Dolcia Ragno. Name.


Eve de Lacy. Name.


Grecia Percival. Name.


Jevan Garre. Name.


Landric of Ravensworth. Name.


Margerie NyKenneth VcKenneth. Name.


Robyrt of Watersyde. Name and device. Per fess wavy azure and barry wavy argent and azure in chief a mullet of eight points and an increscent Or.


Rosamund FitzGilbert. Name and device. Quarterly gules and sable, a chevron Or and in dexter chief a mullet argent.


Ruadhan ÓFaoláin. Name.

Submitted as Ruadhan O'Faoláin, the LoI misspelled O'Faoláin by using a O' instead of Ó. We have corrected this.


Sæunn Hrafnsdóttir. Name.


Seth Foxley. Device. Azure, a fox salient argent and on a chief embattled Or a sword azure.


Tegan Conwy. Name and device. Per pale gules and azure, a horse passant to sinister in chief three horseshoes inverted argent.


Tegan Conwy. Badge. (Fieldless) A horse's head contourny conjoined within a horseshoe inverted argent.





Æsc of Cræganforda. Name and device. Sable, a wall argent masoned sable between two suns and a demi-sun issuant from base argent.

A possible conflict was called against Grik Alfriksson Sable, a natural panther's head couped between three compass stars argent., Lukas von Reaumer Sable, a unicorn's head couped between three mullets of seven points argent., and Tezar of Aeolis Sable, a winged lion courant to sinister, wings elevated and addorsed, between three mullets of four straight and four wavy points argent. There is one CD for difference of primary charge. For stonework charges, masoning is considered an artistic detail not worth difference (August 1992 LOAR, p.31), so there is nothing for tincture. There is no difference between suns and many-pointed mullets by precedent of long standing. The use of unlike secondaries disqualifies this submission from the use of RFS X.2. The precedent allowing difference for the lowermost of three charges arranged two and one requires that they either be alone on the field or around an ordinary; since a wall is really a fess embattled, the necessary second CD comes from changing the type of the bottommost of three charges.


Lavina del Bakhous. Name.


Owen Hell. Name and device. Argent, on a bend gules cotised vert, three leaves Or.


Polydore Pike. Device. Sable, a spear head inverted and a bordure Or.


Randall Hawkwood. Name.


Reginleif Ragnarsdottir. Name.





Catherine of Gordonhall. Badge. Purpure, a bat-winged cat sejant guardant contourny wings elevated and addorsed Or.


Catherine of Gordonhall. Badge. (Fieldless) On a Catherine wheel purpure a rose Or, barbed and seeded vert.


David Dr islav. Name and device. Per bend argent and sable, a unicorn rampant and a hawk stooping contourny counterchanged.

Submitted as Daor Dr islav the Procrastinator, the LoI asserted that Daor was Croatian for David. No documentation was presented for this, and none could be found. Therefore, barring documentation that Daor was a period given name, it cannot be used. We have substituted David. No documentation was presented for the Procrastinator being a period Croatian byname, or for it being period English usage. Therefore, we have dropped it.


Einar Leodherewudu. Name change from Einar of Wealhhnutu.

His former name Einar of Wealhhnutu, is hereby released.


Eoghan MacFhearguis. Name.

Submitted as Eoghan MacFhearguis of Dunfallandy, this combines the name of the clan with the clan seat which is presumptuous. We have removed the placename in order to register the name.


Geoffrey of Saint-Denis. Name.

Please inform the submitter using de instead of using of would be much better.


Josef the Unkempt. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Li Hsiao Lung. Name and device. Gules, in fess a monkey passant between two oars Or.


Lothar le Coi. Device. Vert ermined argent, on a lozenge argent a crab sable.


Morgan of the Oaks. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Richard the Defyer. Name and device. Sable, a chevron gules, fimbriated Or, overall a horse rampant argent between three crescents Or.

Please instruct the submitter to draw the horse larger.


Simon Aaron of Windermere. Device. Sable, a thistle, on a chief argent three thistles gules.




