ACCEPTANCES December 28, 1982


Aislyan Delano of Roxeburgh. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Albert the Boar. Or, a leather boot reversed proper impaled through the toe by a dagger inverted sable.

Diana ni Charvall. Azure, a wolf's head erased between in chief a goblet and two swords in saltire argent, within a bordure Or.

The word "ni" aspirates the following consonant.

Dragon's Lair, Shire of. Name approval only.

Elspeth of the Blue Stone Keep. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Frederick the Red of Swansea. Or, a lymphad under sail gules, a base wavy, and on a chief indented azure four mullets of four points in arch Or.

This is stylistically poor. It would be much better if the base were a different color, to emphasize that you do not have a fess indented in chief and wavy in base. The mullets in arch are modernistic in style.

Glyn Dwfn, Shire of. Name approval only.

Janeltis Karaine, Starfollower. Augmentation of Arms. A crown indented of three points gules, gorging the winged unicorn.

An augmentation should specify the location of the augmentation on the arms, so I have added the location. If the Dowager Princess Janeltis should later wish to change the position, she may submit a free correction.

Lovell Hastings. Argent, a fess wreathed vert between three moorcocks in fess and a patriarchal Cross gules.

Wreathed is more properly used with two tinctures, but can be used in the SCA with one, implying a treatment or diapering, rather like masoned.

Maria Varushka. Or, a dove displayed sable between three hearts gules.

"Varushka" is a name diminutive, not a patronymic. Since you have a proper given name (Maria), the combination is acceptable, but you should be aware that it does not mean "daughter of Varush".

Morgwn the Unknown. Badge for House Runaway. Argent, a woman rampant proper, crined sable, vested vert.

Placing humans in heraldic positions not normally assumed by humans is poor heraldic practice. Putting a lady as rampant is poor period artistic taste. Given the name of House Runaway, I think courant would have been much better. However, I find no heraldic reason to reject this, and I cannot state that this is clearly offensive, so I have registered it. (By modern artistic style, this is rather cute.)

Owen Telynor. Or, an acorn proper slipped and leaved within a bordure vert, mullety of seven points Or.

If you want Owen the Harper instead of Owen Harper, then it should be Owen y Telynor. The addition of the mullets prevents a conflict through identical outlines with Tanya of the Oak.

River's Bend, Shire of. Name approval only.

Rowan O'Coallachain of Muscraidhe. Vert, a torch argent enflamed at the tip proper between two panther's gambs palewise erased Or.

Draw the torch more like a torch. Calling the charges panther's or lion's gambs makes no difference, so we might as well call them panther's gambs. (They would still conflict with lion's gambs.)

Wastekeepshire. Title for Basilisk Pursuivant.

Wilhelm von Westfalen. Joint household badge with Gwynaeth ferch Llewellyn O'Llyn Gwawr. Azure, a mullet of seven points Or within six swords conjoined in annulo proper within a bordure argent, mullety of seven points azure, impaled with Vert, on a bend azure fimbriated three escarbuncles of five argent.

The Rules for Submissions (IX.5.) allows impaled arms to be registered only as a joint household badge for a man and a woman. I have therefore so listed this badge. The emblazon shows the two arms dimidiated, which is not allowed (see IX.5.). Any further use beyond their copy of Papworth should show the arms properly impaled. Please note that they really didn't have to register this badge in order to use it. Certainly nobody else could use it, so it doesn't need to be protected.


Arthur of the Fen. Argent, a fleam sable distilling three gouttes de sang, one and two.

"Aruther" is not a valid variant of Arthur, so I have used your mundane name, Arthur.

Charles Iman MacMoore. Sable, a winged eagle's claw maintaining to dexter a broadaxe palewise Or.

This differs from the Duchy of Calabria by the counterchange, the substitution of an axe for a sword, and the position of the sword.

Donaleigh of Heathervale. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Her mundane given name is Donnalee.

Douglas Ruari MacNeill. Or, a gauntlet clenched affronty palewise within an orle of fetterlocks within a bordure gules.

In the SCA, we shall assign the default position of a fetterlock to be with the bar fesswise and the loop pointing to chief. "MacNeill of Barra" is the form used only by the chief of Clan MacNeill, so I have deleted "of Barra".

Elaine of the Woods. Argent, a chevron inverted azure, overall in chief a cherry tree eradicated fructed proper, in base two arrows inverted crossed in saltire near the fletching sable.

This is poor heraldic style. It would be much better if the tree were entirely above the chevron inverted and not partially surmounting the chevron. Having the arrows crossed near the fletchings is not period style, but I do see the artistic reasons for it.

Elfsea, Shire of. Azure, a laurel wreath Or surmounted by a triple-towered castle with lowered drawbridge, the central tower cupolaed and pennoned to sinister argent, in base two barrulets wavy Or.

Gwyneth of Dragon's Keepe. Per saltire Or and vert, in pale two church bells and in fess two clarions, the dexter reversed, counterchanged.

Reversing the dexter clarion is a modern style. The period style would have had both clarions the same.

Kalida Aristana. Purpure, in bond three pegasi courant bendwise between two bendlets argent.

Laura Mouren of the Isles. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

LoAleene Penrith. Badge. Per pale sable and argent, a chevron throughout counterchanged surmounted by a chevron inverted throughout gules.

LoAleene Penrith. Badge. Argent, semé of butterflies gules, a saltire sable.

LoAleene Penrith. Badge. Per bend argent and or, a bend vert, overall a butterfly dismembered throughout gules.

Nathan Rubonszoon Adelaer. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Philippa Rookhaven. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Rafael Diego de Burgos. Per pale argent and purpure, a chevron raguly and in chief two mullets counterchanged.

Because of the per pale partition and the counterchanging, this device is balanced, even with just two mullets. If the field were not per pale, then, in order to have proper period balance, one would want to have three mullets.

Rafael Diego de Burgos. Badge. Per pale argent and purpure, a mullet voided counterchanged.

A mullet voided is legal. A mullet voided and interlaced is a pentagram, which is not legal.

Sharen Siobhan Morningstar. Or, a cross parted and interlaced with an annulet purpure between in chief two compass stars, their greater points wavy, azure.

This would have been better period heraldry with four compass stars in the four quarters, but two in chief is acceptable, as it is relatively balanced.

