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June 7, 1995

Unto the members of the College of Arms does Shayk Da'ud ibn Auda, Laurel King of Arms, send heartfelt Greetings!

Herein are corrections to various Letters of Acceptances and Returns and the Armorial and Ordinary.

March 1994 LoAR


Atlantia, Kingdom of. Name change to Order of the Yew Bow from the King's Missiliers.

The new name should have been noted as now being associated with the already-registered badge for the former King's Missiliers.


Gerhard Barbarossa. Device. Per bend sinister argent and azure, on a bend sinister between an eagle sable and a goblet, three beehives palewise Or.

The word sinister was accidentally left out of the blazon in describing the field division.


Æthelric Lundonie. Name.

The LoAR had accidentally dropped the "i" from the surname.

Cassadoria Finialla. Device change.

The LoAR had dropped the second "l" in the previously registered surname.


Ekaterina Adrianova Sinilnikova. Device change. Per chevron sable and Or, two Maltese crosses and a griffin counterchanged.

Her previously registered device, Per pale sable and Or, two wolves sejant respectant ululant, between a bar fusilly and a dagger fesswise reversed counterchanged, is released.

Russell de Botelsford. Device.

The LoAR accidentally added an extra "e" in the surname.