Adriana Capelletti. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and Or, two bendlets sinister between two suns in splendor all within a bordure counterchanged.

Aleksei Zateev. Name and device. Azure, on a bend sinister argent between two lion's heads cabossed Or an arrow inverted gules.

Nicely done!

Ameline Fitzgerald. Badge. [Fieldless] A seeblatt purpure.

Cainder nic Sheanlaoich. Name and device. Per bend sinister sable and azure, two wolverines statant argent.

Submitted as Cainder nic Seanlaoich, the use of the feminine patronymic particle requires aspiration of the patronym. We have so corrected it here.

Childebert Benevolus. Name and device. Argent, on a bend wavy between two swords azure three escallops palewise argent.

Dart Dumas. Name.

Better period forms of the name would be Dardo des Mas and Tarto del Mas.

Edmund de la Haye. Name and device. Azure, two bendlets enhanced and in base a mullet voided Or.

Versus Bylesdon (Papworth, p. 284), Azure, two bendlets Or, there are CDs for the addition of the mullet in base and another for the prominent enhancing of the bendlets to chief. They are more enhanced than would normally be expected from a blazon of two bendlets and in base and "X"; as a consequence the move to chief is not "forced" and should count for difference.

Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo. Device. Azure, three scarpes enhanced argent and in base on a mullet Or a fleur-de- lis florency sable.

The suggested conflict with Astra Christiana Benedict (SCA), On a mullet a cross crosslet, requires a reblazon of the field here to per bend sinister bendy sinister azure and argent, and azure, which would not accurately reproduce the emblazon. As such, it cannot be a reasonable conflict. (Just as one cannot blazon one's way out of a conflict, one cannot blazon one's way into a conflict.) In neither this case nor in Edmund de la Haye's, above, are the bendlets nearly as enhanced as those in the returns cited in the commentary from September 1992, which amounted to the equivalent of three bendlets "in canton". The scarpes here are only slightly more "enhanced" than one would expect for three scarpes with a secondary charge only in base.

Evelyn atte Holye. Name and device. Or, a holly branch bendwise sinister inverted vert fructed gules and on a chief grady azure a mullet voided Or.

Giuliana Benevoli. Name and device. Per chevron sable mullety argent and gules, a sun in spendor Or.

Please ask her to draw the line of division of the field a little higher up. (She was clearly using the guidemarks on the submissions forms, but those are a little low for a per chevron field division.

Gwalchwyn ap Gryffyn. Name.

Submitted as Gwalchgwyn ap Gryffyn, the second element of the given should lenite, to -wyn.

Jakob von Soest. Name and device. Argent, a cockatrice displayed vert combed and wattled gules within a bordure bendy gules and Or.

Janyce of Aquaterra. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Ermine, on a strawberry gules slipped vert seeded Or a rabbit couchant argent, a bordure embattled sable.

Submitted as Fionnghuala Freyser.

Natasha Orionova Zateeva. Name.

Shadhra Aliya. Name.


Alysoun Beauchamp. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Alys of Alnwick. Name.

Angus mac Conn. Name.

Averial Thorhalla. Name and device. Azure, two needles in saltire and in chief three annulets Or.

Bran MacNeill. Name and device. Or goutty de poix, two wolves combattant gules and a chief sable.

Brigit Ní Sheachnasaigh. Name.

Submitted as Brigit O'Seachnsaigh, we have corrected the spelling of the patronym. Additionally, in fully Gaelic names, as here, a feminine give requires the use of the feminine patronymic particle, which causes aspiration in the patronym. We have made those corrections here.

Contance Caterina of Padua. Device. Argent chapé gules, two catamounts sejant respectant sable.

Elfsea, Barony of. Badge. Per pale azure and argent, on an escallop inverted counterchanged a stag's head cabossed proper, a base embattled counterchanged.

Gobnait Ní tSúsanna Nic Iomhair. Name.

Submitted as Godnait Susanna Nic Iomhair, Godnait was an error for Gobnait, and no evidence has yet been presented for the use of double given names in Irish in period. We have made the smallest possible changes to the name to make it grammatically correct and more or less consistent with Irish practice.

Katarina Petrovna Pomeshanova. Name change from holding name Kristin of Bryn Gwlad.

