Aleemah al Shammariyyah. Device. Azure, an open book argent and a bordure rayonny Or.

Alessandra da Pavia. Device. Per pale azure and Or, an owl affronty counterchanged maintaining an embroider's broach fesswise gules, in chief a roundel between an increscent and a decrescent counterchanged argent and azure.

Alienor Beatrice Lucrezia. Name and device. Azure, four fleurs­de­lys in cross bases to center argent.

Blatha an Oir, Barony of. Badge. (Fieldless) Two daffodils in saltire Or slipped and leaved vert.

Christiana Rowena Yonge. Badge. (Fieldless) A sun in glory Or sustained by a demi­lion gules.

Conor O Dree. Name.

Submitted as Conor Ó Draoi, the assertion in the LoI that Conor is given by Woulfe as a Gaelic form is incorrect: throughout the book the forms listed in Roman type after a headword are Anglicizations. As a result we have a mixed English/Gaelic name here. The easiest way to preserve the sound is to Anglicize the surname to the late 16th or early 17th c. form given by Woulfe: O Dree.

Eoin Mac Cainnigh. Device. Per chevron indented azure and Or, a stag's head caboshed counterchanged.

Please instruct the submitter on how to draw a proper indented line of division, and to put internal details on the head.

Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo and Seumas Camshronach an Lochabair. Household name for Dun Dreagain Dhuibh.

Submitted as Dùn Dràgon Dubh, we have put Dràgon and Dubh into the genitive form, and leniated Dubh as well.

Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo. Alternate name of Honorine Maria Steenhouwer.

Godric ap Rhys. Name and device. Sable, a dragon sejant contourny Or in chief an arrow fesswise argent a bordure embattled Or.

Kára Báreksdóttir. Name and device. Per fess argent and gules a reindeer lodged sable.

Submitted as Kara Báreksdóttir, Geirr Bassi spells Kára with an accent. We have restored the missing accent.

Krakafjord, Shire of. Name.

Submitted as Krakenfjord, Shire of, Norwegian has a postposed definite article that takes the form -en in the masculine gender (gutt `boy', gutten `the boy'); since ON kraki was masculine, krake is masculine and English kraken is simply Norwegian `the krake', `the sea-monster'. Norse place-names are not constructed with the definite article intervening between the descriptive and generic elements. Therefore, the ON construction without the article would have been Krakafjörðr. In Norwegian this would have become Krakafjord.

Owain ap Einar. Name.

Although Einar is a Scandinavian name, we are allowing the use of ap, which is Welsh in front of it, since the spelling would be reasonable in Welsh. Welsh has a habit of adopting non­Welsh names as is into Welsh, and there is a long history of Welsh/Scandinavian cultural proximity and contact.

Randal the Redowtable. Device. Checky argent and gules, a tower and in chief a hawk's bell sable.

Richard Tallon. Name and device. Quarterly sable and gules, a phoenix argent rising from flames a bordure Or.

Thorvald the Gentle. Name.

Y Spyke. Name.

Submitted as James Spyke Saunter, the disyllabic Saunter seems pretty clearly a late form; and for the 16th c. we have no examples of double surnames and therefore should not register them. In particular, we see no way in which the name submitted here could have arisen. The submitter included a list of alternatives/changes that he would accept; we have registered the only likely period one.


Adela naast de Hondsroos. Name and device. Argent, on a pile ployé bendwise azure between two roses proper, a lozenge ployé argent.

Submitted on the LoI as Adela op d' Hondsroos, it was the originally submitted in kingdom as Adela naast de Hondsroos. That form of the name is actually a more period formation for the low countries of Europe. The difference in meaning is on the order of Adela of the Briar Rose and Adela who lives near the briar rose and the locative is slightly more likely in the context of the low countries for most of our period. Therefore, we have restored it to the submitter's original form.

Alaric Drake. Device. Per pale azure and sable, a roundel enchancré Or.

No evidence was presented that a roundel enchancré is a period charge. Therefore, barring period evidence of its usage, after the July 1997 Laurel meeting we will no longer register it.

Borek Vitalievich Volkov. Name.

Caitlin bean Ghearailt. Name and device. Per pale gules and argent, a roundel and a bordure counterchanged.

Connal MacTier. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Erika Arenvaldsdochter. Badge. (Fieldless) A Thor's hammer sable winged Or.

Isabella of Bonwicke. Name.

Isidora Rodriguez de León. Name.

Kaitlyn McKenna. Device. Per pale vert and purpure, a fret and on a bordure Or a grape vine leaved and fructed proper.

Margaret MacGillivray. Device. Or, a fox sejant gules a chief raguly purpure.

