ACCEPTANCES December 26, 1983 A.S. XVIII


Kingdom of Caid


Athelyna Estrild Nimblefingers. Name correction; spelled as Estrid in previous LOA&R.


Ceridwen Dafydd. Badge. Argent, on a lozenge vert an equal-armed Celtic cross Or


François Quibahr d'Avignon. Badge for House of the Leopards.

Or, a lion's head caboshed gules, on a chief wavy azure two cross crosslets fitchy argent.

NOTE: The heraldic leopard was just a lion passant guardant, so the heads are the same. I have therefore called this a lion's head.


François Quibahr d'Avignon. Badge. Sable, on a bend argent a wasp sable.

NOTE: This was passed in 1972 but was improperly dropped when his name was changed. He is dropping his other badge of Argent, a wasp displayed palewise sable.


Richard the Gude. Vert, a sea-bear erect and on a base engrailed argent a skull gules.

NOTE: Draw the skull larger.


Southron Guard, Shire of the. Name only.

NOTE: Adjectives must agree with the nouns they modify in language (Rules for Submissions VI.2). Gaard is Afrikaans, which language is out of period. I have therefore changed it to Guard. (You could also have Gard. Let me know if you prefer the latter.)


Summergate, Canton of. Per chevron or and vert, two laurel wreaths vert and in base on a sun Or a corral gate proper.

NOTE: This would be better if the gate were a color instead of proper. When a group goes defunct there is no one who can give permission for conflicts, just as is the case when a member leaves the SCA or dies. Permission is always assumed to be denied unless actually given in writing.


Thalassa, College of. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

NOTE: Brigantia says that thalassa is the correct formation, as you already have the word "of."


Principality of Calontir


Bran Gwyn ap Arthur. Name only.


Calontir, Principality of. Name change for Fyrd of Calontir from Fyrdmen of Calontir.

NOTE: Fyrd is Anglo-Saxon for the peasant levy.


Calontir, Principality of. Name change for Hirth of Calontir from Huscarls of Calontir.

NOTE: Hirth (warriors) is Norse. Huscarls was more consistent.


Craig Goodleech Duggin. Per saltire argent and vert, in fess a Latin cross and a staff of Asclepius argent.

NOTE: Nice heraldry. Crag is not a valid given name. It is a word that became a local byname which led to the surname Craig which led to the modern, non-period given name Craig. Since Craig is his mundane given name, I have changed Crag to Craig.


Deirdre Llyn Stormdreamer. Per saltire azure and argent, in pale a sword between two compass stars argent.

NOTE: Draw the compass stars bigger.


Donna of Three Rivers. Submitted as Tirion Sgrduedd Etewyn. Per bend sinister purpure and gules, a salamander biting its tail in annulo widdershins, head to base, Or and in canton a mullet of eight points argent.

NOTE: The submitted name does not follow proper Welsh naming practice. As Tirion is the name of a city, it can only be used as a given name in the SCA if the submittor submits copies of documentation proving that Tirion was a period Welsh given name. I cannot find either Sêrduedd or Etewyn in the Collins-Spurrell Welsh Dictionary. Either change to a new name or else submit sufficient photocopies of references to show that the name is correctly formed in Welsh and in period. In order to register the device, I have used the holding name of Donna of Three Rivers.



* = previously existing College of Arms file



Guillaume du Neve. Name only.

NOTE: "De le" contracts to "du." I dropped "Etienne" to avoid conflicting with Guillaume Etienne du Vexin.


Jörg Kratz. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Katriana op den Dijk. Name only.

NOTE: Brigantia says the correct Dutch spelling is Dijk, not Dyke.


Kristin of Spinning Winds. Submitted as Kirstinya Oranovna s'Ruyan Steppya. Per fess enarched vair and vert, a ball of flame proper and a griffin statant supporting in its upraised dexter forepaw a harp reversed Or.

NOTE: The period Norse form is Kristen. Kirsten is modern Swedish. Neither Oran nor Orana is listed in Geirr Bassi's Old Norse Name. Oran does not appear to be a Russian male name. (Not all feminine Russian names had masculine counterparts.) The phrase "s'Ruyan Steppya" does not appear to be a valid Russian construction. Please document every element, including photocopies and the Cyrillic spelling you are trying to transliterate, or else choose a different name. Kristen does not appear to have been adopted into Russian, as it does not appear in lists of Russian names. In order to register the device, I have used the holding name of Kristen of Spinning Winds.


William Bohun of Vatavia. Azure, a sword inverted Or surmounted by a skull argent between in fess a pair of wings, all between three roses Or.

