Arnelfr Thingkona. Name.

Submitted as Araelf av Althing, Arælf cannot be justified as an OE name; there do not seem to have been any original Germanic deuterothemes that began with a vowel. In Scandinavian, the support is better, but still weak. The prototheme seems not to have lost its "n", and the normal ON feminine form is -elfr. As a consequence, the most probable form of the name is Arnelfr. The Althing was specifically the national assembly of Iceland held at Thingvellir. Thus, Althing is not a place one could be "from" or "of"; the name makes no more sense that way than "John of Parliament" or "Elizabeth of Congress". However, a person present at a thing was a thingmaLr, literally 'thing-man'. This refers specifically to men; the feminine analogue would be thingkona (though it is probably unhistorical.) After consultation with the submitter, Lion's Blood informs us that of the several possiblities offered by Palimpsest and Colm Dubh, she prefers Arnelfr Thingkona, so we have registered that.

Blatha an Oir, Barony of. Name for Order of the Panthers Torch.

Submitted as Order of the Panther's Torch, the form of possessive using an apostrophe is post-period. We have simply dropped it.

Cædmon of Aldergrove. Name and device. Gules, a merman maintaining a mace and a sword and on a chief argent four escallops inverted gules.

The name would be ever so much better if the early given matched the later form of the byname: Cadmon of Aldergrove.

Christiana Rowena Yonge. Name.

Cian Mac Dara. Name and device. Argent, on an tree eradicated gules a harp Or.

Garivald van Dorestade. Name and device. Sable, in pale a compass star and two swords in saltire argent and a bordure embattled Or.

Submitted as Garivald von Dorestad, the particle needs to match the placename in language (here, Dutch rather than German), and the place-name needs to be inflected into the dative case. We have corrected them here.

Kat'ryna Andreyevna Koshkina. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Caitríona Andreyevna Koshkin, this Russian form of Catherine is closer to the submitter's originally submitted given Katriona, and matches the language of the remainder of the name. The surname has to match the gender of the rest of the name; we have feminized it here.

Kelta van Dorestade. Name and device. Purpure, on a pile raguly ermine an acorn inverted slipped and leaved proper.

Submitted as Kelta von Dorestad, the particle needs to match the placename in language (here, Dutch rather than German), and the place-name needs to be inflected into the dative case. We have corrected them here.

Lions March, College of. Name.

Submitted as Lion's March, the form of the posssesive with an apostrophe is post-period. We have dropped it here. The name would be ever so much better as one word: Lionsmarch or Lyonsmarch.

Pendale, Shire of. Device. Per pale Or and vert, two fir trees couped counterchanged and on a chief azure a laurel wreath between two cups Or.

Robert James Fitzalan. Name and device. Per chevron azure and argent, a sheaf of three arrows inverted argent and a pine tree couped proper.

Tjorkill Kanne. Name change from Thorkell Kane.

In addition to the documentation in the LoI (which lent good support but was very meager), Colm Dubh was able to find more support for the spelling of the given.


Agnesa Neumark von Grünwald. Name.

Anna Ridley. Device. Argent, two chevronels vert between three irises azure.

Arcturius Aleator. Name.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Title for Silver Osprey Pursuivant.

Brighdín ní Ríoghbhardáin. Name.

Brocmael of Rhuddlan. Name change from Brochmale of Rhuddlan.

Brónach Nálbrjótr. Name.

Submitted as Brónach Bálbrjótr, the substitition of "B" for "N" in the byname was a typo in the LoI.

Conall Mac an Druaidh. Device. Argent, a phoenix sable issuant from flames gules a bordure invected sable.

Dagmar Gunnarsdottir. Name change from Margaret of Elvegast.

Denis de Dijon. Name and device. Per pale and per saltire vert and Or, three bunches of grapes and a bordure purpure.

Dun Carraig, Barony of. Name for Order of the Sea Hawk.

Edward of Plymouth. Name.

Elenore Spyrling. Name.

