of the College of Arms
of the
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

July 1996



Aeddan ap Trahaearn. Name.

Ælfgar Hæweneage. Device. Argent, a chevron sable overall a wyvern displayed azure a bordure sable.

Alix Tiberga of Aachen. Name and device. Per bend engrailed azure and argent, a dragon dormant and three needles counterchanged.

Anas ibn Haroun Abd al-Zaki. Badge. [Fieldless] A zule sable.
A possible conflict was called against Salaamallah the Corpulent (SCA), Papellonny Or and gules, a chess-rook sable. Several modern heraldists equated the two charges. However, according to the PicDic the English confusion between zule and chess rook can't be period: the charge, originally Dutch, was introduced into England during the reign of William of Orange (1689-1702). The name is from Dutch zuil `column'. While it is not entirely certain that the charge was originally intended to represent a column, there appears to be no doubt that it wasn't intended to represent a chess rook. Given that in period they were not considered the same charge, and there is no real visual similarity, there is a CD between the two.

Anas ibn Haroun Abd al-Zaki. Household Name Rufaqa al-Zaki. Submitted as Rufaqa an-Zaki, we have changed the an to al to match the spelling transliteration in his name.

Angus Ian Urry. Device. Argent, a bull passant guardant on a chief sable three thistles argent.

Anna Magdaleyne of Kiev. Name.
This name is improbable but registerable. The forms Anna Maudeleyne of Kiev, Anna Magdalena von Kiew, or Anna Magdalina Kievskaia would be far better.

Anna Stitcher. Badge. [Fieldless] A sheep statant sable mullety Or.

Ansteorra, Kingdom of. Name and badge for Order of the Centurions of the Sable Star of Ansteorra. [Fieldless] On an Eagle displayed wings inverted Or a mullet of five greater and five lesser points sable.

Ansteorra, Kingdom of. Title for Orbis Pursuivant.

Ansteorra, Kingdom of. Title for Sigillarius Herald.
The relevant passage in the work by Allen cited in the LoI, makes it clear that Bayer used Sigillarius as a name for the Zodiac. The OED under Zodiac cites a reference to a zodiac being used by a prince on his shield from 1605. Since a zodiac could be used as an heraldic charge, and since Sigillarius was used as another word for Zodiac, this is acceptable as an heraldic title.

Armand le Rouge. Device. Gules, two scallops argent and a fleece Or.

Blaan Wilheim von Bamburg. Device. Per bend sinister vert and gules, a rat statant Or.

Brigid MacGowan. Name.

Catherine of Cattechlow. Name.

Carolus Richard de Bois. Name only (See RETURNS for device). The form Carolus Richard del Bois would use only attested forms.

Chrystal Ariana MacRuari. Device. Argent, a raven contourney perched atop a rapier fesswise reversed sable within an orle of serpents glissant purpure.

Chrystal Ariana MacRuari. Badge. Argent, a caltrap sable between three serpents glissant in annulo each biting the tail of the next purpure.

Chrystal Ariana MacRuari. Badge. Argent, a serpent glissant bendwise purpure within a bordure wavy sable.

Cnut Brynjolfsson. Name.

Conrad of Castleton. Device. Per pale embattled sable and gules, two griffins segreant addorsed within a single tressure Or.

Conrad of Stargate. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Sable, four bulls skulls in cross Or.

Constance MacLeod. Name.

Cormac O'Gowan. Name and device. Per bend vert and plumetty vert and Or, a bend argent and in sinister chief a double horned anvil Or.

Deborah von Falkenhorst. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Delphina de Champeaux. Name.

Ekatarina Iadoroyna Kharlampieva. Badge. Argent, on a delf throughout vert an elephant statant proper.
Elephants proper are gray, which is treated the same as stone (gray) and natural dolphins (also gray) for purposes of contrast, as a metal.

Enid of Crickhollow. Device. Per chevron argent and azure, two mullets of six greater and six lesser points and a swan naiant counterchanged.

Erc Fitzmungo. Device. Sable, a card pique argent.

Fiore Pescara. Name and device. Gules, three lyres Or.

Gaius Annaeus Equus. Name and device. Per saltire purpure and vert, in pale two zules and in fess two abaci Or.

Giovanni di Cellini. Name and device. Erminois, on a chief azure two scallops Or.
Information has been provided showing Cellini to have been used as a man's given name in period. Therefore, di Cellini becomes an acceptable patronymic form.

Gregory Tobias Barre. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Gwenllian ferch Maredudd. Badge. [Fieldless] A handbell azure.
Lovely badge!

Haldane Sparhawk. Device. Argent, a hawks head erased between three crescents azure.

Helene de Cadiz. Name.

Inis Feinics, Canton of. Device. Azure, a phoenix Or rising from flames proper in base a laurel wreath argent a bordure embattled Or.
Please show the group how to draw flames correctly.

Jane Gunn. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and argent, a wolf rampant reguardant maintaining an increscent counterchanged.

Johanna atte Gate. Name and device. Per bend embattled argent and azure, two enfields counterchanged.

Julia de Montoya. Device. Azure, two scarpes between three mullets of four points and a tower Or.

Kisaiya Sonakeyeskie. Device. Gules, two bears combatant sustaining between them a wagon wheel Or.

Konstantin Syncellus. Device. Per pale sable and gules, a cross patriarchal within a bordure argent.

Kristyan MacLeod. Name.

La Marche Sauvage, Incipient shire of. Name and device. Sable, a laurel wreath argent within a stag's massacre and a bordure Or.

Lera av Vasterbotten. Name.

Maire Pacok O'Nolan. Device. Argent, a peacock in its pride purpure.

Malise the Archer. Device. Per bend sinister azure and sable, a horse rampant within a bordure embattled argent.

Mary Teresa Hathaway. Name and device. Azure, a rod of Aesculapius and in chief 3 roses slipped and leaved fesswise argent.

Megge Pyper. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Merfyn Gareth ap Mouric. Device. Sable, an Aaron's rod argent.

Mergriet van Edelare. Name and device. Gules, a hedgehog statant argent its quills impaling grapes purpure.
Lovely armory! Hedgehogs impaling grapes are found in period rolls.

Moriel Arenvaldsdochter of Ravens's Fort. Badge. Per pale sable and vert, a maunch Or.

Namron, Barony of. Name for Order of the Krigshelt.
Please let them know that if they want a native Scandinavian term, they need something completely different. One possibility is vígmaër `champion'; the word is literally `battle-man'. Another is kappi `hero; champion, man of valor'.

Olwen ferch Cadfael. Name and device. Azure, three bendlets abased and in sinister chief a cross fleury Or pierced gules.

Ottokar Luther von Holstein. Name.

Perronnelle Charette de La Tour du Pin. Device. Or, an increscent purpure. This is not in conflict with Ariel of Caer Myrddin's badge An increscent purpure; it was transferred from Ariel to Perronnelle on the 5/96 LoAR.

Perronnelle Charette de La Tour du Pin. Badge. [Fieldless] An increscent purpure fimbriated Or.
This is not in conflict with Ariel of Caer Myrddin's badge An increscent purpure; it was transferred from Ariel to Perronnelle on the 5/96 LoAR.