Adriana of Hawkwood. Badge. Ermine, a rainbow proper clouded azure, a bordure sable.


Aldwin of Warwick. Name and device. Per bend sinister gules and vert, a hanging balance and a tower Or.


Askold Brotamaðr. Name and device. Per pale sable and azure, a sea-wolf and on a chief invected Or, three axe-heads reversed sable.


Bardulf Rauen. Name.


Daemon Broussard. Device. Argent, two hammerhead sharks naiant in annulo surrounding a rose, on a chief sable three Latin crosses botonny argent.


David Wodeward atte Hethe. Name and device. Per pale vert and Or, a tree counterchanged.


Diarmait mac Amalgada. Name.


Dunstan of Manchester. Device. Ermine, a Continental panther rampant gules incensed azure, on a chief gules a sword reversed proper.

Please instruct the submitter to draw the panther larger.


Finn O'Donovan. Name.


Gunnar Haraldsson. Name.


Joseph Elizabeth de Clayton. Name.


Kerdych Goch. Name.


Meliora Gwinear. Name.


Meliora Trevethan. Name.


Morgan Wainwright. Badge. Per pale sable and azure, in pale three buckets argent, each pierced by an arrow fesswise Or.


Neachtan Kay O'Denroche. Device change. Per pale sable and argent, a spiderweb counterchanged, on a chief purpure a scorpion fesswise argent.

His former device Argent, a spiderweb sable, on a chief purpure a scorpion passant argent. is hereby released.


Randal Sinclair Hawkins. Change of name from Hawkin Sinclair and device. Chevronelly raguly azure and Or, a crescent between three birds migrant to base sable.

His former name Hawkin Sinclair, is hereby released.


Raymond de Montfort. Name and device. Azure billetty, a bend Or, a bordure ermine.


Tir-y-Don, Barony of. Order name for Order of the Golden Phoenix.

This is to be associated with (Fieldless) A phoenix Or rising from flames proper atop a tower argent., which was registered June 1998.



Amalric von Regensburg. Device. Azure, a lion rampant regardant maintaining in its sinister forepaw a sword inverted Or, on a chief indented argent three crosses formy sable.

Blazoned of the LoI as crosses formy recerclee, we are treating this as an unblazoned variant of formy.


Anne de Vere of Brittany. Name and device. Quarterly vert and sable, a triskele Or between three mullets of seven points argent.

The device was pended from the May 1998 LoAR.


Anneyse of Caernarvonshire. Device. Vert, two quill pens in saltire argent, a chief indented ermine.


Arabella Devon. Name.


Caterine Barre de Venoix. Device. Barry azure and Or, a Catherine wheel gules.

She has received a letter of permission to conflict from Ianthus of Scara Ermine, a cog wheel gules.


Christyana Angelique Beltran. Name.


Elana Blakefenn. Badge. (Fieldless) Two halberds in saltire sable surmounted by a flame gules.


Fionnghuala inghean Ghriogair. Name and device. Vert, on a chevron between three compass stars Or three musical notes vert.

Submitted as Fionnghuala MacGriogair, the byname has been modified to match the gender of the given name and put into the genitive.


Juan Diego de León. Name and device. Per fess azure and vert, in pale a castle and a sheep statant Or.


Kateryn of Kensington. Name and device. Argent semy of lozenges sable, a sea horse azure and a chief engrailed sable.


Madeleine de la Chatte Enfumeé. Device. Per pale gules and vert, a natural tiger rampant Or marked sable, a bordure counter-compony Or and sable.


Rhael Anedd. Name and device. Ermine, on a pile throughout purpure a Pegasus segreant contourny argent.

Submitted as Rhael Anedd Dal Riata, this combines Welsh and Gaelic in the same name. Since Gaelic wasn't combined with other Welsh in period, we have dropped the Gaelic elements in order to register the name.


Séadna of Kyncaide. Name.


Tirzah MacCrudden. Name and device. Argent, on a pile between two swords in pile sable an estoile argent.


