ACCEPTANCES (1) June 17, 1983 A.S. XVIII

Kingdom of Ansteorra

Aela of the Hills. Gules, two piles throughout conjoined in point azure, fimbriated Or, overall in chief an Eastern Kingbird volant, wings elevated and addorsed, proper. (Tyrannus tyrannus)

Aelfarran Bridget Rockely. Or, a bend vert between a tree blasted and eradicated and an arrow bendwise impaling two hearts bendwise sinister sable.
NOTE: You might consider Aelfrun, which was a given name in period.
Aerúin ni Hearain of Connemara. (name approval only).

Alanna of Ravenwood. (name approval only).

Annabelle Marie FitzSimmons. (name approval only).

Anselm Bruinwood. Azure, on a bend gules, fimbriated, between a bear rampant and a lute bendwise three crosses alisée Or.

Ayesha of the Dancing Camel. Sable, a camel courant Or.
NOTE: Good heraldry.
Baldard of Northumbria. Per bend azure and argent, a white-haired monk's head couped and a cottontail rabbit sejant proper. (Sylvilagus sp.)
NOTE: The rabbit would be more medieval in a heraldic tincture.
Barn Silveraxe. Gules, a double-bitted axe bendwise inverted argent embedded in an anvil Or.

Bjørn Magnusson Esping. (badge) Or, in pale a man statant affronty, vested of a Norman helm, bearing a double-bitted battle axe bendwise and a kite shield, and in base two bars wavy gules.

Bridgett Labourne. (name approval only).

Christina the Dragoncharmer. Azure, on a pale between two Stars of David Or an Oriental dragon tergiant displayed inverted, head and neck embowed to sinister chief, gules.
NOTE: I am informed that "Star of David" is the more correct term, so we will use that (instead of Mogen David) from now on.
Dathi O'Cooney. (name approval only).

Dorthea Eulenfreund. Per pale vert and argent, a fess counterchanged and in chief a barn owl displayed proper. (Tyto alba)

Elayne of Maryn. Per pale sable and vert, a cat couchant between three mullets within a double tressure Or.

*Eric Thorgrimsson. Per chevron sable and gules, a chevron, in base a peregrine falcon displayed Or, hooded sable, and a chief embattled Or.
NOTE: A peregrine proper is slate grey, which has insufficient contrast against gules. Since the emblazon showed the falcon as a light yellow, I have changed it to Or, hooded sable. If you would rather have it argent, let me know.
* = individual has pre-existing file at Laurel level

Gordon MacBlayr de Galowaye. Per chevron azure and vert, a chevron argent between two winged lions combattant and in pale a compass star and a lamp or, englamed at the tip proper.
NOTE: Gordon is his mundane given name.
Gordon MacBlayr de Galowaye. (badge) Vert, in pale a compass star and a lamp or, enflamed at the tip proper.

Garvin Wyther of Bryn Gwlad. (name approval only)

Henry Hearthland. (name approval only)

Karin Abendsterne. (name approval only)

Lucius Trevir. Per bend sinister vert and gules, a bend sinister wavy between a mace bendwise sinister argent and a garb Or.
NOTE: Argus was a unique non-human entity (a giant) and thus may not be used. I have therefore deleted Argus so that I can register the device. You might consider using Artos or Aretas.
Maire Siobhan ni Sheanain. (name approval only)
NOTE: The particle ni aspirates the following consonant.
Micheál Sacristain. (badge for Clan Couchant) Or, a lion couchant coward gules.
NOTE: Excellent heraldry! Micheál is an Irish variant, but the accent is required.
Nara of Fernwell. Vert, on a pall azure, fimbriated, four birch leaves argent.

*Rafael Diego de Burgos. (badge for Casa de Morado) Purpure, on a cross moline argent a cross couped purpure and in base two bars wavy argent.

Ragnar hinn Stilligr
. Per pale argent and sable, a cat rampant azure and a natural tiger rampant to sinister argent, striped sable, and in chief a roundel counterchanged.

Rosemary the Nightingale. Per chevron argent and azure, in chief two quills and in base an ankh within an annulet counterchanged.
NOTE: An ankh is considered to be a type of cross and therefore allowable.
Simon Iago de Ronda. Purpure, in fess three hearts gules enflamed Or and a chief argent.
NOTE: This would be more medieval if the hearts were two and one.
Terric Bearsmountain. Or, ten bears statant to sinister in triangle sable.

