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July 1993



Arianna O'Rourke. Name and device. Per chevron gules and sable, in base a snake coiled erect Or.

Fiona Finnech. Name.

Sinech ingen Óengusa manaig meicc Senaig Ua Liatháin. Name.

Tatiana Nikolaevna Gdanskaya. Name and device. Per pale azure and argent, two swans naiant respectant, wings addorsed, between three hearts counterchanged argent and sable.


Aldric of Galway. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Alina Francesca de Navarre. Name and device. Argent, in fess a heart purpure between two garden roses gules, slipped and leaved vert, on a point pointed purpure a heart argent.

Arabella Moira of Heatherhill. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Arianna Caterina of Gray Castle. Name.

Arianna Larkin Wylde. Name and device. Sable, on a bend sinister argent between two compass stars Or, a sprig throughout vert.

Arn Hold, Barony of. Name change (from Arn Hold, Shire of) and name for the Order of the Coeur de l'Élan.

Arn Hold, Barony of. Name for the Order of the Combattant Moose.
Arn Hold, Barony of. Name for the Order of Sincerity and Honor.

Arn Hold, Barony of. Name for the Order of the Walking Pell.

Arrow's Flight, Canton of. Name.
Atenveldt, Kingdom of. Title for Purpure Pursuivant.

Cadogan map Cado Blaidd. Name.

Ceara of Armorica. Name and device. Per bend sinister vert and argent, a bend sinister engrailed between a Fidelis knot and a shamrock counterchanged.

Deirdre Gwenhwyfar of Man. Name.

Dragan Volkov. Household name and badge for House Ice Wolf. Per bend sinister sable semy of compass stars argent, and vert, a wolf courant bendwise to base argent.
Elizabeth de Westwood. Name and device. Per bend gules and sable, a bend ermine between a lion rampant and three fleurs-de-lys Or.
Étienne Dupré. Name and device. Per pale sable and argent, a ram's head erased affronty and a bordure dovetailed counterchanged.
Eugene Philip Boucher. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Grim Wall of the Whispering Plains. Name and device. Sable, two lozenges conjoined in fess, a bordure embattled Or.

Hans the Gentle. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Hastini Chandra. Device change. Or, an Indian elephant passant gules, winged sable.

Hastini Chandra. Release of alternate persona name for Sihkijvala Gehe Candrasya.

Hastini Chandra. Release of alternate persona name for Chala Gaja.

Hastini Chandra. Badge change. Purpure, eight elephants passant in annulo, trunks conjoined to tails, Or.

Kiara Wrynn of the Bells. Name.
Lazarus Artifex. Badge. (fieldless) A maiden proper, vested vert, holding to her breast an estoile of eight rays argent.

Llywellyn MacLamont. Name correction (from Lleywellyn MacLamont) and badge. (fieldless) An arrow fesswise Or, dependent therefrom three acorns gules.

Michelitto Antonio David Carducci. Device. Quarterly sable and gules, a cross triple-parted and fretted and in dexter chief a halberd's head reversed argent.

Mikhail Andreyevich Putnikov. Device change. Or, a three-headed bird-winged hydra salient to sinister within a bordure embattled gules.

Philippa la Blanche. Name and device. Vert, a chevron inverted ermine, in chief a lynx passant contourny guardant argent maintaining an annulet Or.
Ragnvald Bloodaxe. Badge. Per pale gules and argent, a serpent nowed within an orle counterchanged.
Renée de la Pommeraie. Name and device. Gules, an apple Or, a bordure argent semy of apple trees couped proper.
Robert du Mont. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Robin of Rhovanion. Badge. Argent, four scarpes alternately gules and sable, on a chief sable a Saracenic pen box reversed argent.

Ron of Loch Salaan. Holding name (see RETURNS) and device. Sable, a dagger inverted Or transfixing a cinquefoil, a bordure embattled argent.
Rose of the Forest. Name and device. Per chevron engrailed argent and azure, a castle sable and four fish naiant contourny Or.

Symond Bayard le Gris. Name change (from Symond Bayard the Grey).

Wilhelm von München. Name and device. Azure, a chevron inverted ermine between an eagle displayed and two eagle's heads erased Or.

William the Heretic. Name and device. Gyronny sable and Or, a comet bendwise argent.
Wulfnoth Fourman. Name and device. Vert, two chevrons and in chief a wolf's head couped contourny Or.


Aaron Rebellinus. Name and device. Sable, in saltire five oak trees Or.