Torgan Mongke. Device. Argent, a Chinese dragon glissant to base guardant sable.

Against Arian Rhyindelas of Aldalome Argent, a six-headed, double-tailed, wingless hydra statant to sinister sable., we are granting a CD based on the precedent below:

Cahan Kyle. Badge. [Fieldless] A seven-headed dragon statant gules.

[Blazoned in the LoI as a seven-headed hydra, Parker (p. 123) notes that a hydra has only two legs. As this has four, we have reblazoned it as a seven-headed dragon.] Versus Rouge Dragon Pursuivant, A dragon passant gules; Henry VII, et al. (Combo II, cited from Fox-Davies), A dragon passant gules; Wales (flag), Per fess argent and vert, a dragon passant gules; the Prince of Wales (Boutelle's Heraldry), A dragon passant Gules, gorged of a label Argent; and Venebles (Papworth, p. 983), Argent, a wyvern passant Gules, among others, there is a CD for fieldlessness. It was the consensus of those attending the Laurel meeting and a some of the commenters that the change in the number of heads, from one to seven, was the visual equivalent of adding wings; that is, worth a CD. While we do not normally grant a CD for change to the number of heads (e.g., eagles vs. double-headed eagles), the difference between seven heads and one head is sufficiently remarkable that it should be worth such a difference on a primary charge. [10/94]


Trifona Anastasiia Dodovicha. Name change from Anastasia NicKay.

Her former name Anastasia NicKay is hereby released.


Ursella of Rowantree. Name (see RETURNS for device).





Arthur Catfield. Name and device. Or, a dragon rampant and on a chief azure three crosses of Jerusalem Or.


Bellewode, College of. Name and device. Vert, on a pale argent between in chief two bells Or, a laurel wreath sable.

Please instruct the group on how to properly draw a laurel wreath.


Eleanor Sinclair of Aberdeen. Device. Ermine, a cross flory fitchy between on flaunches sable a pair of snails respectant Or.


Eleanor Sinclair of Aberdeen. Acceptance of badge from Karl Friedrich von Sturmahafen. (Fieldless) A fish winged naiant gules, wings addorsed Or.


Gotfridus von Schwaben. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Grigorii Borislav Kuropatva syn. Name.

Submitted as Grigorii Borislav Kuropatva Syn, according to Escutcheon syn should be in lower case. We have made the appropriate correction.


Jovan Greyhawk. Household name for House of Hallowell.


Karl Friedrich von Sturmahafen. Transfer of badge to Eleanor Sinclair of Aberdeen. A fish winged naiant gules, wings addorsed Or


Miguel de Majorca. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Miguel Navas de Majorca no acceptable documentation was provided for Navas and none could be found. We have dropped Navas in order to register the name.





David Christien. Name and device. Per pale argent and gules, a fret couped counterchanged.

Nice armory!


Duncan the Shepherd. Name change from Duncan Greifenklau and device. Per bend argent and vert, an eagle's leg bendwise sinister sable and a sheep passant contourny Or.

His former name Duncan Greifenklau is hereby released.


Murdoch of Muirhead. Name.


Thamesreach, Shire of. Name and device. Argent, a fess embowed-counterembowed azure and in canton a laurel wreath vert.


Tobias der Starke. Name and device. Per pale Or and vert, two bears combattant counterchanged.


Wolfgang von Westburg. Name and device. Per pale gules and sable, a pithon displayed and on a chief argent three crosses formy sable.





Axel Reebocjager. Name and device. Gules on a pale engrailed argent between two lions heads erased respectant Or a Maltese cross sable.

Submitted as Axel Jager van die Reebok, the correct form of Axel Rosebuck Hunter, according to Schwartzdrachen, who is a native Dutch speaker, is Axel Reebocjager.


Leif Magnússon. Name and device. Vert, a goat rampant to sinister argent.

This device conflicts with the badge of Pendar the Bard (Fieldless) A musimon rampant contourny argent armed Or maintaining a lyre sable., registered on this LoAR. However, he has kindly provided a letter of permission to conflict.

