of the College of Arms
of the
Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

October 1996


AN TIR Amice of Castleton. Name and device. Or, a fess gules between three fleurs-de-lys and a castle azure.

Arianna d'Ounay. Name and device. Argent, on a bend sinister sable between two natural dolphins bendwise sinister contourny azure an arrow inverted Or.

Aric McBride. Device. Azure, a unicorn rampant and on a chief invected argent three suns azure.

Bianca Isotta Viscari. Name.
Submitted as Biàca Isòta Viscari, we have dropped the accents which are used in the source documents as length markers, and are not used, with a few exceptions, in period.

Bronwen Elgars. Name change from Bronwen Elgar.

Darya Kazakova. Badge. (Fieldless) A cross of four ermine spots conjoined argent.

Darya Kazakova. Badge. (Fieldless) A cross of four ermine spots conjoined sable.

Fionnbhár Starfyr of the Isles. Household name for The Blue Band.

Ivan Geronovich. Badge. (Fieldless) A cross of four ermine spots conjoined Or.

Laurencia de Saint Germain. Name.

Leif McBride. Device. Azure, a unicorn rampant contourny and on a chief engrailed argent three suns azure.

Leif McBride. Household name for Clan McBride. See the cover letter for discussion of registering the names of actual Scottish Clans to individuals.

Leticia Troischesnes. Badge. (Fieldless) An oak leaf vert.

Rachael du Bois le Basque. Name.
Submitted as Rachael de la Bois de Basque in kingdom, it was changed in kingdom to Rachael du Bois Basque. We have changed it to a more likely form which is closer to what she originally submitted.

Rhonwen McBride. Name.

Robert Arden. Device. Or, in fess a pavilion between two trees couped vert.

Rowan O Moroghoe. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Please inform the submitter that it is a masculine name

Sigrid Sigurdsdottir. Device. Vert, a pavilion between in fess two goblets Or.

Stefan Nelson. Name.

Tjorkill Kanne. Device. Sable, a griffin passant argent maintaining a rose slipped and leaved between three Ducal coronets Or.

Wolfram Cordeau. Name.


Alaric Luther. Name.

Diana Rhys of Carmarthen. Name and device. Vert, a horse rampant and on a chief argent three ravens close sable.

Galen of Elvegast. Change of device. Per saltire azure and Or, a saltire cotised counterchanged.
His previous device Per bend azure and Or, a winged lion rampant guardant Or and a wolf rampant contourny gules. is hereby released.

John Angus West. Name and device. Quarterly azure and gules, a chevron Or and overall a cross clechy throughout argent.

Logan Blackwoulfe. Name change from Osric Logan and device change. Quarterly gules and argent, a wolf rampant reguardant sable between four crescents in saltire counterchanged, a bordure embattled sable.
Submitted as Logan Ebonwoulfe, after much thought and discussion we have changed it to a form permitted by the submitter. This decision took a long time and much thought and agonizing to make as the commentary on this subject was long and learned, and I as Triton had been the submissions herald who had originally returned this name. I would like to thank both Mistress Alisoun and Master Talan for all their thoughtful and insightful comments which were very useful in deciding what to do with this submission. His previous device Argent, a wolf s head cabossed sable, enflamed between four crescents in cross gules, is retained as a badge.

Logan Blackwoulfe. Badge. Quarterly gules and argent, a crescent within a bordure embattled sable.

Meleri ferch Iasper ap Dafydd. Name and device. Argent, on a bend azure between six crosses crosslet gules, a lion dormant argent.
Thanks to Harpy for providing documentation that allowed us to register this name.

Reynard de la Rochefoucauld. Name and device. Gules, a bend sable fimbriated between a compass rose and a sheaf of arrows Or.

Robert of Sacred Stone. Device. Sable, a portcullis argent and on a chief Or, a lion passant guardant sable.

Sacred Stone, Barony of the. Badge for the Baronial Guard of the Sacred Stone. Vert, a double-headed phoenix rising and in chief two swords crossed in saltire argent.

Spiaggia Levantina, Canton of. Device. Purpure, a double headed eagle displayed argent, on a base barry wavy argent and sable a laurel wreath Or.