Theresa of the Blue Rose. (badge for House Moonstone) Azure, in fess a decrescent Or enclosing within its horns a millrind argent.
NOTE: The device will have to be resubmitted on an LoI to be reconsidered. It was not registered because the name was rejected in December 1982.
Torna MacConn. Vert, a sword between in fess a decrescent and an increscent and in chief a crescent inverted argent.

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Aleon Veinard. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

*Arik Alton. (badge) Gules, on a fess sable fimbriated Or a bezant.

*Eric Silverheart. (badge for Household Hic Draconis) Vert, in pale a seadragon naiant and a bar wavy argent.

Erik of Northhold. Barry bendy argent and vert, a base rayonny gules within a bordure Or.
NOTE: Draw the rayonny correctly.
Gerhard Ruprecht von Eichenberg. Argent, a pall inverted sable, surmounted by three oak leaves in pall vert alter-nating with three acorns argent.

*Katrin Aerenlae. (name change; formerly Shenit Ankh-Hetep) Per bend sinister wavy azure and vert, a bend sinister wavy between an eagle rising and a windmill Or.
NOTE: The old arms become a badge.
Llywellyn ap Llwyd ap Iorwerth. Vert, mullety of eight Or, two aspen trees erased argent.
NOTE: Draw the trees bigger.
*Miranda the Seamstress. Per pale argent and sable, in bend two sets of three needles in pile, points conjoined, counterchanged.

Phillip of Loch Shelldrake. Per chevron throughout Or and argent, two Great Danes' heads caboshed and a Great Dane passant to sinister sable.

*Robin of Rhovanion. (badge) Gules, a mouse courant within a spokeless Catherine's wheel argent.

Siffrit von Nordheim. Azure, seven towers, two, three and two, between a stag's attire, all within a bordure Or.

Suzanne of Woodsholme. (name approval only)

Val Everon of Ithaki. (name approval only)
NOTE: The registration of name diminutives is discouraged. This would be much better as Valerian Everon of Ithaca, known to his friends as Val.
Kingdom of Caid

Alysandra the Whyte Moor. Per bend sinister vert and argent, an onion-domed tower Or and a dragon's head, couped at the shoulder gules.

Antara Dawntreader of Dawnhaven. Sable, in pale a sword fesswise reversed, a sword fesswise, and three mullets, one and two, and a chief rayonny argent.

Anthea MacGillivray of Cairnagad. Argent, a chevron sable between two sprigs of rowan vert, fructed gules, and a lynx in summer phase sejant erect proper, perched on a horn fesswise vert. (Lynx canadensis)
NOTE: It would be more medieval to use a European lynx. Better still would be to have all charges in heraldic tinctures.
*Berek Chlodwigssohn. (name correction from Berek Clovisson)

*Calista nic Ghille Andrais. (name correction from Calista nic Ghilleandrais)

Dagmar Patée Patáy of Småland. Or, a drakkar and on a chief gules two lions passant addorsed, tails interlaced, Or.
NOTE: Repeating the surname is very odd, although not forbidden. This would be much better with only one surname.
Elizabeth the Headstrong. (name approval only)
NOTE: Registering a name for a two-year-old is not advisable. It's better to wait until the child is old enough to have an informed opinion on what she wants.
Geoffrey de Blenkinsopp. Checky sable and argent, a saltire parted and fretted Or.
NOTE: Good heraldry.
*James the Inconstant. (badge for House Inconstant) Gules, in bend a bezant and a pine tree couped argent.

*Leonora Dragonsrun. (blazon correction) Azure, six lozenges invected in annulo argent within three dragons conjoined in annulo widdershins Or.
NOTE: The tincture of the lozenges was left out of the original acceptance.
Mairi-Kathleen nic Lauren . (badge) Azure, a butterfly-winged unicorn rampant to sinister and in sinister chief a mullet of four points argent.

Robyn Lon Creighton of Thorndyke . (name change; formerly Robyn Crichton Thorndyke) Purpure, on a bend sinister Or between two cats counter-couchant reversed argent a chain throughout purpure.

