SCA ­ College of Arms

600 Cedar Street, NW

Washington, DC 20012

(202) 726­4396

June 22, 1997

Unto the members of the College of Arms and all others who may read this missive do Mistress Jaelle of Armida, Laurel Queen of Arms, and Mistress Sionyn Muirgen ní Dhomnall, Pelican Queen of Arms, send Greetings!


The June 1997 Laurel meeting was held on Saturday, June 14, 1997 with a roadshow meeting at the Known World Symposium on Sunday, June 22, 1997 and considered the following letters of intent: Lochac (February 4), Caid (February 5), Ansteorra (February 7), Atlantia (February 9), Drachenwald (February 10), Meridies (February 19), Calontir (February 25), Middle (February 25), Trimaris (February 25), Ansteorra (February 27), West (February 27) and Caid (February 28).

The July 1997 Laurel meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 12, 1997 with a roadshow meeting in Oertha, and will consider the following letters of intent: Atenveldt (March 1), Atenveldt (dated Feb 22, postmarked March 3, redated by Laurel to March 3), An Tir (dated February 27, postmarked March 3, redated by Laurel to March 3), Drachenwald (March 7), Atlantia (March 9), East (March 11), Lochac (dated February 28, redated by Laurel to March 12), Meridies (March 23), Ansteorra (March 24), East (March 30), and Middle (March 30). Original commentary on these LoIs must be in the College's hands no later than May 31, 1997. Responses and rebuttals to commentary must be in the College's hands no later than June 30, 1997.

The August 1997 Laurel meeting is scheduled for Saturday August 23, with a possible roadshow at Pennsic, and will consider the following letters of intent: Calontir (March 31, postmarked April 3, redated by Laurel to April 3), Drachenwald (April 11), Atlantia (April 13), Lochac (April 16), Caid (April 18) Caid (April 19), West (dated March 30 postmarked April 21, redated by Laurel to April 21), Meridies (April 28), Middle (April 29) and East (April 29). Original commentary on these LoIs must be in the College's hands no later than June 30, 1997. Responses and rebuttals to commentary must be in the College's hands no later than July 31, 1997.

The September Laurel meeting is scheduled for Saturday, September 6, and will consider the following letters of intent: Artemisia (no date on the letter, dated by Laurel to May 6 based on postmark), Atlantia (May 4), West (May 29), Lochac (May 7), Caid (May 4), Caid (May 19), Drachenwald (May 5), Trimaris (May 25), AEthelmark (May 29), East (May 29), Meridies (May 29), Ansteorra (May 31), Atenveldt (dated April 25, redated by Laurel to May 2), West (May 29), Laurel (May 30).Original commentary on these LoIs must be in the College's hands no later than July 31, 1997. Responses and rebuttals to commentary must be in the College's hands no later than August 31, 1997.

The October Laurel meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday October 18, with a road show in Calontir.

Not all Letters of Intent may be considered when they are originally scheduled on this Cover Letter. Date of mailing of the LoI, date of receipt of the Laurel packet, or other factors may delay consideration of certain Letters of Intent. Additionally, not all Letters of Intent received have been scheduled because the administrative requirements (receipt of the forms packet, receipt of the necessary fees, etc.) have not yet been met.

Note: if your letter of intent is not listed, it could be because Laurel hasn't gotten some or all the paperwork, and you should contact Laurel.


Our congratulations go to Mistress Astra Christiana Benedict, who was recently inducted into the Order of the Pelican by the Crown of Caid. Mistress Astra served as Laurel Office Administrator under Bruce as Laurel. Congratulations also go to Matins and Leveret who were each given the West Kingdom's Leaf of Merit.

Known World Heraldic Symposium 1997

We would like to thank the autocrats of this year's KWHS, Don Eric Brehattin and Dona Teresa Gabriela de Montoya y Sevilla, their staff, and the Barony of Thescore for the outstanding job they did in producing this year's KWHS.

