ACCEPTANCES         February 21, 1984 A.S. XVIII

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Ailonwy of Darkblade. Vert, on an estoile of four greater and four lesser rays argent a dagger inverted sable, all within a bordure argent.

Alanna O'Brian of the Emerald Lake. Per chevron Or and purpure, a base wavy barry wavy of four argent and vert.

Andreah al Shad­u­Kk. Sable, a swan naiant reguardant argent, gorged of a coronet, between two flaunches and in chief a crescent Or.

Anna Ophelia Holloway. Per bend sinister Or and argent, a Javanese peacock feather bendwise sinister and a Javanese peacock pavonated to sinister vert, marked proper.

*Atenveldt, Kingdom of. (heraldic title for Rook Pursuivant).

*Cianan Mac Meana. (name change; formerly Ilryc of the Wastelands). 
NOTE: Cianan is the correct spelling. Changing the final n to m is not a valid orthographic variation in Gaelic.

*Citadel of the Southern Pass, Barony of the. (name correction; formerly Shire of...).

Colin of Rollingford. Or, a Great Horned Owl proper perched atop a Catherine wheel and on a chief azure three open books argent. (Bubo virginianut)

Daniel the Stormpraiser. Per bend engrailed azure and argent goutté­des­larmes, in sinister chief a lion rampant Or. 
NOTE: Nice heraldry. The goutté­des­larmes in dexter base balances the lion in sinister chief.

Daved Shmuel ben Rachon. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).
NOTE: According to Elmet, the name would be more authentic as David Samuel ben Rachon.

Eleric Sønn Hvittann. Sable, on a sun Or an anvil sable, within a bordure Or. 
NOTE: Nice heraldry.

Graham the Alchemist. Per chevron azure ermined Or, and argent, in base three oil lamps reversed, one and two, sable, enflamed proper. 
NOTE: Nice heraldry. Graham is his mundane name.

Gwyn myrgh Michael. (name approval only).
NOTE: For your information, Gwyn is a masculine Welsh given name meaning "white." The proper Cornish for Michael is Myghal. The closest Cornish female given name is Gwenep. A more authentic Cornish name would thus be Gwenep myrgh Myghal.

*Kirklin MacIan. Or, a fret parted and fretted azure, overall a double tressure gules.

*Kyra Kai ferch Madot. Per pale vert and azure, on a lozenge argent a cresset torch sable enflamed per pale azure and vert. 
NOTE: This is a new device; the old device becomes a badge. Please draw the lozenge smaller so that this doesn't look like an argent field with a per pale bordure. If you actually display it on a banner as a bordure, then please submit a blazon change.

Lavan Longwalker. Quarterly argent and papellonne sable and argent, a cross gules, in dexter chief a leather boot proper. 
NOTE: This is rather unbalanced. It would be much better with two boots in bend in a heraldic tincture.

Maria Marina. Vert, on a bend sinister between two pairs of weavers' sleas crossed in saltire argent, two dolphins urinant azure. 
NOTE: Nice heraldry.

Meghan Kendra of Blackwood. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Michael mab Siarl a Gernow. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).
NOTE: The preposition a mutates Kernow into a Gernow. The correct Cornish for Michael is Myghal.

Mustafa the Pure. (name approval only).

Randall Morgan. (badge). Purpure, two plumed helmets addorsed and a fillet cross fleury argent. 
NOTE: Given names were not used as place names except on rare occasions. If you can find a period place called Morgan, then you can have of Morgan. Until then, I have dropped the of so I can register the badge as a personal badge. The Military Order of St. Micheal the Defender conflicts with the Order of St. Michael in France and the Military Order of St. Michael in the Deryni series by Katherine Kurtz. Please choose a different patron saint who has not already been chosen by a military order.

Kingdom of Atlantia

*Attilium, Canton of. Gules, a laurel wreath and in chief four yak tails palewise argent. 
NOTE: Draw the yak tails in a more distinguishable manner. Temujin used nine yak tails, so four is acceptable for a canton.

Brynna of Aelfstanbury. (name approval only).
Caer Draigwyrdd, Canton of. (name approval only).
NOTE: Dragwryth is incorrect. The correct original version would be draig + gwyrdd. This can be combined into Draigwyrdd.

Eric von Charlottenburg. (name approval only).
NOTE: This is an acceptable made­up place name. You should be aware that the actual Charlottenburg didn't exist in period. It was established in 1696.

