of the College of Arms
of the
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

July 1991



Astrid Bjarnadottir. Name.

Submitted as Astrid Bjarnasdottir, we have modified the patronymic to the correct genetive form.

Brandon Cospatric. Name and device. Per chevron azure and Or, two winged lions dormant respectant and a winged lion sejant affronty wings displayed counterchanged.
While Brandon is a surname in period, it is also a documented variant spelling of Brendan (also, Brandan), so this spelling is allowable in a given name. The use of mirror symmetry of the charges in chief is not really period style but has not in and of itself been cause for return in the past. Several commentors felt that the mirrored orientation of the two lions in chief created a "de facto" case of slot machine heraldry. While Laurel is personally sympathetic with this position, orienting charges this way has not been cause for return in the past.

Birgitta Martell of Canterbury. Name.

Galen Martell of Canterbury. Name.

Guy of Alderney. Name and device. Gyronny sable and argent, a saltire of chains vert.

The contrast between the vert chain and the sable portions of the field are marginal but because of the symmetry and high contrast against the argent portions of the field this is (just) registerable.

James Addison of Woolpit. Name change from James Addison the Lame.

Jeane Chantal la Bouviere. Name and device. Vert, three arches in pale Or between two flaunches invected ermine,

Please ask the submitter to draw the flaunches properly issuing from the corners of the chief.

Jessika of Fairholme. Badge. Or, a lion salient sable and on a gore vert, an aspen leaf argent.
Although the byname is spelled Fairholm in the armorial and ordinary, the submitter's original forms have the final 'e'.

Kateline MacFarlane. Name only (see RETURNS for device).
Submitted on the LoI as Katelin (without the final "e"), the submitter's forms all had the documented form registered here.

Midhaven, Shire of. Name and device. Per chevron azure and sable, a tulip slipped and leaved within a laurel wreath argent.
Although Midhaven appears to be an actual medieval place, it is not a "significant geographical location outside the Society" as defined in the Administrative Handbook, Protected Items, E. Very nice armory!

Torric of Three Mountains. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per pale argent and Or, in pale a castle sable and a brown bear's head erased proper.
Submitted as Torric inn Bjarni.

Ulf Magnusson. Device. Argent, mailed sable, a timberwolf's head cabossed, holding in its mouth a stone throwing hammer, fesswise reveresed gules.

Valley Wold, Shire of. Name.

Vladimir Nikolai Petrovich. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Zeresh la Tricoteuse. Name and device. Per bend azure and sable, a unicorn's head couped argent, armed and crined, and two double-pointed knitting needles in saltire Or.

Lord Batonvert has documented double-pointed knitting needles as having been used in the time of the Roman empire.

Zeresh la Tricoteuse. Badge. Per bend azure and sable, a square of four double-pointed knitting needles Or.


Aaron Wesley Grosvenor. Name.

Adrian Navarre. Name and device. Sable, a chevron gules, fimbriated, and a bordure Or.

Please tell the submitter to make the bordure wider.

Adrian William Thames. Name and device. Per bend sinister gules and azure, a pegasus segriant, argent, and in canton a plate.

Aidan Aileran O'Comhraidhe. Badge. [Fieldless] A broad arrow inverted azure, surmounted by a Lacy knot argent.

Alastrina McKeary. Name.

Aldwin Greenleaf. Device. Purpure, on a cross moline nowy between four unicorn's heads erased argent, a rose gules.

Alina Kendall O'Comhraidhe. Badge. [Fieldless] A broad arrow inverted azure, surmounted by a butterfly argent.

Ansgar of Aachen. Device. Quarterly sable and Or, a mullet of four points within a bordure counterchanged.

Anton Mikhailevich Rozov. Name.

Astridr Selr Leifsdottir. Device. Azure, a melusine with hands clasped at her breast argent, crined and tailed, and in chief three estoiles of eight rays Or.

Caterina Angélique Coeur Noir. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Caterina Angélique Coeur de Noir, we have modified the name to correct the grammar.

Eirik Halfdanarson. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Elfsea, Barony of. Name for Order of the Azure Keystone of Elfsea.

Elizabeth Lyon Gardener. Name.

George Michael Edmunson. Device. Per pale gules and argent, a fess sable, between three crescents counterchanged.

Nice armory!

Harald von Bayern. Name.

Juliana van Utrecht. Name.

Keyna Morgan Oulton. Name.

Yonge's listing of Keyne on page 271 of her History of Christian Names lends support to the given.

Marke von Mainz. Device. Gyronny argent and sable, a cross moline and a bordure gules.

Mikhail Alexandrovitch Kotov. Badge. [Fieldless] A tyger passant contourny Or.

Mooneschadowe, Shire of. Device change. Sable, a sun argent, eclipsed sable, and on a chief Or, a laurel wreath sable.

The Shire's currently registered device, Sable, in pale a sun eclipsed argent, and a laurel wreath, a chief Or, is released.

Mooneschadowe, Shire of. Badge. [Fieldless] A lion-dragon statant contourny Or.

Richard Fairbourne. Name.

Richard of the Silverdawn. Badge. [Fieldless] A clarion gules.

Russell Jervis. Name.

Scot MacFin. Name.

Talen Gustaf von Marienburg. Name change from Eldred Talen Godwinson.

William of Seawinds. Name.


Achbar ibn Ali. Device. Vert, a dragon statant erect affronty, wings displayed argent, pierced through the chest with a sword sable within a bordure engrailed argent.

Achbar ibn Ali. Badge. [Fieldless] A skull argent, within the dexter eye socket a rose gules.

Adam of Erin. Name.

Alienora na Coille. Device. Per chevron sable and ermine, a chevron gules fimbriated between two roses slipped and leaved Or and a sun gules eclipsed ermine.

Artemidiore de la Coeur Sincere. Device. Per chevron argent and sable, two fleurs-de-lys and a stag courant counterchanged within a bordure engrailed gules.

Beornheard of Wearmouth. Device. Vert, a triquetra within a bordure Or.

The submitter's previous device, Vert, a trefoil knot within a bordure Or, is released.

Camlyn de Skene. Name.
Submitted as Camllyn de Skene, we have modified the name to correct the grammar.

Ceridwen ferch Owayne. Badge. [Fieldless] Upon a wheel sable a fleur-de-lys argent.
Submitted as badge for alternate persona (see RETURNS for alternate persona name).

Conor MacLean. Name and device. Per fess azure and argent, three swans naiant in fess and two claymores in saltire all within a bordure embattled, all counterchanged.

Constanzia Beatrice Rossi. Device. Per pale argent and vert, a wingless dragon rampant to sinister and a bottlenosed dolphin haurient embowed, all within a bordure mullety, all counterchanged.

There was some disagreement at the Laurel meeting as to whether the addition of a charged bordure removes the appearance of marshaling. That most of the commenters seem to think that it does or have said nothing leads us to believe that the College feels that the addition of a charged bordure does, in fact, remove the appearance of marshaling.

Donna of Attilium. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per pale Or and purpure, a dragon statant erect vert maintaining a cleaver sable, in chief a mullet of six points counterchanged.
Submitted as Magelique of Attillium.

Fjarska Holt, Canton of. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Genseric Tremayne. Name and device. Azure ermined argent, a sword proper grasped in the middle of the blade by a gauntlet reversed Or.

Ginevra die Hohe. Name.

Submitted as Ginevra die Hohin, we have modified the name to correct the grammar.

Grethfurth of Tavasalama. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Gytha Katludottir. Device. Per bend sinister argent and sable, a goat-horned winged serpent erect contourny, tail nowed counterchanged.

Heinrich von Rafinsburch. Name and device. Ermine, on a gore sinister gules a castle argent.

While the submitter's name conflicts with his documentation, Lady Harpy properly notes that unless the historical Heinrich is demonstrated to be important enough to protect that we do not have a reason to return this name simply because it duplicates the documentation.

Henry Best. Name.

Ilarion Ivanovich Drakonov. Device. Per chevron inverted sable and argent, a wingless dragon couchant Or and two caltraps gules.

Iseulte of the Red Cliffs. Device. Per fess indented of five points sable and Or, a decrescent Or and five chevronels braced gules.

Because the emblazon requires blazoning the number of points of the line of division of the field to make the design work, this is not particularly period style, but is not poor enough style to return.

Isobel Gildingwater of Ditchingham. Device. Sable, on an eagle displayed, wings inverted, Or, three estoiles sable, a bordure Or.

Johann von Rothenburg. Device. Quarterly sable and Or, three crosses formy counterchanged.

Please show the submitter what crosses formy really look like (and Maltese crosses, too, for that matter).

Johann von Rothenburg. Badge. [Fieldless] A cross formy quarterly sable and Or.
Please show the submitter what crosses formy really look like (and Maltese crosses, too, for that matter).

John Smith of Glasgow. Device. Azure, on a fess between three dice argent spotted sable a staff proper.

Karl Adler der Reisender. Name for the Crimson Brotherhood.

Keii Gerard de Courtenay. Name.

Konrad der Ruhige Bär. Name.

Landric Dægmær. Name.

Submitted as Landric Dægmær of Ealdwulf, we have modified the name as Lady Triton requested in her letter of correction of May 22, 1991.

Llewelynus Luctuosus. Name and device. Argent goutty de sang, a cup sable, a chief gules.
Submitted as Llwelynus Luctuosus, we have modified the name to match the documentable forms as the submitters forms allowed.

Llewelynus Luctuosus. Badge. Azure ermined Or, a weasel's head couped argent collared of leather proper.

Lupus the Mad. Device. Sable, on a plate, a wolf's head erased ululant contourny sable, in base an anvil argent.

Marcus Tanner. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Marcus Tanner of Coeur Cri, we have deleted the village name because no evidence was presented that French place names were ever formed in this manner.

Maelgwn of Lochmere. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Argent, ermined, a sword inverted gules, overall a two-headed dragon sejant erect affronty, queue forchy, wings displayed, sable.

Neacal Montgomery. Name and device. Vert, on a pile between two shamrocks Or, a winged quatrefoil slipped wings displayed vert.

Submitted as Necal Montgomery, we have modified the name to the documented form (Dunkling, Scottish Christian Names, p. 108).

Niniane Loch Aonadharcaich. Name and device. Azure, two unicorn's heads couped respectant argent, a bordure engrailed Or.
Submitted as Niniane as Loch aon Adharaich, we have modified the name to correct the grammar.

Philippe Gaspard de Charbonneau. Device. Sable, on a bend sinister gules, fimbriated, between two crosses of Lorraine, a fleur-de-lys palewise Or.
Please tell the submitter that the fleur-de-lys should not overlap the bend.

Raibeart MacMhathain. Name and device. Per fess azure and vert, on a roundel Or, a bull statant gules.

Ramona of Atlantia. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per bend sinister sable and argent honeycombed sable, a decrescent argent and a spider sable.

Submitted as Tzigane Dreamspinner.

Rasvan Blackstorm. Name and device. Per pale argent and sable, two birds close respectant and a skull counterchanged.

Rowan of Ashley. Name.

Ruth Parlour. Device. Per pale vert and azure, a catamount salient guardant ermine maintaining a chalice, a bordure argent.

Salvatore of Bright Hills. Name and device. Per pale sable and gules, three pithons coiled guardant, wings displayed, Or.

Sean Kilian MacTalbot. Device. Per chevron Or and gules, two hearts gules each charged with a cross bottony Or, and a talbot rampant Or maintaining a claymore proper.

Pended from the April, 1991 Laurel meeting.

Tangwystl ferch Dafydd. Name and device. Argent, on a cross gules a cross of four ermine spots argent, on a chief sable a tyger passant argent.
Pretty device.

Thora Arnketil. Device. Sable, a gore sinister vair.

Thorbjorn inn Mikligerzki. Name.

Submitted as Thorbjorn inn Mikligerski, we have modified the name to match the submitters documentation.

Vidimer of An Tir. Device. Azure, on a chevron Or, two fish haurient respectant Azure and overall a sword palewise argent.
Pended from the April, 1991 Laurel meeting.

Walter Bowman. Name and device. Sable, within a cross formy throughout nowy pierced Or, a unicorn's head couped argent.
Clear of Guy le Provencal, Sable on a cross patee throughout Or surmounted by a roundel counterchanged four fleurs-de-lys palewise gules, with CVDs for removing the tertiaries, removal of the overall charge and addition of the unicorn's head.


Alaric der Held. Name and device. Or, an eagle stooping sable and a bordure vairy gules and argent.

Arisa Novgorodkin. Name and device. Or, an iris purpure slipped and leaved vert, in chief a crescent sable, and flaunches pean.

Artemas the Innkeeper. Name.

Ceidrych the Innocent ap Gryffydd. Change of holding name from Ilan of Mathom Trove.

Lady Soon-to-be (?) Harpy presented evidence that Ceidrych is probably a reasonable compounded name.

Conan de Kirketun of Wyvernsreach. Name and device. Vert, three chevronels braced and in chief a wyvern statant to sinister argent.
The place name Drakelow in Ekwald lends credence to the locative. Nice device.

Crédh Dúnlaith ní Bhrádaigh. Name.

Dabhaidh Earmourer the Tiny. Name.

Fiachra Aiodhghean ó Muircheartaigh na hEoghanachta Locha Lein. Name and device. Argent, an eagle displayed sable, a bordure vert semy of harps Or.

Submitted as Fiachra Aoidhghean ui Muircheartaigh, an Eoghanacht Loch Lein, we have modified the name to correct the grammar.

Guillaume MacMaelMicheil. Device. Azure, semy of flanged maces argent, a sea-serpent ondoyant to sinister Or.

Halfdan Ivarsson. Name and device. Per chevron inverted checky vert and argent, and sable, a cloven Saxon helm affronty sable and two spears corssed in chevron inverted argent.

Halldór Skaptason. Badge. [Fieldless] A sea-wolf within and conjoined to an annulet Or.

Justina Marie of Burgundy. Device. Per pale Or and purpure, a fleur-de-lys counterchanged within a bordure sable semy of lozenges argent.

Megwyn O'Bardain of Caledon Wood. Device. Vert, on a pile between two unicorns rampant reguardant addorsed argent a sun azure.

Miriam bas Levi. Name and device. Or, a hummingbird migrant to base vert and a mount rayonny azure.

Submitted as Miriam bas Levi al Cordova, we have dropped the undocumented byname. No documentation was presented that Cordova was the Arabic form of this Spanish city's name (nor could Lord Laurel find what the Moors called it anywhere in his library). Moreover, even if it were the byname more likely would have been al-Cordovawwi. While blasoned in the LoI as a mount rayonny azure, the emblazon shows a demi-sun issuant from base.

Sandra of Calafia. Name and device. Gules, on a bend sinister sable fimbriated, three fleurs-de-lys palewise Or.

Victor Somerset of Ravenwood. Device. Argent, on a chevron embattled gules between three ravens sable three annulets Or.

Very nice style.


Aelfreda o Lyn Ewig. Device. Azure, a stag lodged and in chief a decrescent and an increscent all within a bordure argent.

Aislinn of Spinning Winds. Device. Per saltire argent and vert, in pale two mink statant sable and in fess two lozenges argent.

Alyson Throckmorton. Name and device. Lozengy vert and Or, an alphyn passant purpure.

Andre Miguel de la Croix. Device. Gules, a vol and on a chief Or two crosses patonce sable.

Andre Miguel de la Croix. Badge. Quarterly sable and gules, a vol within a bordure Or.

Anne Lockwood. Device. Per fess argent and purpure, a fret counterchanged.

Nice armory.

Conamail Bongam. Name.

Doireann Fearghus Roberston. Name and device. Gules, on a bend sinister between a Latin cross bottony and a standing balance Or, four decrescents palewise gules, all within a bordure embattled Or.

Gillian Elphinstone. Name and device. Sable, on a sun Or a shamrock sable, a bordure embattled argent.

Versus Kourost Bernard of the East Woods (SCA), Sable, a sun eclipsed Or, there is a CVD for the addition of the bordure. Based on the commentary, for purposes of X.4.j.2, we are specifically adding a sun as an underlying charge which qualifies for a CVD to change of type only of a tertiary. Therefore there is a second CVD for the change to the tertiary (shamrock vs. eclipsing).

Gullrond Berhtolf. Name and device. Vert, a wolf statant guardant coward Or, in chief three mullets of four points argent all within a bordure erminois.

Idris ap Llawr. Device. Or, a flame of fire proper, on a chief rayonny azure an arrow argent.

Katharine Ravenshill. Device. Sable, a seahorse Or.

Versus Aurelia des Chevaux de Mer (SCA), Sable, a winged seahorse rampant argent, winged, tailed and unguled Or, there is a CVD for removing the wings, and a second for changing the tincture of half the primary charge. Versus Bern Bellower (SCA), Sable, a sea unicorn Or, tailed vert, fimbriated argent, armed and unguled argent, involved to sinister, there is a CVD for facing dexter as opposed to facing sinister and a second CVD for changing the tincture of half the primary. Against Debra of Cyprus (SCA), Pean, a sea unicorn erect erminois, there is a CVD for the change to the tincture of the field and another for the change of the tincture of the primary. There is no visual conflict with Debra.

Katharine Ravenshill. Badge. [Fieldless] A seahorse Or.

Laura Aleyn. Name and device. Azure, on an escallop Or, an estoile azure, on a chief indented Or three martlets azure.

Good armory.

Lothar Schwarzfalkner. Name and device. Or, in pale a eagle displayed and three swords inverted in pile sable.

Loveday Lancaster. Name and device. Per fess argent and Or, a brown demi-bear erect issuant from the line of division proper and on an open book azure a garden rose, slipped and leaved, fesswise Or.

Mari Elspeth nic Bryan. Device. Per bend argent and vert, on a bend sable two crosses formy palewise argent.

Parthalon McKean the Bold. Name and device. Or, on a fess between five roses sable a boar passant Or.

Peter Paul Goodenow. Name.

Randwulf aus dem Schnee. Device. Argent, a wolf rampant to sinister sable and three wolves' teeth issuant from sinister gules, all within a bordure sable.

Rycherd of Caistron. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and azure, a Latin cross bottony and a griffin segreant within a bordure potenty, all counterchanged.

Submitted as Rycherd Stormbrand of Caistron, we have modified the name to delete the created name. While Lord Dragon came up with some similar epithets in Norse and German, this combination of words in English appears to have no real meaning. Nice armory.

Sean Angus MacDuinnchinn. Device. Gules, on a fess argent between four recorders, three and one, or, a kris reversed sable.

Shariya bint Badr. Badge. [Fieldless] A griffin passant within and conjoined to the horns of a decrescent, argent.

Sherry Foxwell. Badge. [Fieldless] A fox herissony to sinister gules.

Siubhan Catriona Guinne. Name.

Wilhelm von Buren. Name and device. Per pale azure and Or, a nesselblat counterchanged.

Nice armory!

William Fidgett. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Adin Tinkar. Badge. A winged torch, wings elevated and addorsed argent.

Adrianna of Westmarch. Name.

Aelfwynn of Wulfden. Name.

Ailie MacLeod. Name.

Aine Callaghan. Device. Or, a seadog rampant and on a chief wavy gules, a three-arched bridge Or.

Aislynn Crystyn. Name.

Alejandra Mercedes de Rosanegra. Badge. [Fieldless] A yale rampant sable platy.

Nice period style badge.

Alison MacDermot. Badge. [Fieldless] A round buckle azure.
Nice badge.

Alys of Lynnencorre. Change of name and device from Morimoto Ichihatsu. Sable, on a bend gules fimbriated argent, three garlanded white rose buds slipped and leaved proper.
Her currently registered name and mon (Sable, three iris blooms issuing inward from a ringn enclosure of bramble of three curls inward argent) become an alternate persona name and badge.

Ange Casseur de Masse. Name.

Anne Aldryche the Madd. Device. Ermine, a dove descending argent enveloped in flames gules within a bordure sable.

Aquila d'Athos. Name and device. Sable, on a pale ermine between two swords Or a pine tree eradicated proper.

Arabella von Lohbach. Name and device. Purpure, a reremouse and a chief nebuly Or.

Ariel of Alon. Name.

Astryda Borowska. Name.

Bartholomew Knowles. Name change from Bartholomew the Bewildered.

Beornwulf the Belligerent. Name.

Berek Ravencrest. Name and device. Ermine, a raven sable and a chief gules.

Bérengar de Clisson. Device. Ermine, on a bend cotised azure a lion's jambe Or.

Bjarki ap Owen. Device. Quarterly sable and gules, a wolf courant and in chief three roses argent.

Pretty device.

Bronwyn nic Gregor. Name and device. Or, three cats sejant within a bordure sable.
Nice device.

Bryan mac Dhugaill an Boghadair. Name for Teaghlach a' Bhoghadair Airgid.
Submitted as Teaglach na Boghadair Argiod we have corrected the grammar as the submitter's forms allowed.

Bryan McDonal O'Cathasaigh. Name and device. Per pale sable and gules, two lutes argent.

Camma an Daraich. Name.

Submitted as Camma na Darag, we have modified the name to correct the grammar.

Cara Silverwolf. Name and device. Azure, in chief four hearts in cross points outward and in base a wolf statant contourny ululant argent.

Cara Silverwolf. Alternate persona name for Togakure no Yamamoto Tetsuko.

Cassandra of Altimar. Name and device. Vert, a sword and on flaunches Or a decrescent and an increscent gules.

Catherine de Clare of Alconleigh. Device. Gules, five annulets interlaced in bend within a bordure Or.

Catriona nic Pharlain. Name.

Cerdic of Colbridge. Name.

Ceridwen of Cahercommaun. Device. Gyronny of sixteen argent and gules, a domestic cat sejant and on a chief sable a decrescent and an increscent argent.

Although Lord Batonvert stated that the SCA has disallowed gyronny of sixteen or more since 1971, a careful reading of the decision from that LoAR makes it clear that gyronny of sixteen with a single charge on the field (as opposed to multiple charges) was acceptable.

Ciara of Trawsfynydd. Badge. [Fieldless] A winged antelope salient sable, armed and winged argent.

Ciarnat d'Avignon. Name and device. Argent ermined vert, on a mullet vert a fox's mask argent.

Versus Astra Christiana Benedict (SCA), On a mullet a cross-crosslet, there is a CVD for fielded versus fieldless and a second under X.4.j.2 for the change to type of tertiary. It is Lord Laurel's contention that a mullet of five points qualifies as a simple geometric charge under this rule. (It is also Lord Laurel's contention that a mullet is probably the most complex charge which will so qualify.)

Coenric of Scarborough Marsh. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and argent, a bend sinister raguly between two owls counterchanged.

Colin MacLear. Device. Argent, on a pile ployé between two crescents azure, a trident argent.

Dagonell Collingwood of Emerald Lake. Badge. [Fieldless] An ankle boot vair.

Dara Katerina Smythe. Name.

David Wayland. Name and device. Azure, two chevronels argent surmounted by a crescent Or, a chief argent.

Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Dubghall Domnall MacNayre. Name.

Efron le Fey. Name change from holding name of Efron of the Debatable Lands.

The appeal of this name has sufficiently documented the use of le Fey as a surname by people well within Period. The surname le Fey is acceptable for registration provided there are no other allusions to elves or faerie in the name or armory.

Elissa Potier. Device. Azure ermined Or, a chevron argent between two pairs of scissors inverted Or and a goose close holding in its mouth a threaded needle argent.

Elizabeth Mills. Name.

Elric ap Madog. Name.

Elspeth Keyfe of Neddingham. Name for Schola Lucernae.

This name is to be attached to her already registered badge, [Fieldless] An annulet engrailed Or and fretted with two candles in saltire argent enflamed at both ends proper. Schola is not a reserved term so this is no problem. Going by the best advice given us by the commenters, lucernae does not appear to presume upon the name of the city Lucerne.

Etienne Armand du Périgord. Name and device. Sable, on a bend sinister between four decrescents argent a garden rose slipped and leaved azure.

Evaine ferch Arnallt Yr Wyddfa. Name.

Fabian Steinwolf. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Fabian Steinwolf. Name for Haus Steinwolf.

Franz Joder von Joderhübel. Device. Azure, on a bend between two doves argent a serpent glissant vert.

Clear of Johnson (Papworth, p. 270), Azure, on a bend embattled argent between two cocks of the second, crested and jelloped Or, a snake vert. There is a CVD for the complex line of the bend and a second for the change in type of the secondaries. There are some fairly obvious differences to the head and body outline between doves and cocks; sufficient for a CVD.

Galleron de Cressy. Name change from Galleron de la Chenille.

Gryffydd Belwyn. Name and device. Azure, a chevron gules fimbriated and in base a bell Or.

Nice armory!

Gryffydd Belwyn Badge. [Fieldless] A mole rampant barry Or and gules.


Ælfric Magor the Seeker. Name.

Aleksina Taisiya Rogvolodovna. Name.

Conor of Clan Moncreiffe. Name.

Frederick der Jüngling of Augsburg. Device. Azure, on a pile embattled between two decrescents argent, an estoile sable.

James Galen McGrew. Name for House Wolf's Keep.

The submitter wishes to attach his badge, Checky gules and argent, a dagger and an arrow inverted in saltire Or, overall a wolf's head caboshed sable, to this household name.

John Richard Beauchamp. Device. Counter-ermine, on a pile Or an owl gules.

Padruig Dubhchlogad. Name.

Submitted as Padruig Dubh Clogad, we have modified the name to correct the grammar.

Thomas of Aylesbury. Device. Sable, on a bend bretessed argent, three roses proper, seeded, on a bordure argent an orle gules.


Aelua of Whitehaven. Name and device. Argent semy of heather blossoms purpure, on a chief engrailed vert a recorder reversed argent.

Alda Mauricia. Name.

Aldeyn von Lütringen. Name and device. Gyronny of fourteen azure and argent, a lozenge Or within an annulet Or estoily azure.

Anne of Flaming Gryphon. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Azure, on a bend between two horse's heads couped argent a deadly nightshade vine vert flowered purpure.

Aonghas MacLeod O hAonghusa of Stratafon. Device. Per chevron argent and gules, two boar's heads couped close sable and a lion rampant regardant Or.

Arlen of Guildford. Name and device. Gyronny argent and gules, two wings conjoined in lure Or within a bordure gyronny sable and Or.

Berengière Fortescue. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Caitlin Magdaline Gilchrist. Device. Or, a cat sejant guardant contourny sable within a bordure vert charged with three sexfoils Or seeded gules.

Colm Caimbeul. Name.

Deryk von Halberstadt. Name.

Dmitrii Volkovich. Name.

Evzenie Apolena Vitkovic. Name.

Galleron del Chastel. Name.

Gisèle Percheron. Name.

Josceline Levesque. Device. Pean, a maunch between three cinquefoils argent.

Pretty device.

Magnus of Falkirk. Name for House Blackfletch.
This name is to be associated with his badge, Sable, on a bend between four pheons argent, an arrow inverted sable.

Miriel del Chastel. Name.

Nicholaa Halden. Name change from Arthelenda Halden.

Owain MacCabe. Name.

Ranulf of Wolfshaven. Device. Counter-ermine, on a cross moline argent a wolf's head erased vert.

Ranulf of Wolfshaven. Badge. Argent, a wolf's head erased vert within the horns of a crescent counter-ermine.

Rhiannon Dragonsword of the Mystic Woods. Badge. Argent, on a bend between two executioner's hoods sable a katana argent.

Sean of Flaming Sword. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Gules, a bend dancetty between two shamrocks bendwise argent.

Serena Bertram of Northumberland. Device. Quarterly vert and Or, in bend two ravens displayed facing sinister Or within an orle counterchanged.

Pretty armory.

Simon d'Arc the Scholar. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Tamara bint Yousef. Name and device. Or, a bend wavy azure between two date palms vert.

Tangwystl Failsworth. Name and badge for House Failsworth. [Fieldless] An Afghan hound passant ermine.

Thomas MacRoe. Name and device. Per bend sinister Or and gules, semy of swords bendwise counterchanged, a roebuck springing proper.

Thomas Reymond. Name.

Thorgrim Olafsson. Name and device. Sable, two torches in saltire argent enflamed Or and in chief a triple-towered castle argent.

The potential conflict with the name Thorgrim Olesson no longer exists since Thorgrim Oleson changed his name to Jacques Michel Navarre in October 1989.

Timothy Rees. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per bend sinister argent and sable, a death's head counterchanged and in base an olive slip fesswise reversed fructed argent.
Submitted as Glyn Rees.

Tor Brant, Canton of. Device. Argent, a dragon passant counter-ermine and in base a laurel wreath azure, a chief azure platy.

Ulthar Sveinsson. Device. Gules, a horned helmet with nasal affronty ensigned with a hawk's head erased Or within a bordure Or semy of Thor's hammers sable.

Ulthar Sveinsson. Name for House Drakgardt.


Adela de Pont-de-Lille. Name and device. Azure, on a pile between four suns Or, a roundel vert.

Submitted as Adela de Lillepont, we have modified the byname to standard French naming instruction.

Aeruin as Sruth Waleis. Badge. [Fieldless] A daffodil slipped and leaved argent.
Versus Kay Delafleur (SCA), Azure, and Easter lily flower, leaved and slipped proper, fimbriated Or, there is one CVD for fieldlessness and a second for the change to the slipping and leaving which on both flowers amounts to half the charge.

Anne of Ockham. Badge. [Fieldless] A goutte de larmes.

Anthony fitz Robert. Name.

Antoine le Rêveur. Device. Sable on a flame Or a rose proper, an orle invected argent.

Antoinette Saint Clair. Name and device. Azure, a wolf's head cabossed within an orle of lozenges argent.

Nice armory.

Axel the Black. Name.

Bardolph Dragontower. Device. Or, a tower sable, winged of dragon's wings displayed vert, within a bordure sable.

Brand Griffith. Name and device. Per bend sinister Or and azure, an eagle volant within a bordure embattled, all counterchanged.

Submitted as Brand Griffith of Gwynedd, we have dropped the problematic locative. As submitted the name appears to be a claim of decent from Gruffudd, King of Gwynedd to 1137. Rule V.5 disallows any such claim.

Brianna Arielle Durand. Device. Per fess azure and argent, a compass star elongated to base argent and gyrons issuant from base vert.

Brianna of Wessex. Name.

Brocc of Alderden. Badge. [Fieldless] A goutte d'eau.

David le Cassé. Badge. [Fieldless] A goutte de sang inverted.

Dubhgall O'Connor. Name and device. Argent, two bendlets sable scaly argent, in sinister chief a snake's head affrontee, horned of ram's horns, sable.

Eirik Haarfager Göransson. Name and device. Or, a drakkar azure, sailed gules, and on a chief azure, three compass roses Or.

Eirik Haarfager Göransson. Badge. Or, a wooden goblet proper within three newts in annulo azure.

Emeric Mallikson. Name change from Ivan Nikolaevich Kozorézov.

Eric of Huntington. Device. Sable, a chevron argent between a plate charged with a griffin segreant to sinister sable, a plate charged with a griffin segreant sable, and a sword inverted argent.

Eugenius Magnus ap Llwyd. Device. Gyronny purpure and argent, a Bourchier knot throughout gules, a bordure sable.

Euriol of Lothian. Name.

Fabian Arnett von Schwetzingen. Name and device. Quarterly sable and argent, in bend two eagles displayed, heads facing sinister, Or.

Gareth of Wyke. Name.

Gunther Starkfaust. Name and device. Per bend sable and argent, two dexter hands each grasping a broken sword bendwise, counterchanged.

Hugh de la Brett. Name.

Iulstan Sigewealding. Badge. [Fieldless] A goutte d'Or.

Joseph d'Aquitaine. Badge. [Fieldless] A goutte de poix.

Juturna di Parma. Name change from Juturna the Musical and badge. [Fieldless] A goutte d'huile.

Kaitlyn of Thistletorr. Name.

Karl von Montfort. Name and device. Vert ermined, three piles in point argent each charged with a mug reversed sable.

Submitted as Karl Braumeister von Montfort, we have modified the name to drop the problematical Braumeister. "Occupation" of "Place name" name construction has for some years been held to be returnable.

Lionel Gray the Gallant. Name.

Meredith of Cardican. Device. Quarterly vert and Or, two horses' heads couped contourny Or.

Michael Saint Sever. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Michel l'Estropié de Montserrat. Name and device. Azure, a pegasus salient, wings displayed, argent, in chief a decrescent moon Or, all within a bordure argent, semy of escutcheons sable.

Mina de Lis. Device. Per chevron Or and purpure, three fleur-de-lys counterchanged.

Oksana Vladislavovna Soroka. Badge. [Fieldless] On a maple leaf azure a cat's head erased argent, marked Or.

Oksana Vladislavovna Soroka. Release of badge. [Fieldless] A sea-magpie erect to sinister, wings elevated and addorsed sable, marked argent.

Renee of Blackstar. Badge. Argent, a wingless amphisbaena per pale purpure and azure, between its heads a gunstone.

Rosalie Ashleigh. Device. Azure, a harp reversed Or, on a chief invected argent, three roses sable.

Sanchia de la Tourre. Name and device. Argent, a comet bendwise sinister and a bordure gules.

Sarah Tremaine. Name.

Timas Propugnator Marcus. Name and device. Per fess sable and gules, a sealion within a bordure Or.

Valentine du Promontoire. Device. Argent ermined gules, an urchin rampant sable.

Wilhelm der Wieselhüter. Name and device. Azure, a castle and on a chief triangular argent, a weasel statant to sinister azure.

William Delamere of Darkmoor. Name and device. Quarterly azure and argent, a cross patonce gules between in bend two fleur-de-lys argent.



Alaric von Rottweil. Device. Per saltire gules and argent, a fylfot arrondy counterchanged.

First of all, this is not really a fylfot arrondy. It is similar to a cross gammadion, the arms enarched, of the SS Fifth armored division, but has an extra bend in each arm. As drawn it is unblazonable and therefore must be returned. (If drawn as a fylfot arrondy, it would also have to be returned, as fylfots of any kind have always been returned because of their association with the German NSDAP.)

Avacal, Region of. Device. Quarterly argent and Or, a griffin segreant maintaining a sword and arrow gules, the sword environed of a laurel wreath vert.
The name is registered as a herald's title to the kingdom of An Tir. No paperwork was received for a designator change. While in the past arms have been registered to the regions of Ansteorra and Calontir, a number of commentors questioned whether this is a precedent we should still follow. In a discussion with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, she recommended against the registration of the names and armory of regions. Might we suggest that the region send in the paperwork for a change in status to that of principality?

Deorwine aet Earneleia. Device. Per chevron inverted azure, a crested eagle displayed affronty Or, beaked and armed gules, and Or, three oak trees eradicated vert, fructed of three acorns each Or.
Conflict with Isabeau Eaglestone of Glinwood, Per fess raguly vert and argent, an eagle displayed perched on a bow and three trees counterchanged. (Regarding Lord Batonvert's suggestion that we define as one-half of a group charges on each side of a line of division dividing the field into two portions, this issue seems too complex to resolve at the Laurel meeting. Lord Laurel invites input to consider this issue at the November Laurel meeting.)

Kateline MacFarlane. Device. Per pale vert and argent, a winged horse's head erased wings addorsed argent and a maidenhair fern proper, all within a bordure embattled counterchanged.
As has been ruled previously, the addition of the bordure does not remove the appearance of marshalled arms. There was some commentary regarding the identifiability of a "maidenhair" fern. In any case, the large emblazon had the leaves vert and the stems and roots sable, so we couldn't just blazon it vert.

Kateline MacFarlane. Badge. Argent, a maidenhair fern proper.
Conflict with Brobrough (Papworth, p. 1112), Argent, a slip of three leaves vert and with Rosemary Petsley (SCA), Argent, a spring of parsley vert.

Theresa of Three Mountains. Device. Argent, on a bend sinister between a unicorn's head couped and a harp vert, three crescents argent.
First of all, there was no emblazon included in the LoI. Hence this would be returnable for that alone. However, the name Theresa of Three Mountains was listed on the Heraldic Submission Information Sheet as a holding name formed by the kingdom. As has been noted before, kingdoms may not form holding names.

The Summits, Region of. Device. Azure, a dance argent, overall a griffin segreant queue forché counterchanged maintaining in dexter forepaw a grail environed of a laurel wreath Or.
While in the past arms have been registered to the regions of Ansteorra and Calontir, a number of commentors questioned whether this is a precedent we should still follow. In a discussion with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, she recommended against the registration of the names and armory of regions. Might we suggest that the region send in the paperwork for a change in status to that of principality? We can't register the arms without a name. Additionally, as a number of commenters have noted, the counterchanging of the complex overall charge over the complex primary may be considered too much because it breaks up the outline of both charges to an excessive degree.

Torric inn Bjarni. Name.
By the submitter's own documentation inn Bjarni does not appear to be the correct form. Since he allowed no corrections to grammar or spelling, we couldn't correct it. (The correct word for bear appears to be "bjorn".)

Vin Oak, Shire of. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and Or, on a bend sinister vert between an oak tree proper and a bunch of grapes purpure, slipped and leaved vert, a laurel wreath palewise argent.
Conflict with the Order of the Oak, Barony of the Steppes (SCA). As for the device, while it technically is not, it certainly has the visual appearance of slot-machine heraldry. However, the real problem is that with four charge types and five tinctures exceeds the complexity limits of VIII.1.a.

Vladimir Nikolai Petrovich. Device. Or, on a heart gules, a mullet voided and interlaced argent within a bordure vert.
Conflict with Edmund the Sentinel (SCA), Or, on a heart gules, a balance argent. There was some disagreement among the commenters as to whether or not the heart is a simple geometric charge which would qualify under X.4.j.2, allowing change of type only to a tertiary to grant a second CVD. Additionally, mullets of five points voided and interlaced have beend disallowed since the tenure of Wilhelm von Schlüssel (LoAR of 24 October 1979, reaffirmed by the Board of Directors as noted in the cover letter of 13 May 1991.

Yseult of Broceliande. Badge. [Fieldless] Four scimitar blades in cross argent.
While we appreciate the note in the LoI that the submitter "has agreed to 'conjoin'" the blades, the emblazon, which is what we register, does not so show them. Most of the commenters had serious doubts about the identifiability of the charges. Would the submitter consider using entire scimitars?


Caterina Angélique Coeur Noir. Device. Quarterly Or and gules, a heart sable, between in bend sinister a lion rampant and a horse rampant Or.

Three different charges in a standard heraldic arangement is disallowed by XIII.1.a.

Eirik Halfdanarson. Device. Argent, a drakkar sailing to sinister proper, sailed gules, and three points azure.
Conflict with Echlin (Papworth p. 1088), Argent, a galley proper. There is a CVD for the addition of the points only. (There was some question in the commentary as to whether the use of three points is acceptable period style. The clear conflict saved Lord Laurel from having to rule on this issue, but it does appear to be a valid question. Opinions, anyone?)

Mikael Colquhoun. Name.
The pronounciation of the SCA is insufficiently different from the submitter's mundane to be considered registerable by the College (Administrative Handbook, Protected Items I). If the submitter would consider nearly any change (for instance adding "de" in front of Colquhoun), this would be sufficient.

Mikhail Alexandrovitch Kotov. Device. Azure, three bendlets sinister argent, and overall a tyger passant contourny Or.
Conflict with US Third Division, (Military Ordinary 277) Azure, three bendlets sinister argent. There is one CVD for the addition of the overall charge.

Mooneschadowe, Shire of. Badge. [Fieldless] A grenade proper.
Conflict with US Army Ordinance Corp, A grenade sable. There is a CVD for fieldlessness, but the change in tincture of the flame is not a big enough change for the second.


Anton Tremayne. Badge. Checky argent and sable, a cross bottony and a bordure gules.

Conflict with Chysual (Papworth p. 634), Argent, a cross crosslet fitchy within a bordure gules. There is a CVD for the field but nothing for the difference between crosses crosslet and bottony or for the fitching of the lower limb.

Ceridwen ferch Owayne. Badge. Sable, a cup argent charged with a heart gules, all within a bordure Or.
Conflict with the East Kingdom Cooks Guild, Sable, on a chalice argent a cross patty gules. There is one CVD for the bordure (which needs to be much wider) but nothing for the change to type only of the tertiary (a goblet is not a simple geometric charge under X.4.j.ii).

Ceridwen ferch Owayne. Alternate persona name for Marguerite de Beausant.
The byname is not appear to be formed correctly for French and no one could come up with a form which was close. (Considering that the polite French word for buttock is fesse she might consider Bellefesse, which of course would then open up a wide variety of possibilities for canting armory to go with the name.)

Christopher Storm of Kintail. Device. Per chevron argent and vert, two oak trees fructed proper and an arm armored fesswise reversed grasping a claymore proper.
Conflict with Phillip of Ghent, Per chevron argent and vert, two fir trees eradicated and a hawk stooping counterchanged. As in the return of Basil Rattenbury in the June LoAR, there is only one CVD for the change to the type of the primary charges. X.2 (Sufficient Difference) cannot apply between two types of trees.

Constance von Leipzig. Device change. Per bend sinister engrailed Or and azure, a heart gules and a flying fish haurient argent.
Because this was a device change and not a resubmission, we need to receive the proper submission fee. Since no fee was received for this we cannot process it. In the large emblazon the "flying fish" was as unidentifiable as in the mini emblazon in the LoI. When she resubmits we would suggest copying the fish from her currently registered device.

Dugal MacTaveis. Device. Per chevron inverted argent and gules, a chevron inverted counterchanged and in chief three mullets sable.
Conflict with von Witzleben (Siebmacher, plate 165), Per chevron inverted argent and gules, a chevron inverted counterchanged. There is a single CVD for the addition of the secondaries.

Fjarska Holt, Canton of. Device. Argent, a pall azure between two fir trees and in chief a laurel wreath vert.
Conflict with Thorgrim Steinarsonn (SCA), Argent, a pall azure between three pine trees couped proper all within a burdure azure. There is one CVD for removing the bordure.

Genseric Tremayne. Badge. Azure ermined argent, two gauntlets grasping each other in chevron Or.
It is poor style to use two similar but non-identical charges in a single group. For example using a sword and two poinards in a sheaf, for example, has been cause for return in the past. The use of two different types of gauntlets is likewise impermissible.

Grethfurth of Tavasalama. Device. Sable, a bend sinister argent surmounted by a wolf's head affronty cabossed maintaining in its mouth an arrow fesswise reversed counterchanged, a bordure compony argent and sable.
The device was withdrawn in the May 8, 1991 letter from Lady Triton.

Karl Adler der Reisander. Badge for the Crimson Brotherhood. Per pale sable and gules, a double-bitted axe surmounted by a helm voided argent.
This badge was withdrawn by Lady Triton in her letter of May 8, 1991.

Magelique of Attillium. Name.
Magel is a diminutive variant of the surname Mage. French practice does not appear to form a diminutive from a diminutive. Also, French normally forms a diminutive of this nature with -ette.
Marcus Tanner of Coeur Cri. Device. Gules, upon a bend azure fimbriated Or, a tanner's knife argent.
No documentation was presented for the tanner's knife. Period artifacts used in SCA armory must be documented as period. Additionally, this conflicts with Leonberg (Woodward) Gules, a bend azure. There is only one CVD, for the addition of the "tanner's knife".

Marinus, Barony of. Badge for the Order of the Sea-Fan. Per pale vert and azure, a sea-fan argent.
Conflict with Nakajima (Hawley's Mon, p. 61), A military fan bendwise. There is one CVD for orientation of the charge, but nothing for tincture. Conflict also with Nakajima (Ibid.), A military fan within an annulet, with only one CVD for the addition of the annulet.

Maelgwn ap Gruffyd. Name.
Conflict with Prince Maelgwn ap Gruffyd, who is cited in Bartrum's and in Giraldus Cambrensus.

Niall Duncan MacFarlane. Device. Vert, a dragon rampant to sinister playing bagpipes argent and upon a chief sable a saltire argent.
Withdrawn by Lady Triton on her 8 May 1991 letter.

Thora Arnketil. Name change to Arnketilsdottir.
Name changes require the proper fee. Since the fee was not included, we cannot process this. Additionally, no documentation was presented for the appropriateness of using the patronymic particle -dottir with Arnketil.

Tzigane Dreamspinner. Name.
Tzigane is not a name. Documenting it as a word is insufficient for registration as a given name. Dreams do not appear to be something that one can spin.


Joshua ibn Eleazar ha-Shalib. Device. Azure, in saltire a ladle inverted and a recorder between four Jewish hats Or.

While there appears to be no problem with a Jewish hat per se, the emblazoned hats on the device do not match either the submitter's own documentation or other documentation presented by Lords Batonvert and Habicht. That documentation shows almost all Jewish hats to have a ball atop the spike of the hat. If the submitter would be willing to redraw his hats so that they match the documented form for Jewish hats we see no bar to registration.


Alina Meraud Bryte and Gavin de Haga. Name for House de Haga of Deodar.

Although the addition of the exlocative ("of Deodar") would clear the previous problem with the household name, personal households may not incorporate the name of an SCA branch in their name. Thus, the addition of the name of the Shire of Deodar may not be allowed here.

Angus of Blackmoor. Device. Sable, two suns Or, on a chief triangular argent a stag's skull sable.
This is not a chief triangular. Nor is it a pile, per chevron inverted, or chaussé. It is somewhere between all of these and as such cannot be registered. If he wishes to resubmit with a real chief triangular (that is to say, extending down into the field only about half as far as this does), we would be happy to reconsider this.

Rosamund Samborski. Device. Sable, on a spiderweb throughout argent, a spider between three roses Or.
Conflict with The Order of Arachne's Web, Sable a spider argent. As noted in the LoI this is the same submission that was returned a year ago. Nothing in the LoI discussed the previous return, why this submission was different from the previous submission, or why this one should now be registered. Nor was there any discussion of why the previous return was in error, if that is what either the submitter or the Calontir College of Heralds believes. With no discussion of any of these issues the previous return has to stand.

William Fidgett. Device. Per bend sinister indented argent and sable, in dexter chief a skunk statant sable marked argent.
Conflict with Gareth the Russel (SCA), Azure, a skunk statant proper (Mephitis mephitis). There is one CVD for the change to the field but nothing for placement on the field since that is forced by the tincture change. [Irreverent comment from the commentary, "This emblazon has a bizarre resemblance to Pepe le Pew bouncing down a staircase."] [Irreverent comment from the Laurel meeting, "This armory stinks."]


Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson. Device. Gyronny arrondi of six azure and argent, a broadarrow gules.

Conflict with the Royal badge (England), A broadarrow. There is one CVD for fielded versus fieldless but as all of our sources seem to indicate that the broadarrow is a tinctureless badge, we lack the necessary second.
Erling Herjolfsson. Device. Azure, a drinking horn palewise contourny Or.
Conflict with Hartshorn-Dale, Azure, an unstrung bugle horn bendwise sinister Or. There is a CVD for the orientation of the horn, but the slight change to type is insufficient for the second. Conflict also with Pfahler Siebmacher (Plate 81), Azure a straight trumpet palewise Or. There is a CVD for type of horn, but there is not enough difference between the two for X.2.

Fabian Steinwolf. Device. Sable, a winged hammer argent.
Conflict with Tubal-Cain (Fabulous Heraldry, 585), Sable, a hammer argent crowned Or. There is a CVD for the addition of the wings, but deletion of the small crown is insufficient for the second.


Frindik Kálmán Kisvárdaból. Name.

The correct form of the byname would appear to be Kisvárdai, but as the submitter allowed no changes and included no documentation for his chosen byname, we have had to the return the name as a whole.


Anne Winterskye.

Conflict with Anna of Skye (SCA). As much as we sympathize with Lord Dragon's position, we cannot bring ourselves to go along with his arguments because of the way that the Rules for Submission are worded. The only consistent interpretation that we could make was to consider Winterskye to be the addition of an adjective to the noun Skye (or sky).

Berengière Fortescue. Device. Argent, a hawk displayed purpure and on a chief sable three roses argent.
Conflict with Hill (Papworth, p. 309), Argent, an eagle displayed double-headed sable, on a chief of the second, three roses as the first. There is a CVD only for the tincture of the primary.

Brynhildr Kormaksdottir. Augmentation of device. Or, a Norse serpent nowed gules, as an augmentation, gorged of a ring Or.
Having checked the files, it is very clear that Brynhildr's registered device, as listed in the Armorial and Ordinary, is correct; that is, Gules, a Norse serpent nowed Or. Thus, this augmentation has no contrast at all with the charge upon which it is placed making it effectively invisible.

Glyn Rees. Name.
Conflict with Shire of Glynn Rhe. Also, Glyn appears to be a placename and a surname in period, but not a given name. We will need evidence of its use as a given name in period before we can register it.

Middle Kingdom. Title for Pavis Herald.
Conflict with Pavis, a well-known place in the game world of Glorantha [RuneQuest]. As noted in the LoAR of June 1990, p. 14, "Given the popularity of D&D in the Society, we feel that we really must protect these entities."

Sean O'Shaughnessy. Name.
Conflict with Shauna O'Shaughnessy.

Sean of Flaming Sword. Badge. Gules, a shamrock bendwise argent.
Conflict with Breant (Papworth, p. 868), Gules, a cinquefoil argent. There is one CVD for the change to type of the primary, but we are not certain that X.2 can be applicable in this case of difference between types of foils.

Simon d'Arc the Scholar. Device. Per bend sinister azure and gules, an open scroll and a closed book palewise Or.
The use of two similar but non-identical charges in a group has been cause for return many times in the past. A scroll is one kind of book and a book is another.

William the Silver Fox. Name.
Conflict with Sir William Fox, Prime Minister of New Zealand for a number of years between 1856 and 1873. Addition of the adjective is in this case insufficient.


Lars Knarrarsmidr. Device. Gules, a rooster displayed argent maintaining in its claws a spear fesswise proper and a lion's pelt Or.

This had been pended from the April Laurel meeting. Three types of charges in a single group are disallowed under VIII.1.a. The relative sizes of the charges here clearly make them such.


Michael Saint Sever. Device. Per pale vert and sable, three lions passant guardant in pale within a bordure Or.

Conflict with Holland (Papworth, p. 175), Gules, three leopards passant guardant in pale within a bordure Or. There is only one CVD, for the changes to the field.

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