Thomas Woltaire of Alderwood . Per chevron argent and azure, two Jelling beasts, each nowed in a Stafford knot, combattant and an alder tree counterchanged.
NOTE: The Norse one-legged serpent--tailed doglike beastie has been called a Jelling beast in the SCA. It is generally borne nowed in some sort of specified knot.
Thorbjorn Gunnarsson. Gules, chapé ployé Or, an anvil, a bear passant sable, and a Thor's hammer inverted Or.
NOTE: Draw the chape further down the shield. This would be more medieval with identical charges in chief. Thor's hammers are normally borne with the haft up, which makes them look like sledgehammers inverted. This has the haft down and so is blazoned as a Thor's hammer inverted.

Kingdom of Meridies/Principality of Trimaris

Alysoun Jeuneterre. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Ambrosine Aelfwynn de Beaumont . Gules, two wolves sejant respectant erminois between three suns Or.
NOTE: Placing an Anglo-Saxon given name in the middle of an otherwise French name is poor practice, as it looks odd and is not proper period usage.
Andros Leonthalasios . (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Åsa Thorfinnsdøttir of Byrum. Sable, a bend sinister gules fimbriated surmounted by a sword inverted within a bordure Or.
NOTE: Place names come after patronymics.
Åsa Thorfinnsdøttir of Byrum. (badge for Hus Gyldenhammer) Per saltire sable and gules, four Thor's hammers in cross, conjoined at the hafts, Or.
NOTE: Huset means privy, so I used the correct Norwegian form of Hus Gyldenhammer. In Swedish there is also Hushåll for household.
 Constancia Isabella Torrez ni Mhorcheartaigh. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Ingebord Thorfinnsdøttir . (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Ingram Talbot Hildebrand Griswold. Per bend sinister azure and sable, a phoenix, head to sinister, argent issuant from flames proper between in bend sinister two mullets of six points elongated to base Or.
NOTE: Four names is excessive for medieval usage. This would be much better with fewer names.
Kara Rowenna Hawkwood . Purpure, a dragon segreant and in chief three escallops argent.

Kim Kyong-Il . Per bend sinister vert and Or, a bend sinister between a sun and a Siberian tiger passant guardant counterchanged, striped sable.

Kim Kyong-Il . (badge for House Jade Tiger) Or, a Siberian tiger passant guardant vert striped within a bordure sable.

Kjartan Ulfr Ormsson . (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)
NOTE: I have corrected the second name to the correct Norse usage.
Michele Etiene de Treville. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Morric Haast . Sable, a saltire Or between in pale an hourglass fesswise and a clay pipe fesswise and in fess two dragon heads erased argent.
NOTE: Using non-identical secondary charges like this is poor practice. This would be much more medieval with a saltire between four identical charges, or at least two pairs of identical charges.
Talfric Bluntsword . Azure, on a pile dovetailed between in pile five mullets of eight points argent a cougar's head caboshed proper. (Eelis concolor)

Kingdom of the Middle

Alarice nic Thaoitearain. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)
NOTE: I have corrected the last word to the correct genitive form.
Anika Gael Quicksilver. Ermine, a bend sinister azure surmounted by an open book argent, fimbriated Or.
NOTE: If you really want the book to surmount the bend sinister, then draw the book bigger. It would be better still if the book were entirely on the bend sinister, as it does not show up well against the field.
*Anne McDee . (name change; formerly Anne MacDee)

Arbas an Connachtach. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)
NOTE: I have corrected the name.
Bran Holliwelle . (name approval only)

Branwen Holliwelle. (name approval only)

Catherine Elane DeMarksburry. Purpure, a bezant between in fess two pegasi combattant argent.

Coille Stoirmeil. (Canton of) (name approval only)
NOTE: In Gaelic, the adjective always follows the noun.
Comar Gyr Mirand. Argent, an eagle volant gules between in pale two double-bitted axes fesswise, the one in base reversed, sable.
NOTE: Draw the eagle bigger. I have passed the name as a hardship case exception, as it was submitted to Dragon in 1979.
Edward FitzRanulf. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Elashava bas Riva. (name approval only)

Elizabeth Wainscott of Warwickshire. (name approval only)

Enid nic Eoin. Per pale wavy argent and vert, a seahorse erect to sinister azure and a hippo-griff salient argent.

