An Tir, Kingdom of. Name for Honour of the Lions Arrow.

Cerridwen Maelwedd. Name and device. Vert, a sea lion statant Or within the horns of a crescent argent and a chief embattled ermine.

Several commenters stated some concern about the use of the name Cerridwen with a charge which could be perceived as a moon. However, even had the crescent been a moon, the standard in effect is excessive allusion, not just allusion. To paraphrase Baron Bruce when he instituted this more relaxed standard: One allusion to the name is not considered excessive, two allusions may be, three or more is probably right out.

Gorandookht Mamigonian. Name change from Keran of Ayas.

Hákon Thórarinsson. Name and device. Sable, on a pile Or between two lightning bolts in pile argent an eagle displayed inverted sable.

Isabeau du Lis Noir. Name change from Isabeau de Montessori.

Jacyntha Elizabeth Argentarius. Device change. Purpure, a heart voided argent surmounted by a coronet Or all within a bordure rayonny argent.

Her presently registered device, Purpure, a heart voided between four mullets in cross and four hearts in saltire argent, is released.

Kateryn of Falconkeep. Name and device. Azure, on a plate a falcon displayed sable, a base embattled argent.

Padraig Scotus of Killorglin. Name.

Vaclav Bily. Device. Gules, on a pale endorsed Or three lozenges gules.


Alessandro Isidoro. Name and device. Per pale Or and sable, on a roundel a triskelion counterchanged.

Alexander Locksley. Name and device. Purpure, a saltire ermine between four lions rampant to sinister queue- forchy Or each maintaining a goblet argent.

Amabe Ryuuji Yoshiatsu. Name.

Angelica Goetz von Baden. Name.

Anna de Whelok. Name and device. Argent, two scarpes azure, overall a horse's head couped contourny maintaining in its mouth an arrow sable.

Anthea of Isenfir. Holding name and device. Per fess gules and sable, on a fess engrailed argent between two lozenges ployé Or, a crescent gules.

Submitted as Atesh al-Nasmeh bint Omer.

Antonio Fioretto. Name and device. Checky sable and argent, three roses one and two proper, overall a rapier inverted Or.

Please ask him to draw the roses larger.

Augusta von Tirol. Name and device. Azure, a maiden's head facing dexter between three horses salient Or a bordure argent.

Bébinn Ó Corcra. Device. Lozengy purpure and argent, a fish-tailed sea-talbot erect contourny guardant Or.

Bruno Jäger. Name and device. Argent, two arrows in saltire gules overall a seeblatt on a chief sable a bow argent.

Caiterína Nic Chonmeadha. Name and device. Azure, a sword fesswise between a peacock close reguardant contourny and a peacock close reguardant Or a bordure argent.

Submitted as Caiterína Nic Conmeadha, the patronym must be aspirated after nc. We have done so here.

Caitlín Cheannláidir. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and Or semy of fleams azure, a dumbeg Or.

Submitted as Caitlín Cennláidir, the byname should be aspirated after the feminine given. We have done so here.

Cassandra ferch y Wehyddes. Name and device. Purpure, on a sun Or a turtle tergiant purpure, on a chief argent a roundel between an increscent and a decrescent purpure.

The "phases of the moon" on the chief is not good style, but has not by itself been cause for return in the past.

Caterine d'Orange. Name.

Catríona Beanshéinn. Name and device. Per saltire purpure and vert, a saltire between four celtic crosses argent.

Dáire Nic Fhionnlaigh. Name and device. Per chevron purpure and sable, on a chevron between two crescents and a flame Or a mullet purpure.

Submitted as Dáire Nic Fhinnlaigh, the "o" in the patronym was somehow dropped. We have restored it to match the documentation here.

Dietrich Kirk. Name and device. Per bend sinister sable and vert, a cross crosslet argent and an oak tree couped, a chief rayonny Or.

Drogo Rainulf de Dragonera. Name.

Eleanor of Peregrine Mews. Name.

Elinor de Chacenay. Name and device. Argent, on a pale azure between two unicorns rampant addorsed sable, three decrescents argent.

Elwyn Tenways. Name and device. Per pale Or and gules, three crosses patonce counterchanged.

Versus Clopton (Papworth, p. 617), Per pale Or and gules, a cross patty counterchanged, there are CDs for changing both the type and number of the charge(s). Nice armory!

Emma ny Reyly. Name and device. Ermine, a dolphin embowed purpure.

Erik of Nord Broc. Device. Pean, a theow rampant and issuant from base a demi-sun argent.