Sindra Gunhild Sigmundsdottir. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Steffan of the Tall Pines. Per chevron azure and argent, in chief a balance arm with two pans Or, in base a pine tree couped between in fess two shamrocks vert.

Thorkel Magnusson. Or, on a pile between two double-bitted axes inverted sable a bear's head erased Or.

Thorkel Magnusson. Badge. In fess two double-bitted axe heads fesswise conjoined at the hafts Or surmounted by a bear's pawprint sable.

This would be much better if it were all metal or all color, as then it would be easy to display without losing contrast. However, since all charges are conjoined into a unit, I will allow it. What I don't allow are totally separated, floating charges, some metal and some color.


Aelfrun Errantmaid. Name approval only.

André d'Aramon. Per pale wavy azure and argent, a caltrop argent and a falcon's head couped at the shoulder gules.

By default, given the per pale wavy division, the two charges are in fess.

Ann Corwin. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Arms for Queen of Atlantia Per pale azure and argent, on a fess wavy cotised counterchanged between three roses gules, barbed and seeded Or, an escallop erminois.

While wreaths of roses and crowns may be used on a Queen's arms, they don't have to be.

Attilium, Canton of. Name approval only.

Since Attila only had one "L" in his name, the canton's name should also. Elmet informs me that the proper Latin usage here would be either just Attila (which would be confusing and would also conflict) Or Attilia. Since there are places with -ium endings (e.g., Belgium), I am willing to accept Attilium as corrupted Latin, but Attilia would be much better.

Berley Court, Canton of. Name approval only.

Caer Mear. Badge for Cook's Guild. Per fess gules and azure, on a pale argent two wooden spoons in saltire and a sprouting yellow onion proper. (Liliacae Alium cepa).

Cabal Mac Art. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Cathal would be much better, but I will accept Cabal.

Deirdre Morgan. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Eadweard Halistan. Gules, a phoenix argent and on a chief indented azure, fimbriated argent, a decrescent Or.

Eilwan Cyflym. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Elaina de Sinistre. Badge for Ladies' Sewing Circle of Storvik. Per fess sable and argent, in chief a needle bendwise sinister argent and in dexter base in bend three gouttes-de-sang.

Draw the gouttes larger.

Elizabeth McIntosh. Gules, two opinici combattant Or and on a chief argent three apples gules, slipped and leaved vert.

Winged monsters, except when affronty, have their wings elevated and addorsed by default in SCA heraldry.

Etain of the Household Kilbane. Gules, a pomegranate slipped and leaved and in chief six of the same argent.

Falconcres, Canton of. Name change from Falcon Cree Per pale gules and Or, a falcon's head erased to sinister sable, beaked gules, within a laurel wreath, in chief a fillet counterchanged.

A bar at that level is a fillet. Draw the laurel wreath wholly below the fillet. Partial overlapping is not heraldic.

Francesca Angelica Vasari. Azure, in pale a bezant and a winged bottle argent, all within a bordure nebuly Or.

I have separated the bezant and bottle because partial overlapping in this fashion is not heraldic.

Giancarlo Amati di Fogliano. Household name for House Foglia and badge. A purple iris slipped and leaved proper environed of a pair of wool shears Or.

In the Letter of Intent, a household name is listed under the Society name of the head of the household, not under its own name.

Gilnaur Greystone. Per chevron argent and gules, two wyverns combattant vert and a battle axe Or.

Griswald Capstock of Warwick. Per chevron Or and vert, two Northern ravens rising respectant, wings elevated and addorsed, sable and in saltire a battle axe and a hammer argent.

The references indicate that a bird rising has no default orientation of the wings. The position of the wings must be specified each time.

Jason Michael of Andover. Sable, a torch argent, and a chief indented azure, fimbriated, semé of compass stars argent.

The torch is drawn in a very modern style. It would be much better to draw it in a period heraldic style.

Jordre Pargon. Argent, three chevronels braced azure and on a chief sable a snow leopard couchant argent, spotted sable.

Jordre Pargon. Badge. Azure, a snow leopard sejant argent, spotted sable.

Kestrel's Keep, Canton of. Per bend argent and sable, a bend counter-compony gules and Or between a kestrel rising wings displayed proper, belled, and a laurel wreath Or surmounted by a tower argent

Please center the bend so its dividing line passes through the corner of the shield. Draw the laurel wreath larger with fewer, larger leaves so it shows up better.

Maeve na gCifianach. Per pale nebuly argent and vert, in bend a weaver's knot sable and a wode plant Or stalked and leaved argent.

The word "na" ("of the") causes the addition of a "g" to Cifiaftach, according to Mistress Eriod. It would be better heraldry to put the two charges in fess. Draw the division as a correct nebuly. As drawn, it is a rounded potenty.

Mark Bowyer. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Minowara Kiritsubo. Reblazon of device/primary mon A pellet clasped per pall by three dragon's talons conjoined argent.

Minowara Kiritsubo. Reblazon of badge/secondary mon. Sable, three paulonia tendrils conjoined in pall surmounted by three paulonia leaves conjoined in pall inverted, the upper two tendrils and the lower two leaves embowed to chief in annulo, argent.

Minowara Kiritsubo. Badge for Eleanor Aison of Devon Vert, a calla lily blossom proper within a bordure Or.

Phillip of Ghent. Reblazon of badge/mon for Clan Inazuma. Sable, issuant from a single-strand, double-spiral Japanese lightning flash lozengewise, in chief and in base two scarpes, argent.

Household badges must be registered under the name of the head of the household. Only independent groups, such as guilds, may register under their own names. See the Rules for Submissions (IX.1.).

Quentin Wrenguard ap Rhys. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Randal Dinadin. Azure, two swords in saltire argent, quillioned Or, between in pale a cat couchant ermine and a chalice argent.

Richard Corwin. Name change from Richard Kroywynn.

Richard d'Andrade. Azure, a lion sejant to sinister coward Or between three annulets, each surmounted by a mullet of four points, within a bordure embattled argent.

The word "de" before a vowel becomes d'.

Sacred Stone, Barony of the. Name change from Shire of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone and device change. Vert, a double-headed phoenix and in chief a laurel wreath argent.

Seanna Severn. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

"Aire" is a title meaning Lord, and thus cannot be used so I have dropped it.

Sionnan Briagha O'Bryan. Ermine, a hare's head couped sable, collared Or.

