APPROVALS 1 28 September XIX (1984)


Kingdom of Ansteorra

Aelfarron Bridget Rockely. (badge). Purpure, a winged fox passant Or standing atop a base ermine.

Ansteorra, Kingdom of. (Award of the Sable Falcons; name only).

Armilda of Lydia. (badge; see RETURNS for name change and device). Gules, in fess three annulets interlaced Or.

Caitlin Anna ni Sheanain. (name only).

Conor Sigmundsson. (name only; see RETURNS for device).

Durant Morys. (name only).

Einar of Langfjord. (name only).

Ellisena de Bayonne. (name only).

NOTE: Ellisena is probably a modern form of the name. Better would be the French Elise, Irish Eilis or Eilise, or Elissa.

Felena Sidra de la Croix. Per fess sable and Or, a sun gules between in pale two towers counterchanged.

Fiona Clare O Doinn. (name only).

Fredrik van der Weyden. (name only).

Garvin Wyther of Bryn Gwlad. Per chevron sable and gules, a tilting lance palewise between a decrescent, an increscent, and two mullets Or.

Giovanni dei Fiori. (submitted as Giovanni degli Fiori; name only; see RETURNS

for device).

NOTE: In Italian, degli is the form used before a masculine noun ending with "s­consonant", "z", or a vowel. The correct particle is dei.

Jonathan Grantham. (name only).

Kathleen of Constantinople. (name only).

Lora Hamlin. (submitted as Lora Lye Hamlin).

Gules, on a lozenge conjoined to four hearts points to center Or, a garden rosebud bendwise sinister slipped and leaved sable.

NOTE: Lora Lye is too apt to be read and pronounced as Lorelei, which is not acceptable under our rules. We have dropped the middle name in order to register the device.

Luigi di Donate. (submitted as Luigino di Donate). Gules, in saltire two cup­hilted rapiers inverted Or, overall a mullet of six points fesswise argent, all within a bordure embattled Or.

NOTE: Luigino is a diminutive form of Luigi, and does not appear to have been used as a given name in its own right. Our policy in such cases is to register the "formal" form of the name. His friends may, of course, continue to call him Luigino. The byname would probably be more correct without the di.

Maelgwyn Dda. Vert, a wolf's head erased within a bordure rayonny Or.

NOTE: Very nice.

Marsali Fox. Purpure, a gore and in sinister chief a fox couchant reguardant argent.

Middleford, Shire of. Bendy wavy gules and argent, a bridge of one arch sable within a laurel wreath vert.

NOTE: Nice arms.

Nichole of Elfsea. (submitted as Eran Azura Bridgett). Per Chevron Or and vert, five shamrocks in chevron enhanced and a garden rosebud slipped and leaved, all counterchanged.

NOTE: The combination of Eran (a homonym of Erin 'Ireland', a modern name we have specifically disallowed) and the shamrocks (a widely­recognized symbol of Ireland) is too much. We have used NICHOLE OF ELFSEA as a holding name, in order to register the device.

Rorik of Dorestad. (name only).

Seran ferch Berwyn o Aberteifi. (name only; see RETURNS for device).

Stargate, Barony of. (Order of the Astral Clarion; name only).

Talwyn Devana. (name only; submitted as Talwyn of Deva).

NOTE: At Brigantia's suggestion, I have altered the byname from of Deva to Devana, a period form having the same meaning, in order to avoid confusion with the Vedic Deva. The given name Talwyn is a late coinage, but it appears to be acceptable by SCA standards.

Thomas of Tenby. (name only; see RETURNS for device).

Kingdom of An Tir

Alasdair MacAuley. Azure, a boot argent between four estoiles of four straight and four wavy rays, three and one, Or.

NOTE: Heraldic estoiles (with six wavy rays) would be preferable to the hybrid charge used in this device.

Alina Brianna of Rainbow Keep. Or, a tower with spire and pennon sable, surmounted by a natural rainbow proper.

NOTE: A spire is a conical roof. (Parker 579).

Allain of Kent. Azure, semy of caltrops, a double­headed griffin segreant to sinister, the dexter head reguardant Or, maintaining between its forepaws a caltrop argent.

NOTE: The caltrops should not be cut off at the edge of the field.

An Tir, Kingdom of. (Order of the Iron Chain; name only).

Bitter End, Shire of. (name only; see RETURNS for device).

Bohemond the Black. Sable, four piles in point Or, overall a boar statant to sinister argent, marked sable.

NOTE: Modern "piles in point" should extend most of the way to base, not terminate in nombril point as these do. Please correct the emblazon.

Deorwine aet Earneleia. (name only; see RETURNS for device).

Elanor of Eccleshall. Per bend sable and gules, a triple­towered castle between in pale a mullet argent and a sun Or.

Gerek the Far­Seeing. Azure, a double­headed dragon migrant to chief per pale argent and Or.

Gwilym Moore. (badge). Purpure mullety, a bend cotised Or, overall an albatross volant bendwise, wings extended in bend sinister, argent.

NOTE: This is complex for a badge. The wings and body of the albatross should be drawn much larger, to provide sufficient contrast against the bend.

Ian MacKynnes. Per fess checky azure and argent, and azure, in chief two tridents in saltire Or, in base a dolphin naiant argent.

Jacques du Bois Noir. Per fess embattled sable and argent, a ram's head couped affronty Or and a double­bitted axe palewise inverted sable.