Phillip of Arindale. (name approval only).

Richard Tremayne Tallfellow. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Seamus O'Gallegher. (name approval only).

Serena Verran. (name approval only).

Shea Kildare. (name approval only).
NOTE: Not all surnames with O' use a given name after the O'. Therefore, you cannot assume that, because here is a surname O'Shea, Shea was a given name. In this case the name sounds reasonable, so I will give it the benefit of the doubt.

Simon of Marinus. (submitted as Simon ben Elazar). Counter­ermine, a boar statant Or surmounted by a bend sinister gules. 
NOTE: Simeon ben Eleazar was a famous rabbi in period (2nd century C.E.), and Eleazar ben Simeon was a Zealot leader in the 1st century C.E. Given these problems, and in order to pass the device, I have replaced ben Eleazar with Simon's branch name. Draw the boar larger.

*Steffan of Wulfshaven. Quarterly, indented per pale, azure and Or, in sinister a wolf rampant maintaining a great sword inverted counterchanged. 
NOTE: Steffan has proved that German heraldry did have, in the 14th century, arms with a divided field and a single charge on one side. On a case­by­case basis, I will accept such devices. 
NOTE that this does not mean that other unbalanced possibilities have been shown to be period. The extra per fess line adds unnecessary complexity. It would be better balanced if the dexter side were a fur or a field semé (see Daniel the Stormpraiser in the Atenveldt acceptances, p. 1). Steffan's device is thus legal, but poor practice.

*Storvik, Barony of. (badge for the Company of the Silver Silkie). Azure, a fess wavy argent surmounted by a sea­lion erect counterchanged between four annulets in saltire argent. 
NOTE: This is rather complex. Branches should set a good example.

Tommaso di Amalfi. Sable, a lateen­rigged lymphad under sail to sinister Or between three mullets of eight points argent. 
NOTE: Draw the mullets larger. Nice heraldry.

*Ulric von Ravensway. (badge). Or, a double­bitted bearded axe sable. 
NOTE: The little raven's head is a matter for the artist.

*Vespacia Capricornica Kareliae. (badge). Or, three snails heads issuant in triskelion from a snail shell gules, each head maintaining a mulberry leaf vert. 
NOTE: This is rather complex, but it is symmetrical.

Wilfred von Templehof. Per chevron sable and argent, a sun in splendor Or, a mullet between the horns of a decrescent argent, and a wingless wyvern passant reguardant gules, breathing flames Or. 
NOTE: This is rather modern in style. It would be much better if the mullet and decrescent were replaced by a second sun.

Wolfgang the Rhinelander. (name approval only).

Yolanda Montfort. (name approval only).

Kingdom of Caid

Alfonso Chavez de Gascogne. Tierced en pointe argent, gules and azure, a rose gules, barbed, slipped and leaved, vert, a hunting horn of one loop and a castle argent.

Alycia of Hound's Hall. Per bend sinister embowed and counter­embowed azure and argent, a domestic cat's head cabossed argent and a talbot's head couped sable. 
NOTE: The line of division must pass through the sinister chief corner. Draw the heads bigger.

Charles of Shepardswell. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

*Ealasaid nic Clilurain. (reblazon). Azure, two swords in saltire inverted proper, overall a swan naiant, on a chief argent a thistle proper.

Guy of Castle Kirk. Checky sable and argent, a horse's head couped within a bordure gules.

Helena the Fortunate. (submitted as Helena Gabrielle the Fortunate). Per chevron argent and azure, a natural rainbow proper clouded of two roses azure, and in base a rose Or. 
NOTE: On a case­by­case basis, rainbows may extend between two basically round objects other than clouds. The name conflicted with Helene Gabrielle du Lac in the Middle Kingdom. The problem arises when both the first and second names are essentially the same. Difference in the third part is then often not sufficient. She can write to Helene Gabrielle du Lac and ask permission to put the Gabrielle back in.

*Hrorek Halfdane of Faulconwood. (badge). A unicorn's head couped azure. (fieldless) 
NOTE: Classic badge.

*Ivar Krigsvin. (name change; formerly William Blacksnake). Checky argent and sable, a sea­lion erect within an orle gules. 
NOTE: The old device becomes a badge.