Tennis of Tir-y-Don. Badge. Argent, a peacock passant reguardant bendwise proper.

Tristan ap Howell. Badge. Sable, a goblet between in fess two hearts argent.


Sine NicChluarain. Reblazon. Vert, a pair of cubit arms issuant in chevron and crossed at the wrists argent.


Kathryn Morgan. Or, a fox dormant gules and on a bordure sable a double tressure loosely wreathed Or.

Catherine Cameron Stewart Morgan gave permission for the name. The loosely wreathed double tressure is modern style. It would have been better to have a single tressure wreathed.

Yvorwen of Clarendon. Reblazon. Azure, an arrow fesswise reversed Or between in pale a kestrel's head erased argent, armed Or, and an open book argent.


Adrian Bosquologne de Cabouchier. Or, a sun sable, between in chief two crescents gules, all within a bordure sable.

If you intend Cabouchier to be an occupational name, then it should not have the word "de." If it is a place name, "de" is correct "Bosquologne" as a made-up surname seems compatible with other period surnames The device would have been much better with three crescents instead of two, but two in chief is acceptable, as it is still somewhat balanced.

Elaine Darkenlight of the Silver Sea. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Esmeralda of Kimaden. Badge. Vert, a unicorn trippant to sinister within a bordure Or.

Hubert FitzBennett. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Julitta des Chevaux. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Mellisande Marsetoile. Argent, on a pale between two mullets of eight points elongated to base azure another argent.

"Marsetoile" isn't really correct French, but I'll accept it as a corrupted surname. If you want March Star (Equinox) as a sobriquet, then you should use "Etoile de Mars." "Mellissande" is better spelled with only one "L." Thus, the name more correctly would be Melissande de la Etoile de Mars.

Owen Arbalista. Per bend sinister azure and argent, a fess dancetty between in pale an arrow fesswise and an arrow fesswise reversed, all counterchanged Or and gules.

"Arbalista" is the word for a crossbow. Arbalister is the word for the crossbowman. If you want the latter, we will change it for free Draw the arrows bigger and properly in pale. By SCA convention, fesswise arrows point by default to sinister. This was set on October 22, 1976, for Gangenrath Woodwender of the North March. The reasoning was that arrows are supposed to have their points to base, which is the inversion of the normal practice The problem arises when an arrow is fesswise and the point cannot point to base. Karina decided to continue the "reverse'' practice and assigned the default Case to be that a fesswise arrow points to sinister.

Esteban Tomis de Santfn. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Since you want the name to be Spanish, I have used the Spanish form for Thomas, which is Tomis.

Harold Lacklander. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Jack Nimble. Reblazon. Quarterly Or and vert, a sun counterchanged.

Michael of Castell Gwyn. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Morgan Siobhan ni Dhunnibhan. Purpure, a bend sinister cotised between six shamrocks argent.

The word "ni" always aspirates the following consonant.

Richard Fenwick. Argent, a rushlight bendwise proper, the dexter chief tip enflamed Or, supported by a three-legged iron stand sable.

Rivière de Sang, Shire of. Argent, a bend sinister wavy between a laurel wreath proper and a tower vert.

Please draw the bend sinister Wavy in a normal fashion What you have drawn doesn't exist heraldically. This laurel wreath is actually proper because it has green leaves issuant from brown stems. Laurel wreaths that are all green should be termed vert, not proper.

Theodelinda of Wenlock. Counter-vair, on a cross cleché between four roundels gules a cross bottony pierced argent.

Vulpine Reach, Shire of. Per pale gules and argent, two foxes combattant, in chief a compass star, all within a laurel wreath, all counterchanged.

"Vulpine" is an adjective, so I have dropped the "s".


Alfred of Chester. Azure, a pale between two Maltese crosses Or.

This is beautiful period style heraldry.

Alroy Cullen. Argent, in bend two pennoncelles fesswise gules flying to dexter from two wooden staves palewise proper, the dexter staff surmounted by the sinister pennoncelle.

This would be better if the two pennoncelles and staves didn't overlap.

Anne Douglas of the Seven Stars. Purpure, mullety Or, a horseshoe inverted argent.

A horseshoe is, by default, in a "U" orientation.

Ardena Wildflower. Name approval only.

Bridget of the Flying Dragon's Cave. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Catherine de Babeuf. Name approval only.

Corwyn Dragonstar. Sable, in pale eight mullets in annulo and a drakkar in full sail, within a bordure argent.

Davin Breighallach. Per bend sinister sable and argent, a cat-a-mountain salient guardant counterchanged.

Counterchanging by a line of division is sufficient difference from most mundane and fictional arms (in this case, Sherlock Holmes).

Delilah Holtlaande. Azure, in bend a scimitar bendwise sinister and a Pegasus salient, with bat wings elevated and addorsed, argent, charged on the sinister hindquarter with a cross patté gules.

The College feels that D'Lilah looks too much like a place-name form, so we used the form Delilah.

Eadwine be Bocce Sale. Badge; see REJECTIONS for device. Ermine, a wyvern undulant erect bendwise, wings elevated and addorsed, azure, orbed, langued, armed and spined Or, grasping in both legs a partly open book bendwise argent, bound gules, clasped Or.

This badge is poor style, but compatible with a lot of whimsical badges previously passed in the SCA. The book really should be a closed or fully open book to be properly heraldic, but as this is a badge and the book is a minor detail, I will allow it.

Elaine Ladd. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Eric the Wanderer of the Flying Dragon's Cave. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Eromene Aspasia of Constantinople. Name change from Eromene Aspasia. Azure, four lozenges in fess arched, their lower points pointing to in base a roundel, on a chief arched Or three torteaux.

This is poor heraldic design in terms of period style It would be better if the lozenges were arranged in a more heraldic arrangement, such as in cross, in fess, in saltire, etc. It is, however, balanced and symmetric, so I will accept it.

Garrick Ravenshear. Azure, a pale and a base or, on a chief arched argent a raven rising, wings addorsed, sable.

Gesina of Schermerhorn. Argent, a chevron sable surmounted by a pile throughout counterchanged vert and argent.

Counterchanging by different colors, while legal, is a modern style.

Gregory Bruce of Annandale. Sable, on a bond between a Pegasus rampant and an owl close guardant argent, three thistles palewise vert.