Robert MacAllister of Loch Fyne. Name.

Sean Cannan. Name.

Serena Lascelles. Change of badge. [Fieldless] A griffin passant argent. Her badge, [Fieldless] An ermine spot azure, is hereby released.

Serena Lascelles. Badge. [Fieldless] A Catherine's wheel argent.

Siobhan nic Ghiolla Mhin. Device. Sable, a sheaf of arrows between flaunches Or.

Sören Thurlin. Name.

Suzanna the Herbalist. Badge change. [Fieldless] Three annulets conjoined one and two argent.
Her badge, [Fieldless] Three annulets conjoined one and two per pale argent and sable, is hereby released.

Suzanna the Herbalist. Badge. Sable, three dandelion blossoms one and two Or.

Tana á l'Esprit Fort. Device. Vert, on a bend sinister between two swans naiant respectant argent four oak leaves fructed gules.

Tatsumi Tomoko. Device. Sable, in chief an Oriental dragon passant pendant from its sinister foreclaw an open scroll argent and a base wavy barry wavy argent and sable.

Tempio, Shire of. Device. Azure, a Grecian temple within a laurel wreath argent.

Theodora Lachanodrakon. Name and device. Or, a seadog rampant within a bordure vert.

Theodric Afhaims. Device. Per pale sable and gules, a fret between four double-bitted axes argent.

Timur Borte. Device. Per chevron sable and azure, a chevron fracted between two wolves combatant argent and two falchions in saltire proper.

Trystan Wynter. Name and device. Gules, a rose and on a chief argent two crosses crosslet fitchy sable.

Vanessa of Tempio. Name and device. Argent ermined purpure, a pair of barnacles inverted and a bordure gules.

Wernher von Coburg. Name and device. Sable, a winged bear segreant guardant Or winged argent.

William Silke. Device. Vert, a rose slipped and leaved and a gore argent.

Wojciech Michal Volfovski. Device. Per bend sinister gules and azure, a wolf's head cabossed between two lilies in bend argent.

Wojciech Michal Volfovski. Badge. Per bend sinister gules and azure, a wolf's face Or between two lilies in bend argent.


Ailithir Loingseoir. Badge. [Fieldless] A brown hound's head erased proper gorged of a torse azure and Or.

An Tir, Kingdom of. Badge. Or, a mandrake plant eradicated proper within a bordure vert.

Anna Catrina McKenzie. Name and device. Or, a pall inverted azure between two penguins respectant proper.

Bryan Williamson. Name.

Catelin Spenser of Newmarket. Device. Gules, a horse salient and on a chief Or a lance reversed sable.

Hannah Hadassah Hamil. Name.

Helena Da Silva. Name.

Hucbald of Ramsgaard. Name and device. Potenty gules and argent, a skunk rampant to sinister sable marked argent maintaining a sword sable.

Ingvar the Restless. Name.
The Old Norse form of the name would be Yngvarr inn rói

Juliana Kendal. Name.

Kassia Locke of Cayley. Name.

Melissa Kendal of Westmoreland. Device. Or, a quill pen bendwise sinister sable ribbed and enfiled of a coronet gules between two Kendal flowers proper.
Her current registered device Or, a quill bendwise sinister sable, ribbed gules, in canton a Kendal flower proper, is hereby released.

Morgaine Essex. Name.
Please inform the submitter that the name Morgaine is masculine.

Ofelia della Crusca. Badge. [Fieldless] Issuant from a tower sable masoned Or a unicorn's head argent.

Susan Paraventur. Name.

Torfin Locke of Cayley. Name and device. Argent, two bars between three mullets of six points pierced sable.

Torric inn Bjorn. Badge. [Fieldless] On a sun per pale argent and Or a brown bear's head cabossed proper.

Torric inn Bjorn. Reblazon. [Fieldless] Issuant from the top of a tower sable masoned Or a brown bear's head proper.
This has been reblazoned to better reflect his submission and to match the blazon of his wife, Ofelia della Crusca.

Vladimir Andreivich Aleksandrov. Device. Sable, a wolf dormant in chief three chevronels inverted braced argent.

Yolande Chastellain. Name.


Aoife nic Gillechomhghain Name.
Submitted as Aoiffe MacIlchomhghain we have changed the name to be entirely Gaelic and made the gender of the patronymic match the gender of the given name.

Armando of One Thousand Eyes. Badge. [Fieldless] A branch blasted bendwise sinister proper.

Brendan ap Morgan. Device change. Per bend vert and argent, in pale three fleurs-de-lys counterchanged.
His current device, Per bend ragully vert and argent, in pale three roundels counterchanged, is hereby released.

Doug of Arn Hold. Name and device. Per bend sinister purpure and azure, a bend sinister bretessed Or, in sinister base a roundel ermine.
Doug is the submitter's mundane name.

Francesca d'Angelo le Noir. Name and device. Argent, a brunette angel proper, winged and vested sable.
The name would be better as all Italian Francesca d'Angelo Nero, or all French Françoise Angel(ot) le Noir, however a French/Italian name registerable.

Geoffrey Forester. Name.

Gilberto Corazon de Montenegro.

Grimulf Thyrmodh. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Gunter Aldrich vom Schwartzwald. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Halla lfbrandr. Name.
Submitted as Halla Gyloir-sax, the submitted name was based on a misreading of Geirr Bassi Haraldsson's The Old Norse Name. We have put in the epithet into a more likely form consistent with the submitter's intended meaning.

Hannah Isobel Lowrie. Name and device. Argent, two domestic cats courant in annulo sable, an orle of ivy leaved conjoined vert.

Iain MacLeoid. Name.
Submitted as Iain MacLeod, the Gaelic first name requires a fully Gaelic surname.

Isabel du Lac d'Azur. Device. Azure, a bend sinister embattled Or between a thistle argent and a pomegranate slipped and leaved Or.

Iseault du Coeur de l'Opale. Name correction and device. Argent, a tree blasted and on a chief purpure, two urchins statant respectant argent.
Corrected from Iseult du Coeur de l'Opale.

Ja'mala al-Badawiyya. Name.

John FitzGerald de Clare Name and device. Purpure, a chevron embattled ermine between three Latin crosses bottony argent.

Kathleen of Stonehaven. Device. Per pale gules and azure, a pegasus segreant, on a chief embattled argent two shamrocks vert.

Kelwin Ratslayer. Badge. [Fieldless] Five rats statant and conjoined in annulo argent.

Klaus Weizenbrauer. Name.

Laetitia of Blackthorn. Name only.

Leborcham Cinncorad . Name and device. Per fess sable mullety argent, and gules, a fess rayonny Or.
Submitted as Leborcham an Kincora, we have change the place name to a more plausible form.

