ACCEPTANCES                                    June 19, 1984 A.S. XIX

Kingdom of Ansteorra

*Aeruin ni hEarain o Chonnemara. (badge for Fine Corrgriain). (name change; formerly Aeruin ni hearain of Conamara). (see RETURNS for device). Per chevron inverted sable and vert, in chief a compass star gules, fimbriated and in base two heron's heads, couped at the shoulders, respectant argent, beaked and crested Or.
NOTE: The correct Gaelic place name formation for "of Conamara" is 'lo Chonnemara," not "al Conamara dhó." The correct formation for Household. (literally "fourth generation") of the Sun­Heron. (or landed heron) uses the genitive form of the second word and thus is Fine Corrgriain. 

Ainle yr Corlagh. Azure, a chevron cotised throughout between three gouttes argent.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Alastair Ronal Kester Aeyalweard. Sable, in saltire abased a long cross argent and a sword inverted proper, in chief a lion sejant coward Or.  
NOTE: The name would be better with the fourth name either deleted or changed to the more modern Aylward so as to be more consistent in time with the first three names.

Asa Lee Durant. (name approval only).

Brenda y Grochenyddes. (see RETURNS for badge). Per bend sinister gules and azure, a Sedum blossom Or, barbed and seeded vert, and a pitcher bendwise distilling two gouttes argent.  
NOTE: The feminine form ends in ­es.  A singular feminine noun beginning with  and following the definite article y undergoes lenition, with the c mutating to g.

Brianna Xylon. Per chevron Or and vert, in base a maple tree couped Or.  
NOTE: Good canting heraldry.  The correct Irish feminine variant of Brian is Brianna.  The more correct transliteration of the period Greek work for wood. (Greek letters here) is Xylon, not Hyla. (Xylo, as in xylophone, is Modern Greek.).

Corbin of Arundel. (name approval only).

David Quitacre. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Dawn Azura of Holburn. (name approval only).

Francesca Laviana Sansovino. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Ingrid Conradsdattir. (name approval only).
Jessica Elaine Kincaid. (name approval only).

Maelgwyn O'Donnal. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).
NOTE: The correct spelling is Maelgwyn.

Middleford, Shire of. (name approval only).
NOTE: Great name!  You might go all the way and use Middlefordshire. 

*Mooneschadowe, Shire of. (name change; formerly Mona Sceaduw).

Morrow's Keep, Shire of. (name approval only).

*Raven's Fort, Shire of. Per fess embattled argent and gules, a raven close to sinister sable and a plate within a laurel wreath Or.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Theodosia Odille. (name approval only).

Tir nan Locha Dhuibh. (name approval only).
NOTE: Mistress Eriod says the correct form is as given here, not Tir nam Dubh Loch.

Kingdom of Caid

*Edwyn de Forbes. (badge). 
Per bend gules and argent, a mullet Or and an axe bendwise reversed gules.

Eleanor of Almedan. Azure, a bend argent, in bend sinister three domestic cats salient counterchanged.  
NOTE: Good heraldry. (I like your color scheme.) The place name would be better if the correct spelling of Almaden were used.

*Elyramere of Tymberlyne Heyghts. (badge; name change­­formerly Elyramere of Timberline Heights). Vert, a ram's head couped fesswise Or within a bordure embattled argent. 

*Frangois Quibahr d'Avignon. The following are released: 1. Barry Or and azure, three leopard's heads. (two and one) caboshed affronty gules fimbriated Or. 2. Sable, on a bend argent a wasp sable. (badge). 3. Or, a lion's head caboshed gules, on a chief wavy azure two crosses crosslet fitchy argent. (badge for House of the Leopards).  The household name and the personal name are also released.