NOTE: This is poor style and is still rather reminiscent of a Grateful Dead cover or a biker emblem. It would be much better without the skull.


Kingdom of the East


*Adrianna Ramstar. Azure, a ram's head caboshed between three mullets and on a chief embattled Or two Thor's hammers palewise, hafts to base, azure.


Aiglantine des Oiseaux du Château Bête. Per bend sinister vairy, argent and sable, and azure, in bend sinister enhanced two larks volant to sinister, each maintaining in its beak a quill and in sinister base a tower Or.


Allysonne Marguerite de Bethlehem.


*Anaron Caithness of Wik. Name change from Anaron of the Vale of Springs. Badge for Daingneach Uaine. Per fess argent and vert, a castle and a hippogriff passant guardant counterchanged.


Anastasia Vanessara iz Chernigova. Argent, a windmill and on a chief azure three lilies argent slipped and leaved Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry. In the SCA, windmills will have their sails saltirewise by default, which is the position indicating the windmill is in working order. Crosswise sails must be so specified and imply that the windmill is not in working order.


*Andre Louis de Vincennes. Azure, a windmill and on a chief argent three fleurs-de-lys azure.


Andreas Syndikus Drachenfreund. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Astrid Sigrid. Name only.

NOTE: There is no W in Norse. The Norse word for "wild",is "vill." I do not find "don" or "rolf" in my Norse dictionary. I have therefore deleted Wildenrolf. Please document its translation. (The use of a masculine nickname of this type would have been very unusual for a Norse woman in period.)


Beatrix Elizabeth de Lara. Name only.


Belle Rive, Shire of. Argent, a bend wavy between a laurel wreath and a bearded man's head couped vert.

NOTE: If you want a savage's head, you'll have to put a wreath of leaves on his head.


Beorgscir. Purpure, on a triple-peaked mountain throughout in fess Or a laurel wreath vert.


*Brianna Ealhhere le Flauteur. Name correction; originally Brianna Ealhhere la Flauter.


Caitlin 0'hAodha. Name only.

NOTE: The h correctly attaches to the final word.


Caitri'ona ní Bhriain. Per pale gules and sable, a pale between two harps Or.

NOTE: Classic heraldry A pale between two identical charges! Clear evidence that simple arms with ordinaries are still possible.


Chrysogon Thunderbright. Name only.


Cinneide Swordbreaker. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Darvula Hedwig von Schwarzwald. Argent, on a spiderweb sable a garden spider displayed proper within a bordure rayonny gules. (Epeira diadema)


David Joseph de Lara. Quarterly argent and azure, in bend a cock close to sinister and a Catherine's wheel sable within a bordure counterchanged.


*Delftwood, Barony of. Quarterly azure and argent, a windmill, sails crosswise, and in sinister chief a laurel wreath counterchanged.

NOTE: This would be much better if the sails were saltirewise (which would also mean the windmill was working) and the laurel wreath were in chief.


*Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis. Per pale gules and Or, on a sun counterchanged a sea-goat passant sable.


*Dietrich Wenceslas von Brandeis. Badge for House Brandos. Barry wavy argent and azure, a sea-goat passant sable, horned Or.

NOTE: You cannot use a mundane surname or place name as a household name.


*Drachenwald, Principality of. Blazon correction. Or, three pine trees eradicated in fess gules, overall a dragon passant coward, wings elevated and addorsed, all within a laurel wreath sable.


Drakemire Piridvizhnik. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Eleanor of Waldren. Name only.


Elspeth the Wanderer. Per bend sinister purpure and azure, a bend sinister Or between a cup argent and a bee volant palewise Or.


*Falcon's Ayrie, Canton of. Per chevron azure and argent, in canton an oak tree eradicated argent, in base a falcon close gules within a laurel wreath vert.

NOTE: It would still be better if it were balanced with another tree.


Francisco d'Elandris de Lara. Name only.


Garret Broadsword. Name only.


Giceline de Molay. Name only.

NOTE: You should be aware of the Masonic Order of De Molay for young boys. As women could not belong, I will accept this name, but it would be better if you chose a different town.


Giovanna de la Colonie. Name only.


Gisela die Gelinde. Name only.


Greta Obermanns. Per bend sinister Or and sable, a cat's head caboshed and a threaded needle bendwise sinister counterchanged.

NOTE: Draw the charges bigger.


Guillaume d'Essonne. Or, a cross potent surmounted by a delf voided gules and on a chief sable four crosses couped argent.

NOTE: This would be more medieval with only three crosses on the chief.