*Mahmud Ali ben Sinan. Per bend sinister argent and Or, a bend sinister sable between in dexter chief a scimitar fesswise reversed inverted azure and in base a crescent vert. 
NOTE: Appeal accepted; however, this is still poor style.

Thomas Logan of Caer Glan­y­Mor. (badge). Vert, a pale between two compass stars argent, overall an anchor counterchanged.

Thoron Ravenoak. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a raven volant and an oak tree eradicated counterchanged. 
NOTE: Good heraldry.

*Tola Fredasdotter. (badge for The Trident Toasting Fork). Azure, a fish fesswise impaled upon the tines of a trident, issuant from base, all within a bordure rayonny Or. 
NOTE: Draw the rayonny correctly. Ye is an out­of­period error for the. I have used the latter.

Kingdom of Calontir

Alina Meraud Bryte. Per fess rayonny azure and argent, an open book argent and a well gules. 
NOTE: Draw fewer and larger rays in the rayonny.

Annora Deorling. Vert, a chevron wavy Or between two crosses potent and an alembic flask argent.

*Boðvarr Bjarnarsonr Bloðlatr. (blazon correction). Per bend sinister gules and argent, a ford and overall a tree eradicated proper.

Deodar, Shire of. Argent, two rabbits combattant sable and in chief a laurel wreath vert. 
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Feasting Cranes, Shire of the. (name approval only).

*Geoffrey of Emerald Glen. Argent, two arrows inverted in saltire vert between in pale two boar's heads erased sable. 
NOTE: Classic heraldry.

*Guillaume du Neve. Gyronny of six vert and sable, in annulo three garbs between three crosses crosslet, one and two, Or. 
NOTE: Vert and sable is one of the allowed combinations for gyronny of 6 or 8.

Phillip le Verdeant. Argent, on a bend sinister vert three escallops inverted palewise argent, in dexter chief a decrescent, within a bordure vert. 
NOTE: This is rather unbalanced. Although you can have just a single charge in dexter chief, it would be ever so much better if there were a second in sinister base. Draw the bordure wider.

Kingdom of the East

Alron of Carillion. (name approval only).

Ambrose von Wetterau. (name approval only).

Andreanna Innes. (submitted as Andreanna Innes of Innermarkie). Or, a winged lion sejant guardant sable, in chief three thistles proper. 
NOTE: Innis of Innermarkie is a sept of the Innis clan. That surname is used only by the barons of Innermarkie. I have therefore deleted of Innermarkie.

Ansitruda Helgasdottir. Per fess indented gules and Or, in chief three mullets of four points, two and one, and in base a fox's head erased counterchanged.

Anton von Heidelberg. Lozengy vert and Or, an owl argent perched atop a drawstring pouch fesswise gules. 
NOTE: Nice heraldry.

*Ardelf Hrothling Belhaven. (name change; formerly Ardel Hrothling Belhaven).

Arlin Throckmorton. (name approval only).

Arngrim Thorvallsson. (name approval only).

Berenice Tamar Armida. Gules, on a pale between four strawberries argent another gules. 
NOTE: Armida is a given name, not a place name, so I have deleted of. (See comment under Jaelle Armida, infra.) Good heraldry.

*Carillion, Shire of. (name correction; formerly Carillon). (name change for Award of the Sable Bell; formerly Order of the Sable Bell; badge for same) A bell sable. 
NOTE: Good badge.

Collach Ó Chóda. Or, a female sagittary salient sable, the­human Caucasian torso proper. 
NOTE: This is very simple, but it would be better if it were all sable, as the human part doesn't have good contrast against Or.

Cullum MacCallechy. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Dragonfly Ridge, Shire of. Argent, on a chevron vert, cotised sable, between three dragonflies, displayed gules, a laurel wreath argent. 
NOTE: Draw the dragonflies in a more recognizable manner.

*East, Kingdom of the. (badge for Lists Office). Per fess argent and azure, a quill pen fesswise and a tilting lance fesswise reversed counterchanged.

Edouard d'Ath. (name approval only).

Elene de Bruges. Gules, two chevronels braced argent, in base an ivory lace bobbin and on a chief invected Or three shuttles bendwise sinister sable. 
NOTE: Ivory has no fixed color. It can go from clear white to dirty yellow as it ages. The bobbin here is drawn as yellowish, so I have made it Or. The artist can color it as yellowish white.