Note: by Laurel policy put in place under direction of the Board of Directors, if two submissions that are being judged in the same month conflict, if one person is a paid member and the other is not, the paid member's submission will be registered. If however both submissions are for people with the same membership status, it reverts to Laurel office policy, which gives priority to the letter with the earlier date. Since they both have the same membership status, but Pendar's submission was on an earlier letter, he got the registration.


Malachai von Riga. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and gules, in bend sinister a chain throughout fracted sable between a Latin cross patonce gules and a standing balance argent.


Schoental, Canton of. Device. Per chevron azure and vert, a horse passant and in base a laurel wreath Or.

Please instruct the group on how to properly draw a per chevron line of division.


Ysabella de Montrose. Name.





Aelesia Emelyne Couchur. Name (see RETURNS for device).




Alewyn Catmere. Name.

Submitted as Alewyn av Catmere, av does not match the language of Catmere. Therefore we have dropped it.


Bebinn ingen Brain. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Cateline de Ramesie. Name and device. Or, a rose slipped and leaved proper a bordure quarterly vert and azure.

Submitted on the LoI as above, it was corrected in April by the submissions herald on the April LoI to Caitlin de Ramsaidh. However, that combines Gaelic and English in the same name which we don't do. Therefore, we have returned it to the originally submitted form.


Cearbhall MacAodhagain. Name.


Chiere of Ravenglass. Name and device. Argent, a winged pig statant contourny gules.


Cicilia McRegan. Name and device. Vert, a coney salient to sinister argent a bordure Or.


Crichan Ó Braonain. Name.


Deordaeg Dunning. Name.


Dis Egilsdottir. Name and device. Per chevron ermine and vert, a rose slipped and leaved fesswise proper and a lantern Or.

Submitted as Disa Egilsdottir, the only documentation presented for the given name was for Dis, which is a Norse female name. Since there was no documentation for Disa and none could be found, we have changed it to the documentable form.


Elizabeth atte Grove. Name and device. Argent, on a lozenge palewise throughout between two goutes in fess azure, a cross couped argent, a chief sable.


Elizabeth Rea. Name.


Gabrielle Flornoy. Name and device. Per chevron vert and purpure, a chevron Or between in chief three fleurs-de-lys and in base an owl volant contourny guardant wings elevated and addorsed argent.


Ginevra Bagnesi da Diacceto. Name change from Ginevra Bagnesi.

Her former name Ginevra Bagnesi is hereby released.


Ingridr Thorvaldsdottir. Name.


Jennet of Tewkesbury. Badge. Argent, a violet purpure slipped and leaved vert a bordure invected purpure.

Note: while this conflicts with Alyanora of Vinca Argent, a periwinkle (vinca minor) proper., since Jennet's previously registered device Argent, a violet purpure slipped and leaved vert between flaunches purpure. also conflicts to the same degree, she gets this badge courtesy of the grandfather clause. The Grandfather Clause applies to conflict, as well as stylistic problems; the badge conflicts no more (and no less) than the device, and if Jennet may display the latter, it would be unreasonable to tell her she may not display the former.


Kate the Green. Name.



Keyna Aherne. Name.

Submitted as Keyna nic Aherne, this is an Anglicized name which incorporates the patronymic element into the byname. Therefore, we have dropped the inappropriate nic.


Maire nic Ardhghail. Name.

Note: while the use of Maire is rare in period Gaelic names, there are a few dated examples.


Manus MacLochlainn. Name and device. Vert, a wyvern passant argent and in base a thistle Or all within an orle argent.


Melisende Beaumont. Device. Purpure, a liondragon statant Or maintaining a crescent bendwise a bordure invected argent.


Meredyth Alba McRegan. Name and device. Sable, a frog tergiant argent a bordure Or.


Miriel MacGregor. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Morgan of Osprey. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Owain ap Madog of Neath. Name (see PENDS for device).


Rhiannon of Ravenswood. Device. Sable, a chevron gules fimbriated between three roundels argent each charged with a raven sable.

