ACCEPTANCES                            August 17, 1984 A.S. XIX

Kingdom of An Tir

*Jean le Reynard. (name correction; formerly Jean le Renard).

Kingdom of Ansteorra
Antonia van Patten. (name approval only).

Brendan O Corraidhe. (name approval only; submitted as Brendain 0 Ceorai).
NOTE: The name as submitted was not a valid Irish construction and would not be pronounced as desired.  I have therefore corrected it to Brendan 0 Corraidhe.

Catherine Marie de Lille. (name approval only).

Ceinwen Cemyss nic an t'Seannachaidh. (name approval only).
NOTE: There is no K in Welsh or medieval Gaelic, so I have changed Kemyss to Cemyss.  The actual word for bard in Gaelic is Bard.  What you have is the word for historian.

Daniel Blackaxe. (name approval only).

Daoud ibn Auda. (name approval only).
NOTE: Daoud is the correct form.  The apostrophe (Da'ud) is a modern convention.

Donecan MacDubhgall of Loch Alsh. (name approval only).
NOTE: I do not find your form of Duncan (Donnceann) in Withycombe, so I have used the form given there (3rd ed., p. 90).

Durand de l'Ile d'Oleron. (name approval only).

Elynor of Deganwy. (name approval only).

Gerick Greyhawk. (name approval only).

Henrik Edward Alredson. (name approval only).

Joanna Montgomery. (name approval only).

Omar Abdul ben Akbar. (name approval only; submitted as Omar Mohammad Abdul ben Akbar).
NOTE: The name as submitted conflicted with Omar Mohammad Mirzazadeh, so I have deleted "Mohammad" from this name.  If you get permission from the other Omar Mohammad, then you can add the word back in.
Rosamond Carmody. (name approval only).

Kingdom of Atlantia

*Atlantia, Kingdom of. (heraldic title of Ibis Herald approved).

*Geoffrey MacHugh of Mull. Vert, a set of bagpipes argent.

Gerald Tremayne. Quarterly argent and sable, a roundel within a bordure counterchanged.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

*Nathon of Arindale. Azure, a Russian cross throughout between in base two bears combattant argent.
NOTE: Be sure that the lower crossbar is bendwise and that the cross is sufficiently wide.

Phaedra of Kirk. (name approval only).

*Richard Tremayne Tallfellow. Argent, a helm sable, mantled, between in fess two lightning bolts palewise gules.
NOTE: As authorized in the LoI, I have changed the non­period lightning flashes to period lightning bolts, which are of constant thickness, embattled., with barbs at both ends.  They are now palewise.  To differentiate the period lightning from the registered non­period lightning, we will call the period forms "lightning bolts" and the non­period forms "lightning flashes."

Thomas Wakefield. Azure, a winged wolf rampant to sinister, wings addorsed, argent, the head environed of a nimbus Or, within a bordure argent.

Kingdom of Caid

*Alaric Erskin. (badge) Ermine, a pale sable between two flames proper.

Alrik Einar Thorvald. Quarterly gules and argent, on a cross sable between in bend sinister two praying mantises vert a crane displayed argent.
NOTE: Thorvald is a given name, not a place name, so I have deleted "of."

*Altavia, Barony of. (Order of the Sable Fret of Altavia­­name approval only).

Branwen ferch Rhys. Per pale vert and Or, a chevron and in chief two hunting horns addorsed, within a bordure all counterchanged.

*Caid, Kingdom of. (Order of the Crescent Sword­­name approval only).

*Caid, Kingdom of. (Order of the Lion's Paw transferred to Lyondemere (Barony of)).

Charissa Lynell of Rosebury. Per chevron argent and azure, a legless wyvern displayed gules, its tail involved about a tower in base argent and in chief a rose gules, barbed and seeded proper.

Conall of the Heavy Heart. Azure, a griffin passant to sinister argent, in base a heart Or, all within eight mullets in orle argent.

Conan Oarbreaker. Argent, a wheel between in chief a raven displayed and in base two ravens close addorsed sable.

Edward the Incorrigible. Azure, an African elephant's head caboshed argent, maintaining in its trunk a seax bendwise Or.
NOTE: Eddward is not a valid formation, so I have used Edward.  The dd combination in this case could be confused with its use to represent a voiced /th/ sound.

Erik Volstagg. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

*Gabrielle Sternschauer. Ermine, a recorder gules, surmounted by a cat couchant guardant sable.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Geoffrey le Gentil. Azure, a bend sinister wavy between a moon increscent and a fish naiant argent.

Gerand Lushnicov. Argent, on a pomme between three flames proper a mullet of six points Or.
NOTE: The correct transliteration is Lushnicov, not Lusnicov

*Gregory Frazer MacAonghais. Per bend sinister azure and sable, on a bend sinister Or two scarpes gules and in dexter chief a compass star Or.
NOTE: The old device becomes a badge.

Irwine af Juvelen (submitted as Irvin av en Juvel). Argent, a double­prowed drakkar and in chief a halberd fesswise reversed sable, all within a bordure purpure.
NOTE: Irvin is a surname.  The nearest correct given­name form is Irwine.  You gave the byname in the nominative case.  The correct usage is "af Juvelen. In order to pass the device, I have used the correct forms of the name.