Elene de Bruges. (badge). Gules, in fess two mascles interlaced throughout argent, within each mascle an ivory lace bobbin Or.

Elspeth Keyf of Neddingham. (name approval only).

Elspeth of the Wood. Vert, on a pale azure, fimbriated, an oak tree Or.

Elizabeth Idlewine. (name approval only).

Fiona Margaret MacQueen. (name approval only).

*Garanhir of Ness. (change of name; formerly Ahab ibn Ben­Achmed). 
NOTE: His device is now: Argent, a wolf's head erased to sinister gules. His badge for secondary persona is now: Vert, a mill­rind between in bend sinister two estoiles Or. (This will reverse the entries as now shown in the O&A.).

Griffin's Keep, Canton of the. (name approval only).

*Helm of Birka. (name change; formerly William of the Shire). (see RETURNS for device) 

Jaelle Armida. Gules, on a pale between four snails guardant argent another gules. 
NOTE: Nice heraldry. Name appeal denied: if you obtain and send to me a letter from Marion Zimmer Bradley confirming that Armida specifically was used by her as a place name in a novel set in medieval Spain which she wrote before she wrote about Darkover, then I will grant you and your sister a specific exception to the ban on Darkovan names to allow the use of of Armida instead of Armida. As the Darkover books are now in print, I will grant no other such exceptions based upon Marion's original book.

Jane Trower. Sable, in pale a crescent and a horse passant reguardant between a pair of flaunches argent, each charged with a carrick bend knot sable.
*Kieran Harden Lampert. Gules, a human foot reversed couped at the ankle argent between in chevron enhanced two serpents glissant to chief and another glissant fesswise to sinister Or. 
NOTE: Draw the charges bigger. This really isn't period style.

Kodran Bloodaxe. (name approval only).

Marina Kathleen. (name approval only).

*Meadowmarsh, Shire of. Or, a pale azure, overall in fess three towers counterchanged within a laurel wreath vert. 
NOTE: Nice heraldry.

Michael Caithness. Barruly vert and argent, in pale a sun in splendor Or and a dragon couchant to sinister reguardant, wings elevated and addorsed, sable. 
NOTE: Stripes of numbers greater than 10 shall not have the number specified. We shall not worry if the number is odd or even, as with that many stripes, there is really no difference. Having 5, 7 or 9 stripes is different. Please lower the dragon so its body is centered on an argent bar. For a barry field, barruly shall be used for barry greater than 10. For the other divisions, the words sans number are added, e.g., paly sans number, to indicate the number is higher than 10.

Morgan Arianblaidd. (name approval only).

Rowena MacLeod. (name approval only).

Stephen de Raymond. (name approval only).

Teige ui Duinn of Isle Magee. Per bend sinister azure and gules, an eagle displayed, head to sinister, Or and a dexter mailed fist affronty couped at the wrist argent. 
NOTE: Simple heraldry.

*Thomas Spence Colby. Per pale argent and gules, a phoenix, head to sinister, within a bordure engrailed counterchanged. 
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Wolfsgate, Shire of. (name approval only).

Zahava Tchauchik. Argent, a brown bear statant erect guardant proper within a bordure counterermine. 
NOTE: Draw a properly sized bear. (Irrev. com.: Please do feed the bear.).

Kingdom of Meridies

Atalaya la Sanadora. Argent, two horses salient combattant sable, in chief in cross four pheons conjoined at the points gules. 
NOTE: Draw the pheons larger so they can be distinguished.

Cairbre of Meridies. (submitted as Cairbre MacShimidh). Or, a legless dragon displayed, head to sinister, between three thistles vert. 
NOTE: MacShimidh (or Mac Shimi) is the title reserved to the head of Clan Fraser, and thus cannot be used. In order to register the nice device, I have replaced MacShimidh with his kingdom's name as a place name.

Caitlin de Verona. Vert, a dragon rampant, tail sufflexed, grasping in its dexter forepaw a Latin cross between two flaunches argent, each charged with a thistle purpure, slipped and singly leaved vert. 
NOTE: Mistress Eriod states that de Bherona is not a valid "Gaelicization" of the Italian surname di Verona. Verona is a real place. It's not made up. There is no bh in Italian. Since the desire was for an Italian byname, I have changed it to di Verona. The device is poor style. The thistles would be much better if doubly leaved, as is default. Charging flaunches itself is a poor practice. The device would be much more authentic if the thistles were deleted, or at least doubly leaved.

Fiona McDonough of Stonehaven. Per bend Or and azure, a bend counter­ermine between a cross of four swords conjoined at the points sable and a sea­horse naiant argent. 
NOTE: Draw the bend much bigger. The ermine spots should not be inverted. This would be better with a cross crosslet instead of the sword­cross.

*Glynn Rhe, Shire of. (name change; formerly Glen Re). (see RETURNS for arms).

Joseph Fionnghail of Castleton. Counter­ermine, a bend sinister gules fimbriated argent, in dexter chief a sword bendwise sinister proper. 
NOTE: This is poor practice, with the fimbriation plus lack of balance. Draw the sword larger.

*Maritsa Dmitrievna. Per bend sinister sable and argent, a Russian cross argent and a violet purpure, slipped and leaved vert. 
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Shawn Taliesin. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Ulrich der Geschwinde von Augsburg. (badge for Haushalt Wö1fischer). Argent, a wolf rampant maintaining in its dexter forepaw a sword sable, hilted Or, within a bordure quarterly gules and sable. 
NOTE: Wö1fischer is the correct declension of the adjective.

Wild Mist, Canton of the. (name approval only).

Kingdom of the Middle

Aleksandra Ivanovna Nemka. (name approval only).

*Aodhnait Ross. Azure, on a pile inverted cotised throughout Or a compass star gules. 
NOTE: In order to follow correct practice and to avoid conflict with Arianyn du Penryn (Per chevron wavy throughout azure and Or, in chief two escallops argent, issuant from base a demi­mullet of ten points elongated to chief gules), the pile inverted has been lowered so it is not throughout. Instead, the cotises meet at a point at the chief edge of the shield so they are throughout, not the pile.

Aude du Bois Fees. Azure, a swan's head erased at the shoulders argent, gorged of a collar and chain Or, between in fess two mullets of seven points argent. 
NOTE: Nice heraldry.

Carlo dalla Casa. (name approval only).
NOTE: This would be more correct as della instead of dalla.

Catheryn d'Ivori of Kent. Vert, on a daisy Or, seeded sable, between in cross four Latin crosses another argent.

*Christian Roguespur. Per chevron inverted gules and sable, on a pall Or three lances, points to center, sable.

Cloistered Sun, Shire of. Purpure, in bend a sun and a laurel wreath Or, the sun surmounted by a bend sinister wavy enhanced azure, fimbriated argent. 
NOTE: This is poor style, although I understand the reason for the partially hidden sun.

Daniel Eyesham of Tweed. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Elen o Ddynevwr. Vert, a griffin sejant erect maintaining in both talons a harp, and on a chief argent a rose sable, barbed vert, seeded argent. 
NOTE: Nice heraldry. The o mutates Dynevwr to Ddynevwr.

Giannetto Bello. (name approval only).

Gweneth of the Grey Dawn. (name submitted as Llyncara Gweneth...) Gules, a unicorn couchant argent, crined, and in chief two crosses moline Or. 
NOTE: There does not seem to be any Welsh name ending in ­cara, nor does cara seem to mean anything in Welsh. Llyn means lake and was usually used in place ­names (we only found one given name using it). In order to pass the device, I have deleted Llyncara.

Iain Lucas MacLeoid. (name approval only).
Katerina de Turenne. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Lochmorrow, March of. Azure, a fess abased indented to chief and in chief on a roundel within a laurel wreath Or a thistle gules. 
NOTE: This is poor style, being rather modernistic.

Meriel de Blackwoode. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Raibeart Donnachaidh. (name approval only).
NOTE: Scottish Lore and Folklore, by Ronald Douglas, gives Raibeart as the correct spelling.

Randulfr Asplund. (name approval only).
NOTE: The byname would be better as Asparlundr.

*Swordcliff, Shire of. Sable, a lozenge between two piles in point argent and on a chief Or a laurel wreath vert.

Thea Lohse. Pean, a scroll fesswise pierced by a quill pen palewise argent within a bordure rayonny gules. 
NOTE: Thea, although it means goddess, was a maiden saint martyred at Gaza in Palestine ca. A.D. 307.

Vasili iz Naitemneshoi Dollina. (name change; formerly Vasilij iz Majtemnlijsoj D.).

Kingdom of the West

Alasdair Meinneadair. (name approval only).

*Alessa Elrica Attenborough. (badge). Or, a unicornate lion's head erased sable, on a bordure azure four roses in cross argent.

*Ambrose of Barduin. Purpure, a bat­winged octopus displayed argent.

Caer Darth, Shire of. Per chevron engrailed argent goutté­des­larmes and sable, in chief two­laurel wreaths vert. 
NOTE: As passed in the badge of the Order of the Golden Dolphin, in the SCA per chevron engrailed has the points to chief. (Per chevron invected would have points to base.) To be consistent, in the SCA the use of engrailed with per bend, per bend sinister, and per fess should also have points to chief. Per pale engrailed shall have points to sinister, to correspond with the one known mundane case. Per saltire engrailed shall count as per bend engrailed plus per bend sinister engrailed. Quarterly engrailed shall count as per pale engrailed plus per fess engrailed. Gyronny engrailed would be handled similarly.

*Cealmhain Realt Dubh. (reblazon). Tierced per pall argent, sable and gules, in chief a garden rose fesswise stalked and leaved sable.

Graham de Chaffe. Purpure, a dexter gauntlet palewise inverted argent maintaining a broken sword palewise inverted, within a bordure indented Or. 
NOTE: Draw the sword shard longer. Graham is his mundane given name.

Isaac Quentin. Sable, a sword hilt and on a chief wavy argent a ferret couchant sable. 
NOTE: Draw the sword hilt more recognizably, with a bigger pommel.

Naarah bat Avraham.
NOTE: Name appeal accepted.

*Rivenoak, Shire. (change of arms). Gyronny argent and sable, an acorn within a laurel wreath Or. 
NOTE: This is much better than the previous arms.

* = individual has pre­existing CoA file.


RETURNS   February 21, 1984 A.S. XVIII

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Amber the Wanderer.
NOTE: Name unacceptable. Amber is not a period name. It is not listed in Withycombe at all. Precious and semi­precious stone names, as a class, are not in period as given names.

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. (heraldic title for Grail Scrivener Pursuivant).
NOTE: Too many members of the College objected to the use of Grail (i.e., the Holy Grail) in a herald's title.

Daved Shmuel ben Rachon. Ermine, a bald eagle stooping, wings elevated and addorsed, proper, bearing in its beak a garden rose gules slipped and leaved, between two scarpes vert. 
NOTE: The bald eagle's head and tail vanish on ermine, resulting in an indistinguishable charge. Please use an all­dark eagle or make it a heraldic color.

Gentyl myrgh Michael.
NOTE: We could not find Gentyl, other than as a variant of the adjective gentle, which isn't a given name. The Cornish form of Michael is Myghal. Please document Gentyl. Send us photocopies of relevant pages.

Giovanna Diana Castello del Norde. Purpure, a mullet of four greater straight points and four lesser wavy rays Or, the chiefmost enflamed proper, within a bordure invected Or. 
NOTE: The­device conflicts with Martin of the Fallen Star: Purpure, in base a mullet of twelve points Or. The byname "Castello del Nordell is not a correct Italian translation for "of North Castle." What you have is legal, but means that your surname is Castello and that you are from the north (del Norde). If that is what you want, that's fine. If you want "of North Castle," please use a correct translation.

Meghan Kendra of Blackwood. Sable, mullety of four points elongated to base Or, on a plate a natural panther courant sable. 
NOTE: The device conflicts with Vanora of Kintyre: Pean, on a plate a thistle sable, and with Shron Ravenhair: Sable, on a plate a mullet of six points throughout sable charged with a compass star of twelve points throughout pierced argent.

Michael mab Siarl a Gernow. Gules, a wolf's head cabossed within a bordure rayonny Or. 
NOTE: Device conflicts with Gregory of Devon: Gules, a hayfork erect within a bordure rayonny Or. Beware of the Wolf badge in the Cub Scouts.

Mons Tonitrus, March of.
NOTE: Solar informs me that this branch has been disbanded.
Robin of Rhovanion. Sable, on a bend sinister cotised argent a scarpe raguly gules. 
NOTE: This conflicts with Meryk Haralsson: Sable, on a bend sinister cotised argent, three ram's heads erased palewise to sinister sable. (Too bad; it was good heraldry.).

