SCA - College of Arms

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Washington, DC 20012

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May 21, 1998


Unto the members of the College of Arms does Mistress Jaelle of Armida, Laurel Queen of Arms, send heartfelt Greetings!


Herein is a correction to the April 1998 Letter of Acceptances and Returns and to the Armorial.



April 1998


Megan ni Phádraig. Name and device. Argent, a dragon statant, on a chief embattled azure three mullets argent.

The LoAR left out what the charge was, and gave two different positions for the dragon instead.




Barbara Giomaria di Roberto. Argent, a chevron inverted azure, in chief a brown hen rising wings elevated and addorsed proper, for augmentation in base on an escutcheon sable an decrescent and a mountain of three peaks couped argent.

The blazon had the decresent blazoned as an increscent.