Francesca la Curiosa. Name.

Francesco della Rosa. Name and device. Per bend gules and azure a rose between three suns Or.

Gaston de Montrevel. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Geoffrey Kyle Kiffin. Device. Per saltire gules and sable in chief three lilies and in base a backed chair reversed argent.

Grimarr Steinfirzki Dagsson. Name.

Submitted as Grimarr Skeinfirzki Dagsson on the LoI, the forms and the documentation both have "t" rather than "k" in the byname.

Guillaume Fanchon de La Tremblade. Name and device. Sable, between two harpies addorsed wings elevated argent, four annulets interlaced in cross Or.

Submitted as Guillaume Fanchon de la Tremblade, the lower-case "l" in the article "la" was a typo in the LoI. The forms and the documentation both have "La".

Hannah O Neilane. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Havordh Ættarbani. Name and device. Ermine, a chevron and a bordure vert.

Isaak Frangopoulos. Name and device. Azure, on a double-headed eagle argent a chi-ro sable, a chief checky sable and argent.

Johanna Hasard. Name and device. Azure bezanty, a decrescent and on a chief Or three mullets azure.

John Kyle Bearshaw. Name and device. Argent, a bear passant sable, on a chief azure three trees argent.

Kendrick Wayfarer. Name and device. Per chevron argent and azure, a wolf passant sable between three compass roses counterchanged.

Kenelm Rogan. Device. Gules, a fess wavy cotised Or, overall a unicorn rampant contourny and on a chief argent three arrows fesswise gules.

Kollack von Zweckel. Name and device. Argent, an eagle displayed per pale sable and azure, a sinister side indented azure.

Submitted as Kollach von Zwechel, the documentation has "k" instead of "h" in both the given and locative. We have corrected them here.

Larss Knudsen. Name and device. Potenty argent and vert, a triquetra and a point pointed azure.

Lecelin of Ravenscroft. Name and device. Per pale argent and sable, two cats combattant and a chief counterchanged.

Magdalena de Hazebrouck. Name and device. Purpure, a fess fusily argent between three torches Or.

Manus MacDay. Name.

Miriam Engelke. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Nasir ibn al-Khazzaz ibn Qadir. Name change from holding name Kevin of Storvik (see PENDED for badge).

Osric Logan. Device change. Argent, a wolf's head cabossed sable, enflamed between four crescents in cross gules.

His currently registered device, Quarterly gules and argent, a wolf rampant reguardant between four crescents in saltire counterchanged, is released.

Patricia Philomena de Saint Clement. Device. Azure, a fess wavy argent, overall an anchor Or.

Peter Engelke. Name.

Rhiannon of Seareach. Device. Vert, on a bend sinister between two estoiles Or five decrescents palewise azure.

Richard Mitchell. Name and device. Argent, a phoenix gules between three roses purpure barbed and seeded proper.

Rivka bat Shaul. Device. Gyronny Or and vert, a mortar and pestle counterchanged.

Only the extreme simplicity of the design allows such complex counterchanging of this relatively assymetrical charge.

Robert de Bardoulf. Badge. Per pale Or and gules, a wolf's head erased contourny counterchanged a bordure embattled sable.

Robyn of Pevensey. Name and device. Azure, two natural dolphins naiant in annulo and on a chief argent three broadarrows azure.

Rolland von Fries. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Rüdiger Lindun. Device. Purpure, on a saltire bretessed argent, two vines crossed in saltire vert.

Rupert the Persistent. Badge. [Fieldless] A griffin segreant argent mullety sable sustaining an increscent argent.

Sartak Cisutai Byse. Name and device. Gules, on a pile between a scimitar and a scimitar reversed argent three drums sable.

Signy Dimmridaela. Device change. Argent, a harp gules on a chief indented sable three crosses bottony argent.

Her currently registered device, Per chevron inverted argent and sable, in chief an eagle's head couped gules holding in its beak an annulet Or, is released.

Stepan Zabolotskoi. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Teleri Crwydryn. Name.

Submitted as Teleri Grwydryn, the byname is not lenited after the given. We have substituted the documented, unlenited form here.

Tharasia Danzadora. Name and device. Argent, six shears two, two and two gules a bordure purpure semy of hawk's bells argent.

Thomas Lyon of Braemar. Name and device. Per bend sinister vert and sable, a bunch of grapes argent.

Werenher von Ingolstadt. Name and device. Azure, on a lozenge argent, a bear statant erect sable.

