and two argent.

Finnvarr de Taahe. Badge. Gyronny azure and Or, a pellet surmounted by a sword argent, within a bordure sable.

Graidhne ni Mhaire Ruadh. Sable, mullety, issuant from chief a demi-sun Or and in base a crescent argent.

NOTE: The word ni aspirates the following word, so Mhaire is correct. Please show more of the sun. It's not a sun in splendor if it doesn't have a face.

Grindore Hawkesbane. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Guillaume de Copé. Per fess Or and gules, an arrow inverted bendwise between a heart and a roundel counterchanged.

Guillaume le Chien Blanc. Sable, a samoyed dog statant to sinister and a chief argent.

NOTE: This was passed on August 17, 1980.

Gwyneth merch Megan. Per bend argent and gules crusily crosslet fitchy Or, on a bend vert three snowy owls guardant argent and in sinister chief a dragon rampant gules.

NOTE: Gwyneth is the personal name and Gwynedd is the place name, so I have used the former.

Hacmin ben Yosef. Argent, in saltire an arrow inverted sable, barbed and fletched, and a fleam gules, hafted sable.

Hans Orwig. Name approval only, see REJECTIONS for device.

Helva of Saxony. Vert, a full drop-spindle argent.

Iylla Rethelsson. Azure, in bend sinister two spikes of barley bendwise sinister embowed Or surmounted by two hop cones conjunct in fess argent. (Hordeum vulgare) (Humulus lupulus)

NOTE: Appeal on name accepted.

Johanna of Dendermonde. Azure, on a bend sinister argent a lute proper, within a bordure Or.

Johnathon Douglas of Falkirk. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Karl von Rugler. Checky Or and sable, an escallop azure.

Leopold von Haskenberg. Azure, an opinicus sejant grasping in its dexter upraised forepaw a goblet Or.

Lisa Dolorosa. Azure, a lion dormant Or and in chief three mullets one and two argent.

Lorena des Champignons. Ermine, three mushrooms couped in pall inverted, stems to center, Or.

Maighread ni'Chairtheigh. Per bend argent and vert, a Celtic harp proper and a sword bendwise Or.

NOTE: The correct Gaelic aspirates the G in Maigread and the T in Chairteigh to give the spelling listed above.

Marina of Eastcliffe. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Morgan merch Rhys. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

NOTE: we do not register extra nicknames, so I have deleted the "called Ceian."

Nels Haroldssen von Hartmann. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Percival de Toulouse. Per fess indented azure and gules, a wyvern passant Or.

Premaleela of the Wild Blue Iris. See p. 19 for blazon.

Ragna Dzintara of Amberhall. Badge. A rue flower Or slipped and leaved vert. (Ruta graeveolens)

Rathnar Blaiddgwyn. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

NOTE: In Welsh, the adjective follows the noun, so I have changed Gwynblaidd to Blaiddgwyn.

Richard Wanderer. Pean, a phoenix gules issuant from flames proper, overall a Celtic cross Or.

Robert MacGryffyn. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Serret of Falling Stars. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Thomas ap Llewellyn. Per bend sable and argent, a sword argent, hilted sable, the blade enflamed proper, between in bend sinister two mullets of eight points counterchanged.

Thomas of Kent. Argent, a winged spear displayed sable and on a chief azure three decrescents argent.

Tsvia bat-Zipporah ha-Levi of Granada. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

NOTE: I have adopted Brigantia's suggested spelling correction for the name.

Vara Ravenscroft. Per bend sinister vert and Or, a drop-spindle bendwise sinister and a weaver's shuttle bendwise sinister counterchanged.

NOTE: Yonge (Vol. I, p. 261) gives Vara as an Illyrian variant of Barbara, her mundane given name.


Kingdom of the West

Aelfwynn Gyrðesdohtor. Azure, a chevron argent between two couplecloses engrailed on the outer edges Or between three mullets of nine points pierced argent.

NOTE: She has released her old arms.

Aileen Siobhan ni Seaghdha. Ermine, a saltire purpure, overall a tree blasted Or.

Alail Horsefriend. Badge. Per fess azure and argent, a war-wagon counterchanged and enflamed to sinister chief proper.

Alaric of Shadowood. Badge for House Shadowood. Per pale and per chevron sable and argent, in sinister chief in pale three ermine spots, ant issuant from base a blasted tree counterchanged.