Uryene de Wodeshende. Name.

Wil Elmsford. Name.


Abigail of Lough Derravara. Name.

Andro Bruce. Name (see RETURNS for device). Submitted in kingdom as Andru Bruce it was sent to Laurel in the form Andreu Brus. We have changed it to a form closer to what was originally submitted.

Antoinette la Rouge d'Avignon. Device. Azure, a pegasus segreant argent on a bordure Or three roses gules barbed vert.

Caid, Kingdom of. Badge for the Brewers Guild. Per bend Or and purpure, two bunches of grapes conjoined proper and a goblet with a goutte in chief Or.

Dermot MacClery. Name.

Eirikr inn Litli. Name and device. Or, a chevron between two griffins combattant and a double-bladed axe gules.
Submitted Eirír inn Litli, we have removed the accent as that was how it was submitted and evidence was provided in commentary that it is also a period form.

Eleanor de Passavant. Name.

Erich von Drachenholz. Household name and badge for House Drachenholz. Argent, a dragon segreant coward gules within an orle sable.

Giovanni di Fiamma. Device. Per pale sable and gules, a phoenix and in chief five mullets of six points Or. Please instruct the submitter to draw the phoenix larger.

Gregory of Saint Albans. Device. Per fess Or and azure, an equal-armed Celtic cross counterchanged.

Gregory of Saint Albans. Badge. (Fieldless) An equal-armed Celtic cross per fess Or and azure.

Jeanne Marie la Verriere. Name.
Submitted as Jeanne Marie la Verrièe, we have removed the accent for which there is very little period evidence.

Marcus Scirloc. Name.

Magnus Hrafnhauss. Name.

Máre nic Shiobhá. Name.
Submitted as Máre nic Siobhá, we have corrected the spelling of the surname by providing the proper aspiration.

Michel l'Evesque. Name and device. Azure, on a goblet Or a Latin cross-crosslet sable, in chief three lozenges argent.
Submitted as Michel L'Eveque, we have corrected the orthography and the spelling to a period form.

Tevin of Winchester. Name.


Calontir, Kingdom of. Badge for the Order of the Silver Hammer. Sable, a smith's hammer a bordure argent.

Calontir, Kingdom of. Name for the Order of the Falcons Heart (see RETURNS for the badge).
Submitted as Order of the Falcon's Heart, we have removed the out of period apostrophe.

Calontir, Kingdom of. Badge. Or, a flame purpure.

Calontir, Kingdom of. Badge. Or, a crane in its vigilance a bordure purpure


Ad Flumen Caerulum, Shire of. Name and device. Or, on a bend wavy azure between two laurel wreaths vert a horse salient palewise argent.

Anna de Byxe. Name.

Arngrim Bjönsson. Name.

Blauwasser, Shire of. Name.

Connor of Drei Eichen. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Quarterly azure and purpure, a boar's head couped between two towers in bend sinister Or.
Submitted as Connar Mac Lean

Cormac Lawless O'Toole of Bray. Device. Per saltire gules and argent, a unicorn rampant a bordure sable.

Drei Eichen, Barony of. Badge. Azure, an acorn Or.

Duncan Greifenklau. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Submitted as Duncan von Greifenklau, we have dropped the von since Greifenklau is not a place, but rather a family name derived from armory.

Gaucelm de Chambonnieres. Name and device. Or, an owl sable and a base rayonny gules.
Submitted as Gau‡elm de Chambonnièes we have removed the out of period accent marks.

Hallbiorn Ingialdsson. Device. Argent, a saltire couped within a bordure sable.

Julius Aquinas. Name and device. Per pale wavy azure and Or, issuant from the line of division a sinister arm reversed sustaining a sword sable.
Submitted as Julius Aquensis we have changed the surname to a documented form.

Karin J rgensdotter Eldhierta. Name.
We do not have enough information to state clearly that Eldhierta would have been a period Swedish byname. Since there is some information to show it might have been, we have decided to give the submitter the benefit of the doubt.

Lindorm Eriksson. Device. Or, a wingless wyvern statant gules.