Zhenya Gotovtsov. Name and device. Quarterly gules and sable, in pale a scimitar fesswise inverted Or and a unicorn's head couped contourny argent.

The monster's head is much more clearly that of a unicorn in the large emblazon than it appeared in the mini-emblazon.


Affelin of Wodende. Name.

Though listed in the LoI as a "name and device", no mini-emblazon appeared in the LoI and no forms were enclosed for a device. It is clearly a name only submission.

Submitted as Æflin of Wodende, no support was presented, nor could any be found, for the Æf- prototheme. As the submitter allowed and desired, we have registered the closest constructible form.

Alejandro de Nuevo Castillo. Device. Per pale vert and sable, a saltire counterchanged fimbriated argent.

Alexandria Ariel MacKendry. Name and device. Purpure, a tyger rampant contourny within an annulet argent.

Submitted as Alexandria Ariel Makhenry on the LoI, sufficient support was found for us to restore the submitter's originally desired surname.

Angharad Chy a Tyr Sterrenow. Badge. Azure, a mullet of four points within a dolmen and a bordure argent.

Angus MacPherson. Name.

Asgerdr Audsdottir. Device. Azure, a heron contourny argent and a ford proper.

Submitted on the LoI as Asgerdr Audardottir, the name was registered as above (and as originally submitted) in the November 1994 LoAR.

Friedrich der Falkner. Name and badge. [Fieldless] A falcon dexter wing expanded and inverted sable.

Versus Hiltofte (Papworth, p. 298), Argent, an eagle rising, wings overt inverted sable, armed Or and Cigfran Myddrael Joserlin, the Raven (SCA), Argent, a raven rising reguardant, wings disclosed, proper, in the dexter claw a sword gules, there are CDs for fieldlessness and for the posture/silhouette of the birds: particularly when applied to the primary charge, "close, dexter wing expanded and inverted" is a significant outline change from "rising, wings displayed" (which is the more common definition of "wings overt" and "wings disclosed").

James of Amberwood. Device change. Quarterly vert and argent crusilly fitchy counterchanged, a bordure quarterly argent and vert.

His currently registered device, Vert, an oak tree eradicated Or and in chief five gouts d'Or in chevron, is retained as badge.

Jannat Raushana al-Rumiya. Device. Sable, on a fess argent between three crescents Or a simurgh close gules.

Krzysia Wanda Kazimira. Name change from Krzysia Wanda Kazimirova and device change. Or, a Russian firebird volant gules, a bordure sable.

Her currently registered device, Argent, a Russian firebird volant bendwise sinister gules, a bordure sable, is released.

Mikola Kazimir. Name change from Mikhail Vojaka Kazimirov and badge. [Fieldless] The Archangel Michael passant and brandishing a sword argent, garbed gules, breastplate Or, within and conjoined to an annulet indented on the inner edge Or.

Máire Catriona of Peridot Isle. Name.

Submitted as Moire Catriona of Peridot Isle, Moire was a form which in period referred only to the Virgin Mary. We have registered the form used as a personal name.

Nuala níc Ailín. Name and device. Vert semy-de-lys argent, on flaunches Or two Skye terriers combattant sable.

Richard of Wolfscairn. Name and device. Purpure, on a pale vert fimbriated a wolf's head erased contourny argent.

The name was returned on the September LoAR, but it has been pointed out in the commentary on the device submission that there is an SCA group named Wolfscairn, and thus the name is de facto acceptable. We are therefore registering it here.

Sionán de Prendergast the Shannaghe. Name and device. Argent, a cockatrice erect gules maintaining in each talon an oak leaf, on a chief vert three bells Or.

Talan Gwyn Aderyn. Name change from Steven of Naevehjem.

Tegan of Rolaie Halle. Device. Azure, a chevron between two roses and a stag's head couped, a chief embattled Or.

Thomas of the Brass Axe. Name and device. Purpure, an axe bendwise Or.

The byname would be more likely as Thomas Withebrassaxe or even better as Thomas with the Axe.

Valrik MacIan. Name and device. Per pale gules and argent, a dragon sejant affronty counterchanged.


'Abd al-Malik Hilal ibn Saqr al-'Ibadi. Name and device. Vert, in pale a crescent inverted and a chalice between a chief and a base argent.

Though a number of commenters noted that this might also be seen as an argent field with a charged fess (which would have been in conflict with protected armory), the large emblazon was pretty clearly drawn as a field with two charges in pale and two peripherals, the chief and the base.