Anne of Foxwold. Argent, a fox passant proper within a bordure engrailed vert. (Vulpes fulva)

NOTE: If you want it proper, please draw the fox with the natural markings.

Annora of Shadowood. Per saltire vert and argent, in saltire four dragonflies displayed, heads outwards, counterchanged.

Aonghas from Applecross. Per bend embattled ermine and Or, a sea-dragon erect, the tail elevated and nowed, vert, bellied argent.

Brendan Shimmeringstar. Sable, chapé ployé argent mullety sable, a mullet of six points elongated to base Or.

NOTE: This was formerly his badge.

Brendan Shimmeringstar. Badge. Argent, mullety, a chevron sable surmounted by a mullet of six points elongated palewise Or.

NOTE: This was formerly his device.

Carl of the Crossbow. Per chevron azure and Or, a crossbow counterchanged.

Carl of Ravenshore. Badge. Vert, a decrescent within a bordure indented argent.

Carl of Ravenshore. Badge for House Ravenshore. Per fess argent and azure, a raven volant sable maintaining in its talons an escallop Or.

Colin dearg Halfdane. Or, a pithon nowed bendwise gules within a bordure indented compony vert and gules.

NOTE: The proper spelling is "dearg," not "deargh."

Cynthia Fitz Colline. Badge. Azure, a goblet argent and in chief a rainbow banded Or, gules, azure and argent.

NOTE: She releases her previous (cat) badge.

David von Zephyr. Per chevron throughout sable and argent, two open penannular brooches palewise, pins to base, an astrolabe counterchanged.

NOTE: An open penannular brooch has the pin passing through the opening of the ring. A closed penannular brooch (closed is default) has the pin turned so as to work by passing through the garment. In this case, the open part of the ring and the point of the pin are both to base.

Durien of Glarus. Per pale argent and azure, in bend three crescents counterchanged.

NOTE: Counterchanging by a line of division is sufficient difference from mundane family arms.

Edythe of Mossy Rock. Vert, a saltire voided throughout argent, overall a compass star Or.

Eowyn nic Wie of Kincora. Gules, a psaltery Or between two flaunches ermine and in chief a psaltery bow Or.

NOTE: The strings should be parallel. Her mundane surname is Wieder and nic Wie is an attempt to change her surname into a Gaelic patronymic form.

Eric Bearsbane. See REJECTIONS for badge. Sable, a lion, tail nowed, argent and a griffin combattant and in chief a compass star Or.

Eric Edmuntsson. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Eric Foxworthy. Sable, a winged fox rampant within a bordure argent.

NOTE: His old arms become a badge.

Eric of Talwaithe. Argent, in pale an eagle's head erased azure, beaked Or, and a bendlet abased arched surmounted by a scarpe abased arched azure.

Erik Rafn Berserkr af Haddeby. Gules, on a bend sinister argent between an arrow inverted bendwise sinister and a drinking horn reversed Or a raven rising to sinister sable.

Erik Rafn Berserkr af Haddeby. Badge. Argent, a raven rising to sinister and in chief an axe, edge to base, sable.

Esfenn, Shire of. Per bend sinister engrailed Or and gules, a salmon bendwise sinister naiant embowed to dexter base gules, enfiled of a laurel wreath vert, and a bulrush slipped and leaved Or.

Essaine Youngirbourne. Argent, in pale three mink passant to sinister proper within a bordure azure.(Mustela vison)

Eveline of Shoreham. Azure, a bend sinister invected between a California poppy slipped and leaved and a slipper bendwise sinister reversed Or.

Fyodor the Friendly. Azure, an owl displayed between three marten's heads cabossed, one and two, argent.

NOTE: Fenmoerfyngul does not seem consistent with any particular language's naming practices. In order to pass the device, I have used a listed nickname to complete the name. See the cover letter for a discussion of made-up names.

Griffith Foxstar. Per pale argent and vert, in fess enhanced an estoile Or between and maintained by the jaws of a griffin and a fox sejant respectant, a base counterchanged.

Irena of Lightstone. Vert, an axe bendwise Or within a mullet of six points voided argent between three roses Or.

Ivan of Kivachia. Sable, a goblet inverted within a bordure embattled Or.

James of Kent. Pean, a chevron gules, surmounted by a mace argent.

Kathe Willig von Mainz. Reblazon. Paly bendy vert and argent crusily purpure.

Keridwen of Misty Falls. Per bend wavy, bendy wavy argent and azureJ and Or, in dexter base a hind lodged gules.