Marguerite Dinard. Device. Azure, a falcon close Or a base embattled argent.

Middleford, Shire of. Badge. Bendy wavy gules and argent, a bridge of one arch sable a bordure vert.

Miguel Javier de Murcia. Device. Or, a tower and on a chief gules three estoiles Or.

Oriana of Bonwicke. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Rhodri ap Gwythyr. Device. Per pale argent and sable, a fret and a bordure counterchanged.

His previous device, Or, two mullets in fess and a base sable., is hereby released.

Roger Aylward Bagley. Device. Argent, on a chevron azure between three crosses of four ermine spots sable, three arrowheads inverted palewise Or.

Willem Gerritsz van Wije. Name and device. Sable, three mortars and pestles Or.

Lovely armory!


Aaron Mac Ailpein. Name.

Ó Corráin and Maguire cites the spelling Aaron as a period Gaelic form.

Adina von der Heide. Device change. Per bend azure and paly bendy purpure and argent, in sinister chief a salamander tergiant embowed counter-embowed Or enflamed proper.

This is a redraw of a device that was returned September 1996 for conflict with Ardis Bluemantle (Fieldless) A lizard tergiant Or. With this redraw, the flames are now large enough to be significant, and give the necessary difference. Her previous device Per chevron azure and argent, three crosses of four ermine spots one and two Or and a rose purpure barbed and seeded proper., is hereby released.

Andela Romier. Name and device. Azure, an otter rampant contourney Or and a blonde mermaid erect proper respectant a chief invected argent.

Anlaf Thurketilsson. Device. Per fess embattled sable and argent, three cogwheels counterchanged.

Nice armory!

Briafael of Anglesey. Name.

Brigid of Linnhe. Device. Purpure, a sun in its splendor Or and a bordure Or semy of oak leaves vert.

Celric of Marinus. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Vert, a sea-wolf erect maintaining a harp in its dexter paw and a border embattled argent.

Submitted as Celric McVain.

Corwyn de Wemyss. Device change. Per pale vert and azure, a dragon passant contourny and a bordure embattled Or.

His previous device, Argent, two chevronells between three mullets azure and overall a dragon contourney vert. is hereby released.

Duncan of Greyhill. Name and device. Azure, three crescents and on a chief argent, three owls close guardant gules.

Eadwyn Inhold. Badge transfer from Francis of Aaron Isles. Gyronny gules and vert, a sprig of two oak leaves, fesswise reversed, fructed to dexter, argent within a bordure embattled Or.

Emma Lawles. Name change from Emma the Lost.

Francis of Aaron Isles. Badge transfer to Eadwyn Inhold. Gyronny gules and vert, a sprig of two oak leaves, fesswise reversed, fructed to dexter, argent within a bordure embattled Or.

Gareth of Lochmere. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Argent, a brown wren close proper, a bordure azure.

Submitted as Gareth Wrensfield.

Humphrey of Caer Mear. Name.

Leofric Godwinsone. Name.

Submitted as Leofric Godwinson, the proper form would have an "e" at the end of the surname. We have corrected this.

Marie Angelí de la Isla Dragonera. Name change from holding name of Donna of Attilium.

Submitted as Marie Angelí de Isla Dragonera, Webster's Geographical Dictionary gives the name of the island simply as Dragonera. Therefore, we have changed the name to a more likely form.

Milicent de Glastonbury. Name and device. Argent, a cup gules and on a chief sable three escallops inverted argent.

Morgan Wainwright. Name.

Shane Stuart of Airth. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Sean Stuart of Airth, this name mixes Gaelic and English in one name. Therefore, we have substituted the closest English form of Sean.

Wayne of Ponte Alto. Name and device. Per bend sinister indented Or and sable, a cross of Cleaves azure and a flame Or.


Áine inghean Olibhéir uí Cheallaigh. Name and device. Vert, three triquetras within an orle Or.

Submitted as Áine ingen Olibhéar uí Cheallaigh, it needed a couple of minor adjustments to be put in the correct genitive form. We have adjusted the name accordingly.

Akechi Nobumaru. Name.

While registerable, please inform the submitter that to the best of our knowledge, the name is suitable only for a child.

Aleksandra Ivanovna Molotova. Device. Gules, a dragon statant wings displayed between three Russian orthodox crosses argent.

His previous device, Azure, a warhammer bendwise sinister argent, in base a duck naiant Or, all within a bordure argent., is to be retained as a badge.

Alesia de Cattemere. Device. Per pale argent and sable, two domestic cats sejant reguardant counterchanged and on a chief purpure three mice rampant argent.