Normally we would blazon these ravens as birds, but we are using the term raven for the sake of the cant. Please instruct the submitter in how to draw a raven.


Richenda de Braundeston. Device. Azure, a horse rampant maintaining a bow and wearing a quiver and arrows argent, in chief three horseshoes inverted Or.


Sabine d'Orliens. Name and device. Purpure, a cat sejant contourny argent in chief three fleurs-de-lys Or.


Talan Cam vap Morcant. Name change from Talan MacAirt.

His previous name Talan MacAirt is hereby released.


Téarlach MacDonnachaidh. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Téarlach Donnachaidh, Gaelic does not use unmarked patronymics. Therefore we have put the byname into the patronymic form.


Terry Oakwood. Name (see RETURNS for device).





Aryanhwy Prytydes merch Catmael Caermyrdin. Badge. Purpure, a bordure ermine.


Augustine Charbonnieres. Device. Per pale vert and gules, on a chief Or three fleurs-de-lys gules.


Dilan mac in tsaeir. Badge. (Fieldless) On a chalice argent, three mullets in chief vert.


Edwin atte Bridge. Device. Azure, on a bend wavy between two towers argent, three portcullises palewise sable.

István Valkai. Name.

Submitted as István of Vukovar, the client requested that the name be corrected for the indicated language. The following documentation was provided by Walraven van Nijmegen:

My copy of "Decreta Regni Hungariae: 1458-1490" by Georgius Bønis et al. includes two official documents from the late 15th century identifying the region as "Walko" (p.201, 240), suggesting that the most commonly used name for the region was still "Walko" in late period.

Though "Vukovár" is indeed the modern Hungarian name for this region, there does not appear to be a Hungarian locative (period or modern) derived from this spelling. Rather, the locative byname derives from the older form "Walko" and occurs in an array of spelling variants from 1418 on. By far, the most common period spellings are "Walkay"and "Valkay", and the modern form "Valkai" which first appears in 1573.

We have corrected the locative to the form closest to the form submitted.


Micheline Elphinstone. Name.


Middle, Kingdom of the. Badge. (Fieldless) A quill pen argent transfixing an open scroll fesswise Or.


Owain MacCabe. Device change. Per bend azure and sable, a bend raguly between a sea lion Or and a cross crosslet argent.

His former device Argent, a turtle and on a chief sable three turtles argent. is hereby released.


Three Towers, March of. Device. Ermine, three towers sable, that in base within a laurel wreath vert, a bordure embattled gules.


Tormod de Palermo. Name change from Tormod the Red.

His former name Tormod the Red is hereby released.


Valamer Schwarzem Fuchs. Name.

Submitted as Valamer zum schwarz Fuchs, the preposition "zu" takes the dative case for the noun and any adjectives in its propositional phrase. Additionally, the adjective, definite article, and preposition are concatenated together, to schwarzem.





Alienor of Southwark. Name and device. Gules, a fleur-de-lys and on a chief Or three escallops sable.


André de Foucault. Device change. Sable, a compass star elongated to base quarterly Or and argent supported by two lions queue forchy combatant, that to dexter Or and that to sinister argent.

His previous registered arms Sable, a compass star elongated to base quarterly argent and Or supported by two lions queue forchy combatant, that to dexter argent and that to sinister Or. is hereby released.


Artan macAilín. Badge. (Fieldless) A lion rampant per pale argent and gules, crowned with a ducal coronet Or.


Bahiyyah bint Suhayl. Name change from Eirianedd o Randir Mwyn.

Her former name Eirianedd o Randir Mwyn is to be retained as an alternate name.


Brazhnik Aleksandrovich Shchebenikhov. Name.

Catelin Mactaggart. Name

Registered on the June 1998 LoAR as Catelin Mackinsagart, it was corrected on the March LoI to Catelin Mactaggart.


Daniel Theoson of Mightrinwood. Name.