Known World Heraldic Symposium 1998

Next year's KWHS will be in Atenveldt (Tucson, Arizona), in June. The autocrat is our own Brickbat Herald: Marta as tu Mika­Mysliwy (Linda Miku), 2527 E. Third Street, Tucson, AZ 85716; (520) 881­9492. We urge everyone to attend.

Book of note

Heraldry An Introduction to a Nobel Tradition by Michel Pastoureau, ISBN 0­8109­2830­2 is available for $12.95. The main text is 96 pages, and there are another 50 pages of articles and glossary. Michel Pastoureau is one of the leading heraldic scholars of our time, whose works, until now, have only appeared in French. While this book is obviously excerpted from his various works, it contains a great deal of useful and interesting information on medieval heraldry. Besides the text, there are a great many color pictures of heraldry in use, most of which are medieval. We strongly urge everyone interested in learning about heraldry, and especially medieval heraldry to get this book.

What color is it?

We want to remind the College that we register what is submitted, and not the blazon. We are getting more and more submissions that were done using color copiers or color printers. While we have nothing against using modern technology (Laurel has been known to use it now and then), the colors must be identifiable. If the copier/printer can not produce recognizable tinctures, it shouldn't be used. If it is used, the submission may be returned.

Blazon blazon, who's got the blazon?

We are noticing that a number of submission heralds are failing to put a blazon of the submission on the armory forms. This is required according to the administrative handbook, as well as being very important. What is worse, SCA name and mundane name and addresses are being left off the forms. These are all required. If this continues, we will be forced to return submissions for incomplete paperwork.

Double Christian Names in Russian

We would like to thank Predslaza Vydrina for all hard work she did on researching the use of double Christian names in Russia in period. We are very impressed with the amount of work and research she did on this. At this time, however, we are not prepared to ban them, though we will consider them a weirdness. We also want to remind the College that three given names in Russian is banned.

Roster on the Web Page ­ Reminder

This is your reminder that we are planning to keep an up­to­date roster of the College of Arms on the Laurel Web page. Anyone who does not want their address and/or phone number put on the web page should contact me by the end of July 1997.

New Forms

Enclosed with this package you will find a set of the draft submission forms. These forms have already been mailed to everyone on the mailing list, but we want to make sure that everyone gets them. Commentary, changes, additions, etc., will be due by the end of September 1997, and the final version will be distributed in October. We would like to see them in use by January 1, 1998, and they will become mandatory by March 1, 1998.

We realize that the forms do not have a space for the local branch; this will be corrected in the final version. We also know that we have not spelled e-mail consistently, that will also be corrected. In the parts labeled "for kingdom use only", it is not required that the kingdom use this space. Nor that they use mini-emblazon in the size/shape on the forms. These were put on the form as place-holders only; Laurel does not care, provided it will fit in the given space; what size the kingdom makes the mini-emblazons (or even if they use mini-emblazons).

Feel free to distribute it anyone who is interested in commenting on it. Since this is going to go to everyone in the College of Arms, not just the members on the mailing list, we ask that anyone who is not on the mailing list who wishes to comment on them, to send their comments to Laurel and to their Principal Herald.

Master Herveus, the new Golden Dolphin Herald, who has created the physical forms for us, has kindly volunteered to produce kingdom specific forms for any kingdom who wants them. Please contact him directly (Michael Houghton, 5412 Lakeford Lane, Bowie, MD 20720 301-464-8375.

Change to Submission Rates

Effective January 1, 1998, Laurel is raising the submission fee from $3.00 to $4.00. This is to pay for the proposed postage increase and the assorted costs involved with scanning the files. For the scanning project, among other costs, will be the cost of purchasing one or more color printers (hopefully ink jets) and printing out approximately 17,000 emblazons. The last time Laurel changed the submission rate was five years ago.