Linat of Taunton. Azure, three male linnets displayed conjoined pallwise in pall, heads to center, proper. (Cardnelis cannabina)

The contrast is rather poor. This would be much better with a metal field. You might want to spell the first name with two Ns, as that is how most people are used to seeing it.

Llywellyn ap Madog. Per bend sable and Or, a compass star counterchanged.

Madeleine de Bougainville. Or, on a pile enhanced between two piles inverted abased gules a fleur-de-lis Or, all within a bordure gules.

Draw the bordure wider and the piles longer, so it is clearer what is going on.

Martin aus Trevesen. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Meg of the Woods. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Meinhard Hinck von Erbach. Azure, a plate atop a point pointed, a chief indented argent.

Draw the plate and the point pointed larger.

Middle, Kingdom of the. Ensign. Argent, a pale gules surmounted by a dragon passant vert.

A kingdom's ensign is a badge open to use by all subjects of that Kingdom, as well as being the flag of the Kingdom.

Nicolette Douglas of Lanark. Barry wavy argent and azure, on a chief sable a heart gules fimbriated Or.

Othneil of the Isles. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Raedwulf Odell. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Rhianna Viatrix. Gules, in pale a lynx in summer phase rampant proper, and a mullet, on a chief Or three flames sable.

Romulus di Falco. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

St. Carol on the Moor, College of. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Sharra de la Praderia Blanca. Per pale argent and azure, two panthers combattant, tails nowed, counterchanged, each gorged of a crown embattled Or, overall a rose gules, barbed, seeded, slipped and leaved proper.

The correct spelling is Praderia, not Prederia. The LoI must specify that a lady is a Countess, Viscountess, or Duchess in order for her to be able to use a crown. While I cannot find Sharra as a Spanish name, it seems consistent with period usage.

Squirrel Haven, Riding of. Vair, an apple tree eradicated fructed proper and in base a laurel wreath vert.

Draw the laurel wreath larger, and draw the apple tree in a more heraldic manner.

Theresia von Tux. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

The use of "um" is incorrect, so I have omitted it. If you were near a town, you were considered to be of it when you were far away.

Vorlin olr Gwig. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

The correct forms are olr Wig and olr Gwig. I used the latter, as it was closer to your request.


Benedict Finnian O'Bryan. Vert, a pall argent between a shamrock and two Celtic crosses Or.

Clifford Bardric of Open Towers. Quarterly azure and argent, a cross counterchanged, overall three annulets interlaced Or.

Constance Gervaise. Name change from Marigold Rose.

Corwin Breemore. Argent, a sword bendwise inverted sable, its blade entwined with a heather vine proper, between a raven's head erased close and another reversed, both sable, beaked gules.

Devin Murdock Teague. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Donald of Acre. Gules, on a pile between four mullets of six points argent in pale, a label dovetailed and a Latin cross sable.

Panchion Mountainrider of Skyhaven. Per pale gules and argent, on a chevron inverted a lute and a falchion inverted proper and in chief a seagull displayed counterchanged.

Vesper states that "Fanchion" is a period French given name derivative, meaning "independent

Leon David von Schrecken. Name change from Leon von Schreckenblitz. Gules, three swords clockwise in triangle proper within a bordure Or.

Marli bas Nachoma. Name approval only (see REJECTIONS for device).

Michail Dikovo Polya. Sable, a crane in its vigilance argent between in fess two mullets Or.

You used the nominative case when the proper use is the genitive case. I have therefore corrected the name to the genitive case. The first name is all right, but a better transliteration would be Mikhail. (Whenever somebody wants a Russian name, s/he should feel free to submit it in both Cyrillic and Roman letters, as we can read both.)

Olias of the Mists. Purpure, a demi-sun inverted Or issuant from a chief invected argent.

Chiefs do not surmount pieces of the main charge. A legal, albeit poor, practice is to have a demi-charge issuant from a chief with the consent of the submittor's consulting herald, I have changed the device to this form.

Paul of Bellatrix. Reblazon. Sable, on a bend sinister Or three compass stars palewise gules.

Rhwth Rhys of Eldatir. Badge. Argent, on a chief doubly arched azure an estoile argent.

Rhwth Rhys of Eldatir. Badge. Argent, a brown bear's head cabossed proper and on a chief doubly arched azure an estoile argent.

Robyn MacArtair. Argent, a fox rampant guardant gules and on a chief sable a chess knight between two chess rooks argent.

Rory Phalen. Argent, a fox rampant gules between two flaunches sable.

Draw the animal more like a fox and less like a wolf. The difference between a fox and a wolf is the only thing that keeps it from conflicting with Vohburg: Argent, a wolf rampant gules (Rietstaap).

Sirima of Hawthorn Hall. Badge for Hawthorn Hall Per pale gules and sable, a tower Or between in fess two hawthorn blossoms argent.

Stephen of Coldjoust. Ermine, a tilting spear palewise azure.

Suderland, Shire of. Gyronny of six Or and sable, a laurel wreath argent surmounted by a legless dragon displayed gules.

Thomas of Eastbrook. Badge. A pair of weaver's shears inverted argent.

Thorbald of Skagnire. Sable, on a pale argent between in chief two decrescents Or in base another sable, overall a reindeer's head cabossed proper, attired Or.

You cannot register a title. Skald of Skagnire is a title You could be Thorbald Skald, Thorbald the Skald, or Thorbald of Skagnire, the Skald. I have dropped the word skald.

Tristan Morgana of Gwynedd. Badge. A millrind purpure.

Vashti Brianna. Vert, a crescent and on a chief Or three crescents vert.

Hindus used the names of goddesses as common given names The Romany people came from India and have a similar custom. Therefore Vashti is legal in this case.

Vincent of Winterpeak. Badge. Per pale vert and sable, vetu ployé Or, a bordure of the field.

The addition of a bordure to a field vetu is highly unusual, but I can't really justify rejecting it for a badge, as the result is symmetrical and elegant.

West, Kingdom of the. Title for Compline Herald.

William of Dragonrest. Per chevron abased argent and purpure, a dragon passant and a rest counterchanged.

Points pointed are concave, so I have reblazoned it as per chevron abased.



Aislynn Delano of Roxeburgh. Azure, ermined, a pale embattled between in dexter chief two escallops and in sinister chief another Or.

