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March 1992

Unto the members of the College of Arms and all others who may read this missive does Da'ud ibn Auda, Laurel King of Arms, send Greetings!

The March Laurel meeting was held on Saturday, March 21, 1992 and considered the following Letters of Intent: An Tir (11/9), Ansteorra (11/23), Caid (12/15), Middle (12/22), Atlantia (12/23), and Atenveldt (12/27). The Outlands (12/20) and Calontir (12/22) Letters of Intent were considered at a "roadshow" Laurel meeting held in Meridies on Sunday, March 29.

The April Laurel meeting is scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 1992, to consider the following Letters of Intent: Ansteorra (12/15), Ansteorra (12/26), East (1/5), An Tir (1/6), Trimaris (1/15), Calontir (1/20), Atlantia (1/21), Caid (1/22), Middle (1/27), Meridies (1/30), and Atenveldt (1/31). The Meridies (1/5) LoI will be considered at a "roadshow" Laurel meeting held on Sunday, April 12, in the Middle Kingdom.

The May Laurel meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 30, 1992, to consider the following Letters of Intent: West (11/14/91, 11/27/91, and 12/30/91, which packets arrived in mid-February), East (2/5), Outlands (2/6), West (2/11), An Tir (2/17), Caid (2/20), Ansteorra (2/21), Middle (2/21), Atlantia (2/24), and Atenveldt (2/27), with the Meridies (2/28) and Calontir (2/29) Letters of Intent to be considered at a "roadshow" Laurel meeting to be held in the Outlands on Sunday, May 17.

The June Laurel meeting is scheduled for Saturday, June 20, 1992, to consider Letters of Intent from March, with two Letters of Intent to be considered at the Known World Heraldic Symposium in An Tir on Sunday, June 28, 1992.


An updated roster should be included in this packet. Please make sure that your mailing lists are up-to-date. Changes which should be especially noted this month are:

Lord Vesper asks that you add Hund Herald, Thorfin Hrolfsson (Steve Roylance, 1592 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC 3146, AUSTRALIA; (011 613) 885­6348), to your mailing lists once again. He is back home from his extended sabbatical through the U.S. and Europe.

Lady Crescent is stepping down (and moving to An Tir!). Her successor as Crescent is Lord Rouland Carre. Please do not delete Mistress Zenobia from your mailing lists. She will stay on the roster as an active commenter after her impending move.

Lord Beacon has retired. His successor is Mistress Sionyn Muirgen ní Dhomnall. She asks that you add Mistress Aeruin ní hEaráin O'Chonemara (Pat Pierce Wilson), 4659 Lee Road #401, Salem, AL 36874; (205) 745-0930, as Lambent Herald and a commenter.

OOPS! (or, Nobody Else Caught It, Either.)

At the January 1992 Meeting, we registered the name of Patrick Logan (from the Middle Kingdom). We are having to change this registration to a holding name, Patrick Logan of Stormvail, as when Laurel went to put the folding in the files, it was easy to find exactly where it should go. The name Patrick Logan was registered to a gentle in the West Kingdom (different legal name -- they are not the same person) at the January 1991 Laurel meeting. I am sure that even those commenters who feel most strongly that our names differencing rules should be based on simple non-identity will feel that these two names are too close, so I am having to take the (so far as I know) unprecedented step of forming a holding name after published registration. I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause the submitting herald the the gentle involved, but we simply cannot have two folders for two different people with identical SCA names.



The 'Daily Mail' of the 20th August 1991, carried a report that Lord Doune, the 24 year old son and heir of the 20th Earl of Moray, has had the family achievement of arms tattooed "in four vibrant colours" on his bottom.

He got the idea from his cousin Lady Georgina Murray, daughter of the Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield, who has a pretty papillon on her arm. Lord Doune is reported as saying "A couple of hours into it I was regretting it massively, but now I'm really pleased. It's a secret delight, very small and inoffensive."

'Mr. Pepys', the fictional diarist of 'The Evening Standard', said on the 27th August, "Me. Pepys can just about put up with arrogant stockbrokers twiddling crested signet rings the size of sovereigns, but he was most disturbed to learn that one young aristocrat has had his crest tattooed on one of his buttocks. Mr. Pepys was similarly surprised to receive a leaflet offering to paint the Pepys family crest on his lavatory seat. Crested silver if you must, but please keep heraldry out of the bathroom."

Martin Davies who sent this cutting said he has seen the Arms of Cornwall tattooed on the arm(s) of what was presumably a Cornishman. Have any other readers seen heraldry in this extremely personal form?

All of which reminds us of a limerick by Peter Field which appeared in the 'Gazette' of August 1979.

An armigerous noble called West,

Had his arms tattooed on his chest.

His wife called Betty,

Said your 'fess dancetty'

Can clearly be seen through your vest.

From "The Heraldry Gazette", December 1991, p. 4

Until next month, I remain, as ever,

Your servant,

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