NOTE: A Book of Welsh Names, compiled by Trefor Rendell Davies, seems to indicate that Ceridwen was a common name. (NOTE to Virgule: Davies only cites Pryderi as the hero, with no indication of common usage.) Keridwen is the anglicized form of Ceridwen, and the rest of the name is in English.

Leona Foxstar. Per pale gules and argent, in fess enhanced an estoile Or between and maintained by the jaws of a lion and a red fox sejant respectant proper, a base counterchanged.

Liala Alacran de las Campanas. Change of device. Per fess sable and azure, a rosebud slipped and leaved fesswise reversed and three hawk's bells Or.

Mariel Dreamseeker. Azure, on a bend sinister argent an arrow inverted sable and in canton a mullet argent.

NOTE: This would be much better if the mullet were balanced by another charge in sinister base.

Mariel Dreamseeker. Badge. Per fess azure and vert, a lamb statant to sinister argent within a bordure Or.

Megan Kilkerran NicAlister. Azure, a pall voided throughout between three compass stars argent.

Meghan of Tara Hill. Per chevron gules and sable, a chevron Or between two winged rams combattant and a sun argent.

NOTE: The Hill of Tara was the seat of the High Kings of Ireland up to A.D. son. This leaves 1100 years in our period when it was no longer such, and people probably lived there. I admit I wouldn't want to see a man's name linked to Tara Hill, as that could be taken to be a claim to be High King of Ireland. Such cannot be charged against Meghan, since there were no ruling High Queens of Ireland. This is a borderline case. Since Meghan has no allusion to the ruling O'Neill clan in her device, I have decided to allow the name.

Meryk Haraldsen. Name approval only; see REJECTIONS for device.

Michael Fitzhugh of Skye. Pean, a phoenix Or issuing from flames gules, the flames debruised in base by a mullet of seven points, all within a bordure Or.

Micheil, Younger of An Alltan. Badge. On a rose argent, barbed vert, goutté de sang, a wolfhound statant sable.

Mikhaela Straif. Gyronny of six vert and argents a sun within a bordure rayonny Or.

NOTE: Gyronny of six more properly has a division per fess, with the upper and lower halves divided into thirds.

Mists, Principality of. Princess of the Mists. Argent, a crown within a rose leaf wreath vert, all within a bordure engrailed azure, semé of roses argent.

Mists, Principality of. Reblazon for Prince. Argent, a crown within a laurel wreath vert, all within a bordure engrailed azure.

Nikolaus von Sachsen. Name approval only, see REJECTIONS for device.

Ragnar Blackspruce. Sable, a rattlesnake coiled to sinister Or, a base of flames proper.

NOTE: Draw the flames properly (the edge on the field should be Or, not gules).

Raphael the Alchemist. Or, a rod sable, its top winged, between on a pair of flaunches purpure a pair of pithons erect respectant Or, winged argent.

Robert of Woodsende. Or, vêtu ployé vert, a serpent nowed sable.

Roger of Dunwedeham. Or, a cross cotised between in bend two lions rampant to sinister sable.

Saive nic Andreis. Name correction; formerly Sive nic Andreis.

Siobhán ní hEodhusa. Argent, a pale vert surmounted in base by a lion dormant Or and on a chief wavy vert an Irish harp Or.

NOTE: There are several kinds of harps, so it is best to specify the type.

Sigvald Siegfriedsson. Azure, on a bend argent between two unbarbed roses Or, seeded gules, a mullet of four points elongated to base gyronny azure and Or.

Stephen of Beckenham. See p. 19 for blazon.

Teresa of the Hummingbird. Argent, chapé dovetailed sable, two garbs Or and a hummingbird displayed vert, throated gules.

Terrence of Edgecumbe. Purpure, a wake knot of two strands within an orle argent.

Turold of Normandy. Argent, a yale rampant to sinister reguardant gules, ermined Or, its tail entwined in dexter chief about a cross crosslet fitchy sable.

Vincent of Winterpeak. Per pale vert and sable, a mermaid erect embowed drawing a bow Or.

Winter's Gate, Shire of. Badge for Order of the Gilded Lily. Sable, a lily blossom Or.





Kingdom of Atenveldt

Astrith Ulfsdottir. Pean, on a bezant a wolf sejant ululant to sinister sable.

NOTE: Device rejected. It conflicts with the Black Fist Legion (SCA): Pean, on a bezant a sinister hand erased grasping a dagger sable.