*Iomhar Eoghainn. Counter-ermine, a cross gules surmounted by an escarbuncle of eight swords conjoined at the hilts argent.


Isabelle Elaine of Salisbury. Name only.


*Jean Honnête le Bouquiniste. Name change from Ivan Boychenko.


Jennet Witteney of Little Cowarne. Argent, a lady fern frond vert, on a chief invected azure a whelk shell fesswise, opening to sinister, Or.


Katherine Gilliesfleur. Or, in saltire an arrow inverted and a dagger sable, on a chief azure three gillyflowers argent, seeded Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Katrina d'Assisi. Name only.


*Kendra Bean Lupus. Per pale argent and sable, a wolf's head and a unicorn's head addorsed conjoined, overall a sword inverted gules.

Kieran Harden Lampert. Name only.


Lupus the Mad. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Mariana Christina. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a bend sinister gules between a tower and a bear rampant counterchanged.

NOTE: Nice heraldry. Draw the bear larger.


Mariette Constance Willette. Name only.

NOTE: It would be better practice to register Maria as your formal name and have friends call you Mariette, but this is acceptable, as French diminutive endings (-ette, -ot) were used in England in period and such formations often became independent names.


Merevyn Hanley of Myrkfaelinn. Gules, a chevron between two pairs of candles in saltire argent, enflamed Or, and a squirrel sejant erect argent, maintaining in both forepaws an acorn Or.

NOTE: Nice device.


Micah of Lion's Tower. Name only.


*Morgan of Clwyd. Per fess wavy argent and azure, in chief a double rose gules, barbed and seeded proper, and a cockatrice passant gules, in base two bars wavy argent.


Morgan Eochaid Gillebruide of Clan Dubh. Purpure, a thunderbolt between in fess a lion's head erased close and an eagle's head erased close respectant, within a bordure argent.


Mordred Mjothvitner. Per pale sable and vert, a saltorel within and conjoined to a cross nowy lozengy Or pierced of a lozenge of the field and in chief two bezants.

NOTE: Mjothvitner in this case is used as an epithet and thus seems acceptable.


Niccola Sebastiani. Name only.


Perilous Journey, Shire of. Name only; see RETURNS for device.


Rachel von Baeker. (deceased). Bendy sinister of eight azure and Or, a unicorn's head erased to sinister argent, its horn enfiled of a chaplet palewise of clove pinks slipped and leaved proper. (Dianthus caryophyllus)

NOTE: Nice heraldry. Lady Rachel passed away while her device was in process. We commend her design and extend our condolences to her lord, Sir Alrick von Baeker. For those who do not know, we add the term "deceased" in the Armorial to the names of those members who have passed away so that nobody will trouble their next of kin trying to get permission to conflict with their arms. Arms of deceased members will be fully protected so long as the SCA College of Arms shall endure. If anyone knows of members who have passed away and who are not so NOTED in the Armorial, please inform my office.


*Rannveigr Haakonardottir. Name change from Rennveigr Haakonardottir. Badge for House Utfara. Azure, a chevron between two falcons close respectant and a drakkar's prow reversed argent.

NOTE: The previous badge should also be a badge for House Utfara.


Rhys Breatnach. Sable, a bend sinister wreathed argent and gules, in dexter chief a bear's head erased argent, muzzled gules.


Richard of Grimwald. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Saleem ibn Alefan ibn Iftakruddin. Per chevron inverted sable and gules, a chevron inverted Or between in chief a scimitar fesswise reversed Argent and in base two annulets in fess, the dexter overlapping the sinister, Or.

NOTE: Syad is not in my Turkish dictionary and no documentation was provided in the forms or the LoI, so I have deleted ibn Syad. The initial combination sy- did not occur in the Turkish dictionary at all. Please document syad if you want it included.


Sedalia MacNare. Sable, a sword inverted, the blade enflamed, proper surmounted by a lion's head erased, within five mullets of seven points in orle argent.


Stefan Sikorski. Azure, on a cross Or a mullet azure, within a bordure embattled Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry. The name is not identical to his mundane name and is thus acceptable.


*Taliesin of Nordovest upon the Long Isle. Name change from Taliesin of Nordovest. Or, a dragon rampant to sinister vert, spined gules, breathing flames proper.

NOTE: This is being changed from a badge to a device and reblazoned. Please draw the dragon larger.


*Thescorre, Barony of. Argent, on a pall azure between three ravens volant sable a laurel wreath Or.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


Thorvald the Indomitable. Name only.


Urho Waltterinen. Name only.