Crystal Mynes, Shire of. Device. Purpure, a pickax within in base a laurel wreath, on a chief argent three lozenges purpure.

Very pretty and distinctive.

Máire O'Shannon. Device. Barry wavy argent and vert, a sea-unicorn contourny azure.

This is clear of Judith of Darkwater (SCA), Barry wavy argent and sable, a seahorse naiant to sinister azure, with CDs for the change to the field and the posture of the primary.

Medhbh níc Fhaoiltighearna. Badge. [Fieldless] A horse salient contourny argent ermined gules.

Roland le Noir. Name and device. Per chevron inverted sable and gules, a chevron inverted between a griffin's head erased and two roses, slipped and leaved argent.


Alexandria of Sunningdale. Name and device. Gules, on a sun Or a step-cut gemstone fesswise gules and on a chief Or a feather gules.

Alyce de Sheppey. Name.

Anna Katzenberger. Name.

Anne Gray. Name and device. Per chevron inverted azure and argent, in chief a double-bitted axe inverted argent.

Astrid of the Yellow Rose. Name and device. Azure, a rose slipped and leaved Or between flaunches argent estencely sable.

Please let the submitter know that flaunches should issue from the corners of the chief.

Augustine Charbonnieres. Name.

Austrechild von Mondsee. Household name and badge for Weoxstanes Fyrd. [Fieldless] On a goute de larmes a broken sword proper.

It was the consensus of the commentary that goutes are voidable charges, per Baron Bruce's precedent. Thus, X.4.j.ii. applies in granting a CD in addition to the fieldless CD versus Lochac's badge for the Order of the Silver Tear (SCA), A goute de larmes charged with a goute d'eau.

Berengaria von Grossenberg. Name and device. Vert, a chevron between three decrescents erminois.

Bohemir of Esclavonia. Name.

Clare Hele. Name.

Clarissa Wykeham. Badge. Or, a seeblatt vert in chief an acorn proper.

Conchobar draíc mac Cuiléin. Name.

Submitted as Conchobar draíc mac Cuilén, the patronym must be placed in the genitive. We have done so here.

Corisande of Starrhill. Name and device. Per chevron azure and vert, in chief six threaded needles inverted in chevron argent.

Dafydd ap Gwalchmai. Name and device. Pean, a pall inverted Or between three septfoils argent.

Submitted as Daffyd ap Gwalchmai, the spelling of the given with two "f"s and only one final "d" was a typo from the LoI. Both the submitter's forms and the documentation have the usual spelling we have registered here.

Daria Tayt. Name change from Daria Sorcha a' Chlaidheimh Iteaich.

Diane de Arnot. Household name and badge for House Faringold. Sable, three cups in fess argent within a bordure argent semy of cups sable.

Dmitrii Volkovich. Release of alternate persona name Dmitrii Volkovich syn Stanislav.

Dmitrii Volkovich. Badge. [Fieldless] A sword Or.

Versus Mikael of Monmouthshire (SCA), Per pale azure and gules, a sword inverted throughout Or, there is a CD for fieldlessness and another for inverting the primary charge.

Donecan Grayson. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Dugald Kerr. Name and device. Per fess sable and argent, two swords in saltire proper and a snake involved gules.

Ealdormere, Principality of. Name and badge for Order of the Golden Otter. Purpure, an otter sejant contourny within a bordure Or.

Ealdormere, Principality of. Badge. [Fieldless] A sword inverted sable surmounted by a trillium argent barbed and seeded vert.

Eduard von Schönberg. Household name and badge for Haus Schönberg. [Fieldless] An owl displayed Or sustaining in its talons a lozenge purpure.

Edward the Alchemist. Name.

Elizabeth du Poirier. Name.

Submitted as Elizabeth du Poirer on the LoI, the second "i" in the placename was accidentally dropped. It appears on the submitter's forms and in the documentation.

Eremon FitzGerald. Name and device. Per pale gules and azure, a tree blasted and couped and in chief three mullets of six points argent.

This would have been ever so much better as Erevan FitzGerald or Eremon filius Geraldi, or even an early Eremon mac Gereailt or more modern Éireamhón Mac Gearailt.

Eugenia of Baysham. Name.

Gabrielle Juliana Raron. Name.

Gwenhwyfar ferch Llewelyn. Name.

You might suggest to her that the more common spelling of the patronymic particle in period was verch.

Gwydion ap Myrddin. Name change from Matheus Arcuarius.

Ilsa von Westfal. Alternate persona name of Alis of Argyll and badge. Per pale gules and sable, a Caucasian saggitary passant within a bordure embattled argent.

Ivor the Black. Name.

Jehane Coleman. Name and device. Azure, a sword bendwise sinister inverted and in dexter chief a dove striking contourny argent.

John James MacCrimmon. Device. Or, on a saltire dovetailed azure a rose Or, a bordure sable.

Please ask him to draw a few more dovetails on the saltire.

John of Blackmore. Name.

Karl von Rottweil. Name.

Kriemhild Walther. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Lothar von Brandenburg. Name.

Malkyn of Healftreow. Device. Per pale vert and sable, a tree eradicated between two comets Or.

Maria Katerina von Adlerhof. Name.

Megan Rhys. Name for House Hawkvale.

Melisande of Woodcrest. Device change. Per pale purpure and sable, a greyhound courant within an orle of fleurs-de-lys argent.

Her currently registered device, Per pale argent and gules, three coneys rampant, each brandishing a sword, counterchanged azure and argent, is retained as a badge.

Michael of Stonehaven. Name only (see PENDED for device).

Middle, Kingdom of the. Title for Stave Pursuivant.

Northshield, Principality of. Device. Sable, a compass rose argent within a laurel wreath, in chief an ancient crown Or.

Northshield, Principality of. Device for consort. Sable, a compass rose argent within a wreath of roses, in chief an ancient crown Or.

Northshield, Principality of. Name and badge for Order of the Saltire. Vert estencely argent, a saltire Or surmounted by a lozenge ployé argent.

The registration of lozenges ployé at least as recently as 1991 appears to support their compatibility with SCA heraldic style.

Percevel Gower. Name.

Rising Waters, Barony of. Badge. Gyronny arrondy gules and argent, a fire arrow Or enflamed proper flighted Or, within a bordure embattled sable.

Sabina de Almería. Device. Or, a cross flory, on a chief purpure three Janus heads argent.

Striking armory!

Sanchia de Almería. Name.

Stanislaus of the Polanie. Name.

Stephen Katzenberger. Name.

Taddea Gower. Name and device. Or, between and conjoined to two bendlets three chevronels bendwise all between a turtle fesswise and a lime branch vert.

Tangwystel vyrgh Gwethenek. Name.

Thomas Edwin Nicholas Chaundeler. Name.

Three given names are not documented in English at any time in period.

Torbjorn Sjurdson. Name.


Adrianna Gretchen von Fehmarn. Device. Argent, a ram's head cabossed sable and in chief three roses proper.

Nice armory!

Anne Mathiu. Name.

Conchobhar mac Máeláin. Name and device. Per bend Or and sable, an increscent gules and a compass-star argent.

Corin y Cynydd. Device. Sable, on a bend sinister between a bow bendwise sinister Or and a sword bendwise sinister inverted proper, a quiver with three arrows sable.

John Angus Swinford. Device. Gules, a chevron erminois cotised between three boars heads couped Or.


Mihangel Dafydd o'r Aran. Name change from Michael David of Aran Island.

Radu the Red. Name.

Rhiannon Wild Heart. Device. Vert, a sea-lion argent between flaunches argent each charged with four bars wavy azure.


Anna av Dalarna. Change of name from Gustava av Dalarna.

Athelstan of Tilbrook. Name and device. Per bend gules and sable, a mullet of eight interlocking mascles and a bordure potenty argent.

Bacchus Wood, Canton of. Name.

Benedetta de Spenser. Appeal of name correction of Benedetta Despenser.

Sufficient examples were presented by the submitter and in commentary to support the originally desired spelling.

Bethia de la Birche. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and vert, a horse's head couped contourny within an annulet Or.

Caíntigern ingen Dearbáil Máel Brigte. Name.

Submitted as Caointigern Dearbháil Máel Brigte, there were several problems with the name. One is that there is no evidence whatsoever that Irish ever used double given names. Another is that the spelling of the given as submitted matched none of the documentation. We have substituted the documented early spelling as most compatible with early spelling of the remainder of the name and as making the smallest change from what was submitted. We then added ingen as the submitter desired corrections to the grammar so that it was correct for the indicated language, making the Caíntigern, daughter of Derval devotee of Brigit.

Charles the Traveler. Device. Argent, a bend sinister vert, overall a drakkar sable its sail paly gules and argent.

Christiana Blackhurst. Name.

Diane of Carmarthen. Device. Purpure, a hummingbird rising to sinister, wings elevated and addorsed, a bordure argent.

Egill Svensson. Name and device. Per pall inverted sable, gules and Or, in dexter chief a broadarrow inverted Or.

Eoin MacLaren. Badge. [Fieldless] Two spears in saltire purpure surmounted by an equal-armed Celtic cross flory Or.

Grimr af Vargeyjum. Change of name from Grim af Vargeyjum.

Harailt McDonald. Badge. [Fieldless] On a tower sable a feather bendwise sinister Or.

Isabella Bianca Barbarossa. Name.

Magnus Schatan. Name and device. Per bend sable and bendy Or and sable, in sinister chief a bezant charged with a cross of ermine spots vert.

Marguerite de Chemillé. Device. Or, a rose purpure barbed and seeded proper between three seeblätter vert.

Very striking!

Myfanwy ferch Candelan. Name and device. Vert, a winged cat salient contourny argent between three increscents Or.

Oisín mac Uislenn. Name and device. Sable, a bird rising contourny wings elevated and addorsed argent and in chief three triskeles Or.

Submitted as Oisín mac n-Uislenn, no justification could be found by any of the commenters for the n- in the patronym. It appears to Laurel (who knows no Gaelic) that it may have something to do with pluralization; the citation it comes from is for the "sons of Uisliu".

Patrice of the Misty Fjords. Device. Argent, a wyvern erect contourny azure grasping by the blade a sword inverted sable, a bordure azure.

Randal Mallard de la Guerre. Device. Per saltire gules and argent, two compass-stars elongated to base argent and two single-headed chess knights reversed sable.

Rhys ap Cynan. Name and device. Vert, an escallop argent, on a chief Or three Maltese crosses sable.

River Haven, Barony of. Badge for Order of the Bridged Towers. Per pale Or and azure, two towers conjoined by a bridge enarched argent and a bordure counterchanged.

Snorri Blódhdrekkr ór Ódhinsslundi. Device. Per chevron throughout Or and sable, two oak leaves and a dragon passant counterchanged.

Valentine fitz Kathrine. Change from holding name of Benji of the Mists.

Sufficient documentation for the general form of <fitz> <mother's name> was presented to show a practice of this pattern. The specific spelling of Katherine here is grandfathered to the client, as he is the son of Kathrine of Bristol.

William Castille. Name and device. Or, a mascle throughout sable within a bordure azure.





Katerina Razin. Household name and badge for House Hearthfire. [Fieldless] A heart sable en soleil of rays alternately Or and gules.

Hearthfire in this meaning not dated before 1784, and is therefore post-period. We need documentation for its probable use as a surname, inn name, or order name to be registrable as a household name here.

No one has submitted any documentation for rays of alternating colors on similar charges in period. As the emblazon could be equally well blazoned (and as accurately) as on a mullet of four points Or on an estoile of four rays saltirewise gules a heart sable, it is four layers as well as color on color (sable on gules). Overall, this really is just not period style as we understand it.


Atesh al-Nasmeh bint Omer. Name.

There are a couple of problems with the name. The first is the lack of any documentation for the byname "the little breeze" either as a name element or for the translation. No sources were cited nor were any photocopies enclosed. (Atesh appears to be a reasonable transliteration of the Turkish Ates; Omer, however, should be Ömer; the umlaut does modify the pronunciation.) The name also does not appear to be properly formed for Turkish, which the language of the remainder of the name would require. Turkish does not appear to have used the Arabic bint in patronymic formations. I'm afraid we need more documentation before we can register this.

The armory was registered under the holding name Anthea of Isenfir.

Duncan MacGriogair of Hawkwood. Name and device. Paly wavy of four traits argent and azure, on a chief azure a griffin couchant wings elevated and addorsed Or.

The name is mixed English and Gaelic; the given and locative make it primarily English, and the Gaelic patronymic is quite out of place. While the Rules for Submission on "Name Grammar and Syntax" do note in the subtext that "As a rule of thumb, languages should be used together only if there was substantial contact between the cultures that spoke those languages, and a name should not combine more than three languages.", the requirement in the statement of the rule itself is that such combinations must "follow documented patterns". No one yet has presented any documentation for mixed Gaelic/English names, either in period or since. Such a combination therefore follows no documented pattern whatsoever. With a minor change to something like MacGregor we could have registered the name, but as submitter allowed no changes whatsoever we are forced to return this.