Erik Lang. Badge. Vert, a dragon segreant Or ermined vert.

Faoiltighearna Ní Uilliam. Name.

Fíona Níc Aindréis. Name and device. Argent mullety, a rose azure, barbed vert seeded Or, and a point pointed azure mullety argent.

Gregge the Archer. Name.

Gwenhwyvar Ywein. Name.

Isabeau de Lac Long. Device. Per pale sable and vert a lyre and a bordure embattled argent.

Jaime Alejandro del Halcón. Name and device. Per saltire sable and argent, in fess two hawks displayed jessed and belled gules.

John Blackhawk Lang. Name and device. Argent, a pall inverted pean between three hawks displayed jessed and belled sable.

Kostantin Volkovich. Name change from Sean Baird.

Marie Joyeux. Name.

Mathias Neumark von dem Schwarzwald. Name.

Peter Hawkyns. Device change. Per chevron sable and purpure, in chief three mullets and in base an annulet argent.

His currently registered device, Argent, a chevron purpure, in chief a triangle sable charged with an annulet argent, a bordure sable, is retained as a badge.

Philip the Bashful. Name and device. Argent, a wolf couchant contourny azure and in chief three roses proper all within a bordure vair.

Roswitha Goldfink. Name change from Roswitha of Isenfir.

Vigleikr Gullskeggr. Name.

Vortigern Faber. Name.

Winifred Corbet de Wynterwood. Badge for the Raven Street Players. [Fieldless] A raven's leg erased à la quise sable sustaining an annulet Or.

Versus Prime (Papworth, p. 962), Argent, an eagle's leg erased a la quisse sable armed Or, and Arion Cornellion of Blackhawk Moor (SCA), A hawk's leg erased a al quisse sable, taloned Or, maintaining a cup-hilted rapier argent handled sable, there is a CD for fieldlessness, and another for the sustained annulet. The rule of thumb which has been applied recently in attempting to determine whether a charge was relatively small (and therefore maintained, and too small to count for a CD) or relatively large (sustained, and large enough to count for a CD), is whether if the two charges were separated they would be seen as a primary charge and a secondary charge or as a set of two primary charges. Here the annulet seems large enough to meet the latter qualification.


Adrian FitzEdric. Name and device. Per bend sable and azure, an owl between three lozenges argent.

Alesia de Cattemere. Name.

Angus MacLean of Glencairn. Name and device. Per bend sinister vert and argent, two triskelions of three armored legs counterchanged.

Caid, Kingdom of. Name and badge for Order of the Duellist. Per pale azure and argent, two rapiers, a bordure embattled counterchanged.

Catriona Isabel MacFarlane. Name.

Submitted as Catriona Iseabal MacFarlane, this spelling "variant" does not appear anywhere in the submitter's documentation. We have substituted the documented form.

Christall Gordon. Name.

Connor Andrew McEwan. Name and device. Per pale argent and azure, a Maltese cross counterchanged, on a chief triangular sable a mug Or.

Isabel Bealdheard. Name.

This would be a vastly more likely name as Isabel Baldard. The name as registered contains a post-Conquest name with a pre-Conquest spelling of another, with a good 400 years between the two.

Josceline Greylok. Name and device. Per pale azure and vert, a pale engrailed between two towers argent.

Rebecca Marie Robynson. Name and device. Quarterly azure and argent, four fleurs-de-lys in cross, bases to center, counterchanged.

Submitted as Rebecca Maire Robynson, the submitter has misread her own documentation in stating that Maire is "Welsh"; the photocopied pages (of Kolatch!) which she marked and included with her submission clearly note that Maire is "Irish". There is no evidence for either two given names in Gaelic names or for mixing purely Gaelic name elements in an otherwise English name. We have substituted the closest English equivalent.

Riona Cullenagh. Name.

Submitted as Ríona Cullenoch, the byname was changed by the Caidan CoH from the submitter's Cullenagh. Palimpsest has demonstrated that Cullenagh is as likely as Cullenoch, so we have restored it here.