Arthur of Ankeridge. Name and device. Vert, on a chevron Or two arrows inverted gules and a chief Or.

Cystennin ap Geraint. Name and device. Argent, on a bend cotised azure between two pine trees couped sable a sword inverted proper.

Eliana Breteau. Name.

Elizabeth Lightfote. Name change from Ancreta Blackcape of Rooknest.

Her previous name is to be released.

Eridana Ambra Dragotta. Device. Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a bat­winged panther rampant guardant argent spotted of various tinctures, incensed proper and a mullet of eight points pierced argent.

Jenefer Mac Hugh. Name and device. Quarterly azure and vert, a griffin segreant queue forchy between three compass stars Or.

Meadhbh Eileanach. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Morgana Elisabetta Rosatti. Name change from Morgana Elisabetta da Rosate (see RETURNS for badge).

Her previous name is to be released.

Ragnall Ó Ciaragáin. Name.

Submitted as Ragnall Ó CiarÁgain, the fada was put in the wrong place in the patronym, and the second "a" in the patronym should not be capitalized. We have corrected both of these.

Tristana de Winter. Name change from Tristana Ræfenloch.

The original documentation for de Winter came from copies of records from the International Genealogical Index for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. Unfortunately, in large part, the LDS genealogical records are taken from the researches of interested amateurs whose work varies widely in quality and accuracy, and quality control is nearly non­existent. The people who do the work are well­meaning and usually are doing their best to be accurate. But most of them have next to no training and errors are not only relatively easy to make but just as easily compounded. Luckily for the submitter, Fause Losege was able to provide adequate documentation for her desired surname. However, the College should be aware that the LDS records are not, in and of themselves, to be considered adequate name documentation. Her former name, Tristana Ræfenloch, is hereby released.

Tristana de Winter. Household name and badge for House de Winter. (Fieldless) On a snowflake azure a crescent argent.

Both a snowflake, and this particular form of one are grandfathered to her.

Ysmay du Parc. Device. Argent, a tree proper on a chief embattled sable three fleurs­de­lys argent.


Calontir, Kingdom of. Badge. Argent, on a pale between two crosses of Calatrava azure a crane in its vigilance Or.

This was pended from the October, 1996 Laurel meeting.


Dubhghall mac Ébhearáird. Name and device. Argent, a wolf rampant and in chief two roundels sable.

Submitted as Dubgall Éibhearard, there is no evidence of unmarked patronyms in Irish, and given name was incorrectly changed in kingdom from Dughghall to Dughall, and the byname was incorrectly constructed. We have corrected all of this.

Dubhghall mac Ébhearáird. Household name and badge for Clann Ébhearáird. Argent, a boar sejant sable armed and langued Or.

Submitted as Clan Éibhearard, we have corrected the Clan name to match the registered name of the submitter, and substituted the Irish word for clan.

Michael of Aquitaine. Device. Vert, two bars wavy argent semy of holly leaves vert.

Nordmark, Principality of. Order name of Vita Portens Orden.

Steinar Vidfamne. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Alastar Scott MacCrummin. Badge. (Fieldless) A triangular trivet azure.

Andrée Snow Rose. Badge. (Fieldless) A dragon's gambe fesswise vert, grasping in its talons a bezant.

Angus MacClarie. Device. Argent, an urchin rampant contourny sable, a bordure invected gules.

Aonghas of Clan Campbell. Device change. Vert, a boar's head couped close and on a chief Or three thistles proper.

His previous device, Quarterly gules and argent, a boar's head couped close sable, a bordure Or., is hereby released.

Brianna Baccamoor. Name and device. Per saltire gules and Or, on a chief Or three cats sejant sable.

Bridgit Katherine Fitzgerald. Name.

Cáelfinn inghean Scolaidhe. Name and device. Vert ermined, three roses Or seeded gules.

The form Caoilfhinn inghean Scolaidhe would be a consistently modern form, and the form Cáelfinn ingen Scolaide, a consistently early form.

Cerridwen of Heygate. Device. Per chevron inverted vert and sable, a dolmen and a bordure Or.

Christiana of Sydeneia. Name.

The form Christiana de Sydeneia would be an excellent documentary form c.1200.

Clement of Morocco. Name.

Clotilde von der Insel. Device change. Sable, a needle threaded argent, a ford proper and a chief urdy argent.

Her former device, Sable, a needle threaded Or and a chief urdy argent., is hereby released.

David ben Yudah. Name.

Donald Harefoot. Name (see RETURNS for badge).

Donnchadh Dubhghlas. Device. Or, a claymore sable between in chief two wolves combattant gules.

