Kingdom of An Tir

*Aislynn Delane of Roxesburgh. Azure, ermined, a pale embattled between four escallops Or. NOTE: Nice heraldry!

*An Tir, Kingdom of. (title for Æstel Herald).

Angharad Severn o Glamorgan. Argent, a natural panther passant sable between two bars purpure between three roses sable.


Benedict Silverspur. Or, a battleaxe sable environed of a maunch gules and in chief a compass star azure.

NOTE: Placing an object between the two palewise pieces of a maunch is rather unusual, but not illegal.


Bjornulf of Thorshafn. Argent, a knorr proper, sails furled vert, within a bordure azure.


*Cedric MacDugald of Caledonia. Azure, a lightning flash bendwise sinister through between a griffin segreant to sinister and a dragon segreant argent.

NOTE: This would be much more medieval with the lightning flash replaced by a bend sinister using something like engrailed, dovetailed or embattled counter-embattled. The period style lightning flashes actually were like bendlets embattled counter-embattled.


Colin Ironwolf. Per bend sinister sable and Or, a wolf's head erased and a sword inverted counterchanged.

NOTE: Good heraldry!


Darien Tevarson. Per chevron azure and argent, in chief a compass star within an annulet argent and in base a cedar tree proper issuant from a mount vert.


David of Trondhjem. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Eilidh nic Alpin of Dunollie. (name approval only; see RETURNS for badge).


Ellen of Caer Seiont. Pean, a domestic cat dormant guardant argent.

NOTE: Good heraldry


Frederick William of Wastekeep. Argent, a tree blasted eradicated sable charged with a lion's head caboshed Or within a bordure sable.

NOTE: Since the lion's head is entirely on the tree, I have blazoned it that way.


Gwenhwyfar o Gerddinen Llwyd. Argent, a pegasus passant, wings elevated and addorsed, azure within a bordure vert.

NOTE: I have corrected the name. Good heraldry!


*Gwynaeth ferch Llewellyn o Llyn Gwawr. (badge). A mullet inverted voided surmounted by an escarbuncle of five points.

NOTE: This is difficult to make out as drawn. Draw the mullet voided larger so that it is between the outer two knobs of the escarbuncle. Then it will be clear that this is not just an escarbuncle of five points.


James Blackhawk. Per bend argent and sable, two falcon's heads erased counterchanged.

NOTE: Good heraldry! While Blackhawk is a valid nickname, you are not actually a black hawk, and therefore the use of "the Blackhawk" is improper. I have thus deleted "the."


Jane the Peasant. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Modwenna ferch Dewi o Glascrug. Argent, a saltire triply parted and fretted gules and on a chief sable a bar wreathed argent.

NOTE: A bar can be wreathed of one color. The wreathing then becomes a treatment, like masoned. The lines are assumed to be sable in this case.


Reanna Wheatenfeld. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Sieglinde of Elfinstone. Papelonné Or and azure, on an escallop argent a pellet.


Ulrich von Aargau. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Vasilisa Lebedeva Shadowlight. Per pale sable and argent, a swan naiant affronty, wings displayed, atop on a base wavy two bars wavy, all counterchanged.

NOTE: I have corrected the surname to proper feminine form.


Veronika die Spielerin. Or, billety azure, on a bend vert a needle Or.

NOTE: Separate the billets more so it doesn't look like checky from a distance.


William of Three Falcons. Counter-ermine, a falcon displayed, head to sinister chief gules and in chief a mullet of four greater and eight lesser points elongated to base Or, within a bordure gules.

NOTE: Draw the bordure wider. Gules on counter-ermine, while legal, has poor contrast.


*Zoran Dolmar of Dragonhead. Or, a dragon couchant and a chief indented azure.



Kingdom of Atlantia (for Bizek the Tynee, end of LoAR).


Aelfrida Greumach. Quarterly purpure and argent, a mullet of eight alternating straight and wavy rays within an orle counterchanged.

NOTE: This would be more medieval with either all straight or all wavy rays.


Aerik Harulfsson. (name approval only).


*Atlantia, Kingdom of. (badge for King's Missiliers of Atlantia). A unicornate natural seahorse’s head erased maintaining in its mouth an arrow inverted bendwise.

NOTE: Since this is a kingdom badge, it would be much better if it were tinctured.


*Bianca Andrea Vasari.

NOTE: This was passed in my May 26, 1983 LOA&R.


Bronwyn ferch Morgan. (name approval only).


Caitlin ni Cáilean de Bri. Vert, a male griffin sejant coward to sinister argent, in chief three arrows bendwise sinister inverted Or.

NOTE: Draw the male griffin's spikes more prominently.


Cathanar, Shire of. (name approval only).


Constance Beckwith Bruce. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Donovan Delane. (name approval only).


Elaina de Sinistre. Sable, on a bend sinister argent an apple gules slipped and leaved proper.

NOTE: I said if Kevin Perigrynne gave permission, I would register this. He did so, and I hereby keep my word.


Joseph of Clairidge. (name approval only).


*Kestrells Keep, Canton of. (badge). Gules, a tower argent surmounted by a kestrel rising proper, belled Or.


Lucius Mandefort. Sable, in cross three compass stars and a brazier enflamed to chief Or.


*Quentin Wrenguard ap Rhys. Azure, a chevron Or between two doves volant palewise argent and two ram's heads erased combattant Or.

NOTE: Draw the doves bigger.


Raimont de la Glace. (name approval only).


Saul of the Marches. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Thorgeir the Sinister. Per bend sinister sable and vert, two griffins combattant maintaining between them a fret couped argent.

*Tnek the Ainissestor. (badge). Per bend sinister sable and gules, a griffin sejant to sinister argent.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


William Hygh of Winyah. (name approval only).

NOTE: His mundane surname is High, and Hygh is a reasonable variant. It has nothing to do with Hugh.



Kingdom of Caid


*Altavia, Barony of. (name correction; formerly Canton of Altavia). (badge). Per pale vert and sable, two horses rampant reguardant addorsed within a bordure argent.


*Ari ben Abraham. Sable, a lion's head caboshed, upon a chief Or five mullets of six points sable.


Ascelyn Fraser of Summerhawk. Per pall purpure, vert and Or, a sun Or, a Celtic cross argent and a wyvern erect gules.


*Astriel of Smael Nest. (badge). Per pale Or and azure, a cat sejant reguardant counterchanged.


*Caid, Kingdom of. (Oak Leaf-Pursuivant).

NOTE: It is up to the Principal Herald to decide which branch herald gets a heraldic title. I do discourage heraldic titles for groups below baronial/ provincial level unless there are good reasons. One such reason is a shire that has sufficient activity and population to qualify for baronial/provincial status but which has not yet done so.


*Ceinwen Haele Cynwyth. (badge for House Sun Raiders). Quarterly gules and Or, a sun counterchanged eclipsed sable.


*Ciorstan MacAmhlaidh. (name change; formerly Kyrsten MacAmhlaidh) (badge for Thornhold). Or, a gauntlet bendwise sable grasping a thorn sprig vert.


*Dreiburgen, Barony of. (badge for Dreiburgen Archers). Azure, on a tower argent a pheon inverted azure, within a bordure argent.


*Éowyn Nightsong of Tharsis. (badge for Turba Confederation). Or, a mascle gules interlaced with four mascles in cross sable.


Francis of Allynwoode. Or, a winged serpent, wings displayed, a base embattled gules.


*Herjolf Gunnarsson. (name change; formerly Eadward of Blacktower).

NOTE: The correct English form of Herjölfr is Herjolf. Gunder is not a given name. I have therefore used the very similar, authentic Gunnar.


*Herrel of Smael Nest. (badge). Per pale vert and Or, a cat sejant to sinister reguardant counterchanged.


*Herrel of Smael Nest. (badge). Or, two cats sejant reguardant addorsed, the dexter azure and the sinister vert.


Jontan of Iceland. Per bend sinister sable and argent, a bend sinister between a flanged mace and a double-bitted axe counterchanged.

NOTE: Jontan is a little odd for period usage, as -tan doesn't seem to be a name theme. Some correct alternatives you should consider are Jon Tamr (John the Tame) or Jarn-Tani (Iron Tani).


Katerina Fidelia Spenser. Per saltire ermine and vert, in fess a doe lodged and a coney sejant argent, in chief a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper.

NOTE: Draw the rose larger. This is rather unbalanced and would be much better with another rose in base.


Kendra of the White Castle. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


*Keradawc an Cai. (badge). Argent, a sinister gauntlet fesswise grasping by the neck a legless duck palewise to sinister, wings addorsed, sable.


*Kristin Alfhildr of Trondheim. (name correction from Kristen Alfhildir of Trondheim).


Loran Goldwood. Per fess argent and azure, a tree eradicated Or, leaved vert.

NOTE: Draw the tree as correctly eradicated. This is otherwise very simple heraldry.


*Malcolm Rudolf MacGregor. (badge). Argent, a pall gules, surmounted by a fret counterchanged.

NOTE: This is rather complex.


*Megwyn of Glendwry. Argent, a unicorn-headed dragon, with lion's forepaws, segreant purpure, armed and orbed Or, tail to base entwined about a garb sable.


Robin Roncor Woodcleaver. Or, upon a saltire vert, between four trees couped, a woodcutter's axe surmounting a sword inverted, all proper.

NOTE: Thank you for following the rules.


*Sebastian Blackwood. (badge). Per fess embattled argent and sable, masoned argent, in base a plate, within a bordure gules.


*Starkhafn, Barony of. (badge for the Order of the Flames of Starkhafn). Per chevron enhanced azure and sable, a chevron enhanced argent, in base a flame proper.

*Su of the Silver Horn. Sable, in fess a drinking horn bendwise and a flower of four heart-shaped petals saltirewise argent, barbed vert, seeded sable, within a bordure argent surmounted by another vert.

NOTE: The old arms becomes a badge.


*Wilihelm Heimirich von Donnerkeil. Gules, on a bend bretessed sable, fimbriated, between a thunderbolt and a pheon, a lightning flash throughout, all Or.

NOTE: The old arms becomes a badge.



Kingdom of Meridies


Andrew Forres Clegg. Per chevron sable and argent, in chief three acorns, one and two, Or and in base a saltire gules.

NOTE: The cross of St. Patrick (Argent, a saltire gules) is borne by dozens of families in Great Britain, and so we will not forbid it as an element, although we will of course protect it in the normal manner. I have also learned that the arms of the Holy Roman Empire (Or, a double-headed eagle displayed sable) was borne by other families as well, so it also is not reserved as an element. The multiple-charge arms of England or France are still not acceptable as elements of devices.


Angela O'Brian. Or, goutté de sang, a garden rose azure, stalked and leaved vert, within a bordure sable.

NOTE: Angelina wasn't used until the 19th century, so I have changed it to Angela. Draw the bordure wider.


Anne of Burford. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Athalwölfe von dem Rhein. Argent, a chevron azure between two fleurs-de-lys gules and a wolf's head erased sable.

NOTE: Von takes the dative, so the article becomes dem. Vom, the contraction, would also be correct.


Bertrand l'Ours du Rivage. Argent, a cross fleury throughout sable, surmounted by a bear rampant erminois, between in bend two fleurs-de-lys sable.


Bronwen Castellanos de la Torre Brillante. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Carlwyn George Ordragoun of Canterbury. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Catherine d'Artisano. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device and badge).


Ceatta o Gulcleth. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

NOTE: Arglwydd (Lord) is not part of the name. I have corrected the byname to proper usage.


Christina Marie de Rousseau. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Conn Ramathôl the Spearslayer. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)

NOTE: Ramathôl is Anglo-Saxon for ram-noble or noble ram.


Delvingrim, Shire of. (name approval only).


Denisette die Näherin. Azure, on a bend sable fimbriated between a cat's head caboshed and a mullet three crescents fesswise argent.

NOTE: The use of diminutives is discouraged. This would have been better as Denise.


Eadwyn Inhold. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Edmund Colberane. Argent, a peregrine falcon statant, wings elevated, proper and on a chief embattled azure a sword argent. (Falco peregrinus anatum).


Erik Bryssen. (name approval only).


Falling Star, Shire of the. (name approval only).


Fatima al Mendozayya. Argent, in pale a leather camel saddle proper, two scimitars in saltire sable, and a pavilion, all within a bordure vert.

NOTE: I have changed the place name to the correct form. The name really should have a patronymic (such as "bint Yusef") added between the given name and the place name. The device is acceptable, but you should know that green was the sacred color of Islam and generally not used in heraldry. To be authentic, change the saddle to gules and the pavilion and bordure to azure.


Gabrielle Stuart of Invernez. Per bend sinister purpure and argent, a bend sinister dovetailed between a goblet and a mushroom couped counterchanged.

NOTE: Invernez (with-a Z) is French for "inverted nose." (You might want Inverness after all.).


Galen of Bristol. Gules, a bend wavy between a double-bitted battleaxe and a compass star elongated to base Or.

NOTE: Draw the axe and compass star bigger. Rei is Portuguese for King, so I have deleted it.


Gerhardt Helmbrecht. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Gregoria Anne du Lac. Argent, a cat sejant erect, tail nowed, sable and on a chief purpure five annulets interlaced argent.

NOTE: Gregorianna is an out-of-period form, so I have split the name. I have used the correct French place name.


*Hubert FitzBennett. Per chevron sable and gules, in chevron five mullets Or, all between three crescents argent.

NOTE: As submitted, the device was not period style. The use of different types of mullets in the same device is out of period. Rather than cost you another delay, I have changed the central non-standard mullet to a normal one. If you don't like this, you can submit something else. Draw all of the charges bigger.


Isabeau the Fool. Sable, in bend a mask of comedy palewise gules and Or, and a mask of tragedy per pale Or and gules.


Isleanna Maeve MacEwen. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Jonathan McGrath. Per pale vert and Or, a sword bendwise surmounted by an unstrung harp proper.


Kevin Eriôl. Azure, a unicorn's head couped within an annulet and in chief two compass stars argent.

NOTE: The name would be much more medieval if you used the Scottish surname Arrol.


Michael Ironhammer. Sable, a chevron gules fimbriated between three eagles displayed, each grasping in each talon a hammer Or.

NOTE: Shrink the wings so the hammers are entirely on the field. They do not show when they lie on the wings.


Michaela nic Thorcuill O Fhionghuin of Skye. (badge) (see RETURNS for device) Per bend sinister azure and argent, in bend sinister three, compass stars between a sun in splendour and a moon in her plenitude counterchanged.

NOTE: This is rather complex as a badge. It would be better if it were your device.


Mitsu Tomotada. Per pale azure and argent, in pale six snails palewise reguardant addorsed, two, two and two, breathing flames, counterchanged Or and gules.

NOTE: I have corrected the given name. (O- is a female prefix.) The device is rather odd for a Japanese persona. If you want such a device, it would be much better if you adopted a European name.


Mont Coliere, Canton of. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


*Nant y Derwyddon, Shire of. Vert, in pale three martlets descending between two flaunches argent, each flaunch charged with a laurel wreath vert.


Niniane Cadthurail. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Oreta Heinemann. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Padruig Aoghann O' Uladh. Or, a winged bull passant guardant sable, wings elevated and addorsed argent, within an orle of purple morning glories proper. (Ipomea purpurea)

NOTE: I have corrected the place name. (The other alternative was na nulaidh.).


Robert the Dragonslayer. Per fess gules and argent, a sinister gauntlet bendwise vert grasping a double-bitted battleaxe bendwise sinister Or, hafted sable.


Seónaid Ealasaid Fraser. Argent, on a bend sinister sable, cotised vert, an estoile of five points Or between two cinquefoils argent within a bordure vert.


Stefen of Naught. Gules, three piles issuant from sinister throughout in point argent, each charged to sinister with a mullet of seven points sable.

NOTE: The byname is poor practice and not the type of name that would have been used in practice. Better would be Naughton, Notgrove, Notley, Nottingham, Nottington, or Notton.


Thorngill, Shire of. Argent, a bend sinister wavy azure between two thistles slipped and leaved proper between a laurel wreath counterchanged.

NOTE: This type of minor counterchanging is not good practice. It would have been better to have just used a laurel wreath vert.


Ulrich Agihard. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


White Buck Forest, Shire of. Or, a chevron sable, between in chief a cross cleché gules between two crosses cleché vert, and in base a maunch gules within a laurel wreath vert.

NOTE: The laurel wreath should surround the maunch. While not fatally so, this is poor practice. It would be vastly improved by deleting the two gules charges.


Kingdom of the Middle


Aisling ní Fhlaithbheartaigh. Azure, a heart, a sinister hand couped apaumé bendwise sinister and a dexter hand couped apaumé bendwise, one and two, argent.


Audelindis de Rheims. (name approval only).


*Bearengaer hinn Raudi. (badge for House hinn Raudi). Per fess sable and gules, two roses gules, barbed vert, seeded and fimbriated Or, and a hammer bendwise argent.

NOTE: The household name would be more correct as Hus Raudi.


Corey Heydon. Argent, in pale a hurt and a crescent within a bordure azure.

NOTE: Draw the bordure wider. Good heraldry.


*Cynnabar, Burgh of. Per pall sable, argent and gules, a laurel wreath vert and in chief a tower argent.


Dulcibella de Chateaurien. (name approval only)

NOTE: Castle Nothing is poor usage.


*Eadwine be Bocce Sele. Or, a beech tree eradicated proper and on a chief azure a pair of gauntlets clasped Or and argent.


Eldith of Umberthorn. Argent, three bendlets wavy enhanced azure and in dexter base a slip of hawthorn bendwise fructed proper.

NOTE: Draw the charges bigger. This would be more medieval if the three bendlets wavy were between two slips of hawthorn.


Eric Ragnarsson. Counter-ermine, a double-bitted axehead within a bordure argent.

NOTE: Good heraldry. (Draw the bordure wider.).


Ethelwulf Kildare. (name approval only).


*Glenngliondrach, Shore of. Azure, a unicorn rampant argent within a laurel wreath Or within a bordure argent.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


Keith Artur Ò Monahan. Vert, chapé wavy Or, two shamrocks vert and a compass star argent.

NOTE: Keth is not a valid name, so I changed it to Keith, his mundane given name. Chapé enhanced is not only not period, I have never seen it even in modern coats. I have therefore changed the treatment to chapé wavy. Please draw it that way.


Marie de la Tour Abandonée. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


*Middle, Kingdom of. (badge for the Order of the Silver Oak). Purpure, an oak tree blasted eradicated argent, fructed Or.

NOTE: The Barony Beyond the Mountains gives permission.


Morgan Blackshield. Pean, a pall Or.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry! Congratulations! This is a beautiful example of the simple, elegant heraldry that is still possible.


*Mynydd Seren, Shire of. Purpure, seven mullets in chevron between two laurel wreaths and a phoenix Or.

NOTE: This would be more medieval is the mullets were on a chevron.


Niall Muineachan. (name approval only).

NOTE: I have changed the byname to the correct nominative form.


Nora O'Keefe. (name approval only).


Orien Wenderson. Azure, a bend sinister argent, between a dolphin embowed bendwise sinister and a mace bendwise sinister Or.


*Rathnar Blaiddgwyn. Sable, a wolf's head caboshed within a sun eclipsed argent.


*Reinald FitzAlbert de la Tour Phenix. Ermine, issuant from a ruined tower sable a phoenix gules enflamed of flames proper.

NOTE: The flames next to the phoenix should be Or.


Rendulf of Duniapia. (name approval only)

NOTE: This would be much better as Rennulf.


Riviere Constelle, Shire of. Sable, mullety of four points, chape wavy Or, in chief a compass star azure and a laurel wreath vert.

NOTE: "River of Stars" properly translates as Riviere des Etoiles.


*St. Carol on the Moor, College of. Or, a tower sable environed of in chief three bells, one and two, azure and in base a laurel wreath vert.


Sion Andreas o Wenydd. Argent, two scarpes dovetailed between two roses azure.

NOTE: Good heraldry! I have corrected the place name. Because of the o, the G is dropped from Gwenydd.


*Sternfeld, Shire of. Azure, mullety of four points, on a bend cotissed Or a laurel wreath vert.

NOTE: Draw fewer, larger mullets.


Tadhg Liath of Duncairn. (name approval only).

NOTE: When a second byname is added in this manner, the definite article for the first byname is deleted (per Mistress Eriod).


Vashti of the Flaming Tresses. (name approval only).


Wilhelm von Fünfstadtgemeinden. (name approval only).

NOTE: I was previously informed that Fünfstadtgemeinden meant Five-City-Boundary, which made no sense. I have since discovered that it does mean Five Townships, as the submittor indicated. I therefore approve the name and apologize for the error. (Wilhelm lives in Stratford, Ontario, which is the joining point of five townships.).


Kingdom of the West

Alicia Anne de Montfort of Sprucewood. Or, a fir tree couped proper between in fess two mullets of four points elongated palewise azure.

NOTE: Compound names like Alicianne are out of period, having become popular in the 18th century. I therefore separated the name into two period names. The elongated mullets are really not period practice and so are discouraged.


Jason of Riverstone. Argent, on a bend sinister between two ermine tails azure a pen inverted Or.

NOTE: Please draw a period pen. This is good heraldry.


Kaenis Lowell. Argent, seme of rosebuds slipped and leaved azure, a wolf rampant to sinister sable within a bordure azure.

NOTE: Kaenis is a variant of the Greek Caenis. Lowell is English. Sam comes from the Hebrew Samuel. This plus the Norse patronymic -dottir is four languages. Furthermore, the use of both a surname and a patronymic is not proper English usage. In order to pass the device, I have therefore deleted Samsdottir. (You should generally not combine two languages in one word anyway.) Draw the bordure wider.


Kathrine of Bristol. Sable, a cat sejant guardant, between three millrinds Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Michael Longstride. Per pale purpure and argent, a mullet of eight points elongated to base between in fess a sword and a sword inverted counterchanged.

NOTE: The lower point should not go past the bottom of the shield.


Michael o Glofau. Gules, a clove Or.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


Morgana of the Icy Wastes. Per saltire gules and sable, in pale two mullets and in fess a decrescent and an increscent argent.

NOTE: Good heraldry!


*Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr. (name change; formerly Nicorlynn of the Castle of Glass).


Nestor Svaerdsmet. Bendy sinister of eight gules and argent, in pale a hammer fesswise and an anvil sable.


*Theodrik of Skane. (badge). Or, a torch sable, enflamed gules, between two flaunches vert, masoned Or.







RETURNS July 15, 1983 A.S. XVIII




Kingdom of An Tir


David of Trondhjem. Gules, a clenched gauntlet bendwise argent.

NOTE: The device conflicts with the 6th British Armored Division: Sable, a clenched gauntlet bendwise argent, and with Guilladeuc: Gules, a gauntlet argent (Rietstaap).


Eilidh nic Alpin of Dunollie. (badge for House Hollyrune). A cross within and conjoined to an annulet Or, overall a holly sprig of three branches fructed proper.

NOTE: This is not consistent with period heraldic practice for badges. I suggest placing four holly leaves in cross on the cross. To avoid bothering people by combining holly (a plant of some magical significance) and an Odin Cross (cross within an annulet) you could choose to use a saltire instead of a cross.


Garrick the Silent. Azure, a fess cotissed argent, overall a wyvern salient to sinister reguardant, tail nowed, gules.

NOTE: Garrick is a surname. Try Gerrich, an Old German given name. The device is color on color.


Jane the Peasant. Argent, a sinister hand erased fesswise grasping a leather purse proper within an orle of chain sable.

NOTE: Device not acceptable. An orle or annulet of chain was reserved to Knights in the SCA in my June 14, 1982 LOA&R. (It has been a knight's symbol since the SCA began.) Without the chain, it conflicts with the Legion of the Black Fist's badge: Argent, pendant. from a sinister fist fesswise erased a purse sable. For our records, all arms and devices should be drawn on a heater shape or lozenge. The submittors may use whatever shape field they desire when they display their devices anywhere else. In Europe in our period, some farmers and peasants had registered arms in some countries. This was particularly true in Frisia. In Germany, even beggars were known to have borne arms.


Reanna Wheatenfeld. Vert, semé of garbs, a monster having the upper half of a lion and the horn and lower half of a unicorn rampant Or.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Hardd: Vert, a semy of broomslips and overall a lion rampant Or. The monster is difficult to distinguish at a distance from a lion rampant. The field shows no complete garbs, which is not period practice.


Katheryn of Kettlethorpe.

NOTE: Name not acceptable. Kettlethorpe was Katheryn Swynford's personal estate, given to her by John of Gaunt.

Pierre de Noves. (badge for Shinobi Kisuni). Vert, a fox's mask voided argent.

NOTE: The badge conflicts with Fandoral Silverfox: Sable, a fox's mask argent. It also conflicts with Lasguard Aglanar the Red Fox: Gules, a fox's head caboshed voided Or. (The outlines are identical.) The name violates Japanese cultural usage, as any possible reference to ninjas was scrupulously avoided in names. (For obvious reasons of self-preservation.).


Rhondelle of York. Ermine, on a roundel vert a rose argent.

NOTE: Rhondelle is not a given name. (It could be a byname.) We have stated in the past that persons in the SCA cannot have both the place name "of York" and a white rose (the badge of the House of York). The outline is too close to the arms of Sumer Redmaene: Purpure, on a plate a rose gules, seeded Or. She will have to get Countess Sumer's permission. Roundels, lozenges, billets, cartouches and delfs may be charged with at most a single charge. Anything more complicated would look like a form of marshalling. Inescutcheons, cantons, sails and pennants may not be charged at all.


Thorvald Skallagrimsson. Argent, a tau cross gules within a bordure per pale sable and gules.

NOTE: Skallagrim is apparently the unique nickname of Grim Kveldulfsson, whose sons were Egil Skallagrimsson and Thorolf Skallagrimsson. The similarity of the latter is sufficient to make it seem that you are trying to claim to be a third son of Skallagrim. Try Thorvald Grimsson. The device conflicts with Van Gent: Argent, a tau cross gules (Woodward, p. 161).


Ulrich von Aargau. Sable, annulety Or, two towers argent.

NOTE: The device conflicts with the Barony of Stargate's badge: Sable, two towers argent and in chief a mullet of three greater and six lesser points argent.


Volodar Moreyevitch the Seabourne. Sable, a demi-griffin maintaining in dexter forepaw a sword bendwise sinister Or and issuant from a base wavy barry wavy Or and sable.

NOTE: Morey is not a Russian given name, so you can't have Moreyevitch. Try Poreyevitch, Matfeyevitch, Markovitch, Maka'ryvitch, or Marl'yavitch (the last is a matronymic). The device conflicts with Mary Margaret of Derby: Sable, a lanthorne Or and a base barry wavy Or and sable.;


Wastekeep, Barony of. (badge). A tree blasted eradicated sable.

NOTE: The badge conflicts with Korn Koopers: Argent, a dry tree sable (Woodward, p. 318).


Kingdom of Atlantia


Aelfrun Errantmaid. Azure, a bend sinister between a hedgehog statant to sinister and a quatrefoil argent.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Gwendwyn the Silent: Azure, a bend sinister between a winged unicorn salient to sinister and a bat-winged manticore couchant argent. (Two differences of type of charge count as a major and a minor point.).


Atlantia, Kingdom of. (title for Marcus Herald).

NOTE: Name not acceptable. Marcus is a given name and is therefore not appropriate for a heraldic title. Offices do not have titles; the officers do. A computer is not an officer.


Constance Beckwith Bruce. Gules, on four roundels conjunct in saltire ermine between in cross four roses Or, barbed vert, a sheaf of three roses Or, barbed, slipped and leaved vert, surmounted by a heart gules.

NOTE: This is four layers, which is not allowed. The College of Arms unanimously opposed the appeal. It is non-standard design with nine charges of four types. Either delete the central roses or else change to Ermine, a sheaf of three roses Or, barbed, slipped and leaved vert, surmounted by a heart and on a bordure engrailed gules four roses Or, barbed vert.


Saul of the Marches. Azure, a dragon sejant erect affrontée, wings displayed, argent, maintaining in dexter claw a sword inverted Or and in sinister claw a pellet, within a bordure argent.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Irena von Schmetterling: Azure, a papillon argent, bodied sable, within a bordure argent. You might ask her for permission.


Serena Dahlia.

NOTE: Dahlia is out of period, having been coined in the 18th century after a botanist named Dahl. You could use Dahl, or d'Algis (a city in France) or d'Allia (a small river in Italy).


Thalgar O'Shannon.

NOTE: Combining Latin and Anglo-Saxon themes this way (Thal + gar) is not consistent with period practice. Try Theolgar, Theodogar, or Tholgar.



Kingdom of Caid


Argos Trocero. Sable, a lion rampant guardant Or, on a chief gules, fimbriated, a sun Or between two crosses potent fitchy argent, between two millrinds Or.

NOTE: Name and device not acceptable. Argos is a place name and also the name of a non-human mythical monster. It is not a valid given name. The device has seven charges of five types, with a fimbriated chief as well. Do not fimbriate chiefs (or bordures). Please simplify.


Beth Carpenter of Rye. Argent, a mole tergiant descending proper within a bordure vert. (Talpa europaea)

NOTE: Beth is a diminutive of Elizabeth and does not seem to have been used as an independent name in period. Furthermore, in Hebrew it means Temple or House and is used in the names of synagogues. Please register Elizabeth and have your friends call you Beth. The mole would be better in a more standard heraldic position.


Corwin du Mont de Maine. Sable, a garden rose slipped and leaved, in base a crescent, between two flaunches argent.

NOTE: Appeal denied. A majority of the College opposed this appeal. Corwin was from Amber, which sat on a mountain. Thus Corwin du Mont de Maine is allusive. Corwin's symbol was a silver rose and his colors were black and silver. The cover of Nine Princes in Amber shows his shield having a garden rose slipped and leaved. (It's having the colors reversed is a famous error.) There is one major point of difference for the flaunches and a minor for the little crescent. This plus the name similarity is insufficient difference from such a famous character.


Kendra of the White Castle. Vert, a domestic cat's head caboshed within an orle Or.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Jehanne de Lyonesse: Vert, a lion's head caboshed Or. The difference between a lion's head and a cat's head is only a minor point.


Kenneth the Unknown. (name change to Nakagawa Genji).

NOTE: Name change denied. Genji is not a given name, but rather the Chinese version of the Japanese family name Minamoto, a shogunate clan name we do not allow to be used in the SCA.


Morgana Rhys of the Crystal Keep. Argent, on a bend dovetailed between a martlet sable and an amethyst crystal purpure, a bendlet argent, all within a bordure dovetailed sable.

NOTE: You cannot be of the Crystal Keep, as that is a registered household in Atenveldt. Natural crystals may not be used as charges in the SCA because their use was not period heraldic practice. Try a billet or a lozenge purpure.


Rosemary Willowwood of Ste. Anne's. Or, two willow branches crossed in pall inverted proper, between three roses gules, barbed and seeded proper, all within a bordure purpure.

NOTE: "Of Ste. Anne's" is not proper usage, as it ends in an adjective. We need to know: of Ste. Anne's what? (Ste. Anne's Priory, Ste. Anne's Town, etc.) The device seems acceptable.



Kingdom of the East


Myrrdin of the Flames.

NOTE: Name appeal denied. While we do allow the use of Merlin or Myrddin as a given name, we only allow it when there is no other reference, either in the bynames or in the device, to Merlin the Magician. The byname must adequately differentiate the person from Merlin the Wizard. Merlin was a fire magician and so Myrrdin of the Flames is not sufficiently differentiated.



Kingdom of Meridies


Allaisandre d'Avery. Quarterly gules and erminois, in dexter chief a heart distilling a goutte argent, in sinister base a Queen Anne's lace argent slipped and leaved vert.

NOTE: You only use "de" with place names or surnames, not with given names like Avery. Try Allaisandre Avery. The Queen Anne's lace lacks contrast, as most of it is green on red. Make it all argent.


Anne of Burford. Purpure, semé of dandelions stalked and leaved proper, a bordure embattled Or.

NOTE: The device lacks contrast and uses a very complex semé. Try three dandelions Or or some such arrangement (i.e., one that doesn't conflict).


Athos von Ulm. Argent, two flaunches sable, overall a golden eagle displayed, wings inverted, head to sinister, proper grasping in dexter talon a fleur-de-lys and in sinister talon a sword Or. (Aquila chrysaetos canadensis)

NOTE: Athos is a place name, not a given name. It was an alias in The Three Musketeers, not a given name. The eagle should not overlie the flaunches, as that is not period usage.


Bow’ing Glenne, Shire of. Or, in fess two oak trees conjoined at the leaves proper within a laurel wreath vert and on a chief gules a bow Or.

NOTE: The use of an apostrophe like this is not period usage. Bowing Glenne makes no sense. Bowling Glenne would be rather close to the mundane name of Bowling Green. The arms seems acceptable, except that the laurel wreath should be larger.


Bronwen Castellanos de la Torre Brillante. Per bend purpure and sable, on a bend engrailed Or a bend gules charged with a sword argent between a goblet and a tower Or.

NOTE: This is four layers. Try a bend gules fimbriated Or or else a bend engrailed gules fimbriated Or.


Carlwyn George Ordragoun of Canterbury. Azure, on a chevron argent between two dragons segreant Or and a swan passant, wings elevated and addorsed, argent seven mullets Or, fimbriated azure.

NOTE: Please simplify this device. There are 11 charges. Seven mullets is excessive, and the fimbriation leaves insufficient contrast. Try azure mullets. Five mullets would be more medieval.


Catherine d'Artisano. Purpure, a chevron argent surmounted by a greyhound statant gules.

NOTE: This is color on color. Gules has almost no visibility against purpure.


Catherine d'Artisano. (badge for House Cantus). Or, a fess wavy vert surmounted by a psaltery bow bendwise, overall an unstringed psaltery proper.

NOTE: This is four layers. The bow has insufficient contrast against the fess, which it is almost entirely on.


Ceatta o Gulcleth. Azure, a catamount passant guardant argent between three estoiles Or within a bordure sable.

NOTE: We have not allowed bordures to violate the Rule of Tincture for some time. This is color on color.


Christina Marie de Rousseau. Per bend argent and azure, a rosebud gules, barbed vert, and a fleur-de-lys argent.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Marie du Lys Argent: Per bend argent and azure, in chief a garden rose in bend gules, slipped and leaved proper, barbed gules, and in base three fleurs-de-lys in bend argent.


Conn Ramathol the Spearslayer. Argent, a raven rising to sinister sable.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Joserlin Cigfran Myddrael: Argent, a raven rising reguardant, wings disclosed, sable, in the dexter claw a sword gules; and with Ernes: Argent, a raven volant sable (Papworth, p. 295). Draw a more heraldic raven.


Daikudzu Sekido-no-Minamoto. Sable, on a plate a sprig of three kudzu leaves azure within an annulet charged with a saltire sable.

NOTE: Name and device not acceptable. Your name consists of three family names, although Daikudzu is somewhat dubious. Minamoto is a shogunate clan and thus may not be used in the SCA. I suggest you use Sekido as your family name and add a given name. The mon does not follow Japanese practice, as it has three colors. There is no good way of blazoning the four pieces of annulet. The sprig is not in the Japanese style.


Eadwyn Inhold. Or, in pale a sprig of two oak leaves and two acorns fesswise proper and a cross interlaced gules, a chief embattled sable.

NOTE: Document the cross embattled. Don't just remove it, as then you would conflict with the Barony of Caerthe: Or, a laurel wreath vert and a chief embattled sable.


Falada of Englewood. Argent, a fawn dormant to sinister within an orle of ivy proper. (Dana dana)

NOTE: Name and device not acceptable. The submittor's documentation says that Falada is a German surname. It therefore cannot be used as a given name. Add a given name. The young of a given animal species were not used in period heraldry except for the lamb and pelican chicks in the nest for a pelican in its piety. Use a doe. The device is not period style, with excessive use of proper.


Falada of Englewood. (badge). Argent, on a bend Or fimbriated of ivy vines three purple morning glories slipped and leaved proper. (Ipomea purpurea)

NOTE: You cannot fimbriate with objects. The bend has poor contrast.


Falada of Englewood. (badge for House Morning Glory). Per bend Or and argent, two purple morning glories within an orle of ivy proper. (Ipomea purpurea)

NOTE: This is excessive use of proper.


Falada of Englewood. (badge for Domus Plummeris). Sable, a pall inverted between in chief two estoiles argent.

NOTE: The badge seems acceptable, but cannot be passed without a Society name. Why do you have two households?


Gerhardt Helmbrecht. Argent, a chevron inverted gules within a bordure sable.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Grendon: Argent, a chevron inverted gules (Papworth, p. 373); and with the Barony of the Middle Marches: Argent, a chevron inverted gules and in chief a laurel wreath vert.


Grendelle Nadine de Foix. Argent, on an escarbuncle composed of a Maltese cross surmounted by a Maltese saltire nowy vert, between eight Maltese cross arms dismembered gules, a hunting horn argent.

NOTE: Grendel was a non-human monster and so Grendelle cannot be used. Nadine is a modern name and thus not in period. The device is not heraldic. The emblem is not heraldically identifiable.


Greymourne Basilisk, Shire of the.

NOTE: The combination of Grey-Morning and Basilisk makes no sense. It is not consistent with period place name usage. Try the Shire of Greymourne.


Isleanna Maeve MacEwen. Quarterly purpure and Or semé of quatrefoils vert, a Scottish harp proper.

NOTE: The device conflicts with the SCA Office of the Arts: Purpure, a harp Or. Change the purpure quarters to another color.


John Tinhart. (badge). Sable, on a bezant a chevron inverted azure charged with three hearts palewise argent.

NOTE: This is four layers. It conflicts with Gwynaeth math o’ Ddyllaan: Sable, on a bezant a raven close upon a branch bendwise sable.


Meridies, Kingdom of. (name for Order of the Garter Sable).

NOTE: The conflicts with the Order of the Garter, the best known Order in English history. This should never have made it to an LoI.


Michaela nic Thorcuill O Fhionghuin of Skye. Azure, a mullet voided within and conjoined to a sun eclipsed argent.

NOTE: This conflicts with Glynn Llan-y-Rhyllwyn: Potenty gules and argent, a sun sable eclipsed argent charged with a mullet throughout sable.

Misty Mere, Shire of. Barry wavy azure and argent, on a pale gules two goblets Or, a chief gules, overall a laurel wreath sable surmounted in base by a goblet Or and overall in chief two swords inverted in saltire argent.

NOTE: This is four layers, with 8 charges of 5 types. You cannot have a chief surmounted by other charges. Shrink the laurel wreath down so it doesn't overlap the chief, and simplify by removing the goblets.


Mont Coliere, Canton of. Argent, masoned sable, on a plate fimbriated of a laurel wreath vert issuant from the wreath a demi-dragon erect gules.

NOTE: You cannot fimbriate with charges. You shouldn't put a plate on argent masoned sable. I suggest something like Argent, masoned sable, a dragon's head couped gules within a laurel wreath vert. (Change as necessary to avoid conflict.).


Niniane Cadthurail. Vert, on a lozenge argent a mullet azure within a bordure gyronny Or and argent.

NOTE: You cannot use gyronny Or and argent.


Oreta Heinemann. Gyronny Or and argent, a saltorel azure surmounted by a cross gyronny argent and Or fimbriated charged with a fillet cross azure.

NOTE: The device is too complex, has four layers, uses gyronny of two metals, and is thin-line heraldry. If you must have something like this with three colors, try something like Gyronny azure and argent, a cross gyronny Or and azure, or Gyronny azure and argent, a cross surmounted by a saltire Or. (Changed as needed to avoid conflict.).


Ulrich Agihard. Per bend sinister vert and ermine, in base a sword Or surmounted by an unstrung lyre sable.

NOTE: The Or sword on the ermine field lacks contrast. The line of division is not standard.


Yaraddin ferch Oena o Gwynedd. Per chevron sable and Or, a benu passant and a crescent inverted counterchanged.

NOTE: Please document Yaraddin. It looks Arabic rather than Welsh. The proper usage is ferch, not merch (or ap). Please send a photocopy of a reference showing a picture of a benu. The documentation sent in says nothing about a benu looking like a stork. It implies instead that a benu looks like a peacock. Do you want the benu to be Or or of flames proper?


Zao Aragon of the Azores.

NOTE: Name not acceptable. Zao is too close to Sio, which is Portuguese for Saint. You cannot be St. Aragon. Try Zeno Aragon of the Azores.



Kingdom of the Middle


Mara ha Tsevah shel Tsel. Sable, three bendlets wavy plaited argent.

NOTE: A majority of the College feels that this either conflicts with Sable, a bend argent or else that this sort of knotwork is not period style.


Marie de la Tour Abandonée. Sable, a tower broken in the dexter chief corner argent surmounted by a sprig of three roses gules, seeded Or, barbed, stalked and leaved vert, within in orle six mullets argent.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Anne of the White Tower: Sable, a tower argent. The vert leaves of the rose sprig that lie on the sable field lack contrast.


Sabreone Sablemoon. Or, an increscent sable and on a chief invected purpure two mullets in bend argent.

NOTE: Sabreone is not a valid variant of Sabrina, who was the nymph of the River Severn, mentioned in Milton's Comus. Try the good medieval name of Sabina. The device is not period style. The two mullets should be in fess, not in bend, when placed on a chief.




Kingdom of Atlantia (this is an acceptance).


Bizek the Tynee. (badge). A cross crosslet fitchy Or surmounted by a bull's head couped gules, armed and ringed sable.




Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms



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