APRIL 1995



An Tir, Kingdom of. Name for Moneyers Guild of An Tir and transfer of badge from Ian Cnulle. Argent, a goat clymant maintaining in its dexter forehoof a hammer and in its sinister a punch sable within a bordure sable bezanty.

Though a couple of commenters suggested that the name was too generic to register, the fact that "of An Tir" is an integral part of the name keeps it from being so. "Moneyers Guild" probably would be too generic to register. "Moneyers Guild of An Tir" is sufficiently specific to be registered.

Ariel by the Bay. Name and device. Azure semy of escallops inverted argent, an eagle striking and a gore sinister Or.

The byname would probably be better, and would follow the period exemplars more closely, as Bythebay.

Aurnia of Carrigogunnel. Badge. [Fieldless] A trefoil purpure within and conjoined to a massacre sable.

Barbara de Bayard de Montchesne. Device. Argent, two bars vert overall two piles inverted in point between in chief two acorns inverted gules.

This device has a very modern "look" to it, but is not sufficiently obtrusive as to mandate return.

Bran Olom. Name.

Submitted as Bran Olum, the spelling of the byname appears to a typo for Olom or Ólom. (The documentation for the surname was from "The Historical Research Center", a bucket-shop heraldist. Such "documentation" must always be taken with a very large grain of salt.) We have submitted a better documented spelling.

Eduardo Francesco Maria Lucrezia. Badge change. Or, a chevron azure platy in base a fleur-de-lis sable.

His currently registered badge, Argent, a chevron azure platy in base a fleur-de-lis sable, is released.

Giovanni di Gregorio. Name.

Gráine ní Dhomhnaill. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Gunnarr Brunwulf. Household name and badge for House Brunwulf. Purpure, on a bend bretessed Or three trefoils palewise vert.

Gwendolyn Fitzalan. Badge. [Fieldless] A unicorn's horn erased palewise argent.

Ian Cnulle. Badge transfer to Kingdom of An Tir (for Moneyers Guild of An Tir). Argent, a goat clymant maintaining in its dexter forehoof a hammer and in its sinister a punch sable within a bordure sable bezanty.

Kathrine of Greentree. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Muirghen Ruadh. Device. Per fess rayonny gules and azure, a dragon sejant erect contourny and a mullet of eight points formed of two delfs voided interlaced Or.

Rhiannon Annsachd. Name change from Maris Shee.

Her currently registered name (Maris Shee) is retained as an alternate persona name.

The name would be better entirely Welsh: Rhiannon Annwyl. (It would be better still with a given name documented as having been used by people in period, which Rhiannon was not.)


Anton Tremayne. Device change. Checky argent and sable, a coronet and on a chief embattled Or, three crosses Latin bottony gules.

Though blazoned in the LoI as a ducal coronet, the coronet here does not match the SCA ducal coronet, which consists of a band decorated solely with four strawberry leaves. As there appears to be no blazon adequate to recreate the specific form here, we are blazoning it simply as a coronet.

His currently registered device, Checky argent and sable, on a chief embattled Or three crosses bottony gules, is retained as a badge.

Ceridwen ferch Owayne. Badge. Gules, on a bend between two goblets argent, a fleur-de-lys palewise sable.

Ceridwen ferch Owayne. Release of badge. [Fieldless] Upon a wheel sable a fleur-de-lys argent.

Colin Everard. Name.

Constance M'Kethirryke. Name and device. Or, two pallets sable overall two natural dolphins naiant in pale azure, a chief embattled sable.

Drachentor, Shire of. Name change from Shire of Drachenheim.

Ekaterina Vladimirovna. Name and device. Or, a domestic cat sejant affronty, head turned to dexter gules on a chief rayonny azure three spools of thread Or.

Regarding the shape of the spools of thread, Ferrule noted an illustration in James Burkes's Connections, p. 94, dated to 1280 which shows thread being wound on spools remarkably like the modern ones with which are all familiar.

Please ask her to draw the fewer rayons more boldly.

Frithuric Ullman. Device. Argent, on a chevron purpure between three fox's masks azure jessant-de-lys purpure, three suns in splendor argent.

This had been pended from the January 1995 Laurel meeting.

Giovan Donato Falconieri. Name.

Isabel of Biconyll. Device. Or, a beacon sable enflamed gules atop a mount sable, a bordure vert semy of oak leaves Or.