Julian Gwyn of Glan Claer. Barry wavy gules and Or, on a pale endorsed azure in chief a whelk shell Or.
NOTE: This would indeed be much better with the shell centered, or with two or three shells on the pale.

*Lyondemere, Barony of. (Order of the Lion's Paw transferred from Caid (Kingdom of))

Melasandra Sandifer. Or, on a roundel vert, ermined argent, an estoile pierced Or.
NOTE: The College felt that a roundel throughout was not period style, so I deleted the "throughout." Please shrink the roundel slightly.  The ermine spots should be whole, not cut off by the edge of the roundel.

*Nordwache, Barony of the. (name approval for Order of le Beau Coeur and Order of le Coeur Noble).
NOTE: Coeur is masculine, so I have corrected to the masculine form.  Articles must be of the same language as their nouns.

Radegund Wulfsdottir. Sable, three double­bitted axes in pall, hilts to center, Or surmounted by a dove's head erased to sinister, all within a bordure dovetailed argent.

*Susana of Dunstan. (badge). Azure, ermined Or, on a cross sable, fimbriated, an equal­armed Celtic cross Or.

Zenobia Naphtali (submitted as Zenobia Shemesh Naphtali). (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).
NOTE: Shemesh is the name of our own sun (i.e., Sol).  It does not appear to be a personal name, so I have deleted it.

Kingdom of Calontir

*Pavel Iosefovich. Vert, a pale cotised argent, overall a wren close proper. (Troglodytes troglodytes).

Kingdom of the East

Aidan Cadwaladr of Gwynedd. (name approval only).

Arete Mikrologos (submitted as Akivasha Arete Mikroligos). Tierced per pall argent, gules and azure, in pale a ram's head caboshed vert and a Greek chalice Or.
NOTE: Akivasha was the name of a vampire princess in the Conan series.  While Akivasha may be the Persian word for "a Greek woman," there is no evidence that it was actually used as a given name in period.  Therefore I have deleted it.  Mikroligos consists of two adjectives, both meaning "small." This does not seem to be a valid surname construction, so I have used D­likrologos (small word/reason), which does seem valid.

Andrae Bohdanovich (name approval only).
NOTE: I have corrected the patronymic to proper Russian usage.

Angus Alasdair MacLarty. Gules, two battleaxes in chevron, blades to base,, and in base a tower, upon a chief Or three eagles displayed sable.

*Aravis Katheryn DelClare. Ermine, on an ogress engrailed a clarion argent.
NOTE: Classic heraldry.

*Arngrim Thorvallsson. Per pale indented azure and gules, a cockatrice sejant, wings addorsed, Or, belled and jessed proper, maintaining in dexter talon a sword palewise argent.

Aschental, Shire of. (name approval only) submitted as Ashantal.
NOTE: The correct German spelling is Aschental.  SCA branches should set a good example.

Barren Sands, Shire of. (name approval only).

Bjorn av Åttsidenfjord. Gyronny gules and sable, a bear's head couped within a bordure argent charged with eight crosses patty fitchy sable.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Broken Bridges, Bailiwick of. (name approval only)
NOTE: Brokenbridge would be a more period form.

Chandra Panthi. Azure, on a pomme fimbriated Or, a lotus slipped argent.

Charles Philippe Castlemore de Cadours. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

*Delftwood, Barony of). (badge for order of the Windmill). Azure, a windmill within a bordure argent.
NOTE: Appeal accepted

*Edouard d'Ath. Sable, a griffin segreant, on a chief Or three thistles proper.
NOTE: Classic heraldry.

Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook. Gules, two needles in saltire Or, threaded, between two bars wavy argent, each bar charged with an alewife naiant sable.

Evan ap Rhydderch. (submitted as Gwyrddcalon ap Rhydderch).
Per pale vert and Or, a fess surmounted by a heart counterchanged.
NOTE: Gwyrddcalon could be a byname, but it is not a valid given name.  In order to pass the nice device, I have used the Welsh form of his mundane given name, John (i.e., Evan).

Evelyn Howland. (name approval only).

Felan of Edinburgh. Azure, a fess counter­vairy gules and Or between two plates, overall two swords in saltire argent.
NOTE: This would be ever so much better with the gules and Or interchanged on the fess.

Galen the Merchant. Or, a lightning bolt bendwise sinister between two compass stars sable.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Geoffrey Fitz Roger. Azure, on a pile raguly argent, a male griffin segreant sable, armed Or.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Gwyneth Ceridwen ferch Brangwyn. Per bend sable and vert, a bend rayonny between a raven rising and an estoile argent.
NOTE: Draw the rayonny with fewer, larger rays and draw the charges larger.

Gwynna Emrys. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Hreothbeorht the Fat. Vert, two geese volant and a swan naiant bendwise pierced by an arrow fesswise argent.
NOTE: This is rather morbid.

Hussein al Rafadan ibn Osman. (name approval only).

*Iron Bog, Shire of. Per chevron inverted argent and sable, in pale a plant of three cattails slipped and leaved and a laurel wreath counterchanged.
NOTE: Draw the wreath bigger.

Johann Carl Otto Maximillian von Adlerturm. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device)
NOTE: This name is poor practice, being rather long, but it is legal.  Many of the College found it presumptuous.

Loric of Winteroak. Per pale sable and argent, a winged lion passant gules and in chief two­wolves' heads caboshed counterchanged.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Madelaine of Starwood. (name approval only).

Mercedes Bohdanovna. (name approval only).
NOTE: I have corrected the patronymic.  A husband and wife would not have the same patronymic, as they would not have the same father.  They could have the same surname, i.e., Bohdanov(a).  A man and a woman having the same patronymic would be assumed to be siblings.

Morgan Silverlocke. Quarterly counter­ermine and gules, a griffin sejant to sinister, sinister forepaw elevated, argent.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Ostgardr, Crown Province of. Argent, a sea­horse erect azure within a laurel wreath vert.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Rachel nam Beanntan. (badge). Ermine, a Celtic cross within a bordure sable.
NOTE: I have corrected the article.

*Ravenhill, Canton of. Argent, a raven stooping sable within a laurel wreath and in canton an oak tree eradicated azure.

*Richard of Grimwald. Argent, on a pale engrailed gules, endorsed vert, a torch argent.

*Rusted Woodlands, Shire of the. Per pale gules and Or, on a chevron sable between three oak leaves countercharged, a laurel wreath Or.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Smughandel Vei, Shire of. Per pale argent and vert, an arrow inverted within a laurel wreath counterchanged.

Tearlach Seumas Frazer of Fara. (name approval only).

Thora Haakonsdottir. Lozengy sable and erminois, a fess gules fimbriated Or.
NOTE: Draw the lozenge pieces and the fimbriation larger.

Tolling Bells, Canton of. (name approval only).

Wolfgang of Neunkirchen. (name approval only).

*Wolfsgate, Shire of. Gules, on a portcullis Or between three wolves' heads caboshed argent, a laurel wreath vert.

Alfred Larcher. (out of order). Per fess gules and azure, a winged stag rampant argent, unguled and attired Or, within a bordure nebuly ermine.
NOTE: The ermine spots should not be cut off by the edge of the bordure; they should be whole.

Kingdom of Meridies

Alfred Leopold Penders de Li'ege. Per bend sinister vert and Or, an inescutcheon and a lion dormant counter­changed.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Andreana de Montfort. Erminois, a saltire triple parted and fretted vert, overall a chalice sable.
NOTE: This chalice is actually a little too big.

*Andrew Forres Clegg. (badge). A sea­otter floatant supine pean, maintaining to chief with its forepaws an acorn Or.

Ann of Hendon. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Anne Pomeroy of Woodswell. Counter­vair, a mare courant reguardant Or.

*Axemoor, Barony of. (name approval only for Order of the Gull).

Brice Armbruster. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Constanza di Giovanni. Sable, a dove descending within a mascle between in chief two trefoils Or.

Constanza di Giovanni. (badge for the House of the Gilded Dove). Per pale nebuly argent and sable, a dove close, dexter wing displayed inverted Or.

Cormac MacCormac. Per fess indented azure and Or, in chief two swords inverted in saltire surmounted by a helm argent, and in base a castle sable.

Cormac Munroe O'Deaghaidh (submitted as Carmac Munroe O'Deah). Sable, a bend azure fimbriated between a pegasus rampant and a skull argent.
NOTE: As allowed on the form, I have corrected O'Deah to O'Deagliaidh (pronounced O'Day). Carmac is not a valid form, so I have changed it to Cormac.

Corwin Morgenstern. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Eadric Hrothgaresun (submitted as Aedric sunu Hrothgar). Per pale azure and Or, a cross patée counterchanged, and on a chief dovetailed sable three double­bitted battle axes argent.
NOTE: Draw the dovetails bigger.  I have corrected the name to proper Anglo­Saxon form.

Edward of Aristallion. Vert, a bend sinister pean, surmounted by a pegasus salient, wings elevated, addorsed and inverted, argent, within on a bordure embattled pean an orle Or.
NOTE: Draw the pegasus in a correct salient position, with both forelegs together and both hindlegs together.

*Edward of Effingham. (badge for Maeda Nobukado). Argent, the kanji "maell in gyosho script within a rustre sable.
NOTE: The use of complex foreign characters is discouraged due to the difficulty of identification and of drawing a correct emblazon from the blazon.

*Eleanor of Ashley. (badge). Or, in saltire two tournament lances vert, overall an ash tree eradicated sable, within a bordure gules.
NOTE: Ashley is a mundane surname and a place name, so it may not be used as an SCA household name.

*Falling Star, Shire of the. Sable, in pale a pile and a mullet of six points Or, both within a laurel wreath argent.
NOTE: The pile should be narrower.
Gisela von Edgemund (submitted as Tippereth von Edgemund). Per fess embattled Or and purpure, a sun in splendour gules and a moon increscent, a mullet between its horns, Or.
NOTE: Draw the mullet larger.  I have used Gisela, as authorized, since Tippereth is not a valid given name. Tiphareth is the name of the Sixth Sephiroth of the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah.

Gweneth Atwater (submitted as Gwenelleth Atwater). Argent, semé of roses azure, seeded Or, a domestic cat rampant to sinister guardant sable.
NOTE: Please document Gwenelleth, as we found no reference to it. In order to register the device, I have changed it to Gweneth.  Draw the cat larger.  The semé of roses would be better in an alternating pattern, where all of the roses are fully shown.

James Aikman of Battle Abbey. (name approval only).

*Joanna de Bocage. (badge). An acorn per chevron vert and Or, within an annulet argent.
NOTE: This is poor practice.  The acorn is of a divided tincture and the annulet is a metal.  This badge could be displayed on any color other than vert, but +the contrast of the vert portion would be poor.

Kathleen Cundiff. Vert, a pegasus rampant between in cross four harps argent, all within a bordure invected Or.

Liam Devlin. Per pale argent and gules, a sword between a cubit sinister arm and a cubit dexter arm, the fists clenched, counterchanged, each arm manacled at the wrist sable, all within a bordure counterchanged.

Llewelyn o Lanteprey. Argent, a pall inverted azure, between two griffins combattant vert, armed and winged gules, and a caltrop sable, embrued at the upper point gules.
NOTE: Delete the little gouttes around the embrued tip.  They are not period style and create excessive morbidity.

*Morgan Alyn Alwyn. (badge). Per pale gules and sable, in pale three bats displayed argent.

*Narval Dorado, Shire of. Per fess wavy azure and vert, a sea­unicorn within a laurel wreath Or.
NOTE: Draw deeper waves.

*Robyn Foxe of Cantshire. Argent, a battle axe and an arrow inverted in saltire sable, surmounted by a cross couped and fitchy gules, on a chief embattled azure, a fox courant argent.

Séosaidh mac Séosaidh. Gules, on a pale fitchy at the foot throughout between in chief two crosses patonce Or, a sword inverted sable.

Sine Gillian nic Pharlain (submitted as Sine Gillian NicFarlane). Per fess wavy argent and sable, two barrulets wavy between in chief two swans naiant respectant and in base a dragonfly, all counterchanged.
NOTE: I have used the correct Gaelic form of the surname.

*Trimaris, Principality of. (badge for Order of the Grey Beard). Per pale sable and azure, in saltire a crutch Or and a sword inverted proper, in chief a pair of eyeglasses argent, stringed Or.
NOTE: I find the name and the use of the crutch to be in poor taste and contrary to the idea of honoring older fighters, but the order and badge are legal.  The spectacles can be mistaken for the classic Wagnerian plate breast cups.

Kingdom of the Middle

*Aldric of the Northmark. (badge for House Northmark). Gules, three piles inverted in point and in chief an estoile of eight rays argent.
NOTE: Draw the estoile correctly.

Aleksander Alekseyevich. Per pale and per chevron abased sable and argent, a fox courant guardant counterchanged.

Amyfelyse Alexandra Ives de Mintestede. Per chevron inverted vert and ermine, a pall Or between a heart and two tygers combattant counterchanged.
NOTE: Draw the charges bigger.

*Anika Gael Quicksilver. (badge for Caellyn Shadowhawk). Per bend sinister argent and sable, in bend two hawks rising addorsed, wings displayed, counterchanged.

Antonio di Casa d'Aqua. Per fess wavy vert and argent, in pale a millrind Or and two bars wavy azure.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

Arbas an Connachtach. Per bend sinister argent and or, a griffin segreant to sinister sable, collared and chained Or, and in base an estoile sable.
NOTE: Name change to Arbas mac Uallachain denied.  Before the College can accept a new byname, we have to know what it means.  The LoI did not include any documentation or explanation.  While there is no fee for a name change adopted at the time of knighting, the change must still follow the Rules for Submissions.  Please resubmit with full documentation.  Uallachas means pride or vanity, but I do not know if Uallachain is a valid construct.

*Arwenna of Kelsley. (badge for Falconmews). Gules, fretty argent, a falcon volant, maintaining­in its talons a lure, sable.

Branwyn FitzPayn de Grey. Per chevron sable, semé of squirrels sejant erect argent, each maintaining in both forepaws an acorn Or, and vert, in base a harp argent.
Ceara ni Sirona. Vcrt, a gryphon dormant within an orle Or.
NOTE: There is a marginal major point of difference between an orle and a bordure.  Good heraldry.

Ceinwyn of Greenchapel. Per bend azure and lozengy argent and vert, in sinister chief a unicorn couchant argent.

*Cleftlands, Barony of. badge for Order of the Winged Trinel. Purpure, in pale a pair of wings conjoined to three piles inverted in point Or.

*Conrad of Northfield. (badge). Quarterly counter­ermine and Or, a beacon counterchanged, enflamed proper.
NOTE: The College found the alternate persona name of Alfred the Tomb Robber to be offensive.  I have thus registered the badge as a personal badge.

Dieter des Schwarzen Eichkatzcliens. (name approval only).
NOTE: I have corrected the byname to proper German form.

Donald MacKeichan. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Edward the Ugly. (submitted as Edward the Ugly of Wessex). Vairy vert and argent, a gopher statant erect to sinister Or.
NOTE: There were several King Edwards of Wessex.  The addition of "the Ugly" is not sufficient difference.  I have therefore deleted "of Wessex." The device displays good heraldry.

Elfled Guinne. (submitted as Elfled Kitala Guinne of Bhaid'a Mhara). Per chevron azure and argent, in chief a natural dolphin naiant argent and in base four cat's pawprints in cross gules.
NOTE: Draw the dolphin bigger. Bhaid'a Mhara is not on page 308 of Bain.  I find no evidence of Kitala.  Please send in photocopies of documentation for Kitala and Bhaid'a Mhara.  I have deleted them in order to pass the device.

Elizabeth of Laceby. Or, a stag's head caboshed vert, on a chief azure two crosses formy argent.
NOTE: Classic heraldry.

Ellen Aergod seo Freothuwebbe. (submitted as Ellencwen Aergod seo Freothuwebbe).
Checky sable and Or, on a bend cotised gules three sea­lions erect palewise reguardant Or.
NOTE: You cannot use the title Cwen (= Queen) as a part of an SCA name.  The name would be better without Aergod, as two bynames is rather unusual for an Anglo­Saxon name, and it means "formerly good," rather than "ever good."

Emrys of Gwyntarian. (name approval only).

Frederick Aurelius. (submitted as Forgan Aurelius). Vert, an oak tree blasted and erased, on a chief Or a stag's head caboshed between two roundles vert.
NOTE: Draw the stag's head larger.  Forgan doesn't appear to be a Welsh name.  There are no Welsh names beginning in F listed in Davies' Book of Welsh Names. (There are two names beginning in FF, and Fforgan is not one of them.) I have thus used the mundane given name.

Glenn of Caerleon. Argent, issuant from base a phoenix purpure, and on a chief triangular azure a mullet of seven points argent.
NOTE: Glenn is his mundane given name.

*Gwennan olr Afon Rhedeg. Or, a tyger's head erased and on a base wavy azure a bar wavy argent.
NOTE: Draw the waves deeper.

Gwyneth Banfhidhleir (submitted as Gyneth Banafidhleir). (badge). Per bend sinister argent and sable, in bend sinister three lozenges bendwise sinister conjoined throughout counterchanged.
NOTE: We find no evidence for Gyneth.  In order to pass the badge I have changed it to Gwyneth and corrected the spelling of the byname.

*Gwyntarian, March of. (badge for Weaver's Guild of Gwyntarian). A cross quadrate parted and fretted Or.
NOTE: Good badge.

Idonea d'Aubignie. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

*Isaac de Hugo. (name change; formerly Isaac Fitz Hugo).

Jacob ben Solomon. Gules, a ram's horn bendwise inverted within a bordure Or.
NOTE: We have added the allowed bordure.

*Lorimer MacAltin of the Garioch. (badge). Per pale azure and purpure, a wreath of three daisies and three thistles argent.

Marissa of Crawfordmuir. (submitted as Marixsa of Crawfordmuir) (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).
NOTE: Marixsa is not a period form, so I have changed it to Marissa.

M'fanwy of Ceredigion. (name approval only).

Rhys Morwariffon. Barry wavy argent and azure, in bend sinister three tilting spears bendwise argent.
NOTE: When combining mor and gwaywffon, the latter mutates by dropping the g. Draw the lances larger.

Saeric Scirham. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).
*Seonaid ni Fhionn. Per pale vert and purpure, on a pile argent a winged cat sejant affronty, wings displayed, sable, in base a crescent argent.
NOTE: This was inadvertently left off the July LOA&R.

Thistle, March of the. (name approval only; see RETURNS for arms).

Three Swords, March of. Per pale gules and azure, two swords in saltire surmounted by a sword in pale proper, and in chief two laurel wreaths Or.

*Timothy of Northwoods (badge for Pearhaven). Vert, three candles conjoined at the bases in pall inverted Or, enflamed proper, between three crosses of ermine spots argent.
NOTE: Name change to Garrahan O'Leitrim denied.  Garrahan is a surname only.  Batonvert says that MacLysaght (p. 119) gives the Irish Gaelic form of MacGarrahan as Mag Arachain, so presumably the corresponding given name is Arachan (unless Arachain was also a clan name).  MacX does not always imply that X was a given name, as sept names of Clan X were sometimes formed by adding Mac to give MacX.  Gaelic patronymic surnames changed their spellings through the years, often losing most of the resemblance to the original given name.  The proper article for place names is o, not Ó Please add a given name, e.g., Brian Garrahan of Leitrim.

Trevor Johnathan Ivez de Mintestede. (name approval only).

*Unicorn, March of the. Gyronny of sixteen azure and argent, a unicorn rampant and in chief a laurel wreath Or.
NOTE: Draw the charges bigger.

*Vasili iz Naitemneshoi Dollina. (badge) (see RETURNS for device). A seraph's head argent.

Kingdom of the West

*Achmere ibn Tamim. Or, a palm tree couped and on a chief azure two bars Or.

*Aislinn de Valence. Barry indented azure and argent, a mascle Or.
NOTE: Classic heraldry.

Brandon McLannom. (name approval only).

*Bronwyn ferch Eliseus. Gyronny vert and ermine, on a chief Or three cinquefoils purpure.
NOTE: Classic device.  Name change denied (to uerch Eliseus); the preponderance of evidence indicates that ferch is the correct period form, not verch or uerch.

Colin of Swansdale. Gules, a brock's head caboshed argent, marked sable, and a chief argent.

Danpira Snowsong of Skyhaven. Per saltire argent and gules, on a lozenge counterchanged a leopard's face jessant­de­lys Or.

Danpira Snowsong of Skyhaven. (badge). Per saltire argent and gules, a lozenge counterchanged.

Fiona O'Kelly of Kincora. (name approval only; see RETURNS for device).

Friðrekr Elfski Jonasson. Vert, a fess wavy argent between two mullets and a garb Or.
NOTE: I have changed the name to the correct Old Norse form as suggested by Batonvert.

Gregory of Grand Sea. Per bend Or and barry wavy azure and argent, a hermit crab issuant from a whelk shell passant to sinister sable.

Iseult nic Elam. (name appeal accepted).

Jena Whitehart. Argent, a horse salient to sinister and a chief purpure.
NOTE: Classic heraldry.

Kevin Langdon. (submitted as Kevin Langdon of Cawdor). Gyronny Or and sable, on a chief per pale sable and Or three crosses crosslet fitchy counterchanged.
NOTE: Cawdor is the seat of the Campbells of Cawdor, and thus cannot be used along with arms reminiscent of Campbell.

*Micheil, Younger of An Alltan. (release of badge). The following badge is released: A demi­boy proper, crined Or, vested and wearing a mail collar argent.

Niall o'r Wlad Bell. (submitted as Niall olr Wlad Pell). Argent, a swan naiant and a chief rayonny gules.
NOTE: Good heraldry.  In Welsh, an adjective mutates after a feminine noun, so Pell changes to Bell.

Obadiah the Obstreperous. Per pale argent and azure, a sword between in fess­two boar's heads couped close addorsed counterchanged.

*Rayne Louveciennes. (name change; formerly Reine Louveciennes).

Rhonwen Meillion. (name approval only).

Ricardo de Santiago de Compostela. Per pale Or and argent, a compass star elongated to base between two flaunches azure.
NOTE: Santiago de Compostela is a place name, so it takes de, not del.

*Roderick Montclaire. (name change; formerly Roderick of Griffin's Guard).

Rowena von Siebensterne. (name approval only).
NOTE: This would be better German as Rowena von den Siebensterne.

*Ruben ben Yosef the Khazar. Argent, a catamount courant sable, on a chief azure, three Stars of David Or.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

*Tatiana Nikolaevna Tumanova. (badge) Argent, a delf gules charged with a Star of David argent, within a bordure gules.

*Ursa Kovár. (blazon correction). Or, a bear's head erased to sinister sable between three roses azure, barbed and seeded proper.

*Ursus of Rydborg. Gules, in pale three bears statant to sinister argent.
NOTE: Good heraldry.

* = individual has pre­existing CoA file



Kingdom of Ansteorra

Gregoir Mag Aongais.
Conflicts with Gregory Frazer MacAonghais.

Kingdom of Atlantia

Adelicia of Cumbria. (badge).On a mullet sable a cinquefoil argent.
NOTE: The badge conflicts with Ashton: Argent, a mullet sable pierced argent (Papworth, p. 989) and with the tinctureless badge of Astra Christiana Benedict: On a mullet a cross crosslet.

Barry McFadyen. Barry gules and argent, in chief three trees eradicated vert.
NOTE: This conflicts with Hungary Ancient: Barry of eight gules and argent.  As these are royal arms, more difference than usual is required.  Placing the trees up in chief reduces their visual effect and emphasizes the barry field.

Kingdom of Caid

Erik Volstagg. Per saltire Or and azure, on a saltire between four mullets a sword and a doublebitted axe, all counterchanged.
NOTE: The device is too complex due to the excessive use of multiple counterchanging.  I suggest you remove the weapons.

Phillip of Meadhe. (badge). A demi­wolf statant conjoined at the waist with a demi­cat statant to sinister involved of a ribbon, nowed in base.
NOTE: Individuals may not register tinctureless badges.  This is still too complex for a badge.

Zenobia Naphtali. Quarterly ermine and Or, a stag springing to sinister reguardant sable, within a bordure counter­ermine bezanty.
NOTE: Furs may not be semé of charges, as that is too complex.  Delete the bezants or the ermine spots on the bordure.

Kingdom of the East

Charles Philippe Castlemore de Cadours. Gules, on a bend sinister azure, fimbriated Or, between an open scroll and a sword argent, three fleurs­de­lys palewise Or.
NOTE: This is rather complex and has a bend sinister of France Ancient, which is not allowed.

Gwynna Emrys. Per chevron throughout vert and argent, a dragon sejant erect coward azure within a bordure counter­compony vert and argent.
NOTE: The bordure blends into the field, producing an unrecognizable and cluttered design.

Johann Carl Otto Maximilian von Adlerturm. Argent, a two­headed eagle displayed sable, armed, maintaining in dexter talon a double­bitted battle axe bendwise and in sinister talon a wavy­bladed sword Or, within a bordure embattled quarterly sable and gules, semé of towers argent.
NOTE: The device is too busy and, coupled with the name, becomes a clear declaration of royal status.  The double­headed eagle bearing a sword of state and an axe looks very much like royal German arms.  Names with this many given names were generally used in period in Germany by members of the nobility.  Please simplify.

Morgan Arianblaidd. Per chevron azure and gules, a chevron inverted argent between two swords in saltire Or and a wolf passant argent ravissant.
NOTE: Use a normal chevron argent.  The combination of the thin chevron inverted plus a per chevron partition is not period style.

Thorvald the Indomitable. Azure, on a pile bendwise sinister indented Or in sinister chief a hammer palewise sable.
NOTE: The combination of Thor­ plus the hammer plus the lightning­flash­looking pile is too evocative of Thor, the thunder god.

Kingdom of Meridies

Ann of Hendon. Argent, a hare sejant tergiant, head to dexter, proper, and on a chief azure four pyramids Or. (Lepus Europaeus)
NOTE: This device is not period style.  Pyramids, according to Parker (p. 480), were only used in one or two French arms. (I suspect these were adopted in the Napoleonic era.) Your pyramids are shown in trian aspect.  Four charges on a chief is not period style; three is more correct.  The rabbit is not in a period heraldic position.  I suggest the following: Argent, a hare sejant proper and on a chief azure three triangles Or.  It would be even better if the hare were sable instead of proper.

Brice Armbruster. Argent, a crossbow palewise within a bordure sable.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Soren Blackwine: Argent, in cross a sword inverted surmounted by a lute fesswise reversed affronty, all within a bordure sable.

Corwin Morgenstern. Per bend azure and or, in sinister chief a mullet argent charged with a tortoise passant vert.
NOTE: This is not period style.  It is very unbalanced, and the little tortoise is much too small.  I suggest you move the tortoise over to the Or section, where it will become a major charge and will balance the device.
Kim Kyong­Il. (badge). On a pagoda vert, the Chinese character "kim" Or.
NOTE: The badge conflicts by visual test with Allandale of the Evergreens: Argent, a pine tree proper.  The use of complex foreign characters like this is discouraged due to the difficulty in drawing the emblazon from the blazon.

Taliesynne Nychymwrh yr Anghyfannedd. (badge for Academie of Armourie). Two straight trumpets in saltire surmounted by another palewise, atop the three bells a fleur­de­lys nourrie maintained by two lions combattant, one and two, argent.
NOTE: This is overly complex for a badge.  While the College of Heralds does not have a monopoly on teaching heraldry, and thus an Academy of Armory duly authorized by the Principal Herald is quite all right, the crossed straight trumpets may only be used as part of a tinctureless seal by an official SCA heraldic office.  You can have three straight trumpets palewise, but do not have them crossed.  I suggest a single trumpet maintained by the two lions with the fleur­de­lys on top.

Withany Ceredwin of Abbottsford. Or, semé­de­lys azure, on a chief vert a sunburst Or.
 NOTE: Withany is not a valid variant of Swithin.  Abbottsford was the private estate of Sir Walter Scott.  The sunburst was the royal badge of Henry VII of England.  It also looks entirely too much like a crown.  The field, being the counterchange of France Ancient, combines with the appearance of a crown to make the device seem overly presumptuous.

Kingdom of the Middle

Aed of Avigdor. (badge). Ermine, goutty sable, a non­wheeled siege tower Or.
NOTE: You may not apply a semé of charges to a fur, as that is too complex.  A non­wheeled siege tower is not a period charge, as a non­wheeled siege tower would be useless.

Anne Kent. Per saltire azure and argent, in pale two roses and in fess two foxes' masks counterchanged.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Kate the Curious: Per saltire Or and sable, in pale two roses between in fess two cat's faces jessant­de­lys counterchanged.

Bronwen Elvina ni hodhrain. Azure, a saltire argent surmounted by a rose sable.
NOTE: The device conflicts with the flag of Scotland: Azure, a saltire argent; and with Njorbjorn Jorgesson: Azure, on a saltire argent a stone­throwing hammer sable, crossed and thonged Or, haft fimbriated argent; and with Oppin: Azure, a saltire argent charged in the center with a double­rose gules (Papworth, p. 1081).

Galan de Renyard. (badge for House Marchwoods). Per pale azure and vert, an oak tree eradicated Or.
NOTE: The badge conflicts with Wood: Azure, an oak tree eradicated Or (Papworth, P. 1113).  While changing azure to per pale azure and argent would give a full point, changing azure to per pale azure and vert only gives a minor point, since the poor contrast between azure and vert makes the partition less apparent.

Gilran of Carantum. Azure, a dragon passant argent, within a crescent Or.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Delabyme: Azure, a crescent Or (Papworth, p. 594).  The place name is too close to Carn Dûm, the Witch King's fortress in Angmar (Middle Earth).

Gourden Ayrward o' Glen Awe. Argent, three roses slipped and leaved in fess between two bars wavy azure.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Dellariver: Argent, two bars wavy azure (Papworth, p. 14).  Gordon was only a surname until the 1 t century.  Ayrwar looks like the title implying you are the Warden of Ayr, a city in Scotland.

Donald MacKeichan. Gules, a stag's head cabossed, in chief between the attires a patriarchal cross argent.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Daston: Gules, a buck's head cabossed argent (Papworth, p. 910).

Idonea d'Aubignie. Per pale sable and gules, a chalice Or between and maintained by in fess two pegasi combattant argent.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Catherine Elane DeMarksburry: Purpure, a bezant between in fess two pegasi combattant argent.

Laurelen Darksbane. (badge for House Elamon). Per chevron azure and vert, issuant from the point of the division a demicompass star disjointed Or.
NOTE: The charge is not a period form and is not recognizable.  It looks like a bezant between three large gouttes and two small gouttes.  The line of division is rounded, so really the blazon is Azure, a hill vert surmounted at the peak by the odd demi­compass star dismembered, which is color on color. (Per chevron azure and vert has poor contrast.) I suggest correcting the line of partition and using a normal compass star.

Llyrydwyl Merewenna. Gyronny argent and azure, on a lozenge counterchanged a spider tergiant inverted sable.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Hagar Bodyguard: Gyronny azure and argent, a spider displayed sable.  Llyrydwyl is not a valid Welsh construction, and also uses Llyr, the name of the Welsh sea god.

Marina Petrovna Orlova. Or, two flaunches sable, overall a strawberry gules, slipped vert.
NOTE: The device conflicts with the Shire of Blackthorne: Or, in pale two garden roses in saltire gules, slipped and leaved sable, and a laurel wreath vert between two flaunches sable; and with Jean le Reynard: Or, a strawberry pierced by a viol bow bendwise proper.
Marissa of Crawfordmuir. Per pale purpure and gules, an eagle volant to sinister argent.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Petr Aleksivich of Novgorod's badge for House Ostrov: Per pale sable and gules, a tern volant to sinister argent.  There is no heraldic difference between a tern and an eagle.

Middle, Kingdom of the. (badge for Archer General). Argent, a pale couped, surmounted by a pheon Or.
NOTE: The pheon breaks the Rule of Tincture.  If placed entirely on the pale, it conflicts with Buklegh: Argent, upon a pale gules, a lozenge­shaped buckle Or (Papworth, p. 1005).

Saeric Scirham. Sable, a comet Or.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Erik von Kampf: Sable, on an estoile Or a death's head gules.

Tamsyn Niniane Ambrosius.
NOTE: The College didn't like the combination of Niniane and Ambrosius, as Niniane was the maiden who lured Merlin Ambrosius away from Arthur.  The Society name thus looks like a claim that one is the daughter of their union.

Thistle, March of the. Argent, a laurel wreath vert issuant as the leaves from in base a thistle slipped proper.
NOTE: The arms conflict with the SCA itself: Or, a laurel wreath vert.  I suggest that the thistle be moved into the center of the shield.

Vasili iz Naitemneshoi Dollina. Gules, a seraph's head argent.
NOTE: The device still conflicts with Buccafoco: Gules, a seraph's head Or; and with Soden: Gules, a man's head couped argent (Papworth, p. 912).

Kingdom of the West

Dunham Wycliffe.
NOTE: Surnames cannot be used as given names unless one shows that that specific surname was used as a given name in period.  No such evidence was provided for the use of Dunham as a given name in period.

Fiona O'Kelly of Kincota. Per bend sinister Or and vert, a shamrock and a harp counterchanged.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Landon of Wolfkeep: Per bend sinister Or and vert, a bendlet sinister between a trefoil and a sword, all counterchanged.  It is also a combination of the badge of Ireland with the arms of Leinster (Brian Boru's kingdom).  This plus the use of the name (Kincora) of the seat of Brian Boru is presumptuous.

Morna O' Monadh. Purpure, a mound of three hillocks and on a chief Or three crescents purpure.
NOTE: This is not a period form.  Use a mount, which is a triple hill.  The hillock emblazoned here shows depth, which is not period style.

Morna O' Monadh. (badge). Purpure, a mound of three hillocks Or.
NOTE: See above note on the hillock.

Tanaki Akira. Barry azure and argent, a legless wyvern, displayed, head and tail to sinister, sable.
NOTE: The device conflicts with Esther of Darkhaven: Argent, a wyvern volant to sinister, semé­displayed, sable, taloned, orbed, and displayed gules.


Pray believe, my Lords and my Ladies, that I remain
Your servant,

Master Wilhelm  von Schlüssel
Laurel King of  Arms

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