Submitted in the LoI as "Per fess azure and paly of four traits argent and azure, in chief a griffin couchant wings elevated and addorsed Or", the "fess" line of division is ambiguously placed. Indeed, it was the consensus of those at the Laurel meeting that the visual reality of the device is as it is reblazoned above. As a consequence, however, the emblazon conflicts with White (Papworth, p. 581), Paly of six Or and azure, on a chief of the second, a griffin passant of the first, with only one CD for the changes to the field. We recommend redrawing this with "fess" line placed lower on field, which will then clear this conflict.

Gaston de Montrevel. Device. Sable, on a sun Or a bull's head couped gules, a bordure engrailed Or.

Conflict with Sven of Vandelalven the Fierce (SCA), Sable, on a mullet of two greater and four lesser points Or, a dragon statant reguardant gules pierced through the back by a sword inverted sable. There is a CD for the addition of the bordure, but nothing for the type of the multi-pointed mullet(s) and nothing for type only of the tertiary charge on a complex primary.

Hannah O Neilane. Device. Sable, a chevron erminois between three phoenixes displayed Or.

Conflict with Bennet (Papworth, p. 387), Sable, a chevron erminois between three demi-lions rampant Or, erased gules armed and langued of the same. There is only one CD for the change to type of the secondaries.

Miriam Engelke. Device. Azure, three otters statant in annulo a bordure argent.

Conflict with Barbara Viggiani Milanese (SCA), Azure, six mice couchant in annulo and a bordure argent, with one CD for the number of beasties in the circle, but no one at the Laurel meeting where the emblazons were compared could see granting another for either type or posture of the animals. Conflict also with Elspet NicDhubhghlaise bean Iain Mhic Thomaidh (SCA), Azure, three cats couchant in annulo argent, each biting the tail of the cat previous. Here there is a CD for the addition of the bordure, but again, a visual comparison demonstrated insufficient difference in type or posture to overcome the vast visual similarities.

Robert Bedingfield of Lochmere. Device. Vert, a nude woman rampant proper crined gules maintaining a tankard and in chief three roses Or.

"Rampant" does not appear to be a human posture. Parker, p. 488, defines rampant as "of an animal, and especially of a lion=rearing". Admittedly, there are a few registrations of such in the A&O, but the most recent appears to have been in 1985. Would the submitter consider a wild woman (statant affronty)?

Please see the discussion in the Cover Letter accompanying this LoAR for an exposition of the principles underlying animate charges and their default positions.

Rolland von Fries. Device. Per pale gules and sable, an eagle displayed checky Or and gules, kleestengel sable.

The checky Or and gules eagle is completely unidentifiable on the gules portion of the field. While we have allowed checky ordinaries to share a tincture with the field, their simple outline makes it obvious what they are and identifiability is not lost. Here, because of the complex outline of the charge, that is not the case.

Conflict also with Moravia (Neubecker, p. 90), Azure, an eagle checky Or and gules, crowned Or. There is a CD for the field, but nothing for removing the crown, and the addition of the kleestengel is frequently treated as only an artistic variant of a standard eagle, and thus worth no difference.

Rory Blackhand. Device. Argent, a chevron checky gules and argent between three sealions reguardant sable, a bordure gules.

Conflict with Suttie of Balgone (Combo I, citing Lyon I), Argent, a chevron checky gules and argent between three hunting horns sable garnished within a bordure gules. There is only one CD, for the change in type of the secondaries.

Stepan Zabolotskoi. Device. Azure, on a bend between two Russian Orthodox crosses argent, a cattail proper.

Conflict with Anne of Flaming Gryphon (SCA), Azure, on a bend between two horse's heads couped argent a deadly nightshade vine vert flowered purpure. There is a CD for the change in type of the secondaries, but the change to type of the tertiaries is insufficient and the slight tincture change (to brown from purpure) of the "flower" part of the long green plant is not enough to count.


Barbara of the Rose. Name.

"The byname [of the Rose] implies membership in the Order of the Rose as much as `of the Laurel', `of the Chivalry', or `of the Pelican' imply membership in those orders." (LoAR January 1991, p. 10). The name would be more period, and would be registrable, as Barbara Witherose or Barbara atte Rose.

Matthew D'Aeth de Lyon of Aix. Name change from Matthew Death Lyon of Aix.

No one was able to document D'Aeth as a period form from any source, and Bardsley strongly implies that such spellings as this one are no earlier than the 19th Century. We need additional documentation for D'Aeth.




Donecan Grayson. Device. Per bend sinister azure and sable, in bend three crosses bottony argent.