Device rejected. This total lack of symmetry violates correct heraldic style. Symmetry is a fundamental basis of heraldic style, both in period and today. This device is otherwise beautiful and I guarantee to pass this with a balanced number of escallops. (Even Black Lion, in her 9/l/82 letter to An Tir heralds, noted that the arrangement of the escallops is asymmetrical and not medieval in style.)

Alphonse de Lorraine

Appeal denied. Addition of a place name is sufficient to differentiate a normal surname conflict, when there is no additional conflict Alfonso el Sabio and Alphonse le Sage have a three-word conflict. Alfonso el Sabio was exceedingly famous, and so the addition of "de Lorraine'' is insufficient. Imagine having Richard the Lionhearted of the Great Pismire, to quote Vesper.

Elspeth of the Blue Stone Keep. Azure, a unicorn rampant and on a chief embattled argent a rose vine throughout leaved sable charged with two roses azure.

Device rejected. The device conflicts with Kylson Skyfire: Azure, a unicorn rampant argent, crined and on a chief arched Or three snowflakes azure. Also close to Baddeni: Azure, a unicorn rampant argent.

Kendrew MacFlandry of Dundee. Badge. Argent, a saltire gules surmounted by a sword inverted counterchanged.

Badge rejected. This conflicts with the Cross of St. Patrick: Argent, a saltire gules. This flag of Ireland was used to form the Union Jack. In a famous case like this, more difference is needed. The sword inverted here is too small to provide more than one point of difference, as the saltire remains the visual primary charge. Close to the Pearl Assurincy Company: Argent, a saltire gules, overall a sword counterchanged, between in fess a covered cup and a hind lodged pierced by an arrow gules (Briggs, P. 298).

Montengarde, Barony of. Badge. Argent, a halberd between in fess enhanced two swords sable.

Badge rejected. This is improper style. Please lower the swords to have a halberd between in fess two swords, which is period usage I see no valid reason for partially raising the swords this way. The badge is close to Gyves: Argent, three halberds (in fess) sable.

Perilous Guard, Shire.

Name rejected. Perilous Guard is the name of the castle that Morgana le Fay created to trick King Arthur out of Excalibur.


Artorius Warhawk. Per chevron sable and argent, a hawk's head erased and a patriarchal cross bottony counterchanged.

Name rejected. The name conflicts with Artos Dux Bellorum (Arthur Warleader), aka King Arthur. Please add a place name to differentiate The device seems acceptable.

Branwyn O'Brallaghan. Badge. Azure, a whippet in full course bendwise sinister to dexter argent, collared gules.

Badge rejected. The badge conflicts with Burgomi: Azure, a hound courant argent.

Donaleigh of Heathervale. Vert, On a lozenge argent a sprig of heather bendwise sinister proper.

Device rejected. It conflicts with Kelson de la Croix: Quarterly erminois and counter-erminois, on a lozenge argent a sprig of heather bendwise proper. The visual similarity is striking. This is not arms of pretense or an augmentation because the lozenge is placed on a plain field.

Gordon MacBlayr de Galowaye. Per chevron azure and vert, a chevron argent between two winged lions combattant and in pale a compass star and a lamp Or, enflamed at the tip proper.

Name rejected. Withycombe states that "Gordon is the surname of a large and famous Scottish family. The modern use of Gordon as a Christian name is due to the enormous popularity of General Gordon (1833-85). It is now -firmly established as a Christian name." Gordon is thus out of period as a given name and may only be used if it is the mundane given name of the submittor. (It is impossible to tell from the submission forms if this is the case.) The device and badge appear acceptable.

Gordon MacBlayr de Galowaye. Badge. Vert, in pale a compass star and a lamp Or, enflamed at the tip proper.

Name rejected (see above).

Laura Mouren of the Isles. Gyronny azure and Or, on a sun counterchanged a natural dolphin naiant embowed argent.

Device rejected. This is a case of excessively complex counterchanging. I would accept a quarterly division with a sun counterchanged, but this is too much like modern art and too dissimilar from Period heraldry The sun is very hard to distinguish with the complex counterchanging involved.

Nathan Rubenszoon Adelaer. Argent, on a bend engrailed azure a bendlet Or and in sinister chief a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper.

Device rejected. It conflicts with Brescy: Argent, on a bend engrailed azure another Or (Papworth, P. 227). Note that the addition of a single rose in sinister chief is unbalanced. There really should be one on each side of the bend. (Placing a single charge in canton appears to be an exception to the normal rule of symmetry, but that is because that position was especially important. Sinister chief doesn't have that importance.)

Philippa Rookhaven. Purpure, on a saltire abased argent four sprigs of hyssop addorsed proper, in chief a cross crosslet fleury concave argent.

Device rejected. A squished together saltire like this is not heraldic. A true saltire abased would move the whole saltire down, maintaining the right angles of the arms. Redraw this with a normal saltire There is no reason to use a saltire abased, as the cross crosslet fleury will fit just fine in chief between the arms of a normal saltire.

Simonn d'Ambre. Quarterly gules and argent, in bend sinister a hawk's head erased proper between two towers sable.

Name appeal rejected. Nobody can use "of Amber," as that is the royal surname of Zelazny's royal house. For a similar example, one cannot use "of Windsor," even though Windsor is a real place, because that is the current surname of the British royal house. We rejected the Canton of the Amberlands in the East and a whole bunch of its members who wanted to be "of Amber." I will accept Simonn of the Amber Islands. I will also accept translating Simon of Amber (the stone) into another, non-Romance, language that completely changes the pronunciation of the word. I would accept Simonn von Bernstein, for example. The device seems acceptable except that we need to know the genus and species of the hawk.

Sindra Gunhild Sigmtmdsdottir. Argent, semé of roses gules, barbed and seeded proper, a horse rampant to sinister sable.

Device rejected. The horse's position is midway between salient and rampant. The device is visually too similar to Jill Blackhorse: Per bend sinister argent mullety voided and azure, a horse salient to sinister sable. The outline is nearly identical to Alisande de Rohan: Vert, semy of flowers, a mare salient to sinister Or. Be careful of Richard Ironsteed: Quarterly azure and argent, a horse rampant sable . (*see end of letter for Thera of the Blue Rose)


Ann Corwin. Azure, chaussé argent, issuant from the lines of division a cloudless natural rainbow proper.