Lowri Amarawd o'r Faes. (submitted as Lowri Amarawd o yr Maes). Or, a basil flower purpure, slipped and leaved vert.

NOTE: Welsh o yr contracts to o'r, and the noun Maes mutates to Faes after the preposition.

Macsen Aelian y ffyrdig. (badge).An annulet Or debruised by a morningstar bendwise sinister sable, hafted proper.

NOTE: This would be better if the morningstar were the same tincture as the annulet. The morningstar should be drawn more prominently, with the head and chain showing; without them, this looks like a buckle or broach.

Malcolm of Hibernia. (name only; see RETURNS for device).

Margery of Birdsong Garth. Sable, two leaves of Ladies Mantle in fess, stems crossed, Or.

Merewyn de Courcy of Tavistock. (name only; see RETURNS for device).

Morwyn of Wye. Per chevron engrailed vert and argent, in chief two bezants and in base a lynx statant guardant proper. (Felix lynx).

NOTE: Please advise Countess Morwyn that this is the masculine form of the name; the feminine forms are Morwen and Morwenna.

Roberta Nicol MacLeod. (submitted as Roberta Nicol of MacLeod).Per bend Or and azure, an anchor entwined with a dolphin descending counter­changed sable and argent.

NOTE: The form of MacLeod appears to be reserved to the chief of the clan, and is against our rules. This combination of charges should be drawn as it is in the mundane arms of Jonathan Swift, with the dolphin's head emerging rightside­up ­­ it's a more noble position, and it makes the dolphin easier to recognize. (Every little bit helps.) Please correct the emblazon.

Ting­nye­'dzin­gyi­seng­ge McPhee. Gules, a lion sejant erect affronty Or, maintaining in its dexter paw a mace and in its sinister paw a sword argent, all within an orle Or.

NOTE: Name appeal approved. DISCUSSION: It is my opinion that the "cultural proximity" rule, on the basis of which the applicant's name was originally returned, represented a change in direction in the policies of the College of Arms. Under the circumstances, I feel the applicant is entitled to the benefit of the doubt, and so am excepting him from the ruling his own submission precipitated.

Wilhelm the Far Traveler. Vert, a sword between two halves of a broken chain in fess throughout and on a chief embattled argent a flame sable.

NOTE: Please redraw the flame. DISCUSSION: Although similar in intent, this name should be clear of both WILLIAM THE WANDERER and WILLIAM WIDEFARER.

Willemyn van Brabant. Per fess engrailed argent and azure, two tulip blossoms and a sea­horse erect counterchanged.

Yseult of Broceliande. (badge; see RETURNS for device).Argent, four scimitar blades in cross azure.

DISCUSSION: The name is acceptable, so long as the device does not contain any additional references (such as a pair of white hands) to the Tristan legend. The classical Yseult (one of them, anyway) is associated with Brittany, but not, apparently, with the forest of Broceliande. By analogy with the name Ceridwen, it should be possible to be "of" a location in Brittany, even though one may not be Yseult of Brittany.

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Adelicia sans Coeur of Gloucester. (change of device). Per chevron vert and Or, two voided hearts Or and a swan naiant sable.

NOTE: Her old device is released.

Aedred the Far­traveled. (name only).

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. (Order of the Fleur de Soleil; name only).

Atenveldt, Kingdom of. (Prism Pursuivant; name only).

Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon. (name change from Brion Tarragon).

Ching­Chou Mei Li. (name only).

Ciaran mac Meara. (name change from Cianan Mac Meana).

Elien Rosamund. (name only; submitted as Elien de Rosamund; see RETURNS for device).

NOTE: Rosamund is a given name. We do not allow given names to be used as place names.

Elwynn de Grai. (name only; submitted as Elwynn du Grae).

NOTE: Elwynn is a masculine given name. Du Grae would mean "of the Gray," which is grammatically incorrect. We ha substituted de Grai, a similar name which was used in period. (Reaney Dict 154­155).

Fionn Creagh. (name only).

Irene Murdoch Fockxworth. (submitted as Irania Murdoch Fockxworth). Per chevron azure and Or, two foxes' heads erased and addorsed argent, in base a fleur­de­lis vert.

NOTE: Irania does not appear to be a correctly formed variant of Irene. We have used Irene as a holding name.

Kaitlin Caslean an Bharraigh. (name change from Kathleen Caslean an Bharraigh).

Murdoc of Armagh. (name only; see returns for device).

Randall Morgan. Quarterly azure and checky gules and Or, a cross and in dexter chief a Latin cross argent.

Sáerlaith as an Fhasaich. (submitted as Sáerlaith as a Fasach; badge; see RETURNS for device). Per chevron gules and vert, in pale a winged frog sejant affronty, wings displayed and inverted, and a gryphon couchant to sinister Or. NOTE: A feminine noun is aspirated after the article, and the preposition as takes the dative case.

Shron Ravenhair. (badge for House Sun Star). Per pale argent and azure, on a sun a mullet of four points, all counterchanged.

NOTE: A sun has a center disk. Please correct the emblazon.

Siegfried of the Black Glade. (name change from Siegfried von Nordland). Quarterly purpure and sable, an eagle's wing chevronwise inverted maintaining in chief a sword fesswise reversed proper.

NOTE: The hilt of a sword proper is gold, not brown. Please correct the emblazon.

Sun, Principality of the. (badge for the Order of the Espirit de Soleil). A fireball sable, enflamed in cross proper, charged with a harp Or.

DISCUSSION: This particular fireball doesn't match any of the ones in the files (including the registered arms of the Principality). The blazon is a hybrid of several of the examples in Parker.

Sundragon, Barony of. (Honor of the Sundragon; name only).

Terra Torrids, Shire of. (name only).

NOTE: The name for this branch turns out to have been suggested by Karina of the Far West.

Thorkel Arnisson. Gules, two mountain sheep salient combattant and a point pointed argent.

NOTE: Nice heraldry.

Thorstein Olafsson. Counter­ermine, a caltrop argent winged gules.

NOTE: The ermine spots are incorrectly drawn.

Tir Ysgithr, Barony of. (badge for Cook's Guild).

Argent, a boar's head cabossed sable, in its mouth a wooden spoon fesswise proper, all within a bordure sable.

DISCUSSION: This is just "bearly" clear of BERTRAM OF BEARINGTON, "Argent, a brown bear's head couped affronty proper within a bordure sable." I count a major for tincture, a weak major (before demotion) for type, and a weak minor for the addition of the spoon. The whole adds up to a point and a half, which is sufficient.

Tyrca Ivarsdottir. Argent, a chevron pean surmounted by a dragon's head erased at the shoulders azure within a bordure pean.

William the Frogge. Per chevron purpure and argent, three rivets in fess Or, in base a frog sejant affronty vert.

DISCUSSION: The use of animal nicknames is quite period, with or without the definite article. See P. H. Reaney, The Origin of English Surnames, pp. 261­274.

Wolfangus MhicMairghdhin. (badge for Clan Moot). Argent, a Norse one­legged serpent vert entwined about a question mark erect azure. (Punctus interrogativus).

NOTE: The term erect implies that the question mark is not "inclined to the right," the nominal default orientation for the charge. DISCUSSION: The original rejection for this submission stated, "The question mark is out of period. What was used in our period is a wavy hyphen over a period." (WvS, 16 Sep 1980, p. 5) The objection was clearly to the specific charge, not to the use of punctuation marks in general. Lord Wolfangus has provided documentation that refutes the original objection, no conflicts have been reported, and the submission is not in obvious violation of the rules. I feel we have a moral obligation to approve this particular submission. It is my judgement, however, that punctuation marks are even less heraldic than letters of the alphabet, and so are not suitable for use in SCA heraldry. I will treat this submission as an exception, for the reasons stated, but will not allow this badge to be cited as precedent in the future.

Kingdom of Caid

Alberic Reed. (name only; see PENDING for device).

Brian Kunaganos. (name only; see RETURNS for device).

Brion Thornbird ap Rhys. (name only; see RETURNS for device and badge).

Bronwyn Faol­lonn. (submitted as Bronwyn Lonnfaolan). Sable, a wolf sejant to sinister argent between four roses, three and one, all within a bordure engrailed Or.

NOTE: In Gaelic, the adjective generally follows the noun. "Strong wolf" would thus be faol­lonn. We have corrected the clan name (in this and subsequent submissions) accordingly.

Cassio Bruno di Bartolomeo. Per bend sinister Or and argent, a bend sinister embattled counter­embattled gules between two ravens close to sinister sable.

NOTE: Very nice device.

Ciaran Faol­lonn. Argent, a wolf sejant to sinister sable, maintaining in its sinister forepaw a garden rose gules, slipped and leaved vert, between in chief three roses in fess gules and in base two garden roses gules, their stalks entwined vert, all within a bordure engrailed gules.

NOTE: We have corrected the clan name to Faol­lonn. DISCUSSION: This is only barely acceptable. The design is complex (witness the involved blazon) and somewhat cluttered, and the use of two different kinds of rose is questionable.

Damales der Einzelgänger. Sable, two lightning bolts in saltire Or surmounted by a sword palewise proper within a bordure embattled Or.

NOTE: Per Master Wilhelm's ruling of 17 Aug 1984, the "period lightning flash" is now called a lightning bolt.

Lachlann Faol­lonn o Lochlon. Sable, a stag's head erased and on a chief rayonny argent an arrow point to dexter sable.

NOTE: We have corrected the clan name to Faol­lonn.

Lachlann Faol­lonn o Lochlon. (badge for Alstan Arrowmonger).

Or, a pheon inverted environed of a wingless dragon in annulo, head to chief, purpure.

NOTE: Alston is a surname, and by Society rules is not an acceptable given name. We have substituted the known given name Alstan.

Lachlann Faol­lonn o Lochlon. (badge for Clan Faol­lonn).

Argent, a bend engrailed gules, overall a wolf rampant to sinister sable.

Marta Ladarna Faol­lonn. Vert, two bendlets Or between a rose and a Catherine wheel argent.

NOTE: We have corrected the clan name to Faol­lonn.

Seth the Seeker. Gules, on a compass star throughout Or a unicorn's head couped at the shoulders sable, armed and crined gules.

Sven Magnusson. Gules, on a pile inverted throughout between two anchors Or, a bear's head erased sable.

NOTE: The pile should be narrower, to avoid confusion with chapé.

Thomas Bordeaux. Purpure, on a roundel ermine a cross ending in four pheons sable.

NOTE: A roundel throughout has been ruled unacceptable. (WvS, 17 Aug 84, p. 3) This should be drawn as a regular roundel. Please correct the emblazon.

Tola Fredasdotter. (badge for Ye Trident Toasting Fork; name appeal).

NOTE: Appeal sustained. Ye is a documentable period spelling of the.

Wilihelm Heimirich von Donnerkeil. (badge). Gules, on a pale sable, fimbriated and endorsed, a pheon Or.

NOTE: Although still somewhat complex for a badge, this is now marginally acceptable. The fimbriation should be wider.

Kingdom of Meridies

Benjamin of Wyvernwood. (name only; see RETURNS for device).

Brienna Llewellyn Lindsay. Per chevron azure and argent, a chevron counter­ermine between two horse's heads couped addorsed and a harp counterchanged.

NOTE: The ermine spots should be palewise. Please correct the emblazon. DISCUSSION: Although this device is technically legal, the contrast between the chevron and the azure half of the field is poor.

Erik of Nant­y­Derwyddon. (submitted as Erik Magnusson). Per bend sinister argent and azure mullety Or, a bend sinister gules charged in sinister chief with a sun Or, in dexter chief a Great Horned Owl proper. (Bubo virginianus)

NOTE: The submitted name conflicts with that of Eric Magnusson, king of Norway from 1280 to 1299. We have used Erik of Nant­y­Derwvddon (his SCA branch) as a holding name.

Jean Claude von Adlerstaat. (submitted as Jean Claude von Adlerstadt). Argent, two flaunches azure, overall a natural lion couchant Or within a bordure erminois.

NOTE: According to Obelisk Pursuivant, the German for "eagle­state" would be Adlerstaat. The forms indicated that the applicant preferred the translation over the spelling, so we have altered the name from Adlerstadt 'eagle­city'. The charge overlying the flaunches is questionable style, and the lion and the bordure violate our present interpretation of the rule of tincture. DISCUSSION: (1) Master Wilhelm noted the problem with the lion overlying the flaunches when he returned the original submission (for a problem with the name) on 26 May 83, but he stated that "it does look reasonable in this case." There is also recent precedent in the arms of the Canton of Tear­Sea's Shore. (2) Master Wilhelm stated, on 12 Nov 83, that he would be willing to grant an exception to the rule of tincture to a charge overlying several charges "in such a way as to have nearly all of the overall charge lying on those charges." The present submission meets this criterion. (3) The original rejection did not mention that the bordure violated the rule of tincture, although the current interpretation was apparently in effect at the time. Since the bordure lies primarily against the flaunches, and since it is erminois rather than Or, there is a fair amount of contrast. I am therefore willing to grant this submission an exception to the general rule.

Kieran Storn. (submitted as Kieran Chadris Lanart Storn). Gules, on a chevron Or between two seagulls volant respectant and a sea­bull erect argent, tailed and finned Or, two chevronels sable.

NOTE: Chadris does not appear to be correctly formed, and requires further documentation. Lanart is a Darkovan family name (The Forbidden Tower, p. 6, among others). We have dropped the two middle names in order to register the device.

APPROVALS 9 28 September XIX (1984)


******* missing from package*******


NOTE: There is no umlaut in Griswold. DISCUSSION: Sea­beasties, being without legs, are usually blazoned erect instead of rampant. Note that the chief is invected rather than engrailed ­­ engrailed is with the points out.

Fiadhnait ó Ghlinne Alainn. (submitted as Fiadnata ni Gleann Alainn). Per fess embattled sable and Or, three crosses avellane counterchanged.

NOTE: Nice and simple. The given name should be in the nominative case; Fiadnata appears to be the genitive. Ni means 'daughter of'; what is called for is ó 'of'. The place name should be in the genitive case; according to the applicant's documentation, the genitive of gleann is glinne, which aspirates to ghlinne. We have amended the name accordingly.

Gilbert of Darkwood. (name only).

Henrique Zarco. (name only; see RETURNS for device).

Jhondo Oakenshield. (badge for Wurmwald Brewers' and Drinkers' Guild). Per bend sinister vert, semy of steins Or, and argent, in sinister base a tun proper. NOTE: Nicely drawn! This is a proper medieval semy.

Johan von Metten. (name only).

NOTE: Yonge lists Johan as a variant spelling of the name.

Kathleen Allen. Per saltire gules and Or, a domestic cat sejant reguardant, sinister forepaw maintaining a quill pen and brush in saltire sable, within a bordure pean.

Lienhart de Cloyes. (name only; submitted as Lewenhart de Cloyes).

NOTE: A number of the commentators objected to Lewenhart. The forms indicated that the applicant wanted a Gallicized form of the German for Leonard. I have substituted Lienhart, a variant hailing from Alsaçe­Lorraine, as the closest thing I could find to meeting these criteria. Other French forms of the name are Léonard, Lénard, Liénard, Lévenard (Norman), Lienhard (Alsaçe­Lorraine), and Leynaert (Flemish). (Dauzat 382) There is also the German given name Lowenhard. (Yonge xciv) He may take his pick of any of these, or choose another name altogether.

Miriel la Jueler de Calais. Purpure, four mascles conjoined in cross, within each mascle an arrow, points outward, argent.

DISCUSSION: Liosleth of Donnelly's "knot" is visually distinct from this.

Nele ap Llewellyn. Azure, a winged heart argent and a base rayonny Or.

Niall Muineachan. Per fess wavy gules and barry wavy argent and azure, in chief a sun in his splendour Or.

Pelinora de Orión. (name only).

Phillip the Pilgrim. Vert, three pallets argent, overall a chevron counter­ermine.

NOTE: The ermine spots should be whole, not chopped off at the edges of the chevron. Very nice.

Ralph Randulfus of Rye. (name only).

Rowena o'r Emrallt. (submitted as Rowena gan y Emrallt). Argent, a mullet of five greater and five lesser points vert and a chief embattled azure.

NOTE: "Of the" emerald is o yr, which contracts to o'r.

Silé nic Uilleam na hArain. (name only).

NOTE: The spelling Villeam in the LoI appears to have been a transcriptional error.

Stonehaven, Shire of. (name only).

Tostig Leofwine Hayne of Guisborough. Per pale erminois and sable, a lion's gamb couped affronty inverted counterchanged, armed gules.

NOTE: The ermine spots should be larger. This is rather striking.

Kingdom of the West

Aldric Haldane of Griswold. Per pale argent and purpure, six billets in chevron inverted and a bordure embattled counterchanged.

DISCUSSION: Six billets "in pile" would be three, two, and one. See the illustration in Boutell's.

Anastasia Dmitryevna. Or, a heart between two flaunches sable, each flank charged with a heart Or.

NOTE: The singular of flaunches turns out to be flank.

Angela da Torricella Peligna. (name only).

Brandon MacLannon.

Quarterly Or and sable, in bend two snakes coiled gardant vert.

DISCUSSION: A device with two plain quarters and a single charge in each of the remaining quarters is not considered quartering in the Society. (WvS, 21 Dec 81, p. 1; 21 Apr 83, p. 3)

Caitlin of Amberwyne. (name only; see RETURNS for device; submitted as Kaitlain of Amberwyne).

NOTE: The given name appears to a partially­anglicized form of the genitive of Caitlin. We have substituted the standard nominative form.

Eirian of Grandsea. Argent, on a pale between two cinquefoils purpure, three mascles argent.

Kevin O'Fiodhabhra. (name change from Kevin Erelong; change of device). Per chevron azure and Or, three hourglasses counterchanged.

NOTE: His old device becomes a badge. Very nice, classic design.

Krysta of Starfall. Gules, a pile Or voided, overall a crescent pendant and in chief a flame Or.

NOTE: Please draw the flame so it doesn't look like a crown.

Liùsadh ni Nheill. (name only).

NOTE: The patronymic particle ni takes the genitive form of the parent's given name. The following consonant is also aspirated.

Maura MacDonald. Per bend sinister Or and argent, in bend two roses purpure, triply leaved vert, seeded Or.

Melangel o'r Lyn. (submitted as Melangel o'r Glyn). Or, a squirrel sejant erect to sinister, holding an acorn, within an orle purpure.

NOTE: The noun Glyn mutates to Lyn after o 'of'. DISCUSSION: "The convention is that in default, squir[rel]s are shown sejant and nibbling on an acorn held between the forepaws." (HB, 26 Jun 72, p. 2; quoted in Prec I, p. 57) This has not been uniformly practiced, however, so it is probably better to err on the side of explicitness.

Morberie of Tor Denly. (badge).Gyronny argent and azure, a mullet of four points counterchanged.

DISCUSSION: The SCA starcross is "a figure consisting of a pale couped conjoined with a saltire couped, like an asterisk, or a straight millrind." (Prec I, p. 58) The defining instance is in the arms of ALAIN DU ROCHER.

Robert Fagan of Blackstoke. Quarterly per fess indented sable and Or, two crosses crosslet fitchy Or.

NOTE: The chorus from the Laurel meeting was "ooooo..." Very, very nice.

Teresa le Marchant. (name change from Teresa of the Hummingbird).

NOTE: The article le is not capitalized.

Vivian Magdelena. (submitted as Selene Magdelena). Per pale argent and vert, on a pile dovetailed counterchanged, a hawk's bell Or.

NOTE: Selene is the name of a Greek goddess, and is not, according to Withycombe, a variant form of Selina. She might consider the period saint's name Céline. We have used her mundane given name in order to register the device. The pile should not intersect the corners of the chief; what is shown here is difficult to distinguish from chaussé. Please correct the emblazon.

Yvain of Hollingsgate. Per bend sinister purpure and argent, a crimson clover bud slipped and leaved counterchanged.


Kingdom of Ansteorra

Armilda of Lydia. (name change and device). Sable, in saltire a scimitar proper and a spear argent with four ribbons pendant beneath the head Or.

NAME: According to Brigantia, Astyages appears to be a title of office, "governor of a city," which combined with the name of one of the kingdoms in Asia Minor (Lydia) would make this name a claim to landedness. I'm afraid we'll need more documentation in order to accept the name. DEVICE: The semicircular notch at the back of the blade is the distinguishing feature of a seax. The charge depicted here is an heraldic sabre or scimitar, a sword having a broad curved blade. (Parker 509­510) This is too close to BARROW, "Sable, two swords in saltire argent, hilts and pomels extending to the base points Or." (Papworth 1107) Replacing one of the swords with a spear is a single point of difference.

Asa Lee Durant. (device). Azure, a pale "tracted" between in bend sinister an anvil and a mullet of four points Or.

NOTE: The pale, as drawn, does not appear to conform to either mundane or Society usage. In accordance with Brachet's suggestion, I would be willing to consider a pale offset, but would require a new emblazon and (since we will be coining a new term) a certain amount of concurrence in the College of Arms.

Conor Sigmundsson. (device). Gyronny azure and argent, a compass star counterchanged.

NOTE: This conflicts with the badge of MOBERIE OF TOR DENLY, "Gyronny argent and azure, a mullet of four points counterchanged."

Giovanni dei Fiori. (device). Per pale Or and argent, the whole semy of roses gules barbed and seeded proper, on a bend azure a harp between two roundels Or.

NOTE: I do not know of any precedent for a semy covering both halves of a divided field. The result is complex and awkward to blazon. A bend between six roses would probably be acceptable, as would a plain field semy of a much smaller number of roses. The latter would provide better contrast.

Seran ferch Berwyn o Aberteifi. (device). Per pall barry wavy argent and azure, argent, and vert, in pile two newts tergiant inverted abased counterchanged.

NOTE: The argent part of the "chief" blends with the argent half of the field.

Stargate, Barony of. (Order of the Silver Tower; name only).

NOTE: Submission withdrawn at request of Principal Herald.

Thomas of Tenby. (device). Argent, a martlet displayed gules between two flaunches conjoined to a base sable.

NOTE: The base conjoined to the flaunches does not seem to be consistent with period heraldry. This is also in conflict with RORY PHALEN, "Argent, a fox rampant guardant gules between two flaunches sable." (SCA) There is one point of difference for replacing the fox with a martlet, but I can allow no more than a minor point for the addition of the base.

Kingdom of An Tir

Adele de Bretagne. (badge). A lute bendwise sinister proper.

NOTE: This conflicts with YOSEF ALARIC, "Azure, in saltire a trumpet inverted Or and a lute [edge on] proper." (SCA). There is one point of difference for the removal of the trumpet. It is also identical (by rotation) with EL OF THE TWO KNIVES, BADGE FOR KAY THE MINSTREL, Azure, a cracked lute bendwise proper." (SCA).

Angharad Severn o' Glamorgan. (badge). Argent, an African panther's head erased close, crowned sable.

NOTE: This conflicts with BOOTY, "Argent, a lion's head erased sable." (Papworth 911).

Bitter End, Shire of. (device). Azure, a mullet of eight points elon8ated to chief and to base Or environed of a laurel wreath argent, all within an orle Or.

NOTE: This infringes upon the PRINCE OF ATENVELDT, "Azure, a sun in his splendour [Or] within a laurel wreath argent." (SCA).

Deorwine aet Earneleia. (device). Or, an eagle rising affronty gules, in chief an estoile of eight points azure, all within a bordure rayonny gules.

NOTE: This conflicts with AELFRAED AEDWALD OF DEVENNPORT, "Or, a phoenix azure rising from flames, within a bordure rayonny gules." (SCA)

Graham MacRauris of Strathcarron. (name and device). Or, a boar's head and a boar's head reversed inverted conjoined at the necks sable within a bordure azure.

NOTE: Graham is a surname, not a given name; this is not acceptable under our current rules. I would also like to see some documentation for MacRauris. Inverting an animate charge is at best poor practice. With the two heads conjoined in this fashion, it becomes next to impossible to figure out what the "black thing in the middle of the field "really is. This defeats the purpose of heraldry. Please redesign.

Malcolm of Hibernia. (device). Vert, a falcon's head erased Or.

NOTE: This conflicts with US 39TH INFANTRY REGIMENT, "A falcon's head erased Or holding in the bill an ivy leaf vert." (Military Ordinary #788)

Merewyn de Courcy of Tavistock. (device). Argent, on a roundel vert a unicornate lion's head in sinister base erased, its horn environed of six mullets of six points in annulo, Or.

NOTE: The design, although pretty, is not heraldic. A circle of stars may surround an entire charge or group of charges, but stars surrounding only part of a charge is fantasy art. The off­center head is also not correct. Please redesign.

Yseult of Broceliande. (device). Argent, eight scimitar blades radiating from center azure.

NOTE: This is in visual conflict with HERST, "Argent, an eight­pointed estoile argent." (Papworth 694).

Kingdom of Atenveldt

Clea de Hunedoara. (badge for Guildiya Sirinov; change in status).

NOTE: Household badges must be registered to an individual. The English transliteration of 'guild' would appear to be Gildiya, not Guildiya, and we have not been able to verify that Sirinov is correct. Please document them.

Daved Shmuel ben Rachon. (device). Ermine, a golden eagle stooping, wings elevated and addorsed, proper, bearing in its beak a garden rose gules slipped and leaved, between two scarpes vert.

NOTE: Submission withdrawn at request of Principal Herald.

Elien Rosamund. (device). Azure, on a pile throughout voided, in chief three nautilus shells palewise one and two argent.

NOTE: Submission withdrawn at applicant's request.

Fanuidhol Bluesword. (name and device). Bendy barry bendy­sinister gules and argent, on a pale Or a sword inverted azure.

NOTE: A place­name may not be used as a given name, even in Elvish. Please choose another given name. The device conflicts with GIANCARLO AMATI DI FOGLIANO, "Fusily argent and azure, on a pale Or a rebec guies." (SCA). There is one point of difference for the field, plus a minor point for the tertiary charge. DISCUSSION: I consider this sufficiently different from CORRMACC NA CONNACHT, "Azure, on a pale argent, a sword inverted gules." (SCA).I count one major point for the tincture of the field, and another for division; the second point demotes, yielding one­and­a­half points for the field. The change in tincture of the pale is also a major point; since we have already counted a point for color, this one is demoted to a minor (half a point), for a total of two points of difference ­ which is all that is required.

Gustav Athanasius von Hausenstadt. (badge). Sable, a pallium argent ermined gules.

NOTE: According to our references, the bishop's pall is a shakefork, not a pallium. The examples cited by Lord Gustav are for a different charge than the one he has depicted here. They also do not give any dates, so there is no indication of period usage, which is what Master Wilhelm required in his letter of 17 January 1984.

Murdoc of Armagh. (device). Per bend argent, semy of deer tracks sable, and azure, a merrow sejant to sinister grasping a quill pen Or.

NOTE: The merrow is not an acceptable charge nor is this one shown in an heraldic position. Please redesign.

Sáerlaith as an Fhasaich. (device). Pean, a pall inverted Or surmounted by a snail shell to sinister gules, all within a bordure Or.

NOTE: The bordure was omitted from both the blazon and the emblazon on the letter of intent. Please resubmit this so the College may properly check this for conflicts.

Stephen Locksley. (device). Vert, on a pale between, to dexter, an arrow inverted and a key wards to sinister in saltire argent, and to sinister the same, a panther rampant azure.

NOTE: This is too close to MELUSINE DE RONCEVERTE, "Vert, on a pale argent a greenbriar slip vert." (SCA) Addition of a group of secondary charges is only one point.

Kingdom of Caid

Attila of the Great White Stag. (name and device). Vert, a stag springing to sinister argent between a fleur­de­lys and a bar dancetty abased Or.

NOTE: The name Attila may not be used in conjunction with a white stag, in the name or the device. The mythological connection between Attila the Hun and the Great White Stag is too strong.

Brian Kunaganos. (device). Argent, a cross parted and fretted purpure within a bordure sable.

NOTE: This conflicts with MALTON, "Argent, a cross patonce voided purpure within a bordure sable." (Papworth 634).

Brion Thornbird ap Rhys. (device). Or, a chevron argent, fimbriated, between two lions combattant guardant vert and a phoenix displayed, head to sinister, sable, in chief a crescent gules, all within a bordure vert.

NOTE: This is too complex for a device. There are five types of charges and five tinctures. Please simplify.

Brion Thornbird ap Rhys. (badge for House Ellenwyn). Or, a chevron argent, fimbriated vert, between a crescent gules and a phoenix displayed, head to sinister, sable, all within a bordure vert.

NOTE: With four types of charges and five tinctures, this is too busy for a badge. Please simplify.

Carreg Wen, Shire of. (name only).

NOTE: The name, which is Welsh for "white stone," conflicts with that of the Canton of the White Stone in the East Kingdom. Since the two are unlikely to be confused, a letter of permission from the existing branch would be sufficient. The name would probably be better as one word: Carregwen.

Ceridwen Dafydd. (submitted as Ceridwen Dafydd of Cambria).

Appeal denied. Cambria is for all intents and purposes the same as Wales, and may not be used with the name of the goddess Ceridwen.

Kingdom of Meridies

Archon the Seeker. (device). Sable, a lozenge fesswise enhanced vert, fimbriated and charged with a lozenge, its chief and base points throughout, all within an orle argent.

NOTE: The change from a fimbriated orle to a plain one solves the complexity problem with his previous submission; unfortunately, he also modified the lozenge, and now it is too complex. There may be an additional problem with the submission. I am told that there is a science fiction/fantasy publication in which an entity known as the "eye of Argon" figures prominently. The College of Arms has a long­standing policy of not allowing a name and device to allude strongly to a work of fiction. Given the stylized "eye" in the device and the similarity of his given name (originally submitted as Arçon) to Argon, there appears to be an infringement.

Benjamin of Wyvernwood. (device). Gules, on a chevron throughout Or five lozenges palewise gules and in base another Or.

NOTE: The lozenge in base is much too small; as drawn, the device is unbalanced. It is too close to DURYN THE RED, "Gules, upon a chevron Or, a wheel of five spokes between two double­axes gules." (SCA) There is one minor point of difference for making the chevron throughout, a second for adding the lozenge in base, and a third for changing the type and number of the tertiary charges on the chevron.

Bjorn Rhys. (device). Per bend gules and sable, a bend wreathed Or between two falcon's heads erased to sinister argent.

NOTE: This infringes upon CHRISTOPHER OF'LION'S NEST, "Per bend gules and sable, a bend between a winged lion passant guardant to sinister and a raffia­covered wine bottle Or." (SCA) There is one point for type of secondary charges, and a minor point for tincture. It is also too close to ULRICH VON MATANUSKA, "Per bend sable and gules, a bendlet Or between a wolf's head erased argent and a tower sable, fimbriated Or" (SCA), which differs by a minor point for field, a major point for type of secondaries, and a negligible point (demoted from minor) for tincture of one of a group of secondary charges. Invecting the bend should be a sufficient change.

Elphin Alan Moray. (name and device). Per pale Or and purpure, a compass star within a mascle of chain per pale sable and Or, in chief two ravens close respectant sable and argent.

NOTE: Given the entry for St. Elphin in the Oxford Dictionary of Saints, this would appear to be an acceptable given name, so long as the device does not contain any of the symbols commonly associated with elves. A loop of chain in any tincture is restricted to knights of the SCA.

Richard Grombley. (device). Azure, a double­headed eagle displayed and on a chief Or a mask of tragedy and a mask of comedy respectant azure.

NOTE: A mask in profile is very difficult to recognize. Masks should be drawn affronty. This submission conflicts with ELIZABETH NIC DHIARMID, "Azure, a hawk close and on a chief Or two roses gules, barbed and seeded proper." (SCA) There is one point of difference for a hawk close vs. an eagle displayed, and a minor point for the differences in the tertiary charges.

Saxus of Arunshire. (device appeal). Per pale azure and argent, three tau crosses voided counterchanged.

NOTE: Appeal denied. A tau cross voided on a plain field, or three non­voided crosses counterchanged, would probably be acceptable, but the multiple (and therefore smaller) crosses voided and counterchanged are not sufficiently visible.

South Downs, Barony of. (badge).Per fess embattled, per pale sable and azure, and gules.

NOTE: This badge has insufficient contrast. The field is divided into more than two pieces and consists entirely of colors, and it is not one of the recognized exceptions. (Rules IX.4) Please redesign.

South Downs, Barony of. (badge). Per pale sable and azure, a pall enhanced conjoined to a pall inverted abased, surmounted by a fess, all within a bordure argent.

NOTE: Althouoh it is certainly possible to construct abstract shapes by combining various ordinaries, as has been done here, the blazon is usually confusing and the overall effect non­heraldic. In addition, what is depicted here infringes upon the mon of Hachioji­city, Japan.

Yvonne von Bremen. (device). Argent, three pallets sable between two griffins combatant vert.

NOTE: This conflicts with ARMSTRANG, "Argent three palets sable." (Papworth 1014) Addition of a group of secondary charges is only one point.

Kingdom of the Middle

Henrique Zarco. (device). Or, two eucalyptus sprigs in saltire vert surmounted by a kangaroo sejant erect proper. (Macropus giganteus) According to Batonvert, there are several different kinds of kangaroo, in varying colors. Without the common name, we can't tell if Henrique's kangaroo is colored correctly, or if it will contrast sufficiently with the Or field. The one shown in the emblazon is dark brown, which shows up well; but according to the Fieldbook of Natural History (pp. 677­678), Macropus giganteus is the Great Gray Kangaroo, "general appearance furry grayish­white," which (1) is not the color of the charge shown in the emblazon, and (2) would not show up well against this field. Please find out the common name and coloration of the kangaroo, or else render it in a standard heraldic color.

Logos von Schnecke. (name and device). Sable, a partisan bendwise argent surmounted by a snail shell to sinister Or.

NOTE: I was unable to find portisan in either the OED or Stone's Glossary: I assume this was a mistake for partisan. Logos is the Greek word for 'word', and does not appear to have been used as a given name. Schnecke is the German word for 'snail', not a place name; 'of the snail' would be von der Schnecke. The device appears acceptable.

Robert of Alwynn. (name only).

NOTE: Alwyn(n) is a given name, and may not be used as a place name. Please drop the of, or substitute a patronymic particle for it.

Silver Swords, Shire of. (device). Azure, three swords inverted in pile between a chevron enhanced throughout argent, charged with a laurel wreath vert, and a bar gemel wavy abased argent.

NOTE: This is poor style, as is evidenced by the rather involved blazon, and needs to be redesigned. Making the swords all palewise and replacing the chevron with a chief would improve the composition considerably. (Please note that the foregoing design has not been checked for conflict.).

Kingdom of the West

Caitlin of Amberwyne. (device). Per fess argent and azure, a lion passant and three roses counterchanged.

NOTE: This conflicts with WALL, "Per fess argent and azure, in chief a lion passant of the second." (Papworth 88) A change in the lion of partition (sorry ...) should be sufficient.

Yrjö Kirjawiisas. (change of device). Ermine, a lion rampant between three battle­axes sable.

NOTE: This conflicts with BROUGHTON, "Ermine, a lion rampant sable." (Papworth 75) According to the Rules for Submissions, "Adding or removing a group of identical secondary charges counts as a major point of difference." (XIII.A.4.b, p. 27) He needs an additional minor point. DISCUSSION: The other conflicts cited were WEEKES, "Ermine, three battle axes sable" (Papworth 12) and HOURI THE SAVAGE, "Argent, a lion rampant sable, armed, orbed, and langued gules." (SCA) Under rule XII.9, Master Yrjö's submission differs from WEEKES by the addition of the principal charge ­ in this case, the lion ­ which causes the battle­axes to be demoted to secondary charges. The device is technically clear of HOURI THE SAVAGE, although a case could be made for reducing the importance of the secondary charges because of questionable contrast with the ermine field.


Kingdom of Caid

Alberic Reed. (device). Argent, a chess king within a bordure rayonny gules. NOTE: This submission has been deferred to the November meeting, to allow the College of Arms to discuss whether or not a chess king, which incorporates a restricted charge (a crown), is an acceptable heraldic charge.