Edmundo da Monreale. Name.

Efron le Fey. Badge. (Fieldless) An acorn pierced by an arrow fesswise reversed sable.

Elspeth Turnbull. Name and device. Argent ermined gules, on a chief sable three roses Or.

Eric Grenier de Labarre. Name and device. Per bend purpure and sable, three fleurs­de­lys one and two and a griffin segreant all within a bordure argent.

While registerable, the form de La Barre, would be much better.

Gabriella d'Asti. Name and device. Per chevron argent and purpure, three violets slipped and leaved proper and an escallop argent.

Submitted as Gabriella da Asti on the letter of intent, the submitter originally submitted Gabriella d'Asti. Since evidence has been presented to show that is a period form, we have restored it to the original form.

Guillaume de Blumont. Name and device. Per bend sinister erminois and pean.

Guinivere of Shadowes Wode. Name and device. Purpure, an owl affronty argent, atop a lantern Or its candle argent flammant Or.

Submitted as Guinivere of Shadow Wood, no documentation was presented showing Shadow was and English place­name element. If the wood was named after a man belonging to a man surnamed Shadewe it would have been Shadewes Wode. Therefore, we have changed it to the closest documentable form.

Ismay Ponde. Name.

Kieran MacRae. Name and device. Argent, on a triangle throughout purpure between three Celtic crosses sable, a natural panther rampant argent.

Lydia Dianora Villani d'Este. Name and device. Per fess gules and sable, in chief a plate charged with a feather bendwise sinister sable, in base three swans naiant argent.

Submitted on the LoI as Lidia Dianora Villani d'Este, it was originally submitted in kingdom as Lydia Dianora Villani d'Este. Since documentation has been provided for Lydia as an extant variant, we are restoring the submitter's form.

Lucretia DeSantis. Name.

The period Italian form Lucretia is Lucrezia.

Michael of Casteles Kepe. Badge. (Fieldless) A dragon's head erased azure.

Muirenn of Wintersedge. Device. Per chevron gules and argent, two crosses of lozenges and a phoenix issuant from base counterchanged.

Please instruct the submitter on how to correctly draw a lozenge.

Muirghein ni Chaichir. Name and device. Gules, a chevron sable fimbriated argent between three keys fesswise reversed wards to chief Or.

Submitted as Muirghein nhi Caicher, the patronymic was incorrectly constructed. We have correctly constructed it.

Namara Agafonika. Name.

Neeve de Burgh. Name and device. Per bend purpure and Or, a unicorn couchant and a wyvern erect contourney breathing flames counterchanged.

Nikolai Mikhailovich. Name and device. Or, three swans rousant gules.

Nice armory!

Odilia de Provence. Name.

According to Dauzat (1949:159) the ethnic term Provençal (also Provensal) is more common than (de) Provence.

Oswant Brand. Name and device. Argent, a quatrefoil purpure seeded Or between three pommes.

Raven Jäde vom Schwarzwald. Device. Or, a bird displayed vert within a bordure rayonny sable.

Rós ní Sheóin. Name and device. Gyronny Or and sable, eight roses in annulo counterchanged Or and gules.

Submitted as Rós ní Sheoin, the "o" in the patronymic needed an accent. We have added this.

Rosalind Ashworth. Device. Ermine, a rose barbed and seeded proper between three gouttes de larmes.

Tearlach na Drochaide. Name and device. Argent, a boar statant, in base a bridge throughout vert.

Vidarr Hærulangr. Name.

Wren of Hunter's Home. Name.

Wren is the submitter's mundane given name.


Aidan Mackay. Name (see PENDS for device).

Arwen of Caer Baeddan. Name (see RETURNS for device).

While the name Arwen is not documented as period, it is justifiable as a construction from elements used in historical Welsh names (Caid Known World Heraldic Symposium (1989), article by Heather Rose Jones).

Banbán Ua Donnubaín. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and azure, a wyvern erect counterchanged.

Submitted as Banban O Donnovan, it combines English and Gaelic in the same name. We have made the name entirely Gaelic.

Carra O'Reilly. Name.

Submitted as Cera O'Reilly, it combines Gaelic and Anglicized Gaelic in the same name. We have Anglicized the first name.

Christine O'Neill of Cork. Device. Per saltire vert and sable, on a plate an opinicus sejant quarterly vert and sable, a bordure argent.

Francois Duvent. Device reblazon. Azure, a cross formy throughout argent between in bend two fleurs-de-lys Or, entwined about the lower arm of the cross a snake, its head issuant over the sinister chief of the cross erminois.

This is a reblazon to better reflect the emblazon.

Francois Duvent. Augmentation of Arms. Azure, a cross formy throughout argent between in bend two fleurs-de-lys Or, entwined about the lower arm of the cross a snake, its head issuant over the sinister chief of the cross erminois, and in augmentation in sinister chief three mullets one and two argent.

François Gaston d'Avignon. Device. Quarterly azure and Or, two dragons combatant and a fleur-de-lys counterchanged.

Gregory Markham. Name and device. Argent, a bend sinister between a cup and five roundels in cross sable.

Gunther van der Aachen. Name.

Submitted as Gunther Van der Aachen, the "v" in van needs to be put into lower case, which we have done.

Hrothgar Fairhair. Name (see RETURNS for device).

While registerable under the Linga Anglica allowance, Hróðgeirr hárfagr, Hrothgar fægerher, or Rothger ffayrhere would be better forms.

James de Lyon of Glen Lyon. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Meridies, Kingdom of. Badge for the Companionate of the Kings Lancer. Checky sable and argent, a knight armed cap-a-pie mounted upon a horse courant to sinister a bordure embattled Or.

Meridies, Kingdom of. Order name and badge for Order of the Quill. (Fieldless) On a quill pen bendwise sinister sable, a mullet argent.

Michael of Essex. Device. Barry bendy sinister gules and Or, on a chief argent three saltires couped gules.

William McNaughton. Name and device. Azure, a fess gules fimbriated argent between a drawn bow and arrow to sinister and two quill pens in saltire Or.

Winefrid of North Lake. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Winefrid of the North Lake, North Lake works only as a place name. Therefore, we have dropped the "the" in the name. Note: Winefrid would be a masculine name in period.


Adelheid die Jegerin. Name.

Alexander Adelbrecht. Name.

Alexandra de Louvain. Device. Ermine, a compass rose vert.

Corwin Cromwell. Name and device. Argent vêtu gules, a deadly nightshade eradicated vert flowered purpure.

David der Jeger. Name.

Submitted as David die Jeger, the proper form of the article is "der".

Gweniver Kenwyn of Roseveth. Name and device. Per pale vert and sable, a pegasus rampant Or between three roses argent, a bordure embattled Or.

Iago Gwyllt Blaidd. Name.

This name would mean in Welsh Wild James the Wolf. If he wants the form James, the Wild Wolf it would be Iago Blaidd Gwyllt.

Jararvellir, Barony of. Badge. Vert, a catfish naiant between six arrows in annulo Or.

This was pended from the October 1996 meeting.

Jurgis Magnus. Device. Gules, a unicorn rampant and a chief double-arched argent.

Leonard of Kelso. Name and device. Azure, an owl displayed, on a chief nebuly argent an arrow gules.

Merouda Pendray. Household name and badge for Sept Pendray. (Fieldless) A seablatt inverted gules.

Merouda Pendray. Badge. (Fieldless) On a water bouget sable, two ermine spots Or.

Norinna Sewell. Name change from Kendra of Chester.

Her previous name, Kendra of Chester, is hereby released.

Talon Ravenesclawe. Name (see RETURNS for badge.)

Submitted as Talon Ravensclaw, Talon is believable as the oblique case of Old French/Continental Germanic Talo: Hugon and Otton, similar oblique cases of Hugo and Otto, respectively, achieved independent existence as names. However, at that time (and at any time when it might have been a believable byname) Ravensclaw would most likely have been spelled Ravenesclawe or the like.

Una Duckfoot. Device. Vert, two duck s legs addorsed Or.


Adam Girard. Name change from Colin de Charteris.

His former name is hereby released.

Brandon d'Arindel. Device change. Sable, a male griffin rampant argent.

His former device, Per bend azure and sable, a compass star of sixteen points elongated to base within a bordure argent., is hereby retained as a badge.

George of Berwick. Name and device. Argent, on a bend sable, three double roses argent, barbed vert.

Ian of Ettrick. Device. Or, a chevron gules and a chevron inverted azure interlaced.

Katerina Raedaria. Name.

Katherine Blackthorne. Name.

Khadija bint Junaid. Name and device. Argent, on a pile sable between two crescents vert, a wyvern erect argent.

Mairghread nighean Eanruig. Device. Azure, three plates and a chief Or.

Nice armory!

Margie of Glen More. Name change from holding name of Margie of Stormhold.

See cover letter for discussion on holding names.

Mathilda die Knochenrichterin. Device change. Per pale argent and sable, a raven close counterchanged.

Her current device, Per pale argent and sable, a raven and in chief a bone fesswise counterchanged., is hereby released.

Rafael de Aldea. Name and device. Per pale vert and sable, three horses statant argent.

Submitted as Rafael de la Aldea, Aldea is a general word for a village, so it takes "de" Aldea, not "de la" Aldea.

Torlyon, Shire of. Name and device. Per chevron argent and azure, two laurel wreathes and a cross floretty counterchanged.



Christiana Rowena Yonge. Device. Argent, on a chief indented vert, three suns Or.

Blazoned as Argent, three piles palewise on a chief vert three suns in glory in chief Or, everyone attending the Laurel meeting, upon seeing the emblazon, saw it as Per fess indented vert and argent, in chief three suns Or. Therefore, this is in conflict with Eowyn Rebekah of Windhaven, Per chevron sable and chevronelly Or and gules, in chief three suns Or. There is only one CD, for the change to the field.

Désirée Aurelia Chiarastella. Device. Vert, two scimitars in chevron inverted addorsed on a chief triangular argent a seahorse vert.

This is being returned for a redraw. This is not a chief triangular, per chevron inverted, chapé, or a pile, but rather something partway between all of them.

Rhiannon MacRuari of Rannoch Moor. Name.

There is nothing in the cited forms from Black's Surnames of Scotland, to support the spelling MacRuari. While MacRuari is cited in a book by Lister, there is no way of knowing if he cited period forms. Since the submitter would not take changes, we are forced to return the name.


Connal MacTier. Badge. (Fieldless) A daisy proper.

This is in conflict with badge of the Emperor of Japan Dark, a sixteen-petalled chrysanthemum light, and Wander Riordan (SCA), (Fieldless) A gillyflower argent., with only one CD, in each case, for fieldlessness.

Oriana of Bonwicke. Device. Argent, a chevron azure between two natural tigers passant guardant addorsed proper and a rose gules slipped and leaved vert seeded Or.

The tigers were blazoned as natural tigers on the LoI. Natural tigers, proper, are Or, marked sable. These tigers were actually orange, marked sable. We considered reblazoning them Bengal tigers proper. However, there is no readily understood proper coloration for Bengal tigers; we have blazoned as proper both red and yellow Bengal tigers, (see cover letter), and there was some confusion among the commenters as to what color the tigers really were. Therefore, orange tigers are not acceptable for use in the SCA.


Adriana of Hawkwood. Badge. Ermine, a rainbow proper clouded azure.

This is in conflict with badge of Barony of Sundragon, Per fess argent and azure, a rainbow gules argent azure Or and purpure, clouded argent." , with one CD for change of field, and nothing for change of color of the clouds, or for adding an additional band on the rainbow.

Celric McVain. Name.

This name combines OE given name with an Anglicized version of a Gaelic name surname. The combination of the disparity in time and location of these two names make the name too unlikely to be registered. The armory was registered under the holding name Celric of Marinus.

Gareth Wrensfield. Name.

OE grammar makes the s very unlikely. Smith's, English Placename Elements includes names of birds among the first elements often found modifying OE feld (whence modern field), some examples being Cranfield (from cran `crane'), Dukingfield (from ducena, genitive plural of duce `duck'), Larkfield (from lawerce `lark'), Snitterfield (from snitena, genitive plural of snite `snipe'), and Swallowfield (from swalwe `swallow'). In other words, we find feld preceded either by the nominative singular or by the genitive plural. The analogous constructions with wrenna are wrenna feld `wren field' and wrennena feld `wrens' field'. If Wrenna existed as a personal name (presumably derived from a byname `wren' - see Ekwall s.n. Wreningham), it would have been declined like the appellative, whose genitive singular is wrennan, so that `Wrenna's field' would have been Wrennanfeld. Other possible OE sources of Wren also form the genitive singular in -an and the genitive plural in -ena and would therefore fail to produce the s of Wrensfield. The inflexional n in forms like wrennan and wrennena frequently disappears over time in place-names, and the regular development of any of these OE names would be to modern Wrenfield, which even at the end of our period would most likely be Wrenfeld or Wrenfeild; even then field seems still to have been a fairly rare spelling, although field should be registerable. However, since the submitter would not take any changes, we are forced to return the name. The armory was registered under the holding name Gareth of Lochmere.

Gormlaith Una O'Doyle. Device. Gyronny vert and argent, a stag's head erased contourny azure.

This is being returned for non­identifiability. The identifying features of the blue head have very poor contrast with the green portions of the field. Making the field gyronny argent and vert would take care of the problem.

Shane Stuart of Airth. Device. Sable, an equilateral triangle inverted gules fimbriated Or, and in chief a rainbow proper.

This submission is virtually identical to a well known gay pride button, and therefore violates VIII.4.a.b. Modern Insignia ­ Overt allusions to modern insignia, trademarks, or common designs may not be registered.

Such references, including parodies, may be considered obtrusive. Examples include using a bend within a bordure gules to parody the international "No Entry" sign, variations on the geometric Peace sign, and so forth.


Meadhbh Eileanach. Device. Vert, a puffin proper between three dragonflies argent.

As drawn, the puffin is more than 50% sable, and therefore is color on color.

Morgana Elisabetta Rosatti. Badge. (Fieldless) a Norse sun cross purpure surmounted by a rose argent barbed and seeded proper.

This is being returned for violating our rules on fieldless style. To quote Baron Bruce as Laurel:

In cases where identifiability is maintained ­­­ where one of the charges is a long, slender object, and the area of intersection small ­­­ overall charges will still be permitted in fieldless badges. (15 January, 1992 Cover Letter (November, 1992 LoAR), pg. 3)

In this case, the area of intersection is not small.


Steinar Vidfamne. Device. Per saltire argent and azure, in pale a hawk displayed and on a roundel sable a hammer and in chief an anvil argent.

This is being returned for violating our rules on arms of pretense, by having more than one charge on a shape that was used for displaying armory in period. Additionally, this is very bad style, by having two different tertiary charge groups on the same charge.


Donald Harefoot. Badge. (Fieldless) A raven volant sable maintaining a goblet fesswise reversed Or.

The goblet is not big enough to count for difference, and therefore this conflicts with Carl of Sutherland (SCA) Per fess argent and azure, a raven volant sable, maintaining in its talons an escallop Or., with no difference given for the maintained charges and Miscell of Lyonesse (SCA) Per saltire argent and vert, a duck volant sable., with no difference for type of bird when they are in identical postures.

Iago Benitez. Badge. (Fieldless) A popinjay gules.

This is being returned for being visually in conflict with Karena del Falco (SCA), Argent, a falcon close gules. While there are technically two CD's between the two pieces of armory, one for fieldlessness and for the type, it was the feeling of the majority of the members of the College commenting on this submission and the majority of the people at the road show meeting, that there was no visual difference between the two submissions.

Legend of Hunter's Home. Name and device. Purpure, on a chevron Or a chevronel vert and a chevronel azure, a bordure Or.

The given name Legend is the submitter's legal given name, and was submitted under the mundane name allowance. It was the feeling of the majority of the members of the College commenting on this name, as well as virtually everyone at the Road Show meeting, that this name was obtrusively modern. Since there is no way to form a holding name, the armory is being returned as well.

Miriel Verdy. Device. Vert, on a pale indented argent five cinquefoils purpure.

This is being returned for a redraw. A properly drawn pale indented would have the indents opposed instead of parallel. This cannot be reblazoned as lozenges conjoined, as the area of conjoining is too wide.


Arwen of Caer Baeddan. Device. Argent, an oak tree eradicated and fructed proper between two cats sejant affronty gules.

This conflicts with O'Connor Don (important mundane armory), Argent a tree eradicated vert., with one CD for the addition of the secondaries.

Crystyna Hyrundo. Badge. (Fieldless) A drinking horn fesswise reversed sable, garnished and strung Or.

It is not possible to come up with a blazon that would accurately reproduce this picture. The number of different blazons offered by the College is indicative of this problem. Therefore this violates VII.7.b. Reconstruction Requirement ­ Elements must be reconstructible in a recognizable form from a competent blazon.

Hrothgar Fairhair. Device. Gyronny sable and Or, on a chief argent, three ravens speaking sable.

This is being returned for a redraw. The gyronny should centered on the region under the chief.

James de Lyon of Glen Lyon. Device. Sable, a double-headed lion rampant queue­fourchy argent, maintaining a sword inverted proper.

This conflicts with Oliver Cromwell (important mundane armory) Sable, a lion rampant argent., with no countable differences between the two pieces of armory.

Jon Tristram. Device. Purpure, on a vol argent, a trumpet palewise gules, and in chief a sheaf of arrows inverted Or.

This is being returned for a redraw as the trumpet is so small that it disappears on the vol when viewed from any distance.

Kojin the Wayfarer. Name and device. Gules, on a sun argent a tankard sable, a chief wavy argent.

No evidence was presented that Kojin was a given name of a human being in period, nor could any be found by the College. The armory conflicts with Maura Brighid of Darkwoods (SCA), Gules, on a sun argent an eradicated tree sable., and Conroy der Rotte (SCA) Gules on a sun argent a falcon's leg couped a­la quise proper., with one CD for the addition of the chief.