The documentation presented with the submission for the surname seemed sufficient to allow us to give her the benefit of the doubt, despite the misgivings of the College's Russian names experts about it.

Larkin O'Kane. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and argent, four estoiles argent and three gouttes de sang.

Versus Vivian (Papworth, p. 698), Azure, five estoiles two, two and one argent, and Baillie (Papworth, p. 698), Azure, nine estoiles, three, three, two and one, argent, there is in each case a CD for the change to the field and another for changing the type and tincture of the primary charge group on one side of the line of division, even though numerically this is not "one half" of the primary charge group. For a fuller discussion of this precedent granting a CD for two changes to charges on one side of a line of division even when less than half the charge group is affected, see the December 21, 1991 Cover Letter (with the November 1991 LoAR) or Precedents of Master Da'ud ibn Auda, Vol. II, p. 24.

Maddalena dei Ridolfi. Name and device. Purpure, six crescents and a bordure argent.

Submitted as Maddalena della Ridolfi, the article did not match the number or gender of the byname. We have changed it to the correct matching article here.

Malise the Archer. Name.

Olaf Sveinsson. Name and device. Vert, a swan rousant and on a chief argent three roses proper.

Though several commenters noted on the slight trian aspect of the emblazon of the swan, this does match fairly closely the illustrations in Parker (p. 625, under "Wings") for rising (an equivalent for rousant applied to birds "whose weight prevents them from flying").

Signy Gandalfsdottir. Name.

Trelac, Shire of. Name change from Standonshire.


Æthelflæd of Stæfforda. Device. Per bend sinister gules and argent, a rose sable, barbed vert seeded argent, a bordure wavy counterchanged.

Anne Elizabeth. Name and device. Vert, a bend sable fimbriated between two crosses of Jerusalem Or.

Aria de Châtillon. Name change from Arianwen the Nimble Fingered and device change. Vert, a unicorn rampant to sinister argent gorged of a chaplet of roses gules, charged on the shoulder with a harp vert, a bordure counter-company vert and Or.

Her currently registered device, Vert, a unicorn rampant to sinister argent, charged on the shoulder with a harp vert, a bordure counter-company vert and Or, is released.

Conna M'Kennane. Name and device. Per chevron purpure and Or, three swords counterchanged.

Elewys the Jew. Name.

Erica Poitevin. Name and device. Per fess enarched sable and Or, a dragon dormant and a cat sejant erect counterchanged, a base sable.

Fionna Raynard. Name.

Greer Jonsdottir. Name and device. Argent, a frog rampant vert spotted sable, a bordure embattled vert.

Leia di Capraia. Badge. [Fieldless] A card pique Or.

Malcolm MacMalcom. Household name for House Krebshafen.

Merrick Xavier. Name.

Patrick O'Reilly the Tall. Device. Per chevron vert and argent, two mullets and a shamrock a bordure engrailed counterchanged.

Payn Midewynter. Name.

Peter Valmont. Name and device. Per pale gules and sable, a lion rampant and on a chief indented argent, three lozenges purpure.

Philip Aleksandrovitch. Device. Vert ermined Or, a wolf's head erased argent a bordure Or.

Seamus Bigbones. Name and device. Sable, two bones fesswise in pale argent, a bordure embattled Or.

Temur of the Kerait. Name and device. Per fess azure and gules, a dance and in chief a wing argent.

Theodore of Isenfir. Name and device. Per fess argent and gules, three goats passant to sinister counterchanged.

Nice armory!

Thomas Britton. Release of name and device. Per pale gules and sable, a lion rampant and upon a chief indented argent three lozenges sable.

Thomas Britton. Release of badge. [Fieldless] On a compass star purpure, a lion's head erased argent.

Tristan Alexander. Augmentation of arms. Azure, a merman affronty reguardant maintaining in the sinister hand a trident, within a bordure argent, as an augmentation, in the merman's dexter hand a targe argent charged with an escutcheon of sable, a decrescent and a base indented of three points argent.


Ristil ingen Cathail. Device. Per fess vert and azure, two escallops argent and a sea-horse naiant reguardant argent tailed vert, a bordure embattled counterchanged.

This was pended from the November 1994 Laurel meeting.


