March 1992

Unto the members of the College of Arms does Da'ud ibn Auda, Laurel King of Arms send Greetings!

My Lords and Ladies,

Herein are corrections to various Letters of Acceptances and Returns.

Corrections to the February 1992 LoAR


Coeur d'Ennui. Badge. [Fieldless] A boar's tusk argent surmounted by a boar's head couped close gules.

The LoAR accidentally left out the tincture of the tusk.


Duncan Ghlasthuagh. Name.

The byname was typoed on the LoAR as Ghlasthugah. (And I'm a tpyist for a living!?)

Ealdgytha of Spalding Abbey. Device.

The name was typoed in the LoAR as Ealdgyth of Spaulding Abbey.

Corrections to the January 1992 LoAR


Aemelia Weymouth. Device. Argent, a salamander sable enflamed proper within a bordure semy of crosses formy fitchy Or.

The crosses are simply formy fitchy, not crusily formy fitchy.

Corrections to the December 1991 LoAR


Branwen Gwenyth Anrias. Device. Vert, a chevron between two flutes chevronwise and a dragon segreant argent, all within a bordure ermine.

The LoAR accidentally dropped the bordure.


Um Rashid Kathira. Device change.

Though the LoAR failed to note it, her previously registered device (under the name Arete Mikrologos), Tierced per pall argent, gules and azure, in plae a ram's head caboshed vert and a Greek chalice Or, is released.


Javier de Los Santos. Device. Sable, on a reremouse displayed argent a cross pomelly gules, within a bordure argent cursilly pomelly gules.

The LoAR accidentally dropped the tincture of the bordure.


Nikolai Grigorovich Nabokov. Return of device change.

It should have been noted in the LoAR that no record of a name registration (or submission) was found in the Laurel files for this individual. (Laurel staff accidentally pulled the file for Nikolai Grigorevich Petrov by mistake, and Laurel did not catch the error.)

Corrections to the November 1991 LoAR


Brandon MacKay. Name.

The name as in the LoI dropped the first "a" in the patronymic.

Corrections to the Armorial and Ordinary

Saint Aldhelm, College of. Name.

Listed in the Armorial as Saint Adlheim, the name on the forms is actually Aldhelm.

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