Vatnaskvadstadir, Shire of. Per chevron azure and argent, a laurel wreath between three pine trees couped counterchanged.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


White Stone, Canton of the. Name only.

William of Blackmoor. Purpure, on a pale between two double-bitted battle-axes Or a sword purpure.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


William of Martinvast. Azure, a chevron ermine between in chief three mullets in fess and in base a martlet argent.


Wulfgar of Northumbria. Per fess embattled Or and sable, a chevron gules between two raven's heads erased addorsed and a sun counterchanged.


Wulfwinn of Goblintooth Gap. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Kingdom of Meridies


Aénor de Winchester. Gyronny wavy gules and argent, a lioness dormant coward Or.


Aislinn Ard na Tine. Per fess sable and argent, a wolf salient between in pale a crescent inverted and a crescent counterchanged.

NOTE: Draw the wolf as correctly salient. Mistress Eriod of Eire says that the correct translation of "light of the fire" is not "Ard-anTeine," but rather "Solas na Tine." Ard na Tine (the correct spelling of what you had) means "height (or hill) of the fire." (In Old Irish it would be "Ard na Tened.") I have corrected to the Modern Irish spelling, as that is closest to what you submitted. If you would like one of the other two versions, let me know.


Alistair the Wanderer of Devon. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Alys de la Mer. Per chevron inverted argent and vert, in cross a dolphin haurient to sinister azure and three fountains.


Anastasia von Ansbach. Gules, on a lozenge Or a pomme within a bordure Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry. "Von dem Ans-pah" does not appear to be valid German usage. The use of dem would imply you lived in the creek itself, and so I have deleted it. The town of Ansbach has spelled its name that way since at least 1221. Pending better documentation of Ans-pah, I have used Ansbach.


Ara Aradottir. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

NOTE: Batonvert states that the correct patronymic form is Aradottir.


Arielle de Chantre. Vert, a dove displayed within a bordure dovetailed argent.

NOTE: Good heraldry. Dovetailed, while out of period heraldically, is allowed in the SCA because as a design pattern it was known to the Greeks and it seemed consistent with other lines of division and distinguishable from them.


Brien Corwin Kilpadraig. Vert, a Celtic cross between two flaunches argent, each charged with a shamrock vert.

*Bruce Cwilliam Alexander. Badge. Per pale sable and argent, a heart impaled by a quill pen bendwise sinister distilling a goutte, all counterchanged.


Cennydd Pawl. Or, a phoenix displayed, head to sinister, azure, within a bordure embattled purpure.

NOTE: Excellent heraldry!


Christiana of Ean Airgead. Name only.


Edward O'Donovan. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Eglantine dewolfe. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


*Elizabeth of Dendermond. Azure, a viol argent between two endorses Or.


Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton of Lochawe. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Francis of Aaron Isles. Vert, on a chevron argent three castles fesswise sable and in chief a beaver statant, maintaining in its sinister forepaw a broken collar argent.

NOTE: Draw the castles larger.


Gafyn Meridudd. Bendy and per bend sinister engrailed floretty at the points argent and vert, semé-de-lys bendwise counterchanged.


*Glaedenfeld, Barony of. Quarterly argent and vert, a sword inverted Or within a laurel wreath counterchanged.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


*Glaedenfeld, Barony of. Badge for Bouteillier's Guild. Argent, an earthenware wine bottle between in fess two fleurs-de-lys vert.


*Glaedenfeld, Barony of. Badge for Pantler's Guild. Vert, a fleur-de-lys within in mascle two daggers inverted and two daggers argent.


Gwendolyn of Aaron Isles. Name only.


Gwennan Caoilfhionn ní Chonnaill. Vert, a cross fleury throughout between in bend a lymphad, sails furled, and a torque Or.

NOTE: The preposition ni’ aspirates the following consonant.


Hollen of Kestrelmere. Or, a holly sprig of three leaves in pall vert and three berries conjoined at the center, one and two, gules, within a bordure pean.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Ian the Bane. Per pale vert and Or, a sinister gauntlet bendwise sinister issuant from dexter base argent grasping a cross bottony vert, and a chief sable.

NOTE: The byname "the Bane" with no modifier has the implication that Ian is a general bane to all, i.e., a murderer, plague carrier, or other sort of bane. I suggest either changing to Ian Bane (Bane is a Scottish surname) or Ian O'Dowd, or even Ian Bane O'Dowd.


Ines Cecelia de Marcy of Allerton. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Kathleen of South Downs. Submitted as Diana Nimaia. Per bend sinister Or and sable, a compass star and an increscent counterchanged.