Device rejected. It conflicts with Roane Fairegeae of Lochllan: Argent, on a pile throughout azure, a seal haurient argent.

Brunhilde Jorgesdottir. Azure, two cubit arms in chevron clasping a dagger argent.

Device rejected. The device is now heraldic, but unfortunately we find that it conflicts with Sine Nic Chluarain: Vert, a pair of cubit arms issuant in chevron and crossed at the wrists argent. You might change the cubit arms to Or or also ask Lady Sine for permission.

Cahal Mac Art. Sable, a sword inverted between the two halves of a skull split per pale argent.

Device rejected. it conflicts with Uta von Mainz: Sable, a sword inverted between the two halves of a broken chain fesswise abased argent. The device is also a design in poor heraldic taste. This sort of split charge is not period style, as it is too realistic, not to mention morbid.

Calenbree of Ravenlith. Vert, a male griffin sejant coward to sinister argent, in chief three arrows bendwise sinister inverted Or.

Name rejected. Do not mix languages in a single word. Try Galen Bree of Ravenlith, with Bree as a surname. The device and badge look acceptable.

Calenbree of Ravenlith. Badge. Argent, a raven close sable stop a rowan branch leaved and fructed proper. (Sorbus aucutaria).

Name rejected (see above).

Cyffaith of Caerleon. Azure, two winged lions combattant Or and on a lozenge argent a poppy blossom gules, seeded sable.

Name and device rejected. "Cyffaith"'s primary meaning is "confection." The Welsh translation of pickle is "Picl." In any event, Cyffaith is just a noun, not a given name. It could be a byname. Please add a given name. You cannot place a charged lozenge upon a device with other charges, as the charged lozenge will then be taken as either arms of pretense or an augmentation to the arms consisting of just those other charges (in this case, the two winged lions combattant). I suggest changing the field to per chevron azure and argent.

Deirdre Morgan. Gules, a Pegasus rampant within an orle argent.

Device rejected. It conflicts with Sylvia des Silences Argentins du Bois: Gules, a winged unicorn rampant argent within a bordure rayonny Or. Also probably conflicts with Demongenst: Gules, a Pegasus (rampant?) argent (Rietstaap).

Eilwen Cyflym. Sable, on a bend sinister ermine a scarpe azure surmounted by a harp counterchanged azure and Or.

Device rejected. The blazon on the LoI disagrees considerably with the emblazon. This device should be resubmitted with the correct blazon so the CoA can comment properly. The bend sinister is too wide. The harp would be heraldically better if it were all Or. Counterchanging of different colors is a modern usage.

Jeanmaire du Domremy. Sable, vetu ployé Or semé-de-lis sable, a wyvern sejant Or.

Name appeal denied. I understand that Jeanmaire is the lady's given name and that she and her sister both want to use "of Domremy" as their place name. I understand that many women in Domremy were probably named Joan/Joan after the time of Jean d'Arc, since Domromy became the center of her cult and the village was exempted from taxes by Charles VII. However, it is probably also true that there were many Richards in York, yet we would not allow a Richard of York to Pass.

The Rules for Submissions (VIII.3.) state, in part: "Any member may use her mundane given name as part of her Society name, without regard for whether [it] is in period. Such names may not be Used in such a way as to violate any other rule concerning names." There is no question that Joamaire is a perfectly acceptable period name, whether or not it is her mundane given name. Thus, that latter fact has no real bearing on the matter other than as an illustration of why she wants this name.

The Rules for Submissions (VI.4.) also state: "Society names may not conflict with important names in the mundane world, past or present . . . . A name conflicts with another name if it looks or sounds enough like the other name to cause confusion, or if it appears to be an alternative name for a famous individual." Since Joan of Arc was born and raised in Domremy, it is clear that Jean du Domremy was an alternate name for her. It was common in Europe to add the name Mary to the given name to form a compound name (I had a supervisor whose first name was Piermaria). Thus Jeanmaire du Domremy is very much like an alternate name for St. Joan. In cases like this, we must look at the level of fame of the individual in question. St. Joan is one of the most famous women in history, and the most famous female warrior in history.

The arms borne by St. Joan's brothers (she bore none of her own) had fleurs de-lys on them. Jeanmaire's submitted device also has fleurs-de-lys, in patterns of three. The entire result is a definite conflict which we cannot allow, based on our Rules for Submissions printed in T.I.

My suggestion is as follows: Given that Jeanmaire's sister's name and arms have never gotten out of kingdom, I suggest that they add a surname between their given names and their place names. Thus I would accept Jeanmaire Perna du Domremy or any other surname (other than d'Arc or Romée) She could also have Maire du Domremy or any other given name besides Join and its spelling variations. Or she could have Jeanmaire with any place name other than Domremy, Champagne, Lorraine, or France. The problem arises from the combination. Jeanmaire and her sister have my personal sympathy, but I feel that I am forced by our rules to reject the appeal.

Mark Bowyer. Per pale Or and sable, a dexter gauntlet bendwise sinister grasping two arrows inverted, One palewise and one bendwise a sinister gauntlet bendwise grasping a spear palewise, and the two halves of a heart split per pale indented in chevron inverted, all counterchanged.

Device rejected. The device is overly complex and is not heraldic in style. I suggest having the gauntlets palewise, each grasping two arrows inverted in saltire, and a heart in base, all counterchanged.

Quentin Wrenguard ap Rhys. Azure, in fess two ram's heads erased respectant conjoined Or and on dexter and sinister points azure, fimbriated, two doves migrant in chevron inverted, heads to center, Or.

Device rejected. This is not heraldic style. The result is a couple close in chief throughout, which isn't done. I suggest a chevron between two doves migrant palewise and the pair of heads.

Seanna Severn. Per saltire gules and argent, a phoenix, head to sinister, and in chief a cross patonce concave argent.

Device rejected. You cannot put argent on argent, and the phoenix's argent wings here lie on the argent parts of the field.

Varin Reisenwald. Argent, in pale three fir trees eradicated vert between two flaunches azure.

Name rejected. The surname is ungrammatical. It combines an infinitive (reisen) and a noun (Wald) without any modifications. The correct form for "the forest traveler" is "derf Waldreisender." The word "der" could be dropped if a surname is intended. If you want "Travelling Woods," the correct form is "von reisenden Wald". The device seems acceptable.