Kojin the Wayfarer. Badge. Gules, on a sun argent a tankard sable, a bordure wavy argent.

This conflicts with Elgil Mirdil of Dor-Mallos (SCA), Gules a mullet of seven points within a bordure nebuly argent., with one CD for the addition of the tertiary, and with Maura Brighid of Darkwoods (SCA), Gules, on a sun argent an eradicated tree sable.,and Conroy der Rotte (SCA) Gules on a sun argent a falcon's leg couped a­la quise proper., with one CD for the addition of the bordure.

Marsali Morningstar Scribesdaughter. Name and device. Checky argent and sable, three eight-pointed estoiles and on a point pointed gules a cross patonce elongated to base argent.

This name has a number of problem. I can do no better than quote Fause Losenge:

Marsali appears to be a misspelling of modern Scots Gaelic Marsaili(dh), said by Morgan to be from Marcella; in an otherwise English name we need an English version of it, and we need reason to think that it's period. Black s.n. Fuktor answers both wants: he has Marsle 1527 as someone's daughter. Since Marsilla is found in Essex in the 13th c., the name may have a continuous tradition.

Reaney & Wilson s.n. Starr note the use of ME Sterre `star' as a byname, but there's no evidence for Morningstar or anything similar. (If she really wants something close, she might try a German name; Brechenmacher has Morgenstern 1374, either from a house-name or from a place-name.)

Scribesdaughter is somewhat similar to a type of relational byname that is found in Yorkshire in the late 14th c.; for instance, Reaney & Wilson (li) note Isabella Shephirddoghter and Beatrice Clerkwyf. It is ill-formed in three ways, however. Two are relatively minor: the available examples do not support the possessive form of the first element, and the spelling daughter is too late for this type of name. If these were the only problems, it could easily be corrected to Scribedoghter. However, scribe itself is questionable. The father of someone called Scribedoghter would most likely be called (the) Scribe; at the very least Scribe has to be capable of being used as a byname. The OED shows the word from the middle of the 14th c., but before the 16th c. or so it seems to have been used primarily in ways that make it an unlikely byname. Specifically, it is associated in two ways with the Bible. First, scribes are associated with Pharisees as interpreters of the law and upholders of ritual tradition; and secondly, the term is used to translate Latin scriba and Greek grammateus in the New Testament. Clearly secular uses seem to be later. There is, however, a period way to get exactly the intended meaning with the same type of construction: Clerkdoghter would be excellent (if the rest of the name were compatible with Yorkshire practice c.1400). And since Bardsley s.n. Scriven has Johannes Schryuen 1379 from Yorkshire, Schryuendoghter would also be just fine.

I'd be willing to give Marsle the benefit of the doubt with this type of patronymic; Marsle Clerkdoghter (or Schryuendoghter) probably ought to be registerable. Adding a second byname (other than a locative of the form de <place-name>) to a name of this type is exceedingly problematical.

The device is being returned for a redraw; as drawn it is halfway between point pointed and per chevron, and needs to be clearly one or the other.

Varinka of Eversly. Name and device. Purpure, an angel and on a chief argent, three saltires couped purpure.

While the combination of Russian and English names is registerable under our rules, no documentation was presented, and none could be found by the College, that Varinka was a period given name. Since the submitter would not take a holding name, we are forced to return the name.

Winefrid of North Lake. Device. Azure, a tree blasted and eradicated between three escarbuncles, two and one, argent.

This conflicts with Susan of Forgotten Sea (SCA) Azure, a tree blasted and couped Or between three escarbuncles argent., with one CD for changing the tincture of the tree.


Duncan de Moravia. Household name for House of the Speared Serpent.

The name is being returned for non­period style. Household names follow several possible models including Scottish clans (Clan Stewart), ruling dynasties (House of Anjou), professional guilds (Baker's Guild of Augsburg, Worshipful Company of Coopers), military units (The White Company), and inns (House of the White Hart). This does not follow any of the possible models.

Talon Ravenesclawe. Badge. (Fieldless) A raven s claw palewise reversed argent, marked sable.

This is being returned for several reasons, each in and of itself grounds for return. As depicted, it is not clear if the claw is argent marked sable, or sable marked argent, as it appears to be halfway between them. Additionally, the charge is unrecognizable. Most members of the College, and people attending the Laurel meeting had no idea as to what it was without being given the blazon.



To be ruled at the July 1997 Laurel Meeting.


Aidan Mackay. Device. Azure, three chevronels braced and in chief three rams horns in fess argent.

Blazoned on the LoI as Argent, three chevronels braced and in chief three rams horns in fess argent., the field is actually azure.