Geoffrey FitzKenneth of Pinewood. Argent, a fess bretessé vert between in chief three pinecones and in base a pine tree eradicated proper.
NOTE: Draw the fess bigger.
Gwynfyr an Sheoladair. Per fess wavy azure and argent, two anchors counterchanged.
NOTE: Excellent heraldry! Draw the anchors in a more medieval style. I have corrected the byname.
Hawkland Moor. (Riding of) (name approval only)

Hieronymus di Cavano. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Ian MacDougall of Skye. Argent, a bend sinister lozengy between a lion rampant and in bend sinister three swords inverted sable.
NOTE: Draw fewer and larger lozenges.
Isabella of Greycliffs. Per bend sinister embattled sable and vert, a fox passant argent.
NOTE: Excellent heraldry!
*Mugmort (Shire of). (badge for Mugmort Company of Archers) Sable, two arrows in saltire surmounted by a mug bendwise sinister inverted argent charged with an acorn sable.

*Gwyntarian. (March of) (badge for the Musicians' Guild of Gwyntarian) Per pale dovetailed gules and azure, a set of panpipes, a rebec affronty and a bow in saltire, and a tabor and drumstick Or.
NOTE: This is rather complex and would be better if simplified.
Orion Rory O'Moithaide. (name approval only)

Phillip the Pilgrim. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Rachelaine d'Alençon the Unyielding
. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Robyn FitzGeoffrey. Vert, on a chevron between in chevron three mullets of six points and a pine tree eradicated Or a fleur-de-lys vert.
NOTE: This would be more medieval with only two mullets.
Roseanne Adelicia of Pinewood. Per pale argent and gules, a drawn bow fesswise nocked with a rose counterchanged, barbed, seeded, slipped and leaved proper.

School of the Zenith for Pages. (name approval only)

Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa. (name approval only)

Kingdom of the West

*Adrian of Longacre. Per bend sinister gules and sable, a stingray tergiant displayed argent.

Alyssa Dorianna. Per fess wavy sable and barry wavy argent and azure, in chief three mullets of six points, one and two, argent.
NOTE: Draw the mullets bigger and farther down.
Alyssa Ironaxe. Or, two winged sea-unicorns erect respectant maintaining between them a double--bitted battle axe sable.

Anne Barberry. Vert, a pale sable, fimbriated argent, surmounted by a winged drop-spindle Or.

*Anthony de Périgord
. Potenty purpure and argent, a pile sable surmounted by a lion rampant Or.

Brian O'Seabhac. Per bend azure and argent, a hawk rising and a hawks' bell counterchanged.
NOTE: Good heraldry.
*Cynthia FitzColline von Schlüssel. (name change; formerly Cynthia Fitz Colline)

Edmund de Montfort of Highkeep. Per bend sinister azure and gules, a bear's paw print Or and a tower argent.
NOTE: After reading the infamous de Montfort history, you may want another surname.
*Edmund Renfield Wanderscribe. (name change; formerly Renfield M. C. Wanderscribe)

Falan Silverhawk. Per fess embattled gules and azure, three hawk's heads erased to sinister argent.
NOTE: Good heraldry.
Frederick Thurstone. Or, a shakefork vert between three longships reversed sable.
NOTE: Draw the charges bigger.
Heather of Sutherland. Argent, on a fess embattled counter-embattled vert between two sprigs of heather bendwise sinister fructed proper a cat sejant to sinister argent.
NOTE: Heather is her mundane given name.
John of the Moss Woods. (name approval only)

*Karl Blauzahn von Simmern. Per pale embattled sable and argent, a wolf rampant argent and issuant from sinister three wolf's teeth azure.
NOTE: The wolf's teeth are German heraldic charges (see p. 62 of Fox-Davies' The Art of Heraldry).
*Kevin Erelong. Per fess Or and azure, a bear dormant to sinister gules and an hourglass Or.

Marlo the Morose. Quarterly azure and gules, in fess two poodles rampant argent.

Michael Gallóglach ua Corcaigh. Tierced in point vert, argent and sable, two bulls combattant counterchanged and a sword proper.

*Morberie of Tor Denly
. (badge) Sable, on a pile raguly Or an earwig gules.

*Morberie of Tor Denly. (badge) Argent, a card pique inverted within a bordure azure.

Paula des Chats. Or, on a pall between three cats sejant sable three keys, wards to center, Or.

Ravenshore. (Shire of) Per fess argent and azure, a raven rising, wings addorsed, sable maintaining an escallop Or within a laurel wreath counterchanged.