Though this has a technical complexity count of nine with five types of charges (beacon, flames, mount, bordure and leaves) and four tinctures (Or, sable, gules, and vert), it is at the same time so visually simple that its technical complexity is not sufficiently excessive as to warrant return under the rule of thumb of RfS VIII.1.a.

Please ask her to draw the mount contiguous with the bordure, not free-floating above it.

Jacobus Randolph. Name and device. Per chevron embattled purpure and Or, two fleurs-de-lys argent and a single horned anvil sable.

Joseph of Fécamp. Name.

Kyneburh Botthuile. Device. Gyronny argent and azure, three compass stars counterchanged.

Luned of Snowden. Device change. Per chevron rayonny sable and argent, in pale a crescent argent and a lion dormant purpure ducally crowned Or.

Her currently registered device, Per chevron rayonny sable and argent, in pale a crescent argent and a lion dormant purpure, is released.

Nasir ibn al-Khazzaz ibn Qadir. Badge. Azure, on a fess between in chief and in base a bow reversed between a pair of drinking horns argent a shamshir reversed blade to base azure.

This had been pended from the January 1995 Laurel meeting.

Richard le Verdour. Name and device. Quarterly vert and argent, a dolphin counterchanged.

Sigmundr av Trelleborg. Name.

Submitted as Sigmundr av Thalborg, no documentation whatsoever was presented, nor did any of the commenters present any, that Thalborg is the medieval form of Trelleborg. Lacking such support, we have substituted the documented version.

Wulf the Traveller. Name and device. Counter-ermine, on a fess argent a wolf couchant sable.

Ysabeau Madeleine de Gascogne. Device. Per fess purpure and Or, a chevron ermine between three fleurs-de-lis counterchanged.

Pretty armory!


Angelica Giuliana Lucia della Rosa. Name change from Gwendolyn Darkmantle the Sable Cat.

Submitted as Angelica Giuliana Lucia della Rossa, Palimpsest and Harpy each noted that the submitter's originally desired byname was registrable, so we have restored it here.

Caid, Kingdom of. Title for Golden Rose Pursuivant.

Caid, Kingdom of. Title for Dolphin Herald.

Caid, Kingdom of. Title for El Munadi Herald.

Ceolwulf the Hunter. Device. Vert, a sassafras leaf between three acorns Or.

Submitted on the LoI as Ceowulf the Hunter, the name was modified as above when registered in March 1995.

Constance O' Keeley. Name.

Damian von Baden. Name.

Dmitrii Andreevich Cheglakov. Name.

Submitted as Dmitrii Andreevech Cheglokov, the "e" in the patronymic appears to have been a typo in the LoI; it is "-vich" on the forms. Praerie, Palimpsest, and Harpy all agree that the submitter's original Cheglakov is registrable, so we have restored it here.

Dun Or, Barony of. Badge. [Fieldless] A tower per pale Or and azure.

Dustin the Harmless. Name.

Submitted as Dustin the Mostly Harmless, the construction of the byname appears to follow no period exemplars that any of the commenters could find. We have dropped the most problematic element in order to register the name in this form, for which Palimpsest presented some support.

Fritz der Gefolgsman. Device. Gules, on a bend sinister between two hangman's noses Or, a winged boot palewise sable.

Isabel de Triana. Name.

Ismay Othe of Glendalough. Device. Vert, on three lozenges in pall argent three roses gules, a bordure argent.

This had been pended from the January 1995 Laurel meeting.

Llywelyn Glamorgan. Name.

Mathghamhain MacCionaoith. Household name and badge for Clann Cathchoin. Per saltire purpure and sable, four hounds courant argent.

Submitted as Cú-Catha, the household name needs a designator. Of those suggested by the submitters, clann appeared to fit best with the language and construction of the household name. There were several problems with the household name itself. None of the Gaelic dictionaries (Irish or Scottish) gives catha as having the meaning cited (there is such a word, but with completely different meaning). They all list cathach "warlike (et al.)", generally as the next entry after catha. Cú cathach would, indeed, be a grammatically correct phrase meaning "a warlike dog" (with metaphoric extensions reading "hero, champion" for "dog"), but unless this is a household of one, a plural construction would be more appropriate. The submitter noted on the forms his desire to retain the meaning more than the sound of the name. We have taken the best suggestion of the commenters and substituted cathchoin, "war-hounds".

Murtaugh the Galloglas. Name.

Submitted as Murtaugh of the Galloglas, the byname was incorrectly formed. Galloglas means "one of a particular class of soldiers or retainers"; "of the Galloglas" is more akin to saying "of the soldier" than "of the army". We have dropped the intrusive particle "of" here.

Raoul de Levier. Name and device. Per pale gules and sable, a caltrap argent between in chief two decrescents Or.

Sirideán ua Néill. Name and device. Checky Or and vert, a bull's head cabossed, a bordure sable.

Submitted as Sirideán ui Neill, Uí Néill is a nominative plural, "descendants of Niall"; we have corrected the particle to the singular. (And if he's going to use a fada in the given, there is no reason not to use it throughout where appropriate.)

Timothy McBride of Aran. Name and device. Azure, a chevron gules fimbriated between an arrow fesswise and a cross crosslet fitchy Or.

Submitted as Timothy McBride of Arainn, Árainn isn't the old name of Aran Island; it, or Árainn Mhór, `big Aran', is simply the Irish name for it. Its spelling is distinctly unphonetic for English speakers (the "i" is there only to indicate the palatalization of the "n" -- a feature that doesn't exist in English. It is also suggested on the basis of research done by Harpy that the modern form Arainn may be a false back-formation, and therefore post-period), and one would expect the name to appear as Aran in an otherwise English or anglicized name, as here.

Vyvyene von Cautlingen. Name and device. Purpure, a fleur-de-lys Or, a chief embattled ermine.

Please ask the submitter to crenelate the chief more boldly.

Wintermist, Shire of. Badge. Purpure, a lyre and a bordure invected Or.


Angus James MacDonald. Name.

Ben Dunfirth, Canton of. Badge. Sable, a fess wavy and in dexter chief a tower Or.

Caitlin of Greenwood. Device. Per saltire azure and argent, in pale two elephants passant counter-passant argent, a bordure counterchanged.

Cassandra Antonelli. Device change. Or. a double rose azure and argent transfixed by a sword bendwise sable all within a bordure azure.

His currently registered device, Or, a sword bendwise sable, its blade surmounted by a rose vair, all within a bordure azure, is released.

Caterina de Cesare. Name.

Gerhardt Johannes Liebknecht von Erfurt. Name and device. Per chevron Or crusilly long sable and gules, in base a lion rampant paly Or and sable.

This had been returned in January 1995 for a lack of forms. The forms having been since received by Laurel, and that having been the only bar to registration, we are registering these items now.

Lyulf of Urquhart. Name.

Michael of Stonehaven. Device. Azure, a hart's head cabossed argent and in chief three mullets one and two Or within a bordure embattled argent.

This had been pended from the January 1995 Laurel meeting.

Monadh, Canton of. Name and device. Sable, three thistles in fess argent and in base a laurel wreath Or.

Nice group armory!

Olena Ksen'ia Barsova. Name and device. Azure, on a bend between two whelks argent a continental sea-panther reguardant azure.


Alaric the Fool. Name and device. Per fess argent and sable, a fool's cap per pale gules and vert, and a sun Or.

Dùthaich Beinne Àird, Shire of. Name.

Submitted as Àrd Beinn Dùthaich, the word order and declensions here were not entirely correct (always one of the hazards of constructing a name from a dictionary in an unfamiliar language). <Country/district - nominative> <mountain - genitive singular> <high - genitive singular> is the correct word order and grammar. We have made those changes here as their forms allowed to register the name.

Cynan ap Caradawc. Name.

Kassandra Attaway. Device. Or, a drop spindle bendwise sable within a bordure azure.

Taliesin ab Iago. Device. Azure, a massacre and in chief a rose argent, barbed vert and seeded gules.


Catarina Ginevra Falconieri. Badge. Purpure, four keys fretted in saltire wards to chief Or.

Corinne Castilla. Name and device. Vert semy-de-lys Or, a knight armed cap-à-pie mounted upon a horse passant within an annulet argent.

Submitted as Corrinne Castilla, no support was given in the documentation, nor were any of the commenters able to find any, for the extra "r" in Corinne. We have therefore substituted the documented form.

Daniel MacLeod. Name and device. Per chevron vert and Or, a Celtic cross counterchanged.

Elspeth Dunn. Name and device. Or, a saltire vert between four roses proper all within a bordure vert.

Very pretty!

Fiska-Silvester Lotharssohn. Device. Per fess argent and sable, a domestic cat passant contourny and a fish naiant contourny counterchanged.

Gwalchfaen ap Uthr. Name and device. Per chevron sable and gules, a chevron between two roundels argent each charged with an eagle's head erased sable and another charged with an eagle's head erased gules.

Versus Cozens (Papworth, p. 464), Azure, a chevron argent between three plates each charged win an ermine spot gules, there is a CD for the field and another for changing the type of all and the tincture of more than half the tertiaries.

The device, as can be seen from the length and convolution of the blazon, is not really period style. "Voiding" charges of a complex shape so that underlying field shows through appears to have been done rarely, if ever, in period.

Gwydion Siwrnaiydd ap Madog ap Taliesin Llan Rhyddlad. Name and device. Purpure, a leonine centaur statant, queue forchy, maintaining a lance with pennon flying argent, in base a chain of two links fesswise Or, a bordure rayonny argent.

Submitted as Gwydion Sirwrnaiydd ap Madog ap Taliesynne Llan Rhyddlad, there was a typo in the second name element, and the spelling of Taliesin was extremely unusual and unsupported by any documentation. Though it was argued that the Grandfather Clause should apply here, because the submitter is the grandson of Taliesynne Nycheymwrh yr Anghyfannedd, we are unwilling to extend that clause, heretofore limited to members of the original registrant's immediate family, quite so far. (See, e.g., February 1994 LoAR, p. 17: "we are unwilling to extend the grandfather clause beyond immediate family members.") In addition, the submitter had checked the box on the submission form "Please correct the grammar and/or spelling of my name so that it's correct for the indicated language(s)". We have therefore substituted the documented spelling of the name here.

Liamuin ingen Silláin. Name.

Submitted as Liamuin ingen Sillán, the patronym needed to be placed in the genitive case.

nan Críoch Tuatha, Stronghold of. Name only (see PENDED for device).

Submitted as na Críochan Tuacth, there was a typo in tuacth, which should be tuath. The word also needs to be in the plural form and the whole phrase needs to be in the genitive. Críoch is a feminine noun (of which the plural is críochan). In modern Scottish Gaelic the genitive plural of the article is nan; the genitive plural of críoch is identical to the nominative singular -- críoch; the genitive plural of tuath is tuatha. There is some redundancy between the English and Gaelic parts of the name (Stronghold of nan Críoch Tuatha literally means "Stronghold of of the northern marches"). We have corrected the grammar, then dropped the English "of", fixed the typo, and corrected the remainder of the grammatical problems.

Philip von Remagen. Name.

Submitted as Philip aus Remegen, the locative preposition in German is "von", which we have substituted here. The name of the city was misspelled in the LoI; it is Remagen both on the submitter's forms and in the documentation.

Thomas MacConnor of Ulster. Name.


Ailyth Cambel of Rannoch Moor. Name and device. Per bend sinister sable and azure, two candles argent enflamed proper ensconced Or.

Aoibheann nic Mhuirghis. Name and device. Sable, a bow surmounted by an arrow fesswise point to dexter and on a chief argent, three ravens volant sable.

Aoibheann nic Mhuirghis. Badge. (Fieldless) An annulet pendent from a chain palewise enfiled of an arrow fesswise Or.

Damian Greybeard. Name.

Desert Garden, Shire of. Name.

Edward le Kervere. Badge. (Fieldless) Two mallets in saltire Or.

Giles Leabrook. Device change. Quarterly gules and sable, a dragon's head couped contourny argent.

His currently registered device, Erminois, a saltire flory purpure, is released.

Mairghread Sgoilear. Name and device. Azure, a falcon rising wings addorsed and inverted and on a chief argent three roses azure.

Regarding the potential conflict with Knowles (Papworth, p. 310), Azure, a hawk seizing a partridge argent on a chief of the last three bolts of the first, there is a CD for the changes to the tertiaries, and because we are unable to find any definition of the posture "seizing", which could as well be similar to striking (which would be a CD from rising) as trussing (which would not), we are giving the submitter the benefit of the doubt here.

Martin de Chevillon. Name and device. Per chevron gules and vert, a chevron embattled argent between three decrescents Or.

Martyn Fairchild of Grenhamerton. Name and device. Purpure, a chevron inverted cotised argent in chief a phoenix Or.

Oriana of Myrtlewood. Name.

Rebecca Silver. Name and device. Argent, a sexfoil and on a chief azure a greyhound courant argent.

Seaan McAy. Name and device. Per fess indented argent and vert, three pheons counterchanged.

Nice armory!

Torin Blackdragon. Device. Or, a dragon displayed between two compass stars and a mountain sable.

Though in the mini-emblazon the dragon appeared to be tergiant, it is, indeed, displayed, with the belly showing and not the back.


The following titles, currently listed in the Armorial for the Institute for the Preservation of Outlandish Culture (IPOC), are released:

Artium Baccalaureus Lactordctus Mactans

Caerthan Order of Decadence

Crushed Skull, Order of the

Despoiler of Atenveldt

Devoted and Unique Company of Keepers

Golden Crutch, Order of the

Laboring Artists Recognition Company

Magna Garter, Order of the

Meritorious Order of Unique Sensual Excesses

Mordant Gopher, Order of the

Principality Order of the Wart

Proud Order of Werefoxes

Sly Old Bird

Socaide Faer Tuin

Unicorn Preservation Society

Beverly Pursuivant

Harried Herald

Mortant Herald

Oreo Principal Tyrant of Arms

Werefox Pursuivant

Though it was quite rightly pointed out by Hund that only the registrant of an SCA name or piece of armory may release it, and that neither Laurel nor the College can do so unilaterally, none of these titles is "registered" as that term is usually used in the SCA, either to a group or to an individual in the Society. The titles actually fall in the same category as all of the other non-SCA orders and heralds titles listed in the Armorial (e.g., Order of the Golden Fleece, Garter Principal King of Arms). These titles the College may, after due deliberation, choose to no longer "protect" by removing them from the Armorial. Such is being done here.


APRIL 1995



Elrich the Wanderer. Device. Per bend sinister argent and checky bendwise argent and gules, a bend sinister Or and in chief a griffin segreant contourny gules.

The field here, being half metal and half color and metal, is not a neutral field, but is 75% metal. Thus, the bend sinister is in violation of RfS VIII.2.a. and VIII.2.b.i. Though in defense of this submission Electrum cited a number of examples from across Europe of metal on metal Rule of Tincture "violations", not one of them was even a reasonably close match to the submission here. The precedent set with the registration of a vert trimount on an azure field of Ördög Magyar Béla and expounded in the Cover Letter of December 15, 1993, p. 2, notes that as a standard for future possible exceptions to the Rule of Contrast:

The documentation must consist of multiple examples, not two or three but at least a dozen, and not limited to a single heraldic regime, but be from across Europe. The examples must be of the exact form used in the submission: if the submitter wants a green trimount on blue, that's what must be documented -- and that documentation cannot then be used as an argument for, say, a green fess on blue. The examples must be of comparable simplicity and style as the submission. And finally, even if the evidence is accepted, it only applies to the item at hand.

As that precedent has not yet been superseded by a different standard agreed upon by the College, it remains the standard by which exceptions to the Rule of Contrast must be gauged.

Gráine ní Dhomhnaill. Device. Per bend sinister gules and vert, on a bend sinister azure fimbriated Or an increscent argent between two mullets, all palewise, Or.

Conflict with Loreyn (Woodward, cited in Combo II), Or, on a bend sinister azure three estoiles Or. There is CD for the field, but nothing for changing the type and tincture of one of three tertiaries, and since this is not "simple" armory by our standards, X.4.j.ii. cannot apply. (The latter point may be moot, in any case; the illustration in Woodward shows the "estoiles" in Loreyn as mullets of six points, and X.4.j.ii. would not apply to the difference between default mullets and mullets of six points.)

Kathrine of Greentree. Device. Per fess Or and sable, a tree blasted issuant from the line of division sable and a hind lodged reguardant argent bearing in its mouth a branch proper.

As noted by a number of the commenters, and nearly unanimously by those attending the Laurel meeting who saw the large emblazon, this does cross over the line of RfS VIII.4.a., the prohibition of "overly pictorial designs". The tree issuant from the line of division and the deer in base make an unmistakable foreground/background image which is not found in examples of period heraldry.




Barbara of the Rose. Device. Or, a sheaf of three roses purpure, slipped and leaved vert.

Conflict with Sharon de Mattos da Silveria (SCA), Argent, chapé ployé azure, a sprig of Rose of Sharon flowers purpure, slipped and leaved vert. There is one CD for the changes to the field, but a visual comparison clearly demonstrated that there were no others for type or for arrangement of the flowers.

Karolyne Wanderer. Name.

Caroline does not appear to be a period name. The poem from which it was documented here, quoted by Ensign, and accompanying glosses indicate that Caroline is "little Charles, one loyal to Charles" and "one loyal to Charles". It is apparent from the context and glosses that Caroline was not used as a personal name in this poem. And the November 1994 registration of Caroline was based on a faulty inference of French use from the establishment of a Fort Caroline in Florida in 1564 by French Huguenots. However, in French, carolin(e) is the adjective formed from the Latin Carolus (Charles); the fort was probably named in honor of Charles IX, who succeeded to the throne of France in 1560.

Riordan Robert MacGregor. Badge. [Fieldless] On a flame proper a thistle flower purpure slipped vert.

The only difference between this submission and the previous one is the addition of a few very small gouts of Or flames in the upper tongues of the gules flame, and two very small gouts of gules flames in the Or flame. This is insufficient to bring it clear of the conflict with Annette of Faire Monte (SCA), Three flames conjoined in pall inverted gules, thereon a thistle proper. For a more detailed discussion of what an heraldic flame proper should be, please see the discussion and examples in the accompanying cover letter.

Truvor Hörtha-Knút. Name and device. Sable, a lion's head cabossed between three roundels Or.

The commenters were very wary of placing much confidence in Time-Life books as period name documentation. No one could find Truvor or anything like it in any other sources. Given that fact, it seems likely that Truvor is a unique documentary form and not a name actually used at all.

Hörtha-Knút is not a simple given name, but rather a byname/given name combination (the given name being Knút). As a consequence, the name as a whole does not follow any Norse naming practice with which we are familiar, as the Norse do not seem to have ever used unmarked patronymics. Making it Hörtha-Knútsson (son of Knut the Hordalander) would improve the construction immeasurably, but unfortunately would then fall afoul of the prohibition on claiming direct relationship to historical figures.

The lion's head is not really identifiable as such; many of the commenters and those attending the Laurel meeting thought it was a face in a hood of some kind. Please show the submitter a lion's head cabossed. The roundels are drawn too small and tend to look lost in the corners of the shield. Please ask him to draw them larger.






An Crosaire, Barony of. Order name for Order of the Serpent Torque.

The word "torque" used in the sense here is dated no earlier than 1834. As such the term is quite post-period.

An Crosaire, Barony of. Order name for Plume of the Ange Rouge.

In addition to lacking a designator, the "Feather of the Red Angel" seems to be a step too far from even the exemplars presented by Archive for knightly orders: e.g., Order of the Golden Angel. See RfS III.2.b.ii.

It was also suggested that the name would be better entirely French than this odd mixture of French nouns and adjectives and English particles.

Geoffrey of Lincolne. Device. Argent, a cross crosslet within a mascle sable all between in saltire four billets saltirewise vert.

This incarnation of the submitter's armory falls afoul of RfS VIII.4. ("Obtrusive Modernity - Armory may not use obtrusively modern designs"). "Modern" is defined there as "anything outside the period of the Society". Even Laurel, who's interests in aircraft lies in the WWII era rather than modern jets, immediately recognized this as a depiction of a HUD (heads up display) gunsight. This obtrusiveness was not so obvious in earlier submissions because of the use of a saltire rather than four billets.

[Irreverent comment from the Laurel meeting: "You could also ask him why he wants his shield to have a targeting system on it." ]


West, Kingdom of. Title for Ordonnance Pursuivant.

The title's meaning here ("systematic arrangement, esp. of written materials ... a plan or method of literary or artistic composition") does not appear to follow any of the period exemplars for heralds titles. (See RfS II.2.b.iii.)




nan Críoch Tuatha, Stronghold of. Device. Argent, a sealion gules within a laurel wreath vert, in chief a wooden palisade wall with a gate tower proper.

The blazon had been left off of the LoI. This is pended for research under the blazon.