Atalanta of the Forest Darke. Vert, a stag at gaze to sinister argent between in chief and in fess three bezants, one and two.

Name and device rejected. Atalanta was known to run through the forest as fast as a stag. She was beaten in a footrace by Melanion/Hippomenes, who dropped three golden apples (apricots) before her. Her delay in picking them up allowed him to win. Thus the entire combination of name and device points directly to the myth. Replace the place name with something that doesn't evoke the myth and replace the bezants with something else. You can have the stag. The device is close to Redshawe: Vert, a stag argent maintaining in its mouth a sprig Or between three bezants (Papworth, P. 114).

Edward of Effingham. Or, in saltire two swords inverted between four fleurs-de-lys sable, overall a rose gules, barbed and, seeded proper.

Name appeal rejected. Henry Bolingbroke had a brother named Edward. The badge of the House of Lancaster was a red rose. Thus we feel that the place name of Effingham is not sufficient to remove the conflict with Henry IV's brother implied by the combination of Edward Bolingbroke and a red rose. Thus the addition of Bolingbroke to this name is rejected. If Edward will change the color of his rose, I will allow the addition of Bolingbroke to his name.

Elaine Darkenlight of the Silver Sea. Per pale azure and argent, on a roundel a golden staff with nine rays issuant from its tip, all counterchanged.

Device rejected. Rays like this are not heraldic.

Esteban Tomis de Santfn. Vert, a chevronel between a sword fesswise reversed argent, hilted sable, a mortar and pestle argent, and a plate charged with a snow leopard proper.

Device rejected. You have a snow leopard proper on a white roundel. A snow leopard proper is usually considered to be white with black spots, and therefore you cannot put one on argent. You cannot have a single chevronel. Use a chevron.

Harold Lacklander. Per pale gules and sable, on a pale convex argent between two axes addorsed counterchanged, fimbriated Or, a hawk stooping sable.

Device rejected. A pale convex is not a heraldic charge The fimbriated axes are a case of poor contrast and excessive fimbriation.

Hubert FitzBennett. Per chevron sable and azure, in chevron a mullet of four greater and eight lesser points between four mullets Or, in canton an increscent and in sinister base abased a decrescent argent.

Device rejected. Draw correct crescents. These are not in a heraldic arrangement. I suggest three crescents two and one. Per chevron sable and azure has very little contrast.

Julitta des Chavaux. Per fess vert and sable, a horse's head couped Or.

Device rejected. It conflicts with Margarethe the Dog: Tierced en points vert, azure, and sable, a horse's head couped Or.

Kenneth MacBrayer. Per pale azure and sable estoille argent, issuant to dexter from the line of division a demi-bezant, overall a sun counterchanged sable and Or.

Name and device rejected. Brayer is a French surname or else an English word meaning "one who brays." It is also an occupational surname meaning "a maker of pestles." It is not a given name and thus cannot be used as part of a patronymic such as Macbrayer. The device is not heraldic. It looks like dimidiation, which is not allowed.

Leonora Simonetta d'Este. Per bend sinister nebuly argent and azure, in dexter chief three scarpes nebuly azure and in sinister base a mermaid erect argent, crined, fluked and maintaining in both hands to dexter an estoile Or.

Name rejected. Elmet informs me that "Leonora d'Este was the sister of Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara, and according to a legend which was current for some centuries, the famed poet Torquato Tasso fell in love with her and was consequently imprisoned by Alfonso for some years. This was the basis of Byron's Lament of Tasso." Thus there is a name conflict. There is also a violation of the rule forbidding royal surnames. Alfonso's surname was d'Este and Ferrara was an independent duchy. The device seems acceptable.

Michael of Castell Gwyn. Per bend sinister vert and checky argent and vert, two towers conjoined in fess surmounted by another argent, each flying a pennon checky argent and vert.

Device rejected. The pennons do not show up on the field They look like floating white spots. Use argent pennons. You do not have a heraldic castle. What you have are towers stacked together, which isn't heraldic Try a heraldic triple-towered castle, which is a castle with three towers in fess connected with curtain walls. Be careful of Cashel: Vert, a castle triple-towered argent flying a swallow-tailed pennon Or (Book of Public Arms, P. 160). The arms of the City of Bratislava are Gules, a castle triple-towered argent.

Nant y Derwyddon, Shire of. Vert, in pale three martlets descending azure, fimbriated, between two flaunches argent, each charged with a laurel wreath vert.

Device rejected. This is a case of complex fimbriation plus lack of contrast. Make the martlets argent.

Richard Greenville. Sable, a mullet of eight points Or surmounted by a pot helm argent.

Name and device rejected. The name conflicts with Duke Richard Grenville, 2nd Duke of Buckingham and Marquis of Chandos. The device is metal on metal. Make the helm a color and draw all charges larger. Close to Bostock: Sable, a helmet argent (Papworth, p. 912).


Arundel le Bondurant. Or, issuant from a mount vert an oak tree proper, its trunk surmounted by a greyhound courant, in chief two estoiles gules.

Name and device rejected. Arundel is a place name (an English earldom) and cannot be used as a given name. The dog should be drawn in a correct courant position, with all four legs showing. Close to Short: Or, issuant from a mount a tree vert, a hunting horn hanging therefrom oft the dexter side sable, stringed and virolled gules, in chief two mullets gules.

Bridget of the Flying Dragon's Cave. Gules, an Emperor penguin passant proper. (Apterodytes forsteri)

Device rejected. It conflicts with Cedric Etainnighan: Gules, twelve penguins passant, wings addorsed, proper. There is only one point of difference, that of number. I suggest you change the color of the field, say, to vert.

Cinis Sucher aus Rivenstar. Sable, on a mullet of nine points argent three flames, one and two, azure.

Name and device rejected. "Cinis" is not a name, but only a noun. I suggest you use Brand. Since Rivenstar is English, your name would be best as Brand Sucher of Rivenstar. You could also use Brand Sucher von Rivenstar, but the use of "aus" looks wrong. The device conflicts with Starhelm Warlocke: Sable, on a mullet of seven points argent an arrow point inverted gules.

Decrease Mather. Sable, in bend three pine trees proper.

Name and device rejected. This is a joke name on Increase Mather. Joke names are not allowed. The Puritan practice of using qualities as names appears to be out of period. Within our period, the Puritans appear to have used Old Testament names. The device exhibits a real lack of contrast A pine tree proper consists of green and brown, both of which are dark colors Change the field to argent, Or, or ermine.