Anastasia dello Scudo Rosso. Device. Gules, on a bend sinister between a winged lion couchant guardant, maintaining a set of tablets, and a sun in his splendor Or, two roses proper.
Anne de Silva. Device. Or, two chipmunks sejant erect respectant proper, on a chief triangular vert an acorn Or.
Ariane la Fileuse. Name and device. Per chevron azure and argent, all mullety counterchanged.
Béatrix du Lac Noir. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Bledri ap Llew. Name.

Brigit of Mercia. Device. Vert, a sun between two flaunches Or, each charged with a mullet purpure.

Erik Lang. Name and device. Sable, a pall inverted Or ermined gules between three double-bitted axes argent.

Etienne le Couteau des Roches. Name and device. Vert, a dagger proper between in chief two rocks, a bordure argent.

Gabrielle Gasparella. Name.

Gregory MacMillan. Name.

Heinrich Anselm. Name and device. Per pale sable and argent, a chevron potenty between two halberds bendwise sinister issuant from dexter, two halberds bendwise issuant from sinister, and a double-headed eagle counterchanged.

Hyrnkeepe, College of. Name and device. Per pale embattled argent and azure, a lantern within a laurel wreath counterchanged.
Margaret of Elvegast. Name.

Misty Marsh by the Sea, Canton of the. Device. Azure, on a pale argent a garb of cattails proper, overall a laurel wreath Or.

Oddr Sygnski. Device. Gules, a drakkar sailing to sinister argent and a chief ermine.

Prydian Aurelia Emrys. Device. Purpure, a bend sinister between a demi-unicorn and a tree blasted and eradicated, a bordure Or.

Raven Gar. Name (see RETURNS for badge).

Siobhán NicDhuinnshléibhe. Device. Vert, an owl affronty perched atop a branch fesswise argent, between three drop spindles inverted sable, threaded argent.

Trystan ap Morgan. Name.


Christopher of Silveroak. Device. Argent, a cross formy gules, on a chief sable three trefoils, each within and conjoined at the base to an annulet argent.

Conall Gillysaght. Device. Per fess gules and argent, a lion passant contourny Or and in pale three lances fesswise azure.

Deille Godsend of Farnham. Name.
Ealasaid Catriona nyn Uilleim. Name.
Gwyneth Llywelyn Dywyll. Device. Purpure, an open scroll and in chief four quill pens bendwise sinister Or.

Merric of Stormgate. Badge reblazon. (fieldless) An owl's head cabossed argent, sustaining in its beak a candle fesswise azure lit at both ends proper.

Sarah Winterbourne. Device. Per chevron gules and argent, two snowflakes argent and an eagle owl proper.


Alexander Kirkpatrick. Name and device. Per pale azure and argent, a pickax and a spade inverted in saltire counterchanged.

Amanda of Coldcastle. Name (see RETURNS for device).

David of Grimfells. Holding name (see RETURNS) and device. Sable, in bend a sun and a griffin rampant contourny, a chief embattled Or.

Dolan Madoc of Harlech. Device. Gules, a bear rampant dismembered and on a chief nebuly Or, two bees gules.

Dorcas Whitecap. Device. Vert, a dolphin haurient contourny and on a chief wavy argent, three crescents vert.

Ekkehart von Wartstein. Name and device. Per pale sable and argent, a lion dormant Or, a chief embattled counterchanged.

Elwyn of Thornbury. Name (see PENDED for device).

Frederick Wilhelm von Kirchlengern. Name.

Gillian Esmond of Dragon's Ley. Device. Vert, two chevronels between two swans naiant respectant and a sun in splendor Or.

John Bromere. Device. Gules, on a chevron per pale argent and Or, cotised per pale Or and argent, between three lions passant guardant contourny Or, three hearts gules.

Luke Javan ap Llewelyn ap Rhys Gwynedd. Name.

Monica Eve le May. Name and device. Azure, on a bend between two estoiles Or, a unicorn passant purpure.

Percival Beaumont. Device. Per fess gules and sable, on a fess between two flanged maces fesswise argent, another gules.

Sile Pwyllog. Name and device. Or, a trefoil within an annulet azure.

Tamara the Seeker. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Tatiana Aleksandrovna. Name.

Theodora Teldaldi. Name.


Alberto Accorsi. Device. Per bend sinister sable and Or, in pale two reindeer's antlers fesswise reversed, a bordure counterchanged.

Judith of Kirtland. Device. Per pale vert and azure, an angel argent between in fess two annulets and in base a third Or.


Dafydd Baird. Device. Or, on a pale between two rose branches vert, flowered gules, a clarion argent.

David FitzJames le Rouge. Device. Per pale argent and gules, a bat-winged tower counterchanged.
Gwendolen Elphinstone of Land's End. Device. Azure, a bend sinister wavy cotised argent between a cross fleury and an escallop Or.