Linette Marie Armellini d'Addabbo. Name and device. Per chevron argent and azure, two unicorn's heads couped and a pegasus' head couped at the shoulder, counterchanged.
Submitted as Linette Marie Genevieve Armellini de Addabbo, this violated our ban on five element names. We have therefore dropped one of the elements in order to register the name, and changed the submitted de Addabbo, (which does not appear to be the client's mundane name, which is Addabbo, without the preposition) to d'Addabbo which is a more likely form.
Since the unicorn heads are correctly drawn, with horns and beards, and since adding wings to a charge is general worth a CD, this does not violate our ban on similar yet unlike charges (the sword and dagger rule).

Lucrezia di Bartolomeo. Name and device. Argent, an escallop and on a chief invected purpure, three crescents inverted argent.

Madeleine Moinet dit Boismenu. Name and device. Per bend sinister flory counter-flory argent and purpure, a hurst of fir trees couped proper and three bezants.
While this name violates the long-standing prohibition against names of the form X called Y, in the early records it is quite common to find people recorded as X cognomento Y or, later, X dictus Y, X genannt Y, etc. These are official documentary forms no different in principle from X filius Y; like filius Y, dictus Y serves to specify which X is in question. In Latin, German, and French it is a legitimate documentary form. Therefore, since names of this sort are documented we are hereby overturning this ban for those languages.

Michaelis Aurelius. Name and device. Gules, on a fess between a galley reversed Or and a sword inverted proper, three pellets.
While acceptable, Aurelius Michaelis or Michaelis Aurelianus, would be preferable.

Morgan Blaidd Du. Name only (see RETURNS for device).
Submitted as Morgan du Blaidd we have put it in the correct Welsh.

Regina Katherine Rollinson. Name.
Submitted as Regina Katherine Rollison, we have added an "n" to Rollinson to match attested forms. The earliest date that the College could find for Rollison was 1720.

Robert Fraser. Name and joint badge with Halla lfbrandr. Per saltire gules and vert, a saltire between in pale two mullets of nine points and in fess two linden leaves bendwise sinister Or.

Rowena of Arn Hold. Badge. Argent, a feather inverted between a sickle inverted and reversed and a sickle inverted.

Rowena Caer Llyn. Name.
Submitted as Rowena Caer Linne, we have put the name in the proper Welsh, since Caer is Welsh and the spelling Linne is Gaelic.

Scott of Kent. Name and device. Azure, a threaded stick shuttle and on a chief argent three sheaves of arrows gules.

Sim MacFhearchair. Name and device. Per saltire azure and argent, in pale a compass star and a hand argent.

Thorvaldr Blóðøx Eiriksson. Name and device. Per fess embattled purpure and Or, two winged lions passant counter-passant, counterchanged.
Submitted as Thorvaldr blodox Eiriksson, we have put it into the form matching the documentation.

Victor Highgate. Name and device. Per fess azure and purpure, a castle tripled towered argent, with a portcullis gules, between three compass stars Or.
Submitted as Victor High Gate, we have changed it to the more period form.

Wendel Weller. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Wilhelm von Adlersheim. Name.


Atlantia, Kingdom of. Badge. Argent, a billet between two unicornate natural seahorses azure.

Cuan MacDaige. Device Change. Checky azure and Or, three mastiffs sejant argent each gorged of a coronet gules.
His currently registered device, Checky azure and Or, three mastiffs sejant argent. is hereby released.

Cuan MacDaige. Release of badge. Checky azure and Or, a harp argent, a bordure sable.

Cuan MacDaige. Badge. Checky azure and Or, in pale three mastiffs courant argent each gorged of a coronet gules.
Against Derrick of Kent, Per chevron enhanced gules and sable in base in pale three wolves couchant argent, there is a CD for the field, and one for position. The rules explicitly give a CD between passant and couchant, and we have returned submissions in the past by giving no difference between passant/statant and courant. Therefore, there is a CD between couchant and courant.

Cuan MacDaige. Badge. Checky azure and Or, three mastiffs courant in annulo argent each gorged of a coronet gules.

Cuan MacDaige. Badge. [Fieldless] A mastiff courant per pale argent and azure.

Devra the Baker. Name.
Devra is a Hebrew form of the name usually rendered in English as Deborah. This would most commonly be transliterated as Devorah. However, Devra is a less common but occasionally used transliteration.

Gerwalt Gode. Name.

Kilian Baillie. Device. Per pale gules and Or, a portcullis and on a chief embattled sable three thistles Or.

Megan Gode. Name.
While this form is registerable, using the spellings Good(e) or Gude would be preferable.

Rasimus Weiss. Name.
Submitted as Rasimus der Weiss we have, with the client's approval, dropped the "der", which is the more likely form.


Arianwne ferch Gareth. Device. Azure, in bend three German panthers rampant contourney argent.

Shane O'Brollaghan. Name and device. Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a seven headed hydra statant contourny within a double tressure Or.
Submitted as Shane O'Brollachain. Shane is a late-period phonetic Englishing Irish Seán, so needs to be combined with an English form of the surname. If the client wants a wholly Gaelic name, it would be Seán Brollacháin.

Thyri Haraldsdottir. Device. Sable, on a bend Or three bendlets gules, in sinister chief a lion's head erased Or.


Arwen Gyles. Name.
Arwen can be constructed from Harpy's article on Compound Welsh Names.

Caitríona ní Bhriain. Augmentation of device. Per pale gules and sable, a pale between two harps Or, for augmentation, in chief on an inescutcheon azure four crescents conjoined in saltire, horns outward argent.
To quote Baldwin in his April 1986 LoAR "Spring is in the air, and the fit is upon me - let me name but one Cross before I die!" While it is indeed quite tempting to call the four crescents conjoined in saltire a "Cross of Caid", we feel that named SCA motifs make reconstruction of blazons more difficult for heralds and scribes.

Caitríona ní Bhriain. Badge. [Fieldless] A harp crowned gules.
Extensive research before and during the Laurel meeting strongly implied that the Royal Badge for Ireland, [Fieldless] A harp Or stringed argent crowned proper, was tinctured, not tinctureless. Therefore, this is indeed not a conflict, with one CD for Fieldlessness and one for change of tincture of the harp.

Charles Wellingham. Name.

Dmitri Alexandrovich Liadov. Device. Per saltire purpure and vert, a simurgh close between three furisons Or.

Donal O'Brien. Name.
Submitted as Dónal O'Brien, we have removed the accent so the given name will match the language of the surname.

Frederick Blackmoore. Name change from Frederick Moore

Gaheris the Blue. Name. Per bend sinister azure and Or, on a bend four swords inverted palewise counterchanged.

Generys of Llandygai. Name change from holding name Carolyn of Dun Or.

Gyldenholt, Barony of. Badge. [Fieldless] On a hurst Or, four crescents conjoined in saltire, horns outward, azure.

Hrodr-Navar Hakonsson. Name.
Submitted on the LOI as Hrodr-Navr Hakonsson, the forms had Hrodr-Navar Hakonsson, which matches one of the suggestions in the July 1995 LoAR.

Isabel Silver. Name and device. Per fess argent and vert, a brown weasel passant proper and a dexter hand argent.

Lasairfhíona ní Chon Chonnacht. Name only (see RETURNS for device.)
Submitted as Lassar Fhína ní Cú Chonnacht, we have put it into the correct Gaelic form.