Ravenshore. (Shire of) (badge) Per fess argent and azure, a raven rising, wings addorsed, maintaining an escallop Or.
NOTE: This badge is transferred from Carl of Ravenshore, who registered it under House Ravenshore.
Raymond of Annan. Argent, on a saltire gules a griffin's head erased Or and on a chief embattled azure three great helms argent.
NOTE: Annan is rather close to Annwn, the Welsh underworld. You might want to take a different place name.
Richard the Dark. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Rolynnda of the Azure Stone. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

Sean of Eagle Rest. Sable, chapé ployé, an eagle's head erased to sinister Or.
NOTE: Good heraldry.
Sine Ealasaid Leanora Kyntire. Per chevron Or and sable, two roses gules, barbed and seeded proper, and a cup Or.
NOTE: Roses have five barbs. The use of three given names is excessive. It would be much better with fewer. The more normal spelling is Kintyre.
William de la Montaigne Coupé. (badge; see RETURNS for device) Argent, a lion's head caboshed gules within a bordure embattled sable.



Kingdom of Ansteorra

Aleana Gorwydd Gwyn.
NOTE: Name change to Aleana Ceffyl-Seren denied. Ceffyl-Seren is not a valid Welsh surname. You cannot combine two nouns that way. Try using White Horse as a compound byname. That comes out as something like Gwyngorwydd or Gwynceffyl. (When the two words are separate, the adjective follows the noun, but when compounded, the adjective can come first.)
Caradoc ap Owain.
NOTE: Name returned. This conflicts with Owain ap Caradwc. You might ask his permission.

Falke von Rheinfels. Sable, a bend sinister wavy azure fimbriated between a falcon close and a tower argent.
NOTE: Please document Falke. If it is intended to be a variation of Falcon, it does not appear to be a valid given name. It does not seem to be a valid variant of Fulk, either. The device seems acceptable.

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Aleon Veinard. Azure, on a mullet of six points couped at all points argent a compass star gules, in chief two triple-towered castles Or.
NOTE: The device is not period style. Mullets couped were not, to my knowledge, used in period. Use a normal mullet or else a sun or roundel indented. This would be better balanced with three castles, one and two, or with the central charged moved to base.
Atenveldt. (Barony of) (badge for Order of the Palm of the Barony of Atenveldt) Argent, two palm trees, the trunks conjoined in pile proper, within a bordure gules.
NOTE: The badge conflicts with Maeve of Caernarvon: Argent, a sprig of holly, slipped, leaved, and fructed proper within a bordure gules. You might ask Maeve for permission.
Atenveldt. (Kingdom of) (Impellens Chartarum Pursuivant)
NOTE: Heraldic titles may only be given to official positions in the College of Heralds that have specific duties and that require heraldic competence of pursuivant quality. You do not give heraldic titles to secretaries or clerical helpers. While Gustav may himself be heraldically competent, is the office itself going to forever require a full pursuivant to fill it? If so, I will accept the title. Otherwise, the position should just be called the Aten Secretary. My Lady has no title, but rather has the job description of Laurel Secretary. Heraldic titles should be used sparingly. (If Gustav is your deputy in charge of LoIs, then say so.)
Nakakaze Shiromi. Sable, a poppy slipped and leaved between in fess two bats tergiant displayed fesswise respectant chased as if made of oak leaves argent.
NOTE: Neither given nor family name are listed in Japanese name books. The given name Shiromi does seem possible, but Nakaze is not a valid family name since "in the wind" is not the kind of natural allusion used in family names. Monshō says: "The Japanese place a high value on order, stability, harmony, and such qualities. When they take an item from nature for their name or a part of it, they usually take something solid, such as an island, field, mountain or river." Things like waves or winds or other unsettled, chaotic items were avoided. The mon seems acceptable, but is rather complex and the bats are difficult to distinguish. I suggest you make the bats argent with sable interior lines.
Kingdom of Caid

Robert Fitz Walter of Bannockburn. Vert, a saltire Or surmounted by a sword proper and on a chief Or four goblets vert.
NOTE: King Robert II of Scotland was the son of Walter the Steward, who fought at Bannockburn. Thus your name conflicts exactly. The device seems acceptable.
Kingdom of Meridies (Principality of Trimaris)