NOTE: You cannot use the name of a deity along with the major symbol or aspect of that deity in the device. Diana is the goddess of the moon and there is a moon in the device. Nemea was the region where Heracles slew the Lion of Nemea, and was also the location of the Nemean Games, which were dedicated to Zeus. Artemis, the Greek equivalent of Diana and the daughter of Zeus, was strongly associated with this region. Thus the combination of Diana and Nimaia is too much. Nimaia can also be looked at as ni Maia, and Maia was the Roman goddess of spring and fertility. In order to register the device, I have used as a holding name Kathleen of South Downs. The device is very nice heraldry.


*Meridies, Kingdom of. Name for Order of the Broken Brank (see RETURNS for badge).

NOTE: The College was divided on this name. I will register it, but I find it very inappropriate. Why not use a positive symbol instead of a double negative, and call it the Order of the Fleam? The badge bears no relationship to the name of the order.


*Meridies, Kingdom of. Name for Order of the Argent Shield. Name approval only.

NOTE: The medieval usage of the white shield denotes that the bearer is (1) an inexperienced fighter who has yet performed no deeds of valor, (2) in disguise for heroic or not-so-heroic purposes, or (3) a low-level mercenary. This is not really appropriate for the stated purpose of this order.


Mary Felix the Fool. Vert, two zebras combattant argent, striped sable.

NOTE: Good heraldry. No documentation was given for Mery, which is not in Withycombe, so I have changed it to Mary. This was not previously approved, contrary to the LoI's statement.


Oliver of the Silver Hammer. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


*Rhys de Montfort. Per bend sinister gules and sable, in bend a snake nowed Or and a cinquefoil argent.


*Rhys de Montfort. Badge for House Penwood. Vert, on a cinquefoil argent a pen fesswise sable.


Siân Myfanwy ferch Briana. Per chevron throughout vert and argent, two compass stars and a pine tree eradicated counterchanged.

NOTE: Good heraldry. There is no V in Welsh, so I changed Myvanwi to Myfanwy.


*Solondra Carryl. Badge. Sable, a heart argent.

NOTE: Classic heraldry.


Stephanie of Ean Airgead. Name only.


*Ulrich Agihard. Per bend sinister vert and argent, a sword bendwise sinister argent and a lyre sable.

NOTE: Put the lyre in sinister base, as that is the period position for this situation.


Ursula Katze. Azure, in pale on a crescent inverted Or a natural leopard passant guardant sable, and a bear sejant to sinister reguardant argent.

NOTE: This is rather modern in design and therefore poor usage, although it is balanced.


Walter Haraldson. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Wolf Dietrich von Rügen. Per bend argent and sable, two wolf's paw prints inverted counterchanged.

NOTE: Good heraldry. I have separated Wolf from Dietrich because the compound is not a valid German name formation.


Wulf Michaelson. Per chevron sable and azure, a chevron argent and in base a wolf's head erased Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Kingdom of the Middle


Bronwen Elvina ní hOdhrin. Badge for House Tarnished Tinsel. Gules, a tau cross within a bordure nebuly argent.

NOTE: A bordure nebuly was not a standard mark of cadency, so this badge is acceptable and not in conflict with Jordin: Gules, a tau cross argent.


*Cleft Lands, Barony of the. Badge for the Cleftlands Scribes Guild. Azure, on a pale nebuly argent a flame proper, within a bordure Or, semé of flames palewise proper.


*Dragon's Mark, Shire of. Azure, in pall a laurel wreath between an increscent, a decrescent, and a dragon dormant, all within a bordure argent.


Graça da Alataia. Per fess sable and vert, a fess argent, surmounted by a tower Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Gwendolyn Arwen des Etoiles d'Or. Name only.

NOTE: Etoile has only one L.


*Middle, Kingdom of. (seal for Oaken Herald). Two straight trumpets in saltire, bells to chief, between four acorns, stems to center, slipped and leaved.


Naila di Salerno. Submitted as Thalia di Salerno of the Black Palm. Per fess azure and Or, a dolphin naiant Or and a palm frond sable.

NOTE: Thalia was the Muse of Comedy and the daughter of Zeus. The Hebrew name Taliah was coined in the first part of this century. Thus Thalia is not acceptable. The symbol of the Mafia, based in Sicily, is the Black Hand shown with palm open. Salerno is near Sicily, so the combination di Salerno of the Black Palm implies membership in the Mafia, which I am sure you do not wish to imply. Try "of the Black Palm Leaf" or something similar. In order to register the nice device, I will substitute her mundane given name of Naila for Thalia and delete "of the Black Palm."