Aengus Stiubhard Mac Dhughaill. Name.

Alexander Mylne. Name and device. Per bend sinister Or and sable, a stag's head affronty couped and a drum within a bordure counterchanged.

Clare de Kirkpatric. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Eduardo Diodati. Name change from Aed McSeósaiph.

Eirik Asvaldsson. Device. Per fess gules and Or, a wolf passant ululant argent and a tankard inverted bendwise sinister distilling a goutte gules.

Elizabet of Bannockburn. Name and device. Azure, on a bend sinister Or crusilly azure between two unicorn's heads couped Or a mullet palewise azure.

Leif Andersson. Name.

Margrethe Sifritsdottir of Helsinore. Name only (see RETURNS for device).


Domhnall Ó Catháin. Name and device. Per pale azure and sable, a griffin segreant and on a chief dovetailed argent two floats gules.

Submitted as Domhnall Cahan, the name mixed a fully Gaelic given with an anglicized surname. No evidence has yet been presented that such mixed language names were ever used in period. As the documentation for the submission was all Irish, we have substituted the Gaelic form of the surname.

Donnchadh MacAonghais. Name.

East, Kingdom of. Badge for the Order of the Golden Rapier. [Fieldless] A tyger's head cabossed azure jessant of a rapier Or.

As noted by many commenters, the emblazon in the LoI was a poor reproduction of the blazon. However, the kingdom has sent a corrected emblazon to Laurel which cures the redrawing problems.

Kathleen O'Connor. Device. Argent, a pegasus passant contourny sable within a bordure dovetailed azure.

Katrina of the Groves. Name.

Submitted as Katriona of the Groves, the given was an undocumented spelling variant of an undated Gaelic name. We have substituted the closest documentable English version.

Michael of Northwood. Name change from Taurandir the Hunter.

Robin Wallace. Device. Sable, on a pale wavy argent three stags heads cabossed sable.


Serena Rouan. Name and device. Azure, a castle and on a chief triangular Or a rose gules.

Stephan of Goodrich. Name.

Sunderoak, Canton of. Name.

Submitted as Sundered Oak, the use of the adjectival past participle in placenames has not been documented as a period pattern or practice. As the group allowed minor changes, however, we have modified the name to a documentably constructible form.

Theodwine of Falconbridge. Name and device. Per pale argent and azure, two dragons salient respectant each bearing a tankard counterchanged, a chief gules.

Tigranes of Bezabde. Badge. [Fieldless] A crescent sable fimbriated, charged with a sun Or winged argent.

Though legal, the fimbriation of the crescent is not very good style, and on a fieldless badge seems an unnecessary complication.

Trollhaven, Canton of. Device change. Argent, a troll within a laurel wreath and on a chief azure a three-arched bridge Or.

Blazoned in the LoI as "passant guardant", the troll is in the default affronty posture of human and humanoid charges. Their currently registered device, Sable, a ram's head cabossed argent armed Or and in chief a laurel wreath proper above a twin-towered three-arched bridge Or, is released.


Ailín nic an Bháird. Name.

Submitted as Alina nic an Bhaird, the name combined a purely English given name with a purely Gaelic patronymic, a combination which has yet to be documented in period or since. As the submitter permitted minor changes, we have substituted the most likely Gaelic borrowing of Alina.

Ana Foscari. Name.

Anastasia Byestewode. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Anne Sinclair. Device. Per pale wavy argent and azure, two dolphins naiant counterchanged.

Armand FitzEdward. Name.

Beorn of the Northern Sea. Name and device. Per bend sinister embattled grady gules and argent, a lyre and a dolphin urinant counterchanged, within a double-tressure sable.

The line of division of the field should be drawn more boldly.

Bronwen Hundolf. Name and device. Per bend sinister sable and argent, a sun in his splendor Or and a wolf's head erased sable.

Submitted as Bronwyn Hundolf, all of the submitter's own documentation (save one) gave the given as Bronwen; that one (Dunkling and Gosling's The Facts On File Dictionary of First Names) notes only that "Bronwyn is a common variant. Both forms steadily used since the end of the 19th century." There is no evidence that Bronwyn is a period variant of Bronwen. (It would in any case be a masculine name, having the masculine -wyn ending.)

