Kingdom of Ansteorra

*Adelicia Alianora of Gilwell. (badge). Gules, an owl perched on a branch within an annulet invected on its outer edge Or.

Alcuin of Argyle. (name approval only).

Amber the Wanderer. (name approval only).

NOTE: Bardsley cites Amberson as a period surname, which implies that Amber existed as a given name. I therefore authorize the use of Amber.

*Ariella Idarius. Vert, a peacock pavanated Or within a bordure pean.

NOTE: Pean on vert has poor, albeit legal, contrast.

*Arion Cornellion of Blackhawk Moor. (badge). A hawk's leg erased a la quisse sable, taloned Or, maintaining a cup­hilted rapier argent, handled sable.

NOTE: The epe'e is out of period and thus may not be used in SCA heraldry, even if we do use them at some events. (We use cameras at events, too, and they can't be used in SCA heraldry either.) I have changed the epe'e to the nearest period equivalent.

Beathan McMullen. (name approval only).

Bonwicke, Shire of. (name approval only).

*Bordermarch, Barony of. Sable, a sinister side raguly, in dexter a ram's horn argent within a laurel wreath Or.

Boris of Woodland. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

*Branwyn O'Brallaghan. (badge). Or, a winged whippet couchant to sinister, wings elevated and addorsed, coward azure, gorged of a collar argent.

NOTE: I grant a hardship exception. This and the following two badges were approved at the kingdom level in April 1983, four months before the limit of three badges was imposed.

*Branwyn O'Brallaghan. (badge). On a torteau an annulet Or within eight bezants in annulo.

*Branwyn O'Brallaghan. (badge). Argent, goutté­de­sang, an artist's brush bendwise sinister sable, the bristles enflamed gules.

Bridget Dorigen of Limerick. Sable, in pale a swan naiant to sinister argent between two chrysanthemums, the upper inverted, Or, slipped and leaved vert.

NOTE: This would be much better if the flowers were both upright and all Or.

Caradoc ap Owain. Sable, on a bend invected argent a bend gules, overall a griffin sejant affronty, wings displayed, head to dexter, Or.

NOTE: Name appeal accepted. I grant an exception to the device. If the argent bands were plain instead of invected, we would have a bend gules, fimbriated argent, and there would only be three layers. The addition of the invected is not sufficient to reject the device. A majority of the commentors felt the large overall griffin provides sufficient visual difference. (when added to the colors of the underlying bends and the absence of the dove and lily) from Danielle Christine des Briannes.

Carolyn Amaris of Castle Thunder. (badge). Per fess azure and Or, a lightning flash bendwise sinister throughout counterchanged.

NOTE: This was approved by Star in April 1983, but was not sent out in an LoI until the end of December, eight months later. It was thus approved by the Principal Herald four months before the ruling against lightning flashes was proclaimed. Since the delay rests with the Principal Herald and not the submittor, I grant an exception to the rule, especially considering that this is nearly identical to her device.

*Christina of Eastley. Gules, in pale three bars wavy and a demi­sun issuant from base Or.

Cliodhna ni Bhriain. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Colin Oisin Donavan Uí Néill. (name approval only).

Constance von Nordlichwald. (see RETURNS for badge). Or, on a pale vert three estoiles of five rays Or, overall a bordure counterchanged.

NOTE: Bordures counterchanged over ordinaries are not good practice and therefore are discouraged.

Edward d'Orleans. Per fess azure and Or, in chief a lion rampant argent and in base three Maltese crosses patonce azure.

*Erika Segenlein. (badge). Azure, crusily Latin flory Or, a stork statant argent.

Galen MacGilbert. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Georgina of Athens. Gules, in pale a Grecian facade argent and a cat couchant to sinister guardant Or.;

Gunter von Wissenburg. (name approval only).

*Gwyneth of Dragon's Keepe. (badge). Per bend Or and vert, a clarion and a church bell counterchanged.

*Ian Alexander. Quarterly azure and sable, two swords inverted in saltire Or, overall a Latin cross patée argent.

James Kuberic. (submitted as James Kuberic Spelldragon). Argent, two bendlets sable between a mullet inverted and a dragon couchant vert.

NOTE: Spelldragon is not a valid period epithet, and causes difficulty to some in combination with the dragon and inverted mullet. I have therefore deleted Spelldragon from the name.

Jarique Ravenelle of Marseilles. Per bend sinister embattled pean and erminois,, a winged stag rampant reguardant Or and a wolf rampant to sinister guardant sable.

NOTE: Do not have any ermine spots overlap the line of partition, as that would not be period practice.

Jocelyn of Greenridge. (name approval only).

John Gareth Tailor. (name approval only).

Kane Ilwain Stormsinger. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Lazarus of the Steppes. (submitted as Lazarus Dragonrider). Per pale Or and gules, on a chevron cotised a handbell and a hand axe, all counterchanged.

NOTE: Dragonrider is not a valid medieval epithet for a normal person. It is a title from Pern, a fantasy world not acceptable as a source due to nonperiod technology. In order to pass the device, I have replaced Dragonrider with his branch name.

Macsen ap Rhys. (name approval only).

Marc Phillippe. Or, chapé gules, overall a domino mask pean.

Nanna Arinsgaetir. Purpure, a reindeer's head erased to sinister attired, langued, and gorged of a garland of mountain laurel argent, leaved vert.

Owain Llwyd. Sable, a chevron dovetailed between three wolves' heads caboshed argent.

NOTE: Classic heraldry.

Randall von Nordlichwald. Or, two battle axes addorsed sable, hafted proper, between three estoiles of five rays within a bordure vert.

Richard of the Silverdawn. Gyronny gules and ermine, a dragon­tailed demi­lion erect Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry.

Robert de Douglas. Per chevron Or and vert, two lions combattant guardant and a compass star counterchanged.

NOTE: Good heraldry.

Rosamonde Clare le Despencer. Gules, a unicorn rampant Or between a pair of flaunches argent, each flaunch charged with a rose gules, barbed, seeded, slipped and leaved proper.

Rupert the Unwary. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

*Sieglinde Syr. (badge). Two clusters of grapes purpure, slipped and leaved, the stems in saltire, argent.

NOTE: This is poor practice. It would be much better if the stems and leaves were vert, so the badge was all color.

*Sigmund the Wingfooted. (badge for House Drengja­val). A drakkar's figurehead couped to sinister Or, maintaining a "dag" rune gules.

NOTE: This would be better if the rune were a metal, so the whole badge was of the same class of tincture.

Steffan of Castle Isle. Per pale argent and gules, a chevron throughout and in base a castle counterchanged.

Tarl Godric the Brokentoe. (name approval only).

Thorgard the Black. (name approval only).

Tostig Logiosophia. (name approval only).

Kingdom of Atenveldt

*Allanna O'Brian of the Emerald Lake. (name correction; formerly Alanna).

Kingdom of Caid

Alicia Raedwald of Thelwael. Argent, a unicorn passant to sinister azure within on a bordure azure an orle lozenged argent.

NOTE: There is a minor point of difference between an ass and a unicorn.

*Caid, Kingdom of. (badge for Office of Lists). Azure, an open scroll argent surmounted by a sword fesswise Or, all within a bordure embattled argent.

Damion Baskerville. Sable, a unicorn rampant to sinister and on a chief argent two crosses formy patonce gules.

NOTE: By the latest ruling on complete difference, this does not conflict with Taliesin d'Acre. Good heraldry.

*Danielle Christine des Briannes. (blazon correction). Sable, on a bend invected Or a bend gules charged with a dove visant grasping a lily argent, stalked and leaved vert.;

Eduard von der Kiebitzwiese. Per fess argent and vert, two horses salient respectant sable and in base two trefoils in fess Or.

NOTE: Having animals standing on a per fess line of partition is not period style. In order to pass an otherwise acceptable device, I have raised the horses a bit to get them off of the line of partition.

Eduard von der Kiebitzwiese. (badge). Per chevron azure and vert, a sword fracted chevronwise and a horse passant argent.

NOTE: Draw the sword bigger.

Eleanor de Mont Saint Michel. Azure, two chain links interlaced in fess within a mascle throughout within a bordure argent.

Elspeth of Northumbria. Per bend gules and Or, a pan­pipe Or and a sprig of rosemary proper.

*Giesele Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon. (badge for House Mystic Dragon). (name change; formerly Giesele Hildegaard; also blazon correction for badge). Argent, a lion­tailed, fire­breathing sea dragon erect purpure.

*Gregory Frazer MacAonghais. Per pale gules and azure, on a mullet of seven points inverted a cinquedia inverted, dependent from the quillions a pair of balance pans sable.

NOTE: Draw the pans larger and the cinquedia correctly. By default all mullets have a point to chief. This is therefore a mullet of seven points inverted.

*Joscelyn Fitzharry of Gillyflower. Per fess arched azure mullety argent and gules semé of apples, in fess a sun in splendor Or between the horns of an increscent moon argent.

NOTE: This is her old badge; it becomes her new arms. The old arms are dropped.

Mylrune, Canton of. (name approval only).

*Nordwache, Barony of. Azure, a phoenix rising from a base of flames, on a chief Or two laurel wreaths proper.

NOTE: This would look better with three laurel wreaths on the chief, as that would be better balanced.

*Stephen de Huyn. (badge for Drachenmeer Alliance). Per fess engrailed azure and argent, a sword counterchanged, hilted sable, between two dragon's heads respectant issuant from the line of division Or.

Troy of Nodham Whyre. Purpure, a Trojan horse between three decrescents argent.

*Wilihelm Heimirich von Donnerkeil. (release of badge). Gules, on a bend embattled argent a bend sable charged with a lightning flash and in sinister chief a thunderbolt argent.

Kingdom,of Calontir

*Calontir, Kingdom of. (ensign). Purpure, a cross of Calatrava Or.

*Calontir, Kingdom of. (Order of the Queen's Chalice; formerly Warlord's Chalice).

*Susannah Griffon. Pean, a saltire Or, overall a griffon passant gules.

NOTE: Classic heraldry.

Kingdom of the East

Ailill Feardorcha. (name approval only).

Alier Antius of Kendalwood. (name approval only).

Angus Dewar MacMathathain. Per bend sinister argent and gules, a raven close to sinister sable and three pheons inverted in bend sinister Or.

NOTE: Good heraldry. I have corrected the patronymic, as Mth­ does not exist in Gaelic. Mistress Eriod looked up the correct spelling for the old form of Matheson.

Ariel d'Argentan. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

*Bertram of Bearington. (badge). Per pale gules and azure, in pale three staples between two gussets Or.

*Bertram of Bearington. (release of badge for Household of the Silver Tassel). A pillow azure with tassels on the four corners argent.

Davide Michelotto. (name approval only).

NOTE: Michelotto is a given name, not a place name, so I have deleted di.

Diel of Norwich. Or, a palet couped raguly sable between in chief two pellets, and a chief gules.

Edlyn of Meadowburne. Argent, a lion dormant sable, gorged of a collar Or, a chief counter­ermine.

NOTE: Draw the lion bigger. Good heraldry.

Eleanor of Waldren. Vert, a bend sinister flory counter­flory, between a cross fleuretty and a unicorn's head couped to sinister argent.

NOTE: Draw the charges bigger.

Elektra Leonides. Sable, on a bend sinister between two lion's heads caboshed argent, a feather sable, all within a bordure ermine.

NOTE: Good heraldry.

*Eromene Aspasia of Constantinople. (release of badge for House Envoy). In fess an escarbuncle argent between in chief the letter "N," to dexter the letter "W," in base the letter "S," and to sinister the words "ENVOY PRESS," sable.

Giant's Gate, Canton of. Azure, on a pale endorsed between two annulets argent, a laurel wreath proper.

NOTE: Draw the annulets and endorses bigger. Good heraldry.

Gilberto Basilio Gilberti. (name approval only).

*Gisela die Gelinde. Ermine, two shears in chevron enhanced gules and a long­billed marsh wren passant proper. (Telmatodytes palustris).

Giuseppe Casazza. (name approval only).

*Gryphon du Forte Epee. (reblazon). Azure, a wingless sea­griffin erect and in sinister chief three bendlets wavy Or.

John of Ravenscar. (name approval only).

Kirsten von Reehe. (submitted as Kirsten Caroline von Reehe). Per bend Or and azure, a stag's attire gules and a fox's head caboshed argent.

NOTE: Draw the charges bigger. Caroline is out of period, so I have deleted it.

*Micah of Lion's Tower. Azure, on a bend sinister gules, fimbriated, a sword inverted, and on a chief embattled argent three hurts.

Michael of Winterskeep. Azure, crusily flory, a bordure rayonny argent.

NOTE: Draw the bordure wider. Good heraldry.

*Morgan MacLeod. Or, a thistle bendwise, slipped and leaved, sable and a chief checky sable and Or.

NOTE: This would be classic heraldry if the thistle were palewise.

Mountain Confederation. (badge). Per fess embattled azure and Or, a tyger sejant erect and a triple­peaked mountain issuant from base azure.

NOTE: Draw the triple­peaked mountain in a normal heraldic manner. This is a badge for a confederation of branches. The confederation is not itself a formal branch.

*Niccola Sebastiani. Per chevron inverted Or and azure, a crossbow sable and three legs conjoined in pall at the hip, each leg pierced in the calf by an arrow, Or.

*Østgardr, Crown Province of. (badge). A seahorse erect azure, hoofed, orbed and crined Or.

NOTE: Great badge.

*Pagan Mahon. Vert, a donkey's head erased to sinister Or, maintaining in its mouth a bezant.

NOTE: Good heraldry.

Sebastian de la Main Gauche. (name approval only).

Kingdom of Meridies

*Anne Embrey. (name correction; formerly Anne Hembrey).

*Caitlin di Verona. (name correction; formerly Caitlin de Verona).

Kingdom of the Middle

*Adela of the Fiery Woods. (badge for Domus Fratrum Divisorum). Argent, a bend sinister gules surmounted by in pale two badgers counter­statant sable.

Amber Adliza of Firehold. Azure, on a pair of hands appaumé erased conjoined in pile inverted argent a flame vert.

NOTE: Bardsley has a surname Amberson, which implies there was probably a given name Amber. I will give it the benefit of the doubt and authorize the use of Amber.

*Carlo dalla Casa. Per chevron inverted azure and Or, on a chevron inverted sable between a demi­sun Or issuant from the chevron inverted and a bugle horn, bell to sinister, sable, five fleurs­de­lys palewise Or.

Claire of Lynnwood Keep. Or, two hawks close respectant and an oak tree eradicated within a bordure embattled vert.

NOTE: Good heraldry.

Cobbett Dermott. Sable, on a chevron rompu between three torches Or, enflamed proper, three torteaux.

Damian Lorequester of Tor Draconis. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

NOTE: I have modified the name to conform to correct usage. If you quest for lore, you are a Lorequester, not a Lorequaestor. A quaestor was a Roman official. The proper formation for Dragon's Hill is Tor Draconis. (genitive case). Daemeon is an old variant spelling of Demon, and is not a valid variant spelling of Damian. I have therefore used Damian.

Däg Thorgrimsson. Tierced per pall argent, azure and sable, two dexter gauntlets clasped in chevron inverted argent and in chief a wolf's head caboshed sable.

David de Kunstenaar. Vert, on an artist's palette Or a lion's head erased to sinister vert.

NOTE: Good heraldry.

Duncan Comyn. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Dylana ferch Aelfred. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Eleanor Warhaven. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device and badge).

*Eric the Wanderer of the Flying Dragon's Cave. Per fess embattled sable and vert, a sword and an arrow in saltire Or and a dragon passant to sinister argent.

Ewen MacGillipadraig. (name approval only).

NOTE: A more medieval spelling would be MacGiollapadraig.

Deborah ferch Rhys. (submitted as Griffwn merch Rhys). Gyronny of sixteen sable and argent, a griffin segreant to sinister reguardant purpure, maintaining in its foretalons a French dulcimer proper.

NOTE: Draw the dulcimer in a light brown, so it will be visible. Griffwn is not a valid period given name. The closest is Griffith, which is a male name. I have used her mundane given name so as to pass the device.

Gwennan o'r Afon Rhedeg. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Mélisande de Marmande. Argent, on a bend sinister sable between a maunch reversed vert, semé­de­lys Or, and a hawk's lure vert, three columbines slipped and leaved Or.

Peredur Theron of Monmouth. Vert, in chevron inverted two swords conjoined at the pommels proper between two chevronels inverted and in chief a stag's head erased Or.

Philippa of the Cleftlands. (submitted as Philippa d'Angleterre). Argent, fretty vert, a mascle­shaped buckle Or and on a chief vert a lion passant guardant argent.

NOTE: The College has a long­standing rule that you cannot use a Society name consisting of just the given name of a ruler and the place name of the area ruled by that ruler. Queen Philippa, wife of Edward III, would have been referred to in France as Philippa d'Angleterre. (Edward and Philippa spent quite a bit of time in France, or claiming France...) The lion passant guardant on the chief increases the conflict. I have therefore replaced the place name with the name of her branch. The buckle, being entirely on the frets, shows up all right, but an argent chief on argent, fretty vert is not good. I have therefore made use of the submittor's suggestion to make the chief vert and the lion argent.

Priscilla the Hun. Or, a coney couchant between in chief three pinecones and in base a sword fracted in chevron inverted azure.

*Romulus di Falco. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a falcon displayed head to sinister, within a bordure, all counterchanged.

NOTE: Good heraldry.

Tarver the Pole. Vert, on a fess wavy argent a bar gemel wavy azure, overall in saltire two pilgrim's staves Or and in chief a flame proper.

NOTE: Draw the flame with more Or on the outer edge.

*Thea Lohsa. (name correction; formerly Thea Lohse).

White Waters, Shire of the. (name approval only).

Vest Yorvik, Canton of. (name approval only).

NOTE: I accept the documentation for Yorvik. Vest does mean west, as well as a piece of apparel. If you want York in the West, then the correct form, according to the Norsk/Engelsk Ordbok by H. Scavenius, is Yorvik i Vest. In order to be closest to your form, I have used Vest Yorvik, the translation of West York. If you prefer Yorvik i Vest, let me know.

Kingdom of the West

*Anluan Trelaine. (name change; formerly Trelaine of the Emerald Isle).

Darkin Armorsbane. Per chevron sable and argent, two garbs and a drinking horn counterchanged.

NOTE: Good heraldry.

Eric Holdstar. Vert, a gauntlet appaumé argent, palmed of leather proper, grasping a compass star, within a bordure Or.

Kara MacKenzie. Per chevron vert and Or, two ankhs and a frog sejant affronté counterchanged.

*Maythen of Elfhaven. (badge for Diana Fitzwilliam). Azure, a nine­branched camomile plant radiant from center Or.

*Maythen of Elfhaven. (release of badge). Azure, a nine­branched camomile plant proper. (Anthemis nobilis).

Michael de Harvitton. Or, a winged gazelle springing sable within nine mullets in annulo gules.

Olaf of Axar. Vert, three horned helmets argent.

NOTE: Good heraldry, but you should know that, in reality, the Vikings did not wear horned helmets. (They did have winged helmets.).

Reine Louveciennes. (submitted as Rayne Louveciennes). Tierced en pointe sable, argent and gules, two unicorns combattant counterchanged and a quill inverted argent.

NOTE: Rayne is not an attested variation of Regina, so I have changed it to Reine, which is attested in Withycombe. Given the problem with a word meaning "queen," only the attested period usages are allowed.

Phillip of Southwell. Per chevron argent and gules, three dolphins naiant in annulo widdershins counterchanged.

NOTE: Good heraldry.

*Richard of Seahaven. (badge). A winged turtle displayed argent, winged and maintaining in both forepaws a trident fesswise or, charged on the belly with an ermine spot sable.

NOTE: This is rather complex.

Tor Tracir of the Grey Wastes. (submitted as Tar Tracir of the Grey Wastes). Sable, on a cross between four ermine spots Or another sable.

NOTE: Tar is a Numenorean royal prefix. I have therefore changed it to Tor, an Anglo­Saxon given name. Good heraldry.

* = individual has pre­existing CoA file



Kingdom of Ansteorra

Anne Louise of Bluecastle. Or, a triple­towered castle azure portalled, embattled, and pennanted gules, within a bordure azure, semé of oak leaves Or.

NOTE: This is too close to Berkhampsted: Or, a triple­towered castle azure within a bordure sable bezanty. (Papworth, p. 368). The leaves are not properly semé, but instead look too much like a laurel wreath placed on a bordure.

Ansteorra, Kingdom of. (badge for Queen's Champion). A bell­hilted rapier inverted argent, the blade surmounted by a rose sable, barbed vert, charged with a rose Or barbed vert, seeded of a compass star of ten points sable.

NOTE: This is four layers; five if you count whatever it is put on. If this is placed on a metal so the rose shows, the sword won't, and vice versa. Delete the sable rose.

Arianna of Greytower. (badge). Gules, a garden rose slipped and leaved argent.

NOTE: The badge conflicts by outline with Marta Sansgreal: Argent, on a garden rose gules, slipped and leaved vert, a worm Or. (The worm is so tiny as to be virtually invisible.) The major tinctures in both cases are gules and argent.

Boris of Woodland. Azure, a horse rampant to sinister, in sinister base a seax­inverted fracted in chevron argent, in chief a label Or.

NOTE: The seax is not in a standard heraldic arrangement. It is virtually unrecognizable. Either put the horse and seax in fess or in pale.

Branwyn O'Brallaghan. (badge). Azure, a bend sinister of flames proper between two whippets counter­courant bendwise sinister argent, each gorged of a collar gules.

NOTE: This is too complex for a badge. A bend sinister of flames is not period, and the flame is not issuant from both sides of the shield.

Cliodhna ni Bhriain. Azure, a pseudo­pennannular brooch Or, its upper ring and bendwise pin argent, the pin head Or, a unicorn rampant argent, and a sword inverted proper.

NOTE: The device is not period style, what with three different types of charges, the unbalanced arrangement, the pin being essentially throughout and the unusual nature of the pseudo­penannular brooch. It is very unbalanced.

Constance von Nordlichwald. (badge). Or, in saltire two pine branches proper.

NOTE: The badge conflicts with van Hatton: Or, two olive branches in saltire vert. (Papworth, p. 1117).

Emrys Shaunnon. Vert, a saltire wavy Or, overall a bee tergiant displayed sable, banded Or, winged argent, within a bordure counterchanged.

NOTE: Device unacceptable. The wings don't show up against the saltire. The gold bands on the bee fade into the gold saltire, making the bee look like it has been sliced up. The bordure counterchanged over the saltire is very bad practice. Taken together, this is not period style. Make the bee all sable and the bordure all Or.

Galen MacGilbert. Vert, issuant from sinister chief a demi­sun with four rays in the shapes of tilting lances Or.

NOTE: The demi­sun is not period style. Can you document any similar construction in period?

Kane Ilwain Stormsinger. Vert, on a bend sable fimbriated between two towers, three decrescents palewise Or.

NOTE: This conflicts with Valens of Flatrock: Vert, a bend azure, fimbriated Or, between a tower argent and a castle Or, and with Riik of Flatrock: Vert, a bend azure, fimbriated, between a castle argent and a tower Or.

Robert Fitzwilliam.

NOTE: Name not acceptable. Robert, Duke of Normandy, was the son of William the Conqueror, and thus there is a name conflict.

Rupert the Unwary. Per chevron argent and per pale gules and sable, in chief issuant from the line of division a brown amphora palewise inverted between and conjoined to two of the same in chevron inverted proper, in base, issuant from the line of division, a pale wavy Or.

NOTE: This is not heraldic. Amphorae were generally either black or red. (usually the latter, as terra cotta is reddish). Thus proper amphorae are not brown. Since amphorae do not have a fixed color,, they may not be proper. The design here is not heraldic, and is extremely difficult to describe.

Sabia Gunnhild Hunang. Gules, a Celtic hawk reguardant playing a Celtic harp Or.

NOTE: This conflicts with La Harp: Gules, a harp Or. (Woodward, p. 384).

Kingdom of Caid

Cameron of Caladoon. (badge for Order of St. Gunther). Azure, issuant from a chalice Or four grape vines fructed proper, and on a chief nebuly Or three tridents sable.

NOTE: This was evidently rejected at the Conclave, but was left off of the printout. The grapes and grapevines break the Rule of Tincture. The design is too complex for a badge. It looks like arms.

Kingdom of the East

Ariel d'Argentan. Gules, a goblet, on a chief Or two roses gules, barbed and seeded sable.

NOTE: This conflicts with Lenora di Felicie: Gules, a goblet and a chief triangular Or, goutté de sang. The rule in such cases is that only the first tincture applies to preceding charges in the blazon whose tinctures were not specified. If both the goblet and the chief triangular were or, goutte , de sang, the blazon would read Gules, a goblet and a chief triangular, both Or, goutté de sang.

Delftwood, Barony of. (badge for Order of the Windmill). Azure, a windmill within a bordure argent.

NOTE: The addition of a mark of cadency (a bordure) to the arms of Molinier de Puydieu. (Azure, a windmill argent) is not sufficient difference particularly in the case of a badge for an official SCA order.

Kingdom of the Middle

Damian Lorequester of Tor Draconis. Or, on a pale between a compass star and an increscent sable a dragon rampant Or and a sword fracted bendwise inverted, the point half bendwise sinister inverted, argent.

NOTE: The broken sword is not in a standard arrangement. Please put the pieces in chevron, in fess, or in pale. The compass star and increscent are not in fess but rather in fess enhanced, which is not correct usage. The broken sword is not visually balancing the dragon very well. The total result is nonperiod style.

Duncan Comyn. Azure, mullety, a chevron cotised, the cotises potenty on the outer edges, Or.

NOTE: This conflicts with Kneford: Azure, a chevron between ten mullets, six in chief, four in base, Or. (Papworth, p. 461). The potent T's should be orthogonal, not tilted.

Dylana ferch Aelfred. Sable, in pale a salamander displayed tergiant gules, enflamed Or, its tail grasped by a sinister hand issuant from base argent.

NOTE: It was the consensus of the College commentors that this is not a period heraldic design. In our period, this would have been considered an impossible picture, since a salamander burned anything it touched.

Eleanor Warhaven. Or, in pale a lion's head erased sable and a fess wreathed sable and gules.

NOTE: Some time ago, the College adopted the rule that charges may not be multiply divided of two colors or two metals, such as wreathed, bendy, checky, etc. This was to conform to the standard medieval practice of good contrast. Since there was no overall heraldic enforcement authority in Europe, one can find exceptions to nearly every rule. We try to conform to the normal practices of the period, not to every exception. In order for this device to pass, a formal proposal would have to be made to the College to change the rules by allowing charges to be wreathed of two colors. Your cited period use of this, and any other additional evidence and arguments, should be included with the proposal. There was considerable concern among the commentors that the effect of the device was to look very much like a crest formation.

Eleanor Warhaven. (badge for House Warhaven). Or, a lion's head erased sable within a bordure wreathed gules and sable.

NOTE: See NOTE for device. (above).

Grimdore Hawksbane. (badge). Azure, a grotesque mask argent.

NOTE: This conflicts with Cassandra de la Mistral: Azure, a boreas affronty argent.

Gwennan o'r Afon Rhedeg. Argent, a tyger's head erased and on a base wavy azure a bar wavy argent.

NOTE: This conflicts with Nicholas Abbas de Ileau Vivante: Argent, a base barry wavy azure and argent, a crozier azure.

Vorlin o'r Gwig. Gyronny of twelve argent and azure, in saltire a quill pen vert and a scroll Or between in cross four mullets of six points counterchanged.

NOTE: This is too complex. Please simplify. You might remove the mullets or reduce the number of divisions of the gyronny.

Zartrik Vansson. Sable, mullety argent, on a plate a buzzard close perched on a branch sable.

NOTE: Zartrik is not in our 3rd ed. copy of Withycombe. Please send a copy of your documentation. You could use Cerdic. The device conflicts with Shron Ravenhair: Sable, on a plate a mullet of six points throughout sable charged with a compass star of twelve points throughout pierced argent; Sean o'Claidheamh: Sable, on a plate a pile inverted sable charged with a hound crouching to sinister argent; and Cassandra of the East Winds: Sable, on a plate a flame gules.

Kingdom of the West

No returns!


Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain

Your servant,


Master Wilhelm von Schlüssel

Laurel King of Arms


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