Eadwine be Bocce Sale. Azure, a beech tree proper and in chief a pair of gauntlets clasped Or and argent.

Device rejected. The tree lacks contrast against the azure field. (Most of the area of the tree is vert.) I suggest an Or field with the gauntlets on a chief azure.

Elaine Ladd. Vert, on a bend invected argent an unstrung bow proper.

Device rejected. It conflicts with Olaf the Maedi-Ogre: Vert, on a bend argent a battle axe gules.

Eric the Wanderer of the Flying Dragon's Cave. Gules, a sword surmounted by two arrows inverted in saltire Or, overall a dragon segreant vert.

Device rejected. It conflicts with 7th Special Forces: Gules, two arrows inverted in saltire surmounted by a sword Or.

Grod Gondiris. Gules, a chevron Or surmounted by in pale a hammer fesswise sable, hafted proper, and an anvil sable.

Name rejected. This sounds like the name of the character in "B.C." (Grog). It doesn't look or sound like any name in any European language that I have seen. Made-up names must be consistent with period names. The device looks acceptable, except that the positions of the hammer and anvil are somewhat unusual and the anvil partially violates the Rule of Tincture.

Guillaume le Bon. Gules, on a pellet fimbriated Or a beardless unicorn's head erased argent.

Name and device rejected. The name conflicts with King William the Good (William II of Sicily), son-in-law of Henry II of England The device is close to Briony of Windemere: Sable, a sword Or surmounted by a pellet fimbriated argent, thereon a unicorn's head couped or.

Mangus of the Colours. Sable, a sword inverted argent, embrued at the tip gules, surmounted by a skull argent.

Name rejected. "Mangus" is not a correct variant of "Magnus." Why not just use "Magnus"'? The device is rather morbid., The skull on the sword is metal on metal.

Martin aus Trevesen. Per chevron abased Or and gules, between two piles issuant from dexter chief and sinister chief conjoined at the point of the line of division in chief a roundel sable.

Device rejected. This is modern art, not heraldic style. Have the piles be palewise so it is clear that they are piles. The device looks like a study in perspective.

Meg of the Woods. Azure, in cross a plate, a decrescent, an increscent, and a triangular menhir couped at the base argent.

Device rejected. It conflicts with Fiona the Tarnhunter: Per chevron sable and Or, in cross a plate, a decrescent and an increscent argent and a fox's mask gules. The use of a menhir proper as a charge does not seem to be good period practice. Menhirs came in many shapes and colors. Grey is really just a flat-color form of silver, and so you should just call it argent What you have looks like an isosceles triangle, which is not a period charge.

Nachtfang Karlnar. Badge. Per chevron argent and gules, atop the line of division a pellet between six ermine spots annulowise in annulo, points outwards, sable, in base two billets argent.

Name and badge rejected. "Nachtfang" is not a given name. The badge is not heraldic but rather a rendition of a rat's face. Using heraldic charges to form a picture is not acceptable style.

Othneil of the Isles. Azure, a saltire argent surmounted by a flame gules charged with a mushroom argent.

Device rejected. It conflicts with the flag of Scotland: Azure, a saltire argent. National arms and flags require two major points of difference, as they are very well known.

Raedwulf Odell. Vert, a bend sinister Or between a brown eagle displayed proper and a granite tower proper.

Device rejected. The genus and species of the eagle must be specified for it to be proper. A grey tower is just a tower argent. Close to Rosamund Tindomielle: Vert, a bend sinister Or between a white oak tree and a lyre argent entwined of a vine Or.

Romulus di Falco. Sable, a pale within a bordure argent.

Device rejected. It conflicts with Conrad of Northfield: Sable, a wolf's head erased with a bordure argent. It is identical to the mon of Kawasaki It also conflicts with Delaford: Sable, a pale argent.

St. Carol on the Moor, College of. Or, a tower sable, masoned or, its top between in demi-annulo five church bells azure, the center bell environed of a laurel chaplet vert.

Device rejected. You have a laurel chaplet. You need to have a laurel wreath, and it needs to be drawn larger. Close to Mirhaxa av Morktorn: Or, a tower sable within seven mullets in annulo vert.

Sigourney Campbell of Argyll. Gyronny Or and sable, on a chief argent a rose sable, barbed vert, seeded argent, within six flames in annulo gules.

Name and device rejected. "Sigourney" is a place name and cannot be used as a given name. In our period, the midwife would name a premature child "Innocent" or "Child of God" or some such. The use of "Campbell of Argyll" plus the arms of the Campbells of Argyll (Gyronny Or and sable) is too much, as it implies you are chief of a sept of the Campbells. The device is also very close to Arnett: Gyronny sable and Or, on a chief argent a galley, sails furled, sable, flags gules. The arrangement of the flames is nonstandard.

Theresia von Tux. Azure, two piles inverted conjunct, atop the dexter a crosslet argent, a chief ermine.

Device rejected. The combination of conjunct piles and the little off center cross produces a device that just isn't heraldic. Try a cross azure in base and a field per chevron azure and argent.

Vorlin o'r Gwig. Per pale gyronny of six from sinister argent and sable and gyronny of six from dexter vert and Or, a mullet of six points counterchanged.

Device rejected. This is modern op art, not heraldry. It certainly isn't period heraldic style, as it produces a very complex image. I suggest Gyronny (of eight) sable and argent, a mullet of eight points gyronny Or and vert. Having the mullet counterchanged or having gyronny of 16 would be too complex.


Davin Murdock Teague. Argent, a seal embowed inverted to sinister proper playing a harp gules.

Device rejected. We need to know the genus and species of the seal to call it proper. How about a harp seal?

Marli bas Nachoma. Gules, a unicorn's head erased within a Mogen David argent.

Device rejected. It conflicts with Hirschfelden: Gules, a unicorn's head argent (Rietstaap). I suggest turning the unicorn's head to sinister.


Thera of the Blue Rose. Argent, two chevronels gules between two shamrocks vert and a garden rose stalked and leaved azure.

Name rejected. Thera is an island off Greece that is thought to have been the originator of the myth of Atlantis when its volcano blew up. As Thera is a place name, it cannot be used as a given name. Try Theresa. The device seems acceptable.


Wilhelm von Schüssel

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