Bronwen o Gydweli. Badge. (Fieldless) An antelope statant per pale argent and sable.

Bryce Lones. Name and device. Gules, on a pale Or, a needle gules, a chief indented argent.

The chief would be better with fewer, larger indentations.

Christine O'Neill of Cork. Name.

Conor the Black. Device. Argent, five bendlets enhanced sable surmounted by a wyvern gules, in base a fleur-de-lys sable.

In neither this case nor in Edmund de la Haye's and Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo's, above, are the bendlets nearly as enhanced as those in the returns cited in the commentary from September 1992, which amounted to the equivalent of three bendlets "in canton". The scarpes here are somewhat more "enhanced" than one would expect for bendlets with a secondary charge in base, but are not sufficiently moved to chief as to require a return on the grounds of "excessive enhancement".

Elizabeth O'Brien. Device. Per pale and per fess wavy vert and argent, a harp and a lily argent.

Elizabeth of Ben Dunfirth. Name.

Submitted as Elizabeth of Ben DunFirth, the group's name is registered as above. We have changed the locative to match.

Hannah von dem Wald. Name.

Submitted as Hannah von der Wald, the article needs to be in the dative case after von. We have corrected it here.

Isaac MacDaniel. Device. Per bend sinister azure and argent, a griffin sejant contourny argent and a sprig of heather proper.

Blazoned on the LoI as an opinicus, the monster here is clearly a griffin; see, e.g., Parker, p. 297.

James Galen MacGrew. Device. Gules, on a bend argent, three pheons palewise inverted sable, in sinister chief on a sun argent a wolf's head caboshed sable.

Jean Paul de Vezelay. Name and device. Purpure, on a bend between a demi-unicorn rampant and a demi-pegasus segreant contourny argent, a sword inverted purpure.

Submitted as Jean Paul de Vezeley, all of the submitter's documentation spelled the locative -lay.

Kathleen Simonetta Riario. Device. Or, a cross fleury gules, overall a panther rampant guardant sable bezanty, incensed gules, a bordure rayonny sable.

Long Bai Xiong. Name and device. Per pale azure and argent, a paw print between three bear's heads cabossed counterchanged.

Submitted as Lung Bai Xiong, the surname was documented from a different book than the other parts of the name, on which used a different (Wade-Giles) transliteration system from the other (Pinyin). We have modified that surname to match the transliteration system of the remainder of the name.

Malachi Halfdan Brightskull. Device. Per chevron sable and gules, a chevron rayonny on the upper edge Or, in base a Norse Jelling beast nowed to sinister argent.

Malcolm MacAdaim. Name.

Michael Philip de Vere. Name and device. Azure, on a pale between two griffins argent, a tower between two mullets of eight points sable.

Versus James Adair MacCarthaigh of Derrydown (SCA), Azure, on a pale between in chief two compass stars elongated to base argent, a compass star elongated to base sable, there are CDs for changing the type of secondary charges and for changing their position on the field (from in chief to in fess).

Robert the Scot of Argyll. Name and device. Vert, a bend sinister between a harp and a wyvern erect maintaining a sword inverted, within a bordure Or.

Silvanus of Blackmoor Keep. Name.

Simon MacLeod. Device change. Vert, two chevronels, in base two Latin crosses formy in fess Or.

His currently registered device, Purpure, two chevronels, in base two Latin crosses formy in fess Or, is released.

Tormod dubh Gunn. Name and device. Per pale gules and sable, three cubit arms conjoined in pall inverted, each grasping a juggler's club, on a chief Or, a fox passant gules maintaining a gunstone.

Turlough O'Keeffe. Name and device. Per bend sinister gules and sable, a Thor's hamer and a dumbec Or.

Walter of Minstead. Name.

William Bruce. Name.

Submitted as William Ethelwulf Bruce, Ethelwulf is entirely out of place in the remainder of the name. (Please remember, Anglo-Saxon and 17th Century English are two entirely different languages.) We have dropped the problematic element in order to register the name.

William Read of Alnwick. Device. Per bend argent and sable, a sword bendwise throughout gules between two rods of Aesculapius counterchanged.

