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September 5, 1995

Unto the members of the College of Arms does Shayk Da'ud ibn Auda, Laurel King of Arms, send heartfelt Greetings!

Herein are corrections to various Letters of Acceptances and Returns and the Armorial and Ordinary.

June 1995 LoAR


Twin Moons, Barony of. Badge only (see RETURNS for order name). Azure, a pall inverted bretessed between two moons in their complement argent and a heart Or.

The accompanying name (for Order of the Moon's Heart) was returned. The LoAR, however, neglected to include the blazon of the registered badge.


Katherine Alicia of Salisbury. Name and device. Vert, a bend bevilled argent between a swan naiant and a quatrefoil knot Or.

The tincture of the bend (argent) was accidentally dropped from the LoAR.

April 1995 LoAR


Iain Dughall Cameron. Name and badge for Clan Cameron of Ben Liath. Argent, on a headsman's axe reversed issuant from base sable a daffodil Or all within a bordure gules.

This was mistakenly registered as Iain Dhugall Cameron. His registered name was as above. (His name change in the May 1995 LoAR should have been to Iain MacDhugal Cameron of Ben Liath from Iain Dughall Cameron, as well.)

The blazon had accidentally dropped the final "d" from "reversed", as well.


Cerdic ó Cuileamhaim. Device.

Listed in the LoAR as Cerdic O'Cuilleamhain, the above is the registered version of his name.

Isabeau Pferdebändiger. Household name for Maison du Cheval Rouge.

Her name was misspelled Pferdenaniger on this entry in the LoAR. The above is the form which appears on her submissions forms and which was the form registered.


Cecelia Corr Mhaire. Name change from Cecelia Cormary and device.

The LoAR typoed the given as Cecilia.

Torlough MacTormagh. Badge. Checky argent and sable, a boar passant gules and a bordure vert semy of penannular brooches Or.

The LoAR had the bordure "semi penannular brooches", not at all the sort of grammar we should be using.

Armorial and Ordinary

Aliskye MacKyven Raizel. Badge. Sable, on a flame Or another gules charged with a sinister gauntlet clenched affronty argent, a bordure argent.

This is a more accurate blazon than the current "Sable, a sinister gauntlet clenched affronty argent, enflamed proper, within a bordure argent."

Arion Cornellion of Blackhawk Moor. Badge. [Fieldless] A hawk's leg erased a-la-quisse sable taloned Or sustaining a cup-hilted rapier argent handled sable.

The rapier is of sufficient size to warrant its being blazoned as sustained (and to count for difference when conflict checking) rather than maintained.

Folkunga, House of (Ancient). Azure, three scarpes argent and overall a lion rampant crowned Or.

This appears to be the more correct version of the older form of the Folkunga arms, protected in the MPII List.

Martin Luther. Badge. [Fieldless] A rose argent seeded of a heart gules charged with a Latin cross sable.

It appears that the field and annulet in the currently protected version of Martin Luther's badge are probably peculiar to the specific instance from which the blazon was derived. At least in its most familiar and most widely used form, the badge appears to be fieldless and to lack the annulet. We are therefore modifying the protected version to that form.