Alexander Dimitrios Manovitch. Per bend sinister gules and sable, on a bend sinister argent between a double-bitted demi-axe Or and a lynx couchant to sinister bendwise sinister four tuns proper.
NOTE: Manovitch is not a valid Russian ochestvo (patronymic), as Mano is not a Russian given name. Dimitri is Russian, and Dimitrios could be a Greek version, but then the patronymic would be a Greek one. The correct Russian spelling for Alexander is Aleksandr or Alexei. The device is not good style. The lynx should be fesswise to dexter. The demi-axe would be better as just an axe-head. The four barrels should be reduced to three and would be better in a heraldic tincture.
Alyson Jeuneterre. Azure, issuant from a base engrailed vert fimbriated a cup Or and in chief five mullets enarched argent.
NOTE: The device is not period style. Charges should not issue from lines of fimbriation. If you separate the cup from the base, make the base all Or, and change the number of mullets to two or three in chief, then you will have a medieval-style device.
Andros Leonthalasios. Argent, a lion-headed Caucasian merman displayed, head to sinister, maintaining in dexter hand a bronze sword bendwise sinister and on sinister arm a bronze round shield tergiant proper, all within a tressure wavy-crested azure.
NOTE: The device is not period style. The main charge makes excessive use of proper and the sword and shield are not in standard position. The tressure wavy crested is thin-line heraldry, which we do not use. Wavy crested is out of period, having never been used in heraldry until it was proposed in the July 1950 issue of Coat of Arms. While it is true that wavy crested existed in period as a design motif, I feel that it is not desirable for use in the SCA because it is too similar to rayonny or engrailed. I therefore deny the request that wavy crested be used in the SCA. Any similar appeal for something like a new line of division should have supporting documentation sent to the rest of the College, with the submittor bearing the expense.
Braian Ferret-Flattener. Gules, a ferret rampant dismembered erminois pierced by an arrow bendwise sinister proper, barbed and fletched argent, and in chief a dagger inverted proper.
NOTE: Braian is not a valid variant of Brian. Ferret-Flattener is not period usage.The device is overly morbid and was offensive to many in the College. It is not period style. You could use Brian Ferretsbane, but this would not be an honorable name, as ferrets were highly prized.
Christian Templarus. Argent, semé of stags at gaze proper, a Maltese cross azure.
NOTE: While it is true that there were lay members of the Templars, only the Knights of the Temple used the name of the Order as part of their own name. In addition, only the knights in the Order used the Maltese cross. The combination is thus a clear claim to being a Knight Templar. Try something like Christian Templeman, with no reference to the Order in your device. If you use a different surname, then you can have the Maltese cross. The semé of stags at gaze proper is overly complex and not period style. At least make them a heraldic tincture.
Constancia Isabella Torrez ni Mhorcheartaigh. Argent, a blonde mermaid displayed maintaining in dexter hand a lighted ship's lantern and in sinister hand a trident bendwise sinister surmounting her tail proper, and on a chief nebuly azure three sea-horses erect Or.
NOTE: The device is overly complex and has excessive use of proper. Seahorses are awfully complex charges to be placed on a chief. The use of the lantern and trident are not period style. Please simplify.
Dorian of the Helvetii. Per bend sinister azure and gules, three swords crossed in estoile argent and an hourglass Or.
NOTE: Dorian is out of period as a given name, but is acceptable as a surname. Try adding a given name. The device seems acceptable.
Ingebørd Thorfinnsdøttir. Azure, a bend sinister beviled Or between a Thor's hammer inverted and a lion dormant argent.
NOTE: This conflicts with Zan Andreas of the Blue Cave: Azure, a lightning flash bendwise sinister Or between two snowflakes argent. (You might ask her for permission.)
Kjartan Ulfr Ormsson. Vert, a bend wavy azure fimbriated and in sinister chief three horses rampant argent.
NOTE: The device is very unbalanced. While you might see in period a single charge in sinister chief, you would not see three without something in dexter base to balance. The bend wavy azure has poor contrast against the vert field, producing the effect of a bend wavy voided.
Koppel fun Baurieux. (badge) On a pile wavy argent another vert charged with six arming buckles conjoined in estoile argent.
NOTE: You cannot have an ordinary that goes to the edge of the field in a fieldless badge. If you want a pile wavy couped in chief, you can have it, but then the fimbriation would surround the pile completely (i.e., on top as well).
Kragon Darkvale. Sable, a pegasus passant to sinister argent, in base a whip coiled gurgewise Or, within an orle of chain argent.
NOTE: Kragon is not a given name. (Whips and chains.?) An orle of chain is reserved to SCA knights.
Michaela d'Etang de la Grue. Vert, in base two barrulets wavy Or surmounted by a bend gules fimbriated Or, overall a great white heron in its vigilance to sinister proper and in sinister chief an estoile of eight points Or. (Arden occidentalis)
NOTE: Grue is modern French slang for prostitute. The device is not period style, having four layers. Try putting the crane in canton and changing the bend to a fess. The crane would be better as all argent.
Michaele Etiene de Treville. Azure, a stag lodged reguardant between in chief six fleurs-de-lys in fess between two bars and in base three fleurs-de-lys in fess between two bars argent.
NOTE: The device is overly complex. There are 14 charges. Delete the 9 fleurs-de-lys Or else make the field semé-de-lys.
Rahim Kahira. Or, in saltire an arrow proper, barbed and fletched argent, and a scimitar gules, overall a garden rose slipped and leaved sable.
NOTE: Please document Kahira. Is Rahim a given name or just the word meaning mercy? -
Starhaven. (Shire of) Azure, a plate, an estoile Or, and atop a base of flames proper a tower argent within overall a laurel wreath Or.
NOTE: The name conflicts with the Barony of Starkhafn (Caid). This is not period style. There are five different kinds of charges. Please simplify.
Tanarian Brenaur ferch Owain fab Bron. Gyronny of sixteen argent and vert, on a dexter tierce rayonny gules a dragon segreant to sinister maintaining in sinister forepaw a branch Or.
NOTE: The name violates period Welsh name usage by using two given names. Try Tanarian ferch Owain ap Bran. Bren- is a royal prefix and should not be used to coin names. The device is overly complex and thus not period style. The blazon in the LoI did not agree with the emblazon and left the commentors confused. Please simplify and resubmit with a correct blazon.
Tanarian Brenaur ferch Owain fab Bron. (badge) A leek Or enflamed gules.
NOTE: The badge looks a lot like a flame proper, which conflicts with William of Sark: Sable, a flame proper.
Warrick of Standen. Per pale argent and sable, a Latin cross between in fess a swallow displayed and a tower counterchanged.
NOTE: Warrick is a surname. It is not a period given name. The device would be more medieval with either two swallows or two towers. The use of non-identical charges is not period style.
Kingdom of the Middle