Wilhelm vom Rhein. Name and device. Per saltire gules and sable, three griffins one and two Or and in base a compass star argent.

Submitted as Wilhelm von Rhine, that spelling of the river's name is English, entirely out of place in an otherwise German name. We have substituted the German spelling here. Additionally, after the preposition it normally takes the definite article, von dem Rhein ("of the Rhine"), which may then contract to vom.

Yves Fortanier. Name.


Aidan Blackstone. Name.

Amalie Warrenne. Device. Or, a cock sable within a bordure embattled gules.

Arthur fitz Robert. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Arthur MacFergus. Name.

Basarab the Wary. Name.

Brigit Katherine Stoneman. Name and device. Per fess sable and gules, a Lacy knot between three stick shuttles argent.

Bronwen Ddiniwed. Name.

Submitted as Bronwen Diniwed, the byname lenites in a feminine name. We have corrected it so here.

Cassandra Delacherois. Name.

Deborah the Gentle. Name.

Dominic Durrant of Marlborough. Name and device. Argent ermined azure, on a bend sinister gules three goblets palewise Or.

Duncan Arthur Standish. Name.

Edward the Tall. Name.

Erik Viligisl. Name and device. Quarterly azure and vert, on a cross argent a scorpion gules.

Gwyn ap Gweir. Name.

Jararvellir, Barony of. Augmentation of Arms. Azure, on a fess between two catfish couternaiant Or a laurel wreath vert, as an augmentation on a canton argent a pale gules overall a dragon passant vert.

Jararvellir, Barony of. Badge for Order of the Pisces. Sable, two fish naiant in annulo and a bordure Or.

John O'Gara. Name change from Thorun Geiri.

Marshall of Turm an dem See. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per saltire argent and paly Or and gules, in chief a mullet of compass star and in base a crescent sable.

Submitted as Pagan L'Ósarro de Montpeller.

Medraut Beorhtwig. Household name for House Beorhtwig.

Medraut Beorhtwig. Badge. [Fieldless] An ermine spot sable surmounted by a sword bendwise sinister Or.

Melchor Stoneteeth. Name change from Melchior Stoneteeth.

Michaela de Romeny. Device. Argent chaussé invected purpure, in pale a thistle proper and a swan naiant to sinister sable.


Áine Ní Dhonnabháin. Name.

Submitted as Aine Donnabháin, the submitter's own documentation gave the surname as Ó Donnabháin. We have therefore modified the surname to match the documentation, then corrected it to the proper feminine form and aspirated it following the feminine patronymic particle.

Barre FitzRobert of York. Device. Azure, a sheaf of three spears and in chief three suns Or.

Submitted as Barry FitzRobert of York, the name was registered as above in the October 1994 LoAR.

Brendan McDonald. Name and device. Per fess indented Or and vert, a wolf statant guardant contourny azure and a three-headed wingless dragon statant argent.

Cáelainn ingen Muiredaig. Name and device. Per pale vert and sable, three recorders bendwise Or.

Submitted as Cáelainn ní Muiríoch, the spellings of the given and patronym were incompatible. Cáelainn is an early Irish form while Muiríoch is not only a late form but is an unmistakably modern spelling since the "dh" of the original (Muireadhach) has been dropped. Additionally, the patronym needs to be put into the genitive. As the submitter noted on the submission forms that she wanted "the grammar and/or spelling ... so that it's correct for the indicated language(s)", we have matched the period and spelling of the patronymic with the given.

Grellán ÓConchobhair. Name.

Marguerite d'Isère. Device. Azure, a daisy proper within an orle of plates conjoined and a chief Or.

A daisy proper in the SCA is argent, seeded Or. Please let her know that the orle of plates should more closely follow the outline of the shield than it does in the emblazon.

Medlan ferch Olwen. Device. Per bend azure and argent, three hawks volant argent and three more azure.

Outlands, Kingdom of. Badge for the Outlands Equestrian Guild. Or, a horse courant sable and a base embattled vert.


Battle Rock, Canton of. Name and device. Per chevron azure and vert, on a sun within a laurel wreath Or a phoenix rousant to sinister wings addorsed gules.

As several commenters noted, the phoenix is not truly "rising", a posture which for phoenices is the equivalent of "displayed". We have modified the blazon to better match the emblazon.

Caoimhín Chonmhaoil Sciach. Device. Sable, a unicorn passant contourny between three triquetras argent.

Roseline d'Anjou. Name and device. Azure, on a pile between two fleurs-de-lis argent a rose proper.

Please ask her to draw the pile properly, with the point nearly touching the base of the shield.

Sagevarda von Rottweil. Name and device. Argent, two snakes erect respectant vert and a chief engrailed purpure.

Stephen of Greenwood. Device. Per pale gules and azure, a chess rook and on a chief Or a badger statant sable.

Swan the Red of Stonehall. Device. Argent, a swan naiant contourny gules and a bordure sable.

Nice, simple armory.

Thomas MacCruitín. Device. Argent, a stag trippant contourny proper, in chief three crosses bottony vert.

Vytas emaii. Name and device. Per fess Or and purpure, a sun within an orle counterchanged.

Warren of Rivenoak. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Purpure, a stag at gaze and on a chief argent three hammers sable.

Submitted as Hrothgar Thórsdagr.





Fionnghuala Freyser. Name.

The name combines an Irish Gaelic given with and Anglo-Scottish surname. No documentation has yet been presented for such combinations at any time in period. We would have anglicized the given to Fenolla to register it, but as the submitter allowed no changes whatsoever we are forced to return it.

The armory was registered under the holding name Janyce of Aquaterra.

Turlough Ó Cuinn. Device. Gyronny gules and ermine, on a pale rayonny Or a spear proper.

Spears do not appear to have a default "proper"; the one here has a wooden (brown) shaft and an argent spearhead, which gets lost very quickly on the Or pale, making the spear unidentifiable as such. Might we suggest making the spear sable?


Alysoun Beauchamp. Device. Erminois, a Mugwort plant vert.

Conflict with Brobrough (Papworth, p. 1112), Argent, a slip of three leaves vert; Alonder (Papworth, p. 1113), Or, an almond slip fructed proper; Clan Gunn (Combo II, citing Fox-Davies), [Fieldless] Rose-wort proper; and Clan MacKinnon (Combo II, citing Fox-Davies), [Fieldless] St. John's wort proper. In each case there is a CD for the field, but nothing for either the type or tincture of the foliage.

Mary Black Axe. Device. Gules, on a heart argent two axes in saltire inverted blades to center sable.

As a number of commenters noted, RfS XI.4. disallows having more than one charge on a shape which was used for the display of armory. As a heart was such a shape, the presence of two axes means we have to return this design.

Merfyn Gareth ap Mouric. Device. Sable, an Aaron's rod Or.

Conflict with William de Montgilt (SCA), Sable, a serpent erect reguardant Or. There is certainly a CD for the difference in type between an Aaron's rod and a serpent, but the visual similarities are sufficient that it was not felt that X.2. (sufficient difference) would apply here.


William of Øland. Device. Or, a stump snagged proper, a bordure per pale sable and vert.

Conflict with Kerensa of Willowmere (SCA), Or, springing from a fracted stump, a field daisy stalked and leaved proper. There is a CD for the addition of the bordure, but nothing for the fracting of the stump or for the maintained daisy.


Clare de Kirkpatric. Device. Per bend argent and gules, a rose and a knot of four loops and four tassels counterchanged.

Conflict with William Arkham (SCA), Per bend argent and gules, a rose gules slipped and leaved vert, and a quill argent. There is only one CD, for changing one-half the type of the charge group.

Margrethe Sifritsdottir of Helsinore. Device. Per fess azure and sable, a levrier rampant contourny reguardant Or.

Conflict with Connor MacTavish (SCA), Lozengy azure and argent, a wolf rampant contourny queue-fourchy Or. There is one CD for the change to the field, but nothing for type of canine, number of tails, or head position.

Tatiana Nikonovna Landysheva. Name change from Tatiana Nikonovna Besprozvannyja.

As the submitter's own documentation notes, the adoption of "artificial" surnames, such as Landyshev (from landys, lily of the valley), by the Russian Orthodox clergy "began at the very end of the seventeenth century" (Unbegaun, p. 217). As a consequence, the surname is documentably post-period.


Jean de Chauliac. Device. Sable, on a plate a unicorn's head couped purpure, and on a chief argent a decrescent purpure.

As almost all of the commenters noted, the tertiary here is not a unicorn's head, but a unicornate horse's head. Unicornate horses (and by extension, their heads) have been disallowed for some years now.

Niamh de Burgh. Name.

The name combines Gaelic and English name elements in a way that has not yet been documented in period. de Burgh became in Ireland de Burk, which was then taken into Irish as de Búrc. We would have modified the name thus to register it, but as the submitter allowed no changes whatsoever we are forced to return it.

Phiala O'Ceallaigh. Device. Vert, a fret interlaced with a mascle within a bordure argent.

There does not seem to be sufficient visual difference between this fret and mascle from either a plain fret or from fretty (which we treat as interchangeable in any case). As a consequence, this conflicts with Capell (Papworth, p. 883), Vert, fretty argent, and Salkeld (Papworth, p. 879), Vert, a fret argent. In each case, there is only a single CD, for the addition of the bordure.

Tibor of Rock Valley. Device. Vert, a delf Or.

Versus La Rana (SCA), Vert, on a cushion Or, a frog sejant affronty vert, crowned Or, cited by several commenters, there are CDs for the type of primary charge (the softer lines and tassels at each corner are fairly conspicuous on La Rana's device) and for the removal of the tertiary frog. However, it does conflict with the Prefecture of Miyazaki, Japan (Flags of the World), Vert, three delfs conjoined in bend Or, with only one CD for the change in number of delfs.


Anastasia Byestewode. Device. Per pale Or and purpure, a pair of scissors, and issuant from chief, a ribbon in chevron counterchanged.

As noted in the September 1994 LoAR, p. 15: "The ribbon is an SCA invention. While the Armorial and Ordinary has five registrations of a ribbon, the most recent is 1984.... Its loops and twists are unblazonable, leaving a great deal of variation in appearance and making it virtually impossible to reconstruct accurately from the blazon alone, which would violate RFS VII.7.b. There seems to be no compelling reason to register the ribbon as an heraldic charge." The difficulty in blazoning the position and "draping" of the ribbon here falls to the same arguments; it isn't really "in chevron", but follows the outline of a medieval pavilion, with a loop in the middle of the drape where the "roof" meets the "wall" and with an extra twist farther down the "walls". There is no blazon anyone could suggest which would adequately reproduce the emblazon.

Bronwen o Gydweli. Household Name for Tylwyth o Gydweli.

The name conflicts with the castle and town of Kidwelly, Wales. [The submitter might be well served by recommending to her a copy of "Period Welsh Models for SCA Households and the Nomenclature Thereof" by Heather Ross Jones (Harpy Herald - West Kingdom, Mistress Tangwystl verch Morgant Glasvryn).]

Irina Francesca degli Schiavoni. Device. Per bend sinister urdy Or and gules.

Conflict with Drummond (Combo II, p. 45), Per fess wavy Or and gules, with one CD for per bend sinister versus per fess, but there was a clear consensus among the commenters that urdy is not a CD from wavy. Conflict also with Byles (Papworth, p. 182), Per bend sinister embattled argent and gules, Boyley (Papworth, p. 182), Per bend sinister embattled gules and argent, and Marie Charlotte von Lingen (Lyon II, #0571), Per bend sinister embattled Or and sable. In each case there is one CD for the change of tincture, but it was felt that urdy is not a CD from embattled. (It was pretty universally felt that urdy is a CD from nebuly, even though we treat nebuly and wavy as variants of each other.)

William de Marmoutier. Device. Per bend sinister gules and checky Or and sable, in dexter chief a torch enflamed Or.

Conflict with British 18th Artillery Training Brigade (Military Ordinary), Per fess gules and azure, overall a torch enflamed all Or, and with British 218th Brigade (Military Ordinary), Sable, a crescent torch palewise Or enflamed gules. In each case there is a CD for the changes to the field, but as the move of the torch to dexter chief in this submission is forced by the field tinctures, we can grant no difference for placement on the field.


Arthur fitz Robert. Device. Azure, on a bend argent between two mullets of six points Or two roses gules, barbed and seeded vert.

Conflict with Maignart de Bernineres, de Louvigny, B. (Combo II, citing Dictionaire Heraldique), Azure, on a bend argent, three cinquefoils pierced gules, and with Learmonth of Balcomie (Combo I, citing Lyon I), Azure, on a bend argent three roses gules. In each case there is a CD for the addition of the secondaries, but nothing for the change to number only of the tertiaries.

Medraut Beorhtwig. Badge. Azure, on a goutte argent a sword sustained by a hand and forearm couped gules.

Withdrawn from consideration by the submitter.

Pagan L'Ósarro de Montpeller. Name.

All of the documentation seems to indicate that the byname should be either l'Ósarro or Lósarro. However, the submitter allowed no changes whatsoever to be made, so we are forced to return this.

The armory was registered under the holding name Marshall of Turm an dem See.

Three Towers, Marche of. Name and device. Argent, three towers sable within a laurel wreath vert, a bordure embattled azure.

No petitions of populace support were included with the forms, as required by the Administrative Handbook. As a consequence, both name and device must be returned for lack of evidence of support.

While similar to the Shire of Silfren Mere (SCA), Argent, a tower sable, its base environed of a laurel wreath vert, all within a bordure embattled azure, there are CDs for the number of primary charges and for the position of the laurel wreath on the field. Unfortunately, however, wreaths "lying as on a bordure" have been returned in the past; wreaths should be nearly circular in shape -- when they are not, their identification as wreaths becomes problematical.


Aedhán Brecc. Device. Vair, a bordure Or semy of wolves passant sable.

The wolves are in no known heraldic posture [one of those suggested was "slinkant" ], and are not identifiable without recourse to the blazon, in violation of RfS VII.7.a. ("Identification Requirement. Elements must be recognizable solely from their appearance."). This is being returned for redrawing the wolves more identifiably as wolves and in a clearly passant posture.

Barre FitzRobert of York. Badge. [Fieldless] On a sun Or, an owl perched upon a spear fesswise azure.

Submitted as Barry FitzRobert of York, the name was registered as above in the October 1994 LoAR.

The owl and spear are not really on the sun, as they overlap its edge at several points, yet neither are they overall. This should be redrawn so that the owl and spear are truly "on" the sun rather than "sort of overall".

Additionally, this has a technical conflict with Laurelen Darksbane (SCA), Azure vetú ployé sable fimbriated, on a compass-star Or an annulet azure. There is a CD for fieldless versus fielded, but we do not grant difference between multi-pointed mullets and suns, nor for change to type only of tertiaries on a complex charge.

Caerthe, Barony of. Name and badge for the Order of the Dreamer's Cup. [Fieldless] on a mug Or, an aspen leaf vert.

The order name does not appear to follow any period exemplars that any of the commenters could find. [It was suggested that the "Order of the Cup" would be far more appropriate.]

The badge conflicts with William of Woodland (SCA), Vert, on a tankard Or, a cross crosslet fitchy vert. There is one CD for fieldlessness, but nothing for the change to type only of the tertiary on a complex charge.

Sheela Marcq. Device. Argent, a domestic cat azure and a unicorn purpure salient respectant, each sustaining a staff, the staffs crossed in saltire, proper.

This falls afoul of RfS VIII.1.a., Armorial Simplicity: "As [a] guideline, three or more types of charges should not be used in the same group." The visual effect of the design here is almost overwhelmingly that of "an X, a Y, and a Z, one and two", which is three different types of charge in the same group.


Eric Ibrahim Mozarab. Name change from Eric of Huntington.

No documentation has been found for combined Norse-English/Arabic names. Although the submitter allowed minor changes, we felt that the changes recommended in the commentary, to Eirico Ibrahim Mozarabe, was greater than that allowance permitted. We are therefore returning this so that the submitter can decide if he wants to change this to Eirico Ibrahim Mozarabe or would prefer some other culturally compatible name.

Hrothgar Thórsdagr. Name.

While documentation was presented for the use of day names as bynames in Old English and Middle English, such documentation is not sufficient support for such a practice in Norse, any more than documentation of a naming practice in Spanish is adequate support for one in French. We need more documentation before we can register this name.

The armory was registered under the holding name Warren of Rivenoak.