Kingdom of the West


*Bhalter de Fairmont. Name change from Bhaltar de Fairmont.

NOTE: Bh is pronounced like V in vat.


Caristiona Bhan. Argent, a great helm vert within a bordure purpure, lozengy argent.

NOTE: Helms face dexter by default. If they face forward, they are affronty. Bhan means white, not fair. This is nice, simple heraldry.


Ian James of Silverlake. Argent, a griffin segreant to sinister gules, on a chief engrailed sable three whelk shells Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry.


Keriane St. John of Shaddoncarraig. Purpure, a horse's head erased to sinister argent.

NOTE: The device is classic heraldry and clear proof that simple arms are still possible. The correct Gaelic for crag is carraig. (St. John is her mundane surname.)








Kingdom of Caid


Abdur Rahman Curom Memo Hazara Khan-ad-Din. Badge for Abatia Langorum Equitum Nitentium Gladiis. Gules, a warhammer bendwise sable, fimbriated argent.

NOTE: The badge conflicts with Bearengar hinn Raudi: Gules, a hammer bendwise argent', and with Marteau de Forgeron: Quarterly gules and Or, a warhammer bendwise sable. Both of these were registered before this badge was originally submitted. I suggest that Abdur write to them and ask permission. The household name is not correct Latin. The correct Latin for woolly is lanatum. Abatia is an acceptable variant of Abbatia, although the latter would be better. Equites was the medieval vernacular for knight. Please consult with a Latin scholar to correct the name.


Thalassa, College of. Per pale azure and argent, an anchor within a laurel wreath, counterchanged.

NOTE: The arms conflicts with Juelsminde: Per pale azure and argent, an anchor between two sprigs counterchanged (Rietstaap).


Principality of Calontir


Calontir, Principality of. Seal for Gold Falcon Herald. In pale a pair of straight trumpets in saltire, bells in chief, between the tips of a pair of wings conjoined.

NOTE: Wings conjoined have the tips in chief and look like capital U. Wings in lure that the tips down, like an upset capital U. This conflicts with the seal of the Sable Swan Herald: A pair of swan's wings conjoined surmounted by a pair of straight trumpets in saltire, bells in chief.


Jörg Kratz. Argent, a bend embattled vert between a stag's attires without scalp and a strung longbow bendwise proper.

NOTE: Antlers are white or light yellow-brown. In either case, there isn't enough contrast against argent. A massacre has the scalp as well. The bow is drawn as a modern bow, and the resulting thin lines vanish at a distance. I suggest making the attires and bow sable and drawing the attires with scalp and the bow as a period longbow (with a thicker shaft).


Pavel Iousivich. Vert, a pale cotised argent, overall a wren close proper. (Troglodytes troglodytes)

NOTE: We did not receive the forms for Pavel and so we cannot process it. Without a picture I can't tell if the wren has enough contrast. It should be blazoned as a wren close. Please document Iousivich as the correct spelling for son of Joseph in Russian.


Kingdom of the East


Anaron Caithness of Wik. Badge for Daingneach Uaine. Per chevron vert and argent, a chevron per chevron argent and azure between two hippogriffs combattant argent and a castle vert.

NOTE: This is too complex for a badge. Why do you need two household badges?


Anastasia Knutovna. Gules, two chevrons issuant from dexter and sinister purpure, each fimbriated and charged with four gouttes palewise and in chief a fox dormant Or.

NOTE: Device, appeal denied. Chevrons in fess that are not couched are not illegal, but are unusual. Adding in the fimbriation, lack of contrast between gules and purpure, the many gouttes, and the fact that the gouttes are palewise, plus the fact that you want to call these gouttes "flames" all adds up to the effect of non-period style and excessive complexity.


Andreas Syndikus Drachenfreund. Per fess with a left step gules and sable, a sword Or between in dexter in pale a dragon rampant argent and a mullet and in sinister in pale a mullet Or and a dragon rampant to sinister argent.

NOTE: This is overly complex. I will accept the proposed German line of division as "per fess with a left step" (the translation of the German blazon given on P. 100 in Woodward’s). Continental usages can be adopted on a case-by-case basis, and their use must still conform to our standards of simplicity as to acceptable complexity. This device, however, has six charges, a non-standard line of division, and has the charges crammed into non-standard positions. The sword obscures the line of division. Please simplify.


Cinneide Swordbreaker. Per fess ermine and sable, a pale counterchanged surmounted by a caltrop Or.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Selene of the Northern Woods: Sable, a caltrop Or.