Lenore von Falkenstein. Name only (see RETURNS for device).

Melchior Erasmi von Frankfurt. Name.

Michael de Logan. Device. Checky azure and Or, a single-headed chess knight and a chief gules.

Morigianna of Shadowed Stars. Name and device. Purpure, a snow leopard face holding in its mouth a rose argent slipped and leaved vert, in chief two hearts argent charged with mullets purpure.
Morigianna is the submitter's mundane middle name. After much thought, it was our conclusion that Morigianna is not obtrusively modern, nor a surname, and therefore can be used by the submitter in the SCA. Shadowed Stars is the registered name of a SCA group.

Nordwache, Barony of. [Fieldless] In pale a phoenix Or conjoined to a heart gules.

Otto the Confused. Device. Per fess wavy argent and barry wavy azure and argent, a galleon proper sails set sable.
This is indeed in conflict with one of the badges of the Barony of Storvik (SCA) [Fieldless] A drakkar under sail proper, bearing a sail argent charged with three pallets gules. There is one CD for the field (or lack thereof), but nothing for the difference in the tincture of the sails. Luckily for the submitter, Laurel happens to live in the Barony of Storvik, and with the concurrence of Crescent was easily able to obtain permission to conflict.

Raven of Heronsmarch. Device change. Or, a raven volant wings addorsed sable and a base wavy vert, all within a bordure purpure.
Her original device, Or, a raven volant sable, a base wavy azure, and a bordure purpure, is hereby released.

Siobhán ni Bhranagáin. Name.
Submitted as Sibán ni Bhranagáin, the name has been changed to a more correct form.

Sigurðr Gargansauga. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and sable, in bend a pithon and a cobra's head couped contourny argent.
Submitted as Sigurðr Garganauga, we have put the name into a more correct Old Norse form.

Sven Örfhendur. Device. Argent, a sloth pendant contourney vert from a rod fesswise sable.

Tristan Gyles. Name and device. Argent, on a pale vert between two griffins combattant azure, a sword inverted Or.

Valentina Isabella Rosati. Name and device. Quarterly Or and purpure, a cross formy fitchy sable between two hearts in bend gules.
Submitted as Valentina Isabella Rosatti, we have removed the extra "t" in Rosatti to match the documentation.


Alba da Perugia. Name.

Albrecht von Selbold. Name and device. Sable, on a chevron between three fleurs-de-lys argent a bird close sable.
A possible conflict with Celeste de Saint Etienne (SCA), Sable, on a chevron between three fleurs-de-lys, points to center argent, a fleur-de-lys gules, was mentioned. There is one CD for changing the type and tincture of the tertiaries. After comparing emblazons there is a CD for changing the orientation of two of the three fleurs-de-lys.

Angela Christine O'Hara. Name and device. Azure, an angel, heading facing to sinister argent within an orle of compass stars Or.
Please encourage the submitter to use a more period exemplar for her angel.

Christopher FitzJohn. Name and device. Azure, a mermaid maintaining above her head a ship, on a chief Or three harps gules.

Dunja Fuxfell. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and vert, a fox's mask gules and hawk's bell Or.

Friederich Karl von Wolfstein. Badge. A winged and antlered coney sejant maintaining a sword argent.

Gabriel de Haan. Name and device. Argent, a dunghill cock contourny azure and a bordure embattled sable.

Irina Dmitrievna. Name and device. Azure, in pale a fleur-de-lys and issuant from base a sinister hand argent.
Submitted as Irina Dmitrova, we have restored the name to the form that was submitted in kingdom.

Irodion Wädur af Carelen. Name and device. Or, a cross gules and overall a ram's head cabossed sable.

Jehan de Lorraine. Name and device. Vert, a rose branch slipped and leaved Or.

Joakim Konevitsalainen. Name and device. Per saltire argent and gules, a candle and candlestick flammant issuant from base gules between two spearheads argent.

Melchior av Härö Sund. Badge. Purpure, a yale's head erased argent, armed Or, in base two rapiers in saltire argent.

Patrik den Rättrådige. Name and device. Azure, two reindeer's heads couped and a hanging balance Or.
Against Connor Duncan (SCA), Azure, a standing balance, in chief a scythe fesswise and another reversed, handles in pale Or., there is one CD for type of half the group, and another for arrangement. This was a very difficult decision to make, since the way Connor's device was constructed, it was ambiguous as to whether the charges were two and one or in pale. We have decided to give the submitter the benefit of the ambiguity.

Torbjörn Davidson Stålklinga. Device. Per bend sinister azure and argent, a fleur-de-lis Or and a rose gules.

Viljalempi Talventytär. Name and device. Per pale vert and sable, a ring of three keys Or.

Viljalempi Talventytär. Badge. Azure, a boreas between three roundels argent.
Please instruct the submitter to draw the roundels larger.


Æthelwulf Stealcere. Name.
Submitted as Æthelwulf Stælcere, we have changed the spelling of the byname to the correct form.

Agravaine Rhiwallon. Name only (see RETURNS for device). Given the use in period of many names from Arthurian, we find the use of an undocumented name of a significant character whose name appears in period Arthurian literature in this form acceptable.

Aileve of Windhaven. Device. Or, a cross clechy within an orle of ermine spots sable.

Anne Mariot Merriweather. Name.
Submitted as Anne Marriot Merriweather, we have dropped one of the "r's" in Mariot to match attested forms.

Brenna of Skye. Name.
This is clear of Briana of Sky since there is a significant difference in both sound and appearance between the two names.

Brian of Quin. Name.

Buckland Cross, Canton of. Device. Argent, two bucks counter-salient in saltire proper within a laurel wreath vert, a bordure embattled sable.

Caitlin Angharad FitzHenry. Badge. [Fieldless] A dragon sejant Or estencelé sable.

Carolingia, Barony of. Badge. Purpure, a castle within a bordure argent charged with six cattails purpure.

Concordia of the Snows, Barony of. Badge. [Fieldless] On a barrel proper a snowflake argent environed of a snake involved Or.
Note: the use of a snowflake is grandfathered to the group.

Degen aus Nierstein. Name and device. Vert, a pale engrailed ermine between two dragons combatant argent.
Submitted as Degenert von Nierstein, we have restored it to the submitter's form.

Dietrich von Karo. Name.

Elias Sevenstar. Name.

Eoghan Gruaimach. Name.
Submitted as Eoghan na Gnùth, we have changed it to a more likely form.

Gavin Llewellyn Wycliffe. Name and device. Quarterly argent and lozengy Or and sable, a double-bitted axe bendwise sinister gules between two anvils sable.

Gwalchmai ap Talan. Device. Or, a natural dolphin haurient within a bordure vert.

Ismenia Wystan. Name.

Isolde of Beaumaris. Device. Ermine, on a fess embattled and counter-embattled between six fleurs-de-lys purpure, a griffin passant queue-fourchy argent.

John de Caversham. Name and device. Azure, a chevron couched from dexter argent.
Lovely armory!

Khioniya Nikolaevna Ryseva. Name.

Marcks von Fleckenstein. Name.