Gerard of Western Seas. (submitted as Ogatie the Mongol). Sable, in pale a unicorn argent, armed Or, and two swords inverted in saltire proper surmounted by an open book argent, bound Or. 
NOTE: The name Ogatie the Mongol conflicts exactly with Ogatie, the famous son of Genghis Khan/Temujin, The Mongol.  I have used a holding name to register the device.  Brown on sable violates the Rule of Tincture, so I have changed the brown to Or.

Guillaume de Belgique. Argent, a gore sinister purpure and in dexter chief a bell sable.

Karl Tynken. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).
NOTE: This would be more authentic as Tynker.

*Kyle Gustov Kennson. (badge). Vert, a horned conical helm argent, banded and nasalled Or, within a bordure potenty argent.

*Peter of the Golden Isles. (badge for North Star Armoury). Sable, a hammer and a sword inverted in saltire argent surmounted by a mullet of four points and in base an anvil reversed Or.

Roland MacDonnell. (submitted as Thomas Pyper the Younger). Vert, fretty argent, a pale vert, fimbriated argent.  
NOTE: By Crescent's request, the name Thomas Pyper the Younger is rejected for conflict with Tom the Piper's son from the nursery rhyme. (The device is essentially an empty pig sty.) I have therefore used the previously submitted name, Roland MacDonnell, because that name has no allusion to the nursery rhyme and this device has no allusion to Ronald MacDonald or McDonald's golden arches.

*Western Seas, Barony of. (badge for the order of the Wa'a Oar). Or, a wa'a outrigger sable, the sail charged with an oar Or, a bordure engrailed azure.  
NOTE: For the sake of canting, I will put in the name wa'a, but I will retain the outrigger and sail description so others will know what is being described.

*Western Seas, Barony of. (reblazon). Or, a wa'a outrigger, sail to dexter, sable within a laurel wreath vert within a bordure engrailed azure.

 Kingdom of the East

*Catheryn Cameron Stewart Morgan. (change of spelling of Catheryn; formerly ­ine) . Gyronny of twelve azure and argent, a mullet of eight points within a bordure Or.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

*Debatable Lands. (badge for Archer's Company of the Debatable Lands). Sable, semé of trefoils on a pile fesswise reversed issuant from sinister Or, a comet sable.  
NOTE: Draw the comet in a more standard shape.  The pile should extend more to dexter.

*Drachenwald, Principality of. (badge for Order of the Marguerite). An edelweiss Or, seeded gules, within and conjoined to an annulet argent.

*East, Kingdom of the. (joint badge with Middle Kingdom College of Heralds). A dragon and a tyger combattant, maintaining two straight trumpets crossed in saltire to chief, Or.

*Elizabeth of Blackwood. Per chevron enhanced sable and argent, two bezants, each charged with a thistle proper, and a dragonfly vert.

Eoin mac Saighdeora. Vert, three broad arrowheads in pall, points outward, and on a chief dovetailed argent a lion passant guardant sable.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.  Gaelic patronymics were generally formed from the father's given name, but were occasionally formed from the father's occupation or nickname.  All patronymics using mac, nic, or O' have the following word in the genitive.  In this case, saighdeoir becomes, in the genitive, saighdeora. (NOTE that the dot over the g in your dictionary means the g is aspirated to gh.)

Eric Strongarm. (name approval only).

Fiachna of Glencar. (name approval only). 
NOTE: Fiachna O'Neill was High King of Ireland.  Adding a differencing byname is enough to avoid conflict with non­royalty (who are not exceptionally famous).  But in the case of royalty, the use of both the given name and the royal surname is not allowed, no matter how many other words are added to the name.  MacNiall, O'Niall, O'Niel, or any of the other variants, may only be used if the given name is not that of one of the O'Neill High Kings. (The same applies to Stewart.) I have therefore deleted MacNiall.  Please choose a different surname, or else use a given name not used by any of the O'Neill High Kings.

Finnian Gallowglass. (name approval only).

Gawain of the Wolf Brotherhood. (badge). Pean, a mushroom couped argent within a bordure Or.