Drakemire Piridvizhnik. Vert, a dragon salient to sinister and on a chief Or three aspen leaves palewise vert.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Vashti Brianna: Vert, a crescent and on a chief Or three crescents vert. (The dragon's body is in a crescent-like curve.)


Ino Ogami. Sable, on a delf argent a butterfly sable, head, wings and body marked Or, within an annulet sable.

NOTE: Monsho states that, as your own documentation shows, Ino and Ogami are both surnames. You do not have a given name. The fact that a number of given names beginning with Yoshi- were also surnames does not mean that all surnames can be used as given names. The device violates Japanese heraldic usage, as it has three tinctures. It should be all black and white. Monsho says further that a single butterfly within an annulet was always in profile, while a single butterfly displayed was used alone, not within an annulet. The device and badge are essentially the same by Japanese standards.


Ino Ogami. Badge. Argent, a butterfly sable, head, wings and body marked Or, within a bordure sable.

NOTE: See comment under device.


Iomhar Eoghainn. Badge. Sable, upon a windmill argent a sword inverted gules.

NOTE: The badge conflicts with Montmollin: Sable, a windmill argent (Rietstaap). The extra annulet connecting the wings is confusing. Is it part of the windmill or an added charge, which would result in four layers? It makes the windmill look like a Celtic cross.


Lupus the Mad. Per pale sable and argent, a unicorn's head and a wolf's head addorsed conjoined counterchanged, overall a sword gules.

NOTE: Most of the College felt this was too close to Kendra’s device, even with permission. There has to be at least one major point of difference. Inverting the sword is a minor point. This sort of mirror-imaging counts in this case as a minor point. The two minor points do not in this case add up to a major point. People will be unable to remember which is which. I suggest Kendra use two unicorn's heads and Lupus two wolf's heads.


Mountain Confederation. Per fess embattled azure and Or, a tyger sejant erect and a triple-peaked mountain issuant from base azure.

NOTE: If this is a branch, then Confederation is not an approved branch designation. There is no laurel wreath on the arms. If this is not a branch, then the College needs to decide whether to register such confederations of branches and register badges to them. What is the exact status and purpose of this confederation? The charge in base is not drawn as a triple-peaked mountain but rather as a nondescript mountain range, which is not heraldic.


Østgardr, Province of. Argent, a seahorse erect azure, on a chief vert a laurel wreath elongated fesswise Or.

NOTE: Arms changed denied. What is drawn on the chief is not a laurel wreath, but rather two laurel branches overlapped. Redraw as one or more standard palewise laurel wreaths. Three would look nice.


Perilous Journey, Shire of. Argent, masoned gules, a laurel wreath vert within a bordure gules.

NOTE: The arms conflict with the arms of the Barony of Atenveldt: Argent, a laurel wreath enflamed proper within a bordure gules. I suggest you ask the Baron for permission.


Richard of Grimwald. Argent, on a pale engrailed gules, endorsed vert, a recorder bendwise argent.

NOTE: Placing a long object bendwise on a pale is not possible. Your recorder is only about 101 away from the vertical, which is not heraldic. The recorder is shown in profile and is a Baroque recorder (with ornamental curves). Turn the recorder to face with the holes outwards (and draw in the holes), draw it as a period straight recorder, and turn it palewise. (If you must show the recorder in profile, then blazon it as such, since the default case has the holes showing.)


Wulfwinn of Goblintooth Gap. Sable, a rustre fesswise within a bordure Or.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Sine ni Mharbhen: Sable, a drop spindle within a bordure Or.


Kingdom of Meridies


Alistair the Wanderer of Devon. Vert, a chevron Or between three Giant Pandas statant proper. (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)

NOTE: The device conflicts with Curle: Vert, a chevron Or (Papworth, p. 377), and is close to Sterling of Toad Hall: Vert, a chevron Or between in chief two bulldogs statant respectant argent, each gorged of a collar sable, studded argent, and in base a squirrel sejant erect Or, holding in its forepaws an acorn argent, capped Or.


Ara Aradottir. Or, a male ruby-throated hummingbird volant, wings elevated, proper. (Archilachus colubus)

NOTE: The device conflicts with deVogel of Rotterdam: Or, three hummingbirds proper (Rietstaap). I expect your position is the default for hummingbirds. Try making your hummingbird entirely vert.


Edward O'Donovan. Vert, on a bend argent a shamrock palewise vert between two mullets palewise sable.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Tarysa of Rivendell: Vert, on a bend argent three poinsettias gules, barbed vert.


Eglantine deWolfe. Per chevron azure and argent, in cross three roses argent, barbed and seeded proper, and a wolf's head erased sable.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Isabel Antonia de Aranjuez: Per chevron azure and argent, in chief a mullet and two roses, one and two, argent, barbed and seeded proper, and in base a natural panther sejant reguardant coward sable.