Beornulf Erland of Westbrook. Per fess dancetty counter-ermine and vert, a wooden staff proper and in chief an estoile argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. The device lacks contrast. The default color for wood proper is brown, which--as a dark color--will not show up on green or black. Proper is correctly used to specify non-heraldic colors such as brown, not to violate the Rule of Tincture. Try a staff argent, which would be a staff of sun-bleached wood, or else make the bottom half of the field argent.

Gerald FitzGerald. Azure, in chief a label of three dovetailed points Or surmounted by a war axe inverted reversed Or, hafted proper, overall a clay pipe bendwise sinister argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. This sort of arrangement is not proper heraldry. Try putting the pipe and axe in saltire and the label in chief.

Katrina de La Rochelle. Per pale dancetty azure and Or, in dexter a candle argent, the flame proper, in sinister two Big Brown bats displayed in pale proper. (Eptesicus spp.)

NOTE: Device rejected. Dancetty is a line of division, not a line of partition. For partitioning fields, one uses indented, which must be of at least three indents. The bats would be better heraldry as sable, although brown is legal.

Simahoy Yahola. Argent, an alligator statant to sinister embowed to base vert, in chief two fleurs-de-lys in pale azure.

NOTE: Rejected. Please send me the documentation for the name. All devices should be drawn on heaters or lozenges when submitted to the College, while badges should be drawn on roundels (mon may be submitted on roundels). The submittor is free to display the device on any shape she wants once it is registered. The required shapes for submission allow the College members to tell at a glance whether the submission is a badge or a device.

Vered Elien. Argent, on a pale azure two garden roses in saltire argent slipped and leaved proper and a nautilus shell argent.

NOTE: Rejected. Yered is a surname. (There is an Israeli pianist named Elena Vered.) I therefore cannot accept it as a made-up given name. Elien would sound more likely to be a woman's given name, so you might consider switching the two names, unless you don't want to conflict with the Israeli pianist. The device conflicts with the arms of the Queen of Caid: Argent, on a pale azure a rose Or.


Kingdom of Caid

Carolus von Eulenhorst. Azure, an owl statant affronte argent, maintaining in its dexter talon a bow proper and in sinister talon a sheaf of arrows, on a chief potenty sable, fimbriated, a label argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. The bow and the arrows are dark on dark. The chief lacks contrast, and potenty fimbriated is excessive fimbriation. Try an argent field and a sable owl.

Fraser Summerhawk. Per pall purpure, vert and argent, a sun Or, a Latin cross argent and a wyvern erect gules.

NOTE: Name rejected. Fraser is a well-known surname. Even today it is mostly a surname, unlike Douglas. Your own documentation says that Fraser is a surname derived from the patronymic form of Fredarius. Add a given name or else use Fredarius. The device looks acceptable.

Katherine Lynten of CaerLeon. Per bend sinister rompu argent and gules, to sinister a pomegranate slipped and leaved argent, seeded gules.

NOTE: Device rejected. Rompu is a vertical shift. Beviled has its beginning and ending lines parallel. What you have is neither. Redraw it correctly or else send in a photocopy of a reference to document it.


Kingdom of the East

Adrianna Ramstar. Azure, a ram's skull with horns affronty between three mullets and on a chief Or a lightning flash palewise between two pairs of hammers in saltire azure.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is too complex. There are ten charges (five kinds) here. Please simplify. (Lightning flashes are discouraged.)

Cassadoria Fingheli.

NOTE: Name rejected. Fingiollata is not correct Italian for "finely jeweled." That comes out as Ingioiellata. As for Italianizing Fionnghialla, a proper Italianization of the sound of the name would be Finialla. Cassadora would be better than Cassadoria. Please choose between Cassadora Finialla and Cassadora Ingioiellata.

David Alexander MacGregor of Glenstrae. Gules, in saltire an oak tree eradicated fructed proper and a staff of Aesculapius Or.

NOTE: Device rejected. The oak tree lacks contrast against the gules field. Try a tree Or or argent. You could still have the acorns proper. Proper is used to get non-heraldic colors, such as the brown trunk of the tree, not to bypass the Rule of Tincture, which forbids dark on dark.


Kingdom of Meridies

Aethelwolf Windsor-Lihtsmith. Ermine, a falcon close purpure, beaked Or, throated and membered sable, atop a bezant, maintaining in dexter talon an ankh-hilted sword proper and on a chief vert a fillet wavy crested to chief and three suns in splendor Or.