Mylisant Perry. Name and device. Vert, three pears in pale Or and on a chief argent two holly leaves fesswise vert.

Tassilo von Rabennest. Name and device. Per bend sinister vert and sable, on a bend argent a raven close palewise sable and a four-leafed shamrock palewise vert.


Caitlin ni Chinneidigh. Name.

Donal of Newcastle upon Tyne. Name and device. Sable, a bend ermine between a lion rampant and two lozenges Or.
Submitted as Donal of New Castle upon Tyne, we have combined New Castle into one word, which is a more reasonable form.

Everard Martel. Device. Argent, a fleur-de-lys sable within a bordure azure.
Nice armory!

Gabriel Talon. Name and device. Sable, a chevron gules fimbriated argent, overall a cross crosslet fitchy Or.

Gwenhwyfar Dinas Emrys. Device. Per chevron azure and sable, a chevron ermine and in base a cross fleury, a bordure argent.
Please instruct the submitter to draw the bordure larger.

Iseabail Urchardainn. Device. Per chevron azure and ermine, in chief two boar's heads couped close argent.

Kellemetlen Árpád. Device. Or, a pall vert between a cross of Lorraine inverted sable and two palets couped pointed in chief gules.

Màri ni Raghallaigh. Badge. Argent, semy of bees azure.

Thorgeirr Bollason. Device. Per pale gules and Or, two rams combatant each maintaining a halberd, the sinister inverted, in chief three pheons all counterchanged.


Aithne Olwen Aoibheil. Device. Purpure, two stags' heads erased respectant argent and on a bezant a cross of ermine spots sable.

Armand FitzEdward. Device. Per bend sinister gules and azure, on a bend sinister cottised between two wyverns erect Or, a sword inverted sable.

Cassandra Arwesmyth. Name.

Eirír Tryggvason. Name only (see RETURNS for badge). Submitted as Eryk Tryggvason we have changed it to a more period form, per the client's instructions. Note: while this was submitted as a name change from the registered name of Eric Thorhallsson, the registered Eric Thorhallsson is an entirely different person.

Freydis Olafsdottir. Name and device. Gyronny argent and gules, on a pellet a decrescent argent.

Gordon of Axemoor. Device. Sable, a griffin segreant within an annulet Or.

Lorraine of South Downs. Holding name and device. Per fess gules and vert, on a fess sable fimbriated the Arabic character 'siin' argent.
The name was returned in May 1996 when the device was pended.

Owain Grindal. Name change from Owen Grindal of South Forest (see RETURNS for device).

Theodoric of Salt Keep. Device. Party of six pieces per fess nebuly gules and ermine, three anvils argent and three falcons close sable.


Alastar Oftegon. Device. Azure, on a fess wavy argent a sun in his splendor gules and in chief three mullets argent.

Brakendelve, Canton of. Name and device. Per fess azure and sable semy of lozenges, a fess embattled argent and in chief a laurel wreath Or.

Dalbach of Falcons Keep. Name and device. Argent semy of caltrops sable, a dragon passant, tail nowed, gules maintaining a thistle proper.
Submitted as Dalbach of Falcon's Keep, we have eliminated the out of period apostrophe.

Deirdre MacGowan. Name and device. Argent, a swan naiant sable, wings elevated and addorsed, a bordure purpure semy of roses argent.

Duncan de Moravia. Name and device. Argent, a serpent erect embowed counter-embowed contourny gules, transfixed by a spear bendwise inverted sable, a bordure per pale gules and sable.

Elspeth de Moravia. Name and device. Per fess Or and vert, a coney sejant erect counterchanged.

Goselena Upwode of Bamburg. Name.
Submitted as Gauzelen Upwode von Bamberg, which had a late first millenium CG forename combined with a 16th century English surname and a German locative byname. Fortunately, commenters were able to document something similar to what was submitted as an entirely English name.

James le Hauke of Stirling. Name and device. Azure, a bend sinister sable fimbriated Or, overall a falcon striking to sinister argent.
Submitted as James le Hauke of Stirling Keep, we have dropped the term keep which was not used in this way in period.

Jankin de Leeuw. Name and device. Purpure, on a pale between two lions rampant argent, a Latin cross clechy throughout purpure.

Kolfinna Fitzsimon. Name (see RETURNS for device). Submitted as Coelfinnia Fitzsimon on the LoI, it was changed from Kolfina in kingdom. We have changed it to Kolfinna which is an documented Old Norse name and closer to the submitter's original form.

Rafael Tramontano. Name and device. Per bend vert and sable, a bend argent between a stag's head caboshed argent and a garb Or.

Robin Bladesmith of Barnwell. Name.

Shane of Silver lake. Device. Argent, on a keystone sable a Latin cross Or.
A keystone is simple enough for RfS X.4.j.ii. to apply.

Wilhelm Schatzgeyer. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Alina von Sternstein. Name.
The surname "von Sternstein" is the registered name of her husband, and so is grandfathered to her.

Catherine of Devonshire. Name.

Cormac of Peregrine Springs. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per pale sable and argent, a skull affronty within a bordure counterchanged.
The name was submitted as Cormac an Tosk.

Esteban Vicente Manrique de Santiago. Name and device. Sable semy of escallops Or, a cross of Santiago argent.

Gregory Ahearne. Name and device. Argent, a horse rampant contourny sable on a bordure gules an orle of chain Or.

Guillaume de Clare. Name change from William of the Tower.
His former name William of the Tower is hereby released.

Jan of Devon. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Purpure, a pall argent between two dolphins haurient respectant, in chief a mullet of four points Or.
The name was submitted as Josephine of Devon.

Roxanne O'Malley. Name and device. Quarterly sable and azure, a wolf's head erased argent between 3 roses Or. While we do not find this a very likely name, since the stories of Alexander the Great were so popular during the middle ages (Alexander was one of the Nine Worthies), and since there is documented evidence of taking names from Arthurian, we are giving the submitter the benefit of the doubt and registering the name.

Sebastian Blacke. Device. Vert, on a bezant a Jerusalem cross sable a bordure Or semy-de-lys sable.

Sebastian Halyburton. Badge. [Fieldless] A griffin segreant contourny quarterly argent and sable.

Stefan Grey of Kent. Device. Per chevron inverted azure and sable, a chevron inverted between a portcullis and two goblets argent.

Thomas MacConnor of Ulster. Device. Per saltire gules and argent, a raven displayed proper, maintaining a quill pen sable a bordure embattled counterchanged.

Thorkell Óásson. Name and device. Purpure, on a pile Or a Danish axe gules.


Aurelius the Arronious of Bikeleswade. Name change from Irenaeus of Bikeleswade and device. Sable, a legless wyvern embowed Or maintaining with its tail a quill argent.
The name is being returned because of the first nickname, the Arronious. Period nicknames tend to be straightforward and to use common words: Thynnewyt "thin [of] wit, stupid", le Wis "the wise", Badinteheved "bad in the head", le Wilfulle, le Proude "the proud", le Hardy "the courageous", le Sour, le Cursede, le Deuyle "the devil", Blaksoule "black-soul". The learned erroneous simply doesn't belong in this company. Although the adjective in question is not a past participle, we do not consider this case to be significantly different from those of Adam the Unexpected (East, returned 2/96) and Deirdre the Distracted (Ansteorra, returned 4/94), whose bynames were returned partly for being too abstract. Similarly, erroneous is too far from the common tongue to be at all believable as a period byname. The submitter did not permit any changes that would drop the Arronious part, so we have had to return the name.
Submitted as a pithon, it was the consensus of the people attending the Laurel meeting as well as being the opinion of some of the commenters that the monster was closer in fact to a legless wyvern than a python. Therefore, this is being for conflict with Caryl de Trecesson (SCA), Sable, a dragon dormant Or, with one CD for position.
The feather is not a sustained charge, but a maintained charge and therefore does not count for difference. See the cover letter for further discussion of this issue.

Rowan O Moroghoe. Device. Per bend Or and vert, an acorn inverted slipped and leaved proper and an owl argent.
The nut of the acorn, which was approximately 1/4 of the charge was done in a shade of brown that if it appeared on the field by itself we would blazon as Or. The only reason there was any real contrast with the field was because the acorn had a black line outlining it. While we don't worry about contrast with small items, such as maintained charges, 1/4 of a charge is too much to ignore. Changing the field to argent would clear this problem.


Galen of Elvegast. Change of device. Per saltire azure and Or, a saltire cotised counterchanged.
This is being returned per RFS VIII.3 for excessive counterchanging.

Lídain NíBhrollachán. Device. Sable, a catamount passant guardant Or, on a chief argent three torteaux, overall a bordure counterchanged.
This device is being returned for non period style, having two problems which necessitate returns. The first is the charged chief and bordure combination. I can do no better than to quote Master Bruce as Laurel:
When a bordure and chief are used together, the chief almost invariably overlies the bordure (Parker 73). The rare exceptions generally don't have tertiaries on the chief; they would be crowded by the bordure, rendering them harder to identify. The handful of SCA registrations with bordures surmounting charged chiefs have subsequently been disallowed as precedent (LoAR of Oct 91, p.17); far more often, such designs have been returned as non-period practice. LoAR of December, 1992, pg. 20)
Therefore, this is being returned for non period style of combining a charged chief with a bordure overlying the chief. This is also being returned for the counterchanging of the bordure over the chief. There have been several previous rulings that state we do not counterchange bordures over ordinaries.


Andro Bruce. Device. Per chevron sable and Or, three crosses bottony fitchy counterchanged.
This is being returned for conflict with Ekaterina Adrianovna Sinilnikovna (SCA), Per chevron sable and Or, two Maltese crosses and a griffin counterchanged. There is a CD for changing the type of each of the three charges, but the change of cross to cross is not substantial enough to invoke X.2, and the charges in each case are part of a single group, so we do not count separate differences for the charges in chief and those in base.

Caítigern Ainsley. Name change from Gwenhwyvar Ainsley.
This is being returned for combining a fully Gaelic name with an English name. The issue was raised as to whether since the name Ainsley was already registered to her, it was now grandfathered to her. This is a misunderstanding of the Grandfather Clause. The Grandfather Clause does not allow the unrestricted use of an element already registered to someone; see the extensive discussion in the 12/95 return of Roxanne Blackfeather (East). For instance, the various people who have registered armory containing a lightning flash argent on a colored field cannot use the Grandfather Clause to justify registering the badge Or a lightning flash bendwise argent; that would require breaking a rule not broken in the registered armory. This lady's registered name, Gwenhwyvar Ainsley, does not break the prohibition against combining the incompatible Gaelic and English orthographies, so it does not give her the right to break that rule under the Grandfather Clause.
The Gaelic masculine name Ceanntighern is pronounced almost identically (to the English ear) and was frequently Englished Kentigern in 16th c. Scotland (Black, s.n. Kentigern); Kentigern Ainsley would be a very good 16th c. Scottish name, albeit masculine. Peadar Morgan, s.n. Caointeorn (a modern Scots Gaelic spelling of the feminine name), gives Kentigerna as the Englishing; we don t know whether the feminine name is actually still in use, but we see no problem with registering Kentigerna Ainsley as at least a reasonable hypothetical 16th c. feminine Scottish name.

Erich von Drachenholz. Device. Per chevron argent and sable, in chief two dragons segreant coward addorsed gules, in base a tower argent masoned sable.
This is being returned for conflict with Thomas Blackkeep (SCA), Per chevron throughout argent and sable, two pairs of triangles conjoined in pale at the points gules and a tower argent. This is nothing for the throughoutness of the field and one CD for change of type of half of the charges in the primary charge group.

Erich von Drachenholz. Badge. Sable, on a tower argent masoned sable a dragon coward gules, a bordure argent.
This is being returned for conflict with William FitzBubba, Sable, a chess-rook within a bordure argent. There is one CD for the addition of the dragon, but nothing for the difference between a tower and a chess-rook.

Tanweeristan, Incipient Canton of. Name and device. Sable, an open scroll argent within a laurel wreath and in chief a scimitar fesswise Or.
This is being returned for incorrect construction. Tanweer is not a tribal name, so there is no reason to think that it can be combined with - (i)stan. If they wish an Arabic name, we recommend contacting Master Da'ud, whose name, address and e-mail are in the roster.


Calontir, Kingdom of. Name and badge for Order of the Bretwalda. Azure fretty Or, a sword proper.
The name is being returned for several reasons. It is in violation of RfS III.2.b.ii. Names of Order and Awards requires that "Names of order and awards must follow the patterns of the names of period orders and awards." There is no evidence for a name such as Order of the Warlord. Furthermore, the name is presumptuous. Bretwalda does not mean "warlord", The meaning of the term is "ruler of the Britons" or "ruler of Britain", so it is a fairly exact Old English parallel to the Roman dux Brittaniarum and Bede's Brettonum dux. The term was applied to various kings who held (or were supposed to have held) authority over other, lesser kings.
The device is being returned for conflict with Eadric Hararand (SCA ), Azure, fretty Or, a hare salient argent. The fret is the primary charge here, so the only change is the type of the secondary.

Calontir, Kingdom of. Badge for Order of the Calon Lily. Purpure, a fleur-de-lys a bordure Or.
This is being returned for conflict with Laurencia du Fond (SCA) Purpure, a fleur-de-lys and a bordure wavy Or. There is one CD, for the difference is the line of division on the bordure.

Calontir, Kingdom of. Badge for Order of the Falcon s Heart. [Fieldless] A falcon close, maintaining a cross of Calatrava Or.
This is being returned for multiple conflicts with Anne Gaverel d Avesor (SCA), Sable, a peregrine falcon close belled and jessed Or, orbed gules, maintaining in dexter foot a fountain, Sabgia Gunnhild Hunang (SCA), Gules, a Celtic hawk statant close reguardant Or, and John of Ravenwolf (SCA), Sable, a raven speaking Or, beaked and membered argent. In each case there is but one CD, for the field (or lack thereof).

Calontir, Kingdom of. Name for Keeper of the Flame of Calontir.
This is being returned for non-period-style. No one in the College could find a period exemplar for a name in this type.

Calontir, Kingdom of. Badge. Purpure, on a pale Or, three hawk's lure purpure.
This is being returned for conflict with Selena d Ambra (SCA), Purpure, on a pale Or a feather azure. There is one CD for changes to the tertiaries.

Calontir, Kingdom of. Badge. Per pale argent and purpure, two cranes in their vigilance counterchanged.
This is being returned for conflict with Arline of Rycroft (SCA) Per pale argent and purpure, two owls close respecting each other counterchanged. There is a CD for the difference in type between owls and cranes, but not substantial difference between the types of birds as required by RfS X.2.


Connar Mac Lean. Name.
Returned for conflict with Conor MacLean and Connor MacLean (two separate SCA registrations). The device was registered under the holding name Connor of Drei Eichen.

Duncan Greifenklau. Device. Per bend azure and gules, an eagle's foot argent.
This is being returned for conflict with the badge of Damianus Petrolino (SCA), [Fieldless] A dragon's jamb erased inverted clutching a roundel argent. There is one CD for fieldlessness, but that is it. Both emblazon showed approximately the same amount of claw and leg, and they looked quite similar in type.

Olav Henriksson. Device. Or, a griffin azure. This is being returned for conflict with Diana Alene (SCA), Or, a griffin segreant azure, drawing a bow vert, in chief an increscent argent fimbriated sable. There is one CD for the addition of the increscent.


Elwisia Mouche de Voujeaucourt. Device. Argent, a pall vert between a dexter wing and a sinister wing sable, a chief triangular checky sable and argent.
This device engendered a lot of discussion. While blazoned as above on the LoI, it was not a properly drawn chief triangular. As drawn, it is really Per pall checky sable and argent, argent and argent, a pall vert between a dexter wing and a sinister wing sable, which is not period style.