Alarice nic Thaoitearain. Argent, a chevron gules between a Great Horned owl close guardant to sinister, a griffin sejant proper, and a rose gules, barbed vert.
NOTE: You cannot use most monsters proper, as they did not exist and thus they do not have proper tinctures. It would be more medieval to use heraldic tinctures for all of the charges.
Arbas an Connachtach. Or, a saltire gules surmounted by a winged lion rampant argent gorged of a collar and chain sable.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Donal MacRuiseart MacDonal: Or, on a saltire gules four anchors Or and with Belhouse: Or, a saltire gules (Papworth, p. 1059). The winged lion argent on an Or field is metal on metal. When charges are overall or surmount other charges, the rule of tincture applies between the charge and the field.
Edward FitzRanulf. Gules, a chevron inverted and a chevron conjoined Or, overall a saltire sable and argent.
NOTE: The device is not period style, as that sort of tricky geometric construction doesn’t seem to have been done. It’s not  possible to specify the critical size of the lozenge.
Hieronymus di Cavano. Sable, four pallets argent, on a chief azure in sinister an increscent argent.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Swineford: Paly of six argent and sable, a chief azure (Papworth, p. 559). The device is color on color. Paly must be of an even number. As it stands, the device has four pallets argent on a sable field, and thus the chief azure is color on color. The device is unbalanced. Please add another increscent on the chief. The increscent should not be tilted.
Jan Koželuh of Great Moravia. Per bend azure and ermine, a bend per bend Or and gules and in sinister chief a mullet of eight points almost throughout Or.
NOTE: Please document Koželuh. "Czechoslovakian" is not a language. Is it Czech or Slovak? Photocopy the appropriate dictionary page. The odd mullet is not heraldic. Draw a normal mullet. A bend per bend is very unusual, although not forbidden.
Niklaus der Ausländer aus Sachsen. Vert, on a plate a mullet of four points saltirewise throughout azure surmounted by a mullet of four points throughout barbed in chief vert.
NOTE: The name conflicts with Nikolaus von Sachsen. The device is four layers, not period style, and conflicts with Anne of the Golden Mantle: Vert, on a plate a swan naiant couped at the fessline sable.
Phillip the Pilgrim. Vert, three pallets argent, overall a chevron sable.
NOTE: The device is color on color. Try a chevron counter-ermine. (Changing to Paly argent and vert, a chevron sable would conflict with many mundane arms.)
Rachelaine d'Alençon the Unyielding. Per fess embattled argent and gules, in chief a heart charged with a keyhole sable fimbriated argent.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Julie of the Black-water: Per fess rayonny argent and sable, in chief a heart gules.
Tsvetan Arinsson of the Skraelingar. Sable, in fess two eagles rising addorsed, wings addorsed, argent, issuant from base a demi-sun Or.
NOTE: The name is impossible. You have a Russian given name, a Norse patronymic, and the statement that you are an American Indian. That's a contradiction. The device conflicts with Kaffar Muiriath: Sable, in chief a catamount argent and in base a demi-sun Or.
Kingdom of the West