NOTE: Rejected. Hyphenated names seem to be out of period and Windsor is a restricted royal surname. Is Lihtsmith a misspelling of Lightsmith? I don't think that is a reall occupation name, anyway. We do not allow wavy crested. This device is entirely too complex. The falcon is not a proper Egyptian falcon, if that is what you want. The markings are wrong. The argent swordblade vanishes on the ermine field.

Ezaret, Shire of the.

NOTE: Name rejected. We need proper documentation on this. What is "the Ezaret"?

Fensalier, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. We need proper documentation on Fensalier. What does it mean?

Maritsa Dmitrievna. Per pale sable and argent, a Latin cross crossletted in chief and base argent and a violet proper.

NOTE: Device rejected. A Russian Orthodox cross has the crossbar in base as bendwise sinister, not horizontal as you have drawn. This device is impaled arms, which is not allowed. It also conflicts with Ulfgarth von Bergen: Per pale sable and Or, a cross urdy fitchy argent and a cinquefoil vert, which was passed in 1972.

Megan of the Shore. Vert, on a hurt fimbriated, a gull volant to sinister argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. It conflicts with the badge of the U.S. 413th Infantry: Azure, a seagull volant within a bordure argent. This patch would have been worn on green (khaki) fatigues. The hurt fimbriated on vert also lacks contrast. Try placing the hurt on an argent field so you don't have to fimbriate, and you'll have better contrast. This will also give you sufficient difference from the badge above.

Melodia de las Villas. Azure, on a sun Or chased gules, a lute bendwise sinister argent surmounted by a harp Or.

NOTE: Rejected. Melodia is a noun (melody) and not a period name. Melody as an English given name didn't come into use until 1810, according to Withycombe. "Las Villas" is "the villages," not "the ways," which is "las V;as." This use of chased is poor contrast and excessive complexity. Try putting the lute and the harp in saltire. What kind of harp is that?

Phelan Cathaoir-Mor. Gules, a bend sable fimbriated, overall a phoenix Or.

NOTE: Cathaoir-Mor means "the Big Chair." The closest Mistress Eriod of Eire would come to this with Great Warrior is Catharta Mor (great warlike one). Phelan is a surname, says Master Ioseph of Locksley. Withycombe gives Phelim as an Irish given name, so you could be Phelim Catharta Mor.

Sirrush Mir, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. A sirrush is a Babylonian dragon. What is a mir?

Thomas White Wolf of the White Wolf Clan. Per bend sable and azure, overall a wolf's head cabossed argent maintaining a rosebud gules slipped and leaved vert distilling from the bud three gouttes de sang, in sinister chief a crescent bendwise sinister.

NOTE: Device rejected. The rosebud and gouttes de sang are color on color. The emblazon shows the line of division and the escutcheon itself thinly fimbriated Or, which isn't allowed. Delete the rose and the fimbriations, and turn the crescent vertical or horizontal.

Thorongil, Shire of.

NOTE: Name rejected. Thorongil was Aragorn's name when he served in Rohan under Denethor's father, Ecthelion II. It is Elvish and cannot be used as a branch name.


Kingdom of the Middle

Alasdair of Raasay. Azure, an anchor fouled of its chain within a double tressure loosely wreathed Or.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Fere: Azure, an anchor Or (Papworth, p. 3), and Anker (the same; Rietstaap). The twisted double tressure doesn't seem to be compatible with period practice (at least none of us have seen anything like it).

Anne Kent. Argent, a rosebud slipped and leaved palewise embowed to sinister azure.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Delling zu Hueb: Argent, a rose slipped azure (Rietstaap) and Alys of the Midnight Rose: Or, a rose slipped and leaved azure.

Aodhnait Ross. Azure, a bend between a mullet of eight points and three escallops in bend Or.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Daniell: Azure, a bend between six escallops Or (Papworth).

Bertram of Bearington. Badge for House Envoy. Gyronny azure and gules, an escarbuncle Or.

NOTE: The badge for House Envoy conflicts with Wigenhale: Ouarterly azure and gules, overall an escarbuncle Or (Papworth, p. 684).

Cormac MacCluiune na Donegal. Sable, in bend two bowen knots crosswise fretted of one bend cotise and two bend cotises sinister argent.