Geoffrey Mandragora. Gules, a wyvern displayed Or charged with a rose sable.  
NOTE: Mandagora does not appear to be a valid variant of Mondragon, the correct variant of Mandrake, so I have used Mandragora.

Jessica Mandragora. Argent, in pale a rose sable and a wyvern displayed gules within a bordure embattled sable.  
NOTE: See NOTE for Geoffrey Mandragora.

Josepha Marcia de Marseilles. Gules, semé­de­lys, a closed book Or, banded sable.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.  Marci is not a period form, so I have used Marcia.  Draw the book bigger.

*Kaylitha Rhiannon of Southhaven. (name change; formerly K. R. of Bristol). (blazon change, Azure, semé of crescents, an estoile within an orle Or.

Macha ni Phadraiga. (name approval only).
NOTE: The word ni always aspirates the initial consonant of the following word.

*Mariette Constance Willete. Purpure, a bend embattled counter­embattled Or between an increscent and a compass­star argent.

Robin Clarian. (submitted as Robe C.). Per chevron azure and argent, three clarions counterchanged.  
NOTE: Classic heraldry.  Robe does not, according to our references, appear to be an independent name variant of Robin in period, so I have changed it to Robin.  Your friends can call you Robe as a nickname.

*Rowena MacLeod. Argent, a cat sejant to sinister sable between three goblets azure, all within a bordure gules.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Theodore Digenes Ducas. Per bend sinister azure and argent, a quill pen bendwise sinister Or and a recorder bendwise sinister sable.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Wilhelm von Freiburg. Per fess argent and sable, on a fess gules between an eagle displayed sable and a castle argent, a hawk's bell with jesses Or.  
NOTE: Good German heraldry.

*William of the Black Fletch. Sable, on a bend sinister argent between two bezants, an arrow sable.  
NOTE: Classic heraldry.

Wolf Dietrich von Hohenwald. (name approval only).

Kingdom of Meridies

Alasdair Morgan Gunn. Vert, a cat­a­mountain sejant guardant Or, on a chief indented of three points argent two mullets of eight points sable.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez. (submitted as Ana Isabel Tatiana Teresa María Barrios de Pérez) Counter­ermine, on a plate between in pale a dove volent to sinister and a dove volent argent, a natural panther couchant guardant sable.
NOTE: Draw the birds in a correct volent position. (The wing towards the viewer should go to base and the wing away from the viewer should go to chief.) Spanish naming practice in period had one or two given names plus one or two surnames, but not five given names.  I have therefore deleted Tatiana Teresa Marla.

*Ardanroe, Shire of. (name change; formerly Shire of Ardenroe). Per chevron sable, semé­de­lys argent, and gules, in chief a castle Or and in base a fleur­de­lys argent within a laurel wreath Or.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Christianna MacGrain. Vert, on a pile between in pile seven cups Or, a mermaid erect affronty maintaining in her dexter hand a wine bottle and in her sinister hand a tray bearing three cups vert.

*Cipriano de Alvarez. (badge for Casa de la Grifa Verde). Or, a griffin sejant to sinister guardant, sinister foreleg raised, vert, within a bordure compony argent and sable.  
NOTE: Gryphons have wolf's ears.  Please add the ears.

*Damara Narrissa. (badge). Sable, a gazelle springing between in pale a mullet of six points and a crescent Or. 
NOTE: Draw the mullet bigger.

Donnchadh an Ciobair. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Ellen of Two Lines. Vert, a ram's horn Or.

Elvira de Cordoba. Per pale gules and sable, on a flame argent a unicorn's head couped sable.

*James de Burget. Argent, two piles and a pile inverted azure, mullety argent, each charged with an increscent Or.  
NOTE: This is poor style.  The top piles should be longer.

John the Trader. Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a set of scales Or and a sword inverted argent.  
NOTE: Purpure and vert have poor contrast.

Juan Carlos Perez. (badge). In pall inverted, three scorpions tergiant, conjoined at the claws, gules.  
NOTE: Good badge.  Name appeal denied.  A majority of the College felt that Juan Carlos, the name of the current King of Spain, should not be used with the name of one of the Spanish kingdoms.  I suggest you use the name of a city.  Unfortunately, you can't use Barcelona, as Juan Carlos is also Count of Barcelona, a title he inherited from his father. (Don't use Madrid, either.).

Lagerdamm, Shire of. Argent, on a pale vert a mermaid affronty maintaining to dexter in both hands a harp argent, within overall a laurel wreath counterchanged.

Leona of Dragun Fen. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

*Megan of the Shore.   Per bend azure and vert, a bend and in sinister chief a seagull volent to sinister argent.  
NOTE: This would be better with another seagull in dexter base.

 *Meridies, Kingdom of. (badge for Order of the Broken Brank).  Per bend sinister azure and argent goutté de sang, a fleam counterchanged.

*Morgana d'Averno. (badge). Or, a persimmon pendant from the central tip of a branch gurgewise erased azure.  
NOTE: Appeal denied.  I have passed the stated alternative., which does not have the Golden Bough and Avernus problem.

Myfanwy ferch Gwenwynwyn. Erminois, a European badger rampant sable within an orle gules.  
NOTE: By SCA convention, gray is treated, for the purposes of the Rule of Tincture, as a variant of silver, i.e., argent.  Therefore, gray on erminois equals argent on erminois, which is not allowed due to insufficient contrast.  I have therefore changed the badger to sable.

Nicaret Grindal de Foix. Gyronny gules and vert, a spiral hunting horn reversed argent.

Richard of Rae Fen. Per bend vert and argent, a bend between a cross moline and a pine tree couped counterchanged.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.  The place name would be better as Raels Fen.

Robin of Neath. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Sarah of the Crystal Water. Argent, two gussets nebuly inverted azure, each charged with a goutte argent.

Kingdom of the Middle

Aelfraed of Hrofesceaster. Argent, a bend lozengy vert between a candlestick enflamed in holder and a mullet of eight points gules.  
NOTE: A bend lozengy is the modern term for what the medieval heralds called simply a bend indented, with the indents going all through the bend and meeting so as to divide the bend into a series of lozenges.

Aescferth Wolfsonne. Per fess azure and argent, a fess potenty to chief and in chief two bird­headed pithons coiled gurgewise respectant, tails entwined, argent.

Aethelhelm Hafoc. Bendy sinister wavy sable and argent, a hawk displayed, belled Or, jessed vert.
NOTE: The word for hawk is hafoc, Rot cyta, which means kite or bittern.  Anglo­Saxon names did not use the definite articles so the correct form is Aethelhelm Hafoc.

Alexandria van de Zilverkat. Azure, a cat sejant affronty argent, charged with a goutte azure, all within six gouttes in annulo argent.

Alfwenna of the Hawthorne Wood. Argent, fretty vert, on a chevron azure three hawthorne blossoms argent, centered gules, seeded Or.  
NOTE: Hawthorne blossoms come in many colors and so cannot be proper.

Andelcrag, Barony of. 
NOTE: Name appeal accepted.  I grant Andelcrag a grandfather­clause exception.

Angela of the Stoney Oak Forest. Azure, a chevron between two acorns and an oak leaf argent.

Audrey of the Stoney Oak Forest. Purpure, on a bend argent between two oak leaves bendwise Or three ripe acorns palewise proper.

Brianna the Black Swan. Bendy sinister wavy of ten gules and Or, a swan naiant sable.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Cainneachán Vairé. Vairy Or and gules, a unicorn rampant azure.  
NOTE: Classic canting arms.

Gavin White of Westburgh. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Germaine Silverbird of Staghurst. Per bend sable and vert, a lark volent carrying in its talons a tankard fesswise distilling a goutte Or.

Guillaine de Vaux. Per pale gules and azure, a bull and a unicorn combattant Or and a chevron abased ermine.

Gwendolyn ferch Llewelyn. Azure, a quill bendwise sinister argent between two harps Or.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

*Ilse von Schönau. (name change; formerly Annora Yvain nic Aethelbrand). Gyronny of twelve argent and gules, an escarbuncle of ermine spots counterchanged sable and argent.  
NOTE: Her old name and device are now under her new name as an alternate persona name and badge.

Jon Olafsson den Kristlig. Per bend sinister dovetailed Or and azure, a Celtic cross gules and a dragon rampant argent.  
NOTE: Kristen would be more correct.  If you want Old Norse, the forms are in Kristna and inn Kristni.  Good heraldry.

Katherine of Sternfeld. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Katherine von Schlosserwald. Or, semé of keyholes sable, on a chief purpure a heart argent. 
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Lloyd of the Stoney Oak Forest. Per bend argent and sable, an oak leaf counterchanged and on a chief sable three acorns Or.

Magdalen Wilhelm. Per bend sinister argent and azure, a lion passant to sinister and a dragon passant within a bordure invected counterchanged.

*Malcolm of Dunbar. Per pale embattled argent and azure, a talbot's head couped to sinister sable and an African leopard's head couped Or, spotted gules.

Martin of Durham. Per bend sinister sable and vert, a ram's head couped at the shoulder argent, armed Or, within a bordure embattled argent.

*Middle, Kingdom of. (joint badge with East Kingdom). A dragon and a tyger combattant, maintaining two straight trumpets crossed in saltire to chief, Or.

Mikjal Annarbjorn. Or maily azure, a fess pean.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Kingdom of the West

Aelflock Athro. Plummety vert and argent, a bezant charged with a cross of ermine spots sable, all within an orle purpure.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

*Aislinn Gildara Breemore. Gules, on a heart Or, a chaplet vert, banded purpure, all within a bordure Or.

Aislinn de Valence. Per pale azure and argent, three bars dancetty counterchanged, overall a mascle Or. 
NOTE: Valience does not appear to be a valid­French form, so I have changed it to Valence, a city on the Rhone River on the boundary between Dauphiné and Languedoc in France.

Aricia Kirsten Deveraux. Argent, a horse passant sable between three roses azure.

Brian of Asbar. (name approval only).

*Crystalmist, Shire of. Per fess urdy argent and azure, in base a laurel wreath argent.  
NOTE: Draw the wreath bigger.

*Edward of Guildford. (badge). On a billet barry gules and argent, a quill bendwise sinister Or.

*Floating Castle, Shire of. Or, three chevronels braced vert between two towers issuant from the chevronels and a laurel wreath gules.  
NOTE: Pale shows that charges did issue from ordinaries in period, so this can be done.  This is still poor practice, especially for branch arms.  The name change proposed (to Cairn Dhuin) is returned for conflict with Carn Düm, the chief city of Angmar in Middle Earth, which has the same meaning.

Gwylam Thurgar. Azure, on a pile wavy between two trefoils argent, a dolphin haurient azure.
NOTE: This would be better as either Gwilym. (correct Welsh) or Willelm. (correct Anglo­Saxon).

Daniel Windchaser. (submitted as Haos Windchaser). Or, a pall sable, surmounted by a sun gules. 
NOTE: Haos does not appear to be a valid English/Saxon/Norse male given name. (The closest one found was Hawis, a feminine name taken from the French Haouys.) The device is good heraldry, but comes very close to Hays: Or, a sun gules.  The combination of the similarity of the device to Hays' mundane arms, the name Haos to the mundane name Hays, and the dubiousness of Haos itself is too much.  I have therefore replaced Haos with Daniel, his mundane given name, so I can pass the nice device.

*Innilgard, Shire of. Argent, a fret gules, surmounted by a laurel wreath, all within a bordure embattled azure.

Jean Robert d'Orleans. (name approval only).

Katryn of Scandia. Azure, a drakkar, and on a chief invected Or three mullets azure.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Laurent Honoré Sourdevaux. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Leif Thorvalsson. Argent, a bend sinister sable, surmounted by a dragon salient gules, maintaining in both foreclaws a battleaxe sable.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

*Mists, Principality of. (Order of the Silver Spoon). (name approval only).

Owena Weavewell. Quarterly sable and vert, a dragon couchant in annulo, its dexter foreclaw clutching its tail, argent.  
NOTE: Owena (or Owenys) is the proper feminine form of the Welsh male given name Owen.  Oweneth is not a valid form, so I have used Owena in order to register the device.

Percival Vaughan. Per chevron embattled gules and argent, two lutes­addorsed in chevron enhanced and a rose gules, barbed, seeded, slipped and leaved vert.  
NOTE: Vaughan, in period, was a byname meaning "the Younger," and was not a given name.  I have therefore deleted ap.

Robert Gordon of Ravensbrook. Purpure, on a bend sinister between two boar's heads erased argent a cross crosslet fitchy sable.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Thorfinn Hrolfsson. (name approval only).

Timothy Royar. Or, a cockatrice passant maintaining a dagger in its dexter claw azure, within a bordure gules.  
NOTE: Good heraldry.

*West, Kingdom of. (heraldic title for Cinquefoil Pursuivant).



Kingdom of Ansteorra

Aeruin ni hEarain o Chonnemara. Per pall argent, vert and azure, a Grey Heron courant, wings displayed, proper between in chief a compass star gules and in base two mullets and a mullet inverted argent. 
NOTE: The device is not period style, what with the non­heraldic position for the heron & the three mullets crammed in base, with one inverted.  Please simplify and use a standard heraldic bird position.

Brenda y Grochenyddes. (badge). Gules, a Sedum blossom Or, barbed and seeded vert.  
NOTE: The badge conflicts with MacBreid: Gules, a cinquefoil Or. (Papworth, p. 808).

David Quitacre. Azure, a chevron between two mascles and a trident argent.  
NOTE: The device conflicts with Purvis: Azure, on a chevron between three mascles argent three cinquefoils azure.  There are only two minor points.

Francesca Laviana Sansovino. Gules, a Russian olive tree in bloom couped proper and in base two cat­a­mounts sejant erect guardant addorsed Or. (Elaeagnus augustifolia) 
NOTE: The brown tree trunk on the gules field is color on color.  I suggest you make the whole tree argent.

Maelgwyn O'Donnal. Azure, a bend argent between a quill bendwise and a scabarded short sword bendwise inverted Or.  
NOTE: The device conflicts with Thomas of the Oaks: Azure, a bend argent and in sinister chief an oak leaf Or. (An oak leaf and a quill have similar outlines.).

Seanna Catriona de Fraser. (badge). Sable, on a lozenge Or a cat's claw couped increscentwise sable.  
NOTE: The badge conflicts with Konrad von Drachenruh: Sable, on a lozenge Or a dragon couchant sable.

Kingdom of Caid

Karl Tynken. Per fess embattled vert and argent, in chief a cross crosslet Or and in base in fess an anvil reversed sable between a mullet and a sword azure.
NOTE: This is too complex and not period style.  The arrangement of charges is not period. There are four different kinds of charges and five tinctures.  Please simplify.

Yaroslav the Persistent. (badge for House Pounder). Per bend sinister gules and argent, a phoenix bendwise, head to sinister, issuant from the line of division Or and a Siberian tiger salient to sinister proper. (Pantera altica) 
NOTE: This is not period style.  The rotated aspect of the badge, the phoenix issuing from a bend sinister line, and the combination of a heraldic monster and a natural animal proper taken together is too much, Try rotating the whole thing 450 or have the phoenix in a normal position.

Kingdom of the East

Dennis of Greenway. Argent, on a saltire gules an owl displayed Or, and on a chief wavy vert a sword fesswise entwined of a serpent Or.  
NOTE: The serpent and sword combination is too similar to a Rod of Aesculapius, and thus should only be used by a medic. (Giles of Devon was a chirurgeon.) Remove either the sword or the serpent.

Drachenwald, Principality of. (badge for Princess' Order of Courtesy). An edelweiss argent, seeded gules.  
NOTE: This conflicts with Hanford: Sable, a sixteen­pointed estoile argent. (Papworth, p. 695).

Dwimordell, Canton of. Per fess indented vert and argent, a tower cleft and ruined within a laurel wreath, all counterchanged.  
NOTE: The name conflicts with Dwimordene, the Rohan name for Lorien in the Lord of the Rings.  The meaning is identical and the sound is nearly so.  Lorien was not a mortal land.  The arms are good heraldry.

Elrad of the Debatable Lands. Argent, on a pile inverted bendwise throughout sable, two piles inverted bendwise argent.
NOTE: Batonvert states that Aelraed mutated to Eired but not to Elrad.  Use Aelraed or Elred.  The device is not period style, as it is visually confusing.  While it can be blazoned, the effect is thin­line heraldry and results­in an unidentifiable black arrowhead­like charge.

James O'Neill. (badge for Freeland Foreign Legion). Per chevron gules and azure, a goose volent argent and an annulet enflamed Or and in base a goose volent argent.  
NOTE: The term "Foreign Legion" is out of period.  The badge is not period style, being pictorial in nature and unbalanced.  It would be much better with three geese.

Marina Kathleen. Per fess rayonny azure and Or, a plover volent to sinister argent and a mermaid sejant to sinister vert.  
NOTE: The mermaid is not in a period heraldic position.  Please put it in a normal heraldic position and draw the charges larger.

Megryth Bowbreaker of the High March. 
NOTE: Withdrawn per submittor's request.

Samara Caitlyn of Elfwyne.
NOTE: Name appeal denied.  Samara is the name of a river and a Russian city.  The rule is that, when a person submits as a given name a place name, the person must show that that particular place name was used in period as a given name. (Normally, place names were not used as given names or vice versa.) While you have shown that Samara is a name now and could have been constructed in period, you have not shown that it was so used in period.  Elfwyne is a given name, so you cannot have "of Elfwyne." I suggest you use Caitlyn Elfwyne of Samara.

Kingdom of Meridies

Alasdair Morgan Gunn. (badge). Or, goutté de poix, an escarbuncle argent.  
NOTE: The badge violates the Rule of Tincture as practiced in the SCA.  You cannot put argent on erminois, just as you cannot put argent on Or.  Use a color for the escarbuncle and use much larger and much fewer gouttes.

Donnchadh an Ciobair. Or, a wolf's head erased enhanced, within the crook of a shepherd's staff couped sable.  
NOTE: The crook couped is not a recognizable charge and the wolf's head is very small.  This would be much better with a complete shepherd's staff.

Leona of Dragun Fen. Or, on a pile vert between in pile two garden roses gules, slipped and leaved vert, a water bouget Or.  
NOTE: The device conflicts with Cora Marie of Carlisle: Or, on a pile vert between in pile convex two roses stalked and leaved gules, a Snowy Owl close affronty proper.

Misty Mere, Shire of. Argent, a pale azure charged with two cups argent and surmounted between the cups by two swords in saltire and in base by a laurel wreath counterchanged.  
NOTE: This is not period style.  There are six charges in a non­standard arrangement.  The swords should be centered.  The laurel wreath should surround all of the charges.  The swords should either all be on the pale or have both blades and hilts overlap the field.  Branch arms should set a good example.

Phoenix's Mark, Shire of. Per pale azure and argent, a phoenix within a laurel wreath counterchanged, and on a chief doubly arched per pale argent and sable, a pellet and a plate.  
NOTE: The name conflicts with the March of the Fenix. (in the Middle Kingdom).  The double­arched chief is poor practice.  Use a straight chief.

Phoenix's Mark, Shire of. (badge). Azure, a phoenix Or, within a bordure compony argent and sable.  
NOTE: I find no conflict, but I cannot register a badge without a group name.

Robin of Neath. Gules, six piles, three issuant bendwise from dexter chief and three issuant bendwise sinister from sinister chief, interlaced, Or.  
NOTE: This is not period style.  It is overly complex.  Try bendlets instead of piles.

Thomas White Wolf of the White Wolf Clan. Per bend azure and gules, a wolf's mask argent maintaining in its mouth a garden rose, slipped and leaved, fesswise Or, and in sinister chief an increscent argent. 
NOTE: The device conflicts with Fandral Silverfox: Sable, a fox's mask argent. There is no real visual difference between a fox's mask and a wolf's mask. . (Wolves and foxes are both in the Canidae family.) The little rose and crescent are minor points.

Thomas White Wolf of the White Wolf Clan. (badge for White Wolf Clan). Per bend azure and gules, a wolf's mask argent.  
NOTE: The badge conflicts with Fandral Silverfox's device, described above.

Kingdom of the Middle

Corin du Soleil. (badge). Two swords in saltire surmounted by a harp, and standing atop them all a dragon passant.  
NOTE: Tinctureless badges were forbidden in my May 26, 1983 LOA&R, except for seals for heraldic offices.

Gavin White of Westburgh. Vair, on a fess enhanced gules three fraises argent.  
NOTE: The device conflicts with Bracebridge: Vair, a fess gules. (Papworth, p. 709).  A frasier/fraise is a strawberry flower and is essentially the same as a cinquefoil.

Katherine of Sternfeld. Or, on a bend gules between two bendlets azure between two cotises gules four billets Or, and in sinister chief a trefoil azure.  
NOTE: The device is not period style.  The two cotises should be of the same width and the same tincture.  There should only be three billets on the bend.  There should be a second trefoil in dexter base, for balance.

Mikjal Annarbjorn. (badge). Or, maily azure, a double­bitted battleaxe sable.  
NOTE: This conflicts with Ulrich von Ravensway's badge: or, a double­bitted bearded axe sable.

Kingdom of the West

Laurent Honoré Sourdevaux. Argent, a gore sinister and to dexter a Maltese cross fitchy purpure.  
NOTE: The device conflicts with Guillaume de Belgique: Argent, a gore sinister purpure and in dexter chief a bell sable. (Guillaume wins by 4 days.  The Caid 3/12/84 LoI arrived at this office 4 days before the West LoI of 3/12/84.).
Regulus the Traveler. Or, two gores sable and in chief a cock rising gules.  
NOTE: Regulus is the name of a famous star, the heart of Leo.  Please choose a different given name.  The device is not period style, as gores were always borne singly.  A cock rising has bad modern connotations that will be offensive to many.  Mistress Karina banned its use in 1976 in the case of Arthur of Pretense.

Reynardine of Tara. Vert, a fox's mask proper within a bordure wavy ermine.  
NOTE: Reynardine is a feminine diminutive of Reynard.' Do you, a man, really want a female name ? A man may not use "of Tara," as that was the seat of the High Kings of Ireland.  I suggest using Reynard de Tarare. (Tarare is a French town northwest of Lyon.) The red fox's mask on the vert field is color on color.

Reynardine of Tara. (badge). Vert, a tau cross conjunct with a chevronel couped Or.  
NOTE: This is not heraldic.  There is no easy way to define how the chevronel and tau cross are conjoined.


Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain
Your servant,


Master Wilhelm  von Schlüssel
Laurel King of Arms


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