Marian of Edwinstowe. Badge. [Fieldless] A pretzel interlaced with a sword fesswise reversed proper.
Proper for a pretzel is brown. [In these health conscious days we naturally leave it unsalted!]

Nona ferch Morgan ap Iefan. Name.

Roger de Hinchelie. Name and device. Vert, on a bell Or a lion rampant guardant gules.

Róisín ní Cheallachán. Name.
Submitted as Róisín ni Ceallachán, we have correctly aspirated and added the necessary accents to the name.

Sigeric of Ravenestone. Device. Per bend azure and bendy sinister argent and azure.

Sunniva Ormstung. Name and device. Sable, a dragon sejant reguardant, wings displayed and tail nowed to base, in chief a demi-sun Or.

Tatsukawa Hidetada. Name.

Victoria Harryson. Name.

Yelizaveta Medvedeva. Device. Per pale purpure and vert, a bear passant to sinister, in chief a seeblatt argent.

Ygraine of Kellswood. Badge. [Fieldless] A garb argent.
An exemplary badge!


Daphne of Colchester. Device. Quarterly Or and pean, a reremouse and a bordure gules.

Julianna of Dunbar. Device change. Argent, a rose proper, on a gore azure a fleur-de-lys Or.
The client's currently registered device, Argent, in saltire two Damask roses, slipped and leaved proper, and a dexter gore azure charged with a fleur-de-lys Or, is hereby released. We no longer permit charged gores, however the motif is grandfathered to the client.

Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge for the Order of the Guiding Hand. Argent, on an egg sable, the Lombardic uppercase letter M argent.

Rowland Addison Carrick. Device. Per saltire purpure and sable, a fret between four decrescents Or.

William FitzJohn. Device change. Vert, a sinister wing palewise, on a chief argent three pheons sable.
The client's currently registered device, Argent, a chevron rompu sable between two trefoils vert and a sheaf of three arrows inverted sable, is hereby released.


Gabrielle Juliana Raron. Device. Per pale Or and azure, a sun surrounded by six roses in orle, all counterchanged.

Geoffrey de la Brugge. Name.
Submitted as Geoffrey de Brugge, we have added the la to match attested period usage.

Kuji Ka Onimusashi. Device. Vert, a sheaf of forked arrows inverted surmounted by a three pronged vajhra fesswise Or.
This was an appeal of a previous return of the same submission. It returned was because there was no documentation for the unusual arrows (blazoned in the original submission as "bowel raker" arrows), as well as some doubts about the suitability of the vajhra for SCA use.
The client has documented this type of arrow to 14th century Europe. This is the defining instance of this charge, and a forked arrow is now acceptable for SCA usage.
The question of the vajhra requires a look at several sections of the Rules for Submission. RfS VII.3 states: "Artifacts that were known in the period and domain of the Society may be registered in armory, provided they are depicted in their period forms." The "period and domain of the Society" is clearly defined in RfS I.1: "The period of the Society has been defined to extend until 1600 A.D. Its domain includes Europe and areas that had contact with Europe during this period." Since the client s documentation shows vajhra in India before 1600 A.D., and since the Portuguese had significant contact with India prior to 1600, we reluctantly find the vajhra acceptable for SCA usage.
Note: there are several distinct forms for the vajhra based on how many prongs it has; we have blazoned this as a three pronged vajhra to distinguish it from a five pronged one.

Red Spears, Barony of. Name for Order of the Hastati.

Thorgerd Karlsdottir. Badge. Per chevron vert and argent, a Lacy knot saltirewise counterchanged.
Please ask the submitter to draw it so the knot is more evenly divided.

Ulrich of Rudivale. Name only (See RETURNS for device).
Submitted as Ulrich von Rudivale, we have changed the to of since the rules require that prepositions must agree in language with the following noun, and Rudivale, which is the client's home group, is English. This concept generated some discussion in the College as how to treat the names of SCA groups. Therefore, we are calling for discussion of this issue; see the cover letter for more information.


Alisaundre de la Camargue. Name and device. Per pall inverted sable azure and Or, two pegasi segreant Or and a crescent per pale sable and azure.

Cynagua, Principality of. Badge. A harp argent winged Or.
When inanimate objects have wings added, the wings are displayed by default.

Geoffry Longhair. Name.

John of Two Towers. Badge. Or, two towers in fess purpure.

Katerina Faulhaber. Name.

Pedair MacPharlain na Cluaine Bige. Name.
Submitted as Pedair MacPhàrlain na Cluaine Bige, we have dropped the modern accent.

Rhiannon O'Malley. Name and device. Sable, on a bend argent between two open books Or, three hearts palewise gules.
Please inform the client that while the name Rhiannon has been ruled SCA compatible, it does not seem to be a name used by humans in our period.

Rignach of Argyll. Device. Gyronny Or and sable, a bordure embattled vert semy-de-lys Or.

Sean of Elmhurst. Device. Argent, a Latin cross bottony gules and on a chief sable three crosses bottony argent.
Please make the primary cross thicker.

Wolfric Hammerfestning. Badge. A grinding wheel argent.



Anna Stitcher. Badge. [Fieldless] A sheep statant argent mullety of various tinctures.
This is at least a two-fold extension of known period practice. The panther's variegated spots weren't an arbitrary armorial invention; he appears with them in medieval bestiaries. In this submission not only have they been changed to stars, but also they've been applied to a beast with which they were never associated. Therefore we are returning this for non-period style.

Ansteorra, Kingdom of. Title for Runicus Herald.
This is being returned for non-period style. We have found five mundane heraldic titles that might be adjectival. Besides the better known 14th century Vaillant or Volant King of Arms, A. Wagner (Heralds of England, pp. 55-7) mentions pursuivants temp. Henry V named Joyeulx and temp. Henry VI named Secret (or Segret), Diligent, and Desirous. However, they do not appear to support the indiscriminate use of adjectives as heraldic titles. First, it appears likely that Vaillant or Volant was an epithet of the man himself; both words were so used (Reaney & Wilson, s.n. Valiant, Volant), and he is called William Vaillant. The titles Diligent and Secret probably refer to traditional virtues of heralds and therefore prefigure the motto of the English College of Arms, Diligent and Secret, which can be traced at least to the time of Henry VIII (Wagner, p. 133). Desirous as a heraldic title probably means `full of eagerness or spirit; eager, ardent, esp. in deeds of arms'; this meaning, though now obsolete, was current in the 14th and 15th centuries. This leaves only Joyeulx, which, even if it have no direct reference to arms, armory, and heralds, is none the less like Vaillant, Diligent, Secret, and Desirous in naming a quality of character or spirit. And like them, it could be a motto and so belong to a known class of heraldic titles.
This is a similiar case to the return of the title Jessant-de-lys Pursuivant (Middle). The adjective runicus appears to have the same problem. Perhaps the kingdom would consider Rune Pursuivant.

Ansteorra, Kingdom of. Title for Syntaxis Pursuivant.
This is being returned for non-period style. Latham's Revised Medieval Latin Word-List gives syntaxis under "syn/tagma" as meaning a grammar book. It would not surprise me if the meaning given in the LoI referring to the work of the astronomer Ptolemy is also correct. While a book is a fine heraldic charge, we know of no example of a specific book being so used. This plus the fact that Latin heraldic titles are an undocumented practice places this two steps from period practice.