NOTE: Name rejected. The Gaelic word for "wolf" is mactíre. MacMactíre would be a bit awkward, and MacTíre means "son of the country." The word "na" is the plural form of the definite article. What you want is ó Donegal. Mistress Eriod suggests Cormac mactíre ó Donegal (Cormac (the) wolf of Donegal). The Gaelic form (if you want to be fancy) of Donegal is Dún na nGall, and used as a place name you get ó Dhún na nGall. Please draw all of the lines on the device wider. The device seems acceptable.

Cormac O'Sullivan. Per pale vert and Or, two lions combattant and in base three chevronels counterchanged.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Guinivere of the Gareloch: Per pale vert and Or, two lions combattant guardant and in chief three fleurs-de-lys, one and two, counterchanged. (She is also in the Middle Kingdom, so the two could easily be seen at the same event.)

Dugall Ailean Lathurna. Per bend azure and Or fleury azure, in sinister chief a sea-lion erect reguardant Or maintaining in dexter paw a sword invected bendwise argent behind the sealion's body and in sinister paw a thistle bendwise proper.

NOTE: Device rejected. Maintaining a sword behind one's back is not a heraldic position. A small thistle proper on azure has no contrast. r suggest you have the sword in the same position as in the clan badge.

Egil Erlendsson. Azure, a sword proper surmounted by in saltire an axe argent, hafted Or, and a hammer, on a chief argent a bull's head cabossed proper, armed, between two tau crosses gules.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is too complex. There are seven charges of six different types. Please simplify.

Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles. Per fess wavy azure and argent, a swan naiant atop the line of division, in base two bars wavy, in canton a rose counterchanged.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Angelina Jessica Dourelle: Pean, a swan argent gorged of a chain gules resting upon a base barry wavy azure and argent.

Grimdore Hawkesbane. Azure, a lightning bolt bendwise Or between a Boreas affronty voided argent and a Goshawk supine bendwise proper. (Accipiter gentilis)

NOTE: Device rejected. Supine is not a heraldic position. Your "Boreas voided" is unlike any drawing of a Boreas we have seen, and this is complex voiding, as well. (Lightning flashes are discouraged.)

Hans Orwig. Sable, a mullet Or between in pall two arrows inverted and an arrow argent, barbed and fletched gules.

NOTE: Device conflicts with De Penshorst: Sable, a mullet Or (Papworth, p. 990).

Johnathon Douglas of Falkirk. Azure, an oak tree proper atop a mount vert, on a chief sable a crescent argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is color on color. Try changing the field to Or.

Lawson of the Lake. Azure, a goutte between two piles in point Or.

NOTE: Rejected. You have no given name, only a patronymic and a place name. Withycombe's Oxford Dict. of English Christian Names, 2nd ed., p. 183, states that there are a great many surnames derived from Lawrence. Among these is Lawson, a patronymic from the nickname "Law." Please add a given name. The device conflicts with Salbron Azure, three piles in point Or (Papworth, p. 1027) and with James the Vintner: Azure, two piles in point throughout Or, overall three mullets gules, You have drawn a goutte instead of a flame.

Lawson of the Lake. Badge. Azure, a goutte and on a bordure Or the inscription "ILLEGITIMI NON COMBURENDUIW' sable.

NOTE: The College does not register mottoes (KFW, 6/30/79). Again, you have drawn a goutte instead of a flame. Try a proper flame within a plain bordure.

Marina of Eastcliffe. Sable, billety argent, a cape displayed counter-vairy purpure and argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. As drawn, it is not recognizable as a cape. Try turning the cape so the outer side shows as well and have the outer side be argent and the lining be counter-vairy purpure and argent. Then it will be identifiable as a cape.

Mary Katherine de Macey. Gules, a domestic cat dancing erect to sinister Or, atop a mace fesswise reversed argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. Dancing is not a heraldic position. Try a cat rampant to sinister.

Morgan merch Rhys. Or, billety gules, in saltire a knife sable and a leek proper, within a bordure argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. The bordure is metal on metal.

Nels Haroldssen von Hartmann. Sable, on a bend sinister argent a sword inverted sable, between in fess a mullet of four points and four dismembered rays and an anvil Or, in dexter chief in fess three mullets of four points and four dismembered rays argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. Those odd mullets are not heraldic, and the total arrangement of charges is non-standard.

Nubbin Keshran. Or, on a pale invected gules a sword argent.

NOTE: Rejected. The O.E.D. states that "nubbin" is a dwarf or imperfect ear of maize and that the word was first attested in 1847. It is not-a given name. The device seems acceptable.