Kingdom of Atlantia

Richard Tremayne Tallfellow. Argent, a helm sable, mantled, between in fess two lightning flashes palewise gules. 
NOTE: Period lightning flashes are embattled lines of even thickness with large barbs at both ends, as seen in the margin. Your flashes are neither palewise nor in pile. Either draw them properly palewise or in pile, and draw them as correct period lightning flashes.

[Picture of lightning flash in margin]

Kingdom of Caid

Charles of Shepardswell. Vert, a dexter arm, armed and embowed, Or, handed argent, issuant from in base a bar couped and maintaining a trident fesswise Or. 
NOTE; The device conflicts with the crest of Holmes: Out of a naval coronet Or, a dexter arm in armour embowed holding a trident proper, headed Or (Fairbairn's Crest, p. 224). The response from the College was that of unanimous disapproval of using a crest formation in a device. Therefore, the use of crest formations in devices and badges with fields is ruled unacceptable.

Kingdom of Calontir

Shadowdale, Shire of. Or, in pale a phoenix sable issuant from flames proper and a laurel wreath vert between two flaunches sable. 
NOTE: The arms conflicts with the Shire of Blackthorne: Or, in pale two garden roses in saltire gules, slipped and leaved sable, and a laurel wreath vert, between two flaunches sable.

Kingdom of the East

Cullum MacCallechy. Vert, a sun in splendor between three martlets volant reguardant Or. 
NOTE: Device conflicts with Patrick of Innisfree: Vert, on a sun Or a dexter hand cooped at the wrist vert.

Helm of Birka. Vert, a spectacled spagen cap affronty Or, surmounted by a dragonfly vert, the wings counterchanged argent and sable.
NOTE: The dragonfly obscures the outline of the spagen helm sufficiently to make the combination unidentifiable at a distance. When changing (such as deleting the dragonfly), beware of Polidor Haraldsson: Sable, a helm pierced by a sword set bendwise sinister, point in base, Or.

Serena Lucia of the Peacemakers. (badge for Household of the Peacemakers). Gules, issuant from dexter and sinister a dexter hand and sinister hand proper, each maintaining a cup Or. 
NOTE: The badge conflicts with Harold of Pleasure: Gules, a dexter gauntlet from sinister proper holding a goblet Or.

Smughandel Vei, Shire of. Per pale argent and vert, a laurel wreath surmounted by an arrow palewise inverted counterchanged. 
NOTE: The College felt that Smuggler's Way is not appropriate for a branch name, given both the unsavory nature of the name and the oddity of using a street name as an area name. The arms would be better if the arrow were within the wreath, not over it.

Kingdom of Meridies

Arenal, Shire of. Purpure, a blonde mermaid in her vanity proper within a laurel wreath Or. 
NOTE: The arms conflicts with the Barony of Bryn Madoc: Purpure, a lymphad with flag and banners flying Or, sails unfurled and oars in action argent, within a laurel wreath Or. The green tail also has insufficient contrast against the purpure field.

Atalanta an Brigid. Vert, a stag at gaze to sinister argent between in chief and in fess three decrescents, one and two, Or. 
NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. 1) Atalanta is a unique, famous name used only by the one mythological Atalanta, and thus may not be used unless you can give evidence that Atalanta was used in period by other people. Brigid was the name of the moon goddess. It was also used in period, and so may be used in the SCA so long as no moon symbols are used in the device or other lunar references used in the name. Thus the combination of Brigid and decrescents is not allowed. 2) The device is not really period style. Period balance would place a fourth decrescent in base, resulting in five charges in cross, or else there would be one decrescent in chief and one in base, resulting in three charges in pale.

Efaer Fëanithil en Tol Elentir. Azure, on a fillet Celtic cross throughout between in bend a unicorn rampant to sinister and another couchant to sinister reguardant argent in ­fess two hawthorne blossoms gules, triply leaved vert.
NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. 1) Efaer does not appear to be a valid made­up name in any known language. Fëanithil (moon spirit) is clearly not a human name, and thus may not be used. The use of Elvish is highly discouraged, as it is not a period language, and even in Middle Earth very, very few pure­blooded humans bore Elvish names. Those who did had a single Sindarin nickname. 2) The device is not period style. The two unicorns should be in the same position. The hawthorne blossoms should be deleted.
Fëaeldarán Elentir. Vert, a pall between a harp, a dragon rampant Or, winged and a pegasus rampant to sinister argent, winged, crined and unguled Or.
NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. 1) The elves were the Eldar. Fëa means spirit. Thus you are Spirit of the Elves, Watcher of Stars. This is clearly not a human name. While we may still allow the use of Elvish to coin names, these names must be consistent with the names borne by humans in Middle Earth, just as French names must be consistent with those used in France in period. 2) The device is very poor style, having three different charges in different positions around the pall, with different tinctures.

Finn Normansson. Azure, a bunch of grapes, a honeycomb Or, and a goblet argent. 
NOTE: Device unacceptable. The honeycomb is not identifiable at a distance and is in trian aspect. Three different charges is very poor style.

Glynn Rhe, Shire of. Argent, a swan naiant sable, maintaining in its beak a quill bendwise azure, within a laurel wreath vert, and a chief wavy azure.
NOTE: The arms conflicts with the Barony of Three Mountains: Argent, a laurel wreath vert, and a chief indented of three azure.

Gwydion ap Gwalchmai o Gwynedd. Sable, an ellipse bendwise Or within in annulo three leeks, leaves couped, proper. (Allium porrum) 
NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. 1) Gwalchmai o Gwynedd was the famous bard of Owain, Prince of Gwynedd. Thus you may not claim to be his son. Gwydion appears to be a unique, non­mortal name never borne in period other than by the god Gwydion. Its use as a given name appears to be out of period. No Gwydion has been accepted by the College since the 1979 Conclave. The name would not have been accepted in 1982, when it was first submitted to kingdom, because even then we had the ban against using names of deities. Gwydion o Gwynedd would not have been, and will not be, allowed, even if Gwydion were used in period as a given name, because it combines that god's name with an area associated with him. 2) The ellipse is not a period charge. Just use a plain annulet or delete it.

Shaim Taliesin. Vert, in saltire a lute Or and a sword inverted argent. 
NOTE: Taliesin may only be used so long as there is no other allusion to either the mythical, immortal Bard or the semi­historical, mortal master bard. Thus the combination of Taliesin and a lute is too much. When changing, beware of Alexander Mareschal: Azure, in saltire a recorder surmounting a dagger inverted proper.

Kingdom of the Middle

Anne Kent. Azure, two quill pens in saltire and in chief a rosebud slipped and leaved argent. 
NOTE: The device conflicts with Schreiber: Azure, two pens in saltire argent (Rietstaap).

Daniel Eyesham of Tweed. Gules, a hart lodged Or, and a chief double­arched ermine. 
NOTE: The device conflicts with Brochmitz II: Gules, a stag lodged Or (Rietstaap).

Katerina de Turenne. Sable, a unicorn's horn bendwise sinister issuant from dexter base wreathed Or and argent. 
NOTE: The device conflicts with Doran MacCollom: Sable, a pile inverted bendwise sinister throughout argent, overall a compass star Or. Wreathed cannot be of two metals or two colors. Changing the horn to all Or might work.

Meriel de Blackwoode. Per fess inverted Or and ermine, in chief three bunches of grapes purpure, slipped and leaved vert, and in base a goblet Or. 
NOTE: As stated May 1983, you may not place Or on ermine (or vice versa). The emblazon also shows azure grapes, not purpure grapes.

Steffen von Urwald. Sable, a chevron between in pale a dragon's head couped at the shoulders and a mullet argent. 
NOTE: The device conflicts with Birell: Sable, a chevron between 3 mullets argent (Papworth).

Kingdom of the West

Brandon McLannom. Per bend sinister sable and vert, on a plate a snake coiled to strike affronty Or. 
NOTE: Name and device unacceptable. 1) Lannom is not a Scots name. Try MacLannon or MacLennan. 2) The snake is not properly coiled. The device also conflicts with Erryk Blackwolf: Per bend sinister sable and gules, a plate. Be careful of Rhithyn yr Gwlad yr Hav: Azure, a plate charged with a cauldron and a cat in her curiosity sable. Pale says that Brandon was a surname in period.

Kathrine of Bristol. (badge). Sable, a Catherine wheel Or. 
NOTE: The badge conflicts with the Rim Confederation (A. Bertram Chandler's Grimes series): Sable, a wheel Or. Beware of the attributed arms of St. Katherine: Azure, a Catherine wheel Or, and Turner: Sable, a Catherine wheel argent.

Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain
Your servant,


Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel
Laurel King of Arms

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