Meridies, Kingdom of. Name for the Order of the Stella Rubra (see RETURNS for badge).

Sonya of Stan Wyrm. Holding name and device. Per chevron throughout vert and argent, two arrows argent and a raven's head erased sable.


Aelfgar Tawel ap Llewelyn. Name.

Angus Ulrich. Device. Vert, in chief an eagle displayed, facing sinister, and in base a saltire, overall an orle of chain Or.

Arianna Chiara Fiorucci. Name.

Balian de Brionne. Device change. Per pale argent and azure, three clarions counterchanged.

Balian de Brionne. Badge. (fieldless) On a rose azure a bee Or.

Berwyn Aethelbryght of Ackley. Device. Purpure, three acorns Or within a bordure Or ermined purpure.

Bianca Valentina della Volpe da San Germano. Name and device. Ermine, a wolf sejant uluant contourny sable within a bordure rayonny gules.

Brendan the Gentle. Name.

Briana Galbraith MacCrimmon. Device. Argent semy of card-piques sable, a thistle proper within an orle sable.

Donald of Mount Gurten. Name and device. Sable, three mountains couped and conjoined in fess within a belt buckled in annulo, on a chief Or a bear passant sable.
Egill Gunnbjarnarson. Household name for Húsa Fornast.
Elena Mowbray. Device. Sable, on a flame Or an increscent gules, a bordure Or semy of increscents gules.

Falcon's Quarry, Shire of. Name and device. Per bend sinister wavy azure, and argent masoned sable, a falcon striking contourny, wings displayed Or and a laurel wreath vert.

Grimkell Vikarsson of Brattahlid. Name.

Gwendoline Rosamond. Name.

Hallgrimr Brandsson. Name.

Havenholde, March of. Device. Gyronny arrondi gules and argent, a tower sable, on a chief Or three laurel wreaths sable.

Isabella Oakwood. Name.

Ivar Gunnarsson. Device. Or, a drakkar sable between three suns gules, a bordure engrailed azure.

Loch an Fhraoich, Shire of. Name.

Magnus von Bayern. Name.

Melisande d'Eyncourt. Name.

Merouda Pendray. Name.

Pádraig Mac Madigan. Device. Per pale argent and purpure, a lion rampant between in fess two crosses crosslet counterchanged.

Percival ap Gwilym Trefynwy. Name.

Peregrine the Illuminator. Name.

Pont y Saeth, Canton of. Name (see RETURNS for device and badge).

Reynard de Foch of Ravenglass. Device. Per saltire argent and sable, a fox rampant gules within a bordure gules mullety argent.

Robert of Bristol. Device. Or, a horse's head erased between three horseshoes inverted sable, all within a bordure gules.

Solveig Gunnadóttir ór Úlfey. Name.
Taliesin Traherne. Name.

Xristina Viacheslavivna. Name and device. Azure, a swan naiant contourny, wings addorsed argent, between flaunches Or, in cross four water-lilies in profile counterchanged.


Darius the Elder. Name.

Duncan of Shadowwood. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Genevieve La Rousse. Badge for Château La Rousse. Argent, a hare sejant contourny gules within a bordure sable.

Katharina Magdalena aus Bremen. Name.
Lothar Freund. Device. Vert, a fess embattled counterembattled between a foi and a bull's head caboshed Or.
Rúadhán of Shadowwood. Name and device. Argent, a tree eradicated sable, its roots entwining two swords inverted in saltire, a bordure vert.

Trimaris, Kingdom of. Name for the Order of the Heralds' Tressure of Trimaris.

Trimaris, Kingdom of. Name for the Order of the Mermaids' Pearl of Trimaris.

Trimaris, Kingdom of. Name for the Order of the Watchful Flame of Trimaris.


Aodh Magnusson. Device. Gyronny purpure and argent, each argent gyron charged with a cross couped vert, a bordure azure.

Arielle d'Arc. Name change (from Arielle of Amberwood ).

Hwmffre Hannerdewr. Badge. (fieldless) A tyger sejant vert.

Hwmffre Hannerdewr. Badge. (fieldless) A rustre gules.
Johann Bohrer von Elsass. Name.

Kyne Hornbora. Name.

Mwynwenn ferch Maelsnectain. Name.

Ríoghnach MacLeod. Device. Per bend argent and azure, two dolphins counterchanged.
Thomas MacCruitín. Name.

Thorvald Haakonsson. Name.



Guljan Mahsati. Name.

Revelwood, Shire of. Name.


Aldric of Galway. Device. Azure, a pall inverted embattled Or between three natural dolphins naiant in annulo argent.

Arabella Moira of Heatherhill. Device. Vert, a stag trippant and on a chief embattled argent, three roses purpure.
Asne Whitewolf. Badge. (fieldless) A wolf sejant argent.
Dévora Risée de Apors. Badge. Gules, in pale a bat inverted and a pear Or.
Eugene Philip Boucher. Device. Sable, a pair of bat wings conjoined and displayed Or, surmounted by a flame inverted proper, a bordure Or.
Hans the Gentle. Device. Or semy of whips sable, a feather bendwise and on a chief gules, a pair of manacles Or.
Hogar Hanson. Name.
Llywellyn MacLamont. Device change. Per pale gules and Or, an acorn counterchanged, on a chief dovetailed sable four arrows fretted "in cross" Or.
Robert du Mont. Device. Azure, three chevrons braced and in chief a crescent argent.
Sionan Padraig Caimbeul. Device. Per pale gyronny sable and Or, and gyronny Or and sable, on a chief triangular argent a sheaf of three thistles gules, slipped and leaved vert.


Anne of Carthew. Device. Azure, a goblet Or, on a chief argent three roses gules.

Béatrix du Lac Noir. Device. Pily barry sable and argent, three feathers in fess gules.
Hidden Mountain, Barony of. Badge. Sable, a bezant surmounted by a mountain argent, capped sable, all between three passion nails one and two, heads to center Or.
Morgan Wolfsinger. Badge. (fieldless) A wolf sejant ululant contourny argent.
Raven Gar. Badge. Or, a sinister wing ending in a hand sustaining a spear issuant from base sable.


Beatrice Celestine of Normandie. Device. Argent, a winged demi-boar displayed facing sinister sable, issuant from and grasping an open book gules.


Amanda of Coldcastle. Device. Sable, a gurges couped in base, a bordure Or.

Caoimhín Fionnbharr Mac Siúrtáin. Device. Per bend sinister Or and vert, a bull's head cabossed counterchanged, in chief an annulet of Celtic knotwork sable, the interstices filled vert.
Faoiltigearna ni Domhnallain. Name resubmission.
Ilya Yaroslavovich Kurakin. Name resubmission.
Siobhán le Blake. Device. Or, on a lozenge throughout gules a fret Or, a bordure azure.
Tamara the Seeker. Device. Per saltire argent, and sable fretty argent, in pale a rose sable, barbed and seeded proper, and a sinister gauntlet aversant clenched sable.


Genevieve de Mowbray of Lion's Rest. Badge appeal. (fieldless) A torch sable.


Blackwood, Shire of. Name.

Croraire, Shire of. Name.
Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge. (fieldless) On a cartouche argent a mullet gules.
Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge. Sable, an uncial M argent.
Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge. Azure, an owl's head cabossed argent.
Sable River, Shire of. Name change (from Misty Mere, Shire of).


Balian de Brionne. Badge. (fieldless) On a flame Or a salamander gules.

Berengière Fortescue. Device resubmission. Argent, an eagle displayed purpure, on a chief wavy sable three roses argent.
Elspet NicDhubhghlaise bean Iain MhicThomaidh. Device. Azure, in annulo three cats couchant, each biting the tail of the next argent.
Lucius Thayne. Name.
Pont y Saeth, Canton of. Device. Argent, in chief a bridge of one span sable masoned Or, in base six pheons in annulo, points to center gules within a laurel wreath vert.
Pont y Saeth, Canton of. Badge. Argent, a bridge of one span embattled sable within an orle of arrowheads, points to center gules.
Yamamoto Yashinobu. Name.


Donal MacLaren. Device. Gules, a harp Or within an orle of mullets argent.

Duncan of Shadowwood. Device. Purpure, a double-horned anvil sable "enflamed" between three pheons inverted argent.
Gillian von dem Walde. Device resubmission. Plumetty gules and argent, three swans rousant, wings addorsed sable, each holding in its beak an annulet Or.
Trimaris, Kingdom of. Name resubmission for the Order of the Morningstar of Trimaris.


Jay MacPhunn. Device. Checky azure and argent, three skulls vert.

Oriana d'Auney. Badge. (fieldless) A rose per pale Or and vert.



Brendan mac Artuir ap Alan. Badge. Sable, on a fess between two shamshiri fesswise reversed argent, another sable.

Nadya Gornastaevna Chorkova. Device resubmission. Purpure, a ferret statant erect argent maintaining a sword proper all between five bezants in annulo, a bordure argent.


Elwyn of Thornbury. Device. Argent, a bend sinister indented sable between two increscents gules.

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