Daniel is the legal son of Theo of Mightrinwood whose name was registered in 1979. Theo of Mightrinwood died in October 1997. Normally we would not register a name of this form, since it is a violation of VI.3 begins, "Names that unmistakably imply ... close relationship to a protected person ... will generally not be registered." However, based on prior instances of allowing the legal heir to grant permission to conflict or releasing submissions, we will register this, since Daniel is Theo's legal son and heir.


Jael Esson. Name.


Máire ní Chonaill. Device. Per bend argent and azure, an owl rising, head to dexter, wings elevated and addorsed, a bordure embattled counterchanged.


Mary of Lyonshall. Name.


Pendar the Bard. Name and device. Azure, a musimon rampant argent armed, on a chief triangular Or a lyre sable.


Pendar the Bard. Badge. (Fieldless) A musimon rampant contourny argent armed Or maintaining a lyre sable.


Robert Corwen of Dunbar. Name and device. Azure, a chevron inverted wavy Or between a castle and two foxes sejant addorsed argent.


Sigurðr Kveld-Úlfr. Name.





Valeria Valkenaer. Name and device. Per pale gules and sable, in chief two suns Or.







Rose Scarlett Slade. Device. Per pall argent, gules and sable, in chief a rose proper in sinister a sword inverted proper.

This is being returned for a redraw. It is not clearly Per pall... or Per pale... a chief triangular, but something halfway between. Additionally, this is not period style with its total lack of balance.










David Dr islav. Household name and badge for Warrior Haven. Or, ermined gules, a winged manticore sejant, wings addorsed and inverted, sable.

The name is being returned for nonperiod style. Possible models for household names include Scottish clans (Clan Stewart), ruling dynasties (House of Anjou), professional guilds (Baker's Guild of Augsburg, Worshipful Company of Coopers), military units (The White Company), and inns (House of the White Hart). This does not follow any period exemplars, and barring documentation must be returned. The device conflicts with Philippa Grey Lozengy argent and purpure, a griffin sejant, dexter foreleg raised, wings elevated and addorsed, sable. While normally we would give a difference between the two monsters, the addition of the nonstandard wings makes them too visually similar to grant any difference.


Josef the Unkempt. Device. Azure, on a pale argent a raven contourny sable.

This conflicts with Cormacc na Connacht Azure, on a pale argent a sword inverted gules., Barony of Illiton Azure, on a pale argent a mermaid erect affronty proper scaled Or crined vert maintaining in her right hand a trident bendwise sinister and in her left and upraised hand a grey tower proper and in base a laurel wreath vert, and Guatemala Azure, on a pale argent a wreath vert surmounted by two rifles bayonets fixed surmounted in base by two sabres in saltire proper all surmounted by an open scroll palewise argent charged with the words LIBRETAD 15 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 1821 Or and perched thereon a quetzal bird vert bellied gules. In each case there is just a single CD for changes to the tertiaries.


Morgan of the Oaks. Device. Per fess indented argent and sable, three trees couped proper and issuant from a tree stump eradicated argent, a claymore inverted proper.

This is being returned for breaking our rule on slot machine by having three different types of charges (tree, tree stump and claymore) in one group.


Robert Edward Henry Dethewright. Device. Gules, on a pale sable fimbriated a fox's mask argent, in chief a label Or.

This is being returned for a redraw. The fimbriation is so narrow in some places as to be totally invisible.




Arnbiørn Bassi Dansson. Device. Per fess azure and vert, a bear statant erect affronty, sinister paw upraised Or.

While the LoI stated that he has received permission to conflict with the Barony of Adiantum's badge for the Collar and Chain Gules, a two-headed bear statant erect affronty, forelegs raised, heads addorsed Or collared and chained sable., it was not in writing and therefore is not acceptable. Please remember the motto of the CoA, Non scripta non est. If you do not have the permission, in writing, do not send out the conflicting submission.





Bjorn of the Woode Pyle. Name change from Bjorn Pile of the Wode.

While the submitter documents the terms Woode Pyle as a period term, there is no documentation that it was used in a name. Since there is no reason to think that name were formed from places of this sort, barring documentation this will have to be returned.


Richenda Elizabeth Coffin. Badge. (Fieldless) A daffodil slipped and leaved Or.

This conflicts with the Barony of Wintersgate's Order of the Gilded Lily, as cited on the LoI, Sable, a lily blossom Or. There is a CD for fieldlessness, but nothing for adding the slipping and leaving.


Ursella of Rowantree. Device. Per saltire sable and vert, four suns in splendor in cross Or.

This conflicts with Lucius Mandefort Sable, in cross three compass-stars and a brazier enflamed to chief Or. There is a CD for the field, but nothing for changing the type of one charge in a group of four suns and nothing for the difference between suns and compass stars.





Gotfridus von Schwaben. Device. Vert, on a bend sinister wavy between two deer rampant Or three horses rampant palewise sable.

No paperwork was received for the device submission.


Miguel de Majorca. Device. Or, a lion statant azure a bordure azure semy of dreidels Or.

No documentation was presented for dreidels being a period charge and none could be found. Laurel herself went through her extensive collection of Judicia and could find no period documentation for them. Barring period documentation of dreidels or tops of this form, this must be returned.





Anna de Byxe. Device. Azure, an owl displayed argent and on a chief indented Or three roundels gules.

This is being returned for use of a non-heraldic tincture. While the roundels were blazoned as gules, they are really orange, which we don't use.


Helmut zu Jülich. Household name for Haus Jülich.

This was an appeal of a kingdom return for conflict with the princely Haus Jülich. The submitter has provided documentation showing that Jülich is a town in Germany first mentioned in 356 C.E. While Jülich is also a town, that is not relevant in terms of conflict. Existence of other uses of Jülich does not clear conflict. The existence of York does not mean that we would register House York. Therefore this must be returned.



Gwalchmai ap Llywellyn Llanfyllin. Device. Argent, a bend sinister wreathed sable and gules.

This is being returned for running afoul of our contrast requirements. We require that charges which are "wreathed" to have good contrast between their parts. "A wreathed ordinary must be of two tinctures with good contrast." (Bruce Draconarius of Mistholme, LoAR September 1992, p. 43) "The basis for the limitation on wreathing of two tinctures of the same category is the reduction of identifiability that ensues." (Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane, LoAR August 1988, p. 17).





Aelesia Emelyne Couchur. Device. Azure a chevron embattled Or.

This conflicts with Aleksandr Morekhodov Azure, a chevron embattled Or between two compass stars elongated to base argent and a sea-dragon erect contourny Or., There is only one CD for adding the secondaries.


Bebinn ingen Brain. Device. Purpure, a moon in its complement a bordure Or.

This conflicts with Ciaran of Beresruth, Barry indented of eight argent and vert, a bezant within a bordure Or. There is only one CD for the change of field.


Iain Dubhghall MacGriogair. Name.

This is being returned for using double given names in Gaelic. To date no documentation has been presented for its use in Gaelic, and barring such documentation we cannot register such names. Since the submitter will only take minor change we cannot just delete Dubhghall in order to register the name.


Jonathan Thorne. Name.

This conflicts with Jonathan Thorne, registered September 1994.


Kathryne Larke of Blackwater. Device. Per chevron sable and purpure, a chevron argent, in base a swallow volant to sinister Or.

This is being returned for a redraw. The bird is not clearly volant to sinister or volant bendwise sinister, but something halfway between.


Milo FitzLyon. Badge. Quarterly sable and argent, a mullet of eight points throughout Or, overall a cross formy, a bordure gules.

This is being returned for a redraw. As drawn the cross is barely overall, a motif which has been ground for returns for a number of years.


Miriel MacGregor. Device. Quarterly argent and argent goutty de larmes, a cross between in bend two dolphins haurient azure.

This submissions suffers from several problems. First this violates RfS XI.3 "Armory that appears to marshall independent arms is considered presumptuous." Since there are charges in all four quarters of the field, and the charges in the four quarters are not identical, this has the appearance of being a marshalled display of Argent a dolphin haurient azure and Argent goutty de larmes, with the cross overall to mark the edges of the various quarters.

In addition, having a divided field of the same tincture, but with two sections having dissimilar semy charges, is grounds for return as well.


Morgan of Osprey. Device. Or, a dragon's head contourny couped within and conjoined to an annulet, all within a bordure sable.

This is being returned for violating RfS VIII.4.b. "Overt allusions to modern insignia, trademarks, or common designs may not be registered.". While Laurel herself had no idea what Mortal Kombat was prior to this submission, six members of the College of Arms and virtually everyone present at the Laurel meeting, plus two of Laurel's housemates all instantly said Mortal Kombat when seeing this. Therefore, this must be returned.


Téarlach MacDonnachaidh. Device. Vert, on a chevron argent between two pairs of quills pens crossed in saltire Or and a sword proper, three star crosses couped azure.

This is being returned for using a star cross. The 'star cross' is an SCA invention. It's supposed to have been an ancient Christian symbol formed from the Greek letters IX (iota-chi), the monogram for Jesus Christ. In modern times, it has become the symbol of emergency medical care...." (Pictorial Dictionary, 2nd ed., #215) It has only one prior registration in the SCA, and has since been banned by Laurel precedent: "The fact remains that six armed crosses are not a period charge." (Da'ud ibn Auda, LoAR December 1993, p.10)


Terry Oakwood. Device. Per chevron embattled sable estoilly argent and vert, in base a wolf rampant argent.

This is being returned for a redraw. The per chevron line should be higher on the field; as drawn it is halfway between Per chevron... and Field, a point pointed.... The low-contrast complex line should be much bolder to show up well (half as many and twice as big at a minimum). The wolf should be larger; as drawn it conflicts with Rupert Fairchilde MacChlurain, Per fess sable mullety argent and vert, a pheon argent., as the wolf is clearly a minority member of a group of primary charges).





Dilan mac in tsaeir. Household name for Ballaí Bána.

The name is being returned for nonperiod style. Possible models for household names include Scottish clans (Clan Stewart), ruling dynasties (House of Anjou), professional guilds (Baker's Guild of Augsburg, Worshipful Company of Coopers), military units (The White Company), and inns (House of the White Hart). This does not follow any period exemplars, and barring documentation must be returned.













The following item is pended to the August 1998 meeting.




Rhys ap Gwilym. Device. Vert, a fess wavy in chief three griffins segreant argent a base wavy barry wavy argent and gules.

His name was submitted on the January 1998 An Tir LoI which will not be judged until August because of the delay in receipt of paperwork. Without an SCA name to register this device, it must be pended.



The following items are pended to the November 1998 meeting.




Owain ap Madog of Neath. Device. Per pall inverted gules, purpure, and Or, two bunches of grapes Or and a chalice sable.

While emblazoned as above, it was blazoned on the LoI as Per pall inverted gules, azure, and Or, two bunches of grapes Or and a chalice sable.





Branwen ferch Emrys. Badge. (Fieldless) A cross fleury gules

Possible conflicts were called between this and William de Rouen Per pale argent and Or, a cross crosslet fitchy gules., and Petros Monomachos, (Fieldless), A cross doubly pommeled gules. While we are willing to grant difference between this cross and those, conflict was also called between this, the badge of the Order of Santiago, (Fieldless) A cross of Santiago gules and the badge of the Order of Calatrava, (Fieldless) A cross of Calatrava gules. These two orders, which are both still in existence to this day, were among the premier monastic-military orders on the Iberian peninsula during the Moorish period. Since the cross of Calatrava is visually a cross fleury, since the cross of Santiago is visually a cross fleury fitchy, and since the SCA does not allow a CD between a cross [x] and a cross [x] fitchy, this badge conflicts with these two orders, if their armory is entitled to protection. Please let me know your opinions as to whether these badges should be protected, and if you think they should be protected, any other order badges such as the Order of the Elephant (Denmark) that you feel should be protected.



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