E-Mail Commentary

The question of establishing a list of CoA members willing to accept e-mail commentary has once again been raised. The last time we broached this subject we asked that anyone who wanted to receive e-mail commentary write to Pelican under separate cover (e.g. not in the body of a LoI or LoC). Only four people responded so we deemed it not to be important to the CoA.

We will try this once again. Anyone wishing to receive e-mail commentary may contact Brenna Lowri o Ruthin who actually maintains the mailing list directly as:

Money to Laurel

Several kingdoms are having problems getting their submission fees to Laurel in a timely manner. This problem is most acute in kingdoms where the kingdom exchequer provides the check. Laurel does not generally dictate internal submission processing, provided the provisions of the Administrative Handbook are met. However, if the required fees are not received by Laurel on or before the last day of the month following the date of the Letter of Intent (e.g. a letter dated in April would have to have the fees received by Laurel by the end of May), Laurel will reschedule the letter. It is up to the submissions herald and the principal herald to ensure the fees are received in a timely manner, not Laurel.

How to become a Principal or a Submissions Herald

It is obvious to the Laurel Office that too large a percentage of the College of Arms either does not read or does not follow the Administrative Handbook. Failure to do so impacts the submitters, the kingdom College of Heralds, the College of Arms and the Laurel Office. Therefore, effective July 1, 1997, all candidates for principal herald or submissions herald must write to Pelican Queen of Arms to obtain a copy of the open book test on the administrative handbook, take the test, return it to her, and pass the test, before they will be deemed acceptable. Passing the test is not the only prerequisite for being deemed acceptable. It is, however, a prerequisite. Note: the administrative handbook was mailed to the entire college of arms late last year, it is available for sale through Free Trumpet Press, and is available on the Laurel website (

Does anyone want a job?

Yulstan Sigewealdeing has been Morsulus Herald (in charge of maintaining the A&O) and selling the A&O's and other heraldic publications, since 1992. While he is perfectly happy to continue in the Morsulus job, (and Laurel is more than happy with the job he is doing) he would like to find someone else to take over the selling end of the job. If anyone is interested they should contact him for further details on what the job entails. He estimates it takes 200 hours a year, needs a small bedroom or the equivalent to store the merchandise.

The minimum requirements for the job are: being a paid member of the SCA, reasonable expectations of having a stable address for at least the next three years, understanding of basic recordkeeping, ability to mail filled orders in a timely fashion, and time to attend yearly Known World Heraldic Symposium at Free Trumpet expense. The successful candidate will become a warranted Laurel office deputy.

LoAR Subscriptions and Roster changes:

Send roster changes, additions, subtractions, subscriptions to the LoAR and address changes in a separate letter, not in the body of a LoI or LoC to: Mistress Sionyn Muirgen ní Dhomnall, Pelican Queen of Arms, Jackie Watkins, 3532 Winding Wind Cove, Bartlett, TN, 38135­3044. Please make all checks or money orders payable to "SCA Inc. ­ College of Arms". The cost is currently $25.00 a year.

Also, remember all administrative issues (requests for warrants, quarterly reports, etc.) need to be sent to Pelican.

Certified mail.

I cannot accept certified mail at home. If you need to send me mail return receipt requested, contact me privately, and I will send you my work address.


". . it becomes quite apparent that, apart from Spain, in regions where the lion is common the eagle is uncommon and vice versa. In medieval heraldry the two animals were regarded as opposites, although both were insignia of power. In much of 13th century Europe there seems to have been a division of loyalty between the eagle (supports of the emperor) and the lion (his adversaries), so that many noblemen adopted the eagle or the lion as their charge for political reasons." Heraldry: An Introduction to a Noble Tradition, by Michel Pastoureau, pg 102, quoting himself from L'héraldique nouvelle, Pour la science, November 1977.

Until next month, pray believe that I am, and remain,

Your faithful servant,

Jaelle of Armida

Laurel Queen of Arms