Eirír Tryggvason. Badge. [Fieldless] On a mullet of seven points sable a decrescent gules fimbriated argent.
This is being returned for several reasons.First, this design is essentially "(Fieldless) A mullet of seven points sable charged with a decrescent argent charged with a decrescent gules.", which means it uses a quaternary charge, which is disallowed by RfS VIII.1.c.ii (Layer Limit). Fieldlessness has always been held to "count" as one of the layers (see, for example, the return of Carlo della Casa "(Fieldless) On a sun Or eclipsed quarterly vert and azure, a fleur-de- lys Or" 9/95), and we have been treating fimbriation as "an X charged with another" since Bruce's tenure. Additionally the fimbriation is probably also a problem. According to RfS VIII.3 "Voiding and fimbriation may only be used with simple geometric charges placed in the center of the design." This does not apply to tertiary charges. Lastly, this conflicts with the tinctureless badge of Astra Christiana Benedict: "On a mullet a cross crosslet." There is no CD for type only, nor for type + tincture since Astra's badge is tinctureless. There is nothing for type of mullet: on the LoAR of 6/90 p. 3 Laurel wrote "No difference can be granted for the difference between standard mullets and mullets of seven points." This leaves only the one CD for the field.

Malachi of East River. Device. Quarterly Or and vert, in bend an anvil and a hammer sable.
This is being returned for violation of RfS XI.3.b, which requires all charged sections of a quartered field to bear the same charge. This is done to avoid the appearance of marshalled arms.

Owain Grindal. Device. Per bend sinister sable and argent, a Latin cross formy, a bordure gules.
This is being returned for a redraw. The bordure is way too thin.


Kolfinna Fitzsimon. Device. Sable, three peonies in bend Or, slipped vert, between two bendlets argent This is being returned for a redraw. The flowers are drawn in trian aspect. They need to be either a full top or full side view. Additionally, these are not heraldic slips or leaves. As drawn it detracts from their identifiability as flowers.

Kou no Ryuukyuuro Toshikage. Name.
According to the LoI, Ryuukyuuro is found in Compleat Anachronist #66. Copies of the page with the name were not included, and none of the commenters was able to find it there. Therefore, we have no choice but to return this for lack of documentation.


Cormac an Tosk. Name.
The LoI states that Tosk is the Gaelic word for tusk. No documentation was found to support that spelling. Dwelly gives tosg. 'tusk' but this is almost certainly a borrowing from English, and is probably modern. The early Irish for "tooth" is fícail. However, we thought that this was too big a change to make without the submitter's consent. The device was registered under the holding name Cormac of Peregrine Springs.

John Blackwood. Name and device. Per fess argent and sable, in pale a cross formy and a lymphad sails furled contourny counterchanged.
The name is being returned for conflict with the registered name John of Blackwood. We are returning the device because the cross is not blazonable. It is not a cross formy and no one at the Laurel meeting could come up with a term to describe it.

Josephine of Devon. Name.
The kingdom was unable to provide documentation for Josephine as a period name, nor could any member of the College of Arms. The device was registered under the holding name Jan of Devon.

nan Crìth Tuatha, Stronghold of. Badge. Argent, a sealion gules.
This is being returned for conflict with Rory Blackhand (SCA) Argent a sea-lion reguardant gules within an orle of hands sable., with one CD for the addition of the orle, and with Ivar Krigsvin (SCA) "Checky sable and argent, a sealion erect gules., with one CD for the difference in the field.

Rolf von Sternstein. Device. Argent, on a mug embattled to chief vert a mullet of six points Or.
This is being returned for several reasons. First and foremost for non-period style: Heraldry is the art of identification, and as drawn this charge blurs the line between a mug and a tower. Secondly, since this is halfway between a mug and a tower it conflicts with both. It is in conflict with Ceridwen Dafydd (SCA) Argent on a tower vert an equal-armed Celtic cross potent Or., with no SCA heraldic differences at all, and with Trobere Oakenseed (SCA) Argent, upon a tankard sable, an acorn inverted Or., with only one CD for changing the tincture of the mug.


Calontir, Kingdom of. Badge. Argent, on a pale between two crosses of Calatrava purpure a crane in its vigilance Or.
Blazoned as Purpure, the pale and crosses are actually azure. If the kingdom would like these registered as purpure, they will have to get me new emblazon forms with purple charges.


Jararvellir, Barony of. Badge. Azure, a catfish naiant between six arrows in annulo Or.
Blazoned as Azure, the field is actually vert.

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