Elaine Darkenlight of the Silver Sea. Per pale azure and argent, on a roundel in chief a plain escarbuncle of ten straight arms throughout counterchanged, the escarbuncle charged with a staff palewise, throughout in base, Or.

NOTE: Device appeal denied. The emblazon is not heraldic and counts as four layers. Pallets are only vertical. The blazon given is the best I can do. The extreme complexity is not period style. I suggest reworking your original submission (the one with dolphins, which was very pretty) so as to avoid the conflict with Diantha Sylvana Galatea Athalie de Castalia, say, by changing the color of the field.


Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton of Lochawe. Vert, on a saltire Or a tower gules and on a chief Or three roses gules, barbed and seeded proper.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Robert FitzHugh of Bannockburn: Vert, a saltire Or surmounted by a sword proper and on a chief Or four goblets vert.


Ines Cecelia de Marcy of Allerton. Azure, a bend argent cotised between two centauresses passant, the one in chief maintaining in her dexter hand a sword bendwise, and the one in base maintaining in both hands a harp Or.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Humphrey de Bohun: Azure, a bend argent cotised Or (Papworth, P. 204).


Knikolos Major of Salem-by-the-Sea. Badge. Quarterly sable and gules, a sun throughout counterchanged, eclipsed argent.

NOTE: Appeal denied. Charges counterchanged are still charges on top of the field and must still obey the rule of tincture in the SCA. I suggest you consider something like interchanging the sable and the argent.


Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge for Order of the Broken Brank. Argent, goutté de sang, a fleam sable.

NOTE: This conflicts with Arthur of the Fens: Argent, a fleam sable distilling three gouttes de sang.


Meridies, Kingdom of. Order of the Scarlet Star.

NOTE: Name unacceptable. This conflicts with the Order of the Red Star in the USSR, awarded for outstanding service and defense of the USSR, and with the Order of the Seraphic Star in the Barony of the Angels.


Morgana d'Averno. Badge. Azure, a persimmon pendant from the central tip of a branch gurgewise erased Or.

NOTE: Gurges are left-handed spirals by default. The Golden Bough, or Branch, was the passport for the descent into Avernus (the underworld). The name and badge together are too much.


Oliver of the Silver Hammer. Sable, a hammer bendwise argent.

NOTE: The device is a rotation of Martel: Sable, a hammer argent (Rietstaap) and conflicts with Arweiler: Azure, a hammer bendwise argent (Rietstaap).


Walter Haraldson. Gules, on a fess embattled argent masoned sable, a goutte de larmes.

NOTE: The device conflicts with Orson die Grosse Mauer: Counter-ermine, a fess embattled argent, masoned sable.


Kingdom of the Middle


Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg. Argent, a mountain couped sable, the tip enflamed gules.

NOTE: Aerdigwidder does not appear to be a valid given name, but could be a byname. You could be Father Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg or Karl der Erdige. Let me know which you prefer. The device was rejected by Karina on October 22, 1976, for exact conflict with Flammen (and Senkenbert): Argent, a volcano sable, enflamed proper (Rietstaap). The alternate version also conflicts.


Anika Gael Quicksilver. Badge for House Blackthorn. Per pale Or and argent, a thorn bendwise sable.

NOTE: As drawn, this is not a recognizable charge. I suggest a thorn sprig or a thorn twig.

Grimdore Hawkesbane. Badge for House Northwinds. Azure, a grotesque mask argent.

NOTE: The blazon gave the wrong field. The charge cannot be visualized with the blazon alone. Whenever a non-standard charge is used, an emblazon must be included in the LoI, even if emblazons are not given for all submissions. Resubmit with an azure field and a drawing of the mask.


M'fanwy del St. Graal. Argent, on a bend cotised azure five goblets palewise Or.

NOTE: M’fanwy is not a valid form of Myfanwy. The use of the byname "del St. Graal" ("of the Holy Grail") is entirely too presumptuous to use in the SCA, as it implies Myfanwy has achieved the Grail herself. The device conflicts with Aundy: Argent, on a bend cotised azure three roses Or. There are a number of other arms in Papworth with the same thing, with the roses replaced by another type of charge.


Tirnewydd, March of. Argent, fretty gules, a laurel wreath and issuant from base a demi-sun Or.

NOTE: This is, unfortunately, metal on metal. The fretty counts as semé, and thus the field is a metal.


Kingdom of the West






Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain


Your servant,




Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms