Ailionóra ingen mhic Gafraidh. Name.

Submitted as Ailionóra ingen mhic Gadfraidh, the LoI added an erroneous "d" to the byname. We have corrected the spelling of the byname.


Christiana of Sydeneia. Badge. (Fieldless) On a mortar and pestle argent, a bunch of grapes purpure slipped and leaved vert.


Daibhidh Clàrsair. Name.


Donnchad MacGadfraidh. Name.

Submitted as Donnchad MacGadfraidh, the LoI added an erroneous "d" to the byname. We have corrected the spelling of the byname.


John Michael Thorpe. Name.


Kathryn of Saint Swithin's Bog. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Gules, a winged lion rampant Or, a bordure argent.

The armory was submitted under the name Kathryn de Lyon.


Ludwig von Strassburg. Device. Purpure, a lion rampant and in chief three crosses formy one and two, a bordure Or.


Maurya Etain Sableswan. Badge. Quarterly argent and sable, in bend two winged natural tigers rampant gules marked and winged sable.


Roana of Leigh. Name.


Susan of Foxmeadow. Device. Argent, a fox’s mask proper, on a chief triangular azure three daisies Or seeded sable.


Tigranes of Bezabde. Badge. Argent, a sunburst gules issuant from clouds sable, a bordure gules.





Avacal, Principality of. Order name for the Order of the Gilded Griffin.


Catríona nic Theàrlaigh. Device change. Per bend sinister vert and azure, a bend sinister wavy argent.

Her former device Vert, an increscent between three mullets Or., is hereby released.


Caversgate, Shire of. Device. Sable, a gate within and conjoined to a stone archway within a laurel wreath Or.


Coeur du Val, Shire of. Device change. Or, a heart gules within a laurel wreath vert, a chief wavy azure goutty d’eau.

Please inform the group that it would be better with fewer and larger gouttes. Their former device Or, a heart gules within a laurel wreath vert on a chief wavy azure a cloud distilling three gouttes argent., is hereby released.


David Visdelu le Wrothe. Name.

Eleanor of Leycestershyre. Device. Purpure, a phoenix Or rising from flames gules, on a chief Or three suns in splendor purpure.

A possible conflict was called against Brianna Healfseaxe Purpure, a phoenix Or enflamed argent, on a chief Or, a seax reversed blade to chief purpure. There is a CD for the changes to the charge(s) on the chief, and another for the change of tincture of the flames. Just as we give a CD for difference in the tincture of the wings of a flying monster, we give one for the difference in the tincture of the flames of a phoenix.


Fabienne l’Accusée. Name and device. Per saltire azure and sable, a stag springing contourny argent and issuant from base a demi-sun Or.


Gabriel Mousebane. Name.

This was an appeal of a Laurel return of January 1998. The submitter has provided a reasonable case for the combination of mouse and body parts, animal type and bane, and this spelling of bane. While we do not believe that the submitter is truly trying for a name that means mouse legs, since it meets our criteria for documentation and we are registering it.


Gabrielle Lepinay. Name and device. Per bend sinister gules and sable, a rabbit rampant argent, in chief a rapier fesswise proper.


Hlutwige Wolfkiller. Badge. Per pale Or and vert, on a roundel per pale embowed counter-embowed vert and Or two scorpions in annulo counterchanged.


Jacques Louis de Normandie. Device. Per saltire sable and azure, on a Latin cross formy argent, a fleur-de-lys sable.


Madrone, Barony of. Badge. (Fieldless) A madrone tree eradicated gules, leaved vert, overall a bow fesswise Or.


Morin Kytte Lauman. Name and device. Argent, a unicorn rampant sable and on a chief azure a plate between an increscent and a decrescent argent.

Found on the LoI as Morren Lauman, it had been submitted as Morren Kytte Lauman, and the middle element was dropped in kingdom because it was felt to be inappropriate. The LoI attempted to document Morren as a given name, based on its usage as a period byname. However, we do not see any evidence in the cited documentation to show that Morren could be a variant of Morin. The suffix -in does not seem to appear in documents as -en. And, on p. 187 of Reaney and Wilson under the name Geffen is a discussion of the suffix -en. "The suffix is added to pet-forms of French personal names common among the peasants . . ." Examples given are Jacken, Kytten, Nicken, Tommen, Watten. More is of French origin, according to Reaney and Wilson p. 313 under Moor. It is not clear that it was common among the peasants, but there is certainly no pet-form shorter than More. This allows a hypothetical Moren, possibly a hypothetical Morren, but with the documented name Morin already in existence, it seems unlikely. Kytte can be found on p. 267 under Kitt with Kytte the Soper dated to 1286, Roger son of Kytt dated 1297. Kytte documented as a pet form of Christopher and Katharine and also as an occupational name. Lauman can be documented as a personal name or an occupational name. Therefore, this could be either Morin son of Kytte, lawman or Morin son of Kytte son of Lauman.


Rhonwen McBride. Badge. (Fieldless) A hawk’s lure argent.


Richard Armistead. Name.

Seamus Ruadh. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Seumas Camshronach an Lochabair. Badge. Sable, a chamfron Or enflamed proper.


Síle nic Chionaodha. Name and device. Vert, two chevronels and in chief a cat’s face Or, a bordure counter-compony Or and azure.


Simon von der Eisenhandlung. Household name and badge for Haus zur Roten Wage. (Fieldless) A hanging balance gules.


Simon von der Eisenhandlung. Device reblazon. Paly bendy argent and sable a hanging balance gules.

We have reblazoned his device which was registered July 1992 in order to have a more accurate blazon.


Sterling de Seincler. Name and device. Vert goutty d’eau, a winged unicorn passant argent.


Thomas Bowyer of Whiteparish. Name and device. Or, a bull passant sable, on a chief gules an arrow reversed Or.






Allyson Tymmes. Name (see pends for device).


Andrew Talbot. Name.


Averial Thorhalla and Sören Thurlin. Household name for House Norwald.


Cormac McLachlan McKinnon. Name and device. Per chevron dovetailed argent and purpure, three equal-armed Celtic crosses couped plain counterchanged.


David Cade. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Diego de Valor. Device. Gules, in pale a caravel reversed and two rapiers in saltire Or.


Dub Essa ingen uí Briain. Name.


Gavin MacKay. Name and device. Argent, a falcon close contourny vert, on a chief embattled sable a sword reversed Or.


Guillaume de Troyes. Name.


Juliana Vertue. Name.


Michael Talon. Name.


Philip Hohl. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Rhiannon Redwulf. Name and device. Argent, a wolf's pawprint gules, a bordure embattled purpure.

Found on the LoI as Rhiannon Rædwulf, it was originally submitted as Rhiannon Redwulf, and changed in kingdom. Since Redwulf could be the name of an inn sign, and in England during our period, bynames were occasionally formed from inn signs, we have changed the name back to what was originally submitted.


Tabitha Talon. Name.


Vaclav Slovaczek. Name.


Wolfger von Sibenbürgen. Name and badge. Vert, a winged wolf rampant contourny argent sustaining a quill pen Or.





Aaron Graves. Name and device. Per chevron gules and argent, two rams combattant and a Latin cross inverted counterchanged.

The question was raised as to whether an inverted cross would be considered offensive or would be considered to be mocking religion. Laurel, who is Jewish, does not know enough about Christianity to decide this issue without further information. Laurel received a letter from a Methodist Minister who is also an SCA herald, which provided us with the necessary information with which to decide this issue. We quote her letter in full.

Unto Mistress Jaelle of Armida, Laurel Queen of Arms, from the Reverend Kathryn F. Bell, known within the Society as Lady Petronilla Goodwin, Greetings!

This letter is in response to your request for my professional opinion of the display of a Latin Cross inverted.

It is my opinion that such a charge is, in and of itself, not offensive. The use of such a symbol to represent overtly anti-Christian sentiment is postperiod and not widespread. Within period this was used frequently as an emblem of St. Peter, who by tradition was crucified upside down as he did not feel worthy to die in the same manner as Christ. I could send you bibliographic references if you wish.

Were a Latin Cross inverted displayed with other charges which could be taken in the twentieth century as "satanic" (such as a mullet of five points, a skull, gouts, and a candle) then I would have difficulty interpreting it as a period charge, but in the blazon you described I find it entirely acceptable.

Grace and Peace to you and the College of Arms. I hope this is helpful.

Done the sixth day of October, 1998.


Kathryn F. Bell

United Methodist Pastor


Aidan MacEgan and Wynne MacGillbride. Badge (Fieldless) A skyrocket tierced per fess gules, argent, and azure, enflamed gules.


Arabella Eleanor Hamilton. Name.


Dionysus of Grantham. Name.


Etienne Phillipe Chauncy. Name and device. Sable, a sea-horse erect, on a chief argent, two lutes fesswise sable.

Finneaden of Kildrummy. Name.

Submitted as Finneaden Gray of Kildrummy, this mixes Gaelic Finneaden with English Gray and Kildrummy. Since Kildrummy is an actual place name it can be combined with Finneaden under linga Anglica. There is no such allowance for Grey, so we have dropped it in order to register the rest of the name.


Hernando Herodes Montenegro de Mondragon. Badge. (Fieldless) In fess two grappling irons of four flukes, conjoined at the ring argent.


Hernando Herodes Montenegro de Mondragon. Badge (Fieldless) In pale two grappling irons of four flukes, conjoined at the ring sable.


Jacquelin of Normandy. Household name for House of Stone's Rest (see RETURNS for badge).


Linotte Lemaitre. Device. Azure, in pale a linnet volant bendwise and a sprig of lilies of the valley argent, a bordure embattled Or.

We have used the term linnet to describe the generic bird for the sake of the cant.


Shawn Robert of Kilkenny. Name and device. Per pale argent and azure, in fess a double-bitted axe between two wyverns combattant counterchanged.


Theoland Grimulf and Katlin von Kappel. Badge. Or, on a heart per pale sable and gules a wyvern displayed Or.


Wenefred of Hay on Wye. Device change. Per bend vert and purpure, a bulb of garlic, a bordure embattled argent.

Her former device Per bend vert and purpure, a bend between a handbell and a bulb of garlic argent. is hereby retained as a badge. Note: we have reblazoned the bud as a bulb to be a more accurate blazon.


Ysabelle de Laval. Name and device. Argent, a hedgehog sejant proper, a bordure gules.





Dinias ap Cynan. Name and device. Per chevron inverted azure and sable, three chevronels inverted argent, overall a double bitted axe Or.


Hans van Hoorn. Device. Per fess gules and azure, a fess Or between a baker's peel reversed argent charged with three manchets gules and a wagon wheel argent.


Síne nic Aindréis. Name change from Fíona Níc Aindréis.

Her former name Fíona Níc Aindréis is hereby released.


Támhus mac Aonghuis. Name and device. Vert, on a fess between six compass stars three and three Or, a brown bear rampant proper.


William le Loup. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Zoe Doukaina Radene. Name.




Adrian of Northshire. Name and device. Sable, three swords inverted in pile between three roses argent.

Please instruct the submitter to draw the roses larger.


Angharad ferch Morfran. Name.


Arianwen ferch Edenewen. Name and device. Sable, a rose bush eradicated Or.

A possible conflict was called against Jehan de Lorraine Vert, a rose branch slipped and leaved Or. Jehan's device is in fact a rose slipped and leaved, and not a rose branch, and we have reblazoned it on this letter.

Nice armory!


Eleonora von Falkenstein. Name.

Submitted as Eleonore von Falkenstein, no documentation was presented and none could be found for Eleonore as a period form. We have substituted the closest period form, which we found in Halvbind's Danmark's Gamle Personnavne.


Galene Leonilla of Blackwater. Name and device. Or, three annulets interlaced two and one and a fess wavy abased, a bordure sable.


Gerbrich of Polderslot. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Gules estencely, three quatrefoils argent.

The armory was submitted under the name Gerbrich Sythe dochter.


Goetz von Krautlache. Name.

Submitted as Goetz von der Krautlache, no documentation was presented and none could be found for using von der instead of von. Therefore we have removed the undocumented der.


Gudrun Hildardóttir. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Jehan de Lorraine. Device reblazon. Vert, a rose slipped and leaved Or.


Judith zu Ahe. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Judith von Ahe, none of the dated forms of the byname used von. Therefore we have substituted zu, which was used with Ahe in our period.


Marquard vom Hexenturm. Name.


Sylwein Tarianlas Ysginydd. Name.





Aethelstan Osricson. Name and device. Or, three anchors in pall rings to center vert.

While this name is registerable, Æthelstan Osricsone would be a much better form since it is an entirely 11th century form.


Camille Lyon. Name.


Catherine Peacock. Name.

Céleste le Mercier. Name and device. Per bend vert and sable, a decrescent between three estoiles of eight rays argent.


Cormac Longstrider. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Daria Fuentes. Name and device. Ermine, a thyrsus proper.


Derfel Mallory. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Devorgilla O'Brannigan. Name.

Submitted as Dervorgilla O'Brannigan, the LoI added an extraneous "r" to the given name. We have corrected the spelling of the give name.


Emma Katherine of Wakefield. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Guillaine Rosalind de Gaulle. Name.


Ismenia Wystan. Device. Vert, in canton a winged eel hauriant embowed argent.


Linnet MacHardy. Name.


Lorenzo della Rocca. Name.


Luke of Iron Bog. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Argent, a goutte de poix between two bars wavy azure.

The armory was submitted under the name Luke der Getarnt.


Madog Tellier. Name.


Maria Pagani. Name.


Mark of Bergental. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Miles of Stanway. Name and device. Argent, a pale wavy sable papellony argent between four spruce trees sable.


Randall Brock. Name.


Robert Kirkpatrick. Name (see PENDS for device).


Rose Mary Goodheart. Name.


Sebastiano da Pachino. Device. Gules, a bird migrant, in dexter chief two mullets of four points in bend, a bordure nebuly argent.


Sigismund von Alsenz. Device. Per pale gules and argent, a sword sable between two roundels counterchanged.


Stefan Locke. Name and device. Or, a chevron sable in base a roundel, and a chief rayonny vert.


Stephan of Silverforge. Badge. Quarterly per fess indented azure and argent, six acorns azure.


Susana del Lago. Name (see PENDS for device).


Tatsukawa Hidetada. Alternate name Iakov Ioilevich Kolotilov.

Submitted as Iakov Ioilovich Kolotilov, the patronymic was formed incorrectly. As the given name (Ioil’) ends in a soft sign, the vowel following it must be hardened to a "e" (see Wickenden, xvi) and thus the patronymic is Ioilevich. We have made the appropriate correction.





André of Innilgard. Holding name and device. Azure, a natural seahorse, a bordure Or.

The armory was submitted under the name André Davignon, which was returned August 1998 for aural conflict.


André of Stormhold. Holding name and device. Argent, a whale naiant azure.

The armory was submitted under the name André the Rorqual, which was returned April 1998.

Nice whale!


Rufus Adycote of Mynheniot. Name and device. Gules, a quatrefoil knot, on a chief Or a catamount passant sable.

Please instruct the submitter how to correctly draw a quatrefoil knot.


Ysabeau de Vézelay. Device. Purpure, an ape passant Or.





Conor the Black. Device change. Argent, five bendlets enhanced sable surmounted by a wyvern gules, in base a thistle slipped and leaved sable distilling two goutes gules.

His former device Argent five bendlets enhanced sable surmounted by a wyvern gules, in base a fleur-de-lys sable., is hereby released.


Edward O Dea. Name and device. Azure, on a chevron inverted argent two mullets of six points sable.


Eoin Mac Cana. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Gershon ben Avraham. Badge. Per bend sinister gules and sable, a bend sinister embattled counter-embattled between a decrescent and a sinister hand argent.


Katerina filia Jehan de Londres. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Kytte Meliora Stevenson. Device. Argent, a pale lozengy sable and Or between two wolf's paw prints in bend sable.


Maya Reichenberg. Name change from Magge Reichenberg.

Her former name Magge Reichenberg is hereby released.


Quintin de Fontenay. Name and device. Azure, three swords in pall, pommels to center, proper.


Rovena of Bri Leith. Device change. Sable, a horse rampant within an annulet, on a mount argent, a thistle slipped and leaved sable distilling two goutes gules.

Her former device Sable, a horse rampant within an annulet, on a mount argent, a fleur-de-lys sable. is hereby released.





Aine inghean Chillín. Name and device. Vert, a wing Or, a bordure argent semy of shamrocks vert.


Clarissima Falconieri. Name.


Conchobar mac Gabhann. Name.


Daria of Stormhaven. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Found on the LoI as Daria of Greyfells, it was originally submitted as Daria of Stormhaven and changed in kingdom with the client's permission for lack of documentation for Stormhaven. However Garnet was able to provide evidence from Reaney and Wilson that Storm is derived from OE storm, storm, and haven means harbor. Stormhaven, as a harbor from storms or as a harbor belonging to Storm, is plausible, and therefore registerable, so we have restored the byname to the form originally submitted.


Duccio Alighieri. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Duccio di Alighieri, documentation was presented for Alighieri, but not for the addition of di. We have removed it in order to register the name.


Duff MacKellar. Name change from Radbot Gunther and device. Gyronny sable and argent, a bird close contourny gules.

While blazoned on the LoI as a raven, what was drawn was a generic bird, so we have blazoned it as such. His former name Radbot Gunther is hereby released.


Eleanor of Huntingdon. Name.


Falcon's Keep, Shire of. Badge. (Fieldless) A falcon close per pale argent and azure.


Finn Finnegan O’Flynn. Name and device. Or, on a bend sinister between two mullets of four points sable, three towers palewise Or.


Gareth Aldershaw. Name and device. Per bend embattled gules and sable, on a chief Or three roses gules, barbed and seeded vert.


Geoffrey de la Brugge. Device. Sable, in pale two fleurs-de-lys argent.


Jayme Hume of Berwick. Name and device. Argent semy of thistles proper, a lion passant gules.

Please instruct the submitter to draw fewer and larger thistles.


Johan Redbeard. Name and device. Azure semy of mallets argent, a bend sinister dovetailed Or.

Note: Redbeard is a direct translation of the German descriptive byname Rotbart. This byname is most familiar to us in its Latinized form: Barbarossa (as in the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa).


Julia Argent. Name and device. Per pale sable and azure, all semy of step-cut gemstones palewise argent.


Juliane Hebert. Device. Azure, on a lozenge argent an acorn inverted slipped and leaved vert, a chief argent.


Kolfinna Fitzsimmon. Device. Sable, three cinquefoils in bend Or between two bendlets argent.


Margaret Fitzwilliam of Kent. Name and device. Azure semy of candles argent flammant Or, on a bend sinister argent three Latin crosses crosslet palewise vert.


Mykhailo Zavadivskyi. Name (see RETURNS for device).


Ossana d'Argentan. Name.


Padraig MacAindreis. Device. Quarterly azure and argent, a cross flory between four crescents counterchanged.


Roland d'Argentan. Name.


Roland Wortman. Device. Checky argent and sable, a double-headed eagle displayed Or maintaining in each talon a sword palewise surmounting a wing, in chief three mullets gules.


Rowena of Arundel. Name and device. Barry wavy vert and argent, a brown stag’s head erased proper.

While deer are alive and growing their antlers are brown. Therefore we have blazoned the entire head as brown and proper.


Sian Glendower. Name.

Submitted as Siani Glendower no documentation was presented for the period use of Siani, and none could be found. Therefore, we have substituted the closest documentably period form.





Connor Graham. Device. Per chevron gules and vert, a triskelion arrondi argent and a stag's head cabossed Or.

A possible conflict was called against Caoilte Caitchairn Per chevron gules and vert, a cat's face argent and a triskelion arrondi Or. There is nothing for the difference of tincture for the field or charges. However, in December 1995 in a similar situation Laurel said:

Tangwystl Tyriau Gleision. Device. Per chevron argent and sable, two towers and a horse rampant counterchanged.

Clear of Brann Morgan Dunmore of Galloway, Argent, upon a pile inverted throughout between two ravens sable a tower argent, because the type of each charge in the group has been substantially changed, even though each group contains a tower. RfS X.2. states that: "Simple armory does not conflict with other simple armory if the type of every primary charge is substantially changed." Laurel takes this to mean that the type of each charge must be substantially changed from its corresponding charge in the armory being compared, not that the type of every charge must be substantially changed from the type of every charge in the other armory. (There is no CD for the field, since we treat per chevron and a pile inverted as equivalent for purposes of difference.)

Therefore, based on that precedent, this is clear.


Duncan Dalziell. Device. Sable, on a saltire argent, a triskelion arrondi between a decrescent, an increscent, a decrescent and an increscent, all palewise, azure, a bordure argent.


Fionn na Féithe. Device. Or, a dragon's head erased vert, on a chief sable three chess rooks argent.


Francesca Faliero. Name.


James Eldon of York. Augmentation of arms. Azure, three Celtic crosses and on a point pointed argent a dragon passant contourny azure, and as an augmentation on a canton vert, in pale a portcullis Or and a crescent argent, a bordure embattled Or.

A possible conflict was called between the augmentation and the Barony of Unser Hafen Vert, a portcullis Or within a laurel wreath argent, a bordure embattled Or. However, there are two CD's between the augmentation and the Baronial arms. If, however, there was only one CD it would be returned for conflict since augmentations must be free of conflict.


Julian of Aldeford. Badge. (Fieldless) On a pear Or the letter J vert.


Kerold Hoegaarden. Device. Sable, a butterfly, a bordure rayonny Or.


Masina di Giovanni. Device. Azure, a winged doe rampant guardant argent, on a chief invected Or three hearts azure.


Talan Mawr. Name and device. Per bend sinister azure and sable, a wolf's head affronty and a castle argent.


Timur ibn Junaid. Name and device. Sable, an increscent Or between five columns, two, two, and one argent.


Valentine Baylye. Name.


Zinoviia Mikulina doch' Korabel'nikova zhena. Change of holding name Elsbeth of al-Barran.





Carol de Rouen. Name and device. Argent, in fess three irises purpure slipped and leaved vert, a bordure purpure.


Connor MacKenzie. Name and device. Azure, a chevron embattled argent between two wolf's heads couped contourny and a sun Or.


Elizabeth MacMurich. Name and device. Per bend sinister argent and azure, a squirrel sejant erect contourny and a Lacy knot counterchanged.


Gunnar Tortryggsson. Name and device. Argent, two dragons combattant, on a chief azure, three Thor’s hammers argent.


Jean-Michel de Leon. Name and device. Per bend azure and Or, a lion rampant counterchanged, a bordure gules.


John O’Diamain. Name and device. Or, a bend sable overall a bull statant contourny gules.


Jollivet de Chailleux. Name and device. Argent, on a bend gules cotised sable three caltrops Or.


Máire inghean Chaitríona. Name and device. Purpure, a chevron embattled argent between three hearts Or.


Yedaya Magdiel. Device. Purpure, an elephant statant contourny argent, on a base Or three lozenges conjoined in fess vert.






Kathryn de Lyon. Name

This conflicts with Catherine de Lyon, registered January, 1998

The armory was registered under the holding name Kathryn of Saint Swithin's Bog.





Catriona Stiubhard. Device. Per pale embowed counterembowed argent and sable, two natural dolphins naiant in annulo counterchanged.

This is being returned for a redraw. As drawn the embowing-counterembowing is barely noticeable. It needs to be far more pronounced.


Kathern Thomas Gyelle Spence. Device change. Per chevron pointed with a Linden leaf sable and vert.

The submitter has provided examples from Siedmacher’s 1605 Wappenbuch of armory that could be blazoned Per chevron ployé pointed with a linden leaf argent and gules., and Per bend Or and sable with trefoils counterposed and issuant from the center of the line., thereby showing period evidence for this motif. However, all exemplars provided used difference tincture classes for each half of the field.

This design motif is essentially a divided field with leaves as counterchanged charges. Therefore, this submission violates the Rule of Tincture. Barring period evidence of this motif using two tinctures from the same class, it can only be used in the SCA with tinctures from the different classes.


Rhiannon Makreury. Name.

This conflicts with Rhiannon ny Rory. The change in the format of the patronymic is not worth any difference.


Sarasi Candrah. Device. Per fess and per bend sinister wavy azure and ermine, on a roundel counterchanged an increscent double enarched sable.

While both the field (because she has it on her currently registered device) and the increscent double enarched (because there is one on her mother's badge) are grandfathered to the submitter, the combination is not necessarily grandfathered. While it is true her original submission has a tertiary charge that overlies the line of division, the mullet in that case is quite small, and the increscent in this submission is very large. The combination of the unusual field with the unusual charge overlying the line of division, means this must be returned for unidentifiability.


Seamus Ruadh. Device. Gules, ermined Or.

This is being returned because Gules, ermined Or. is a plain tincture, and we do not register plain tinctures. RfS X.4.a.ii(b) says "The ermine furs and their variants are considered to be different tinctures..."





David Cade. Device. Or, on a bend sinister vert, a rose argent.

This conflicts with Sylvana Dagfinsdottir Vert, on a bend sinister vert fimbriated Or three dogwood blossoms proper., with one CD for the field, but nothing for the difference between roses and dogwood blossoms.


Philip Hohl. Device. Azure, a still Or.

This is being returned for lack of documentation of the still as a period charge. While the LoI did provide evidence from Parker that it is a charge used in English heraldry, Parker did not provide any dates. Barring documentation that this depiction of a still is of either a period artifact or charge, it must be returned.





Dévora Risée de Apors. Badge. Vert, a bee Or.

This conflicts with Ivan Matfeevich Rezansky Vert, a bee proper winged between three octofoils Or., Melissa o Winged Hills, Vert, a bee between four bees in cross, tails to center, all Or., and the badge of Andre Lessard, (Fieldless) A legless bee displayed barry sable and Or. The first two get only one CD for removing the additional charges; the third gets only one CD for the field.


Jacquelin of Normandy. Badge. Purpure, in pale a quill pen fesswise Or and a sword inverted proper.

This is being returned for a redraw. As drawn there is no blazon that would reproduce the emblazon. If blazoned as above, the relative position of the charges is not reproduced, and if blazoned with the quill pen in chief, the fact that these were co-primaries would not be evident.





Ceara ingen an Fear-fearainn. Name.

According to the LoI the byname was intended to be Irish meaning "daughter of the landholder/landed farmer. However, while there are some Gaelic bynames formed from occupations, there are very few, and none are of this type. Barring documentation that occupational bynames were formed from occupations of this type, this must be returned.


William le Loup. Device. Or, a sword inverted, surmounted at the tip by a cup sable, a chief wavy vert.

This is being returned for a redraw. No one could come up with a blazon that would accurately reproduce the emblazon.





Gerbrich Syth dochter. Name.

A very good job was done in documenting the Frisian name. However, the element Syth needs to be put in the genitive case, per the following exemplars: Marie Wouters 1460 (Marie, daughter of Wouter), Bele Henrix Scillinx dochter 1389, Lijsch Menne dochter (1511). In each instance the patronym takes the genitive case. The name Syth is an i-stem feminine name, and should take an '-e' in the genitive, to make Sythe. However, the submitter does not allow changes, so we have returned the name.

The armory was registered under the holding name Gerbrich of Polderslot.


Gudrun Hildardóttir. Device. Vert, a linden tree eradicated between three crosses formy Or.

This conflicts with Robert Abeille, Vert, a tree eradicated between three bees Or. There is only one CD, for change of type of secondaries.


Judith zu Ahe. Device. Vert, on a bend Or three hearts palewise gules.

This conflicts with David of Moorland Vert, on a bend Or, three boar's heads couped sable., with one CD for multiple changes to the tertiaries.





Cormac Longstrider. Device. Gyronny azure and argent, an open book argent bound sable.

An argent book on an gyronny azure and argent field does not have sufficient contrast with the field. The effective fimbriation of the book by the sable binding is not sufficient to solve this problem.


Derfel Mallory. Device. Per fess wavy Or and azure, a lymphad and a sea-unicorn counterchanged.

This is being returned for a redraw. The "sea-unicorn" lacks the beard and cloven hoofs of a unicorn. This is, instead, a unicornate sea-horse, which is not allowed, since it blurs the line between a horse and a unicorn.


Elsa de Lyon. Device. Azure, a lion's jambe erased clasped by a shackle with a broken chain argent.

This conflicts with Fearghus O'Shannon (Fieldless) A tiger's jambe couped argent marked sable. There is a CD for the field, but the sable markings are not enough to provide a second CD. No difference is granted for a lion's jambe vs. a tiger's jambe, nor is a difference granted for couped vs. erased, nor for the addition of the shackle. Laurel is at a loss to understand why this was sent out of kingdom, since this is identical to the previous submission which was returned for the same conflict.


Emma Katherine of Wakefield. Device. Argent, a bend cotissed vert.

This conflicts with Aidan Morgana Evans Argent a bend between a flame and a lymphad under sail vert., with one CD for the change of secondaries. Cotisses are considered secondaries.


Luke der Getarnt. Name.

This is being returned for two reasons. First the adjectival byname was incorrectly constructed. However, even if it was correctly constructed it would have to be returned for non period style. The byname means The camouflaged, the invisible. Barring documentation for German bynames with that meaning, this must be returned.

The armory was registered under the holding name Luke of Iron Bog.


Mark of Bergental. Device. Vair, a squirrel passant gules pierced by an arrow bendwise sable.

This is being returned for a redraw. The animal as drawn is not clearly a squirrel, or any other animal.


Stonemarche, Barony of. Badge. Azure, three printer's balls argent.

This conflicts with the badge of Thor's Mountain Azure, three stone throwing hammers in pall handles to fess point argent. There is one CD for orientation of half the group, but nothing for the difference between a printer’s ball and a stone throwing hammer.


Tearlaich of the Borders. Name.

This is being returned for combining Gaelic and English in the same name. Except for a few specific circumstances involving the lingua Anglica clause, the grandfather clause, or the mundane name allowance, we do not permit Gaelic and English to be combined in the same name.





Aelfthryth of Saxony. Badge. (Fieldless) An ear of wheat and a straight trumpet in saltire argent.

This is being returned for a redraw. The ear of wheat is not identifiable as an ear of wheat, or any other charge.





Eoin Mac Cana. Device. Per fess sable and lozengy argent and azure, in chief a compass star elongated in fess argent.

This conflicts with Ansteorra, Kingdom of (Seal for the Chronicler) (Tinctureless) A mullet of five greater and five lesser points distilling gouttes. There is a CD for tincturelessness, but nothing for the gouttes, and nothing for the position of the compass star against a tinctureless badge.


Gershon ben Avraham. Household name for House Sinister.

This is being returned for lack of documentation for the household name. Possible models for household names include Scottish clans (Clan Stewart), ruling dynasties (House of Anjou), professional guilds (Baker's Guild of Augsburg, Worshipful Company of Coopers), military units (The White Company), and inns (House of the White Hart). However, no evidence was presented to show that Sinister followed any of these exemplars. Barring such documentation, the name must be returned.


Katerina filia Jehan de Londres. Device. Per pale azure and vert, a angel argent, in chief three fleurs-de-lys orange.

This is being returned for use of orange, which is not a heraldic tincture. Orange is not the same as Or.


Meleri verch Adam. Device. Azure, on a pale argent endorsed Or, a rose gules slipped and leaved vert.

This conflicts with Gaetana da Rispoli, Azure, on a pale argent endorsed Or an alaunt's head couped azure in chief. There is one CD for the multiple changes to the tertiary charges.


Talan Cam vap Morcant. Device change. Gules, a chevron between three crosses-crosslet argent.

This conflicts with Merevyn Hanley of Myrkfaelinn Gules, a chevron between two pairs of candles in saltire argent, enflamed Or, and a squirrel sejant erect argent, maintaining in both forepaws an acorn Or. There is a CD for the change to the type of the secondary charges; but nothing for changing their number. The candles in saltire are effectively one charge per pair, rather than two, and the nut the squirrel holds is a maintained charge, and does not count for number.





Briana Fallon. Device. Argent, a rose proper, a schnecke issuant from sinister azure.

This question was raised as to whether a schnecke was a charge or a field division. Just as you can have a field gyronny, while a gyron is a charge, you can have a field divided schneckenweise, or a schnecke as a charge. Therefore, this conflicts with Judith the Rose Argent, a damask rose slipped and leaved proper., with one CD for the addition of the schnecke. Note: while blazoned as a damask rose proper, it is in fact gules, and has been reblazoned as such on this month's letter of correction.


Daria of Stormhaven. Device. Argent, a fess embowed between three lightning bolts in pile and a cloud purpure.

This is being returned for administrative reasons. No mini-emblazon was included on the LoI.


Duccio Alighieri. Device. Per pale vert and gules, a cubit arm Or maintaining a quill pen and brush in saltire argent, a bordure embattled Or.

This is being returned for lack of paperwork. No emblazon sheets were included.


Firmin Sewell. Badge. Azure, a seal sejant reguardant Or, in chief three mullets of four points argent.

This conflicts with Diana Thjodhild of the Silver Whale's Tooth Azure, a bull seal sejant Or, maintaining in its dexter flipper a narwhal tusk argent. There is no difference for head position, nothing for the maintained tusk, and only one CD for the addition of the mullets.


Mykhailo Zavadivskyi. Device. Per fess Or and gules, in chief a demi-arrow inverted sable conjoined in base to an eagle’s tail grey.

This was an attempt to use the regional style exemption of the rules, in order to use grey as a tincture. He provided two examples of Polish arms which he claims use grey as a tincture: Gules, an ass’ head caboshed grey and Azure, a lion’s head erased grey issuing flames gules. The LoI gave neither one a name nor date, though the submitter provided photocopies from Ian Heath's Armies of the Middle Ages which gave names and dates for the two blazons.

There are, however, several problems with this submission. First, two examples of armory do not meet the requirements for a specific regional style exemption. The rules state:

RfS VIII.6.b. - Regional Style - Alternatively, a proposed exceptional armorial design element may be documented as characteristic of a specific regional armorial style.

"In such cases the submitted armory may be registered provided that all of the following conditions are met. (1) The submitter explicitly requests an exception to the other sections of Part VIII (Compatible Armorial Style) on the grounds that the submitted armory exemplifies a specific regional style. (2) Documentation is adduced to show that exceptional design element was not uncommon in the regional style in question. (3) Documentation is adduced to show that all elements of the submitted armory can be found in the regional style in question."

The situation is worsened because one of the two examples, according to the submitter's documentation, gives the blazon as Azure, a lion's head erased sable (or grey)...., therefore, it is not clear that the second example even demonstrates the use of grey in period armory.

Furthermore, of the two examples given, both are of a plain field, with a beast's head on it as a sole primary. The submitted armory is of a divided field with a conjoined charge which is not readily identifiable, unlike a simple beast's head.

Finally, the source the submitter used for his documentation is not a book of heraldry, but rather one produced for wargaming, so there is no way of knowing how reliable it is.

The submitter has failed to meet the standards of the regional style exemption, and this submission must be returned.

Thorhalla Carlsdottir Broberg. Badge. Purpure, a lur Or.

This is being returned for several reasons. First, a lur is a bronze age horn, which means this conflicts with a badge of the Kingdom of the West Purpure, a hunting horn Or. There is a CD for type of charge, but not complete difference of charge. Even if there had not been a conflict this would have been returned for lack of documentation. While a photocopy of a page of a book which contained this item was included, the title page of the book was not, nor was the name and author of the book included so Laurel and the College have no way to evaluate the source. Finally, doubts were raised as to whether a bronze age item is suitable for use in SCA heraldry. Because of the other problems, no decision is being made at this time, except to note that if this charge is resubmitted, documentation that it was used in our period would increase the likelihood of registration.


Toke Magnusson. Badge. Purpure, in fess a roundel between an increscent and a decrescent argent.

This is being returned for lack of paperwork; no forms were received. However, even if the forms had been received this would have had to have been returned for conflict with Fiacha Suileach Per pale azure and purpure, in fess an increscent argent, a bezant, and a decrescent argent. There is a CD for the field, but nothing for changing the tincture of one of a group of three charges in fess.


Toke Magnusson. Device. Purpure, a dexter hand inverted, in chief a roundel between an increscent and a decrescent argent.

This is being returned for lack of paperwork; no forms were received. See the cover letter for a discussion on phases of the moon.





Edmund of Rhuddlan. Device. Or, a reremouse displayed, head to sinister, sable and a chief embattled gules.

This conflicts with Batman, Or, a reremouse sable., which is a registered trademark of DC Comics.


Jael Esson. Device. Vert, on a mullet of eight points argent a paw print sable, a bordure argent.

This conflicts with Ailonwy of Darkblade Vert on an estoile of four greater and four lesser rays argent, a dagger inverted sable, all within a bordure argent. with at best one CD for change of type of primary charge and Cynedd ap Gwen Sable, a sun eclipsed within a bordure argent., with one CD for change of tincture of the field.


Timothy O'Brien. Device. Vert, a bend sinister Or between a cross crosslet fitchy and a quill pen bendwise sinister argent.

This conflicts with Rosamond Tindomiellem Vert, a bend sinister Or between a white Oak and a lyre argent, entwined of a vine Or. The vine is the equivalent of a maintained charge, and thus there is only one CD for change of type of secondaries.





Zahra bint Talib. Change of Holding Name from Iris of Bryniaid.

This is being returned for lack of paperwork. No forms were received.

The following items are pended to the February 1999 Laurel meeting.




Allyson Tymmes. Device. Per pale gules and sable, a wyvern statant wings elevated and addorsed Or maintaining in its tail a shepherd's crook, in chief an increscent and a decrescent argent.

The LoI misblazoned the device, making the field per pale gules and argent instead of gules and sable, making the decrescent argent on argent.





Robert Kirkpatrick. Device. Per bend sinister vert and argent two griffins passant respectant counterchanged.

The LoI left out the tinctures of the griffins.


Susana del Lago. Device. Argent, a mounted knight passant, bearing a banner gules, a bordure sable crusilly formy argent.

The LoI left out the tincture of the bordure.

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