Rathnar Blaiddgwyn. Sable, a wolf's head cabossed silhouetted within a sun of four rays eclipsed argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is not proper heraldry. We do not use silhouettes of heads. It is impossible to tell whether the silhouette is that of a wolf's or bearts head, or any other carnivore with a similarly shaped skull. Use a regular wolf's head. A sun with only four rays is not a proper heraldic sun, especially when it is eclipsed like this.

Robert MacGryffyn. Or, in pale two wings displayed sable, an eagle's head erased argent, fimbriated gules, and a headless lion's body rampant, sinister foreleg affronty, coward, between in chief an arrow and in chevron inverted two arrows sable, barbed gules.

NOTE: Device rejected. This is not a heraldic position or combination. It is not a correct dismemberment, as the legs are still attached. A lion proper is pretty much yellow and shouldn't be placed on Or. Fimbriating a hawk's head is excessive fimbriation. The lion's body should be in a proper rampant position.

Serret of Falling Stars. Argent, in pale three shooting stars bendwise sinister gules between on a pair of flaunches azure in dexter a snowflake and in sinister a Boreas affronty voided argent.

NOTE: Device rejected. Your shooting stars are not heraldic shooting stars or comets. Please use a heraldic form. Your "Boreas affronty voided" is unlike any Boreas we have seen in our references, and the voiding is complex voiding.

Tsvia bat-Zipporah ha-Levi of Granada. Or, in bend a White Knight Hybrid Tea rose, slipped and leaved, bendwise sinister proper between two plates fimbriated sable within a bordure engrailed purpure.

NOTE: Device rejected. The White Knight Hybrid Tea rose was created in modern (20th century) times. Even if you call it a garden rose argent, it is metal on metal. The fimbriated plates lack contrast. I suggest a colored rose between two pellets.


Kingdom of the West

Eric Bearsbane. Badge. Argent, a bear's pawprint sable surmounted by a sword argent, the blade enflamed proper.

NOTE: Badge rejected. This fails the visibility test. The flame overlapping the toes makes the whole hard to distinguish. Please redraw so the flame is wholly on the pad, as the sword already is.

Eric Edmundsson. Or, a hop leaf inverted vert charged with a barley stalk Or.

NOTE: Device conflicts with Hopcoper: Or, a hop leaf vert (Rietstaap).

Nikolaus von Sachsen. Argent, a sinister wing bendwise sinister within a bordure sable.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Bergius of Glen Kin: Argent, a wing displayed and elevated sable (Lyon Ordinary II, 6026).

Meryk Haraldsen. Sable, on a bend sinister cotised argent three ram's heads palewise to sinister erased proper. (Ovis canadensis)

NOTE: Device rejected. The usual proper color for sheep is argent, which cannot be placed on argent. You have drawn the sheep as Or, which also cannot be placed on argent. What color and breed of ram are you trying to use?

Rhwth Rhys of Eldatir. Badge; withdrawn by submittor's request. Argent, on a chief double-arched azure an estoile argent, a bordure azure

Rhwth Rhys of Eldatir. Badge; withdrawn by submittor's request. Azure, a brown bear's head caboshed proper, one a chief double-arched azure an estoile argent, a bordure azure.

Suzanne l'Écuyère Étoile. Sable, on a demi-compass-star of sixteen points argent between three compass stars Or a horse's head issuant from base sable.

NOTE: Rejected. The device is too modern in style. (It reminds one of the Horsehead Nebula.) The horse's head emerging from the field on a demi-compass-star was objected to by much of the College. The name is ungrammatical, since Étoile is just tacked, on without a joining preposition. This should be Something like Suzanne l'Écuyère or Suzanne l'Écuyère de l'Étoile.



(out of order) ACCEPTANCES

Kingdom of the Middle

Premaleela of the Wild Blue Iris. Argent, in pale an iris purpure, bearded Or, slipped and leaved vert, and in fess three crocuses purpure, slipped and leaved vert. (Laevigata fisch) (Sativus R.)

NOTE: The device would conflict with the household badge of Richard Ironsteed (Argent, an iris azure, bearded Or, slipped and leaved vert) if the iris were blue, as in your name. you have drawn the iris purpure, so I have called it that. Irises come in several colors and thus cannot be proper but must be specified.


Kingdom of the West

Stephen of Beckenham. Azure, a pall between three crescents within a bordure argent.



Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain


Your servant,

Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms