ACCEPTANCES August 19, 1983 A.S. XVIII

Kingdom of Ansteorra

Aelfric Talon of Wyvernwood. (name approval only).

Anora Frayne of Winward. Gyronny purpure and argent, a cross crosslet counterchanged.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


Ariella Idarius. (name approval only).

NOTE: Rayna (or Reyna) means Queen and thus may not be used in the SCA, so I have deleted it.


Connall MacNaughten. Sable, an owl stooping guardant argent, goutté de sang, in dexter chief a bezant.


Dan of Hamildoon. Azure, a shakefork inverted Or.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


*Dathi O'Cooney. Vert, on a bend between two coneys salient argent three shamrocks palewise vert.

NOTE: Nice heraldry.


Edward of Tatham. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Elsbeth des Volkes. Per pale pean and erminois, a fret per pale Or and sable.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


*Emerald Keep, Shire of. (badge). Or, a tower within a bordure embattled vert.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Emrys Shaunnon. (name approval only).


Gareth of Gelderland. (name approval only).


Gavin Anton na heireann. (name approval only).

NOTE: The proper genitive form is "na hEireann."


Genevieve Chastisse de Vaucresson. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Geoffrey du Bâtard. Azure, on a bend sinister sable fimbriated surmounted by a sword inverted bendwise a pair of manacles addorsed, each trailing to center a broken chain argent.

NOTE: The more period form would be "du Bastard." The circumflex was not used in earlier times. The bend sinister has poor contrast.


Guy le Provençal. Sable, on a cross patée throughout Or surmounted by a roundel counterchanged four fleurs-de-lys palewise gules.


Ian Alexander. (name approval only).


Isabella Eugenia Cortez. Pean, in pale a unicorn's head erased and a lotus blossom argent within a double tressurc gules.

NOTE: The tressure has poor contrast. The use of indented in pall is not period style, so I changed it to a normal double tressure in order to be able to pass the device.


*Janos a Sovány Barcsi. (badge for Household of Adlersburg). Gules, ermined Or, an eagle displayed argent charged on the breast with a castle sable.


Malachi Delacot. (name approval only).


*Marc l'Haut de Provence. (name change; formerly Marc de Provence).


Jana Sacristain. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Marcus le Silex. Ermine, a saltire sable surmounted by a roundel within overall four dragons in cross passant in annulo widdershins, biting each other’s tail, vert.

NOTE: This is rather busy. "Marrakus" does not appear to be a valid variant of Marcus, so I have substituted Marcus.


Mary of Barryngton Wood. (name approval only).


Northkeep, Shire of. (name approval only; see RETURNS for arms).


Omar Mohammud. Per pall gules, argent and sable, in chief a decrescent Or, in dexter in bend three mullets of four points purpure, and in sinister a seax proper.

NOTE: We were unable to authenticate "Mirzazadeh," so I have deleted it. The device would be much better with only one mullet instead of three.


Owain ap Ioan. Argent, a lion statant vert within a serpent, its head in sinister chief, its body looped in annulo, and its tail in dexter chief, sable.


Raimon Selenarktos. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Rainulf of Bari. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Rhiannon o Goed Niwlog. Argent, on a cross vert between in chief two hearts gules a compass star Or.

NOTE: "Coed" mutates to "Goed" after 'lo." This would be much better with four hearts, as it would then be balanced.


Reinhard von Dammerung. (name approval only).

NOTE: "Rhinehart" is not a valid variant of Reinhard, so I have substituted the latter.


*Shadowlands, Shire of the. (badge for the Sterregazerers Gylde of the Shire of the Shadowlands). Sable, a comet bendwise sinister Or between in bend a mullet of nine points and an increscent argent.


Sean Zsigmondy. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

NOTE: "Sian" does not appear to be a valid variant of Sean, so I have substituted the latter.


Tedrick von Wolfschatten. Sable, a bend sinister between three compass stars and a wolf rampant argent.


Varric Varnsson. Sable, on a chevron between three frets argent five torteaux.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Waldre Kenwolf. Per bend sinister argent and vert, a pine tree couped proper and a wolf's head caboshed argent.

NOTE: All pine trees are just plain pine trees in heraldry.


William Archer. Per bend sinister embattled vert and Or, a tower and a pheon counterchanged.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


William de Lacy of Sherborne. Purpure, on a pile raguly argent a gauntlet aversant gules.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Zinaida Likhitovna Umanskaya. Per bend sinister or and sable, a bend sinister between a heart gules, pierced by a sword inverted bendwise sinister sable, and a bear's head erased Or.

NOTE: The surname takes the feminine ending.



Kingdom of Atenveldt


Adriana Holloway. Per fess embattled azure and argent, in pale a sun Or and two maple leaves, stems crossed in saltire, vert and gules.


*Aelfric Bernson of Westbrook. (name change; formerly Biornulf Erland of Westbrook) Per fess indented counter-ermine and vert, in pale an estoile and a wooden staff Or.

NOTE: The more correct, older form would be Beornesson. (See RETURNS for mon).


*Aislinn Rowena MacFarlane. (name change; formerly Aislinn Rowena Clellan).


*Al-Barran, Barony of. (badge for the Baronial Guard of al-Barran) Sable, on a pale or in base a scorpion tergiant sable.


*Al-Barran, Barony of. (badge for the Order of the Scorpion of al-Barran) Sable, a scorpion tergiant within an orle all within a bordure Or.

NOTE: Draw the scorpion larger. This is rather unbalanced.


*Aldred Colson. (reblazon). Quarterly vert and sable, a saltire between in pale two crescents argent.


Ariel of Lindisfarne. Argent, a pale sable crescenty argent between two estoiles sable.


Arn the Bull. Per chevron Or and sable, two horned Norman helms affronty and a bull salient counterchanged.

NOTE: The name would be better as Arne.


Briallen Owena o Caerphilly. Or, a dragon segreant azure, grasping in its dexter forepaw a dagger inverted, within a bordure nebuly sable.

NOTE: Clutching a dagger is worth a rather minor point and is therefore just enough to avoid a conflict with Hargest: Or, a griffin rampant azure. Please draw the dagger bigger.


Crispin of Dreywood. Pean, two daggers inverted in saltire surmounted by a chess rook argent.

NOTE: If you want to blunt the tips of the daggers to make them into sais, that is a matter for the artist. Heraldically they are daggers. You should not combine Japanese weapons with European heraldry. (i.e., pean and a chess rook) and a European name.


*Edward the Learned. Azure, an open book Or charged with a battle axe bendwise sable, in base a caltrop inverted Or.


Eirikr Eyvindarson. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


*Erik Loren Alcara. (reblazon). Per bend sinister gules and sable, in pale two staves in saltire, a mullet of eight points pierced elongated to sinister chief, and a lightning flash bendwise argent.


*Erik Loren Alcara. (badge for Huw Iago). Per bend gules and sable, a unicorn's horn palewise between in fess a bear and a bull combattant argent.

NOTE: Elydr is a given name, not a place name, and so you cannot have "o Elydr." I have therefore registered the alternate persona name without "o Elydr."


*Elvira the Invisible. (badge for Rose Hall). Or, a rose azure, barbed and seeded proper, within a bordure sable platy.

Fontaine dans Sable, Shire of. (name approval only).


Galen of Wiltshire. Argent, masoned sable, a two-headed wyvern erect, tail nowed, between two flaunches azure.


*Hastini Chandra. (name change; formerly Sikhijvala Gehe Candrasya). Argent, an Indian elephant passant gules, winged sable.

NOTE: This was formerly the badge for Chala Gaja; it is now Hastini Chandrals arms.


*Hastini Chandra. (name change; formerly Sikhijvala Gehe Candrasya). (badge for Sikiiijvala Gehe Candrasya). Argent, a Bharat peacock passant gules.

NOTE: This was formerly the arms of Sikhijvala Gehe Candrasya; it is now being retained by Hastini Chandra as a secondary persona badge. All other badges previously registered to Sikhijvala Gehe Candrasya are now registered to Hastini Chandra.


*Henry von Blud. Per bend sinister gules and vert, a bend sinister between a ewer reversed and a heart, all within a bordure Or.


*Ian MacDuff. (name change; formerly Zatar of Jägerhaus).


*Gustav Athanasius von Hausenstadt. (badge for House Hausenstadt). Argent, on a pile gules a hippogriff passant argent between three Latin crosses Or.


*Iathus of Scara. (badge). Ermine, a bee tergiant within a bordure gules.


Jan DeGroot. Or, a bend sinister dancetty gules between a bear's paw print and a garden rose bendwise sinister sable, slipped and leaved vert.


*Katrina de La Rochelle. Per pale indented azure and Or, in dexter a candle argent, enflamed proper, in sinister two Big Brown bats displayed in pale proper. (Eptesicus spp.).

NOTE: We are reproducing pre-1600 heraldry, not 20th-century heraldry. In modern times dancetty has been used to mean indented of three points. This was not the case in period, when indented was drawn with few large indents. (unlike the modern use of a small sawtooth line). Thus the modern dancetty is what was normally drawn for indented in period. For this reason, in tile SCA we just use indented and draw it with fewer large indents. The number of indents is up to the artist, as long as it is at least three.


Myles of Falkon Hold. Per chevron inverted gules and sable, a pall and in chief an eagle displayed Or.

NOTE: A striking design. Do not use per pall with two of the tinctures the same. In this case, per chevron inverted takes care of it. The line of division will naturally fall under the upper two arms of the pall.


*Otherhill, Shire of. (badge). Per chevron inverted argent and vert, a sagebrush eradicated, a decrescent, and an increscent, one and two, counterchanged.

NOTE: The College does not wish to set the precedent of allowing badges to be registered for specific events. (.i.e., the Artemisian Games), as the result could be a limitless number of badges for every event on the calendar. There is also the objection to the combination of the name Artemis. (goddess of the moon) and two moons on the badge. Therefore the badge is registered directly to the shire. (If they choose only to display it at that event, that is up to them.).


Sayf al Qamar Tarik ibn Abdul. Sable, a fess between a scimitar fesswise inverted and an Arabic pen-box fesswise argent.


*Shiloah Adamina Clellan. (badge for Clellan House). Argent, a billet bendwise sinister per bend sinister Or and azure surmounted by a sword inverted between in bend two compass stars sable.

NOTE: The badge could only be displayed on argent, and so I have registered it with an argent field. The period practice with fieldless badges was for the charges to be conjoined, not separated. That way, the badge could be used as a pin.


Sundragon, Canton of. (name approval only; see RETURNS for arms).



Kingdom of Atlantia


*Adelicia of Cumbria. (badge). Per fess argent and sable, a natural leopard dormant coward sable, gorged of a collar, and three cinquefoils Or.


Almerich of Mecklenberg. (name approval only).


Anne St. Claire of Tarrywood. (name approval only).


*Atlantia, Kingdom of. (heraldic title for Goshawk Pursuivant).

NOTE: Principal Heralds may grant titles to heralds in charge in subsidiary branches when the branches have sufficient membership and activity to warrant titles. Such titles should not be handed out wholesale, but only where clearly deserved.


Bartholomew of Chelsea. Azure, a quill bendwise sinister Or and in dexter chief a cross patonce argent.

NOTE: This would be better balanced if the quill were between two crosses in bend.


Elizabeth Siobhan of Wiltshire. Quarterly sable and vert, on a mullet of eight points Or a natural panther sejant erect sable.


Hilary Anne of the Blossoming Mere. Or, a bend sinister purpure between a quill issuant from an inkwell azure and a fountain.


*Jordre Pargon. (badge for Household of Windhover's Reach). Per bend sinister vert and azure, in fess a male griffin coward and a natural spotted leopard sejant respectant argent.

NOTE: Draw the male griffin with more prominent spikes. Vert and azure have little contrast between them and are thus a poor combination for a divided field.


*Katrin of the Hidden Orchard. Sable, in pale a compass star elongated to base and a stirrup cup between in fess two crosses bottony Or, each cross charged with a cross couped azure.

NOTE: Draw the stirrup cup with a flatter bottom so it doesn't look like an inescutchcon.


*Katrin of the Hidden Orchard. (badge). Sable, in pale a compass star elongated to base and a stirrup cup, within a bordure Or.

NOTE: Virgule states that a star is not an official symbol of the Holy Spirit. See above comment on the stirrup cup.


Kendra Juliana of Kilborne. Vert, a natural rainbow proper, fimbriated and issuant from clouds Or, within a bordure dovetailed argent.


*Klaus von Trollenberg. (name correction; formerly Klaus von Trollenburg). (badge). Two axes in saltire surmounted by a double-bitted battle axe sable.

NOTE: This is period style for a badge. Very good. (Draw the single-bitted axes bigger, for better balance.).


Margaret Johana van Artevelde. (name change; formerly Maeve na gCifianach). (reblazon). Per pale potenty argent and vert, in bend a weaver’s knot sable and a woad plant Or, stalked and leaved argent.

NOTE: You cannot register an alternate persona name by itself. They are only registered with a badge. There is no need to register them in the first place, as you can use them without registering them. In Irish, the prepositions often cause the initial consonant of the following word to mutate. The C in Cifianach is pronounced as a G when "na" precedes Cifianach. This is conventionally indicated by having a lower-case g added, thus "na gCifianach." The capital C is left. (although not pronounced) to indicate what the word actually is.


*Megara di Alessandra. (badge). Two annulets interlaced issuant from a barrulet arched couped, overall a sword sable.

NOTE: This is uncomfortably reminiscent of a maker's mark but it does not look like a monogram. (or pomegranate pierced). This is consistent with period badges, which were fieldless and designed to not look like arms.


Oak Clyffe, College of. (name approval only; see RETURNS for arms & badge).


*Raimont de la Glace. Per chevron azure and argent, a dandelion eradicated double-stalked and leaved proper, the stalks crossed in saltire and bearing in dexter chief a flower Or and in sinister chief a puffball argent.


*Richard Corwin of Oldecastle. (name change; formerly Richard Corwin). (see RETURNS

for badge).

NOTE: This was previously passed as just Richard Corwin. The LoI did not say, as it should have, that there was a name change. You cannot be "of Avalon," so I have just added "of Oldecastle."


Ricard Johann von Knapp. (name approval only).

NOTE: If you can document Rickhardt as a period spelling variant, you can have it. In the meantime, I have substituted the correct form of Ricard.


*William the Wolf of Black Castle. (name change; formerly William the Wolf).


Wulfbrand Lurkr. (name approval only).



Kingdom of Caid


*Andrew Lejon of Shadow Mountain. (blazon correction). Sable, on a mullet of four points argent between three points Or, a fireball gules.



Kingdom of the East


Kendra bean Lupus. (name approval only).

NOTE: I have received evidence that Kendra is acceptable, and that there was a St. Lupus of Troyes.



Kingdom of the Middle


Alix Mont de Fer. Or, a bend sinister lozengy vert surmounted by a wyvern couchant to sinister sable breathing flames gules.

NOTE: An ordinary lozengy of one tincture is made of lozenges conjoined. An ordinary lozengy of two colors means it is tinctured of the pattern lozengy and has straight outer lines. This confusion is period, and is similar to the confusion between the line of division potenty and the fur potenty of two colors. Parker. (p. 384) cites two uses in period of an ordinary lozengy of one color, consisting of a row of lozenges conjoined.


Anton de Winton. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Bartholemew Landover. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Bois d'Arc, Shire of. Vert, a strung bow within a laurel wreath within on a bordure Or nine pommes.


Caitlyn of Penryn. (name approval only).


Dael Rois ni Bhreandain. Counter-ermine, chaussé vert, in pale a harp and a garden rose Or, slipped and leaved vert.

NOTE: The last word aspirates and mutates after "ni."


Daibhid Ruadh MacLachlan. Gules, in saltire a rowan sprig and a thistle slipped and leaved argent and a chief embattled Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry,


Elisabeth de Rossignol. Gules, a pall erminois between three pomegranates slipped and leaved Or.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry! the correct French surname form is "de Rossignol."


Ferdinand of Falcon's Peak. Per bend sinister sable and Or, a falcon stooping to sinister counterchanged.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


Francis of Dovecote. (name approval only).


Isabelle Rousse du Bijou d'Or. Per chevron ermine and gules, in base a hawk's bell Or.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry! I have used the correct translation for Isabella Redhaired of the Gold Jewel.


Luciana di Ridolfi. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

NOTE: I have used the correct form of the Italian surname.


Margarite Isabeau de Battenhelm. Azure, semé of thimbles argent, a winged unicorn couchant wings elevated and addorsed Or.

NOTE: Draw the animal so it is properly couchant and so the wings are distinct from the body.


Miranda MacTyre. Azure, a wolf statant to sinister, head raised, in chief a mullet of four points argent and a plate.


Miriam Armstrong. Per bend sinister Or and vert, a horse salient counterchanged and on a chief vert a strung bow inverted Or.

NOTE: Armstrong is a surname or epithet, but not a place name. Therefore I have dropped the "of." A chief is placed above the lower part of the shield and so the bend sinister division line should meet the chief at the sinister edge of the shield. (Although you can find it both ways in period.).

Padraic MacBrian. Sable, a fret Or and on a chief arched argent two mascles sable.

NOTE: You cannot be the son of Brian Boru, also known as Brian na Kincora, so I have deleted "na Kincora." The addition of a charged chief is sufficient difference from normal mundane arms, as it constitutes a major and minor point, as does the addition of any other charged ordinary.


Padraic MacBrian. (badge). Sable, a fret Or and on a bordure argent in saltire four mascles palewise sable.


Philippe d'Amolie. Sable, a pale bendy sinister argent and gules between two fleams Or.

NOTE: Correct form for a place name is d'Amolie. While the barber pole is first attested in 1684, and thus an actual barber pole as a charge could be called out of period, the use of a pale bendy sinister argent and gules is acceptable period usage, especially since the barber pole was a reference to the twisted bandages used by the barber surgeons in period. (Philippe is an SCA chirurgeon.).


Riik of Flatrock. Vert, a bend azure, fimbriated, between a castle argent and a tower Or.

NOTE: Draw the fimbriation wider. Rik. (or Rick) is a pet-name form and not a valid period given name. I have therefore changed it to the period Dutch form of Riik.


Seonaid Fitzalan. Vair en point, on a bend sinister purpure three caltrops argent.

NOTE: Draw the caltrops all aligned along the bend sinister. Show the fourth leg more. Otherwise, this is excellent heraldry.


Thomas von Holtzhausen. Argent, a bendlet wavy gules between two bendlets wavy azure and in sinister chief a cross formée sable.

NOTE: This would be more medieval with a second cross in dexter base.


Tuia Kynara of Illyricum. (name approval only).


Valens of Flatrock. Vert, a bend azure, fimbriated Or between a tower argent and a castle Or.

NOTE: The bend has poor contrast. Draw the fimbriation wider.


*Vatavia, Barony of. (Order of the Golden Heart; name approval only; see RETURNS for badge).


*Vatavia, Barony of. (badge for Order of the Radiant Lioness). Azure, in pale a lioness couchant coward and a demi-sun inverted Or.


Wolfgang von Volkersheim. Argent, a wolf rampant to sinister sable and on a chief gules in pale a rolled scroll and a quill reversed Or.

NOTE: "Zungewohle" is not correct German usage, so I have deleted it. The use of two charges in pale on a chief is poor usage. Charges on a chief should be in fess on the chief.



Kingdom of the West


Alisaundra Bellemain. Per bend sinister gules and argent, three mullets argent and a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper.

NOTE: Good heraldry. There is no "e" at the end of Bellemain.


Artos Barefoot. Or, a brown bear displayed proper, maintaining in its forepaws a hammer and a sword inverted, standing atop an anvil sable.


Beatrice Delfini. Per chevron argent, ermined gules, and azure, a dolphin haurient embowed Or.

NOTE: Dolphins and fish by default in the SCA are embowed counter-embowed. If you wish them simply embowed, you must place the word "embowed" in the blazon. If you want them to be straight, then blazon them as palewise instead of haurient and fesswise instead of naiant.


Beatrice Delfini. (badge). Per chevron gules and azure, an increscent Or within a bordure argent.


Blair Dubois. Azure, a bend sinister between a cat sejant guardant and a dove close Or.

NOTE: Nice heraldry.


Brand Sucher of Rivenstar. Per chevron sable and argent, in cross three flames argent and another azure.


*Deporodh of Rannoch. (badge for Dís Stígandi). (reblazon). Or, in cross a lozenge between four fleurs-de-lys crosswise azure.

NOTE: This was formerly registered as a personal badge. Although it is true that Dís was borne in period by a woman and therefore technically legal, its resemblance to Dis, god of the underworld, is very strong and its use poor practice, especially for a herald. I strongly recommend a different given name.


*Eoin of Fell Hold. (change of device). Or, on a pile cotissed sable a caltrop Or.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


*Fergus de Niaundeville. (name change; formerly Fergus the Hound).


Frank the Fortunate. Vert, on a pile engrailed throughout argent a natural leopard's face vert.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry (and very cute, too)!


*Gerhardt von Nordflammen. (reblazon). Azure, in fess four pallets wavy couped and in chief a mullet of eight points within a bordure argent.

*Islyle le Gannoker de Gavain. (reblazon). Vert, chape ploye argent, an axe bendwise sinister vert charged on the blade with a mullet Or, a chalice vert, banded Or, and a unicorn couchant argent, armed and gorged of a collar Or.


*Islyle le Gannoker de Gavain. (badge). Vert, an open book argent surmounted by a sword inverted Or.


Karawin Mantell. Argent, a cat couchant to sinister sable and on a chief indented azure three pairs of needles in saltire argent.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Katrina Silvermaker. Gyronny azure and argent, a pegasus salient, wings displayed, and on a chief Or three quatrefoils azure.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Hrolf Herjolfssen. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).


Lyulf the Dreamer. Argent, a phoenix rising to sinister, wings addorsed, azure, issuant from flames proper, within a bordure embattled azure.


*Megan nic Alister of Thornwood. (name change; formerly Megan Kilkerran NicAlistair).


Owen Bryghtstar. Counter-potenty gules and argent, upon a mount rayonny vert a mullet of four points gyronny argent and gules.


Ragnald de Vigne. Or, on a pall inverted sable three gloves erased, fingers to center, argent.


Rhiannon of Eaglesflight. Vert, an eagle rising and on a chief indented argent three bunches of grapes purpure, slipped, leaved and tendriled vert.

NOTE: Nice heraldry.


*Stephen of Beckenham. (change of device). Or, on a pale invected sable a crescent Or.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


Theodore de Hales. Gules, a sheaf of three arrows and on a chief argent three arrowheads gules.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


*Tristan Melinydd. (change of name--formerly Tristan Morgana of Gwynedd; change of device). Per pale argent and Or, a unicorn passant to sinister and on a chief purpure three millrinds argent.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Valina del Moreno. Per saltire azure and sable, a dragon couchant, wings elevated and addorsed, head erect, argent, breathing flames to chief proper.


*Wolfscairn, Shire of. (change of arms). Argent, a tower azure within a laurel wreath vert and in chief a wolf courant sable.







RETURNS August 19, 1983 A.S. XVIII





Kingdom of Ansteorra


Amra M'Chib Bakerian. Argent, a falconer's glove fesswise sable, pendant from the sinister opening a tassel vert, the glove grasping two jesses gules, vervelled sable, and on a chief azure three plates, each charged with a pellet.

NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. "Amra" is a byname of Conan, meaning Lion. It was a nickname, not a given name. M'Chib is not proper Arabic. Bakerian is not a valid Latinization of Baker. Try something like Michael the Baker. The chief has four layers. Try using annulets.


Caradoc ap Owain. Sable, on a bend invected argent a bend gules overall a griffin sejant affronty, wings displayed, head to dexter, Or.

NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. Please obtain permission from Caradoc ap Owain. While there is technically enough difference, the two names are bound to be confused, and Owain should be consulted. The device has four layers and is very close to Danielle Christine des Briannes: Sable, on a bend invected Or another gules charged with a dove rising, wings addorsed, holding a lily argent, stalked and leaved vert. (passed in 1973).


Dominic of the Janissaries. Erminois, a dexter hand couped fesswise to sinister within a bordure azure.

NOTE: Name unacceptable. The Janissaries were militantly Moslem. It was not possible for a member to have a Christian name, as they were all given Arabic names. The device seems acceptable.


Dürmast von der Wanderlust. Azure, on a pale between two halberd heads respectant argent a rapier inverted azure.

NOTE: Dürmast is not a valid German name. Try Durand, Durant, or Durmod. The proposition "von" takes the dative, and so it should be "von der Wanderlust." The device conflicts with Corrmacc na Connacht: Azure, On a pale argent a sword inverted gules.


Edward of Tatham. Vert, a roundel ermine pierced by a sword inverted Or between in fess two brown

bears combattant proper. (Ursus arctos).

NOTE: Brown bears on green is color on color.


Genevieve Chastisse de Vaucresson. Vair en pointe, a garden lily blossom Or.

NOTE: The device conflicts with the badge for Winter's Gate: Sable, a lily blossom Or.


Gwydion Orfordson. Quarterly Or and sable, a cross patee throughout counterchanged surmounted by a dragon's head erased gules.

NOTE: Gwydion was a Welsh god in the Mabinogion, and apparently is a variant of Odin. It can no longer be used in the SCA unless someone can show that it was used in period as a given name. Orfordson is not a valid usage. Use "of Orford." The device seems acceptable.


Jana Sacristain. Purpure, on a bend argent, ermined purpure, a lozenge Or charged with a cinquefoil purpure ermined argent.

NOTE: This is four layers and it looks like arms of pretense or an augmentation.


Janos a Sovány Barcsi. (badge for Vassal Household of Adlersburg-Otzbdrg). Vert, in saltire a straight trumpet and a sword argent surmounted by a billet Or charged with a man displayed habited gules.

NOTE: This is four layers. I. (and several members of the College) do not like the similarity this bears to the badge of the heralds. The hyphenated name is not proper usage for anything other than a sovereign state.


Karin Abendsterne. Per bend sable and azure, a unicornate horse statant to sinister reguardant between in dexter chief a cup and in base a mullet of seven points argent.

NOTE: This is not period style. Either draw a heraldic unicorn or else a horse, but not something in between. Place the charges in pale or in bend or two and one, but not as you have them. This is very close to Aleana Gorwydd Gwyn: Per bend sable and azure, a pegasus courant volant to sinister and in base a mullet of seven points argent.


Martha Armorel McDonnald de Alvorada. Erminois, a lymphad sable, the sail charged with a demi-sun issuant from the base of the sail Or.

NOTE: Sails may not normally be charged in the SCA. Removing the demi-sun causes the device to conflict with the Earls of Athol: Or, a lymphad sable with fire at the top of the mast. (Woodward, p. 368) and with MacDonald of Craig-na-Gower: Or, a galley sable. (Lyon Ordinary. (1893), p. 119).


Martha Armorel McDonnald de Alvorada. (badge). A dolphin haurient vert, finned gules.

NOTE: The dolphin was the badge of the Dauphin, the heir to the French throne. It was azure with gules fins, which is too close. Dolphins are heraldic by default. (natural must be specified) and are, in the SCA, embowed counter-embowed by default. Since a proper heraldic dolphin's colors are vert and gules, it is best to just blazon it as vert, finned gules.


Northkeep, Shire of. Gules, a saltire between four mullets of five greater and five lesser points argent, overall a tower enhanced sable within a laurel wreath vert.

NOTE: The tower and wreath on the field are color on color. Try putting the tower entirely on the saltire and using a laurel wreath Or. Having a charge slightly enhanced like this is not correct practice.

Raimon Selenarktos. Sable, in bend a compass star argent between the horns of a crescent bendwise sinister Or maintained by both forepaws of a polar bear statant erect argent.

NOTE: This is not a period arrangement and conflicts with Mylles: Sable, a bear erect argent, chained and muzzled Or. (Papworth).


Rainulf of Bari. Or, in pale a sinister hand couped apaumée sable and two bars indented gules, within a bordure sable bezanty.

NOTE: The black hand is the symbol of the Mafia and apparently was so in period. The combination of an Italian name. (Bari is a town in Italy) and the black hand is therefore not allowed. Change the color of the hand.


Sean Zsigmondy. Argent, on a bend sinister sable surmounted by a serpent bendwise wavy counterchanged in sinister chief a dagger inverted argent and in chief a goutte de sang.

NOTE: This is both unbalanced and not a period arrangement.


Theresa of the Gardens. (badge for House Mountain-Gate). Argent, on a mountain purpure issuant from a ford a gateway argent, portcullised sable.

NOTE: This is a landscape. It is certainly not a period style for a badge.


Tirion the Redundant. Argent, on a pile vert between an increscent and a decrescent azure a hand mirror argent, glassed sable.

NOTE: Name unacceptable. Tirion is a city in The Lord of the Rings. It is also a word meaning "kind" or "gentle" in Welsh, but it doesn't seem to be a period given name. Please document it as a period given name, since a place name may not be used as a given name unless the submittor can prove that it was in fact so used in period. The device seems acceptable.



Kingdom of Atenveldt


Aelfric Bernson of Westbrook. (mon for Nishi no Bofutsure Jumao). Argent, a four-crested great wave breaking to sinister surmounted by a wooden staff throughout sable, in sinister chief a pellet.

NOTE: Name and mon unacceptable. The name is not a correct Japanese name. The device violates Japanese heraldic principles. The word Kumao would not have been used as a given name, as a bear was one of the vulgar animals. The persona story is essentially impossible and we do not consider persona stories as evidence, anyway. Submissions stand or fall on their own merits. Delete the staff.


Al-Barran, Barony of. (badge for Order of the Russian Thistle). Sable, a Russian thistle bush within an orle all within a bordure Or.

NOTE: The name conflicts with the Order of the Thistle in Scotland. Try the Order of the Tumbleweed. The thistle bush looks like a generic bush.


Arian Rowan of Featherfin. Argent, fretty azure, on a sinister quarter indented argent a red-tail hawk close proper. (Buteo jamaicensis).

NOTE: This is metal on metal. This also looks like an augmentation.


Cassandra la Sable. (badge for Moors of the Great North Waste). Sable, a demi-slice of watermelon gules, seeded sable, the rind vert, all fimbriated argent.

NOTE: This is an ethnic joke submission. We do not register joke submissions. This, combined with the fimbriation plus the fact that slices of fruit were not, to my knowledge, used in heraldry, is too much to allow this to be registered.


Cwm Maethlon, Shire of. Argent, a stag statant at gaze within a laurel wreath sable.

NOTE: Name and arms unacceptable. You cannot take a significant place name from a book or from history and use it as a branch name, unchanged. I would accept the Shire of Happy Valley, as that is a descriptive name. The device conflicts with the Hartford Insurance Company. You will need to add the bordure.


Diana the Dreamweaver. (badge for Volyn Zagmetry). Gules, a bend sinister argent, surmounted by a lion-headed raven sable, headed Or, and in dexter chief a plate.

NOTE: The name is not proper usage. You cannot use a place name as a given name, nor can you modify a place name to form a given name, unless you can show that it was actually used as a given name in period. The surname is not correct form for either Russian or Polish, and certainly a Pole would never have combined the two languages. The badge is not period style. The plate is not in a normal position. The monster is an odd combination and violates the Rule of Tincture in sinister base.


Eirikr Eyvindarson. Argent, a dragon-winged lion statant guardant coward vert, winged sable, maned of flames proper, and in base a crescent gules.

NOTE: Device unacceptable. This is overly complex. The part of the mane on top of the head is not of flames proper, and so the tinctures cannot be properly blazoned. It is very difficult to tell at a distance what the creature is. Make the mane vert, like the rest of the lion, so you can tell that the creature is a winged lion.


Georgette Murdoch Focksworth. Per chevron azure and Or, two foxes' heads erased addorsed argent and a fleur-de-lys vert.

NOTE: Georgette is out of period. The use of French diminutives to form female link names out of male names came into regular use after our period, and Georgette itself did not occur in period. The device seems acceptable.


Gustav Athanasius von Hausenstadt. (badge). Azure, upon a sun Or a Latin cross azure, in chief a bishop's mitre between two crosses couped Or.

NOTE: Badge unacceptable. The bishop's mitre is the heraldic symbol for a bishop and should only be borne by a bishop. As there are no bishops allowed in the SCA, the bishop's mitre is hereby forbidden for use in the SCA. The badge is also overly complex for a badge, which in period did not look like a device anyway, being fieldless.


Leiannka Zorya Zelolev. (maker's mark). The Old English letter Z entwined with an ankh.

NOTE: Maker's mark unacceptable. We no longer register tinctureless badges as of May 1, 1983. This LoI came out after that date. You may use this rebus without registering it, as the College chooses not to deal with such emblems.


Michael Gerard Curtememoire. (badge for the Abbey of Misrule in the Highlands of Winter). Argent, a Paschal lamb couchant reguardant sable haloed Or fimbriated gules, the staff proper, the banner argent, charged with a cross gules, fringed vert, within an orle of holly leaves vert, fructed gules.

NOTE: Group name and badge unacceptable. The household name is not period usage for an abbey at all, and in fact is a joke name. We do not register religious jokes. The badge is far too busy. A paschal lamb registered in the SCA must use a plain banner. (The use of the cross of St. George is particularly inappropriate in Atenveldt, given the case of the Crusadenes.) Paschal lambs would be best borne of a single tincture, as that involves the least complexity.


Sundragon, Canton of. Argent, a rainbow couped gules, argent, azure, Or, and purpure, within a laurel wreath azure.

NOTE: Arms unacceptable. The Board of Directors has ruled that new groups may not assume the name of a defunct branch, even if they are in the same area. As the arms are permanently registered under the old name, it follows that a new group may not adopt the arms of a defunct group.


Sundragon, Canton of. (badge). Per fess argent and azure, a rainbow couped gules, argent, azure, Or and purpure.

NOTE: Since the arms could not be accepted, and since the College has voted to ban cloudless rainbows as being out of period, I therefore decline to register this badge, as the canton should choose a badge consistent with the new arms it will have to design.



Kingdom of Atlantia


Adelicia of Cumbria. (badge). Per pale argent and sable, a natural leopard couchant sable, gorged of a collar and chain Or, and a mullet argent.

NOTE: We do not allow devices or badges that appear to be impaled arms, except for the case where a household badge is the impaled arms of the lord and lady of the house.


Meghan Pen Gwyn. Gules, a penguin statant to sinister proper.

NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. The name is not proper form. If you want Megan the White-Headed, it should properly be Megan Penwyn. (or Pengwyn). Meghan would be pronounced Meyan. The use of the capitalized Pen implies the meaning of Chief. Penguins were known in period. (Drake saw them when he passed through the Straits of Magellan.) We need the genus and species for proper animals. If you really want canting and a proper name, use the name Megan Penwyn and the device: Gules, an Emperor penguin statant to sinister proper and a chief argent. (Aptenodytes sp.) If you want the penguins known to Europeans throughout our period, use the Great Auk.


Oak Clyffe, College of. Argent, on a chief triangular conjoined to a pale couped pointed so as to form a vair bell inverted azure within a laurel wreath vert an oak tree eradicated argent, leaved and fructed Or.

NOTE: This is not period style. It looks more like an inescutcheon. (in the late French style) issuant from chief charged with an oak tree, and thus it looks like a form of augmentation or arms of pretense. Most of the College objected to this. Branches must satisfy a higher standard of armorial quality than individuals. An oak tree on a vair bell right side up and not throughout would be acceptable. The acorns are not distinguishable.


Oak Clyffe, College of. (badge). On a vair bell inverted azure an oak tree eradicated argent, leaved and fructed Or.

NOTE: Badge unacceptable. This looks like the arms Azure, an oak tree eradicated argent, leaved and fructed Or, displayed on a shield of the late French style. As such, it conflicts with the city of Offenbach am Main: Azure, an oak tree eradicated and fructed argent, and with Wood: Azure, an oak tree eradicated Or. (Papworth, P. 1113).


Rasia Viljestark Ljus. Rasia is Polish for Queen and can therefore only be used if it can be proven that it was actually used as a formal given name in period, which you have not done. The use of two Swedish epithets is unusual. The name would be better if you used one epithet and a Swedish given name.


Richard Corwin of Oldecastle. (badge). Azure, a cloud argent.

NOTE: This conflicts with the U.S. Special Ammunition Support Command: Azure, a roundel invected argent.


Thorondil Windwalker. Azure, a sword argent, hilted sable, winged Or, within an orle argent.

NOTE: Name unacceptable. Thorondil is too close to Thorongil, the pseudonym adopted by Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. Choose a different given name. The device seems acceptable, if you widen the tressure and call it an orle.



Kingdom of Caid


Abdul the Merciless. (badge for Abatia Langorum Equitum Nitentium Gladiis. (The Abbey of Wooley Horseman Who Strive with Swords)). Gules, a warhammer bendwise sable, fimbriated argent.

NOTE: This was left off the 1979 Conclave printout. It was rejected by Mistress Karina because the blazon said "warhammer" and the emblazon showed a smith's hammer. (!). This needs to be resubmitted with the blazon matching the emblazon. I apologize on behalf of this office and urge all Principal Heralds to make sure there are no other submissions left out of the Conclave printout that are not already accounted for.



Kingdom of the Middle


Anton de Winton. Per chevron azure and Or scaly sable, in chief a herring naiant embowed argent.

NOTE: The device conflicts through visual similarity to Count Jean de la Grand'Anse: Azure, in pale a natural dolphin naiant embowed argent and a sun Or.


Bartholemew Landover. Or, a saltire fitchy of two points at all four arms surmounted by a pale azure between in fess an anvil and a crossbow fesswise sable.

NOTE: The saltire fitchy of two points at all four arms has a 90° angle between the points, as drawn in Fox-Davies' Art of Heraldry, plate X, figure 11. This is not what you have drawn. What you have is unblazonable. The anvil and crossbow are forced to be very small. Your device is also close to infringing upon the emblem of the paramedics or ambulance companies: A pale surmounted by a saltire couped azure.


Cire Greymoor El-Akrab. Gules, on a plate a scorpion statant sable.

NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. Spelling a name backwards is not a valid method for creating a new name and, in this case, Cire would be pronounced "Sire." The addition of El-Akrab looks odd.' The device conflicts with Edwin Bersark: Gules, a plate.


Idris the Wise.

NOTE: Name unacceptable. The name conflicts with Idris Gawr, the famous magician and astronomer in Wales in the 7th century. "The Wise" is the sort of epithet usually ascribed to such people. Please adopt a different byname that does not have any connotations of magician or astronomer.


John de Mont Forêt.

NOTE: Name unacceptable. If you want "wooded mountain," then use John de Mont Boisé. Or you could use John Mont de Forét. Using Jean instead of John would be better if you use a French byname.


John of Whyteclyffe. Argent, goutée de sang, a bordure embattled sable, overall a winged lioness sejant proper maintaining in dexter forepaw a double-bitted axe inverted argent.

NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. The name conflicts with John Wycliffe, the noted English theologian who translated the Bible into English. You cannot have charges surmounting bordures. You cannot have generic wings proper like this. The blazon gives no clue as to the color of the wings. The default case, in fact, would be argent, if anything. A lion proper is basically Or and thus cannot be on argent. The axe is not in a standard position and is metal on metal.


Leric Speltighe. Sable, on a fess argent a bar gules, overall a comic mask argent, eye and mouth holes sable, and in chief a hand couped apaumee, the dextermost two fingers clenched Or and a fireball argent, enflamed proper.

NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. "Leric" is not a valid variant of Elric. Speltighe is not correct Anglo-Saxon form, as "tighe" is not Anglo-Saxon. The glove is not period style. All five fingers should be either clenched or extended. The mask on the bar on the fess on the field is four layers. The mask should show the fess beneath it through the mouth hole. The fireball is very small, and non-standard. The device is unbalanced, as there is no balancing charge in base. There are five different kinds of charges. Start over.


Luciana di Ridolfi. Per bend fleury counter-fleury argent and azure.

NOTE: The device conflicts with the Canton of Zurich: Per bend argent and azure. (Too bad; your submission was beautiful.) Try Per bend sinister fleury-counter-fleury. (You may have to use vert instead of azure to avoid conflict.).


Rigel Campion Wyndrose. Argent, on a pale engrailed endorsed vert a handbell argent charged with a rose azure, barbed vert.

NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. "Rigel" is the name of a star. It is not a period given name. The device has four layers and conflicts with Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova: Argent, on a pale endorsed vert, a unicorn's head couped at the shoulder Or, armed and crined argent.


Tirion Sêrduedd Etewyn. Per bend sinister purpure and gules, a salamander biting its tail in annulo widdershins, head to base Or and in canton a mullet of eight points argent.

NOTE: Name unacceptable. Tirion is a city in The Lord of the Rings. It is also a Welsh word meaning "kind" or "gentle," but it is not a period given name. The use of two epithets is unusual for Welsh. The device seems acceptable.


Vatavia, Barony of. (badge for Order of the Golden Heart). On a heart Or a dragonfly displayed azure.

NOTE: The badge conflicts with Kevin Perigrynne's badge: Gules, on a heart or a falcon descending azure.



Kingdom of the West

Angela of the Golden Meadows. Gules, a rabbit salient argent and on a chief azure three daisies Or.

NOTE: The name conflicts with Angela of the Meadows. The device is color on color. This should never have gone out on an LoI. (We learn about color on color very early in heraldry.) All charges, including bordures and chiefs, must satisfy the Rule of Tincture in the SCA.


Hrolf Herjolfssen. Per pale sable and Or, two suns in splendor and a double-headed eagle displayed counterchanged.

NOTE: This conflicts with Dointerp: Per pale sable and Or, a double-headed eagle displayed counterchanged. (Rietstaap).


Janette de Laurier. Per fess gules and argent, an owl volant guardant and a laurel tree eradicated counterchanged.

NOTE: You cannot use "of the Laurel" in any language, unless you do belong to the Order of the Laurel. You could use the correct translation of Janette of the Laurel Tree. This would be more canting, anyway.


Morgillian of Greenbough. Vert, chapé Or, two pine boughs fructed proper and a unicorn passant Or.

NOTE: Tacking the prefix Mor- onto the given name Gillian is not a valid name construction. Why not just use Gillian? The device would bc better if the pine boughs were indeed vert, as listed in the LoI, instead of proper, as shown on the form.


Richard of Seahaven. (badge). In pale a feather fesswise reversed argent and a hand couped fesswise, palm to chief, proper.

NOTE: Badge unacceptable. You have two separated charges, one a color and one a metal. This is not allowed for a fieldless badge. This badge is not heraldic. Have the hand hold the feather.





Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain

Your servant,




Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms



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