Catalin di Napoli. (badge) Sable, a chevron abased, in chief a skull within five roundels in annulo, and a chief embattled argent.
NOTE: This is too complex for a badge. Badges should not be complex emblems that look like arms. Badges should be very simple, ideally just one charge or a group of conjoined charges. At least delete the plates.
Mentor of Bedlam. Pean, on a bend sinister argent three otters statant fesswise proper. (Enhydra lutris)
NOTE: Mentor was a unique person in history. He was a wise old friend of Odysseus. When Telemachus was searching for his father, the goddess Athene went with him in the guise of Mentor as counselor and guide. From this comes the word mentor, meaning counselor. Mentor of Bedlam looks like a title meaning Counselor of Bedlam, the famous insane asylum. Please add a given name. Mentor is acceptable as an epithet. The device would be better with the otters in a heraldic tincture. (The Canadian river otter is Lutra canadensis. Enhydra lutris is the sea otter.)
Rhea Louveciennes. Tierced in point sable, argent and gules, two unicorns combattant counterchanged and a quill inverted argent.
NOTE: Rhea is a divine or unique name, not allowable for SCA names. Rhea was the wife of Chronos and mother of Zeus. Its modern use as a given name seems to be out of period. The device seems acceptable.
Richard the Dark. Sable, on a chevron cotissed between three star jasmine blossoms argent three pellets.
NOTE: This conflicts with Croad: Sable, on a chevron between three quatrefoils argent as many ogresses (Papworth, p. 515). Cotisses are a minor point. The difference between a quatrefoil and a five-petaled star jasmine blossom is very small.
Rolynnda of the Azure Stone. Argent, a bend sinister wreathed azure and vert, between a dove volant vert and a strung bow and arrow reversed sable.
NOTE: It is against our rules to have an ordinary wreathed of two colors (particularly azure and vert).
Suzanne l'Écuyère. Sable, on a demi-compass-star of sixteen points argent between three compass-stars Or a horse's head issuant from base sable.
NOTE: Device appeal denied. The device is still not period style, which would have a horse's head couped sable on a complete sun or compass star. Having a head emerge from the field this way wasn't done. To modern eyes it looks like a black-and-white rendition of the Horsehead Nebula, with three nearby stars.
Tara Dwenwyn. Per pale vert and argent, a fess cotissed counterchanged.
NOTE: Name unaccept-able. Tara is a place name. It is not a period given name. Dwenwyn is a fine period given name. The device conflicts with Dorthea Eulenfreund: Per pale vert and argent, a fess counterchanged and in chief a barn own displayed proper.
Vualeflans de Flakeraing. (badge) Vert, three bars wavy argent.
NOTE: Document this unusual name. The badge conflicts with Gilsa: Vert, three bars wavy argent (Rietstaap).
West. (Kingdom of)
 NOTE: Compline Herald and Baywolf Pursuivant withdrawn.
William de la Montaigne Coupé. Quarterly embattled argent and azure escallopy Or, in bend two lion's heads caboshed gules within a bordure sable.
NOTE: The device is too complex and entirely too evocative of quartered arms.