Ansteorra, Kingdom of. Title for Twilight Herald.
This is being returned for non-period style. This name is not in keeping with period practice of naming heralds after heraldic objects, places or surnames.

Bisons Run, Shire of. Release of name.
While Laurel applauds the releasing of names and armory of defunct groups, there is no evidence that the proper process for the release of an item belonging to a defunct branch has been followed in this case. The Administrative Handbook, p3, Protected Items A., notes that "In the case of defunct Society branches, release may be granted by joint consent of the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal after appropriate notice in the newsletter of the kingdom in which the branch was located." There is no evidence that the process outlined in the Administrative Handbook has been followed. Therefore, this release is returned for lack of evidence that the procedures in the Administrative Handbook have been followed.

Camille de Saint Michel. Device. Vert, a doe lodged and a chief rayonny Or.
This is being returned for conflict with Outlands, Kingdom of. Badge for the Order of the Promise of the Outlands. Vert, a fawn lodged guardant within a bordure embattled Or. RfS X.4.e. points out that "the edge partition line of a charge is part of its type, the change from "a pale wavy" to "a pale embattled" is one clear difference. Changing from "a pale wavy" to "a fess embattled" is also one change of type, not a change of type plus a change of edge partition." Thus, we have only 1 CD for the change from bordure embattled to chief rayonny.

Cluanaidh de Craeg Dhubh. Appeal of Laurel and Kingdom level name changes.
This was an appeal of grammatical changes made at Kingdom and Laurel. The appeal ran as follows:

Item 1: Clunaidh This was changed at Kingdom level to Clunaich.
Even if one was to change it to the documented Irish form found on p. 468 of Patrick Wolfe's Irish Names & Surnames it would have been Clunaigh being that phonetically the gh and the dh endings in this case would both have the long y (ee) phoneticalization. See pp. XLII-XLVI table of the values of Irish letters, ibid., p. 84 sec.4 Aspiration of An Comunn Gaidhealach Gaidhlig Bheo (vol one unit 1-8), and pp. 1-4 of Teach Yourself Gaelic by Roderick Mackinnon (all attached). In that both consonants are aspirated due to the slender vowel (i) it is in contact with. It would seem to fit that there is no difference in usage save one is Irish and the other Scottish Gaelic. I proposed that the given name Clunaich be reinstated to the client's original Clunaidh on these grounds.

Item 2: Creag Dhubh This was changed at Laurel level to Creagdhubh.
It was stated that the "Normanization of the locative was due to the preposition de' in the LOAR. We believe that this was done in error due to the following. Minor grammatical changes in our opinion ( mine and the client's) would not include changing language structure from one culture to the other whilst not complying with either grammatical structure. When it was "joined" the pronunciation would have changed as from Creag Dhubh (craig ov) to Creagdubh (craigdoov) being that the d following a broad vowel, but not in contact, would not be aspirated (in Scots Gael). A Norman would have spelled it as he heard it Craigof (or Craigough). Either case was not used. The locative Creag Dhubh ( craig ov ) is mentioned as a site near Bannochburn and also in Islay. Although De in most forms in period Scottish names was a normanized form, "de" as the preposition "of" was and still is used now in Scots Gaelic. See pp. 222,315 of Teach Yourself Gaelic by Roderick Mackinnon ( attached). Therefore the premise that the name had to be Normanized is invalid. I proposed that the Byname Creagdhubh be reinstated to the client's original Creag Dhubh on this ground.

In explanation of our decision, we can do no better than to quote Fause Lozenge:

Item 1 shows that the appellant doesn't understand the difference between the nominative case, used in a forename, and the genitive case, used in a patronymic. It is immaterial whether final gh and dh have the same pronunciation (which in the modern language, at least, they do); the given name is Cluanach, as Woulfe clearly says, and the ch has a sound completely different from that of dh or gh. (And in any case Scots Gaelic doesn't freely substitute dh for gh in such genitives, though it may have -aich where Irish would use -aigh.) Registering Cluanaidh as a given name would be roughly equivalent to registering Brian'z as a given name; in this analogy Cluanaigh would correspond to Brian's.

Item 2 depends partly on the mistaken notion that the dubh was aspirated in the original submission; it apparently was not, and the change made by Laurel therefore did not in fact entail any change in the pronunciation. Moreover, Room, s.n. Craigdoo, notes a place in Donegal whose Irish and English names are respectively Creag Dubh and Craigdoo. Although creag is feminine, and Gaelic adjectives are normally aspirated when qualifying a noun in the nominative case, it's clear both from the Irish and from the phonetic English version that in this case it didn't happen and that a phonetic transcription by Anglo-Normans might well have kept the d. (To be fair, (Darton, 93) gives Creag Dhubh for a couple of places in Scotland; evidently both forms are possible.) Much of the discussion is also based on modern Gaelic pronunciation. In fact the initial dh of dhubh was a much stronger sound in Norman times than it is today: between the 11th and 13th c. it was changing from the sound of th in then to the voiced version of ch in German ach, a sound that we might represent by the digraph gh (Thurneysen, 77).

There is indeed a Gaelic preposition de meaning 'of', but so far no one has shown that it was used to form locative surnames. The only exceptions that we've seen so far are Hibernicized versions of Norman surnames with the French preposition de, like de Béalatún for Anglo-French de Beletune (Woulfe, s.n. de Béalatún), and a very few names similarly formed from Irish place-names. (Woulfe describes de Gallbhaile, from the village of An Gallbhaile, as 'one of the small group of surnames formed after the Norman fashion from Irish place-names'.) As I noted in my original commentary, two examples are particularly instructive: de Corbhaile and de Dromgúl. The first is formed in the Norman fashion from Corvalley, itself an Englishing of Irish Cor an Bhealaigh 'bend of the road', and the second is from Anglo-Norman de Drumgole 'of Druimgabhail'. These examples show that even in the rare cases in which Irish locative surnames were formed in this fashion from originally Irish place-names, they were generally formed from Anglo-French versions of those names and not directly. I suspect that the Anglo-Norman intermediate form would have been something like de Creggdow; I really don't know enough to be comfortable trying to guess what this would have become after being re-Hibernicized, but de Creagdubh actually seems about as reasonable as anything.

The only non-adjectival locatives that I've seen whose structure is unmistakable are early examples with the place-name in the genitive and no preposition; in this case the result would I think be Cluanach Creige Duibhe.

In summary, Clunaidh is absolutely impossible. The locative de Creag Dhubh as a purely Gaelic locative is also impossible, since de would aspirate the noun to Chreag; moreover, I've found no evidence for its use in bynames apart from the imitations of Anglo-Norman practice. The registered form of the byname is at least a somewhat plausible guess at what such an imitation would look like for the place-name in question. Therefore I cannot support any part of the appeal, though I would register Cluanach Creige Duibhe as a purely Irish form.

Based on Fause Louzege's reasoning, we are returning the appeal.