Conflict with Morgan (Papworth, p. 671), Sable, three crosses bottony in bend argent. There is only one CD, for the change to the field.

Gerhardt Johannes Liebknecht von Erfurt. Name and device. Per chevron Or crusilly long sable and gules, in base a lion rampant paly Or and sable.

While both the name and device appear to be registrable, no forms were received in the Laurel packet. (And my staff didn't catch that they were missing. Sorry about that!)

Kriemhild Walther. Device. Azure, a dragon-tailed demi-woman erect and dexter-facing sustaining a spear argent.

This dragon-tailed demi-woman blurs the distinctions between two existing period charges: the mermaid and the man-serpent. Indeed, a non-herald who came into the room during the meeting and saw the device mistook the charge for a mermaid. As a consequence of this event, the consensus of those at the Laurel meeting, and the commentary, it was felt that this charge fell into the same general category of "halfway between" charges as unicornate horses, and should not be allowed.

Kuji Ka Onimusashi. Device. Vert, a sheaf of arrows surmounted by a vajhra fesswise Or.

There appears to be only one prior registration of vajhra, in a badge registered in 1984. It's very rarity outside the SCA and a single ten-year-old registration in the SCA leave us wondering if the charge is necessarily compatible with SCA heraldry. The unusual nature of the arrows should needs to be blazoned. However, we seem never to have used the term bowel-raker before, making this the defining instance. We need documentation that this kind of arrowhead was known in period. (The unusual heads make it very difficult readily to identify these charges as arrows of any kind.)

Onuphrius Dru Overende. Badge. [Fieldless] A winged serpent erect argent.

A visual comparison of the emblazons confirmed that this conflicts with Tyra Stewart of Moray (SCA), Azure, a fanged, bat-winged green tree python (Condropython viridis) erect, gorged of a collar trailing three links, argent. There is a CD for fieldless vs. fielded, but the change to the type of wings is too slight to count for the necessary second.


Robard Mathias. Name and device. Gules, a pall inverted argent between three lit candles Or.

Conflict with Robert Mathias, American decathlete, who has his own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The device conflicts with de Sachsegrun (Combo II, citing Woodward), Gules, a pall reversed argent. There is only one CD, for the addition of the secondary charges.


Una of Blackberry Hollow. [Fieldless] On a triskele argent the letter U vert entwined on the sinister side of a blackberry bramble sable leaved vert.

This item had been pended because the tincture of the letter had accidentally been left out of the blazon. The very poor contrast between the sable and vert vine and the vert U leave us facing rather good-sized problems of identifiability of the charges. Additionally, while we have allowed entwining, most entwined charges were either snakes (of which entwining around a column or rod is a period motif) or larger, more readily identifiable plant charges such as a rose, its slip entwined around a long, thin object (again, rather like a column or rod). The use of a letter here does not seem to be a reasonable extension of period practice.


Anisah al Nawaar. Device. Argent, a cross indented vert, overall a daisy azure.

The daisy is just barely "overall", a style which has been cause for return in the past. Because the Rules for Submission require that overall charges must contrast with the field, such charges must be sufficiently on the field to avoid contrast and identifiability problems with the charges they overlie.





Frithuric Ullman. Device. Argent, on a chevron purpure between three fox's masks azure jessant-de-lys purpure, three suns in splendor argent.

The LoI accidentally dropped the tincture of the chevron; it is not azure, but purpure.

Nasir ibn al-Khazzaz ibn Qadir. Badge. Azure, on a fess between in chief and in base a bow reversed between a pair of drinking horns argent a shamshir reversed blade to base azure.

The LoI accidentally dropped the tincture of the fess and secondary charges. This is being pended for research under the correct blazon.

Blazoned as trousers of nobility in the LoI, the "horns" are clearly drawn as drinking horns, and not the Arabic charges known as "trousers of nobility".


Ismay Othe of Glendalough. Device. Vert, on three lozenges in pall argent three roses gules, a bordure argent.

The blazon went entirely "AWOL" from the LoI. This is being pended so that it can be properly researched.


Michael of Stonehaven. Device. Azure, a hart's head cabossed argent and in chief three mullets one and two Or within a bordure embattled argent.

The LoI accidentally dropped the tincture of the hart's head, argent, which would bring the device into conflict with McKenzie (Papworth, p. 916), Azure, a deer's head cabossed Or within a bordure embattled argent. This is being pended for research under the correct tincture (argent) of the primary charge.