Sasha Dmitrievich Dozortsev. Name and device. Gules, an osprey striking between in chief two crescents Or.

Submitted as Sasha Dmitrievich Dozorcev, the transliteration system of the surname was not the same as the transliteration system used for the given and patronymic. As it was a smaller change to modify the surname to match the transliteration system of the given and patronymic, we have done so here.

Versus Owain of Corn Valley (SCA), Gules, a peregrine falcon rising, wings elevated and displayed, Or, grasping in both talons a halberd bendwise proper, there is a CD for the addition of the crescents, and another for the dramatic change in the posture and orientation of the bird's wings (elevated and addorsed vs. displayed). Versus Bees (Papworth, p. 300), Gules, an eagle volant recursant in bend wings overture Or, the same point count applies. Parker notes that "overture" is the same as wings disclosed, which is the same as wings displayed and inverted.

Sean Anthony Kilpatrick. Name and device. Per chevron inverted azure and argent, a bear statant guardant and a morningstar chevronwise inverted counterchanged.


Astrid Esbjörnsdotter. Device. Vert, three annulets in bend Or.

Nice armory!

Beatrice Elaine de Horton. Name and device. Argent, a cross bottony, issuant from a point pointed vert charged with a stag's head cabossed argent, in chief two stag's heads cabossed vert.

Submitted as Beatrice Elain de Horton, no one was able to justify dropping the final "e" from "Elaine". We have substituted the documented form here.

Fane Bradley. Name.

Gwyneth Catherine la Faire. Name.

Submitted as Gwyneth Catherine the Fair on the LoI, sufficient support for the orginally submitted form was presented by Ensign, Colm Dubh, and Palimpsest that we are restoring it here.

John Gardener of Barley Marsh. Name and device. Per chevron vert and bendy Or and sable, in chief two shovels Or.

Katya Feodorovna Medvednikova. Name.

Submitted as Katya Feodorovna Medvednikov, the surname must be inflected for gender to match the rest of the name.

Leonhard von Löwenturm. Device. Pean, two lions couchant contourny Or.

Nice armory! (And both lions from his name, too! J)

Lile ni Mhordha. Device change. Per chevron ermine and azure, in base in pale a coronet and three annulets interlaced one and two Or.

Her currently registered device, Per chevron ermine and azure, in base three annulets interlaced one and two Or, is released.

Malcolm Wallace of Moray. Name and device. Per chevron throughout argent and azure, two griffins segreant gules and two quill pens in saltire argent.

Sebastiano Sarmiento. Device. Per pale sable and gules, a sword inverted throughout proper hilted of a caduceus and transfixing a shark naiant Or.

Simon of Ravenwood. Device. Per bend sinister embattled sable and argent, a decrescent and a raven contourny counterchanged.

Tangwystl of the North. Name and device. Azure ermined, a compass star and a point pointed argent.

Thorin of Kvalsund. Device. Sable, two narwhals naiant in annulo and on a chief argent three ravens sable.


Alain Longship. Device. Per pale gules and Or, a drakkar between three lozenges counterchanged.

Alexander Caithnes of Wyk. Release of badge. [Fieldless] An eagle's leg erased. belled and jessed, within a orle of chain argent.

Andrew of Cork. Device. Per chevron gules and vert, a chevron and in base a Latin cross parted and fretted Or.

Though, as a number of commenters noted, the field division and chevron were drawn higher on the field than normal, in a design like this the chevron will normally be enhanced. It is not necessary to blazon the fact.

Arabella ni Cormac. Name.

Casimir Sarkastyczny. Name.

Chriemhilt von Regensburg. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Cyngen ap Gwenwynwyn. Badge. [Fieldless] A wyvern displayed per pale argent and sable.

Nice badge!

Dante de Felice. Device. Per bend argent and gules two mascles counterchanged.

Please ask him to draw the mascles a little larger.

Distant Shore, Canton of. Name and device. Per pall inverted vert, azure, and argent, in pale a laurel wreath Or and an unlit fire-beacon sable.

Eithne Cameron. Name.

Submitted as Eithne Eimhaer Cameron, the name has several problems. The first is that there is no documentation whatsoever for double given names in Gaelic. Secondly, Eimhaer is misspelled (in the documentation it is actually listed as Eimhear), and this spelling is so unlikely as to be impossible because of the arrangement of slender and broad vowels. And finally, Emer (of which Eimhear is a variant) appears to have been a unique to a legendary figure and not one used by humans. We have therefore dropped Eimhaer to register the name. (I realize that this still leaves us with a problematical Irish Gaelic given and an Englished surname. The name would be ever so much better as Eithne Chamshròn or Ena Cameron, but it was felt that the combination was only one "weirdness".)

Eric of Kelton. Device. Argent, a fess gules between two griffins segreant addorsed vert and a tower sable, a bordure gules.

Evaine ferch Arnallt Yr Wyddfa. Device. Per saltire vert and gules, an owl argent and in chief three bezants.

Grania Moore. Name and device. Per bend vert and argent, an Irish harp Or and a tulip blossom gules.

Please ask her to draw the charges a little larger.

Gregor Wilhelm. Device. Per bend vert and gules, a boar's head erased within a bordure embattled argent.

Gretchen von Gernebach. Device. Vert, a rose argent between three oak leaves bendwise sinister, all within a bordure embattled Or.

Gwalchmai ap Talan. Name.

Jennet Faolan. Name.

I realize that this has an Irish Gaelic given and an Englished surname. The name would be ever so much better as Jennet Phelanor a fully Gaelic Sinéad Ní Fhaoláin, but it was felt that the combination was only one "weirdness".

Lena Solway. Device. Per pale gules and vert a swan rousant wings displayed between three estoiles argent.

Raimundo Gutierrez. Name and device. Argent, a chevron gules and overall a bull's head cabossed; on a chief sable three towers argent.

Rhys Dôl. Name.

Rosamund von Schwyz. Badge. [Fieldless] On a cowbell argent a fleur-de-lys purpure.

Rose Boncoeur. Name only (see RETURNS for badge).

Submitted as Rose de Bon Coeur, as the submitter requested we have corrected the grammar to give her the meaning she wants.

Seán Ó Móráin. Name.

Submitted as Sean O Morain on the LoI, the forms had all the proper accents. We have therefore restored them here.

Seosamh Tadhg an Crúca O'Maille. Badge. [Fieldless] Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed Or.

Simon Dubh Mac Brian O Glen Rannoch. Badge. [Fieldless] A sword per fess argent and gules.

[Irreverent remark from the commentary: "Looks like he's a quart low." J]

Tomas de Castellan de la Plana. Badge. [Fieldless] Four fleurs-de-lys conjoined in saltire, bases to center, Or.

Zachariah of Westlake. Device. Vert, a wall argent between in chief two crossbows and in base two swords in saltire, all within a bordure Or.

A wall argent is the equivalent to a fess argent masoned sable.


Grant of Glaedenfeld. Holding name and device. Per bend sinister azure masoned argent and argent, an increscent azure.

Submitted as Cadwal of Caermor.

Katherine Anne of County Cork. Name.

Kamrin of the Blackwater. Name and device. Vert, in pale between two dragons couchant a sword fesswise reversed argent.

Kamrin is the submitter's legal given name.

Maximilian Racheengel. Name and device. Per bend sinister purpure and argent, two crosses formy fitchy counterchanged argent and sable.

Submitted as Maximillian Racheengel, all of the citations found have only one "l" in Maximilian. Colm Dubh found some more support for the byname.

Robert de Bayeux. Device. Per bend sable and gules, on a pale ermine three hearts gules.

Siber Throckmorton O'Ciaragain. Device. Per pale sable and argent, a unicorn rampant contourny between three fleur-de-lys counterchanged.

Thorfinn Skull Splitter. Device. Gules semy of skulls fracted in chief, on a bend sinister Or in bend an axe reversed and another inverted gules.


Ástrídr Oddsdóttir. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Augaire Uisnigh. Name and device. Argent, a griffin sejant between in pale two hearts gules.

Submitted as Augaire O'Ushnaugh, the "patronymic" is incorrect, since the "patronym" is a placename, entirely inappropriate with patronymic particle, and is misspelled, the placename found in O'Connell being Ushnagh. We have therefore dropped the inappropriate Ó and placed the placename into the proper Irish genitive to register the name.

Branwen Ottersby. Name and device. Azure, an estoile of eight rays and on a chief argent three gouttes azure.

Clear of Finna nic Dhaibhidh (SCA), Azure, a sun argent and a dexter tierce argent goutty de sang with CDs for type of peripheral charge and for the change in number and tincture of the tertiaries.

Briana verch Evan Mawr. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Briana merch Evan Mawr, we have modified the patronymic particle from the early period form submitted to one more compatible with both the given and the late period patronym.

Caerthe, Barony of. Device blazon correction. Or, a laurel wreath vert and a chief embattled sable.

The current emblazon reads Or, a chief embattled sable, a laurel wreath vert.

Dragonsspine, Barony of. Badge for Order of the Dragon's Grace. [Fieldless] A sheaf of three rapiers sable surmounted by a dragon's scale argent.

Though it could be argued that "the area of overlap is not small" in this fieldless badge, nevertheless all of the charges remain quite identifiable, and so this certainly meets the spirit of the precedents on fieldless badges with overall charges.

Duncan MacAllister. Device. Per bend Or and sable, four roundels, two and two, counterchanged.

Michael of the Outlands. Holding name and device. Argent mullety gules, an increscent sable.

Submitted as Cormac Seán MacCárthaigh.

Sarolta of Sarkel. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Sidonia of Seven Oaks. Badge. [Fieldless] A butterfly argent within and conjoined to a mascle of four quill pens azure.

Wilhelm Burchardt. Name and device. Argent, a chevron wavy between three mullets of eight points and a raven volant wings addorsed sable.


Alysoun Jeuneterre. Alternate persona name of Aldyth ferch Llywelyn.

Anne du Bayonne sur Adour. Device. Argent, on a bend wavy sable between an open book and a cat passant guardant gules three roses argent.

Aurora Howe. Name and device. Per fess rayonny purpure and gules, in chief two continental panthers combattant Or.

In the large emblazon, the line of division was clear even from all the way across the room the long way.

Bressal MacMillan. Name.

Brighid ní Chaillín of the Moors. Name.

Submitted as Brighid ni Caillene of the Moors, the very early spelling Caillene was out of place in the otherwise late name. The matching spelling is Caillín, which aspirates after .

Curteis Svartsælingr. Name and device. Sable, in pale a double-bitted axe and a Thor's hammer within a bordure argent.

Darkwater, Barony of. Name for Order of the Acorn Glade.

Fionnghuala an Sionnach Dubh. Name and device. Sable, a Gorgon's head Or between three gouttes d'eau.

Submitted as Fionnghuala an Dubhsionnach, the examples of "dubh + noun" cited by the submitter, which were all patronymics based on compound forenames, were not as analogous to the submitted name as the personal epithet cited by Palimpsest: in Sindach Find (the White Fox). We have therefore substituted the standard Irish usage.

Irene Kilpatrick. Device. Azure, six hawks Or, overall a hawk's lure argent.

Iseult du Soleil. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Richard of Wykham. Name.

Thorir Blood-axe. Release of name and device. Or, a chevron rompu inverted and in chief two hand axes in saltire, all within a bordure sable.

Toiréasa ní Thighearnaigh. Name.

Submitted as Toiréasa ni Tighearnaigh, causes aspiration in the following name. We have therefore corrected the grammar here.

Trimaris, Kingdom of. Title of Trident Keype Pursuivant.


Bryniaid, Shire of. Name.

Charles the Traveler. Name.

Fiametta di Antonio di Donato Adimari. Name change from Fiametta Adalietta di Damiano Leo.

Johann von Sternberg. Name.

Mary Rose Edwards. Name and device. Or, a bear statant erect afronty, forelegs extended in fess, gules, on a chief purpure three hearts argent.

Obadiah the Obstreperous. Device change. Per pale gules and argent, a Latin cross bottony between two boar's heads couped close addorsed counterchanged.

His currently registered device, Per pale argent and azure, a sword between two boars heads couped close addorsed counterchanged, is released.

Ricola of Fenhop. Device change. Or an amphisbaena passant gules within a bordure gules bezanty.

Her currently registered device, Per bend wavy azure and argent, in bend a heron volant, wings elevated and addorsed, argent and in bend three cattails palewise proper, is released.

Tristan Falstaff. Device. Argent, a dragon rampant gules within a bordure azure crusilly argent.



Kat'ryna Andreyevna Koshkina. Device. Vert, a lute bendwise sinister between two roses Or a bordure erminois.

The lute is unidentifiable as such, looking more like a spoon than anything else. Lutes, like dice and tamborines, must be drawn in slightly trian aspect to be identifiable, i.e. so that the angled pegbox is visible. See the Pictorial Dictionary, 2nd ed., #483 for an example of this.


Avisa of Dun Carraig. Device. Azure grillagy Or, on a bend sinister argent a branch leaved vert flowered of a daisy azure seeded Or.

Conflict with Corwynn of Thornwood (SCA), Azure, on a bend sinister argent a thorned slip embowed throughout sable. There is a CD for the addition of the grillage, but the only real difference between the tertiaries is the tincture, which is insufficient for the necessary second.

There was a fair bit of discussion as to whether the grillage should be considered as a primiary charge, as is the case with fretty. However, fretty is only considered that way because of evidence that it was an artistic variation of the fret; no such consideration can be given to grillagy, lacking a separate charge, the "grill". As a consequence, it seems the most consistent way to treat grillagy is as we treat other strewn charges and field treatments such as masoned.


Hagen Seanaeiche. Name.

There are two different problems here. The first is that it is extremely difficult to tell that the byname has been properly formed - I would have guessed from the way the photocopied dictionary entry (from Dwelly's Illustrated Gaelic-English Dictionary) is organized that the word would have been seaneiche or some such. There is also some doubt as to whether the two forms given in the dictionary, -each and -eiche are the same gender. Is one of them (specifically, the latter) feminine? If it is, it cannot go with a masculine forename.

Secondly, the combination of German forename and Gaelic byname needs justification, at the very least. None of the commenters noted any German/Gaelic interaction in period (see, e.g., RfS III.1., "As a rule of thumb, languages should be used together only if there was substantial contact between the cultures that spoke those languages."

Martin de Theleme. Name.

Thélème appears only in fiction, and is therefore not a place from which a person who lived in period can come. He needs to find another byname before we can register this.


Milada von Felsonhoff. Badge. [Fieldless] A butterfly per fess azure and argent.

Conflict with Cho, Matsudaira of Okayama, and Machino (Hawley's Mon), A butterfly. In each case, there is only one CD for fieldlessness.

Olaf Hakon. Name.

Conflict with Olaf IV of Norway and Denmark, Olaf Haakonsson, cited in the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Steffen Albert Rheinbauer. Device. Bendy of four azure and argent, a rose slipped and leaved bendwise sinister proper, the slip overlain by a sinister gauntlet aversant bendwise argent, all within an orle of chain Or.

The tinctures work only because of the careful placement of the gauntlet and the specification of just four traits to the field. In general there is and can be no guarantee that part of the argent gauntlet will not lie on an argent trait and disappear altogether. Armorial designs requiring such careful placement or specific charge sizes to "work" or to avoid contrast problems have been returned in the past as not being period style.


Brenna nic Adam. Badge. Azure, a demi-horse argent sustaining a harp proper.

A harp proper is brown, which is color on color. Indeed, this contrast problem was known to whoever colored in the large emblazons, as one was started in brown, then changed to a golden tan. If the harp were reblazoned as Or (the equivalent of tan), it comes into conflict with Ireland (Papworth, p. 908), Azure a harp Or stringed argent, Charles II (Combo I, citing Lyon I), Azure a harp Or stringed argent, and von Steinach (Combo I, citing Manesse), Azure, a harp Or. In each case there is one CD, for the addition of the horse.

Chriemhilt von Regensburg. Device. Sable, a mushroom gules stemmed Or, within a bordure compony vert and Or.

The mushroom, whose most identifying feature is the cap, and the cap being well over one-half the charge, is color on color. The mushroom was additionally drawn in trian aspect.

East, Kingdom of the. Transfer of heraldic titles to the Kingdom of Drachenwald

Albion Herald

Aurochs Pursuivant

Broken Wain Herald

Edelweiss Herald

Post Horn Pursuivant

Schwarzdrachen Herald

As no letter accepting the transfer of these titles has been received from Drachenwald, we are unable to make such transfer.

Elisabeth Browneye. Device. Or, a pile inverted vert and a chief wavy azure.

As several commenters noted, the emblazon as drawn could be equally well and as accurately blazoned as Per chevron Or and vert, a chief wavy azure. As such, it conflicts with Burman (Papworth, p. 559), Paly of six argent and sable, a chief wavy azure, with only one CD for the changes to the field.

Jan Janowicz Bogdanski. Badge. [Fieldless] A horseshoe ensigned with a cross fitchy azure.

Conflict with Royal Burgh of Doronoch (Combo I, citing Public Heraldry), Argent, a horseshoe azure, having seven horsenails Or. As both the cross on the submission on the submission and the horse nails of the conflict are the equivalent of maintained charges, they do not add difference, leaving with only the fieldless CD. (For those who were unsure of what the horsenails look like, rather than being simply gold "dots" on the horseshoe, they are drawn in slightly trian aspect as being perhaps 1/3 to 1/2 way out of the nailholes and "issuant" from them.)

Petrus von Burghausen. Household name for House Dragonmoor.

Aural conflict with the Shire of Draca Mor. RfS V.1.a. specifies that "Two name phrases are considered significantly different if they differ significantly in sound and appearance. Name phrases that are not significantly different are said to be equivalent." The two names here are significantly closer in sound to each other than the "Auda/Ali" test.

Rhys of Harlech. Badge. [Fieldless] A bear rampant sustaining a lance vert.

Visual conflict with Sebastian von Baden (SCA), A bear statant erect vert maintaining in the dexter paw a sword and in the sinister paw a spear proper. A comparison of the two emblazons at the Laurel meeting demonstrated their similarities; the most visible difference was the addition of the sword in Sebastian von Baden's.

Rose Boncoeur. Badge. Vert semy of ears of wheat, a beehive Or.

Visual conflict with Roland of Skep Glen (SCA), Vert, a beehive between three bees, wings closed, Or. While it can be argued that there are CD's for both number and type of the semi charges, the visual similarity between the two is overwhelming.


Cadwal of Caermor. Name.

There are two problems with the byname. The first is that the English "of" is entirely out of place in an otherwise all-Welsh name. The second is that the evidence appears to indicate that mor would lenite to for in this compound. As the submitter allowed no changes to the name whatsoever, we are forced to return it.

The armory was registered under the holding name Grant of Glaedenfeld.

Daniel Acton MacIomhair of Tri Oaks. Name.

An English given name plus a locative surname plus a Scots Gaelic patronym from a Norse given does not follow the naming practices or models of either English or Gaelic. (See RfS III.1., "Name Grammar and Syntax - All names must be grammatically correct for period names and follow documented patterns.") Tri appears only as a prefix, not a separate word. Threeoaks would appear to be the most likely usage, following the pattern of the placename "Sevenoaks".


Ástrídr Oddsdóttir. Device. Lozengy ermine and vert, two corbies close respectant proper.

Conflict with Yamamoto (Hawley's Mon, p. 50), Two doves respectant. There is only one CD for fieldlessness, but the difference in type of bird is insufficient for the second here

Briana verch Evan Mawr. Device. Ermine, a dragon passant gules within a bordure engrailed compony sable and argent.

Though the precedent stating that compony bordures sharing a tincture with the field has been extended to include compony bordures which share a tincture between a plain field and an ermined bordure (and vice versa), this particular proposal was submitted under the Grandfather Clause of the Rules. (The submitter's father has an ermine field and a bordure compony sable and argent.) However, RfS VII.8. states that "Only the actual armorial element from the originally registered submission may be covered by this permission. For example, if an individual had registered armory containing a fimbriated lion many years ago, only that fimbriated lion would be covered under this rule, not fimbriated wolves, eagles, or lions in other postures." (emphasis added). As a consequence, we do not believe that the Grandfather Clause allows her to register an engrailed bordure; only a plain one.

Cormac Seán MacCárthaigh. Name.

No evidence has yet been presented for the use of double given names in Irish. We have been able to register some where the second name was also meaningful as a byname, but that is not the case with Seán, the Irish borrowing of the French Jehan. Unfortunately, dropping the second given brings the name into conflict with Cormac Mac Carthaig (d. 1138), king of Desmond (South Munster).

The armory was registered under the holding name Michael of the Outlands.

Julian of Alderford. Badge. [Fieldless] Two chevronels inverted couped vert surmounted by a pear Or.

The "chevronels" are not at all identifable as such. (One of the guesses was straws stuck into a pear.) As a consequence, this proposal falls afoul of RfS VIII.3., "Armorial Identifiability - Elements must be used in a design so as to preserve their individual identifiability."

Sarolta of Sarkel. Device. Azure, on a lozenge ployé throughout argent a flame gules voided Or, in chief two table-cut gemstones fesswise argent.

The flame was not emblazoned as proper (which would have more Or gouts in the gules, and gules gouts in the Or), but rather as flame gules, voided Or. Voided or fimbriated flames (and other charges with complex outlines) have been disallowed for some time now.


Crispin d'Arden. Name.

All the evidence found by any of the commenters was that in the British Isles the "e" in "de" was not elided in the same way it was in France. The evidence shows that the byname would either have been de Arden or possibly (on the model of "de Arraz" and "Darraz") Darden. As the submitter did not allow any changes whatsoever to the name, we are having to return it so he can decide which he prefers.

Isabeau de Poitiers. Alternate persona name for Meirwen ferch Llywelyn.

The citation in Gruffudd for Meirwen is undated, which virtually guarantees that it is modern, and the citation in Harpy's article on "Welsh Compound Given Names" is an error, which Harpy herself notes now derives from the Latin Marinus. Thus Meirwen appears to be only a modern, post-period name.

Iseult du Soleil. Device. Azure, a sun Or supported by a cubit arm proper.

Conflict with Aldam, et al. (Papworth, p. 1100), Azure, a sun Or, Wendryn Townsend (SCA), Azure, a sun in its glory Or, US 40th Division (Military Ordinary), Azure, a sun radiant of twelve triangular rays all Or, and Rev. B.K. Kerr-Pease (Lyon I), Azure, the sun in its splendour proper. In each case there is one CD, for the addition of the sustaining cubit. As drawn here, the sun visually dominates the center of the field and therefore must be considered either as the primary charge or one of a group of two primary charges.

Sean Anderson. Name and device. Sable on a latin cross bottony argent a sword inverted sable.

The name conflicts with John Anderson, unsuccessful candidate for U.S. President in 1980, who appears in the Encyclopedia Brittanica.

The device conflicts with Bickerstaff (Papworth, p. 619), Sable, a cross crosslet argent. There is a CD for the addition of the tertiary sword, but nothing for the difference between bottony and crosslet or for the lengthening of the lower limb of the cross.