Carolus Richard de Bois. Device. Sable, a bend sinister between four dolphins naiant argent.
This is technically in conflict with Bruno de Bresti (SCA), Sable, a bend sinister cotissed between a bear paw fesswise contourney and a bear paw fesswise argent. Since we consider cotises to be secondaries, there is only CD for type of secondaries.

Cu Dub Mac Artuir. Household name for Militargesellschaft des Schwartzen Schwertes Aus Borland.
The household name means is `Military Fellowship of the Black Sword from Borland. Barring some evidence of a period model for a name such as this, and none of the commenter could provide one, this must be returned for non-period style.

Deborah von Falkenhorst. Device. Sable semy-de-lys, an eagle Or.
This is being returned for conflict with Arnulf Adler, (SCA) Sable, an eagle displayed Or, perched upon a sword fesswise proper all within an orle of fleurs-de-lys Or. The sword is not significant enough to provide a CD. Furthermore, the difference between a semy-de-lys versus an orle of fleur-de-lys does not, at least in this case, seem sufficient to provide a CD.

Eldred Bloodaxe. Badge. Per pale sable and vert, a double-bitted axe Or.
This is being returned for conflict with Sean Ruabarua MacGillaphaidraic (SCA), Vert, an axe Or, bearded gules. The gules is only a small part of the blade. Therefore, there is only one CD, for the field. Sean's device has been reblazoned in the accompanying errata letter to better reflect the insignificance of the bearding.

Geoffrey Fenton Hawks. Device. Per fess wavy Or and barry wavy azure and Or, overall a hawk contourny striking sable.
Thus is being returned for conflict with Sebastian Johann Stroh (device 5/83), Argent, vetu ploye gules a hawk striking to sinister sable. There is only one CD for the field.

Giacomo Datina da Venezia. Device. Barry wavy Or and gules, a rapier azure.
This is being returned for conflict with Laurence of the Crystal Sword (SCA), Per chevron ployee argent and sable, a crystal sword azure, hilted Or, pommeled of a ruby proper. There is only one CD for the field.

Gregory Tobias Barre. Device. Gules, a cross potent Or between four crosses couped argent.
This is being returned for conflict with Jerusalem (important mundane armory) Argent, a cross potent between four plain crosslets Or. The Cross of Jerusalem is a defined single charge, though it consists of discrete elements in the same way that an ermine spot does. There is one CD for the field, but there is nothing for changing the tincture of less that half the group.

Konstantin Pavlovich Izyaslav. Device. Sable, on a pile argent ten lozenges sable.
This is being returned for conflict with Morgan MacNeil of Clan Fergus (SCA badge), Sable, on a pile argent a sword inverted gules, the hilt between three crescents, one and two, azure. There is only one CD for multiple changes to the tertiaries.

Megge Pyper. Device. Per chevron azure and gules, a lute palewise argent.
This is being returned for a redraw. Despite the assertion in the LoI, lutes, except for the pegbox are not shown in trian aspect.

Mu the Mongol. Name.
The submitter has documented the name Mu from Lin Shan's Name Your Baby in Chinese. Unfortunately, this book gives no dates, so there is no evidence that Mu is a period Chinese given name. Therefore, this name is being returned for lack of documentation. Ottar Eriksson's list of period Chinese Surnames has Mu among them. Marta's list of period Mongol given names has Muge. Perhaps the submitter would wish to use either the Mongol form, or Mu as a Chinese Surname with a documented Chinese given name. The armory was registered under the name Conrad of Stargate.

Thurstan Ravensholme. Badge. Azure, a tree within a bordure argent.
This is being returned for conflict with Myrtle Holt, Shire of (SCA), Azure, a myrtle tree eradicated argent within a bordure compony sable and argent, with only one CD for the tincture of the bordure, Atenveldt, Kingdom of, College of Bards, Azure, a leaved branch palewise argent, with only one CD for the addition of the bordure, Gregor of Dakerwald (SCA), Azure, in fess two trees couped within a bordure argent, with only one CD for changing the number of primary charges and Ygraine of the Seven Oaks (SCA), Per saltire vert and sable, an oak tree eradicated within a bordure argent, with only one CD for the change of tincture of the field.

The reason for granting no difference for a tree vs. a tree eradicated is obvious if one considers the poor excuses for root systems found in many trees blazoned as eradicated. Without any period evidence that a changing a tree couped to a tree eradicated was considered a cadency step, we see no reason to grant any difference between them.

Vanessa of Tempio. Badge. Per pale sable and vert, a pair of barnacles inverted Or.
This is being returned for conflict with Alric of Castleburg's (SCA) badge. Sable, a pair of barnacles inverted Or. There is one CD for change of field.

William of Weir. Badge. Azure, a cross crosslet fleury argent.
This is being returned for conflict with Greece (important mundane armory), Azure, a cross couped argent, and the Eureka Flag (important mundane armory), Azure a crux stellata argent. In both cases there is a CD between the crosses, but not a complete difference of charge.




Craig of the White Cliffs. Household Name for Dover Keep
Dover has its own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica, which is included in Appendix E of the Administrative Handbook, and thereby is protected.

Grimulf Thyrmodh. Device. Per fess argent and sable, a wolf courant and a lightning bolt palewise counterchanged.
While blazoned on the LOI as "Per fess. . . ", the emblazon was midway between per chevron and a point pointed. Therefore, this is being returned for a redraw.

Gunter Aldrich vom Schwartzwald. Device. Per saltire sable and gules, four caltraps argent.
This is being returned for conflict with the badge of Peredur ap Tristan (SCA), Sable, four caltrops in cross, points elongated to center argent. There is one CD for the field, but nothing for orientation of the caltraps, which are virtually symetrical.

Laetitia of Blackthorn. Device. Sable, a bend sinister gules fimbriated Or.
This is being returned for multiple conflicts with: Elaine of Wogen Cavern, Sable, a bend sinister gules fimbriated Or, between a mullet and a pegasus rampant to sinister Or. There is only the one CD for the subtraction of the secondaries. The badge of Hermann Otto Koehlermann (SCA), Sable, a bend sinister Or, with only one CD for addition of the tertiary bend. (Or change of color.) And the device of Bryan Hay (SCA), Sable on a bend sinister gules fimbriated Or, three seagulls close to sinister palewise argent, orbed and winged sable, beaked Or, with one point for addition of (tertiary/quaternary) charges.

Morgan Blaidd Du. Device. Per chevron enhanced argent and sable, two pawprints and a wolf's head cabossed counterchanged.
This is being returned for Non Period Style - breaking the informal rule of two weirdnesses. The paw prints are one weirdness, and the per chevron enhanced is another. Redrawing this with a proper per chevron line of division would solve the problem.

Sasha von Siebenecke. Name.

This is being returned for lack of documentation that Sasha is a period diminutive.

Wendel Weller. Device. Or, a well sable, on a chief rayonny gules, three bat winged badgers sejant affronty, wings displayed and inverted, argent.
This is being returned for violation of RfS VII.7.a. [Identification Requirement]. The bat winged badger were unidentifiable as anything but amorphous blobs.




Altavia, Barony of. Name for Orden de la Estrella de Vida.
The order name means "Order of the Star of Life", which does not fit any known period exemplars of order names.

Antek Ignatovich. Device. Azure, a post with a head crossbeam, a middle crossbeam, and a back foot crossbeam, all within a bordure embattled argent.
This submission does not fit the documented examples of hausmarken, because of the embattled bordure. Nor could anyone in the College come up with an acceptable way to blazon this submission. We are not sure if hausmarken should be registered in the SCA, therefore we are calling for commentary on this issue. See the cover letter for more information.

Ásta Leontesdóttir. Name.
This is being returned for lack of documentation of the patronymic.

Grim Finch. Badge.[Fieldless] A finch volant azure.
This is being returned for conflict with the badge of Elizabeth Stafford Parr Pembroke (SCA), Barry argent and sable, a martlet volant azure. There is one CD for Fieldlessness, but nothing for the difference between a finch and a martlett.

Ivan the Illustrated. Badge. [Fieldless] Two lightning bolts in saltire gules, overall a grey horse rampant proper.
This is being returned for two reasons. First, this violates our ban on overall charges in fieldless badges, with too much of the lightening bolt obscured by the horse.
More importantly, grey tends to blur the line between argent and sable. Of the people attending the Laurel meeting, roughly half of them saw this horse as black and the other half as white. Barring period evidence of grey being used for horses in armory, this submission will have to be returned.

Kalila Janan al-Nasrin. Name and device. Azure, a bend sinister rayonny on the upper edge between a tiger salient contourny and a cross couped Or.
"Kalila" is not a reasonable feminization of the masculine "Khalil"; "k" and "kh" are different letters in Arabic, with different sounds. ("kh" is similar to the German "ch" in "ach" or the Scottish "ch" in "loch".) As "Khalila" it would be unremarkable. "Janan" "is found in ... The Complete Book of Muslim and Parsi Names". Please remember that "Muslim" does not necessarily mean "Arabic". There may also be a problem with Muslim names books published in India. Muslim scholars in India have noted before that Indians, not speaking or understanding Arabic, often misuse "names" created from Arabic. "al-Nasrin" does not mean someone from Nasrin; it means the place itself. A man from Nasrin would be "al-Nasrini"; a woman from Nasrin would be "al-Nasriniyya". However, I cannot find a place called Nasrin. Finally, the name is not constructed in accordance with Arabic naming practices, in period or since. Assuming supporting documentation for Nasrin can be found, "Khalila al- Nasriniyya" would be appropriately constructed. If Janan is a feminine name, "Janan al-Nasriniyya" would be, as well. But Arabic (and Islam, for that matter) seems not to have formed names by stringing two personal names and a locative together.
The device is being returned for a redraw. The "tiger" seems to blur the lines between lions, tigers, and tygers.

Lasairfhíona ní Chon Chonnacht. Device. Gyronny argent and vert, on a goblet within a orle Or a rosebud gules slipped vert.
Rosebuds have been banned since November 1994.

Lenore von Falkenstein. Device. Per chevron embowed throughout gules and Or, two trees eradicated Or and a falcon belled azure.
This is being returned for conflict with Aonghus Macadair (SCA), Per chevron gules and Or, three oak trees couped counterchanged fructed counterchanged. There is a CD for the changes to type and tincture of the base charge, but the rules only grant one CD for even multiple changes to the basemost of three charges 2 & 1.

Nordwache, Barony of. Badge. [Fieldless] On a chaplet of grape leaves argent four hearts in cross, points to center, gules.
This is being returned for two reasons. First, and most importantly, it is visually in conflict with the Order of the Rose (SCA). Secondly, the hearts are just barely overall, and violates our standards for Fieldless badges.


Matthew Wynne. Name.
No forms were received, so this submission must be returned.


Aelric of Battle. Device. Per bend sinister sable and gules, a wyvern erect, wings addorsed, argent.
This is being returned for conflict with Brychan Tammas (SCA) Gyronny Or and azure, a dragon segreant argent. There is one CD for the field, but nothing for the difference between a wyvern erect and a dragon segreant.


Agravaine Rhiwallon. Device. Azure, two wolves rampant addorsed each brandishing a flamberge argent between in pale a sun argent eclipsed sable and a chevron rayonny on the upper edge argent.
This submission is being returned for style. There are many non-period elements to this submission, the combination of them push it over the edge. These include: using the chevron abased as a secondary charge, using a complex line of division other than embattled on just the upper edge, and the SCA style of eclipsing of the sun.

Elizabeth Elenore Lovell. Device. Purpure, a bend engrailed between six hummingbirds rising contourny argent.
This is being returned for a redraw. The hummingbirds were not identifiable.


Julianna of Dunbar. Badge. [Fieldless] A rose proper issuant from a comital coronet Or.
This is being returned for style. The only mundane use of this arrangement would be as a crest. Numerous mundane examples of a crest issuing from a coronet sans torse are found in von Volborth's The Art of Heraldry: pp. 84, 88, & 92 for 15th century examples, 98, 99, &101 for 16th century, plus various post-period examples. On the LoAR of 3/93 p. 26 Laurel ruled "The College does not register crests "This submission is a crest by virtue of its being set atop a torse." This case is similar and therefore is returned.

Meridies, Kingdom of. Name for Order of The Sable Quill of Meridies.
This is being returned for conflict with the title of the Sable Quill Pursuivant. As Fause Lozenge said "RfS V.2.a (Difference of Descriptive Elements) defines a descriptive element of a non-personal name as 'a word other than a designator, an article, a preposition, or the name of a branch of the Society' [emphasis added]. Both the order name and the registered title have two descriptive elements, sable and quill. RfS V.2.b (Conflict of Names with the Same Number of Elements) says that these two names conflict unless (i) each of them contains a descriptive element significantly different from every descriptive element in the other, which is obviously not the case here, or (ii) the order or grammatical structure of the name has changed in a way that significantly changes the meaning of the name as a whole. The relevant parts of the two names are identical, so (ii) doesn't apply either, and they are therefore in conflict. I might add that even if of Meridies were counted as a descriptive element, the names would still conflict by RfS V.2.c (Conflict of Names with Different Numbers of Elements), since the modifier of Meridies has been added to a root element, Quill, that has already been modified by Sable."


Ulrich of Rudivale. Device. Quarterly gules and sable, on a bezant a raven displayed, maintaining a sword sable.
This is being returned for conflict with Gwynaeth Math o Ddylluan, Sable, a bezant charged with a raven on a branch bendwise all sable. There is a CD for the field, but there is basically only a change in posture for the tertiaries, which is not enough for the second CD.





Stefan von Drachenfels. Per bend sinister sable semy-de-lys Or and bendy gules and argent, in chief a dragon rampant maintaining a sheaf of arrows Or.
There was no tincture given in the LoI for the semy-de-lys.


Katrei Grunnenberg. Badge. [Fieldless] A pantheon rampant argent, mullety purpure.
Although blazoned in the LoI as A pantheon rampant azure, mullety purpure, the pantheon is in fact argent.

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